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File 131102123642.jpg - (27.64KB , 328x414 , old_queen.jpg )
40221 No. 40221
>Wait, you translated a European comic?
Nnnnnnnnot exactly, see, I downloaded a translated copy of a Dylan Dog album, but the guy who translated it used Comic Sans as the font. Sorry, guy who originally translated it, but Comic Sans?
>So, you just retyped it?
Nnnnnnnnot exactly. I'm one of those guys who, when he gets something to type up, tries to fix things up a little here and there if he can. I rewrote some of the dialogue, just for my own sake. Again, sorry to the guy who originally translated this, but that's just me, I'm afraid. I also deleted a few pages.
>You deleted a few what
Pages. Only two, and that was because they didn't work for me - again, me being a pedantic little turd. one was the very last page, which didn't "fit" (I was finishing my work at quarter past midnight, so it's equally possible that I was being lazy) and the other was of one of the murders that takes place in the story. I just... I wasn't expecting something like that. For some reason it just pressed a button I never want pressed again. I didn't want to do any work on that page, and luckily for me it was easily removed without damaging the overall narrative.
>Okay, so where is this carefully edited masterpiece?
>Hey, this was translated by Dark Horse over a decade ago! And some of the pages look really weird...
Yeah, I didn't figure that out until after I uploaded the damn thing. Still, here it is. Oh, and the weirdness of the pages can be attributed to the scanner. Whilst it was nice of them to scan their copy, it would've been nicer to have a copy that didn't look as though somebody'd wiped their arse with it.
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>> No. 46267
File 13574994415.jpg - (104.77KB , 1270x820 , Chevrolet Cruze Super 2000 2012 (Vaillant) Rear Si.jpg )
I would gladly use mediafire... but they locked my account back in the summer of 2012. As for the other file uploaders, it's merely my paranoia that they will be party v& by the FBI, like demonoid and megaupload. Rapidshare has many negative qualities
>> No. 46281
Ever thought of doing a Melusine book?
>> No. 46305
If you are worried about security, what about using a multi-upload website? It allows you to upload files via multiple hosts and your security isn't compromised. Plenty of people still use these things.
>> No. 46329
I needed something simple, after the immensity of Michel... and I found it in Veys' and Barral's Baker Street. I started it on New Year's Day, and I'm about ⅔ of the way through it.
Isn't Cinebook translating those books?
Is it rude of me to say that I don't particularly want to? Because I really don't.
>> No. 46332
File 135803443011.jpg - (539.17KB , 1012x1339 , 04.jpg )
Minifig, would you happen to have your sights set on translating a French comic called Violine? It's about a girl who can read minds, and she sets out on an adventure to find her father. Her mother happens to be the only person she can't mind read, and her mother also has inhibitions about discussing the whereabouts of the father.

A while ago, someone on 7chan who went by Jan Panda began translating it, but he only got as far as translating volume 2 before disappearing years ago.
>> No. 46344
>Isn't Cinebook translating those books?
Either they aren't doing it fast enough, or there haven't even been scans uploaded.

....Nope, I haven't found any scans, actually so I guess its that.
>> No. 46389
Can anyone re-upload Waters of Deadmoon?
>> No. 46467
File 135930549165.jpg - (450.02KB , 2560x1778 , BakerStreet T1 - page00b - bidou.jpg )

Remember that list of BDs I posted back in April '12? Well, I'm still working on it! I'll be working on the Nero Wolfe book soon enough - really looking forward to that (simply because I assume it's going to be very easy).
>> No. 46477
BTW, your RS is set to "private" automatically. Can you "share" the folder with the rest of us, pls? You just have to right click on the folder and share. Otherwise, no-one can download your comics. Thanks.
>> No. 46867
I'm about halfway done on the Nero Wolfe book - I was kind of hoping to be done
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I'd actually fixed this a while ago, but forgot to let you guys know because of all that bullshit with this site that happened. Anywho, here you go:

>> No. 47029
I'm about ⅘ through the translation... which is weird, because it's barely ¾ through the actual story as Rex Stout wrote it.

Also, did the link I gave in the last post work okay?
>> No. 47163
File 136676096623.jpg - (46.22KB , 500x389 , Why-Wolfe-Likes-Orchids-Illus.jpg )

I've started on the Professor Palmboom story - I'm 8½ pages in already.
>> No. 47233
cuould you translate Bram Topker's Dracula?

it has awesome art(and mouse tits)
>> No. 47473
I'm really sorry guys, real life kept metaphorically crapping in my ear. I'm a little over ¼ through the Palmboom book, so that's something.
I actually have an external hard drive crammed with Topolino issues ready for me to translate... unfortunately, the stupid thing doesn't want to connect to my laptop.

As to the link you gave me... I don't mean to be rude, but the fact that I need to agree to the site's terms & services just to download the files is odd, to say the least.
>> No. 47479
Don't bother translating Italian Disney comics. Quite a few have been translated and released by Disney. Just check the latest posts on Kaskus Scanlations.
>> No. 47497
I'm now ⅓ through the book, which is nice
Ah, I'm indebted to you for the advice. I'll have a look at kaskus (but I think my ISP is blocking the site) to see what I should avoid. I had designs on translating the first ever Paperinik story, only to find that the good folks at the Duck Avenger blog had gotten there before me.
>> No. 47501
seems Cinebook's translations are barely even fuckin' there.
You're busy, I'm very sure.
But mate, it'd be grand of you if you could lend a hand...
>> No. 47547
If you have issues accessing Kaskus, try to use the proxy site vtunnel. This can help bypass blocked sites.
>> No. 47625
I'm ⅔ of the way through Palmboom now...
I'll see what I can do.
I have Hotspot Shield, which seems to work. However, if that proves insufficient, I'll try vtunnel.
>> No. 47737
¾ through Palmboom. Sorry it's taking so long - irl commitments keep cropping up, and I'm using a german scan, so there's umlauts everywhere.
>> No. 47781
File 137408265228.jpg - (128.91KB , 700x449 , 816.jpg )

Sorry it's taken so long!
>> No. 47782
File 137408471133.gif - (21.87KB , 400x399 , Mickey rage.gif )
>I feel like scanlating a few Topolino stories, shouldn't be too hard...
>... except that the guy who used to upload new issues has apparently been party v&...
>... and ITA Village don't upload scans of recent issues...
>... and the only way to get the issues I want (everything from the last 6 months or so) is from the Topolino app on iTunes...
>... and you can only get that app if you're from Italy in the first place
>my gosh-darn, mousekadoodling face when
>> No. 47787
Its anyone trying to scanlate "Lord of Burger" or " End: Elisabeth"?

Been looking for those for a while, but nothing, no scans, or anything

Guess they might not be that interesting despite having art from Barbucci and Canepa respectively
>> No. 48189
re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service
>> No. 48190
>>47473 re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service http://rapidshare.com/share/26B8C25B69FFAD793D1335B520FE916B
>> No. 48191
>>47473 re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service http://rapidshare.com/share/26B8C25B69FFAD793D1335B520FE916B
>> No. 48193
re-uploaded Bram Topker's Dracula to a friendlier service
>> No. 48427
File 138377256864.jpg - (24.88KB , 400x488 , 1150303_731112156918240_791080388_n.jpg )

And, as is my now-annual tradition, I'm working on another Michel Vaillant album. I've already finished 10 pages!
>> No. 48449
I'm now a quarter of the way through Michel Vaillant... I don't usually like to toot my own horn, but I'm really steaming through it!
>> No. 48508
I'm almost a third through Michel Vaillant... and I just dropped my laptop, pretty much destroying the USB stick that had all of my eurocomics on it. I'm taking it to a local computer store, but I'm not expecting a miracle - I've got backups for my translations on rapidshare, and the Michel Vaillant book I'm currently translating is on my laptop, so it's not all bad.

Still, I'm a fucking idiot.
>> No. 48678
File 138628643494.jpg - (31.24KB , 400x400 , The_Third_Doctor.jpg )
>mfw I realise a bunch of old Topolino stories that I'd already scanlated are stuck on an external hard drive that I can't open for some reason

To add insult to injury, I can't find the original TNTVillage thread where I originally got them, and the only torrent I could find that has the comics died at 78.7%.

I posted a few of them on regular /co/ in a few threads in January this year: "Zio Paperone e i Due Nemici", "Compare Orso E La Festa Movimentata" and "I Bassotti In Vacanza Dalla Zia". Foolz archived all these threads, but I can't open the images without getting the usual "4chan Leech" image.

Oh, and I'm about ⅖ through Michel Vaillant. I'm less confident that I'll finish it this year than I was a month ago, but it'll be done when it's done.
>> No. 48792
Those two thumbnails you posted of Asterix and Oblix as children, where did it come from?
>> No. 48824
I'm about ¾ Michel Vaillant - I'm hoping to finish it around the 6th of January. I'd have loved to have it done by now, but I really underestimated how busy Christmas would be.
>> No. 48945
File 138899258325.jpg - (169.18KB , 594x396 , Stevenin.jpg )
Well, it's taken a little longer than I hoped for, but it's done!


I think I'll try something a little simpler - maybe a Topolino story...
>> No. 49058
Well, I'm ⅓ done with the Topolino story arc it's only a 3-part story arc so I should be done well before Chinese New Year begins!

I might do another Topolino story arc before Chinese New year ends
>> No. 49064
please reup asterix et ses amis. thx :)
>> No. 49065
please repost asterix and ses amis. thx :)
>> No. 49066
>> No. 49067
File 138986099190.jpg - (251.91KB , 1280x1741 , 00.jpg )
found the workin link in all your posts. thx for your work, will sure read you again :)
>> No. 49209
Well, I'm ⅔ through the Topolino story - there's a good chance I can finish it by the end of the month, but don't quote me on that.

Turns out the other Topolino story I was going to translate has already been done - it's available on Disney's ComiXology page.
Yes, my links aren't terribly well-organised, are they? Here, this should be easier: http://rapidshare.com/share/F42A6EE1498938F69E0DF7D7F02D32B6

You could also check out magazine3k.com - it has mirrors of some of my stuff.
>> No. 49233
File 13910379542.jpg - (107.54KB , 600x600 , fumetto-disney-topolino-2758-walt-disney-italia-20.jpg )
I've done it, and with a few days to spare!


Here's the other Disney Italia story I was going to translate: http://www.comixology.com/The-Travels-of-Marco-Polo-or-the-Milione/comics-series/13064

I'll be starting another story soon enough; I want to average out at about 1 story per month this year. And if THAT doesn't bite me in the arse, then I don't know what will.
>> No. 49250
I've started work on a Clifton album. Now, I know what you're going to say: "But Minifig, you adorable little goof, Cinebook already translated Clifton stories!". True, but they didn't translate all of them - in fact, they barely translated a quarter of Clifton's illustrious career!


I'll be tackling the first Macherot story, hopefully finishing all three of his Clifton stories by the end of the year. Would you guys prefer that I release each story individually, or slap it all together into one big file like I did with those Waters of Dead Moon stories?
>> No. 49340
I'm ¼ through Clifton - I hope to have it done by the end of the month.
>> No. 49409
File 13927315866.gif - (397.50KB , 245x138 , 1383509761257.gif )
I'm now ⅔ through Clifton

>mfw one line of dialogue, put through Google Translate, translates directly to "You ugly bugger!"
>> No. 49513
I've finished Clifton, but I've decided I'll upload all three Macherot stories in one big cbz file. I'll finish off the month by making a start on Topolino № 3000 - should be a nice little palate cleanser. When March comes around, I'll make a start on the second Johan book.
>> No. 50132
I'm now halfway through Johan - with luck, I'll be finished by the 22nd or the 23rd.
>> No. 50156
File 13953362025.jpg - (714.74KB , 958x1250 , Peyo-2-Ill-Johan.jpg )

Yes, I finished early! I'll do some more Topolino, and come April I'll go back to Ric Hochet!
>> No. 50791
I've finally finished Ric Hochet 02... unfortunately, Rapidshare have decided to become greedy assholes and are now demanding £50 or something equally ridiculous for the basic package. If anybody could recommend a decent alternative, I'd be very grateful.
>> No. 50813
Try FileFactory or Mediafire. They still have free packages. Also, MF gives you discount (according to their website) or ask me for a discount voucher for FF.
>> No. 50814
Try FileFactory or Mediafire. They still have free packages. Also, MF gives you discount (according to their website) or ask me for a discount voucher for FF.
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