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File 130559104374.jpg - (99.37KB , 886x604 , Eva_by_Ancestral_Z.jpg )
39109 No. 39109
New thread, not 100% necessary, but helps keeping things nice and tidy.

Useful links:

- Mutant Squid's blog, for everything Wakfu related you'd want to download:
=> http://brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com/

- Our Twitter feed to keep in touch with the releases:
=> http://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

- Current thread in /co/ for general discussion:
=> https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/120884.html
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>> No. 39985
Hahaha I seriously doubt it.
>> No. 39986
Whether people like it or not, a few days more or less won't change much at this point.
>> No. 40018
Afternoon, folks. Got a wagon of tumbleweeds here. Where yah want 'em.
>> No. 40023
For those who haven't already run out of patience, here's a quick status update about the subs:
- Ep.11 translation is done.
- Proofreading is halfway done, and will require yet a few more days to get finished. Some parts of the dialogues are difficult, and it's hard for the proofreaders to be available at the same time to work on the script (different time zones).

So, to be continued again...
>> No. 40026
thanks Kenny. As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as late for you guys
>> No. 40027
No hurry, I'm ready to forget the trilogy ever happened and hope the next episode will wipe what shame I had accumulated from watching those 3.
>> No. 40028
You didn't like it, we get it already.
>> No. 40031
No one with an ounce of dignity, except of small children under 7 years, can walk away watching that and saying it was good in comparison to everything else before it.
>> No. 40033
Your annoyance is reaching NWF levels, man, I'm not kidding. Just suck it up already.
>> No. 40034
>> No. 40035
Too bad not every arc can pander to people like you, who have shitty taste. I'm sure we'll be back to having Tristepin hogging the screen like the first five episodes soon. Now THAT was a disappointing arc.
>> No. 40036
Come on guys, let's not start some flames here. This is not 4chan!

That said, I can understand why people are disappointed, and even dislike these episodes. They clearly weren't what I was expecting from a boufbowl arc, which makes me share your disappoiment to some extent.
Still, I think these were among the funniest episodes since the beginning of the season. The situations, dialogues and references cracked me up more than once. And in the end, I pretty enjoyed them, even if I'm no more a 7 years old boy since a very long time now.

Well, it's a matter of personal taste, as usual.

Anyway, we're working to bring these episodes to those who want to see them. We're doing our best to convey the puns in the dialogues and to find equivalent references in English, which takes a damn long time.
So, thanks again for your patience.
>> No. 40037
Will you release both at the same time?
>> No. 40038
I know you usually don't want to clutter the process, but I just thought I'd offer some help again if you need some more assistance proofreading/localizing.
>> No. 40039
Will you wait another week?
>> No. 40040
Nope, sorry. You'll have to wait yet another week.

Thansk for the offer, but we already have about 10 proofreaders working on this, and it doesn't really help to go faster.
Main problem is to have people from EU and NA available at the same time to work.
>> No. 40044
That's what I figured, but I thought I'd offer just in case. I was the one who made the quickie basic translation for those two preview pages the other day, but my English skills are far, far better than my French skills.
>> No. 40045
Subs status update:
- Proofreading for ep.11 is mostly done.
- I should take care of the release tomorrow evening. So expect to finally get ep.11 tomorrow night, depending on the bandwith I'll be able to get for my uploads on a typical crowdy Saturday night...
>> No. 40047
File 131018053882.png - (422.18KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2283760.png )
You guys are awesome.
>> No. 40048
I'm sure I speak for many lurkers when I say we appreciate your hard work a lot.

Thank you for everything you're doing for the English-speaking Wakfu community!
>> No. 40049
File 131018655688.jpg - (278.37KB , 1920x1080 , [NoDRM]-103_-_le_corbeau_noir_hd_fr_wmv_snapshot_1.jpg )
>> No. 40050
got domot always people 1-uping me
>> No. 40051
Okay, seriously, Amalia's boobs look like they would be showing cleavage, but there is none. Does this ever bother anyone else? Either cover it up or show it, Ankama!
>> No. 40052
File 131020577966.gif - (1.09MB , 185x406 , Gravity at work.gif )
early episodes had much more exec. medddling from France 3. Don't blame Ankama on that one. There were a few comments about this in the making of artbooks.
Pic related : that's how the laws of physics worked in early episodes before the intervention of France 3.
>> No. 40053
All this waiting and most likely this is going to be a shitty arc. I just hope its done well considering the subbers track record with inacurate work.
>> No. 40054
File 131021420349.jpg - (288.65KB , 1873x2000 , dem hips.jpg )
>> No. 40055
File 131021507421.jpg - (79.63KB , 888x500 , 86a.jpg )
Finally, thank you.
>> No. 40056
The only shitty things I can see here are you and your comments.
>> No. 40057
Your optimism is just overwhelming.
>> No. 40058
I'ld like to thank the subbers and associated staff for their hard work. :)
It is really appreciated!
>> No. 40059
File 131021808077.png - (139.35KB , 261x330 , Picture 8.png )
>criticize supposedly inaccurate work.
>misspell inaccurate as inacurate.

Seriously, man?

Stuff like this, and the fact that her accuracy sometimes flip-flops has me questioning Eva's eyesight. You can blame some of her misses in battle on the stress, bedlam or a whole bevvy of other factors involved in fights. But during lulls in the action like in Episode 4 when they're trying to make themselves hideous (this could very well relate to how she doesn't consider herself very pretty at first, though), such visual misconceptions on her part are very perplexing.

Case in point, how does this (pic) look anything like a Gobball? Yes, it's an insult that can pertain to a person's personality, but hers was a slighting of Amalia's appearance. It's a weird dress, but it doesn't look a thing like a big-toothed, big-eyed sheep creature.
>> No. 40060
Huge, poofy layers like a sheep's wool.
>> No. 40061

There are Mushrooms in Wakfu called Gobbal Hoofs

>> No. 40062
If memory serves me right from the early days of Dofus, gobballs have a tendancy to get all sorts of random stuff tangled in their wool
>> No. 40063
> But during lulls in the action like in Episode 4 when they're trying to make themselves hideous (this could very well relate to how she doesn't consider herself very pretty at first, though), such visual misconceptions on her part are very perplexing.

I found this totally believable and also hilarious. I'm a girl and I despise how I look in dresses and heels (and can't walk in them any better than Eva can). I know I'm not unattractive in most circumstances, but specifically when wearing dresses and "girly" clothes, I think I look like a hideous poser and freak, and none of my friends or family has ever been able to convince me otherwise.

Still, I agree with you that Evangeline does have some weird accuracy issues. Probably Rules of Drama/Funny/Cool more than anything.
>> No. 40064
It's mostly the rule of "you can't pierce people with pointy objects in a kids' show".
>> No. 40065

Good point.
>> No. 40066
File 131024253694.png - (453.51KB , 912x496 , amipretty.png )
Jus a little digression. That scene in the picture? It's one of my favourite character moments in entire season 1. Eva, the female companion/bodyguard of the princess, up to this point focused only on her duties as such and always incredibly down-to-earth, for the first time in her life realises that she is, in fact, a very pretty girl.

This scene is short, simple and brilliant. That brief moment of hesitation just before she finally smiles was enough to turn Eva into a three dimensional character and make her much more interesting for the viewer. Yes, she could elaborate how she never felt pretty before and/or never had time (or confidence) to even think about being attractive, but in this case an image is trully worth more than a thousand words. Visual storytelling at it's best.
>> No. 40067
Ep.11 subbed should be released in one hour or so.
>> No. 40068
>Seriously, man?
A grammar nazi now?


You've reached a new low.
>> No. 40069
File 131024802085.png - (181.91KB , 369x406 , Screen shot 2011-07-09 at 5_43_52 PM.png )
Hey uh, kind of off-topic, but...

Is it just me or is that a bong Ruel trapped Gonnard in at the end of S1E9?
>> No. 40072

It's a lamp. Gonnards a genie, after all.
>> No. 40075
File 131025131737.jpg - (10.79KB , 266x267 , 301016-mexican-quick-breakfast-burrito.jpg )
I am eating a breakfast burrito with tomatoes, onions, pepper jack cheese, havarti cheese, hash browns, bacon and of course eggs.

It's delicious.
>> No. 40076
File 131025140539.png - (190.55KB , 715x362 , Hookah Havoc.png )
I thought it was a hookah (pic related) or an old fashioned oil lamp at first, but looking at it now, it could very well pass for a bong.

Keep in mind, this is Ankama we're talking about (I'm not posting the images, just check the links):



You know, for kids.

It's a shame they didn't giver her any beacons to play around with. It would've been hard to integrate them, but it would've given her more opportunities to hit things.

That was beautiful, Shock.

And now I know, thanks guys, it's been bothering me for a while.

Please, I never started.
>> No. 40077
Ep.11 subbed released in a new thread because this one is autosaging.

See you there: >>40073
>> No. 40100
Hey, there's an art contest but I tried use translator and still can't understand everything. Can somebody tell me what this is a contest, rules and etc?
>> No. 40109
You're supposed to make an illustration for the card "M├ęcanisation", the winner will have their art made into a card in a future expansion pack.

The card depicts a character with equipment built into their body.

Must meet certain formats to be accepted:

- Quality: 300 DPI
- Color: CMYK
- File Type: TIFF
- Size: 15cm high by 18cm long

Send an email with your art to wakfutcg@ankama.com containing your name, complete mailing address and nickname.

How do I increase my chances?

Always incorruptible, the Wakfu TCG team is very fond of humor and originality.*

The end date of the contest is Sunday, July 24 at 11:58 p.m., Roubaix hours. The competition results will be announced next week.

*Contrary to what we announced earlier, the Wakfu TCG team also reacts strongly to chocolate, Kamas, and pink bouncing balls.

>Although it's probably open only to French Citizens only.
>> No. 40112
Thank you for the informations. :)
>> No. 40141
I'd love to help if theirs anything I can do, I don't speak french but I have a hell of a computer, video editing experience, and I'm a support/repair tech for a living, so if the team has any pc problems I suppose I can offer my services there.
If there is something I can do, let me know, anything to lend a hand so I can show my appreciation for the sub teams efforts!
>> No. 40925
where can i download Wakfu season 1 in HD ?
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