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File 130499791654.png - (117.98KB , 1000x1000 , yBafS.png )
39015 No. 39015
Two major heroines, one MC with an unusual power ("These are not the droids"), and a modern setting among corporate sharks.

"How to Eat a Shark" is the story of Paul Martin, a slick corporate salesman whose power of vocal persuasion lands him clients and women until his brother is kidnapped and the only way to pay off his gambling debts is to land a sexy French client deaf to his charms.

With a cute but socially awkward Latina sales trainee, a client who can't understand him without her translator, and the clock ticking on his brother's life, Paul has to navigate the waters where it's eat or be eaten...

We need someone comfortable with drawing women in business outfits, and comfortable with drawing women out of them. We don't expect anyone to have experience drawing sprites but experience playing VNs a bonus.

Character sketches, summary and demo (lol placeholder art):

The banners have links to our IRC channel as well.
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>> No. 39017
How much are you paying for services required?

inb4 draw4freeplox.
>> No. 39022
File 13050498781.png - (12.75KB , 100x100 , paprika.png )

None of us are getting paid and we're not charging for this. We all came from the KS forums and wanted to make a good OELVN that /wasn't/ a deliberate imitation of Japanese VNs.

Our experience watching similar projects has been that artists rewarded by money haven't demonstrated better work or stronger work ethic than those motivated by interest and/or development as an artist, although there are exceptions to every rule. Everyone working on this is doing it to make a good eroge and level up as creators.

It's a solid story, interesting situation and characters, and so far the worst testers have said is that it has a Hollywood feel to it which accurately reflects the lead writer's intentions.

As a long-term /co/mrade, I'm here because I know what most drawfags are capable of and that this is a good board to find the kind of artists we'd like to tap, assuming they have the time and inclination.

Instead of arguing on an imageboard whether it's worth your time or not, we can answer your questions directly in our IRC chatroom.

If you want to see character sketches (visual and verbal), visit our forum first (but these designs are not cut in stone yet either):
>> No. 39032
File 130507657276.png - (31.19KB , 243x289 , legolas hears good news.png )
>> No. 39033
>>39032 ugly samus shoveling fritos into her mouth.jpg

It's adorable when /coc/ tries to hold the higher ground on the quality or completion status of other projects. How's that working out for you so far?
>> No. 39040

as long as you're not outlining the compensation benefits for artists, be it monetary or big credits or your ass to rape at leisure for a whole week, you just want to steal artwork.
>> No. 39046
>wanted to make a good OELVN that /wasn't/ a deliberate imitation of Japanese VNs.

>good VN
>not Japanese

Pick one
>> No. 39047
File 130516631126.png - (113.50KB , 452x630 , OeUcE.png )
>>39040 or big credits

If you've been in a project where art devs did not have credit parity with other project devs, that stinks and I'm sorry to hear it.

I also apologize for not making it clear we're looking for devs, not disposable unpaid hired guns. We're new to this and my manners suck, don't hold it against the other people working on this. The more people we have working on this project and offering their viewpoints, the better.
>> No. 39061
It's unfortunate that communication is so sour, but you should probably keep in mind that there have been a lot of burnouts. /coc/ has been and is still habitated by some very talented people, and has been flocked in and harassed/haranqued by some very untalented, entitled people who just want free art.

The minute anybody sees anything that even remotely resembles a person trying to lead the project and/or control it without the various contributors also having a say in how things work, work stops. Period. There have been a lot of attempts to prevent or postpone this outcome on the part of our native drawfags, and a lot of attempts made to only unveil this "I retain creative control and also ownership of all donated art" policy when they absolutely cannot hide it anymore. As a result, there's a great deal of mistrust and misgivings whenever anybody comes up and doesn't approach with "here's some cash or some stuff in writing that says you're as big a part of the team as anybody else."

I'm not justifying the actions or relations from either party. Just telling it how things have shaped into the way they are now.
Good luck with the project.
>> No. 39066
Backpedaling at the speed of light, captain!
>> No. 39067
I'm not sure I'm interested in this, but I see you have French characters. If you need tips concerning the language, feel free to contact me. I also happen to be Canadian, if that is of any interest for Irene's background.
>> No. 39103
What part of Canada? One of the female characters is Quebecois and the Canadians I know online are oddly all Ontarians. If there's a better regional Canadian stereotype for a pushy bulldog type, let us know, Irene needs a little fleshing out.

Our French could definitely use some help; two of us have some school experience but one is a beginner and the other hasn't studied it recently enough.

We're all making our first VN and the only VN teams we spend time watching have been ones where sweat equity took priority over politics. I apologize for assuming this was the rule everywhere else.

So let me say it less stupidly: we're looking for art DEVs to JOIN our team, for this project and upcoming ones after it (and yes, there are others planned). Everyone here wears many hats, so it's unlikely an artist is not going to be EXPECTED to participate in development much less be asked to.
>> No. 39163
Well I'm Québécois, so I guess that works out well (native French speaker if that wasn't clear). Not too sure about the pushy bulldog thing, though, can't say I know much about Canadian culture outside my own province and a bit about the coasts because they stand out (Frenglish fishermen on the Atlantic and a lot of Chinese descendants on the Pacific).

Quebecker with Irish origins would work well, though (not sure about the Scots but I guess you can pull it off), since I hear there were plenty seeking jobs around Saint Lawrence River at some point. I'm pretty sure we got several cultural traits from the Irish, including influences to our folk music and our fondness for beer.

Don't really know what else to say, so I guess you can just e-mail me if you need something.
>> No. 39166

> Irish
Well, since she's a redhead with a temper, we're good.

> Québécois Francophone
Could we rely on you for some Q-specific idiomatic translations (e.g. Irene swearing up a storm)?
>> No. 39167
Of course. I can also proofread other French sentences (tried the demo last night, you did pretty good but there would be some things to fix).

I've also been meaning to point out that Paul Martin was the name of one of our recent prime ministers. Not sure that has any interest for you (and maybe you already know), but I was thinking it might bring an opportunity for comments made by coworkers or otherwise.
>> No. 39201
>>39167 you did pretty good but there would be some things to fix

Do us a favor and register on the forums to tell us there instead of holding this board up.

And thanks for the compliment; we're sweating bullets over the decision to release anything.
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