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File 130409942238.jpg - (222.95KB , 1262x194 , portal cartoon.jpg )
38793 No. 38793
Well, yesterday I posted this on /co/ in a "Why doesn't Valve make animated movies or cartoons" thread, and it got a pretty positive response. Would /coc/ be willing to brainstorm some ideas for a comic or something, using this as a springboard? Forgive me if this isn't the proper place to post this sort of thing.
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>> No. 38794
File 130409946825.jpg - (79.40KB , 240x700 , 1304051247649.jpg )
Also, here's a comic that kind of gets the idea across.
>> No. 38795
Thiiiiis~ If anything, those little Spheres has been around for a long time so I figured they would have the most adventures.
>> No. 38797
File 130412713021.jpg - (1.61MB , 2951x1614 , personality cores.jpg )
References if any drawfags want some.

I think this is a really cool idea, I'd do something but I am neither a draw nor writefag...
>> No. 38798
Well, I could do something with it.


I do vector work, so I could probably just trace bits and pieces of the cores and cobble them together into a coherent comic later.

It'd be pretty easy to animate like that as well, but you'd have to find someone else for that. I can't animate.
>> No. 38800
I could envision lots of P-body and Atlas hijinks while glados gets irritated
>> No. 38802
File 130413142273.png - (122.51KB , 480x640 , 1304130420982.png )
OP here, might as well let this be a personality core/robots/Portal comics general, if that's cool.
>> No. 38803
File 130413561251.jpg - (210.63KB , 500x1527 , 1304134612837.jpg )
More from /co/
>> No. 38952
File 130468904380.jpg - (167.18KB , 351x700 , catchme2.jpg )
I would love to do something with this. I'm not that great with ideas but I can certainly draw them.
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