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File 130208406441.jpg - (72.55KB , 640x365 , GimmeGimme.jpg )
38197 No. 38197
New thread, since the previous one has finally entered the legend too.

As stated before, we'd like to make this thread Wakfu project(s) related only.
If you want to discuss about the episodes themselves, please refer to any ongoing general discussion thread in /co/.

Current one => https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/117905.html

This will keep people who're just looking for the releases away from spoilers.

Also, you can always use our Twitter to keep in touch with the releases in -almost- real time.
=> http://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs
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>> No. 38198
File 130208410161.jpg - (127.23KB , 1039x797 , Amalia_yum.jpg )
Wakfu season 2 episode 6 with English subs:

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=INA1ZP6W
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/SWDQ2EGD

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JZ14SJKH
Mirror links => Later, 'cause Mirror Creator's a bitch this morning!

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?bi3gf4c6ag1662y

HD release tomorrow as usual.
>> No. 38199
Obligatory copy-pasta:

Episode 1 (v2):
- SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4UABIBLC - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/TAWDVPDK
- SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z18L3C88 - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/0JZ2EAD3
- HD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C7NSLV2A
- Subs files + Font only => http://www.mediafire.com/?ibe9kslvk8fe2s1

Episode 2:
- SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=24QRJ9WU - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/1VI55LSV
- SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1DP7KFTA - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/0IYDHTWE
- HD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8KTIP3OU
- Subs files + Font only => http://www.mediafire.com/?9wxzk868b25q2xn

Episode 3:
- SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RO9H7LLN - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/1FWBD1TO
- SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MSWBZ5Z7 - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/RSNEKDMW
- HD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7XJB13OS
- Subs files + Font only => http://www.mediafire.com/?w6z9xqkdejikffy

Episode 4:
- SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=297MG1V8 - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/1L62W4JP
- SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VBM93LZF - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/0WCGQUGJ
- HD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JTMRZ1LD
- Subs files + Font only => http://www.mediafire.com/?cii7quxdxhv69c5

Episode 5:
- SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z7SS0AJM - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/XOOPD7LM
- SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SC2WD6FV - Mirrors => http://mir.cr/1WWGLD1L
- HD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NMHU0BCA
- Subs files + Font only => http://www.mediafire.com/?vvnik5413j1yc09

Note: Both SD and HD softsubbed versions of the episodes have 2 subtitle tracks you can choose from:
-The English translated subs track.
-A French transcript subs track.

Season 2 opening:
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PAZ015NS or http://www.mediafire.com/?tuw0tq55hbbthu6
With French karaoke and English translation: http://www.mediafire.com/?upol7hj169yeipg

Season 2 teaser (English softsubbed): http://www.mediafire.com/?8ygx6f8ya6f5k6o

I you want season 1 stuff, refer to:
-MutantSquid's blog => http://brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com/
-Or the previous S1 copy-pasta thread => https://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/36251.html#36252
>> No. 38201

YES Thank you THANK YOU!!!
>> No. 38202
File 130208934220.jpg - (84.50KB , 643x363 , 1301194389830.jpg )
Yay! Subs!
Thank you so much!
>> No. 38203
Here are finally the mirror download links for SD hardsubbed version of ep.6:
=> http://mir.cr/0NDV58D0
>> No. 38204
Thank you very much good sir
>> No. 38205
File 13020959243.jpg - (6.78KB , 300x250 , balrog.jpg )
>> No. 38206
File 130210062836.jpg - (216.36KB , 655x557 , 1300892704510.jpg )
>> No. 38207
Noob question.

What exactly is the difference between "soft" and "hardsubbed" ?
>> No. 38208

Ok, now you are just making me jealous...T_T
>> No. 38209
Thanks, people. You're doing a wonderful job!
>> No. 38210
So basically Grougalagran decided that Alibert would be a great parent for Yugo because he had a big hat?
>> No. 38212

Softsubs = you can turn the subs on and off in MPC/VLC/etc.

Hardsubs = subs are built into the video and cannot be turned off.

Softsubs are handy for taking screencaps.
>> No. 38214
To add to this, you would want hardsubs if you have a crappy computer since hardsubs are much easier to render.
>> No. 38215
>> No. 38216
So ummm. am I the only one who first though about Dranie from Warcraft when mentioning everything
>> No. 38217
Just watched it.

Shit just got real. Can't wait to see how this unfolds...

Trailer for next week's episode:


You mean the Draenei? I hadn't thought of it right away, but they do sound somewhat similar.
>> No. 38218
Yohimbe bark? Well played, translators. Well played.
>> No. 38219
File 130211302436.gif - (787.07KB , 480x360 , slowclap.gif )
>Yohimbe bark
>> No. 38220
nope, was my first reaction. second reaction: zerg vs protoss anyone?
>> No. 38222

it's an aphrodisiac. it's meant to be a slightly obscure reference, so no worries.
>> No. 38223
I'd have said hardwood myself, but oh well. Those who look it up will be in for a treat :P
>> No. 38224
File 130211842577.png - (585.75KB , 1024x576 , vlcsnap-2011-04-07-03h13m06s83.png )
Damn it, Ankama. Stop making all your background female characters adorable.
>> No. 38225
For some reason my downloads are much slower than before. When I downloaded on a free account from megaupload, an episode took 10 minutes tops to download.
These take forever and sometimes don't even finish. I'm not blaming anyone, just curious why.
>> No. 38226

But at what context?
>> No. 38227

>> No. 38228
The advisor says that both the King and Armand really want to hear about the study's results, and that it's of "utmost importance". Basically, we can infer that they've both got problems in the sack.
>> No. 38229
File 130212176722.jpg - (69.67KB , 1023x575 , Hot.jpg )
HD softsubbed version of ep.6:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5EIBDOCE
>> No. 38230
File 130212181372.jpg - (148.02KB , 750x422 , lucky bird.jpg )
So is that 2 or 3 times now that bird's ran into a certain Cra's backside?
>> No. 38231
cant sem to get the download for the nox special to work are there any mirrors?
>> No. 38233

she can carbonabra me any day *wink wink*
>> No. 38234
>I'd have said hardwood myself
Our first ideas were "hardened wood" or "hardon'ed wood" , but then we changed our mind since in the french version, it's not really a pun, more like a reference to an obscure plant, that happens to be known as an aphrodisiac once you google it. Plus, the pun migh be funny, but it made no sense in the chamberlain's line, Sadidas grow aphrodisiac plants, they don't grow plants that have hard-ons.
Yohimbe bark was the closest as we could find to what french viewers experienced
>> No. 38235
Just checking to make sure; can "bandé" mean to have an erection in France, or is that just in Québec?
>> No. 38236
Theory: Mechasm drones resemble the Noxines due to the Cube's latent memory. Nox got the same crazy flashback images Yugo got, but focused on them.

And so his design was subtly influenced
>> No. 38237
thanks sub team!
>> No. 38238
It's not just Québec, the double meaning is also used in France, and I even think that ambiguity is the origin of the name for that plant.
>> No. 38287
I almost wish I hadn't gotten Islands, I feel it was meant to be played after the second season wraps up to fill in the gaps and gives too much away at this point in the show.
>> No. 38288
I feel like Islands of Wakfu was released right before episode 6 for a reason and that it is meant to play in to the cinematic pacing of the show, whereas those who did not/cannot get the game will have the revelations later alongside new ones which might just shock the people who played the game as well.

I think the real reason was to get all this theorycrafting about how Qilby is evil or a martyr or has the right idea or has the wrong methods. To distract everybody from contemplating the real questions. Like what the Mechasms REALLY are and what Orgonax really wants.

Notice how everybody is hung up over how Qilby altered facts from IoW in his story, how he said that he was king while Yugo was a defender, or how Chibi made the cube when Chibi was a prophet and it was Qilby who worked on cubes.

But you know what I haven't seen many people talk about? How Qilby said that the Mechasms just attacked one day and that they were after the Eliatrope magic and that negotiation was impossible, yet IoW claims that Mechasms and Eliatropes were once allies.

THAT seems more suspicious to me than the whole part about Qilby claiming to be king when it was in fact Yugo who was king.
>> No. 38289
This episode and Islands are clearly meant to go together so I totally disagree. If they intended islands of wakfu to go with the end of the show they'd have simply placed the release date nearer the end.
This episode is more for the players of Islands of Wakfu than anyone else.

Plenty in islands wasn't explained, Islands of Wakfu was great in that it creates more questions than it actually answers. The spoiler effect is really minimal at best.
>> No. 38291
Nice post.

Islands of Wakfu vaguely hinted at Eliatropes turning from the goddess to stasis and a cult of machines.

My guess is the Dofus shaped world that Organax launches, from is the Eliatrope homeworld. Corrupted with stasis and ruled by machines.

The eliacube Nora had was like a sentient PDA, empowered with Wakfu. So i'm going for the idea that the Mecasms are Sentient machines fueled by stasis and created by the Eliatropes.

The reason nox's Noxines and Razortime looked like Mecasms wasn't from flashes of the past in the cube, it's because quilby's cube contained the blueprints.
Even as genious as Nox was, there is no way he could recreate a sentient stasis mecha without knowing the blueprints.

>> No. 38293
File 130216339228.png - (852.39KB , 868x637 , stooksorigins.png )
I'm sorry, what? You obviously haven't played the game if you think that Chibi didn't invent things, just about every single thing in the game is stated to be created by him. Seeing as you apparently haven't managed to comprehend the first post of this thread either I'm inclined to give you the benefit of doubt though.
>> No. 38294
Please refrain from discussing the series itself (especially spoileriffic stuff) on this thread. We split the discussion in 2 threads for a reason.

This thread is for discussing everything related to the subbing project, and offer a safe place to follow the releases for peaople who wants to avoid spoilers. (btw could you delete those posts and repost them in the appropriate thread?)

The new "wakfu general" thread is here : https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/117905.html

>> No. 38297

I've been rewatching season one with my girlfriend and we just got up to the Adamai and it occoured to me.

Quilby told us that a whole heap of Eliatrope children were placed within the Eliacube to protect them.

Nox had the Eliacube for 200 years.

Noxines have pretty goddamn Eliatrope looking hats, horns in the same place that Yugo and Quilby both have hat-horns and they're good at using both machinery and portals.

Does that strike anybody else as just too many design coincidences. I'd guessing that the Noxines are either twisted Mechanist Eliatropes or that Nox somehow managed to extract them from the cube and twisted them for his own purpose.
>> No. 38298
You can chalk it up to foreshadowing, I guess.
>> No. 38299

>he never saw special mini-wakfu episode.
>> No. 38300
>> No. 38301

oh god i laughed so hard.
>> No. 38302
Not to sound ungrateful in the least, but what's with the new watermark in the left corner? It really stands out compared to the Ludo and 3, particularly on screenshots. I realize french television is to blame of course, and dearly hope it's not here to stay?
>> No. 38303
Don't worry, it's not meant to stay.

That dumb logo was for an AIDS campain ongoing in France last week-end. Most French TV channels displayed it for 3 days.

Next week-end we should be back to our usual "only" two annoying watermarks.
>> No. 38304
File 13022042467.jpg - (330.96KB , 800x1331 , eliatropeinvent6.jpg )
Like this?
>> No. 38305
Hope it gets re-aired and whoever records it manages to capture it :O
>> No. 38306
'Ya know...there's sources of videos that don't have watermarks...
>> No. 38307

No i meant Nox's little minion dudes, not his puppets. But this is the wrong thread for discussing it.
>> No. 38308
Where exactly? I haven't even seen a single episode from season one without a watermark, let alone this one.
>> No. 38309
He probably means DVD rips, which we don't support here.
If you wonder why, search and browse older threads. It's been debated several times already.
>> No. 38310
Debated? I think "curb stomped" would be a more apt phrase.
>> No. 38311
your point being ?
>> No. 38312
File 130226181486.jpg - (63.68KB , 633x401 , Panty_Deal.jpg )
>> No. 38314
File 130226938754.jpg - (5.48KB , 218x183 , 13013247348.jpg )

Well yeah, they are just arrogant nerds who are doing free slavework for the greater good and whose whims we just have to bear with if we want to watch this god damn show with English subs unless if we magically find more decent yet as effective people to work on the same stuff.

in b4 YOUSE TROLLING LOLOLO *insert wakfu fangirlmade reaction image here*
>> No. 38315
File 130228166959.jpg - (4.88KB , 132x127 , 1298746000826.jpg )

>> No. 38316
File 13022830817.jpg - (128.56KB , 690x998 , Fail.jpg )
And now I'm imagining Gadhafi acting like a Wakfu fangirl...

Damn you Internet! What have you done to me?!
>> No. 38317
Most torrents of season one will have subtitles right?

If not, are there any directories for the fansubs
(I keep ALMOST watching this show. One day I'll actually see it all)
>> No. 38318
File 130232865788.jpg - (103.36KB , 600x1036 , Panda_girl_by_gueuzav.jpg )

Never said that you guys were in the wrong to crush any attempt or inkling of DVD rips making their way onto these boards. If anything, I very much appreciate that fact and that subsequently we are allowed to continue subbing work and being able to enjoy the plot of this show in addition to portal lasers and dem hips. I'd just rather not pussy foot around what had happened before so we don't get some derp walking in and trying to get the DVD rips going, so we don't have to spend time crushing it again, so we can continue discussion of subbing, the speculation of plot, and the general appreciation of hips. If it was left as simply "debate" there are those who might try to re-open said "debate" in an attempt to get the rips.
>> No. 38319

it should be uploaded at any minte now.. but i'd wait till the full hour
>> No. 38320
Can someone please post the link for the FLV raw?
>> No. 38321
Wuala - http://www.megaupload.com/?f=8F2Z0A43
>> No. 38322
PERFECT! Thank you very much, kind sir.
>> No. 38323
Wakfu S2-E07 (Web RAW - Downloadable MP4)
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?d7jy1rnxtc26tcf
>> No. 38324
File 130233934877.jpg - (45.98KB , 823x577 , MORE WANT THEN EVER BEFORE.jpg )
Good the ep 7 raws are out.

Its now only a matter of time...
>> No. 38325
File 130234036517.jpg - (41.04KB , 1020x618 , whatgirlswant.jpg )
episode 8 seems to be made purely for wakfu fangirls. i can't wait either!
>> No. 38326
File 130234111264.jpg - (43.41KB , 504x493 , Yugo loves you.jpg )

You don't say.
EP7 had some delicious, delicious shipping fuel for Amalia/Yugo, me gusta
>> No. 38329
Guys, it's gonna get some time to get used to, but now we actually discuss the episodes in the thread on +4chan /co/

That's here: http://boards.4chan.org/co/res/24969991#24969991

Let's leave this particular thread SPOILER-FREE and use it only for links and the discussion about subtitles, regarding both their ETA (SUUUBS FUUUCKING WHEEERE?!?) and quality. Or leave your thanks to our awesome team. Talk about the episodes or your speculations in the other thread.

One other thing. I put this link everywhere. Here you have Islands of Wakfu ending song that I "borrowed" from a "Let's play" that is on YouTube:

Did my best (if you think that I suck, then I probably do) to make it sound as good as possible. It's a nice song, IHMO.
>> No. 38330
Countdown until #34 of Ruel's grandma.

No exceptions.
>> No. 38331

Brother, there is barely any good 34 of Eva and Amalia.

You overestimate the internet when it comes to porn of Wakfu.
>> No. 38332
I thought the plus4chan thread was here:
>> No. 38333
newest episode link:

>> No. 38334
Anyone have subtitle files for everything released to date? I'm trying to make some ipod files for an upcoming trip.
>> No. 38335

Part of #34's existence is it doesn't have to be good.
>> No. 38336
Just the SRT/ASS files?
>> No. 38337
SRTs preferably, yes
>> No. 38340
cant wait for the Softsubbed ver. YU're doing a great WORK SIR! Thx in advance
>> No. 38341
File 130240975648.jpg - (100.36KB , 500x375 , bdubtheanimemaster.jpg )
Considering only 1 or 2 people give enough of a shit to sub this show, and they're retarded about DVDRIPS for some reason, dont hold your breath. Show's not popular enough for alternatives.
>> No. 38342
it's not like you can't buy the DVDs yourself and rip them...

...oh, right, sorry, you're just a cheapfag that wants everything for free, and then bitch that producers are not trying anymore to invest money and efforts into quality.
>> No. 38343
>moral highground
>in a thread about illegeal subs
>> No. 38344
>illegal subs
>technically not illegal if fanmade on publicized videos
>> No. 38345
they're still free to do (or not do) what they want. Your opinion doesn't matter, they don't owe you anything.

Deal with it or do your own subs
>> No. 38347
Looks like I'll have to explain once again to our cheap newfag leechers why we don't support DVD rips here.

We don't do DVD rips because:

- Even if we perfectly know what we do is illegal, we still don't want to rip off Ankama too much. They need to make money out of their series to keep on providing us with quality products. So, if you want stuff related to DVDs actually on sale, just buy them.

- We don't want to piss off Ankama too much. They know this subbing project exists and they let us be so far; but it would be damn easy for them to bug us if they felt like so: sending deletion requests to MegaUpload and +4chan, etc.

- BTW, you may have your ass warm and safe in some random country in the world; but Frenchy and I are French, which means we're within Ankama's suing range.

So, moral highground? Yeah, part of it, however hypocritical it may sound. But more like practical sense too.

Now it's not as if DVD rips don't exist on the web. Subs files timed to them have even been posted here. So if you're not lazy you can easily find everything you want. Just refrain from posting that kind of stuff here.

I hope things are now finally clear.
So may I suggest you quit your spoiled brat bitching, and stop polluting this thread with your silly whining? Because it must be at least the 4th time already we have to justify that choice of ours, and I must say it's getting somewhat annoying.

Thank you... -.-
>> No. 38348
So are there HD version of the season one episodes? I can't seem to track any down.
>> No. 38349
Aside of ep.24, 25 and 26, nope.
>> No. 38350
So, any progress on the subs? Frency or Kenny can update me maybe? Is ETA tuesday or wednesday?
>> No. 38351
Good news is Frenchy finally got his regular connection back. But he had quite a busy Saturday, so he's still working on the script.
As for the ETA, well, I can't tell exactly yet. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday indeed, depending on how the proofreading will go.
We'll give a more precise status update tomorrow.
>> No. 38352

Alright, sounds mondo cool. Hopefully my 4chan ban (which I have no fucking clue how I got, got banned for racism even though I had only posted in a Wakfu thread for the past hour before the ban, and nothing ever remotely racist...) so I can join in the discussion, which always rockets around the time of sub releases.
>> No. 38353
Are you on a wireless connection or a shared network or anything other than one single computer connected to a single modem (not router, just a modem)? Then there's a large possibility someone with your IP did something stupid and got banned, and if you use a tripcode on 4c then there's a good chance your tripcode got banned in association with the IP.

>> No. 38355

No, I have wireless internet but it's secured with a password there's no way anyone could guess, and I live on my own. Also, I always post Anonymous.

I honestly have no idea how I got banned. But no sense dwelling on what I can't change.
>> No. 38356
Another possibility is if your ISP is severely limited with regard to IPs and your modem disconnected and reconnected and was assigned someone else's IP who had intentionally dropped it to circumvent a b&. It's happened. Kinda rare though.
>> No. 38357
File 130246372745.jpg - (50.89KB , 600x480 , 1294177362852.jpg )
i got banned for 2 weeks one time for "posting a inappropriate link" which was odd cause i hadn't posted any links or mention other sites in weeks.
>> No. 38358
File 130246496083.gif - (18.33KB , 300x300 , madawesome-2.gif )

Heh, look at this this way; at least you ban is temporary. Over here, 4chan permanently blanket banned an entire IP range tied to my ISP. It took just one sonovabitch to misbehave and ruin everything for the rest of us.

Dynamic IPs can be a bitch.
>> No. 38359
File 13024665841.png - (3.13KB , 210x230 , 1290368862668.png )

God damn, that's gotta suck.
>> No. 38360
File 130247128058.jpg - (5.38KB , 150x150 , Fry wat.jpg )

Maybe a mod had his ass severely filled that day and didn't agree with you at all with whatever you posted? They can get away with it if they are careful enough, you know.
>> No. 38361
It was mentioned in the thread on /baw/ briefly that the whole banned for racism has something to do with some thread or another causing the word 'nigger' to become autoban bait.

I'd imagine the collateral damage must be enourmous.
Anyway, this is hardly the place to discuss banishment issues.
>> No. 38363
Do you guys need proofreaders? I'm a native English speaker and can understand a bit of French.
>> No. 38364
File 130249210714.png - (382.40KB , 1680x945 , DemomanVidSplash.png )
Wakfu: A quoi ca sert l'amour [YugAmi]youtube thumb

1) Well folks, bit of bad news, bit of good news, of which you may not be all too keen or interested to hear.

As some of you may know, recently, despite having placed explicit citations in the comments and video themselves, Youtube has seen fit to close down my Wakfu ReCubed videos for copyright issues. It was a good run, over 3000 views in total, just wish it didn't have to end like that.

That's the bad news, the slightly maybe good news, is that having recently watched animation studio Cube's "Perils of Love":

Perils of Love...youtube thumb

I decided to use the editing skills (or lack thereof) flexed while working on Wakfu ReCubed to make an AMV video to rectify the sizeable deficit of Yugo/Amalia musical tributes.

The Song in Question, is the same one from Perils of Love, a song by the late Edith Piaf (feat Theo Sarapo),

And as an added bonus, it's french!

Summary: My first ever AMV featuring everyone's favorite Gourmand/Princess Duo, Yugo and Amalia.

A production that spans the story of these two young souls from the ends of their lives to their early years and finally, to the grand adventure they would come to share.

Played to the classic french love song "A quoi ca sert l'amour" as performed by legendary songbirds Edith Piaf & Theo Sarapo, theirs is a tale where laughter dances with tears, replete with comedy, camaraderie, and care.

Will love blossom between these two young adventurers? Perhaps, perhaps not, but one thing's for certain, it's been one helluva friendshid!

Comments are very, very welcome on Youtube, as 2 of my initial 3 comments have been rather, vitriolic, and may discourage future viewers. If you must criticize, then criticize with eloquence. But then again, compliments never hurt anybody.

2) So yeah, remember how a while back people were trying to determine what TF2 classes the Wakfu cast would best represent? And remember how they decided to give Amalia the role of Demoman?

At first I was like, "huh, that's odd." Then I realized all of her plants and such made it quite appropriate, so I was like "Yeah, that fits pretty well." Then I thought that somebody should totally make a Meet the DemomAlia trailer with select show footage played to the audio of the Team Fortress 2 trailer.

Yes, it was kind of an odd thought. A thought that no one else seemed to have, so with nothing like it forthcoming, I decided to make it myself.

And I did.

However, before I decide to release it, I was thinking of going the extra mile and having the video's "Meet the" Title Card say "Meet the DemomAlia" with the Wakfu logo where the Team Fortress one should be, and perhaps have a sadida doll, or the Sadida symbol where the explosives should be.

Sadly I'm not that good at photoshop: So yeah, bit of an image request here, if someone could touch this title card up to the above specifications, that would be great. I'll wait for a few days for it to come up.

In either case, you will soon receive a minute and a half worth of parody that promises to forever sear the image of Amalia as a Violent, Alcoholic, Aggressive (well, more aggressive), Confrontational (okay, more confrontational), Gruff Voiced, yet inexplicably Fragile (yeah, they really hit the hammer on the head) Glaswegian into your hearts and minds.
>> No. 38366
File 130249618916.jpg - (233.80KB , 1600x900 , thisbegins.jpg )

Do you want it in the solid blue colors? or based off your image?
>> No. 38372
Hows number 7 comin?
>> No. 38373
Very dialogues heavy!
Release will depend on how fast proofreading will go, but I'd say Wednesday is a more likely ETA.
>> No. 38374
File 130254130043.png - (397.24KB , 768x432 , TAKEMYROCKCARSMALL.png )
Hey, I came in to thank everyone for the subs, raws and other stuff.
As always, good work.

And umm... I tried ripping music from "Islands of Wakfu"
And I only managed to somehow convert one vocal song, rest of the .xma files are friggin' impossible to convert.
If anybody is interested in this, I'll post here again (or should I post in the general Wakfu thread?) to say how I'm doing.

Picture unrelated, but I made it so posting it here.
>> No. 38375
File 130254226884.jpg - (96.94KB , 346x319 , 1291630742001.jpg )
When does this air in Japan? Do the Japanese have the rights to make proper pvc figures of the characters?
>> No. 38376
I've already "borrowed" the ending song. >>38329

If your version is better than mine (and it probably is) then link this motherfucker, 'cause I'm in love with that song and I'd love to have it in better quality than my poor homemade attempts.
>> No. 38377
I listened to both of them some, and my version seems kinda more clear, I think. So enjoy, encoded at 320kbps just in case.
>> No. 38378
The show isn't even licensed let alone airing in Japan so any figure made would be illicit.

>> No. 38379

It's not airing, but there are fansubbs on NikoNiko.

Up to EP10 now, I think.
>> No. 38380

So the whole wakfu japan website thing is meant for the game?
>> No. 38382
Somewhat, that website is for the studio they have in Japan so it's about dofus, the animations they produced including the Nox special, and some comics.
>> No. 38383
I got a question for mr Kenny. Do you and this Frenchy guy keep in contact outside of 4chan and +4chan?
>> No. 38384
File 130255547531.png - (192.75KB , 1600x900 , 1302493739304.png )
WakFortress 2: Meet the DemomAliayoutube thumb

It's time to meet the DemomAlia, the most confrontational, ornery, thin-skinned and not to mention explosive mercenary in WakFortress 2.

Don't let the doleful eyes (eye?) and bitter temperament fool you or this green-blooded royal pain will show you why you can't spell Flower Power without POW!

So yeah, not much has changed with Amalia herself, other than the fact that she has gained something of a drinking problem and is now inexplicably Scottish.

First try at something like this, sorry if the lip and sound syncing is a little off at points.

As always, feel free to comment, and remember, you kind of brought this upon yourselves so if it ends up scarring you for life, blame your imagination and all its creative capabilities.

Special Thanks To: A Successful Business Man for the custom 'Meet the DemomAlia' title card (don't worry, I used the 'Final' one in the video)
>> No. 38386
File 130255854168.jpg - (68.23KB , 640x480 , 1271405407765.jpg )
>implying Japan would give a shit about this show
>> No. 38387
Yes, by e-mail, and chat during our proofreading sessions.
>> No. 38388
Interestingly enough, playing Islands of Wakfu has suggested that Qilby is a martial arts master given that he invented some of the special moves Nora uses.

Battle scene will not disappoint. And think of how badass it will be when he has ONE ARM.
>> No. 38389
Yeah, I've been thinking about that. It'll be awesome but odd.

And not to be impatient, but is everything okay with the translation process?
>> No. 38390
Status update time !
here's the draft script for this week's episode.


It has already been partially proofread, but still have some work to do, so no release today (tomorrow maybe).
As Kenny already said, it's quite dialogue heavy, and surprizingly, has more line (although maybe sorter ones) than exposition episode 6.
>> No. 38391



>> No. 38392
THX frenchy.... jaja
>> No. 38394
Thanks again Frenchy and Kenny!
I hope you release before my internet gets switched over
I need my Wakfu fix ^^;
>> No. 38395

Since Japan has basically given up on making anime that isn't specifically designed for pedophiles, yeah it could find an audience.
>> No. 38396
also Japanese people are huge Frenchaboo in general. just stamp it as "the French dragon ball" and you'll get a lot of people interested, as long as it looks "french" enough for the average Japanese viewer.
>> No. 38397
File 130261962974.jpg - (425.42KB , 1370x1029 , 1261510030796.jpg )
> as long as it looks "french" enough for the average Japanese viewer.

But... everything looks sexier if french...
>> No. 38398
I can see Wakfu becoming a hit in Japan.
Also: the usual thanks to our brave sub-team!
>> No. 38399

Excellent work on the subs guys..... now do them in Japanese
>> No. 38401
I would love to, but I'm afraid my "Nihongo" is quite "pitoyable"! :p
>> No. 38402
File 130262779021.png - (831.09KB , 865x613 , ogrestthelegend.png )
By the way: Kenny, I hope you and Frenchy remember about the Ogrest special? It airs April 23rd if I recall correctly.

Sorry for asking silly quesitons. :)
>> No. 38404

Oh man... It's gonna take them weeks to sub that. Oh well, subs are subs, and I'm grateful no matter how long I have to wait.
>> No. 38405
I wonder if they release a normal episode on top of it the same day. I guess not.
>> No. 38406
Oh yeah, we remember...
We were talking about it yesterday BTW.
We hope for something with A LOT of action -and very few dialogues!

Not "weeks", but a full week is quite likely.
>> No. 38407
Nope. We'll have:
-Ep.8 on the 16th
-Ogrest Special on the 23rd
-Ep.9 on the 30th
>> No. 38408
Ogrest should not look that cute. And slightly reminiscent of a rabbit. Which isn't helped by the special's air date being right before Easter Sunday.
>> No. 38409
File 130263120738.png - (25.34KB , 438x877 , 1298144524069.png )
>mfw I remember I'm going to be in London for two weeks, leaving on the 15th, and won't be home until the 29th
>meaning I'll miss episode 8
>and the Ogrest special
>> No. 38410
Actually... you'll get to watch them as soon as you return, with no spoilers. Instead of waiting for the subs for days while everyone who understands French or watched it anyway spoils everything. I think you're doing pretty well.
>> No. 38413
It's probably just Ogrest before he got the 7 Dofus that raised him to god-status.
>> No. 38414
I hate to be "that guy" but any chance of a sub release before tomorrow?
>> No. 38415

> Very dialogues heavy!
> Release will depend on how fast proofreading will go, but I'd say Wednesday is a more likely ETA.
>> No. 38417

>> No. 38418
File 130264427227.jpg - (68.09KB , 450x407 , 1301302275250.jpg )
we get an Ogrest special, that i'll be cool since idk if they flat out said it but it was heavily implied that the 6 he collected were the six leaders for the "aliens"
>> No. 38420
If by "aliens" you mean "Eliatrope council", the opposite has actually been demonstrated. Why? Yugo's Dofus hatched about 10 years ago under Grougal's care, Grougal's Dofus was guarded by Drill and his family for centuries and Qilby's Dofus is in the Crimson Claws Archipelago. That's already three of them Ogrest can't have.
>> No. 38422
File 13026449549.jpg - (377.20KB , 719x608 , headdesk.jpg )
Not even remotely implied... See image.
Referring to that post I made earlier? XD
>> No. 38423
No idea who said it, nor when or where. Probably on /co/.
>> No. 38424
Indeed it was.
>> No. 38425
File 130264578256.png - (358.18KB , 1680x945 , ScoutVidSplash.png )
Hey fellas, because I had so much fun with the first WakFortress video:

WakFortress 2: Meet the DemomAliayoutube thumb

I've decided to make a couple more. Call it pushing my luck, but I was kind of hoping A Successful Business Man could maybe photoshop the following Title Cards to give them more personality. If you can't, or are too busy, then that's perfectly understandable, but still, doesn't hurt to ask:

Meet the Scout becomes Meet the Chell (because, y'know, Portal)

Meet the Soldier becomes either 'Meet the Kamando' or "Meet the SoldieRuel'.

Meet the Engineer becomes 'Meet the EngiNox'.

The first two are more or less done, so...yeah.

By the way, would anyone object to me making Evangelyne the Heavy if I get around to it? Because, y'know, Rapid Fire, loves her weapon, etc.
>> No. 38427

More of a matter of me being around to see the request.

What exactly do you want with the Scout one?
>> No. 38428
If it allows for "WHO TOUCHED MY BOW" jokes, sure. Grovy must become the Soldier then.
>> No. 38429
Is there something stating Ogrest STILL possesses all 6 dofus at the time of Season 1's events?
>> No. 38430
File 130264987179.jpg - (371.89KB , 1280x1024 , Portal_Chell_Wallpaper_1280_by_dj_corny.jpg )
Hey-hey, small net, you are a fast fella.

Um,I guess just replace the bat with an Eliatrope Portal or Valve's Portal Person.
>> No. 38431
File 130264996451.png - (860.92KB , 1920x1200 , engineer highrez.png )
I'll do what I can tonight. I have some stuff to do first.

Going to do Engineer first as it's my favorite class.
Then Scoot
Then Soldier.
>> No. 38432
I'd like to pass on some of the comments I've received via the translation priority poll, since most are addressed to everyone who has contributed to providing translated Wakfu content so far.

> I'd love to be able to help out with the project, and really appreciate the great job you guys have been doing thusfar, keep up the good work.

> Regardless of what gets done first, or how it does. I would personally like to thank all involved in bringing this wonderful media into daylight. I truly enjoy it and am personally glad it exists, yet I would not have any idea of them outside of what you guys have brought forth.
> Thank you, on behalf of all of us who read and watch.

> Just want to say you guys are amazing, and I'm personally fine with anything you guys choose to work on next. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 38433
File 130265590927.png - (247.47KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2011-04-09-09h55m19s127.png )
Just bringing to your attention that the MegaUpload for episode 2 hardsubbed is down.
>> No. 38434

To continue from the Wakfu game forums.

>And once again thank you for the wonderful subbers! I would be rather teary eyed without you



>The Sub Team is like a dream come true. XD lol Thanks again!

And my own personal Thank you for all your work.
>> No. 38435
Oh, that was nice to read.
>> No. 38436
A little update on ep.7 subs before I get a few hours of sleep.
-Proofreading is done.
-Left to do: typesetting, QC, hardsubs encode and upload.

Expect the release around the same time as last week (early morning in NA).
>> No. 38437

Both for different things. But I imagine they feel the same for both.
>> No. 38438
File 130265798744.png - (25.30KB , 265x297 , 1269312516948.png )
>Eva as Heavy
>Not Sniper
>She's hired muscle
>Just like the sniper
>But she's crazy about her bow
>But she's a sharpshooter

Makes sense, but you'd think Grovy would make the PERFECT heavy. Especially since the two have a little bit of a love/hate relationship going on. You could even say that Eva is Snipe-y

I can see Grovy biting into a Shushu sandwhich already........
Creative license so go with what you like!
>> No. 38439

Well.. you made me chuckle.
>> No. 38440
Good to know!

Reposting my roster from previous thread:

Scout - Yugo
Pyro - Adamai/Grougal
Soldier - Goultard/Alibert
Heavy - Grovy (Who touched my Rubilax?!)
Engineer - Ruel
Demo - Amalia
Medic - Adamai (?) / Xav (?) / The woman from episode 7?
Sniper - Eva
Spy - Joris

Announcer - Miranda/Boufball Announcer

Don't remember who kicked off the idea of TF2/Wakfu mashup but I'm glad to see it's getting some serious consideration!
>> No. 38441

I aided in some of the choosing. I'm also working on the Noxineer Meet video card right now. Then I'm doing Yugo.
>> No. 38442
Sounds great, can't wait to see em!

Is it strange that I imagined the scout's headset on top of Yugo's hat?
>> No. 38443
Not at all.

See here. Just another one of the cards in the video.

>> No. 38444
File 130265898140.jpg - (52.29KB , 624x351 , krieger.jpg )
Noxineer, damnit, why didn't I think of that??!!
>> No. 38445
Meet the Horloger is now stuck in my head....
Not as catchy but dang.

So other than the main 3 discussed so far, what are the other assignment that you've got "locked in" so to speak? Or are the other roles still up in the air?
>> No. 38446

Im almost done the Noxineer one. I just need a Noxine.
>> No. 38447
Just had a brain-gasm. You know what we need? An eyelander skin. For Nox's sword. How freaking awesome would that be!?
>> No. 38448
File 130265990815.jpg - (339.30KB , 1280x720 , original_188562_lj3tgGqV_2d8OHglNtUhguvD1.jpg )
Here you go.

And it's in CG!!!

That would very much rock.

I'm also all for a Portal Gun skin where they replace it with Yugo's Arm, kind of like the plasmids in Biosock.
>> No. 38449
File 130266038924.png - (329.57KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2011-04-09-09h45m58s152.png )
>>This thread is for discussing everything related to the subbing project
>Wakfu/TF2 crossover
How about you take this to another thread and actually follow the ground rules Kennymc set down.
>> No. 38450
Old habits die hard.
>> No. 38451
File 130266103682.png - (497.79KB , 1920x1078 , noxineer copy.png )

I commend the animator for it.

aaaaaand done I guess.
>> No. 38452
>Please refrain from discussing the series itself (especially spoileriffic stuff) on this thread.

To be honest, I don't think our little discussion warrants another thread anywhere, and we're not exactly taking up space or ruining the series for anyone. While I see your point of view, it seems a little heavy handed at this point. Should an actual "project" come out of our little discussions then sure, we'd definitely move.

Polite sage since it seems to bother you
>> No. 38453
I do believe it warrants another thread because you've been working on this for days in pretty much every thread on both 4chan and plus4chan. I'm pretty sure it would also be more productive for you guys to have only one place to keep in touch instead of refreshing 3-4 threads and splitting the discussion among them.

On the matter of this particular thread, even though this isn't spoilers, I think it would be preferable to keep it clean with subs-related discussions only.

And since this is written communication, it's worth pointing out that I'm not mad and don't wish to seem aggressive.
>> No. 38455
I would never imply that you were mad, as your post was well mannered and presented in a good way. I will begin by saying that I am not privvy to the other threads you've mentioned or the splitting of posts/refreshing of multiple threads. I myself have not been working on anything just yet. I have only posted TF2/Wakfu ideas under this name, anyone else posting such ideas are other persons. Should such a sizeable community exist that a thread be created, I would be more than happy ot migrate. I will again say that I feel this is somewhat unnecessary, but if it is the will of the people then so be it.

I might also point out, though it doesn't matter very much, that I haven't taken part in a Wakfu thread on 4chan in quite some time. I will assume that you are referring to someone else or those with TF2 ideas in general.

>On the matter of this particular thread, even though this isn't spoilers, I think it would be preferable to keep it clean with subs-related discussions only.
Again, I do agree but subs-related discussion only seems nearly impossible. It would either be "subs fuckin when?" "dvd rips where" or minor updates - all of which is covered on the twitter or on the blogspot (is it a blogspot? correct me if I'm wrong).

I'll sage again since you believe I'm bumping unnecessarily. I don't wish to come off as aggressive either. I personally consider it something to pass the time in the subs thread while we wait. If it is all that bothersome, then again I'd be happy to discuss it elsewhere.

EDIT: changed "now privvy" to "not privvy"
>> No. 38456
File 130266383291.png - (645.56KB , 1203x681 , Rueldance.png )
This is all kinds of fantastique.

Sadly, among the three, the Noxineer Short is the most incomplete, but don't fret, am working on it even as we speak.

Good luck with the rest, and thanks.

You're pretty awesome, anyone ever tell you that?
>> No. 38457
File 130266435262.jpg - (148.80KB , 727x1024 , concours-dessine-moi-une-pano_participation-roxnin.jpg )
So you'd prefer it if we started something akin to a Wakfu Fanproject thread for the creation and promotion of Wakfu-related fanfiction, fanart, AMVs, parodies, and the like?

If we did, um, where would we put it, here or on /co/?
>> No. 38458
> Wakfu Fanproject thread for the creation and promotion of Wakfu-related fanfiction, fanart, AMVs, parodies, and the like?

On one hand it sounds like too much considering there's only the TF2 thing right now, but on second thought it does sound rather interesting to me. Something like a Wakfu Derivative Workshop that would encompass anything and everything that needs more time than a 4chan thread can allow but is too small-scale for an individual /coc/ thread, and would stray too much from the usual direction of general threads...

Basically anything that requires several people to share/compare their work and ideas for fan stuff could go there while it's being built. AMVs could apply, fanfictions I don't know, I guess if the author seeks opinions yeah, and even that Monty Python meets Wakfu audio skit Zabchan and others have been talking about.

What does everyone think about that?
>> No. 38459
I think it sounds like a good idea. We can worry less about spoilers and the artists/creators can post updates for projects and ask for comments. And when something is done, post it on the main thread. I'm a big fan of the all the fanfic's and NewWakfuFan's character analyzations; they would fit nicely on a Wakfu projects thread.
>> No. 38460
Sounds agreeable enough. Won't waste too much space as we can encompass other projects. My main "concern" all along has been how empty the subs thread could become however since we're suddenly moving everything out of it.

>> No. 38461
ep 7 subs ?
>> No. 38462
>someone asks for subs for the bilionth time
>> No. 38463
First time posting here, just wanted to extend a great deal of gratitude from me and my two animation fan friends for doing the sub work for this show. You guys seriously rock.
Incidentally, has there been any news of Wakfu getting an english release? DVD Sales stateside or anything like that?
>> No. 38464
>Just bringing to your attention that the MegaUpload for episode 2 hardsubbed is down.
Things on Brotherhood of Tofu that need reuploading (complete list after checking all links):
- S2 Episode 1 Softsub
- S2 Episode 2 Hardsub

That's a short list. :) We need to get those up and running. I would upload them myself, but I'm "stuck" with the HD versions. Any volunteers?
>> No. 38465
Done. New links:
-Ep.01 SD Softsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YGL6J5V0
-Ep.01 SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z18L3C88

Also, starting Ep.7 upload.
>> No. 38466
Oh hi Kenny, if I understood correctly sub release will be around 18-19 GMT (best timezone, except for masterrace GMT+1 of course)? Or has the time changed?
>> No. 38467
Should be early afternoon GMT+1 (around noon GMT).
Of course, depends on how much Mirror Creator will mess with my uploads, that's why I won't give a precise ETA hour.
>> No. 38468

Oh, much earlier than I thought then! Here in my peaceful little penis-shaped country it's currently 12, so... about another hour or two before subs yeah?
>> No. 38469
File 130269074259.jpg - (121.21KB , 1154x728 , Subs.jpg )
Better than an ETA, have a release. Mirror Creator went easy on my uploads this week.

So, Wakfu fix of the week, season 2 episode 7 with English subs:

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X5ZJE3VO
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/8JZBJDB5

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GRJZJP1N
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/09ALIFD2

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?c6d4ljkq0oo0c3e

HD release tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much free time I can get this afternoon.
>> No. 38470

First to say thanks!

>> No. 38472
awesome job ! thanks alot !
>> No. 38473

yes this pleases spiderman.jpg
>> No. 38474
>> No. 38475
File 130270345478.jpg - (85.86KB , 600x900 , calliopes_book_huzzah_poster_thumb.jpg )
>> No. 38476
>> No. 38477

Trailer for the Ogrest Special.
>> No. 38478
File 130271084693.jpg - (58.63KB , 800x640 , 26867585.jpg )
Yay, new subs! Thanks a lot!
>> No. 38479

i'll better buy more tissues...
>> No. 38480
You know I've always wondered why HD is uploaded after the SD release. Is it just because of the size of the file or is it a different broadcast and you guys have to redo the timing?
>> No. 38482
>because of the size of the file - different broadcast and you guys have to redo the timing
Yup, both.
>> No. 38483
But... why did they have to make him green? ;_;

I really wish the specials used the same art style as the series...

In other news, fuck yeah Otomaï.
>> No. 38484
Is anyone else getting a Studio Ghibli vibe from that trailer, or is it just me?
>> No. 38485
>But... why did they have to make him green?

This and the fact that Otomaï has lynx ears are the only things that irk me.
Otherwise, fuck yeah!
>> No. 38486
It looks like he's a clone of Pochi form Welcome to the Space Show. :l

It looks like it'll be good, though.
>> No. 38487
File 130273079844.jpg - (87.67KB , 710x808 , Amalia_TakeMyMoney.jpg )
Wakfu S2 Ep.7 HD softsubbed version:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2O6NAGO3
>> No. 38489
>I really wish the specials used the same art style as the series...

Not me, I love the difference in art. It's just one more side to the world of Wakfu.

Not just you. Major Ghibli vibes. But that only makes my girl boner harder
>> No. 38490
Yes! I'm not the only one!
It was very Miyazaki. Something about Ogrest's face...
>> No. 38491
Those bone bird mounts are pretteh cool
>> No. 38492
Holy shit, dat animation. This is going to be such an emotional and fun special.
>dat yugo and fatherly love
>> No. 38493
File 130275608784.jpg - (55.85KB , 500x281 , spaceshow[1].jpg )
Seems stylistically similar to Welcome to the Space Show by A-1 Pictures. Image for reference.
>> No. 38494
File 130275612577.png - (152.82KB , 570x320 , Ogrest.png )
And cute little Orgrest for comparison.
>> No. 38495
Any reason we're sticking with the Grovy name?

I titled my copy of ep4 "Pinpin's Return".
>> No. 38496
Where are you all finding all this side information?
Should I be playing the games to understand these other antagonists and their relations?
>> No. 38497
lol it takes 3-5 days for you noobs to sub something that's 20-30 minutes long

holy fuck
>> No. 38498
for the same level of quality, the avera animu needs weeks, if not month. fast subs skips all the actual writing and copy paste vaguely matching tropes instead.
>> No. 38499

Die in a fire.
>> No. 38500
>my trolling attemps on yesterday's Wakfu thread on /co/ wasn't really successful, so I'm trying again on +4chan's /coc/, with not much better success.
You can now leave, sir.
>> No. 38501
>Oh lookie, a troll.
You can do it faster? Or maybe better? THEN EITHER DO IT OR STFU.
>> No. 38502
File 130278506569.png - (352.73KB , 500x435 , 1302511656916.png )
>guaranteed replies.jpg
>> No. 38503
Instead of responding to the troll and thus perpetuating his success, perhaps someone could help me with my question.
>> No. 38504
Got a similar question yesterday, to which I replied something along those lines:

It's cross-media, so all the info is scattered across a variety of games, books, magazines, comics, videos, forums, blogs, bonuses and interviews. There is no central source of information. In other words, it's very hard to find a particular piece of information other than by asking people who've been involved in a certain number of these for a while.
>> No. 38505
It was episode 2 hardsubs that were down, not episode 1.
>> No. 38506
My bad.
Ep.02 SD Hardsubbed => http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FLWJDB7H
>> No. 38507
New trailer from Sony.

Wakfu: The World Awaits You Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 38508

good lord... this voice reminds me pan sellers from polish mango shopping channel
>> No. 38509
Shit, I was sure I knew this voice from somewhere. Cannot unhear. O_o
>> No. 38510
I can't get behind this voice at all.
>Be a politician
Shit, maybe I do want this game.
>> No. 38511
File 130283861686.png - (198.33KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-1917067.png )
>shitty trailer means no one will play game
>no one play game, wakfu franchise not get popular in US
>not get popular, no has licensing agreement with networks or distributors

>no US licensing, no wakfu the series english dub

>no english dub, no insurgence of english speaking fans drawing fanart, writing fanfiction, cosplaying dem hips

sadness make zab lose correct grammarizing skills
>> No. 38512
File 13028391438.jpg - (1.06MB , 1459x1684 , eva___rubilaxia_by_glancojusticar-d3daq0n.jpg )
Forgive me zabchan,

I couldn't help myself.

WakFortress 2: Meet the HEvayoutube thumb

Truth be told, this probably isn't my best video. The use of still frames to promote better lip and sound syncing is probably going to grind on some people's gears. And the costume shifts from using awesome Eva footage from both seasons is going to be a bit jarring. It's more of an experimental video than a 'serious' addition.

The Noxineer, Kamando and Chell videos will be much more consistent and palatable, that, I can assure you (all are done BTW, any you guys would like to see first?).

To be fair, I'm probably going to do one with Grovy as the Heavy in the future.

Incidentally, is that an approval for a WakFanproject thread on /coc/?
>> No. 38513
Maybe there's hope for a dub in the UK... or even Australia.
>> No. 38514
We don't even have a wiki?
>> No. 38515
Well there's the Dofus Wikia that has info about the game, including books you can find that talk about the lore. Notably:

Google turns up a couple other French wikis but they all seem focused on the game (items, quests, classes, etc.). So yeah, nothing worth mentioning that I know of.
>> No. 38516
Thank you i love you
>> No. 38517
>Wakfu aired in the UK or Australia
Amalia now wears a poncho that hides hers skin and curves, also, she wears shoes.
Eva's skirt reach her knees
Any curvy female is either made un-curvy, or look like she's 40 years old.
Sex jokes, sex jokes nowhere !

You get the idea ...
>> No. 38518
Then again, Yugo with a British or Australian accent.

Decisions, decisions.
>> No. 38519
Yea... Uk... The country that only gave Ar Tonelico 3, a 12 rating compared to America which rated it mature.
>> No. 38520
Phfft. I've been following fansubs for various animu for years, I have never seen such speed, quality, and most importantly care given to fitting localization than with what our French benefactors are providing.

I mean shit man, they're even localizing the puns! That is godamn unheard of in the anime subbing world.
>> No. 38521
Seriously? God damn.
>> No. 38522
File 13028683629.jpg - (69.03KB , 500x375 , flex!.jpg )
Moar ace work from the fan-sun team , kudo's to the lot of you for you continued hard work!
>> No. 38523
File 130287460084.jpg - (23.26KB , 608x336 , guitarfinder spots djhero.jpg )
I'm enjoying Season 2. Keep it up lads.
>> No. 38524

If they rate it for kids, then expect that.

If they rate it 14+ or something like that, nothing is going to change.

Besides, a lot of the jokes in Wakfu wouldn't be understood by many youngins nowadays. They're kinda dense.
>> No. 38525
To summarize:


(Parents strongly cautioned/May be unsuitable for children under 14 years of age)
TV-14 icon.svg

Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under 14 watch unattended. This rating may be accompanied by any of the following sub-ratings:

* D for intensely suggestive dialogue
* L for strong coarse language
* S for intense sexual situations
* V for intense violence

According to this, unless wakfu is rated G

In fact, the "PG" rating is perfect for wakfu:


(Parental guidance suggested)
TV-PG icon.svg

This rating signifies that the program may be unsuitable for younger children without the guidance of a parent. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. Various game shows and most reality shows are rated TV-PG for their suggestive dialog, suggestive humor, and/or coarse language. Many prime-time series are given this rating, such as Everybody Loves Raymond and The Simpsons (though some recent episodes have aired with a TV-14 rating, the syndicated versions of those episodes have been rated down). Most music video shows (such as on MTV ), some Cartoon Network series such as Regular Show or Adventure Time, and all WWE programs (including those aired on Pay-Per-View) after 2008 are also rated TV-PG.

The TV-PG rating may be accompanied by one or more of the following sub-ratings:

* D for some suggestive/mild flirtatious dialogue
* L for infrequent coarse language
* S for mild sexual content
* V for moderate violence

I have not seen intense bleeding, foul language or extreme sexual content. If anything wakfu is going to be fine, don't worry about the FCC.
>> No. 38526
> most importantly care given to fitting localization
> I mean shit man, they're even localizing the puns! That is godamn unheard of in the anime subbing world.

I think that's indeed where most of the difference comes from. First you won't find typos in the subs, which are almost all over the place in some other shows. Second, puns are a serious headache to translate and take a long time to agree upon. I should run a comparison of the number of puns in one of the comics and how many I even bothered to translate. It would almost make me feel ashamed. And the series isn't any better in that regard.
>> No. 38527
I just saw the Wakfu MMORPG trailer........(prepares to barrel roll off a cliff)...T_T
>> No. 38528
Well if its one thing you can count of square to do, it's drive as many players away from your game as possible.
>> No. 38530
>new trailer
Again, try to keep all the spoileriffic material in the /co/ thread
>> No. 38532
>In fact, the "PG" rating is perfect for wakfu
In Poland we have 5 TV ratings: Everyone (self explanatory, no violence or sex at all), 7+ (most Disney movies and cartoons, including Batman: TAS, go here), 12+ (basically it's the equivalent of PG-13, but a bit more liberal), 16+ (most horror movies and adult themed anime like Elfen Lied) and Adult (18+; racism, porn, realistic gore fests and South Park).

Wakfu fell into the 12+ category, sharing it with Lord of the Rings, Jaws and Rambo 2. Makes you think.
>> No. 38533
File 130290318142.jpg - (101.23KB , 1280x720 , mini-slave.jpg )
>for the same level of quality, the avera animu needs week

>720p HD RAW rip within hours of airing
>subs within the same day, one day max
>great quality, font, and typeset

>Wakfu takes weeks to get something subbed
>Shitty quality rip and typeset for the font

>> No. 38534
File 130290363035.jpg - (21.30KB , 640x361 , EvangelyneANGRY.jpg )
>Anime have dedicated fangroups with several people involved, translating for people who know all the japanese jokes and phases.

>We have a couple who do it in their spare time and have to make all the puns understandable for English speakers.
>> No. 38535
..That was kind of my point. I'm not bashing it, but I don't see how one can say it's 'faster and better quality than animu subs!' when it's... not. Unless it's lying/needless dick sucking to the two guys who bother to sub the show.
>> No. 38536
File 130290580762.jpg - (144.42KB , 600x1014 , Lust_by_legendra.jpg )
Hey guys, Legendra is having a poll for his next drawing, and Evangelyne is losing
shall we rectify that problem?
>> No. 38537
not to mention it's fucking exam season
to everyone bashing it:
don't like it? do it yourself.
>> No. 38538
>Wakfu takes weeks to get something subbed
Weeks? Really? Hell, if you're gonna talk shit, why stop there? It takes months! Years! Eons! But certainly it's not 3-4 days!

>Unless it's lying/needless dick sucking to the two guys who bother to sub the show.
It's not your business whose dick I suck and why.

>> No. 38539
She's now a very close second.
>> No. 38540
A few things that bug me though:

>Wakfu takes weeks to get something subbed
So far it took us at most 4 days to release an episode after it aired. This is not "weeks". And that kind of delay isn't uncommon in animu fansub either. Not all groups make their release within a day or so.

>Shitty quality rip
Well, I do what I can with what I get on French TV. Japanese TV has been using digital and HD broadcast for far longer than French TV, so it's just normal the quality is better.

>Shitty typeset for the font
The use of a simple white Arial font is a choice we made for the sake of readability. We wanted to make it somewhat DVD-sutitles like. We could also do flashy things if we felt like to (look at the karaoke), but it's just pointless. Having fancy fonts has nothing to do with quality; it's just subbers having fun.
>> No. 38541
Voted for Eva of course. Let's settle this little "argument" we're having

1) Anime subs are much faster for obvious reasons. Get over it. That's why you pick up a couple animes to watch while Wakfu is going on.

2) Our sub team (if I can call them that :3c ) is doing a FANTASTIC job with what resources they've got at hand. They deserve any praise people decide to shower upon them.

Thus: Wakfu's getting subbed, don't like it then wait till the end of the season and batch download. If you've got even a basic understanding of French (or even more basic like myself) then you can make small changes here and there to make your own damn subs. In the meantime, enjoy the differences between anime and wakfu by picking up a show or two - Tiger & Bunny is looking pretty promising thus far.

tl:dr Suck it up, the subteam is doing us a favour. Watch animes as well as wakfu, using them to tide you over between episodes.

Haven't watched the video yet, but if you're not exactly happy with it I think I'll wait for a Greavy video. Or whatever you wanna call him. I think a transformation scene would do quite well for the heavy's outbursts regarding Sasha. Specially when his demonic form starts shouting. Just an idea. Keep us in the loop! If noone else wants to do it, I'll create a /coc/ thread where we can host the AMVs, fanart, TF2 discussions, and hopefully if I can be bothered to learn something new - I'd love to try and create a skin for the Eyelander to make it look like Nox's sword.
>> No. 38542
7 votes behind the lead. We may need to take this to /co/.
>> No. 38543
Not everyone is online at the same time. But one of the main problems we have is, we can't live chat, which leads to a game of tag with proofreading, followed by clarification and slap-fights about some contested phrases, to maintain a balance between the core material and being understandable to the average american viewer, who might not know what a Blanquette is.

...besides, as some of you might know, off-vocabulary is death
would be nice
>> No. 38544
I, for one, welcome our Arial overlord. Granted, I haven't watched much anime so far, but your choice of font is the best I've seen so far, and even with comparisons left aside I find it excellent.
>> No. 38545
File 130290876933.png - (1.03MB , 1280x878 , 1302343362302.png )
ginger! dont air our dirty laundry out here for the world to see, we must present a united front.

pay him no mind folks. The subs team NEVER fights over phrases or word choice. we NEVER spend four hours debating on if it's Krosmos or Crosmos that descends into malebashing and femalebashing and insulting each other's countries of origin, sexual preference or mother's marital status. the puns and poetry and translating tongue twisters just pop into our collective heads as if placed by the idea fairy herself. and rainbows fly out of our fingers when we type and angels sing and-oh god i cant force myself to finish that statement.

it's Krosmos
>> No. 38546
It's Krosmoz, actually.


>> No. 38547
We got it covered. We're making a bunch of accounts and spamming the votes
>> No. 38548
>> No. 38549
That might as well just make Legendra take Eva out of the poll for cheating.
>> No. 38550
It's worked for us before, me and cyberdemon photoshop Kiribans to get art as well a few times.
>> No. 38551
>make accounts to spam votes
>not cool
>spam link on /co/ and various boards for votes
>all's fine here
>> No. 38552
>> No. 38553
File 130291263127.png - (138.17KB , 480x480 , 1296940280982.png )
>implying he reads this thread
>> No. 38554
Hey subbers, I've been meaning to ask... If you've read the comics (especially the extras), would you say they have more or less puns than the series? Just out of curiosity.
>> No. 38555

I wouldn't have known about the poll before this. I have 2 legitimate accounts, both voted for Eva. :3
>> No. 38557
I'd say on average, there are a tiny bit less puns in the comics I've read so far, since they're a bit more serious than the series. Of course, that tells us nothing about the difficulty to translate them, since it's pretty much a case by case thing. I remember we had one or two nasty ones in the Black Raven comic.
Also, I've never read the Dofus manga, which looks more light-hearted, and therefore, more prone to having loads of puns.
>> No. 38558
Didn't the last episode get released on Wednesday... isn't that 5 days... 5 days could be referred to as a week.

Wouldn't it be better if you improved on this system? You seem to know the problem so your half way there to fixing it.

From my perspective the episodes have been taking you progressively longer since the start of the second series. I seem to recall the first few episodes being released on a sundays. If I am right that means the release speed is getting progressively worse. If you guys are having a hard time, perhaps you should be looking for additional help or ways to improve and work on the system you're already using.
>> No. 38559
C'est encourageant ça... ;)

Well we've proofread both Maskemane and Remington in live sessions so I can see a bit better how it goes for you guys as well. Still better than going at it one at a time, but it does take a lot of time for seemingly little text. The end result shows the effort, though :)
>> No. 38560
We never released on sunday, at best we released on monday evening.

Last week's delay was caused by a technical problem (my internet going down), so not related to our system.
This week's delay was cause by me not being aviable on saturday at all + longest episode (in terms of # of lines) so far. No matter what your system is, intangibles ARE going to happen, and 1 and a half day longer than our fastest release can hardly be considered an unreasonable delay. It's also a bit premature of you to draw a trend based on only 2 releases.

On top of that, before the season started, our goal was to release within the week, giving priority to quality over speed. So technically, we're still withing schedule. Monday releases are just a bonus that happens sometimes, not the norm.

As for recruiting new people, that's what we've been doing, but this is something I want to be very careful with, because I know by experience that more people = more time arguing, and it's noticeable even with a single person added. The time saved by having one more person aviable, for the odd proofreading session other poeple aren't there, might be lost tenfolds for all the other proofreading sessions where everyone will be there and arguing.

I'm not saying our system can't be improved, and in fact we're always thinking of ways to do it. I'm just saying I don't see a big problem with the release dates for now and it's not a top priority.
>> No. 38561

>5 days could be referred to as a week
And 3 weeks could be referred to as a month, and 10 months could be referred to as a year, and 8 years could be referred to as a decade...
Please stop the bitching already! Whining won't make things go faster. So deal with it once and for all. Whoever can do better, please feel free to do so.
>> No. 38562
And so, this week's episode is available online:
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/206-video-wakfu-serie/11474-chevalier-justice-s2-ep-8
>> No. 38563
Yay, just the perfect thing for me to watch before I go to sleep. It's actually nice to watch the raws before the subs come out. I feel like I'm picking up more and more language hints each time I do this.
>> No. 38564
On a side note : Gerard Surugue is back, voicing Rubilax
>> No. 38565
>Rubi is back
Oh happy day!

So, will this ep be easy or hard to translate?
>> No. 38566
Ep.8 Web RAW, downloadable MP4 version:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?o1bguodk2tg36b6
>> No. 38567
FLV - http://www.megaupload.com/?f=8F2Z0A43
>> No. 38568
So, team, how dialogue heavy was this ep? We looking at a tuesday or wednesday release?
>> No. 38569
Okay, this episode looks amazing...can't wait!
>> No. 38570
Frenchy said it wasn't so bad.
>> No. 38571
Was wondering why Rubilax was so obedient all the sudden.
>> No. 38572
Just a reminder guys. Let's try to keep as much episode discussion as possible out of this thread and over in https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/119867.html.
>> No. 38573
That one's gone the way of the autosage: look here.
>> No. 38576
Here's the draft script for ep. 8

(derp sorry for previous post and copypaste erroe)
>> No. 38578
So now everyone saying the VA threw a hissy fit can shut the fuck up. I'm glad.
>> No. 38579
*Looks around confused.*
Whose... Everyone exactly?

Though the 4 most likely causes are..
A... Hissy fit over pay
B... Rubilax is going to die
C... He was ill
D... It really was just scripted this way.
>> No. 38580
Some people on /co/. While it's an acceptable hypothesis, the way they were spreading this as undisputable fact was aggravating to me. I don't see a reason to tarnish this guy's reputation just because he doesn't have a role for a few episodes.
>> No. 38581
Having worked in animation myself (just in production, I'm no artist) I can tell you that a hissy fit over pay is pretty damn unlikely. VAs make decent bank no matter what, and it's standard to do negotiations on a per-season basis. He's contracted for a set amount of time, no matter how many episodes, and has to be on-cal for recording sessions during that time (can't work for other people, basically.) His pay wouldn't change if they killed Rubi off or not.

If I had to guess, I'd say it could be either illness (even bad allergies can lay out a VA, if your sinuses are clogged it changes your voice) or some sort of family issue.

Though in truth, my money is on a pre-existing engagement. He most likely just schedule a few weeks of commercial or VO work before he had the Wakfu recording schedule. He can't break those contracts if he wants to keep his reputation intact, so he arranged a brief absence from the show.

That's my two cents on the subject. Also, thanks for the awesome work, translation team.
>> No. 38583
This question pop ups very often on /co/:

What about season 1 oftimes sucky subs?

Perhaps you guys might consider making an official statement to explain the situation and/or your plans?
>> No. 38584
Nothing is set in stone yet. But here's the idea so far :

- Revision of the whole season 1 to fix a few mistakes and bring consistency in the translations
>100% certain

- Making sub files timed for the DVDs so that people who bought them could read them with subtitles on a computer (also to encourage people to buy DVDs)
>100% certain

- Making whole video episodes with the new subs
>Very likely, depends on the status of licensing and/or potential english DVD release when we will be working on it.

- Using better video sources than the current ones
>If we can find a better video source that is neither DVDrips or VODrip, then yes but right now I don't know if such a source exists.

- WHEN ?
>when the combination of our own IRL lives and the subbing of season 2 will allow us to squeez this project in our schedules.

- Anything else?
>I want to release a text file for each season that will contain translation notes, trivias, FAQs, and everything else that might be relevant for the viewers' interest. I'll try to work on it this week ( to the sub team, yeah, I know, like you've never heard that before :p ... )
>> No. 38585
To Kennymc or any of the other subbers for the show, I was wondering if perhaps you guys would want another proofreader to help out.
Currently I'm on the comics team, but have plenty of time to spare, toss me an Email if you're interested
>> No. 38586
I didn't want to have to say anything, until I had the necessary resources. However since Frenchy has now made this "Statement of Intent", I'll talk.

I am currently working on redoing the scripts from Season 1. Checking for both consistency and accuracy. I had planned to buy the DVD's (not for ripping Episodes, but more for taking the French Closed Captions and making a French Subtitle Stream, like the great job our French speaking friends have done with Season 2) and the artbooks and use them for final editions of the subs. I'm currently waiting until my Tax Return comes before blowing $250+ on merchandise & shipping.

Once those came in I was planning on taking votes as to what you guys wanted to see in regards to localization (i.e. French it up or Stick to the Bible(artbooks) and English Ankama sites).

Right now I'm kinda torn between my love of the French names (Tristepin, Ombrage, etc.) or being loyal to What Ankama has said they were (Sadlygrove, Shadofang, etc.)
>> No. 38587
I will forever be against the translation of proper names. Just because Tristepin and Ombrage have a meaning in English does not mean it needs to be translated.

Look, we don't call an anime character named Sakura "Cherry Blossom" do we? Then why should we call Tristepin Sadlygrove?
>> No. 38588
Name changes (and i'm not talking about translation, just plain arbitrary changes) from one country to another are VERY common in cartoons. Stick with whatever name was intended for the english dub, just because keeping the french names will look stupid once the official version will be released with english names.
>> No. 38589
>but more for taking the French Closed Captions and making a French Subtitle Stream
If you mean taking the french subtitles for the deaf/hearing impared, do yourself a favor and spare your money, they're useless for what you intend to do. They're usually different/shorter from what is actually said on-screen (which somewhat makes sense if you don't want to steal too much focus from the action). You'll have to rewrite most of the french dialogues from scratch if you want to do what we did on season 2, and you can do that from the existing downloadable files.

If you plan to own the DVDs no matter what, then ignore what I just said.
>> No. 38590
Because the authors say so.

You shouldn't translate names on your own, that's true. But when the person who created those characters comes and says "you should call him/her xxx in English, because I want that name to have a meaning in that language", you should respect that and fricking do so, because he/she is the "father/mother" of that character and therefore has the final and decisive word on it.
>> No. 38591
This and also Wakfu is an actual game...
And the English client definitely uses the official English names... And there are clearly meant to be parallels drawn between the game world and the animation.
So you'd be needlessly confusing matters by using the French names over the canon English ones.
>> No. 38592
It's also worth pointing out, there is nothing stopping you finding a clever subtitle trick to put both on top of each other if you really cannot choose between them.
>> No. 38593
>1) download softsub version
>2) edit script it with names you like
>3) ???
>4) PROFIT!!

problem solved.
>> No. 38594
File 130309336726.jpg - (152.42KB , 1280x720 , put some fucking pants on dent.jpg )
Yeah, just like the Pokemon, Detective Conan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, One Piece, Card Captor Sakura, and other shows with namechangs in their dubs have fansubs who use the dub names.

Oh wait, they don't, because that's the point of an uncut sub.
>> No. 38595
*shrug* Angry reaction much? I was just voicing an opinion. I realize the creators have a certain intention but I personally disagree with it. I wouldn't want my actual name to be called something else when I'm in a different language speaking country. I carry that same sentiment with me for fictional characters.

But we can agree to disagree, I am always free to edit the subtitle tracks myself.
>> No. 38596
Quit gettin' mad over names.

It's silly.
>> No. 38597
Nobody's angry at you, we only disagree.

In my opinion, being against OFFICIAL translated names is kinda weird. Especially when your argument is "I disagree with the creators". I understand you can like something or not, but not accepting someone's work of fiction by arguing, that you have a better idea? It's like trying to convince with Neil Gaiman that "Dream Man" would be a better title for his "Sandman" comics. He is the author, he knows what he wants, you have to deal with it. You can pretend that those names do not exist, but they do and it's much easier just to accept reality. There is nothing wrong with using the name Tristepin in conversation with people who know who do you mean, I do so myself from time to time, but the goal of this fansubbing project was to keep everything as close to the official version as possible - and that means using the name Sadlygrove.

Yes, many "uncut" subs have original names, but how many of those names that were changed in the dub were proposed by the show's authors themselves, like in Wakfu's case? Any at all? It's the creator's law to name characters as he wants and we have no say in that. We may not like it, but we have to accept the facts. And the facts are: Sadlygrove and Shadofang are how those characters will be called in the (hopefully) upcoming English dub - and it's because the authors themselves want it this way, not because some stupid network thought it's gonna be a swell idea to rewrite everything.

If you want to be mad at names, check the German dub. Everyone got butchered without one single reason - Amalia became Amaya, Evangelyne became Angelya, Tristepin/Sadlygrove became Tristamax (English version, no matter if you like it or not, at least keeps the pun in his name - the German doesn't, so the change is absolutely retarded).
>> No. 38598
But my issue isn't with authors picking one arbitrary name vs another, so I don't think using Gaiman as an example really fits. My issue is with authors creating a name and then deciding to translate some but not all the names for a different audience.
>> No. 38599
Nintendo themselves come up with the Pokemon English names, not the network or the dubbers. Same with Yu-Gi-Oh and Konami. Only exception might be anime-only characters but I'm not sure.

I doubt Wakfu will be dubbed in English (well, for America; maybe another English speaking country) and if it is, we'll probably get dub-only releases like Code Lyoko and Oban Star Racers got and no uncut sub available on the DVDs. I'd say if the dub wants to use that name, then it's their call, but if you're subbing the original show, it's kinda stupid to use 'Sadlygrove' when you clearly hear them say 'Tristepin'. People will watch the original for the original; like foreign films and whatnot. I coulda sworn I saw a sub use Tristepin one time in a livestream, but I guess whoever subbed that dropped the show and there's only one person doing it now.
>> No. 38600
> Tristamax

Well, I guess whatever we do we can't really beat that.

To keep it short, I have mixed feelings about the issue but I guess the official translations win at the end of the day. I'd have been more tempted to go in favor of the French names if we didn't already have all the subs (or almost) using the English ones that the subbers knew of at the time.
>> No. 38601
Another option we have is making more than one subtitle track, just like the softsub of season 2 is getting both French and English subs at the same time with every released episode. One track with the original names kept intact, one with all known official translations used and one with French subtitles should please everybody. It's not that much additional work 'cause it would only require replacing a few words here and there in the existing translation (like changing gobbal to bouftou) to make it work.

Anyone against?
>> No. 38603
File 13031030884.png - (227.85KB , 1398x786 , Red Kamando 3.png )
WakFortress 2: Meet the Kamandoyoutube thumb

It's a Mad, Massachusetts/Maine, Marathon Monday as Patriots Day has set in, class is out, and it is almost impossible to enter the greater Boston area without having to delegate through several layers of safety regulations filled with eager fans and cardio enthusiasts wanting to catch a glimpse of the action.

However, it is with deep and astoundingly rage-fraught sadness that I have come to realize that not every state observes this holiday involving American Revolutions, Veteran Sneakers, and the occasionally inexplicable Kilt, and as such I intend to remedy that with the most sacred and timeless of Holiday Icons:

The Kamando

After all, nothing puts people into the spirit of running for the manifestation of a better, freer, and more importantly existent tomorrow (and their lives), not to mention the fear of God, than the sight of an agile, enraged, armed and dangerous old man with a taste for blood money and the voice of Wolf O' Donnel (Rick May) who will catch you if you do not run like a Cheetah wearing Rocket Boots, and even that may not be enough!

To complete the experience, feel free to partake in some Boston Cream Cake (because they are not pies, The Pie is a filly lie, damnit!) while watching the accompanying video while wearing your preferred bodily protection garment (running shoes optional).

I'm pretty proud of this one, made it a little ways before the Meet the hEva video, but it's certainly the most action-packed of the bunch!

If nothing else, it's more Valve stuff to tide you Steamy plus4chan Studs over until Portal 2 is released this week (2morrow, can you count it!). And who knows? You might see another Portal totting Playah' soon, just, a lot more egotistical and deranged than what you're used to.

Special thanks to Watt for the 'Meet the Kamando' title card.

And Successful Businessman?

You were incredibly awesome with the Demomalia and Noxineer title cards, and the Noxineer will be released soon.

It is so good, that I am beside myself, and looking at me funny.

Best lip syncing I've ever done, and I'm sure YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

Though the coming 'Meet the Chell' (Yugo) is also pretty awesome.

Other WakFortress 2 Videos:

Meet the Demomalia
WakFortress 2: Meet the DemomAliayoutube thumb

Meet the hEva
WakFortress 2: Meet the hEvayoutube thumb
>> No. 38604
1. Nobody but Shock suggested doing to sub tracks. I personally would rather see the team save time and effort and just do one track. As I said earlier, people like myself can edit the tracks for any names we want to change.
2. You are confusing the people from 4chan who wander in here and troll the team with people like myself.
>> No. 38605
Completely against. Waste of time, and would lead to much confusion.
>> No. 38606
Against too.
It'll end up being confusing. I mean, HD version already has 3 subtitle tracks you can choose from. Not to mention the additional work it'd bring. Yeah, making another subtitle track isn't that much of a work... Still, after 3 days spent working on those, it's becoming quite a hassle.

As it's been said before, whoever want to change something in the subs can easily do it themselves. That's what softsubs are made for. And all original names are in the French transcript subtitle track.

Speaking of the "translate or not translate the names" matter, we only translate the names when:
- There's an official translation given by Ankama at the time we make the subs.
- The name has a special meaning we want to convey in English (Razortemps => Razortime).
Other than that, the names are kept in their original French version.
>> No. 38607
Well, I'm happy with whatever you guys decide, as long as you keep delivering those outstanding quality subs, the wonderful people you are.

By the way - could you guys point me in a direction of a good program for subtitles editing? I might try something, but I'm not sure what is good and what is crap.
>> No. 38608
I use Aegisub => http://www.aegisub.org/
>> No. 38609
File 130310929495.jpg - (437.91KB , 1920x2160 , yugoalibertclassicalanimation.jpg )
Thanks, I'll try that one. Hope I won't make my PC go kaboom (yeah, I'm so very talented).
>> No. 38610
File 130311045331.jpg - (898.21KB , 2592x1728 , 5409553692_35780f552f_o.jpg )
Wow! I expected maybe a post or two, but not a deluge.

I'd figured as much, closed captions are almost always not equivalent to what's being said on screen. I'd still buy the DVD, just to have it though. It was only a thought, as I didn't want to bother Frenchy or anyone else to do 26 ep's worth of Transcription.

So probably no French subs track. Maybe add an untranslated names sub track(for you purists out there)?

As for the name changes. That's where the artbooks would come in handy. They're written in both English and French & they come directly from Ankama. Granted only Episodes 1-9 & the Nox Special could be done with any certainty as of now, but whether Ankama ever gets around to making the rest of them, they'd still be useful.

Pic related. Ombrage=Shadofang. Word of God.
>> No. 38611
File 130311057331.jpg - (793.51KB , 2592x1728 , 5466492755_bbf9bc4b9f_o.jpg )
and apparently Gonard is called McDeek.
>> No. 38612
File 13031134215.jpg - (18.88KB , 743x496 , 11185.jpg )
So I guess you could call that episode a Scrooge McDeek fight?
>> No. 38613

Totally offtopic, but is there any ETA on a new artbook? Te next one should cover the Gobbowl/Boufbowl arc, so you can imagine my impatience and excitement.
>> No. 38614
The only exceptions to these rules, would be for consistency's sake, when a name was given to a character by the previous teams, before the official version was released. Hence sticking with "Grovy" instead of "Dally" and "Ombrage" instead of "Shadowfang"
>> No. 38615
Why would a name be translated in a subtitle, though? This isn't a dub so I never got the point of subtitling a name that won't be used for anything other than a dub.
>> No. 38616
You're aware that all these talks won't change a thing to Ankama's or the sub team's choices, right ?

Deal with it or refer to>>38593

>> No. 38617

In the German dub they're Schattenklaue (Shadowclaw) and Bertdago (pun on Dagobert the German name for Scrooge McDuck).
>> No. 38618

>If you want to be mad at names, check the German dub. Everyone got butchered without one single reason - Amalia became Amaya, Evangelyne became Angelya, Tristepin/Sadlygrove became Tristamax (English version, no matter if you like it or not, at least keeps the pun in his name - the German doesn't, so the change is absolutely retarded).

Hell, I'm probably the first guy who posted about the German names on 4chan and still hate them with a burning passion, but I can see at least some reason as to the changes - Mainly the fact that the show, especially the German dub, is very clearly directed at little kids, and those can't really be bothered to learn how to properly pronounce French names. So they butchered their names into something that is written the exact same way it would be pronounced by the average German native speaker. And then there's Yugo becoming Yago, since "Jugo" (pronounced like Yugo) is a derogatory term for natives of Yugoslavia, carrying definite racist undertones.
>> No. 38619
I understand the move, but that sounds so bad. Why not just Hugo if they wanted to keep it similar? *sigh*
>> No. 38620
Did Ankama choose the local German names or some localization team for the German dub?
>> No. 38621
>Why not just Hugo if they wanted to keep it similar?
Urgh... I would take ten Yagos before even considering that abomination of a name...
>> No. 38622
Ep.8 subs status update:
Proofreading and timings are just finished. Considering what's left to do, expect the release Tuesday during the day.
>> No. 38623
Thanks man! Keep up the good work!
>> No. 38624
I've translated the english draft script to german, maybe anyone is interested in: http://bit.ly/eyixNl
>> No. 38625

No idea, honestly. Well, their profiles on the German version of the Wakfu page show the new names, so I guess Ankama at least gave their consent.


I fully agree with this sentiment. Hugo sounds stupid. Not sure about Germany, but here in Austria it's used as a mild insult at times, equal to something like "dolt". It also reminds me of Jungeldyret (or Hugo das Dschungeltier as it's called here).
>> No. 38626
>Ep.8 subbed release update:
Uploading at the moment. Release in an hour or so, depending -as always- on how much Mirror Creator's uploader will feel like bitching today.
>> No. 38627
you guys should be revered as saints
>> No. 38628
File 13032273626.jpg - (12.51KB , 150x319 , Weimar Wagner Weeks.jpg )

Muha! My roommate will freak out agian when she comes home and sees it's up XD

You guys are so awesome!

(<-- also anybody else who would start giggling at seeing this poster on their bus ride home?... Hint: German Dub changed the second a in one of the character's names to an e...)
>> No. 38629
File 13032275222.jpg - (173.27KB , 1280x718 , Subs.jpg )
And here it comes!

Release of the week, Wakfu season 2 episode 8 with English subs:

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=53RO5ZOS
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/1AWELK1M

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G46401PS
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/1QGDPRTB

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?ia97h0bnefsff8v

HD release late tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much free time I can get till then.
>> No. 38630
As always a gigantic thank you to the subbers.
I always feel so bad I cannot help out more
>> No. 38631
subbing team....we <3 you
>> No. 38632
You are great! Thanks for your hard work, I know how much time is needed to sub one episode! Many Thanks!
>> No. 38633
Oh the tweeeests.
>> No. 38634
thank you very very much!!
>> No. 38635
The clothes part was fucking hilarious. Especially the lines about nakedness. :3
>> No. 38636
Oh, and repeating Anonymous above: TWEESTS. :D
>> No. 38637
As always, massive Thanks to you brave, noble Subbers for saving me from having to learn french
>> No. 38638
File 130323891254.png - (719.06KB , 1116x547 , WhatIndeed.png )
What indeed? xD!
>> No. 38639
File 130324018537.jpg - (60.14KB , 896x504 , A.jpg )
They have thrown us the gauntlet. We must pick it up.

Artists! To your Easels!
>> No. 38641
File 130324251686.png - (422.68KB , 1024x576 , vlcsnap-2011-04-19-13h03m40s43.png )
Goddammit, Lud0.
>> No. 38642
Sooooo, Sadlygrove has seen Evangelyne completely naked huh? What's more, she probably did it willingly, I can gather from her behavior.

Kids show, everyone.

Also, Rubilax gonna get butraped
>> No. 38643
God dammit, I forgot to mention they've had sex


So, when's this series coming to america? I mean, officially.
>> No. 38644
File 130324568449.png - (509.19KB , 1024x576 , vlcsnap-2011-04-19-13h19m31s87.png )
Part of me wants to think they just played doctor or maybe got to second base; based on the fact that Grovy was just so utterly clueless about sex and being explained it then participating it in the short amount of time they've had would shatter his fragile Iop mind.
>> No. 38646
File 130324616573.jpg - (114.53KB , 681x644 , 5.jpg )

For some reason I had this face laying around before the episode was aired.
>> No. 38647
File 130324767362.png - (39.81KB , 275x219 , 1302953387739.png )

Deal with it.
>> No. 38648
File 130324768728.png - (416.05KB , 1024x576 , Wakfu_S2-E08_English-Softsubbed_7BAE363D_19_04_201.png )
I am so excited about how it will continue...
Now they are in the World of Shushus, maybe we will see Rushu again...

BTW, why I have another subtitle font than many others?
>> No. 38649
i would've loved to see some shushu knights battle it out against Grovy, but the story is definitely going somewhere...

[/spoiler]damn, i want a shushu that can copy powers like that as a weapon, and lol @ Remington's antics backfiring him AGAIN[spoiler]
>> No. 38650
That's the font used in the opening for the song lyrics. Something must have screwed up the transition to the regular font for you, maybe you don't have it installed.
>> No. 38651
File 130325082664.jpg - (86.22KB , 934x772 , Remington_Two_Hands.jpg )
>HD softsubbeb:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=633Q8UFL
>> No. 38652
Please take the screen caps and episode spoilers/discussion to the /co/ thread guys.
>> No. 38653
Going back to the discussion on names earlier, when season 1's subs get updated are they going to be using the new English names (Shadofang, McDeek, etc)?
>> No. 38654
are we just drawing eva naked, or are we drawing pin seeing eva naked?
>> No. 38655
File 130325798733.png - (39.79KB , 275x219 , dat yugo.png )
>> No. 38656
I'm planning on doing them both, English and French.
>> No. 38658
Thread is 404'd, is there another one?
>> No. 38659
Grovy may be clueless about sex, but I doubt he didn't pop a boner when seeing Eva naked.
>> No. 38660
It's just a rogue period a the end of the url: https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/119867.html
>> No. 38661
Actually, I think Grovy is just clueless about babies. Which doesn't mean he's clueless about sex
>> No. 38662
File 130327601796.png - (206.33KB , 434x360 , tristepin_rubilax.png )
Unless it involves cabbages, he won't understand it.
>> No. 38663
awsome thx for subs
>> No. 38665
File 130331202532.jpg - (77.26KB , 890x501 , Yugo_Alibert.jpg )
This week's Inside Ankama dedicated to Ogrest special is online.
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/203-video-inside-ankama/11533-inside-ankama-s02-34

Nothing really exciting actually, but they show some of the voice actors that took part in the special.
Those who are curious to see what Alibert's VA looks like may have a look around 13:25.
Kid Ogrest's VA is Brigitte Lecordier, famous in France for voicing Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z.
>> No. 38666

He did see her naked outside of a dream; technically he saw her nude during a hallucination.
>> No. 38667
Love you Kenny!
>> No. 38668
Could someone tell me where I can find the first season of Wakfu, preferably in HD + subtitles, directly downloadable? Torrents are okay too but I'd prefer direct-download links.
>> No. 38669

> If you want season 1 stuff, refer to:
> -MutantSquid's blog => http://brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com/
>> No. 38670
Thank you very much, must have missed that. Thanks guys for all the work you have put into this. BTW, very nice board, never would have discovered plus4chan.org without specifically searching for "Wakfu" though, maybe you guys should advertise a bit? :P
>> No. 38672
well If i am being a bit rude about not thanking the subbing team for all their work, then let me just thank you guys now. How about we give them a thank you picture of that Eniripsa girl that chanted carbonabra?
>> No. 38673
Hello, frenchfag here.

I always thought that Wakfu was a bad cartoon. It may be partly because I used to play to Dofus a long time ago, and ended up thinking that it was bad, as the community was emplished with illiterate baboons ("ta des kama plz", "tg je vé tagro"), and the game was laggy and boring as hell (Ah, the 201th decade). Soon after, I started hating Ankama in itself, as it started gaining an obscene amount of money with all those derivates products, while realesing other licenses like Maliki,wich I hate hate hate, and it occured to me that all of this success was illegitimate given the crappiness of their products. That being said, I still watched the show for maybe half a dozen of episodes, but it didn't attract me. To my opinion, the characters were too inconsistant to make good drama (Look, I'm the last survivor of an ancient race and I have giant powers of the dead; I'm so old but no that old kid and I like money; Look at me being super strong but stupid and I love the smart girl who's also cute; I'm a princess and I'm cute too but I'm a rebel princess) and the humor not good enough to be funny (don't talk to me about that horrid thingie that is Mini-Wakfu. Now THAT'S unfunny if I've seen it).
So, was I wrong all that time, is that cartoon actually good? Please enlighten me with your knowledge and things.

And feel free to correct my approximate english. I'm a grammar nazi in my own language, so it's only legitimate.
>> No. 38674
To be honest, it seems like you've made your mind up. Which is fine, but you've seen the show, we like it, you don't. It's hard to convince people to change their opinion based on logical arguments. What more is there really to say?
>> No. 38675
Since you asked, a few that were particularly apparent (and distinctive of your French origins):

> I used to play to Dofus
=> play Dofus (play sth, watch sth, listen to sth, etc.)

> emplished
=> that's not a word; filled, crowded, overflowing...

> half a dozen of episodes
=> half a dozen episodes (a thousand years, tens of pages)

As for the actual subject of your post, I think the anon above said all there was to say. Some people recommend watching the Boufbowl arc before making up your mind, but I honestly don't see a reason why I should try to convince anyone that they should watch the show. You just like it or you don't and it's nobody's business.
>> No. 38676

It sounds like you made up your mind to hate everything by Ankama long before Wakfu existed. I understand where your hate comes from for the game, but past that I don't think Ankama deserves any of your direct hate. And Wakfu definitely doesn't. Your reason for disliking it (2d characters) is something that a lot of shows have, and if they dont then you can still make an argument that the character model is overdone. The characters don't seem too shoehorned into those cliches though, overall the series seems fine to me.

I agree with the mini-wakfus. They look cute, but the dialogue makes me stay away.
>> No. 38677

"Half a dozen". In other words, the first six... Episodes 4, 5 and 7 were made as pilots amid troubles with French TV and by a different set of writers before Ankama took over. Episode 1 was the fifth they made, actually (there was an Episode 0).

In all honesty, the first half of Season 1 is, in my opinion, somewhat weak and the interactions between characters are most of the time lacking or very superficial, barely scratching their potential, but they keep getting better and better with time.

The tone changes a lot by mid-season, and even more so in Season 2: in some moments of episodes 4-8 there is much more emotional, plotwise and social connections than in most of Season 1.

Saludos cordiales
>> No. 38678
Hey Seth, you forgot the wonders of counting in French!

>and the game was laggy and boring as hell (Ah, the 201th decade).
Vingt et un = 21
>> No. 38679
Is that Yugo a shariah sleeper agent!?
>> No. 38680
Well to be honest I wasn't even sure what that was referring to, so I didn't risk a fix.
>> No. 38681
Wait, crappy-dee-doo, I'm talking about decades here. But I did make a mitake, as I wrote 201TH instead of 201ST.

That's pretty much what I started to think. As you can see, I haven't watched a lot of episodes (and not even in the good order, hurr durr), so maybe this show didn't get my all of my consideration.

So, thanks to anyone who answered my questions, I might re-try to watch Wakfu now. AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.
>> No. 38682
If you end up liking it, you can blame us as much as you want.

If you won't... Well... You can tell us what you didn't like, it's always fun to discuss.
>> No. 38683
If you only saw the first few episodes of season 1, those are indeed crap. Shit starts getting serious at the Boufbowl arc, which is around episode... 10 maybe? I forgot. Most of the episodes before that (minus ep 1-2) were generic filler episodes with little to no relation to the storyline.

Regardless, the excellent animation and art design can be still noteworthy. But after the boufbowl eps, the storyline kicks into overdrive and suddenly you have Dragons vs. insane time mage with god complex.
>> No. 38684
Hey Kenny and Frenchy, there's something I wanted to ask before you get busy with the Ogrest special. Pardon my French.

Dans MaxiMini chapitre 2, Rem et Maskemane rencontrent des roublards roublaisiens. Je ne sais pas trop si c'est un clin d'oeil à Roubaix ou autre, mais est-ce que c'est un patois qui existe ou ils font semblant ? Ça me rappelle vaguement le jèrriais, mais il manque les emprunts à l'anglais. Est-ce du ch'ti ? Puisque la transcription est en bon français mais que le dialogue fait référence à leur « langue étrange », j'aimerais inclure une note dans la traduction à ce sujet.
>> No. 38686
A lot of people say to see the Boufbowl arc through, but I think the Boufbowl arc is more likely to scare people away than gather fans. They're worthy episodes and a lot of fun for fans of the show, but it's three long, drawn-out episodes of inane and over-the-top shit if you don't already appreciate it nuances. The only plot-relevant thing that even happens during that arc is that they arrive in and leave Bonta, anyway.

My suggestions for people wanting to get into Wakfu: start with the first two episodes just to introduce yourself to the story and characters, but out of the early episodes only 3, 6, and 8 are necessary to watch quality- and plot-wise. You probably won't like the Boufbowl arc at all if you aren't hooked by then, so you if you want you can skip to episode 15, where the episodes are relevant to your understanding of the plot. 16-17 is where you really realize that this shit's deeper than you thought, so if you still hate it at that point, you don't have to put up with it anymore.
>> No. 38687
File 130343578386.jpg - (277.82KB , 800x1132 , 1302597844985.jpg )


How is it you switch between English and French on the keyboard? Specifically the subtle little punctuation marks that is prevalent throughout your text. There like a Alt+ combo you have to keep hitting or is it just a flip of a switch?

Forgive my Amerifagness, but im deathly curious.

In return, beautiful, beautiful art.
>> No. 38688
Google ZombieKeys if you use Firefox. It gives you the same foreign-character shortcuts as Windows Office, so [ctrl + ' + e = é], etc etc. Way easier than switching keyboards or memorizing ALT codes.
>> No. 38690
Superior Canadian keyboards (qwerty, of course). I even get a dedicated « French quotes » key. So yeah, no need to switch anything. Logitech's Cordless S520 if you're curious.

Otherwise if you're on Windows you can set Français canadien as your alternate keyboard configuration, memorize the keys and switch configs with ctrl+shift.

Keyboard layout: http://www.knowledgerush.com/wiki_image/3/36/Keyboard_Layout_Canadian_French.png
>> No. 38691

Sweet. Merci!
>> No. 38692
This series is actually ramping up. I haven't been this excited about Wakfu since Nox died.
>> No. 38694
C'est effectivement du Ch'ti, le patois du nord de la France. Et c'est clairement un clin d'oeil à Roubaix où se trouve le siège d'Ankama.
>> No. 38700
Since I find it very unlikely anyone will go for the Russian subs or voice overs, there is already a site dedicated to this on top of the twitter listed above.

>> No. 38702
Eh ben, je croyais que le ch'ti était beaucoup moins différent du français que ça :) Merci !

[Back to English]
>> No. 38704
Anyone ever figured out what's different between Rubliax's green blade mode and rock blade mode?
>> No. 38705
Probably air and earth.
>> No. 38707

I think that's half right, I always assumed the Rocky mode was fire and the green one was Earth

He doesn't use Air and Water because those would make pretty shitty swords
>> No. 38708
I could very well see one being Fire & Earth, the other being either Air only or Air & Water. That's considering we know he has four elements but we've only seen these two sword forms.
>> No. 38709
and those are probably the only forms he takes. Just re-watch Ep. 8. Grovy pounds him on a rock to get him to talk, and he cycles through just those three. Rubi > Rocky > Green > Rubi.
>> No. 38712
File 130354585937.jpg - (76.85KB , 891x500 , Yugo_choco.jpg )
Web raw (streaming) => http://www.ankama.com/fr/206-video-wakfu-serie/11569-ogrest-legende
>> No. 38713
Direct download :
SD : http://streamhttp.ankama.com/2011/04/20110422_wakfu_oav_ogrest/300.flv?aksessionid=1303547333625_307644
HD : http://streamhttp.ankama.com/2011/04/20110422_wakfu_oav_ogrest/1500.flv?aksessionid=1303547216109_888287

Also, can somebody lend me a cyanide pill ? T_T
>> No. 38714
It's 864x480. So once again, it's "HQ" rather than "HD".
But the quality's really pretty fine, so I think I'll use this raw for the SD release. It'll spare me the editing to delete the commercials at least on this version.

>can somebody lend me a cyanide pill?
Nope, but I have a nice collection of knives, if it can help... :p
>> No. 38715
Ogrest FLV - 1500 http://www.megaupload.com/?f=8F2Z0A43
>> No. 38716
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?07ubqd34vgbg9bt
Sorry, it's the LQ version. I didn't have enough time to re-encode the HQ one.
>> No. 38718
I'm guessing there's no EP9 this week?
>> No. 38720
Most Katanas or similar style blades in the Wakfu mmo are Air element.
>> No. 38721
>no EP9 this week
Of course not. Have the trailer though:
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/206-video-wakfu-serie/11556-trailer-monde-rushu
>> No. 38723
In terms of subbing the special that aired earlier today, should we expect it to be done by monday/tuesday night?
>> No. 38724
>> No. 38725
I remember when Wakfu episodes took months to translate. Ahh, those were the days.
>> No. 38726
File 130361224298.png - (181.94KB , 565x486 , 8569593596.png )
They sucked and you know it.
>> No. 38727
This episode is twice as long as a regular Wakfu episode.
=>which means it'll require us at least twice as much work to get it done.
=>which means we'll need probably twice as much time to release it.

>monday/tuesday night?
No way!
I have no idea about the ETA yet. We'll give you status updates next week as usual.
>> No. 38729
I've had a quite busy Saturday, today is Easter familly dinner, and the episode itself is twice as long.
In other words, don't stay all day near you computer waiting for subs, and enjoy your Easter week-end with your family (even if you're not christian, just enjoy you week end).
Subs will be done ..... when they're done, no ETA.
>> No. 38731
Alright, I legit have no problem with that, really appreciate you subbers and your work. I really like the quality and would want nothing less, thanks for replying and giving me a rough eta. Keep up the good work guys!
>> No. 38732
File 130369308471.jpg - (69.97KB , 854x480 , Ogrest 1500_flv_snapshot_33_12_[2011_04_23_15_33_5.jpg )
I remember the days when if you wanted Wakfu subs you had to send a blank VHS and a self-addressed stamped envelope to France and they sent a beret-wearing man on a bicycle all the way down to wherever you lived. After the fifth courier died they had to cancel the service, but those were the days. Every tape had three episodes and 15 minutes of PowerPoint translations notes between each episode.
>> No. 38733

Happy Easter, and a hearty thank you to you and the rest of the crew for all the hard work!
>> No. 38736
File 13037173588.jpg - (96.95KB , 640x361 , evangelyne.jpg )
I'd like to thank Ankama for maintaining a decent website. i'm getting like 156KB/s on this!
>> No. 38737
So slow!
>> No. 38738
next week? fuck...i was gonna DL the latest episode for my saturday trip.
>> No. 38739
Is it possible for a french transcript hardsub/softsub to be released before the english translation is done? My mom uses it to study french.
>> No. 38740
The fact that your mom watches Wakfu to help learn French is ten kinds of awesome.
>> No. 38741
>his mom uses Wakfu to study French
>his mom is now amazingly awesome
>> No. 38742
Random question, what Japanese animation studio did the Ogrest and Nox specials?
>> No. 38743
I believe Madhouse did the Nox special (very similar art style to Kaiba) and Ghibli worked on Ogrest.
>> No. 38744
i also think green is Earth and Rocky red is Fire, as for the tiny normal form. thats just to carry it.

If you play the Wakfu Beta and have played Iop you only get 3 elements Earth and Fire are your heavy hitting, and you have Air as your 3rd. but Air is only Fast light attacks (you punch and kick). when in fights you only have points for 1 or 2 Fire or Earth, But you can do up to 8 Air hits if you want.
>> No. 38745
I'm going to listen to this and relax, not going to bother hassling or checking for subs until thursday or friday night. might get around to beating Islands of Wakfu
>> No. 38748
can somebody tell me Why didn't that stupid bowmeow, Grany, jump out of anathat's belly with Rubi in his mouth?
>> No. 38749
and also Anathar seems to be able to retain its fusion body, despite being detached from the guardian
>> No. 38750

>stupid bowmeow

There is your answer.
>> No. 38751
Probably because since he isn't being controlled by his Guardian and forced into 'hell' he's free, like Rubilax was late in season 1. If you watch the preview for ep.9 he looks slightly different.
>> No. 38752
I think it's cause Rubi never took over 100%
If you look closely, the guardian shifts forms as corruption advances

I'm guessing if rubi took full control, he would have his real body
>> No. 38753
second this. d/led the Ogrest special and forgot i can't actually speak french, despite all those years of thumbing through a dictionary, translating Moebius' work in Metal Hurlant.
>> No. 38754
where can I get the most recent mediaplayer classic to watch these?
>> No. 38755
File 130385868826.jpg - (1.11MB , 2272x1704 , IMG_0013.jpg )

and if you want to try the newest releases go here. Just replace the exe file.



Also, who's jealous?
>> No. 38756
File 130385886958.jpg - (164.84KB , 1294x727 , Dathura_Parler_French.jpg )
Okay, okay.
Have a French transcript hardsubbed version of the Ogrest special:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=33707TZS

I had to run some encoding test for the harsubbed version anyway, so...
>> No. 38757
Thank you. Also do want the nox mouse pad.
>> No. 38758
Thank you so much! :)
>> No. 38759
Nice, did you print that yourself using a kit or something?
>> No. 38760

Easter special they were $4 each free shipping. Got a total of 5. Shipped from Hong Kong and they are very nice quality. They print out a bit darker so the detail on the lower body half of the Charr is hard to see, but it still looks awesome.
>> No. 38761
Merci, that was beautiful. Ghibli animation was a really lovely surprise.

Is "fâcher tout rouge" a normal French phrase or just something Ogrest made up?
>> No. 38762
Wakfu and Guild Wars. I APPROVE.
>> No. 38763
>Is "fâcher tout rouge" a normal French phrase or just something Ogrest made up?
It's a normal French phrase. If you're interested, you can find more details (in French) here:
=> http://www.expressions-francaises.fr/expression-francaise/23-v/993-voir-rouge-se-facher-tout-rouge.html
>> No. 38764
Funny, I thought it was made up child's talk.
>> No. 38766
Everything sounds like child's talk in Ogrest's voice.
>> No. 38767
Well... it is, for the most part.
>> No. 38770
Waitwaitwait, you're telling me Ghibli worked on this?
Holy shit, how does Ankama manage to be so god damn awesome?
>> No. 38771
File 130396512937.jpg - (219.94KB , 1295x726 , Ghibli.jpg )
>you're telling me Ghibli worked on this?
They sure did.
>> No. 38772
File 130397199337.png - (122.02KB , 1398x786 , Meet the Cheliatrope.png )
WakFortress 2: Meet the ChEliatropeyoutube thumb

Knave Robsome, here,

With a stunning update on our 'Build a Better Test Subject' Initiative for all you current and/or potential investors.

After careful study, we here at Interstice Science have come to the alarming conclusion that despite being representative of the greater population, the 'average' 'volunteer' is still subject to boot quaking, fear, cold feet, anxiety, gutterflies, hesitance, and bricking it when under pressure.

And that just won't do.

So after a few dozen terminations, liquidations and distillations, the solution became clear, get better test subjects.

I mean, if the best the public has to offer can't handle our products, what hope does Nervous Nellie or Timid Tom have of enjoying their many domestic and military applications?

To that end, we are proud to introduce, the ChEliatrope. Don't let his size and fashion sense fool you, he isn't insecure or colorblind, and he lacks any of the awkwardness or nervousness that people of any stature would display when confronted with a 40 foot chasm filled with broken glass. He doesn't even mind that he's adopted, what a psychologically stable and satisfied trooper.

Usually that would be exceptional enough for any other company.

Not here, not at Interstice, We not only like to take that extra step, but that extra staircase as well.

You see that cute, little hat on his head? That's not just a prudent fashion choice. It's something we like to call a Humility Inhibitor, and dulls out any sense of modesty, humbleness, diffidence and amplifies his pride centers till they're as big as bull horns, or puma ears, we're still hammering that measurement out.

Bloating his sense of self-worth to just the right enormity where he's cocksure that he can do anything, but not so much that he thinks he's too good for any task presented to him. It's also given him a South Boston accent for some reason.

So now this little go-getter has a totally new type of self-esteem problem, having too much of it.

The Meek can keep the Earth for all I care, Outer Space is where it's at!

Knave Robsome, we're done here.

Another video made before Meet the hEva, edited to improve lip syncing, at least, I hope that's what it did.

Thanks for the title card again, Watt!

P.S. Watt and I didn't really have any idea what an Eliatrope Symbol looked like, so we googled a bit, and used an appropriate image, what do you think? Suitable, yes?
>> No. 38773
Could you please leave your garbage in the appropiate threads?
>> No. 38774
Woah, no need for the insults.
>> No. 38775
File 13040296664.png - (381.60KB , 1000x1500 , yugo_ado_by_akohatik-d2yliwr.png )
If I ever come across any, I will, rest assured.

That was a bit random of you to say, but I suppose a bit of spontaneity every now and then can't hurt.

Very true, Dent, quite true.
>> No. 38776
I don't want to sound nagging but could we get some progress report on subbing of Ogrest Special? Is it nearly finished or there are still few days of work left?
>> No. 38777
Second, I don't expect it to be done but a rough eta would be appreciated
>> No. 38778
Said Kennymc on 4chan today:
> BTW, the subs file is timed and ready, at least for the French transcript version.
Still no ETA given, or other details.

You do know that creating threads is a privilege you also possess, right?
>> No. 38779
File 130404386365.png - (207.22KB , 950x800 , aprilfoolnox.png )
Wakfu la serie: 30 de Abril po…youtube thumb


I...I don't know what to say.

Sorry, Ankama?

Is it the freedom fries thing, or how we've kind of promoted the cheese eating surrender monkey stereotype?

If it's for those or whatever else, I am sorry, but, but we've been good fans, I'd like to think.

We haven't made any ripped DVD episodes available to the masses, we've also made sure to tune in to your site, we've even paid the shipping costs for your excellent merchandise.

We'd go to the Ankama Conventions if we could.

We've done our best to spread Wakfu to every corner of the world we were able, is that not enough, are we not worthy? Just tell us what we need to do...


I suppose I should feel happy for Spain and pars of South America, though, and I will, eventually.
>> No. 38780

There is a checkbook in the bottom left pocket of my fatigues

I will pay you all of my money to stop (trolling us, Ankama)
>> No. 38781
File 130404489538.png - (36.50KB , 200x200 , kralamour_otomai.png )
They're all ready rich, (sob)

They're all ready ri-hi-hich. (sobs some more)
>> No. 38782
Niceeee, I speak Spanish, lets goooo!

And wow, Wakfu as a series being described in a short trailer makes it sound really dumb and cliched.
>> No. 38783
Looking forward to hearing those voice actors since I can understand Spanish fairly well. Also, I'm actually surprised Spain didn't get it before Italy, or even Germany.
>> No. 38784
Maybe they'll get to us once they finish all the Romance languages.
>> No. 38785
NWF,stop posting, you're still shit. You and every other season 2 newfags are shitting up the Wakfu threads here and on 4chan.
>> No. 38786
File 130405761151.jpg - (314.58KB , 1600x1200 , 3630-aiguille-chercheuse-1600.jpg )
Still posting, sir.

And I think you will find that all my posts and my physical constitution are completely free of excrement,

Which is more than I can say for your mouth (and lord knows where else you're keeping it on/in your person).

And, by the by, I've been a fan well before season 2 and have been a regular poster in Wakfu boards since late 2010; I've kept the moniker because I've developed something of a fondness for it.

I suppose, you not knowing that would make you the junior then, wouldn't you say? Or maybe you are simply unobservant, perhaps as thick as you are vulgar?
>> No. 38787
File 130405796370.jpg - (177.30KB , 1293x728 , Dathura_beloved.jpg )
About the subbing of the Ogrest special: the "technical stuff" (encoding, timing the subs, etc.) is done.
Now the problem is the translation work, which is quite long and tricky for this episode. Frenchy's still working on it, and it'll need quite some proofreading afterwards too.

So, we can't give any precise ETA yet; but it'll definitely need a few more days of work.

I don't think Ankama is to blame here. The problem most likely comes from US distributors. Maybe they're waiting for Square-Enix to release the game before they start promoting the series.
>> No. 38788
File 130405832571.png - (33.19KB , 318x470 , 1294426924054.png )
Nah, don't worry so much about the subs. You guys work hard, take your time.

And sorry for the freak-out and finger pointing. However, I find it kind of strange that they seem fine with releasing the series in other countries when the game isn't really out yet. Is the US such an important market for the game that they believe that the game needs the publicity from the show to get people interested, or vice-versa?
>> No. 38789
Cant wait for episode 9 to be subbed :D
>> No. 38792
You'll at least have to wait for it to come out...
>> No. 38799
Not to insult all the work you guys have been doing on the Ogrest special, but does anybody else think they should put it on hold for episode 9? I mean, Tristepin and Yugo are in freaking hell. That's pretty awesome, and the Ogrest special is irrelevant to the actual story.
>> No. 38801

I think the two specials can be worked on simultaneously for a short time.

Unless the translators are also doing the subbing

I'm not entirely clear on how this all works
>> No. 38804
Ogrest who failed to save Danthura then went up to mount zinit(where yugo found him in Ep.26) and cried so hard he flooded the world (Causing Nox's family to perish)

I'd really wanna see how things turn out =]
>> No. 38805
It's not like it matters for me, but that's what I would suggest as well. The Ogrest special is just a side dish, while we're all eagerly waiting to see what happens after last episode's cliffhanger.
>> No. 38806

Spoiler that stuff or delete it. Ffff-, I've held out for a week and some jerk comes along, and "LOL! Here's an important plot point, durr hurr."
>> No. 38808
...This is stuff they explain to you in the first 3 minutes of the MMO, and that is the backbone of how the world of Wakfu was formed. It's not a spoiler, it is something you would know already if you had paid attention.

What did you think "Oghrest's Tears" meant?
>> No. 38809
That was season 1, game aside, if you didn't know that by now kindly suck a running chainsaw and get with the goddamned program.
>> No. 38810
Ep. 9 raw available online
=> http://www.ankama.com/fr/206-video-wakfu-serie/11605-monde-rushu-s2-ep-9
>> No. 38811
Ep 9 FLV - http://www.megaupload.com/?f=8F2Z0A43
>> No. 38812
Ep.9 Raw downloadable MP4:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?dnlxwlan7zgggc9
>> No. 38813
u sir failed hard
>> No. 38814
+ Ogrest is pretty much one of the main character in the story of Wakfu.

else the whole story would still be about dofus =/
running and catching the egg to grant ultimate power ( LOL dragonball rip-off?)

But since Nox is gone how is the story related to Wakfu now?
since Nox was the guy who harvest wakfu but now we hardly see any of its blue light
>> No. 38815
Wakfu is blue.
portals are blue.

eliatrope kids were thrown into a mysterious blue dimension.

>> No. 38816

>kiddy soul power

So Nox was Chinese.
>> No. 38817
that explains the weird accent
>> No. 38818
File 130417709263.jpg - (461.46KB , 1838x2200 , Nox And War Machine.jpg )
That was a great episode. I really, really like where this is going.
>> No. 38819
File 130418020137.jpg - (63.38KB , 800x450 , scr_s00_ep02-03.jpg )
Don't worry, that guy didn't spoil the special since it covers a different part of Ogrest's life anyway. Also the stuff he did mention is partially wrong from what we know so far of Ogrest's Chaos.
>> No. 38820

what's there to spoil anyway?
>> No. 38821
Coz if u watched season one (which u should have else why u'd bother watching season 2?)

u'll know that Ogrest is at the peak of Mount Zinit (Episode 26)
and the flood that was upon the world of twelve? obviously his tears


If u played the MMORPG u'd know this =/
>> No. 38822
File 130419175670.jpg - (31.14KB , 600x404 , Bro before Go.jpg )
Pic related
>> No. 38823
...Can you leave? Please? You're just pointlessly stirring shit up, and your typing ability is making my eyes bleed.
>> No. 38824
They don't explain it much at all in the tv series. You get "Ogrests Chaos" in the first minute. And you see a glimpse in the finale episode that shocks Yugo. There may be some more references but you don't know much more than this from the series.

Keep your HERP DERP to yourself.
>> No. 38825
Not to mention how the MMO is still in Closed Beta for the US (not sure about elsewhere), and they added the Ogrest explanation with the same patch that brought us into said closed beta, so not a whole lot of people have played it or read that.
>> No. 38826
File 130420366853.jpg - (56.54KB , 800x600 , Clone_de_Rubilax_Wakfu.jpg )
'HERP DERP'-ing aside, the only thing that kinda bugged me from this episode was that I kinda was hoping that Rubilax might have been able to stay in his demon form from here on out. I dunno, I just think that it would have been neat to see him permanently out of sword form and interacting with the rest of the cast.
>> No. 38827

Maybe now that Tristepin knows he's one of the good guys he'll be reeleased once in awhile to kick ass.

>> No. 38828
Wasn't Rubi supposed to be one of the stongest Shushu's to cross over? I mean his guardian was immortal.
>> No. 38829
Ogrest's chaos flooded the Mayara island where did that water come from?

I thought it would all be clear when the first few minutes show of the special reveal that a drop of ogrest's tear is a monthafugging sea
>> No. 38830
Subs news:

Well, I haven't heard of Frenchy since last Wednesday. He said he was working on the Ogrest special's script, but no news since then.
Maybe his ISP is bitching again and he's lost his connexion. Or he's just very busy with something else.
Anyway, Ogrest is delayed until he's back.

As for Ep.9, I've started working on the translation, "just in case". So expect a draft script by Monday.
>> No. 38831
thanks for the update =D
>> No. 38832
How dialogue-heavy is episode 9? Will I be able to understand it with my okay grasp of French or should I just wait for the subs?
>> No. 38833
Wait for the subs. Not necessarily because you won't understand it, but because if you wait until everybody else has seen it too, you'll have more people to talk about it.
>> No. 38834
When to watch a new episode of Wakfu Tier List

God Tier:
Read along with the script

High Tier:
Wait for subs

Why would you do this Tier:
Wait for HD subs

Don't Try this unless you parle français:
Go without translation (I've done it, it kind of ruins the episode imo)
>> No. 38835
Your mileage may vary. I can't speak a lick of french but for the 2nd season I've been really enjoying watching the raws as they are released, and then watching a second time with subtitles. It's not for everybody though.
>> No. 38836
Je parle un peu Francais (like 2 years in high school), and I can understand like half of what they say.
I don't think I've ever used the encoded subs. I always watch with the script.
>> No. 38837
Here's ep.9 draft script:

>> No. 38838
I'm so glad I was staying up late.
>> No. 38839
File 130432092885.jpg - (51.35KB , 498x505 , Twice The Cube.jpg )
>> No. 38840
>Why would you do this Tier:
>Wait for HD subs

Don't be mean
>> No. 38843
Ogrest's tears produced the waters.

Ogrest flood was literally him crying the world under water...
>> No. 38846
Some, like Otomai's Disiples, think he didn't. At least that he wasn't the only cause of all the devastation, only a part of an ongoing change that would have occured anyway.
>> No. 38861
File 130439269759.png - (450.81KB , 958x499 , Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 10_09_59 PM.png )
Alright, time for an entirely unrelated Project.

I'm trying to expand my previous Image of Yugo as an Assassin into a short three or four page parody comic of the AC:Brotherhood trailer

I have hit a roadblock right out of the gate with Nox's coloring. All of my screencaps tend to lose quality and become unreliable sources of color.

If somebody could find me a decent color palette of Nox that would be grand
>> No. 38865
Yeah, I don't necessarily 'wait' for the HD
I just happen to not have the time to download it until the HD is out
>> No. 38866
File 130440691070.png - (1.10MB , 2182x1213 , Nox Wallpaper.png )
That sounds like a pretty cool project Mander,

How about this image?
>> No. 38867
File 130440699087.jpg - (639.66KB , 1920x1080 , Symbolism.jpg )
Or this one?
>> No. 38868

That one should work, thanks
>> No. 38869
holy shit, where did that come from? We have 1080p screenshots of the old season 1 episodes now?
>> No. 38871
Nope, that's just a DVD capture (since there's no watermark) that has been enlarged to a reasonable ratio to keep quality loss at a minimum.
>> No. 38875
File 130447568335.jpg - (54.69KB , 912x496 , 05 01.jpg )
Hello /coc/.

I have recently begun watching the first season of Wakfu (DVD rips), and noticed that the translation isn't very consistent throughout each episode since plenty of them appear to be done by different people.

Therefore, I started editing the subtitles myself as a personal project to improve the readability whenever I come across an episode that's particularly hard to follow.

So far, I have finished editing episode 5, 7, and 13. (The latter episode being the last one I watched.)

Now these kinds of episodes are currently my highest priority to edit, but I might go and edit every episode in the season for consistency once I finish watching.

You can find all currently uploaded subtitles here and instructions for those of you who don't know how to use them:

You can read more about my progress here as I update, as well as see more screenshots of the currently edited episodes:
However, every time I finish editing a few episodes and upload it to Mediafire, I'll probably just post here again.

All credits are marked as comments in the .ass files, so they won't show up when playing the episode. This was something I was doing for myself while editing to make things as clean as possible, but if the original subtitle providers do not like this idea, I will set them to display while watching the episode again.
Bug me on the blog I linked to earlier or something if you feel I should change that.
>> No. 38876
File 130448626198.jpg - (55.42KB , 912x496 , Wakfu 13 - Calme bleu_avi_snapshot_02_48_[2011_05_.jpg )
Thanks for doing this yourself, I'm pretty sure the sub team intends to re-subtitle or at least normalize all the older episodes done by others from season 1. However this is great since I think that task is fairly low on their list of priorities.

I've only skimmed around on "Calme bleu", but I did notice you kept "Higon" for the name of Nox's dog when I think "Igole/Igôle" is the official spelling. I could be wrong, and if someone has the production book for the Nox special he might even have an official English name that differs from the French name.
>> No. 38877
>>38584 and >>38586
Hello there.
>>38875 here.

I haven't kept up with the Wakfu community too much, but it looks like what you're doing is similar to what I just started.

Is there anything I can do to help? If you need an additional editor or QC I'll be happy to help.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll continue making edited subs for the episodes that lack good grammar and uploading them for the community to use. (Considering I started doing this for myself and I'm going along as I watch, I might as well...)
>> No. 38878
No worries. If somebody can confirm the official name, I'll edit that into the script.
>> No. 38879
There's an episode entitled 'Igôle'. That's pretty definitive, don't you think?
>> No. 38880
Just confirming that the Nox special "making of" book says that the english name is the same as the french one: Igôle/Igole
>> No. 38881
I've never had French, but still watch the RAWs. Thanks to the fact that ages ago we had Dragon Ball airing with French dubs and a voiceover in my language I do understand some stuff.
I'm too impatient.
>> No. 38882
Kenny, any news from Frenchy? How is it going there?

Don't mean to be an asshole, I'm happy to see another fan being active, but if you can't speak French very well it's all gonna be unecessary work (unless you really want to have some fun with it, then go ahead). Most of the early subs not only contain spelling or gramatical errors, but they also miss on puns and jokes, have quite a few totally untranslated lines and episode 10 has an absolutely diffrent font for some reason (and is filled with errors). Reworking those subs to a functional state will take much more than correcting some text. It has to be done however, here we can all agree.

The season 2 hiatus is upon us, so Kenny probably could rework those subtitles when there isn't anything more important in his way (let us know about your plans Kenny and if you need any help).
>> No. 38884
>Kenny, any news from Frenchy?
He's back and alive. But as you can guess, our usual schedule has been pretty delayed.

So, subs status update:
- Ep.9 proofreading is done. release tomorrow (thursday) during the day.
- Ogrest will follow after, but can't tell when exactly. Proofreading on that one will be kinda "fun"...

Thanks for your patience.

>The season 2 hiatus is upon us, so Kenny probably could rework those subtitles
Actually, reworking the subtitles is rather up to Frenchy than to me. Well, of course I'll help him if he needs me to.
As for the hiatus, I think I'll take the opportunity to do something else. Between capture, encoding, editing, timing, proofreading, typesetting, QC and handling the releases; about half of my weeks is Wakfu related. So I'll take a little break if you don't mind. :P
>> No. 38885
Thanks for the update Kenny!
>> No. 38886
Indeed, it is mostly just for fun.
I don't know French, so I'm just fixing up everything the best I can.

Correcting all of the spelling and grammatical errors is my main reason for doing this, but filling in anything I don't understand with something that works so as to prevent the flow from becoming too broken up isn't that hard to do.

Jokes and puns might not be faithful to the originals, but if something is explicitly mentioned in a TL note I'll try and do something about it.

Anything to fill the gap until the, "real" corrected version is (hopefully?) available at some point in the future.

Like I said before, though. I'd be glad to help with the real thing if the people working on it want an Editor.
>> No. 38889
So how long is this hiatus going to be? 6 months?
>> No. 38891
File 130456904612.png - (873.21KB , 929x524 , HellYeah.png )
>about half of my weeks is Wakfu related. So I'll take a little break if you don't mind. :P

I certainly don't mind. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Frenchy for all the work you guys do. As a completely non-French speaking American, my enjoyment of this awesome series depends entirely upon you guys. Keep it up bros.
>> No. 38892
File 130456984982.png - (653.77KB , 929x524 , 130456904612.png )
How did they get here?
>> No. 38893
File 130457074287.png - (436.83KB , 771x437 , goldo.png )
9 weeks, probably.

Ask this guy.
>> No. 38896
File 130458177925.jpg - (55.94KB , 644x485 , maliki boufbowl.jpg )
Or her.
>> No. 38897
File 13045853351.jpg - (82.64KB , 644x485 , JAPAAAAAAAAAAN.jpg )
>> No. 38899
File 130459512740.jpg - (136.56KB , 1017x575 , Subs.jpg )
Here's season 2 episode 9 with English subs:

>SD Softsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=762ZR7EP
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/1CKPWTEJ

>SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0Q9TKK59
Mirror links => http://mir.cr/ON5UKT9N

>Subs files + Font only:
=> http://www.mediafire.com/?cmjofycxrocwydf

HD release later, as usual.
>> No. 38900

I get to say the first Thanks!

>> No. 38901
Thx. Waiting subs for Ogrest with speed of light.
>> No. 38902
Would it be helpful to transcribe the english dub of the first two episodes in fixing old subtitles?
>> No. 38903
If anyone wants to get Wakfu S2 via torrent you can find the episodes here.

>> No. 38904
That's greatly appreciated, thanks.
Are you the one (or do you know the one) submitting and seeding these torrents?
If so, is there a way you/he can also do the same thing for HD episodes?
>> No. 38905
i just realised that iop has a nose...so wagnar isnt some horrible freak of nature. wait....

or, no, having a nose must mean you arent as far along in your divine mutation to ioplyhood. thus tristepin and goultard, being the epitome of iopness, have no noses, but wagnar (whose devotion is clearly inferior) sports a shnozz. this kid either isnt drinking the cool-aid or he hadnt quite reached that magical 'faith puberty'
>> No. 38907
No, you're just an idiot. That's Maliki, lead character of another French comic/cartoon.
>> No. 38908
Nice to know who the character is. Another series that looks interesting. XP

It's kind of cute.

>> No. 38909
File 130462970643.jpg - (146.52KB , 1199x728 , Remington_Hot.jpg )
Here's Ep.9's hot HD release:
=> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F2SVSUPQ
>> No. 38926
All of my love to you guys!
>> No. 38943

> Doesn't know all the french cartoons

> Obviously an idiot
>> No. 38944

I dunno, looks like an idiot to me.
>> No. 38945
is there much of a difference between hd and sd?
>> No. 38946
Download and see for yourself?
>> No. 38948
HD is less blurry and really enjoyable on a big screen.
But as >>38946 said, give it a try a see for yourself.
>> No. 38949
Thanks guys, so much appreciated!
>> No. 38950
Since the magnificent french subbing team (do you know how much you rock, guys ?) started to provide us with HD, I always wait for the HD version to be ready before I DL and watch.
So much more delightful to me
Even on an iPad
But as suggested, you have to make your own mind on the matter
>> No. 38954
File 13046998419.png - (610.92KB , 1500x1520 , Xelor.png )

Thank you so much for fulfilling my intake of WAKFU!!!
>> No. 38960
Doesn't Anathar still have the power to open portals?
>> No. 38961
Speaking of Anathar's copy abilities, in ep. 8 Justice said: "Hopefully, this demonic power has a limit: it only works upon contact."
>> No. 38962
oh and, gotta say, love your work Kenny and Frenchy :3 much <3
>> No. 38963
Is there a reason you guys do not upload the raw HD files as soon as they are ready and then just release the sub files when they are ready?

I would much rather download the HD video days in advance and then when subs are ready just very quickly download that and mux it.
>> No. 38964
The HD episodes are damn heavy, and it takes me ages to upload them 'cause French ADSL connections have pitiful upload rates.
And since there's already a raw provided by Ankama, I don't see the use nor do I want to go through the hassle of uploading twice an episode, once raw and once subbed.

>> No. 38965
but yaaa

Anathar touched Yugo in that episode =/
>> No. 38966
You'll notice Anathar shrunk on his own when Rubilax was a good distance away from the stadium. I guessing when the source of the copied power moves away, the power sapping snuffs out.

Or it's a limited time thing.
>> No. 38967
File 130478917925.jpg - (70.61KB , 450x422 , heart.jpg )
I'm currently living in France and trying to improve my French.

I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is that you guys are releasing these with both french and english subtitle tracks.
>> No. 38968
Soooo... How's that Ogrest special coming along? From the lack of news I would assume Fenchie's still MIA.
>> No. 38969
File 13048115711.jpg - (162.61KB , 1215x892 , 1302740172176.jpg )
I promised I'd post this Frenchy. Here you go.
>> No. 38970
Did Frenchy die? :(
>> No. 38971
File 130481827624.png - (1.58MB , 1920x1080 , 1298429277653.png )
I usually don't have much to contribute to Wakfu threads but here's a little test dub that a friend and I put together with me voicing Nox. Keep in mind, it's not the greatest quality and I haven't done the Nox voice in almost a year.

(Wakfu Mini FanDub) Mission Impossibleyoutube thumb
>> No. 38972

Glad to see you got a decent version of that, mate
>> No. 38973
That was a pretty good video LordMegatron,

Though if I do possess one complaint it's that I couldn't seem to find your video with the search engine, so you may want to check your tags.

On another note, how did you remove the dialogue track while still keeping the music? That's a technique I'd like to know more about if you wouldn't mind.

All in all, thanks for the mini-dub.
>> No. 38974
I'll have to let my friend know about the tags thing. But about the background audio, he said that he just used music that he had stored on his computer that he thought fit. Pretty convincing though, eh? Well okay, I guess it DOES destroy some of the magic.
>> No. 38975
File 130483601613.png - (334.44KB , 1388x760 , Noxineer.png )
WakFortress 2: Meet the Noxineeryoutube thumb

The Noxineer has arrived, possibly the best WakFortress 2 video to date, and I mean that in every respect, including lip syncing.

Have been sitting on this for awhile, but was too busy to post it, until now that is.

So dig in, because I know you miss Nox, and I'm pretty sure you'll like this little, quasi-tribute to that magnificent time ninja wizard.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

When confronted with problems, sometimes you have to take the practical approach,

Other times you need to take a more complicated route,

And then there are those dire, desperate occasions that the situation calls for nothing less than the employment of the Noxineer.

Whether it be against the pesky neighborhood dragon that keeps leaving pungent, steaming fire-bombs on your lawn and porch, or that pack of shaggy faced, half-naked, tree-loving hippies down the road, if there's no clear solution you can be sure that the Noxineer will build one, replete with all kinds of problem-killing, problem-slaying, problem-crushing, and 4 month warranty holding tools.

Just make sure to hire him before someone else does, otherwise you may be on the receiving end of his good old fashioned, homegrown "solutions".

Note: Despite being displayed prominently in the film, the Noxineer does not condone the recreational use of Wakfu transfusions outside of appropriate medical situations. Though if nothing else, they're an excellent alternative for most narcotics.

Special Thanks To: A Successful Business Man for the custom 'Meet the Noxineer' title card
>> No. 38976
You can't remove dialog and keep background audio unless it is stored as 2 separate tracks. Which almost never happens.
>> No. 38978
Frenchy lives, but has important stuff happening IRL. Keep your fingers crossed for him.
>> No. 38979
Well there's a guy on Youtube ripping music from the show and as far as I can remember that's what he said he was doing (although in some you can still hear a voice here and there).
>> No. 38980
File 130486725076.png - (66.10KB , 233x175 , 130186917820.png )
No episode this week? Ankama no longer even streams them on their site? What the fuck is this shit?
>> No. 38981
It's called a hiatus. France 3 is transmiting first 9 episodes of season 2 again. After that Wakfu will continue.
>> No. 38982
File 130487200192.jpg - (74.08KB , 637x409 , WTF.jpg )

Wait... that means we have to wait 8 more weeks until episode 10!??!?!
Well... surely that means enough free time to Sub Ogrest without any fears of people getting impatient.... but wtf ;_; 2 month of waiting...
But it could have been worse....
Imagine they'd done that after the Justice episode... O.o
>> No. 38983

It's like these people weren't around for season 1 (2008-2010)...
>> No. 38984
File 130489432438.jpg - (158.16KB , 808x454 , Yugo_Eva_2.jpg )
>Frenchy lives, but has important stuff happening IRL.

Oh my, don't tell me he has gotten himself pregnant...
>> No. 38985

AKA The Wakfu Dark Age.
>> No. 38987
You'd be surprised how many new fans we got just since the start of this year. Subtitled TV rips of season 1 were downloaded from Megaupload over 800 times on average since January the 1st (half a year after that season ended, so most of those are new people) and that's only those SD TV rips. God only knows how many times Wakfu was torrented or downloaded in other versions. It's safe to assume that you should at least double that number. There are literally thousands of people watching this show only because of the efforts of the plus4chan subbing crew.
>> No. 38988
Do you guys think the community is big enough, or strong enough, to support its own fansite?
>> No. 38989
Why don't we get a head count sometime? But I'm pretty sure that we could.
And isn't there that Tumblr that somebody's uploading everything from here to?
>> No. 38990
File 130492436437.jpg - (66.61KB , 912x496 , Wakfu S1E04 - Miss Moche v2_mkv_snapshot_17_07_[20.jpg )
It's me, the guy who's fixing up the subtitles for season one as best he can using the translation already present.


Again, here's the folder where everything is. I re-arranged it a bit so you won't be downloading a .zip for everything. Now you just need to download the one .zip containing instructions and the required font, and then you can download the .ass subs for the episodes you want.

Currently, all episodes from 1 to 8 are fixed up, as well as episode 13 from the last time which is now just sitting there by its lonesome.

I find this to be quite enjoyable. It's helping me to slow down and really enjoy Wakfu.
>> No. 38991
The Tumblr is indeed "from here" insomuch as Mutant Squid is a /co/mrade and originally made it to make it easier to share the new and old episodes (compared to ten posts of copy-pasta'd links per thread and an announcement or two somewhere among 600 posts).

A head count would be tricky, since people visit at different times, remain anonymous and wouldn't bother reporting in. Also it's not everyone that visits both 4chan and plus4chan. The best guess I can give you is that the current Translation Priority poll is nearing on 100 votes after three days, which is pretty impressive taking into account people's laziness. I don't have the latest numbers, but Remington 2 has probably been downloaded over 600 times by now.

My memory sucks but I think I remember Kennymc saying there were about that many downloads a few hours after some episode's release (3 hours I think?). So yeah, all in all we're probably a thousand or two.
>> No. 38992
Speaking of head count, the Twitter feed's gonna get soon its 200th follower.
>> No. 38993
File 130493358225.jpg - (22.18KB , 240x240 , wallachia.jpg )
>> No. 38994
Maskemane: 387
Remington 2: 597
Tears of Blood: 832 (?!)
>> No. 38995
File 13049362574.png - (13.05KB , 438x499 , 1301235435989.png )
>> No. 38996
Quit your bitching. Eurofag first brought us Episodes 4 and 6 during the week of July 19, 2008, and Episode 3 around a month after that. The first season didn't start airing until October 30 2008, and had so many hiatuses and delays that it didn't finish airing until June of 2010. Do you understand? 26 episodes in TWENTY MONTHS.

And here you just got nine episodes in only ten weeks, and are complaining about a puny little two month hiatus?
>> No. 38997
What is the name of this anime? Can someone suggest other series for the duration of the hiatus? (not naruto, bleach etc. been there, done that :))
>> No. 38998
Its popular now you bloody fool. It should be released as often as any other series being fansubed, so anything more than a couple hours after the raw is released is far too long.
>> No. 38999
A whole team doing a speed release for a simple [tag] vs two people doing it in their spare time. Boo-hoo
>> No. 39000
Yes, please continue calling one of the guys that bring us translated comics a fool. It's not like he is doing anything for this community, right? I'm sure that there are plenty of people who are willing to do his work themselves. Oh wait, there aren't. Derp.

We have two guys translating the show (with a help of a few proofreaders) and three guys that work on the comics (yes Glint, buying them does count). They do this for free in their spare time just because they are cool guys (you can talk to them yourself you know, they really are great people) that want us to have some fun along with them. At the very least, you should say "thank you".
>> No. 39001
Wow, someone's an ungrateful bitch.
>> No. 39002
It looks like some horrible moé-fetish shit. I hope noone answers you.
>> No. 39003
>"Bawww why do you hate me and hold mah subs hostage?"

Cry moar bitch, I feed on your tears.
>> No. 39004
This looks to be Dance of the Vampire Bund. In fact I am 100% certain it is. As for stuff to watch during the Hiatus I have enjoyed; Spice And Wolf, Bus Gamer(Only three episodes and ends on a major cliffhanger), Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I am not sure what kind of show you wana watch bro, but here is my current top 10.
>> No. 39005
A few of my top 10* Derp
>> No. 39006
Don't be so full of yourself. You're the only ones who translate series? Lol, russian bastards already have season 2 with russian VOICES. We are of course thankful for your efforts, but to answer every comment with "waiting is boring" with "moron, we waited for years, we are elite" - fuck off.
>> No. 39007
It's Seikon No Qwaser.
It's not moé-fetish, rather breast-sucking-fetish.
It's not what I'd call a good anime, just some good fapping material.

As for suggestions, well, I don't know what you like.
If you want to stay in the mood of something France related while waiting for Wakfu, I'd suggest "Le Chevalier d'Eon" (24 episodes).
There's also "Seirei No Moribito" which is a high quality series that deserves a try (26 episodes).
And if it's not enough, you can go through the 45 episodes of "Juuni Kokki" ("The Twelve Kingdoms").
>> No. 39008
> but to answer every comment with "waiting is boring" with "moron, we waited for years, we are elite" - fuck off.

Can I laugh now? 'Cause I'm pretty sure you are trolling. Poorly.
>> No. 39009
Yeah, he seems to think we were talking about waiting for subs. No, silly fag, we were waiting for EPISODES. Raw. Nine weeks between raws is nothing.
>> No. 39010
File 130497554090.jpg - (17.72KB , 200x200 , 1304965891752s.jpg )
>we do subs. Never ask us when it's done
>We waited years. Never ask when next episode is.

One way or another, u a annoying fags.
>> No. 39011
>> No. 39012
File 130497975193.jpg - (47.88KB , 500x381 , notasinglefuck.jpg )
Confirmed for a really weak troll. Prepare to be ignored in 3, 2, 1...
>> No. 39013
File 13049845521.jpg - (25.25KB , 300x300 , No flame.jpg )
Guys, seriously, cut it out.
>> No. 39016
File 130499995641.jpg - (277.14KB , 1400x1400 , 1302133168450.jpg )
i recommend avatar last airbender. some of the same kind of tongue in cheek genre humor, character archtypes, romance and high adventure. plus similar levels of beautiful animation. comes with bonus of beautifully coordinated fight sequences, MILFS, DILFS and dem eskimo hips.
>> No. 39018
Never fear!

Knowing Ankama, and many of us do as much by now, they'll either release mini stuff to keep us occupied till the season resumes or make the wait totally worth it with some kind of TWEEEST.

My money is on the former.
You don't team up with Ghibli just to make *one* animated special, when you got your foot in that door, you make the absolute best of it.
>> No. 39019
Seconding this. Avatar is an excellent show. Check it out if you haven't already.
>> No. 39020
patiently waiting for Ogrest special
>> No. 39021
Wanna talk about a wait???
Avatar:The legend of Korrah 2012
Consider when season 3 of ATLAB ended and when this new series is supposed to start....now there`s a wait.
>> No. 39023
Starcraft II
>> No. 39024
How about Duke Nukem Forever.
>> No. 39025
>My wait is longer than yours.

How about that Jesus guy?
>> No. 39026
Hello, and welcome to Team Fortress 2. After nine years in development, I hope it was worth the wait
>> No. 39027
So...any news on the Ogrest Special? I've been out of the loop ever since I went on vacation with my family.
>> No. 39028
File 130506680417.jpg - (284.06KB , 1310x2160 , ogrest tears.jpg )
currently the team is working on proofreading the script, but this one is more than twice the length of a normal episode, and there is a lot of talking, so it might take a while.

i *can* promise it'll be out before the next episode of wakfu airs though.
>> No. 39029
It WAS, but then they ruined it.
>> No. 39030
Screw you guys, it took me 15 billion years just to be born
>> No. 39031
As Zab said, the episode is twice as long, but that's not what caused a 2 weeks delay.
IRL got in the way, and I had to make choices and prioritize. Sorry about that, family first.

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal. I finished the draft tonight and gonna let proofreaders get a hold on it and submit their suggestions/corrections. Kenny has already done the timings, so it's up to when our respective schedules can match so we can gather and discuss the changes. (hoping for this week-end, no promises though)
>> No. 39034
File 130508623034.png - (373.58KB , 631x354 , cool.png )
Thanks for the update Frenchy. Your effort gets me through the torture that is studying for all my biology and chemistry classes.
>> No. 39035
File 130509159742.jpg - (405.81KB , 1920x1080 , miranda-cheerleader.jpg )
Here's a thing.
>> No. 39036
>> No. 39037
File 130509990555.jpg - (5.40KB , 150x153 , House Oh snap.jpg )
>> No. 39038
File 130510276069.png - (430.05KB , 641x534 , 1304101830692.png )
Stop that. Furries like Mimi aren't supposed to be attractive. She's breaking the rules.

My poor, conflicting emotions...
>> No. 39039
File 130510701481.jpg - (4.03KB , 120x120 , Dis fucker.jpg )

Because she covers most of herself all the time? Who would have thought she was hiding a pair of nice legs under that dress.

Kabrok, you hack...
>> No. 39042
Does anyone have a downloadable version of the chiptuney theme in s1e9 when Ruel opens the door to his house? It's in the credits too, but both parts have sounds over them.


Someone over on 4chan's /co/ suggested it, but I've heard that there was some attempt on a wiki here which didn't really go that well. Either way, I'd be willing to offer free hosting on this paid host I've got. It isn't seeing much traffic and I've already paid for a full year, so might as well use it for something.
>> No. 39044
Cleanest version I've found of it:
Wakfu Musique code d'entrée d…youtube thumb

Just use your favorite YouTube downloader to recover the mp3.
>> No. 39045

Oh, thanks a bunch, that's exactly what I was looking for.
>> No. 39048
Ogrest where r u D':
>> No. 39050
What are you talkin' about Wallachia? Miranda's rather attractive. There needs to be more of her in the series. :3
>> No. 39051
Is this confirmed?


Because if it is, then the hiatus will be shorter than expected.
>> No. 39052
One of the developpers from Les Gardiens 2 said that next "new" episode will be aired in june. He also said that it was part of a trilogy, and we know the title is "Kriss la Krasse".

So ... "revenge of the Boufball trilogy ?"
>> No. 39053
If ep 2 comes this week, ep 10 should come in july if they do all episodes, one each week. They may skip 2 episodes to air a new ep in June, unless they do something special.
>> No. 39055
File 130525412096.png - (45.68KB , 295x241 , 1250511635440.png )
>> No. 39056
They probably will be airing more than one episode at once at some point.

Dunno if true, I prefer official statements on Ankama's site to forum gossip.
>> No. 39063
Does anyone know a way of getting the song that plays for Nox's first appearances? It's a nice low-key type of creepiness, and I wish I could listen to it more conveniently.
>> No. 39064
Qwaser definitely. Also, some time in the first season I realized that I like it NOT for the fapping material, but for the fantasy. It was weird realisation... also, it's not moe, it's /d/ stuff.

people here watch weird anime.

I would recommend ... Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. Because.

Also, dropping in to say one "thanks" and to mention that I actually am happy that Ogrest got delayed. I would have gone mad from the two months wait otherwise; I still don't know why I am still sane after one month of no Negima.
>> No. 39068
File 130535086627.gif - (2.32KB , 227x203 , 1253019010693.gif )
Hopefully it'll be included on the soundtrack. You know, the soundtrack THAT WE'RE STILL FUCKING WAITING FOR.

Or you could just rip it directly from the clip, but the quality will be balls.
>> No. 39069
So...can we get a weekend update as to whats going on with the Ogrest Subs as of now? Not trying to be bitchy or anything, I'd just like to know.
>> No. 39070
File 130536423090.png - (55.04KB , 245x232 , happy miranda.png )
Is there a source?
It would be nice to get a copy without such an un-Miranda-like pink background
>> No. 39074
File 13053985713.png - (287.28KB , 1039x1069 , 10 minutes in fireworks.png )
Source is drawfag on 4chan I believe.
>10 minutes in fireworks.png
>> No. 39075
thanks for your work, but i'm picky and would rather have one with nice, smooth edges (can only get using the original)
oh, who am i kidding, i saved them both
>> No. 39076
File 130540569847.jpg - (115.88KB , 1920x1080 , final-0001.jpg )
Gross, line degradation. Don't do that. Here.

I chose red because it fit her personality, but then realized people wouldn't want that harsh a color staring them in the face all day, especially on a monitor. Just looking at it was burning a hole in my skull. Blues and yellows, etc didn't fit her, so I just reduced the tone.

PNG4 so you can poop around with it without any lassoing. I had an 8000x6500 or something version but it wouldn't upload.
>> No. 39077
File 130540595581.png - (233.37KB , 1920x1080 , final-0001.png )
Or I guess I'll save it as a JPG like an asshole. Let's try that again. Pain in the ass.
>> No. 39078
Well, what else can you expect? Magic Wand tool is the best I can do :D
>> No. 39079
At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful little shit, where are the Ogrest subs? Gettin kinda antsy here. I'll be satisfied with any sort of update Kenny / Frenchy. <3
>> No. 39080
>> No. 39083
File 130551096567.jpg - (70.92KB , 894x503 , Chaogrest.jpg )
And here's an update for Ogrest subs. Yay!

Well, proofreading is on its way, so the release should happen on Monday night... This week... Probably... Because after everything that happened during the subbing of this special, I'm starting to believe that it's somewhat cursed. So who knows...?

Ogrest chaos!
>> No. 39084
We're autosaging by the way, so I guess Ogrest's release will be a good time for a new thread. And good luck to the subbers for the last hours of work.
>> No. 39085
Finishing up the Gobb-ball subs.

I also finished watching season one yesteday, as well the currently released specials and extras. It's glorious! I absolutely love the music and I wish there was a proper soundtrack besides that Les Gardiens thing... The rips I found of that have extremely short tracks.
>> No. 39086
Well, there's no need for a new thread really. The previous 700+ post Wakfu thread is more than a month old and is still on the front page. This is not a 4chan-fast moving board
>> No. 39088
File 130552245333.jpg - (56.69KB , 912x496 , Wakfu S1E09 - Le sac de Ruel v2_mkv_snapshot_18_50.jpg )
Alright guys, more fancy and clean subtitles.

Episodes 9, 10, 11, 12, and... 25! (Which I felt like randomly editing.)

I rather like the change I made to this line. Instead of kamas, it's bucks, so that it references an old commercial better. It sounds cheesier than him talking about how nicely his hair was... gilding.

I mean, c'mon, he's made of gold!
>> No. 39090
>> No. 39100
It's monday night already D:
>> No. 39101
Different time zone sob sob
>> No. 39105
File 130558784351.jpg - (88.00KB , 1071x515 , Ogrest_baby.jpg )
Believe it or not, Ogrest Special is uploading at the moment.
>> No. 39106
I believe! How long will the uploading take though? I should have stopped hitting F5 hours ago, but thank god I didn't.
>> No. 39107
Release should be in an hour or so, if nothing goes wrong till then.
>> No. 39108
File 13055887553.jpg - (91.30KB , 335x448 , F5.jpg )
>> No. 39111
No more F5'ing.
Get it here: >>39110
>> No. 39652
ankama 10 years

S1E01 - L'enfant des Brumes

S2E02 - Yugo L'Eliatrope

S1E03 - Le Corbeau Noir

S1E04 - Miss Moche

S1E05 - Les 5 Magnifiques

s1E06 - Vampyro

S1E07 - Vénéneuse

S1E08 - Xav' le Boulanger

S1E09 - Le sac de Ruel

S1E10 - L’enfer du Boufbowl - 1

S1E11 - L’enfer du Boufbowl - 2

S1E12 - L’enfer du Boufbowl - 3

S1E13 - Calme bleu

S1E14 - L'Île de Moon

S1E15 - Adamaï

S1E16 - L'Eliacube

S1E17 - Grougaloragran l'éternel

S1E18 - La Confrérie du Tofu

S1E19 - Le Royaume Sadida

S1E20 - L'Arbre de vie

S1E21 - Igôle

S1E22 - Rubilax

S1E23- La quête du Dofus

S1E24 - Retrouvailles

S1E25 - Entre dans la légende

S1E26 - Le Mont Zinit

S1Bonus - Noximilien l'Horloger

S2E01 - Monstres et chimères

S2E02 - Rubilaxia

S2E03 - Remington Smisse

S2E04 - Le Dragon Cochon

S2E05 - Le Dragon Cochon

S2E06 - Qilby

S2E07 - Guet-apens

S2E08 - Le Chevalier Justice

S2E09 - Le monde de Rushu

S2E10 - Kriss la Krass

S2E11 - Le Boufbowler masqué

S2E12 - Mmmmmmmmmporpg

s2bonus - Ogrest
>> No. 40906
new episode in 28 days
>> No. 48722
La soixantaine d’experts mobilisés se concentrent pour l’instant sur la vérification de la liste qu’ont fournie le 19 septembre les autorités syriennes, qui comporte 20 sites de production et de stockage des armes chimiques.
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