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36334 No. 36334
Hey, +, i posted this on /co/ earlier.
So I was Interested in maybe adapting a comic book into a radio drama format. I thought it would be interesting to do and thought I;d ask about it here. Possibly recruit VAs and engineers from here as well, depending on how receptive you guys are to this.
pic unrelated, but hopefully that will be my expression if this gets going
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>> No. 36371
Maybe that's just my impression, but as far as I can tell you're supposed to find interest before you make a thread on /coc/ (i.e. just starting a thread here probably won't get you much attention). Good luck with that, though.
>> No. 36374
well , actually, I've got 5 people who have offered to do VA work. Aside from just more voice actors, the main thing left to do is pick a comic, find a sound engineer, and convert that comic to a radio script. but we definitely have got the ball rolling on this thing
>> No. 36375
I'd like to suggest Born Again, or something with The Shadow or Grendel.
>> No. 36376
File 129920396790.jpg - (245.41KB , 1152x1786 , Meltdown_01_001.jpg )
Im gonna go ahead and suggest "Meltdown"
Mostly because I love that comic.
>> No. 36377
Im not familiar with born again. can you clue me in?
I'm reading meltdown right now, and it might be workable into a radio format. but it will be very difficult
>> No. 36378
Daredevil's identity is sold by his former gf, and the big boss of Manhattan fucks up his life beyond repair.
>> No. 36380
Blacksad would be fun to do,
or preacher or transmet
>> No. 36382
okay, tis frank miller. He actually lends himself to radio pretty well. my only concern would be length
>> No. 36978
I love acting. I love voice work. I'm in.

givemethescript ^+ 14rivers [)0+ com
>> No. 37568
currently writing the script
plan to have it ready by august
>> No. 37804
File 130144976543.jpg - (6.95KB , 194x200 , 1298066164880.jpg )
I'd be willing to help out in any way that I can. Just tell me what you want done and I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 37819

Oh God, I read that in Fred's voice.
>> No. 37820
I just realised how much Fred looks like Gary Busey.
>> No. 37910
Well if you'd like, I can make that a reality... ;)
>> No. 40718
Hey, so whats the news on this? Script written? Or did it get scrapped?
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