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File 128733574844.jpg - (358.22KB , 635x900 , serenity1.jpg )
32925 No. 32925
Okay. Bit of an explaination required here. /co/ recently finished storytiming "Serenity", a Christian manga series about a girl named Serenity getting into trouble before cleaning herself up with the word of God. While nowhere near as offensive as the Chick tracts, it's still a poorly written and drawn series with flat characters and a character who is, for all intents and purposes, brainwashed into her school's prayer group.

Serenity is such an interesting trainwreck that there's been a ton of fanwork pouring out as the result. Writefaggotry, drawfaggotry...there's even now a TVTropes page for the manga. Someone suggested we collect all of the fanwork into a single thread on plus4chan, so that's what I'm doing here. If you haven't read Serenity yet, go check out /rs/ on 4chan - the recent volumes should be there, at least. It's worth it to understand why such a weird fandom has sprung up.
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>> No. 43605
File 132916863495.png - (230.25KB , 1066x1499 , 2012FEB13_Serenity_and_tim_makes_a_porno.png )
An update.
>> No. 43610
You're a riot, magi :V
>> No. 43637
File 132927630021.jpg - (21.62KB , 480x162 , 1327029293762.jpg )
Magi, you're doing God's work.
>> No. 43711
magi, please do no stop.
>> No. 43716
File 132946790768.png - (39.19KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB17_serenity_type1_002wip.png )
Can't sleep, doodle a bit, a bit of an experiment.
Been making them, just unhappy with it generally.
>> No. 43718
sweet, this is still up? Righteous. Too bad I have nothing to contribute. That red lantern story was the best thing I've ever read.
>> No. 43729

I'll be making a sequel as soon as I finish the script I'm writing for /co/'s Pulp! magazine. Expect the same level of goofy shit.
>> No. 43781

Bust a Groove 2: Here Comes Troubleyoutube thumb
>> No. 44526
File 133168563517.jpg - (291.95KB , 1461x1417 , Serenity-Lantern-Faceoff-ColorWIP.jpg )

>>43183>>43123 here.

I just recently found my psd of the color-job I was working on for that pic - sorry I got so sidetracked!

I set up a dA a few days ago, and I'll post my WIPs there, but of course, I won't leave you guys out of the loop.

>> No. 44539

Thanks for finishing it! I still have a sequel planned - when things die down a little, I can hopefully write it. Maybe I'll do it as a day-off project for fun. That's a good idea, actually.
>> No. 44542

Oh, it's not finished JUST yet. I'll keep you guys posted.
>> No. 44586
we really need some pics of Serenity boldly going into the hot tub nude, not giving any fucks what they think, while Lori unsubtly has a hand down her swimsuit.

Why it hasn't been done yet, no matter how many times it gets brought up, is starting to vex me a little.

glad to see you're still around.
Any plans to color >>43125 when you're done with that one?
>> No. 44594
File 133258086586.png - (46.33KB , 1120x600 , 2012MAR23_serenity_doodle_wip.png )

>> No. 44612
>> No. 44630
File 133334755041.jpg - (29.42KB , 613x280 , Coolest thing to happen all week.jpg )
I know, I know, not my personal blog, but I just saw this, and I had to share it with someone.

Seems Buzz Dixon's taken notice of us.

Now, seriously - whose linework was that I colored? I'd really like to know, so I can tell him.
>> No. 44633
I'm assuming he saw it on dA rather than here - otherwise I wonder what he thinks of all the porn in the thread.

Either way, glad for you.
>> No. 44662


>> No. 44663
oh wow, well if no one comes forward just explain that the line work was done by an anonymous person.
I don't think whoever drew it will object to it ending up on his site though.

Oh, and tell him that she's red since this is from before she calmed down.

we're all partially responsible here, I'm the one who put the request in the drawthread for these a few months ago.
Just about all the Serenity lantern fanart was requested by me or started being made once I sent people who wanted it to the right places...
>> No. 44664

But what if he wants an explaination about why they're Lanterns? I was just having fun messing around when I wrote that, I don't think I could DEFEND it.
>> No. 44665
Does it matter? Mind you, I don't know anything about Lanterns or Serenity, but people are turning everything into ponies these days, so I figure Lanterns are a lesser evil.
>> No. 44666
If he asks for a reason why they're lanterns then just tell the truth that it's based on a funny fic, or that making EVERYTHING into lanterns is "trendy".

I don't think I ever want to see Serenity ponies, but now that you've said it, someone's gonna do it.
>> No. 44669
I'll do that, then. But I shant be held resposnbile if it goes tits up!
>> No. 44681
File 133411979245.jpg - (139.59KB , 618x800 , 1334118580742.jpg )
We now have a Star Sapphire!
>> No. 44682
File 133411999591.jpg - (164.52KB , 612x792 , serenity 1334119043164.jpg )
I was just about to post that and got the duplicate error.
So sketch version time for posterity.

Tell me who is going to be yellow and let's see if this odd phenomenon of me requesting stuff and it actually getting drawn continues.
>> No. 44683

Ms. Baxter, the atheist teacher. I was thinking giving her outfit something like an open skirt with a jagged hem, like spikes.
>> No. 44685
File 133417186540.jpg - (130.34KB , 515x796 , 1334171339517.jpg )
OK, no idea if this is what you envisioned, but it's what we got.

We're having good luck today it seems.
>> No. 44686
File 133417516087.png - (310.20KB , 618x800 , 1334174353899.png )
I'm hoping I can persuade the artist to finish this since they got discouraged by being beaten to it.
>> No. 44687
This one is fucking awesome. >>44685 is good too, but the other is superior.
>> No. 44688
I don't think the anon who drew it will finish it though. Said he wasn't gonna add color since >>44685 already did the request.

Hey, Art-Anon?
Wanna take a stab at finishing it if the original artist decides not to?
>> No. 44689
File 133418449217.png - (364.36KB , 612x792 , serenity 1334182850751.png )
please disregard
asking nicely worked.
>> No. 44714
File 133443802361.jpg - (102.02KB , 609x627 , Screencap02.jpg )

Gah! I need to be more diligent about checking this board! It's faster than I expected!

He sent the screencapped note shortly after I posted his first one here: apparently he is aware of this site and the fanart.

My response was as follows:

"Let me first say that it's a surprise and an honor to hear from you - I think this is the first time I've had a professional contact ME, let alone one from the animation/comics field, both of which I'm strongly interested in someday working for.

Anyway, of course you can post the pictures - although I do not currently know who the the line-artist is, and only did the coloring. Part of the reason it's taken me so long to respond was that I was trying to find out; it didn't feel right taking all the credit when I only did half the work. If I find out, I'll get in touch with you again and let you know - will dA work, or do you prefer other channels?

PS - I just posted a more "complete" version of the "Faceoff" picture the other day; you may have already seen it.

PPS - I know exactly how you feel, concerning people trying to make T-shirts of your work, as much as I wish I didn't."
>> No. 44715
File 133445029919.png - (32.77KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR08_serenity_doodle.png )
>> No. 44716

Well, I still don't know how to feel, I mean part of the story was melodrama and the other part was fightin' zombies with Optimus Prime so I don't even think we can accurately judge any quality it might have. At least he's fine with it, I guess. And it HAS spawned some great fan art all the same, so I'm glad I made it.

So, Buzz, if you ever read this, I'll be honest. Serenity isn't very good, but I don't hate ya for doing it. And I respect what you've said about it. That being said, Serenity's created far more interesting things for me than just terrible Lantern fanfiction. My upcoming original work "Kabuto Silver" was actually inspired, in a very indirect way, by Hits and Misses. Long story for that one, but if you want, I'll link you to it sometime when it comes out.
>> No. 44717
File 133445375993.png - (67.80KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR13_serenity_doodle.png )
Welp, if anything, being a cool cat about it definitely earn him some internet brownie points.
>> No. 44718
huh, well at least he's being cool with all the stuff in this thread. Gotta give him credit for that since other artists and writers have taken it a lot worse.
Sorry if this sounds like I'm being full of myself, but it feels kinda strange that the majority of Serenity lantern art came about because I posted a bunch of requests on a whim.

hey magi, why don't you try that challenge?
>> No. 44719
File 133447900288.png - (184.65KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR14_badgirl_doodle.png )
Considering my body of works on that subject matter, I don't think that's a good idea. lol
>> No. 44729
It's not like you haven't drawn SFW stuff before.

If you're worried about virgin eyes finding their way to your NSFW stuff, consider submitting under a different name.
>> No. 44731
File 133463513946.png - (86.62KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR16_badgirl_doodle.png )
Well... beyond that, I don't know what purpose this would serve. Frankly, the premise of the challenge isn't something that particular interest me, since I am not big fan of divine command.

Although when it comes to 10 commandment, for some reason the only think I came up with right away has to do with tenth, which in part says "You shall not covet your neighbor's :snip: ...or his ass". The image comes to mind is she thinking of Derek while masturbating furiously.

Well I suppose there is a PG13 version of that where she is just day dreaming.

I never saw what she seen in Derek, he is such a dorky kid.
>> No. 45603
File 134481696134.jpg - (212.52KB , 1120x600 , fixed.jpg )
I hope you don't mind.
>> No. 45825
File 13484637647.png - (158.06KB , 600x1120 , 2012SEP22_serenity_doodle.png )
I suppose I'll put this here as well. I wish there is a way to retroactively tag those NSFW.
>> No. 45833
File 134850369064.jpg - (228.03KB , 742x1246 , 1348465052233.jpg )
Another request done from last night's storytime.
>> No. 45837
File 134851562278.jpg - (85.76KB , 800x450 , serenity 1348450368693.jpg )
I'll just link to this from the board-tan thread if I can remember.

other new stuff includes CONGRATULATIONS
>> No. 45838
File 134851568221.jpg - (178.41KB , 919x1300 , serenity 1348450406994.jpg )
"thank you all!"
>> No. 45839
File 134851577631.jpg - (94.59KB , 623x750 , serenity 1348455895174.jpg )
and the return of the tattoo.
>> No. 46033
Lori sighed as she lay in bed. What was wrong with her? She had helped Serenity through a rough patch in her relationship with God and now Serenity was back to the being the little bundle of blue haired energy Lori and the rest of the Prayer Club had known. So why did Lori still feel miserable? She saw Serenity at her worst: the color drained from her hair much like the spirit and zest for life had been drained from her very being. It made Lori miserable. Seeing her friend reduced to that state, trying to be something she wasn't... and it was all Lori's fault! It was, wasn't it? She's the one who told Serenity that the group loved her but didn't like her, the one who gave her advice that ultimately led her down the path herself and Sally had to help bring her back from.

It pained Lori so much to see Serenity like that. This wasn't the girl who had caught her attention on the first day of school, the girl she had many late night chat sessions about faith with. The girl that she... Lori sat up in bed. The girl that she what? The girl that she... no. No not that. Those thoughts were there once more, the thoughts she had been taught by her parents, by Pastor Calvin, by the word of God itself that would make her shunned. An outcast. A sinner with an express ticket to Hell.

She sat up in bed remembering what Sally had told Serenity; that God doesn't want you to not be you. Actively suppressing that energy, that spunkiness, that quality that made Serenity Serenity had turned the poor girl into a moping, dour shell. And Lori realized that she was no better. Were Sally's words right? Would God want her to be who she truly was It was a part of her that had become impossible to ignore since meeting Serenity. It was a part of her she could no longer ignore. It was a part of her she had to confront.

She looked at the alarm clock: 9:17 PM. Not particularly late plus it was a Friday. Serenity wouldn't mind right? Lori grabbed her phone and looked through her contacts list until she found Serenity's cell number and gave her a call.

She arrived at Serenity's house not long afterwards. She had told Serenity she had things she needed to talk to her about. Things she had needed to get off her chest. Serenity, perhaps showing a bit of wisdom, suggested Lori come over and stay the night so they could talk at length about what was bothering her in a way that was more in-depth than a simple phone call, online chat or even a visit. It was a bit of a sell to Lori's parents but they relented.

She was pleasently surprised to see Serenity greet her at the door and invite her back to her room. She was glad Lori called, she said. Her mom was working late and she had nothing to do so she was feeling a bit bored. As they sat on the bed in Serenity's room Serenity looked at her with those large, soulful eyes. Eyes so full of light, of life... of love. She asked what it was Lori wanted to talk about.

Lori, almost as if unable to control herself, began spilling her guts about the things she had said to Serenity. About the things she and the rest of the Prayer Club had done to her. That she knows she had hurt Serenity and caused her pain and grief and that it was a feeling that still haunted her. Serenity just laughed and shook her head. Lori had nothing to worry about, she told her. She knew that when she truly needed it Lori had been there for her. The past is the past and what's done is done. Serenity had to experience the lowest of lows to emerge a better person and with the help of her faith and her friends she knew she would be able to do it.

Lori breathed a sigh of relief happy that Serenity felt no ill will towards her. But there was something else she needed to talk about, she said. It was about feelings she was having for another person. Feelings she was having trouble denying. Serenity perked up at this. Who was the lucky guy, she asked? Was it someone from their group? Another boy at school? Ooooh maybe it was some hunky college boy!

Lori laughed but shook her head. No no, this was nobody that they knew, no other boy at school, not even a college boy. It was feelings that she had learned to repress. Feelings that she was told would get her in trouble. But much like Serenity, she realized that some times you have to walk through Hell to reach Heaven. That you could be yourself while still living your life in service to Him.

"I think... no, I KNOW I'm in love, Serenity." Lori stated, firm in her belief. "Serenity Harper, I'm in love with YOU."

Serenity was taken aback. Had she heard her friend right? She was in love with... HER? Lori noticed Serenity's reaction and blushed furiously. Had she messed up? Had she ruined her relationship with Serenity? She apologized profusely to Serenity but to her surprise the girl just started to laugh. That was it? THAT was her big secret?

Lori didn't understand. She wasn't uncomfortable? She wasn't surprised? Serenity shrugged her shoulders. People are gay. It happens. She knew gay people back in L.A. She'd even experimented a few times herself during her wilder days. It was Lori's turn to be taken aback. To drop such a thing so casually... was Serenity really this brazen? And what about Derek she asked. Serenity waved the question off. Derek was exclusive, she knew that, and she knew that getting over him was the first step towards getting on good terms with Kimberly.

But what about... what about what the revelation, Lori asked? She was sure Serenity was straight and if she was it would be alright but it was something Lori had to tell her. She had to come to terms with it. Serenity just shrugged. She'd experimented with girls, never said whether those experiments were successful or not. This didn't change things between them, however.

Serenity grabbed the remote and flipped the TV on to one of the movie channels. A goofy romantic comedy. It'd make good background noise. She laid her head on Laurie's chest and smiled. It didn't change anything between them for now. In the future though who knows? You've got me, I've got you and we've got each other she said with a yawn, her eyes slowly closing.

Lori smiled. Serenity was right. Whether friends or whether more the two of them had each other and that was good enough for Lori to know that she had done the right thing. That God truly did love her for who she was.
>> No. 46034
File 135192398650.jpg - (109.02KB , 800x778 , serenity 1344828420511.jpg )
and now that anon who wanted this can't call me a lair later since it's in this thread now.
>> No. 46044
File 135249899962.png - (21.60KB , 102x106 , Screen shot 2011-09-03 at 3_18_34 PM.png )
>>comic book artist makes a Christian comic with a "pray the gay away" storyline
>>fans respond with porn, including lesbian porn
>>artist sees and is actually okay with it and not mad at all

I am liking this reversal of opinion.
>> No. 46045

All things considered, Buzz has been pretty cool about all this.
>> No. 47742
Even if it would seem to have the relevance of a lone voice screaming in the wilderness, I need to point this out. The comic never, ever, ever has any expressed opinion on Lori's sexuality beyond a single scene played for comic relief. Serenity has been wearing a leg cast for weeks, and finally has it removed. She makes insinuations about needing "release" and Lori's mind goes to the gutters, but Serenity is just talking about scratching her itchy leg. You can interpret that as a nod to a secret lesbianism in Lori, but this could just be a play on innuendo for laughter, rather than character development. We never learn what secret "thoughts" go through Lori's head that she prays over. Could she be secretly depressed? Harboring suicidal thoughts? We don't know. /co/ ran with the idea that it was lesbianism because that's what /co/ wants, but this shouldn't be taken as a case of a Christian comic encouraging the "pray-away-the-gay" agenda, and if Buzz is really as cool with sex as he seems, this may not even be his position. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt, now that we know a little bit more about his original intentions behind this comic. If Serenity's worldliness was going to be the salvation of the prayer group, that's only the tip of the iceberg of how badly the comic conveyed the author's themes. Buzz may have had a totally different idea going with Lori.

If /co/ wants to imagine Lori is a closet case bisexual or lesbian, I actually like the idea myself. It gives her more pathos than anything we got out of the real comic, where she's as poorly developed as the rest of the characters. However, I won't suggest that was ever Buzz's original intentions. We should really dispense with that illusion.

tl;dr: Lori was never explicitly a lesbian. /co/ just wants it to be that way. It's still a good idea and makes her more interesting, but don't suggest it was Buzz's idea to create a "pray-away-the-gay" narrative. We just can't know that.
>> No. 47755
There were three "hints" that /co/ latched onto actually.

You covered the leg cast and praying to get "those thoughts" out of her head ones.
The other one comes from the pages before that rave or party when Serenity says something like "I'll just go with you, it's not like we're dating or anything".

You want to scream into the wilderness, you still have to deal with the echo.
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