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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 128580440213.jpg - (557.82KB , 1212x1255 , colette_profile_2ndedtition.jpg )
32561 No. 32561
All /co/ Creations Characters, Second Edition
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>> No. 32562
File 128580443394.jpg - (376.99KB , 952x1036 , Cynthia_profile_2nd_Edition.jpg )
>> No. 32563
If anyone would like to give me a hand with this, I'd like to hear if anyone knows how /co/nrad started out on /co/. I intend to draw a profile for him next when I can steal the time.
>> No. 32564
File 128580562521.jpg - (248.24KB , 1072x662 , conrad.jpg )
I'm pretty sure he started out as being the guy who walks in on /a/ and /v/ right before they start having tender make-up make-outs.

Since then there have been two ways the character went: /co/ Creations /co/nrad and board-tan /co/ who is /co/nrad by night.

Presumably they are the same character, but it's possible that they are the same character in two different settings. /co/nrad is very rarely shown as a civilian, even in board-tan stuff.

I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be a little bit bumbling, even though he always gets the women (although he may not know the score or kill the bad guy).
>> No. 32565
File 128580594871.jpg - (355.58KB , 1784x792 , co full.jpg )
was probably one of the first sightings of /co/nrad but I wasn't around back then so I'll let someone else correct me
>> No. 32572
File 128580931239.jpg - (503.25KB , 1050x1035 , coku_2nd_Edition.jpg )
I lied. My apologies. /co/ku was quick and easy to do, and too hard to pass up tonight. /co/nrad later.

Thanks for the info, though. So /co/nrad started life outside of /co/ as one of the wider board tans eh?
>> No. 32573
That's my understanding of it, since all the board personification dates to around the same time. /co/nrad was intended to be a superhero-type of guy from the beginning (late summer, early fall 2008). /co/lette was from that time too, I think, but the male /co/-tan was accepted more widely than /co/lette.
>> No. 32583
File 12858393381.jpg - (201.53KB , 570x940 , 1285764895282.jpg )
>> No. 32592
/co/lette was never a board-tan.

She was made around Feb 08 as a mix of our favorite parts from /co/ females. The Board-tans started in September of that year and /co/ made /co/nrad as a guy in jeans and a GL hoodie that dresses as the Spirit to fight crime. Well not the Spirit exactly since he wear the standard blue suit and red mask of a /co/mrade.
>> No. 32619
File 128591955412.jpg - (458.33KB , 1075x940 , conrad_2nd_edition.jpg )
This sound about right?
>> No. 32623

Use the new colored version of Ma'm, from here >>32596
>> No. 32674
File 128610199494.jpg - (14.33KB , 291x361 , 1285388462151.jpg )
>No Trinity
>> No. 32681

Trinity is sooooooo last year~
>> No. 32684
I think this is much more an open project type thing than a completely finished deal.
>> No. 32692
Yes, and feel free to do one too. I'm not running under the pretense that I'll be able to do them all this time.
>> No. 32696
File 128617429768.jpg - (904.82KB , 852x1178 , 1286168873059.jpg )
Is she considered one?
>> No. 32698
>> No. 32699
Unless she is a version /co/ came up with, like /co/ku

Space cowgirl Riyo?
>> No. 32702
File 128617844857.png - (249.10KB , 352x693 , 1254274127461.png )
Rescue Pepper, threads long ago discussing what Pepper's hero armor would be in Armored Adventures. Quite a few different interpretations came out of it.
>> No. 32703
File 128617861595.png - (296.50KB , 455x807 , 1281828172817.png )
People eventually decided on that Whiplash variant, since he was kind of hired to kill her in the show and people had her just harvest his armor and use it for her own after modifying her
>> No. 32704
No, t'was just a 'Riyo in a hat' request.
>> No. 32706
File 128620001047.jpg - (56.19KB , 640x480 , bebop spaceship.jpg )
Eh, she can be Chuchi from that universe /co/ came out with, where Rex and Ahsoka go through a wormhole and end up another universe, time, or something like that. Years pass and they are later working as bounty hunters or smugger in order to survive there, basically Firefly or something similar with Star Wars characters. Hell, throw Barris in there for good measure.

Yeah thats it, older Rex, Ahsoka, Barriss and Riyo Chuchi all having awesome adventures while traveling the galaxy in a cool spaceship.
>> No. 32718
Actually either of those pictures should be perfect for a profile picture. Just white out the backgrounds and apply the appropriate text details ad we'd be golden. The designs are already great.
>> No. 32719
Nah, they're not going to really mesh well or fit in with the other style. I assume this is supposed to be a homogenized thing.
>> No. 32720
The column of text goes a long way to making it look more homogenized. Besides, I'll say this right now. I don't have the time to deal with every /coc/ this time and definitely not to the quality I'd like to put them out at. And yeah, those pepper drawings are pretty awesome. I don't think I was around for when that was coming out so I don't know much about them. It puts me at further a disadvantage in coming up with an iconic bit of imagery for them.
>> No. 32721
To be fair, OP's the only one who seemsto care about this stuff to begin with, if you saw the last thread he was the only one doing it (and this thread so far). I doubt anyone's in a huge hurry to see these get done.

I think these are all stupid and a waste of time myself.
>> No. 32728
heh, well fair enough.
>> No. 32732
ah, yes, I remember it, it was fairly old and happened shortly after the episode premiered (July 09?). It was basically a sequel to the episode where Whiplash killed her dad. After Iron Man kills him, Pepper takes his armor and modifies it for her own to become a hero of justice and avenger her dad. She painted it pink/purple and changed the laser whips to pink too and painted skulls on it (since she likes skulls I guess) and so forth.

was surprisingly organized compared to others i've seen.
>> No. 32733
>I'll say this right now. I don't have the time to deal with every /coc/ this time
Well, maybe if you spent more time on this than drawing random stuff elsewhere you'd have time? It's called time management, don't complain because you're bad at it. That's why there's no Trinity yet and Conrad was delayed, right? You want this to happen then make it happen - simple as that. Or drop it. Your choice.
>> No. 32734
File 128624634670.jpg - (205.46KB , 400x516 , Ahsoka booty.jpg )
>> No. 32735
Or take my time with it and have fun with it. Which is working out actually. I don't intend to force anyone to do anything.
>> No. 32736
Just do your thing, bro.

No pressure whatsoever.
>> No. 32737
File 128624874242.png - (22.90KB , 714x463 , trinity.png )
>> No. 32738
File 128624875637.png - (22.08KB , 714x463 , rescuepepper.png )
bring more on, baby
>> No. 32740
Welcome to the team!
>> No. 32741
We get it, you don't like this stuff. Move on now.
>> No. 32759
Like he said, you have plenty of time, you just waste it. I keep seeing you draw stuff on /co/ every day when you could be cataloging this. Take your time, but don't say you don't have any, because it's obviously a lie.

>> No. 32856
File 128690972967.jpg - (209.10KB , 776x941 , nana's everyday hero!.jpg )
I believe I saved some
>> No. 32857
File 128690977879.jpg - (309.26KB , 975x1125 , erika the red.jpg )
>> No. 32858
File 128690981787.jpg - (272.84KB , 1170x791 , jetpack viking.jpg )
>> No. 32859
File 128690987350.jpg - (272.48KB , 840x894 , ursus mcflannigan.jpg )
>> No. 32861
File 128691026667.jpg - (96.88KB , 500x715 , blossom future.jpg )
and by "a few," i mean all of them
>> No. 32862
File 128691029856.jpg - (160.32KB , 737x706 , chaptor and agnes.jpg )
I wish noko worked.
>> No. 32863
File 128691036918.jpg - (179.68KB , 679x806 , :co:ku and clark.jpg )
i noticed some of these have been redone. if you want the older versions out of the way to better preserve image limit, just say the word.
>> No. 32864
File 128691040165.jpg - (99.08KB , 631x512 , douchebag executive man.jpg )
>> No. 32865
File 128691042533.jpg - (166.07KB , 644x800 , flyclops 2.jpg )
>> No. 32866
File 128691043514.jpg - (125.05KB , 763x520 , green lantern rex and hope corgi.jpg )
>> No. 32867
File 128691046168.jpg - (129.71KB , 540x813 , hazel.jpg )
ah hazel, such promise. if only more than six pictures had been drawn of you.
>> No. 32868
File 128691046810.jpg - (99.84KB , 633x674 , heart breaker.jpg )
>> No. 32869
File 128691048684.jpg - (114.40KB , 578x706 , kim prime.jpg )
>> No. 32870
File 128691050462.jpg - (181.44KB , 724x804 , lilah and gavin.jpg )
>> No. 32871
File 128691052076.jpg - (140.15KB , 900x573 , question duck and field trip guy.jpg )
>> No. 32872
File 128691053411.jpg - (97.88KB , 523x668 , RAAAAAAAAGE RACER.jpg )
my personal favorite
>> No. 32873
File 128691054753.jpg - (106.53KB , 502x812 , sinestro james joyce.jpg )
>> No. 32874
File 128691056323.jpg - (117.42KB , 811x447 , that girl you drew.jpg )
>> No. 32875
File 128691058377.jpg - (128.21KB , 602x615 , trinity.jpg )
>> No. 32876
File 128691059191.jpg - (130.92KB , 680x688 , wolfbatman.jpg )
>> No. 32877
File 128691060029.jpg - (129.96KB , 587x621 , zuko european.jpg )
>> No. 32878
File 128691079154.jpg - (85.98KB , 941x791 , european avatar.jpg )
and that's that. there are a few more left, but they aren't organized with that little column of text like the others are. we've still got spider-gwen, /co/lette, /co/nata, Iron Hogarth, and what-if-those-two-kids-from-thundercats-grew-up.

let me know if you want them.
>> No. 32879


Is that the one where they go on Space-Adventures with the other kids of 80's cartoons?
>> No. 32880
File 128693384675.jpg - (418.85KB , 1337x1470 , duck tales fanfiction.jpg )
not the one I've got, but that sounds cool. sure you're not thinking of this?
>> No. 32881
Nah, I'm pretty sure it had them joining Telemacus and Yumi from Ulysses31 who rebelled and became a two-crew Firefly.
>> No. 32882
File 128694138414.jpg - (197.38KB , 882x588 , 123917681373.jpg )
You are missing the female Captain America one
>> No. 32883
File 128695776380.jpg - (326.41KB , 800x600 , rule 63 captain america and the boss in WWII.jpg )
shit, you're right. my bad
>> No. 32884
File 128695783854.jpg - (395.03KB , 768x1200 , hogarth iron giant armor.jpg )
never saw it. lemme know if you find it, though.
>> No. 32894
File 128710623327.jpg - (137.64KB , 558x709 , 1276444864874.jpg )

I have it
>> No. 33025
File 128761178562.jpg - (321.77KB , 757x1076 , red lantern doom guy.jpg )
could you post it? it sounds really cool.
>> No. 33076
>WWII hero
>true patriot
this won't end well.
>> No. 33130
File 128811835420.jpg - (115.93KB , 341x478 , 1288078159671.jpg )
>> No. 33131
File 128811837623.jpg - (109.09KB , 530x634 , 1288079775446.jpg )
>> No. 33132
File 128811839344.jpg - (263.79KB , 720x840 , 1288079856171.jpg )
>> No. 33133
File 128811840919.jpg - (98.69KB , 600x840 , 1288080741299.jpg )
>> No. 33134
File 128811844257.jpg - (508.89KB , 1299x789 , 1288079130563.jpg )
>> No. 33135
File 12881184647.jpg - (80.03KB , 281x644 , 1288080458535.jpg )
>> No. 33136
File 128811848436.jpg - (349.14KB , 1170x679 , 1288080057825.jpg )
>> No. 33137
File 128811850249.jpg - (245.75KB , 675x945 , 1288078948514.jpg )
>> No. 33138
File 128811852823.jpg - (350.20KB , 1114x693 , 1288079042274.jpg )
>> No. 33140
File 128812643276.jpg - (99.72KB , 800x800 , It's the gloves isn't it.jpg )
Remember Oswald? I do. Back when Epic Mickey was concept and when it was announced that Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was returning, /v/ and /co/ made this disturbed, warped minded rabbit bent on killing and replacing Mickey to win back his father's love, at the cost of his own soul.

But as soon as in-game screen shots revealed, it turns out the game wasn't as dark as it appeared to be in concept. And with that, no one talked about Crazy Oswald ever again.

But that doesn't mean we should forget him! I suggest making the crazy gooey batshit-insane Oswald part of the /co/llection.
>> No. 33160
File 128831517314.gif - (265.59KB , 320x320 , 1255203548671.gif )

I second this commotion.
>> No. 33181
>announced that Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was returning
Actually, I think we started with it after somebody posted the idea on /co/.
It also started the theory that one of the developers was a /co/mrade.
>> No. 33190
File 128859327158.jpg - (169.28KB , 598x874 , 1254976152709.jpg )
I see a lack of Dadseid. Let me remedy this.
>> No. 33191
File 128859332642.jpg - (157.19KB , 670x847 , 1254975991140.jpg )
>> No. 33192
File 128859340732.jpg - (175.37KB , 578x883 , 1254976022639.jpg )
>> No. 33287
I fucking love this thread.
>> No. 33699
File 129057900113.png - (148.00KB , 592x2111 , The_Wonderful_World_of_Revenge_by_Rickz0r.png )

Requesting more, if possible
>> No. 33701

Red did a bunch of those:

>> No. 33858
File 12922046433.jpg - (203.21KB , 470x612 , ma'am ares.jpg )
>> No. 33861
File 129220521936.jpg - (38.79KB , 598x723 , 1255633556467.jpg )
i still remember an old commission everyone was all about but never got done by anyone... as summed up to me, since I can't remember if I suggested it but multiple people have recalled it in other threads...

>Girls Night Out
>/Co/lette, Banedere, Ma'm Ares, and Cynthia Von Doom watch scary movies one saturday night
>All of them sitting on couch
>Cynthia scared and huddling against /Co/lette in fear
>/Co/lette all DAWWWWW over Cynthia
>Banedare on other end of couch but all venom'd up and causing the couch to kinda tip over towards her end, lifting /Co/lette and Cynthias end into the air.
>Ma'm right beside Banedare with her huge tits leaning and squishing into Banedares face as she angrily trys to fight them off and watch the movie.
>/Co/nrad crying outside in the rain because all the doors are locked and he cant get in.
>> No. 34013
Did anything more ever come out of this?
>> No. 34104
i know this will get decried, but there was a thread. it started off as a "write an origin". the pic was a girl in a catholic schoolgirl outfit with two Hellboy-esque fists. we created a character called DJ with, well, DJ-themed powers coming from the armour based off of this. i was commissioned to do writefaggotry.

nobody remembers it. i just want somebody to know before i file it away under "shit that'll never get done".
>> No. 34641
File 129478380743.jpg - (207.85KB , 858x756 , BallofArmsMan.jpg )
A /tg/ creation instead of a /co/, but he IS a superhero...

>> No. 34698
File 129499650086.jpg - (73.20KB , 400x600 , 1219523374240.jpg )
did we ever get one for the crushtacean? The man-lobster-tank?

also, this is the best I've got. Rage Racer and Mr. Mellow threads were fucking awsome.
>> No. 34780
Months back I think I was in a discussion where it was claimed that /co/ the board-tan, besides or perhaps alternative to being /co/nrad by night, draws any and all /co/ Creation comics. So one could be the self-insert of the other.
>> No. 35270
Does /co/nrad HAVE to wear a Green Lantern shirt?
It's much too big bang theory.
>> No. 35275
File 129727847676.jpg - (664.92KB , 1074x1154 , Oswald.jpg )

Also, if anyone has any information on the development of characters like Bees Knees, Applejack, Ms. Strawberry, and Rescue Pepper I'd be obliged to help enter them into the "pantheon" as well.
>> No. 35279
Development in how /co/ made them or "in-universe" origins
>> No. 35280
Both. The text in these new edition profiles covers both what they are, and how they came to be.
>> No. 35283

Applejack.. is that the apple hero with fruit themed villains/characters from yesteryear? I'm not TOO positive... First time I saw it was a thread with the OP saying 'here's an apple theme superhero I made, help think of some villains' I think I recommended an Orange-themed villain or something; but I forget the name. Not sure if anything came after it that thread, but it was a pretty big thread with lots of ideas and doodles. Mostly lighthearted-feeling stuff from what I recall. I think he had an apple top for a hat? Maybe the designed got changed since then, I dunno.

Ms. Strawberry...was that a character made for the Applejack thread? I'm not entirely sure I remember.

Bees Knees sounds familiar, but I'd need a reminder on what that is. I might recall if I remember what it is.

Rescue Pepper.. that was late 09 I think? She recently got some armor in the comics so people brainstormed what'd it look like on the show. Few designed were thrown around, someone said to have her harvest Whiplash's armor after he killed her dad on the show as revenge, someone else said they wanted it look sexy/dominatrix-y since Whiplash's main weapons were whips and it'd fit a dominatrix theme; plus it was suppose to be 'Dark Pepper' who becomes an anti-hero after her father's murder. All I remember is a spiked garterbelt and whatever those shoulderless tops are called (corset? brassier? i dont know a thing about that kinda stuff)

.... I'm a bit ashamed I even know that much about this stuff.
>> No. 35285
well... where is it.... :(
>> No. 35559
Who on earth would catalog this crap? Aspies?
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