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File 128580440213.jpg - (557.82KB , 1212x1255 , colette_profile_2ndedtition.jpg )
32561 No. 32561
All /co/ Creations Characters, Second Edition
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>> No. 46641
File 136071970467.jpg - (272.73KB , 750x886 , tumblr_mi18njKh2t1qe96vjo1_1280.jpg )
Rejoice! She has a name now!
>> No. 46656
File 136080072472.jpg - (230.28KB , 540x780 , 1347843381866.jpg )
I don't think that's her name.

She's just using skater slang.
>> No. 46745
Hey guys, we had a thread about /co/ creations last friday
>> No. 46786
File 136363524115.png - (579.03KB , 599x777 , colette 1363626578113.png )
So, while plsu4chan has been down the wiki really took off.
Still needs a lot of work though.

Also, new /co/lette.
>> No. 46955
Conservatory is down for me. Anyone else have a problem connecting to it?
>> No. 46956
File 136479083698.jpg - (102.02KB , 498x704 , colette evil 1364707774585.jpg )
Works fine for me.

And there's been more pics of Evilette.
>> No. 47021
File 136548542291.png?nsfw - (50.32KB , 496x619 , 136544401677.png?nsfw )
this is the best place to post this as a singular.

And also drop this link to the first 8 pages of The Amazing /co/ventures that Psu is doing.
>> No. 47166
File 136683834593.jpg - (166.10KB , 894x1200 , 1361526990819.jpg )
Did a small character proposal to add to colby's bio:

Colby is, in contrast to conrad, a "fixer".

Do you wonder why the apes, vampires, werewolves, demons and robots haven't taken over society?

Well that's because people in the know hire people who are really good at killing things to make these threats to humanity dead, dead, dead.

/co/lby, is one of those in the latter category.

After reading tons of comics, seeing plenty of movies and whatnot about monster killing, and working out a lot, she has gained a penchant for being to kill almost anything given enough time and physical violence. Her quiet nature belies savvy knowledge of exotic takedowns and tropes.

Think Elsa Bloodstone meets One-Punch Man.

Turns out, murdering whole tribes of monsters gets you a fair amount of cash so she spends the time she isn't wiping things out going to the gym, at the bookstore, or simply walking around the city.

She likes /co/nrad due to his general nice-itude being a breath of fresh air compared to the elitist snobs she works with and the wicked psychos she's had to put down. She'd like to know him better however, years of nothing but fighting, working out, and doing /co/ things has left her somewhat socially inept at anything that isn't intimidation or comical stoicism.

Misc. Information
Has a suit of armor with "Yiff in Hell" plastered everywhere as her client at the time wanted it to be the last thing any of the monster men she encountered to see before she brutally dispatched them.

Her hairdo is a result of a dying curse placed upon her by a dying, daemonic cow in India who licked her upside the head, resulting in said cowlick which is impervious to being altered in any fashion in a bitter last ditch gamble to make its killer suffer. Despite questionably fashionability, it is diamond-hard and is mythically immune to most attacks. Incidentally, she and the villagers found said cow to be delicious.
>> No. 47212
File 13673487062.jpg - (100.78KB , 506x992 , Samus.jpg )
>blonde with ponytail wearing a winter mantle and a bag

That shitty Sara bryant/samus/Nina williams/Paris Hitlon clone of yours can go fuck itself, bro.
>> No. 47215
I love how the latter picture has lines connecting the disparate parts (like the different collars and eye shapes).
>> No. 47224
I really can't see Colby as a bruiser, just as awkwardly huge.
>> No. 47228
>2. Douchebag Executive Man
>9. Thing Hands (presumably) but there is no 9 in the pic
>11. Donna Steel
>12. Captain Skinless (not doctor)
>15. Agents of SHIELD comic characters
>16. Atomic Esquire
>20. Betty Volare

>A. Still unknown
>B. Still Unknown
>D. Still Unknown
>H. /co/nata
>J. Flying Guy, drawfag avatar, has weight manipulation powers
>L. Motion
>N. Lilah & Gavin
>V. Blankette
>W. Scarlet Sofa
>X. Detector
>Y. Dashing Davenport
>Z. Hellpop Hammer

The last 5 are all members of the Couch Crusaders.
>> No. 47613
>7. Jeff Paladin (all info on him just resurfaced a few hours before posting this)
>9. Hand Ninjas

>A. B. and D. are members of Cat's Cradle

The only real mystery left now is the identity of the man with stubble and a domino mask.
>> No. 48282
File 138120936796.png - (49.90KB , 418x1000 , Connie.png )
Developed to be a companion piece to /Co/lette.
Think Incrediboy is to Mr.Incredible, and later Think Gabrielle is to Xena, that's what /Co/nnie is to /Co/lette.

/Co/nnie started as an idea for a failed thread to see what parts of peoples favorite Waifus would they put together to make their own personal Waifu Frankensteins.
The thread got very little replies related to personal Waifu Frankenstiens, and more replies supporting the idea of /Co/nnie. So it was asked in a Draw Thread to bring her to life, and the first sketch was made.

Real Name: Connie Caleb Culler

Aliases: /Co/nnie

Affiliations: FJC, /Co/lette & Friends, Unofficial Self Proclaimed /Co/lette Sidekick

Alignment: Good

Gender: Female

Age: 16 to Early Twenties

Family: Cornelius Jay "CJ" Culler (Father), Courtney Marie Culler (Mother)

Personality: Hyper Active, Hero Worshiper, Obsessive Compulsive, /Co/lette Fan-Girl

Sexuality: Only Sexually Attracted To Super Heroes, Can Be Male, Female, Alien, Other.
>> No. 48283
File 138120941094.png - (1.19MB , 1387x977 , Connie Concepts.png )

Appearance: Made by the personal Waifus of Wicked Red Grin, improved by /Co/
Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 3rd Grade Hair.
Tophs Glazed Over Eyes.
Stargirls Lush Lips, and Short Shorts.
Hit Girls Mask From Kick-Ass Movie.
Supergirls A-Cups.
Tinkerbells Figure, and Ass.
Stephanie Brown Batgirl Belt, and Leg Pouches.
Ravens Leotard.
Cammys Gloves.
Iron Mans Rocket Boots.
>> No. 48284
File 138120946561.jpg - (272.62KB , 1129x1820 , 1379763073498.jpg )

Powers / Abilities: Rocket Boots for flight, and Proto-Gauntlets which can be used to better control the Rocket Boots, and have weak unstable versions of /Co/lettes powers.
Both made by the same shady company that made /Co/lettes Gauntlets. The Rocket Boots lights are Red like the Proto-Gauntlet lights, but turn Green when controlled by /Co/lette.
/Co/lette's Gauntlets can override, and control Both /Co/nnies Rocket Boots and Proto-Gauntlets turning their lights green. /Co/lette often uses this ability to rid her of her annoyance /Co/nnie, Humiliate /Co/nnie into dancing or whatever else /Co/lette desires, and Using /Co/nnie as a Human Avatar / Shield / Deterrent.

Relationship with /Co/nnie: She has grown up to idolize Super Heroes since early childhood, and has a huge Fan-Girl crush on /Co/lette collecting every picture, news article, and video she can of her Idol.
She discovers /Co/lette recieved her powers from an old comicbook ad, and begins her odd obsession with comicbook crap in hope to one day get powers too. She catalogs every ad, and purchase in a notebook, and after years of trying finally gets a package of "Rocketeer Boots" that work! She uses the boots, and a homemade costume to track down the warehouse where her Rocket Boots, and /Co/lettes Gauntlets originally came from, only to find it abandoned, cept for a gang of thugs who happened to be looking for the Rocket Boots. After escaping the gang of thugs she steals her Proto-Gauntlets which were used to control, and test her Rocket Boots. When she finally does meet her idol /Co/lette she freaks out grabbing /Co/lettes boobs, and rambling on, and on about being her biggest fan nearly getting the both of them killed. She continues to do this whenever she can, while trying to help /Co/lette after causing more trouble for her. After /Co/letter discovers she can control /Co/nnie with her own Gauntlets /Co/nnie becomes less of a problem, and more of a toy. Later /Co/lette tries to train /Co/nnie, and slowly warms up to having her around.
>> No. 48285
File 138120954764.png - (677.67KB , 1024x1344 , request__dementedtheclown_by_elefant_tail-d6mn72l.png )

Origin: She was born to CJ Culler a male nurse, and Courtney Culler a school teacher. As a kid she always loved Super Heroes, and longed to have powers of her own. It became an obsession for her, she often wore home made costumes, which left her with no friends, and a lot more time to read comics, and focus on her obsessions. When she first heard of /Co/lette she experienced her first involuntary orgasm. Since then she became /Co/lettes hugest fan, and even found out how /Co/lette got her powers. She began collecting old comicbooks, and sending away for every ad she could. Leaving her with a huge collection of costumes, capes, decoder rings, sling shots, rubber chickens, sea monkeys, blow up dolls, xray vision goggles, googly eyes, fake dog poo, hypno coins, basically all the crap she could get her hands on.
Then one day she gets the package that would change her life, a box of Authentic Rocketeer Boots. She put them on, and an explosion rips off her clothes, turns her hair from black to blond, and her eyes from blue to glazed over red. She can barely control the boots crashing into things then falling on her ass shutting them off.
She looks through her notebook to find the ad she bought them from, and discovers she sent away for them over a year ago, and that they came from a small warehouse near by. She quickly throws together a costume, and heads out into the night to find the warehouse. She gets a better handle on flying in the open air, and gets to the warehouse only to find it's been abandoned for years. As she's exploring the seemingly vacant warehouse she stumbles on a Gang looking for her boots, she tries to confront the gang, and soon finds out they possess a pair of gauntlets that can control her boots.
The lead gangster ties her to a chair and tries to removed the boots but can't figure out how, so he suggests they just cut them off to give to "The Boss."
/Co/nnie struggles, and removes a old recalled decoder ring from her pouch, and uses the sharp edge to cut her hand free, push the button on the gauntlet, and activate her Rocket Boots. She burns the ropes n flies around bumping into things until she grabs the Proto-Gauntlets which give her better control over her new boots.
She barely escapes with her life, getting shot at, and chased.
>> No. 48286
File 138120961428.jpg - (71.85KB , 928x861 , connie_by_alvaromero324-d6onv2u.jpg )

/Co/lette & Friends: She has many adventures with /Co/lette mostly getting in the way at first, being a toy / human puppet later, and finally fulfilling her dream as a now-and-then sidekick.
/Co/lette takes /Co/nnie along on adventures when trying to find the origins of their Weapons / Powers.

Doppelgangers: /Co/nnie meets her evil younger alternate counterpart CCC when she is used as CCCs puppet to commit crimes, and try to find more tech for CCC.
Identity Crisis: She removes her Rocket Boots, and Proto-Gauntlets leaving them in a dumpster after nearly killing people under the control of her evil counter part. She comtempates being a hero, and wonders how CCC could be such an evil villian. Meanwhile CCC runs a muck, killing all she can, and causing as much destruction as possible.
Doppelgangers Part 2: /Co/nnie goes home to find her Rocket Boots, and Proto-Gauntlets on her bed with a note that says, "Never Give Up -a friend." She puts them on, and tries to stop CCC only to be controlled again. Future /Co/ comes out of the shadows, and uses her Gauntlets to free /Co/lette, and together they banish CCC to another dimension.
>> No. 48287
File 138120969296.png - (17.23KB , 658x527 , Triple C.png )

CCC: Pronounced Triple C, Connie from an alternate dimension where her father becomes a mad scientist abandoning her, and her mother. Somehow this leads to her getting her Rocket Boots at the age of 13, going insane, killing this universes /Co/lette, stealing her Gauntlets, murdering millions, and getting tricked into a wormhole that leads her to the main universe.
>> No. 48288
File 13812097505.png - (15.96KB , 503x711 , Future Connie Concept.png )

Future /Co/nnie: Little is known about this possible future /Co/nnie, she isn't as obsessive as her current counterpart, has different Gauntlets, and Rocket Boots, and wears a strange Helmet.
She comes back through a portal, and helps /Co/nnie defeat, and send CCC to another dimension.
>> No. 48289
File 138120981514.png - (7.91KB , 361x230 , temp3.png )
>> No. 48290
File 138120987275.png - (880.07KB , 900x1045 , dementedtheclown_s_connie_by_dj_porcelainstudios-d.png )
>> No. 48291
File 138120989981.png - (321.31KB , 1024x1298 , connie_by_piucca-d6p8umb.png )
>> No. 48292
File 138120993691.png - (81.31KB , 475x750 , requests___art_dump_by_xcalee-d6o5ic5.png )
>> No. 48477
The /co/ creation thread over the weekend was rather productive.

One of the topics was revamping the Sageworthy Society to make them relevant again, dividing them into categories (core members based on sageworthy traits, asset members being recruited because they have something to offer, and specialist members joining specifically to counter certain members of the Justice /co/mrades) was met with some positive feedback

Members that are actually based off of Sageworthy traits are:
-INTERNET HATE MACHINE - Online disinhibition effect
-Faggot Tree - being a faggot (I'd like to see him redesigned as a giant elder tree that infects people with spores or roots)
-Anomalous Norm - the person who makes the same damn threads every. single. day.
-DeviantBart - Everything that is terrible about "original, the character"... The Penguin of DOOM is the same deal, but I feel this guy represents it better.
-Shitstorm Trooper - people who are attracted to troll feedings
-Samefag - people who reply to themselves to start arguments

Asset members:
-Doctor Science - every team of supervillains needs a smart guy to make shit happen
-Squid Pro Quo - make a shit load of weapons

Specialist members:
-That Guy - his plot armor is almost on par with Nicky Two-Vest's.
-Monical Girl - I assume she exists to fight the Barbaric Butler.
-Anti Rock Paper Scissors - beat the shit out of Gayzor Beam and Cannon Gay.
-Salty Motherfucker - exists only to cause Captain Skinless pain
-Atomic eXtreme - to fight Atomic Esquire and Nuclear Knight

And I have no idea what these guys are doing in the Society, so I assume they just exist as hired muscle or are based on something that was before my time on /co/:
-Dueling Daisy
-Bear Claw
-Captain Nascar

A lot of the members never made it past heromaker concepts though, so they fell into obscurity. Maybe we'll see a proper revival come of this.
>> No. 48478
File 138431269164.jpg - (81.60KB , 703x509 , 1370404063177.jpg )
A less notable occurrence was an attempt to get the "supervillain parents with rebelling hero son" project moving again.

Originally it didn't get anywhere due to bickering over the parents' backstories, the most recent proposal is at least a start.

Proposed name: Family Unit

The male parental unit will be called "Dad", his criminal ails will be "Daddy Crime Boss of the McFathers Family".
the Dad comes from a long line of mafia families and might've been in a band with Riggs Hagar (another project, 1980s rocker turned supervillain) before settling into the family business.
He became a demon/flaming skull man so he could marry his demon/succubus wife and she wouldn't need to worry about accidentally consuming his soul. Mommy dearest could've even been a groupie for the band and that's how they met.

The female parental unit will be called "Mom", criminal name will be "Mommy Dearest, a.k.a Spawn 3 of the Mother of Monsters" where every spawn has a mom based name.
She can have hypnotic demon charm magic which is curiously ineffective on Sunny Boy.

Their offspring will be named "Son", his hero name will be "Sunny Boy", he'll have magical fire abilities that he learned how to control in such a way that it looks like he has light based abilities and he's able to fly and shoot heat beams out of his body... also glow.
>> No. 48479
File 138431324763.jpg - (20.59KB , 359x566 , 1376917945461.jpg )
The other major topic was fleshing out Kid Cookie (/co/nrad and Be/ck/y's son) some more by speculating on how various people would fair babysitting him.

Tats got the Home Alone treatment from Cookie (who took up the name Cookie Cutter when defending his home from the not-Russian babysitter) and she probably won't be coming by the house late at night again any time soon.

Colby created cringe worthy situations of awkward silence over not knowing how to handle a child. It was bad for everyone.

Agnes was the best babysitter ever because she'd bring Chaptor with her whenever his schedule would allow, though Agnes herself is rarely available due to her professional commitments.

And /d/emona was surprisingly good as a sitter since /d/ still has that "no loli/shota allowed" rule.
>> No. 48514
File 138459802848.jpg - (238.10KB , 968x1080 , connie_and_colette_by_excellentuniverse-d6u2w6h.jpg )
>> No. 48537
This weekend's /co/ creation thread didn't go as well though.

Sageworthy Society member Anomalous Norm received some attention and it was proposed that he could've been a spambot before being pulled from the internet by HATE MACHINE and uploaded into a physical body.

New character called the Highway Man was created, some kind of gentleman thief who is always getting in "damsel in distress" kinds of situations with him being the damsel. We'll have to wait and see if he catches on or is just another one thread wonder.

The Hobo Intelligence Network was discussed a little with what their base should be like; either located in Hoboken in an abandoned railway warehouse, located on a moving train out of a train car, or in some kind of subspace/extra-dimensional room created by one of their members who can create entrances and exits wherever they've physically been.
>> No. 48670
File 138607753058.jpg - (70.24KB , 718x1210 , 657e09ea84054bf9.jpg )
The last thread did a pretty good job at piecing together a character called Sibani Fisher.
Here's the skinny:
>British-Indian born to a British father (some kind of lecturer or professor in higher education) and Indian mother (an author).
>Is an historian or history teacher in a somewhat boring rural town/city
>Has grown up with a love of both her heritages, which leads to...
>her entering of a fantasy world that's a blending of both of them, as much Lord of the Rings as Mahabharata (Aragorn/Arthur blends with characters like Arjuna, for example)
>This world is implied to be Un-Real. Not a figment of her imagination, but not strictly 100 real either.
>When entering this world is is visualised by her forehead gaining a bindi.
>> No. 48673
File 138614046976.jpg - (522.45KB , 1777x1680 , 1385185504536.jpg )
It seems the weekend only mentality has now been abandoned in favor of a general.
The general seems to get posts at a slower rate and dies rather easily.

Interesting developments with the Sageworthy Society have been more art.
That Guy, Dueling Daisy, DeviantBart, and Faggot Tree (only WIPs) have all received actual art now.

That Guy being based on the sometimes sageworthy trait of /tg/, That Guyism, could be used to work a "from a distant land" angle and a foreign accent.
He certainly seems like he could be the byproduct of munchkinism.
>> No. 48705
File 138700049748.png - (34.38KB , 272x354 , 1386375929755.png )
Has /coc/ done anything with Robin?
>> No. 48793
Anyone remember this old thread about Nicky Two-Vests?

Well it's finally finished
>> No. 49364
There's been a lot of things juggled around in the recent /coc/ threads on /co/ proper.

-Faggot Tree got a massive redesign and a sudden surge of popularity with the introduction of a sidekick: Venus Fly Trap
-Some kind of lantern-like thing with Exemplars getting power from being in various states of excitement
-Demon Post Office project was revisited, or at least touched upon a little with some new pics
-Someone is making a google doc for all the minor info that's too small to get collected onto the wiki yet, lots of doodlechat characters ending up in it
-Some new Shark Lass stuff
-Bunch of new supers ideas, mostly that Vixen Six gang of thieves and some heroes on the west edge of the Ring of Fire
-Bees Knees' origin threads were uncovered
-Someone is drawing art of Appladay and his rouges

There's a lot more, that's just what stands out to me.
>> No. 49944
We seem to be forming some sort of /co/smic /co/verse. Anyone got a list of the elements so far established?
>> No. 49966
The google doc guy has added some of it, but it's not organized yet.

So at the core of the /co/smic /co/verse stories we seem to have Cookie Cutter (adult Kid Cookie) and /co/lette's daughter (currently nameless) aboard their spaceship, The Pineapple Cake, which is controlled by an intelligent AI and has some kind of nanobot tech that allows it to assimilate other ships.

There's a galactic empire which is really more of a galactic Walmart, some kind of blue space elves (there's always space elves), at least one dessert planet that has radiation zones, a /co/ntainment moon base, symbiote breeders/engineers, and whatever other space crap we've already come up with.

So Cookie and nameless-/co/lette-daughter are going around the galaxy looking for new types of things people can eat. Or something like that.
>> No. 50100
File 139466377642.png - (31.69KB , 600x400 , every post is a repost.png )
Been busy, only stopping to check in and copy paste things of late. Space Dandy really kicked it off and gave it a heart, so it seems to be brought up every Saturday night. Last two threads saw:

-Blue Blood got a bit of work, background and slayer buddy.
-Machine Cult structure fleshed out/revealed partially.
-Evilverse /co/ntainment discussed. I think some new art and another page of a comic.
-Dream Weaver, the pillowy soft hero who must stop her nightmare plagued sisters. Apparently born/clones(?) of a gem witch. Witch stuff expanded upon, looking like an X-gene sort of thing.
-Anomalous Norm got a redesign more fitting his origin. Can control pop-up windows in a skelecopter way. Two dimensions in the third has horrifying implications.
-Sinestro style galactic force seeded. Sometimes the heroes, sometimes the oppressors.
-Supermoms crashed thread, tries to force crossover without knowing much about /co/verse. Some dick info-dumped when nobody responded to the album.
-That golem witch and Two-Birds got a new pic. Looking snazzy.

-/m/ partially filled a request for the Pineapple Cake ship and ai because of the sheer absurdity of the idea, it's rough but has good potential.
-The oddball collateral damage team that one guy is forming got it's third member, Anastasia "Stacy" Wright, daughter of powerful divorced psychics, who models herself after Whisper.
-Supermoms shitted up the thread, starting it early. I think most of them were well intentioned but it didn't go down to well and nearly turned into a blizzard.
-I collected up all the links to comics that have a home. Bottom o' doc.
-The wonderful death-world of food, Earth. Due to our relatively long history before a sapient species our planet became hostile compared to others. The idea of spice is ridiculous from a nutritional standpoint, and some are actual neurotoxins.
-Colette's daughter got the nickname Kay-2. Only real name I found with 2 kay's was Kakalina, Hawaiian for Catherine. Fit's the theme and would explain the nickname. Will suggest in thread proper.

Probably more, but that's what I got from a quick scan. Feel antsy posting here, like being in a big church. Am I going to burst into bans?
>> No. 50101
Oh please, it's mostly been just a handful of people in this thread for the past 2 years. Every so often I do an info dump like what you just did.
Not sure why you seem to hate the Supermoms so much though.

The Supermoms crossover thing was mostly my doing since the thread was going down the shitter at the time, I think it served its purpose on getting it back on track well enough and onto other subjects.
Starting two threads with Supermoms in two consecutive weeks is what caused the backlash if you ask me. If the next one is started with a Supermoms image then I'll call foul play.

The Evilverse is getting much more clear with that latest page, it also tells me that Evilette has no idea what her sister is up to even in present times.

As for the nickname Kay-2, that's just because I was tried of typing out the description "/co/lette's daughter from the future" every time. She looks exactly like Casey so she's Casey II, ergo Kay-2, but that Hawaiian name might catch on.

The only real developments with the /co/smic /co/verse are the space logs from the tail end of last thread.
We've got some kind of danger rating scale ranging from a type-1 paradise world to a type-5 death world.
Earth is a type-1 death world on this scale.
>> No. 50103
File 139468439682.jpg - (133.47KB , 500x500 , mendladybug.jpg )
Hey hey, one of Supermoms guys here, I feel I need to explain
We're thankful to you guys for letting us post our creations in the /coc/reation threads, since the mods are against us having our own weekly threads for some reason. In general, we're like Jackie Chan, we don't want no trouble. We definitely don't want to disrupt or hinder the threads' flow, since most of us like and enjoy the /coc/reations

>Supermoms crashed thread, tries to force crossover without knowing much about /co/verse
Sorry if it felt like forcing, I personally treated it as just a joke about the samefag troll situation. I think all crossovers, if they happen, are non-canon to both Supermoms and the /co/verse. By default, Supermoms generally exist in a different universe than the /co/verse.
>Supermoms shitted up the thread, starting it early.
There's one person, who we call "provocator troll", who doesn't like Supermoms for some reason and wishes to see it gone. To achieve this, he tries starting needless drama around it. His MO is making needlessly rude or insolent posts, usually posing as a Supermoms fan. We're pretty sure starting a /coc/reations thread with a Supermoms theme in an opportune time was his doing, as were some inflammatory posts during the last two threads (e.g., the infodump)

>The Supermoms crossover thing was mostly my doing since the thread was going down the shitter at the time
That was fun, and yeah, it shifted the attention from the troll, so thanks
>If the next one is started with a Supermoms image then I'll call foul play.
Sigh... I'm pretty sure the provocator troll may try to do some stunt like that. Though I hope he would just leave us alone, frankly
>> No. 50104
If that happens then let's just pull a /tg/ and derail the derailment attempt.

Whenever /coc/ threads start getting shat up it usually helps to bring in the Sageworthy Society members, that way it gives them a sense of real menace and gets things back on track.

Now if only I could do the same thing with the J/co/ members.
>> No. 50107
>Sorry for disrupting your threads while we have our own.
>So, here I am to talk about Supermoms in thsi thread as well as our own.

>> No. 50108
>If that happens then let's just pull a /tg/ and derail the derailment attempt.
/tg/ are fucking senseis in that. We can only hope to learn.

>Sorry for disrupting your threads while we have our own.
You misread my post. The reason we discuss Supermoms in general /coc/reation threads is because /co/ mods forbid us to have our own threads
>So, here I am to talk about Supermoms in thsi thread as well as our own.
I'm not here to discuss Supermoms (the project, the characters etc.), I offered my 2 cents on what happened in the /coc/reation thread.

If thread discussion is considered offtopic here, then awfully sorry, I'll be on my way. Peace!
>> No. 50204
File 139581894776.png - (40.29KB , 600x800 , punk.png )
Britainment is now a thing, it seems.
>> No. 50349
File 139764068686.png - (406.78KB , 745x990 , 1397634235122.png )
Does that new /co/ project "BreastQuest" fall under the purview of this thread?
>> No. 50350
File 139766189764.png - (278.97KB , 651x1095 , 1397355924823.png )
I couldn't say for sure whether it should be posted in this thread or have its own, but does anyone know who the artist for

and pic related is? Do they have a tumblr, deviantart, or other website?
>> No. 50352
All I know is they have a personal imgur for the art they've done that is related to the project

It was amongst the other links on the doc that is at the head of every BQ thread
>> No. 50353
I'd say it needs its own thread.

Although it does count as a /co/ creation, it is already big enough to merit having its own thread like how the Supermoms and Ladybug have theirs.
>> No. 50354
Given how slow /coc/ usually is and how anyone who posts here more than likely doesn't expect a response anytime soon, I'm going to assume this thread on /co/ that has some answers to your question will have 404'd by the time you check this thread again.

So I'll post an archive link to the post instead.
Just follow the quote links to find information.

Also, Mind, send bug all the doodle/drawchat composites since she apparently had a hard drive crash and lost a bunch of her drawings.
>> No. 50365
Man, their art is great. I just love the faces they draw, and their figures are solid. 10/10 would stalk.

Well, I'll try getting them to her.
>> No. 50669
File 139968661334.jpg?nsfw - (145.69KB , 659x1124 , 1351774026339.jpg?nsfw )
Posting this for reference, Poison Dart's body type.

Might as well get as much use as we can out of this thread before /coc/ moves to the new board.
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