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File 128755626659.jpg - (507.82KB , 768x1004 , naja_backcover.jpg )
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In this thread, translations of Naja and other French comics. Interest was shown on /co/ to make this an ongoing project.

Translated volumes by the French anons:
Tome 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?jj22l222b413wg2
Tome 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VTEUT9H6
Tome 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZMJNDJWJ
Tome 4: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N7ZYBL9N or http://rapidshare.com/files/415880828/Naja_V4__4__of_4___2010__ENGLISH.pdf

Is Tome 5 out yet? I don't see it on Darguard's page for the series ( http://www.dargaud.com/front/albums/series/serie.aspx?id=357 ), but Bengal said on his blog ( http://bengalsarchives.blogspot.com/ ) back in September that it was completed.

Bengal and Morvan are working on a new project called Luminae.

Original thread here: https://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/30403.html
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>> No. 38158
I bought the first four volumes this weekend at Wondercon. They're so pretty! Sadly, the booth didn't have the fifth volume, I guess I'm going to have to mail-order it eventually.

I still haven't found scans. Frustrating!
>> No. 38166
I want to see Gotlib books translated! Perverse Pepere, Hamster Jovial, Rubrique-a-brac, Superdupont, and Rhaaa lovely. Can send raws to anybody who dares to try.
>> No. 38371
just read the first one, kinda like it. i get lost a little every now an then but fuck its better than most. only complaint is the text is small but its a small complaint so please just keep up the good work

File 130015124244.jpg - (90.54KB , 1023x575 , SubsEp3.jpg )
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Episode of the week: Wakfu season 2 episode 3 with English subs:

=> SD Softsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RO9H7LLN Mirrors: http://mir.cr/1FWBD1TO
=> SD Hardsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MSWBZ5Z7 Mirrors: http://mir.cr/RSNEKDMW
=> Subs files + Font only: http://www.mediafire.com/?w6z9xqkdejikffy

As usual, in the softsubbed version you can switch between English subs and French transcript subs.
HD release will follow by tomorrow evening.


Also, new thread means copy pasta.
I think we can all agree that our current copy pasta has become quite heavy; and it's not worth the hassle reposting it each week.
So from now on, I'll just post season 2 related links.
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>> No. 38717
Oh great, it's this jackass again.
>> No. 40924
where can i download Wakfu season 1 in HD ?
>> No. 42756
File 132548811383.jpg - (525.23KB , 1303x1811 , 1311950042895.jpg )
you cant you need to buy it from ankama as far as i know

File 130150297211.jpg - (69.52KB , 800x600 , Sunset.jpg )
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File 128570474662.png - (1.41MB , 1366x729 , wip.png )
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Original thread >>31992

Okay gents, let's keep up the good work!
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>> No. 36069
/R/ ... Jeff. And Tony. From EarthBound?
>> No. 36509
File 129938715522.png - (173.09KB , 512x512 , c4f6e6f886269106ce13a4b99edfb1e47a5bf539.png )
Is there no Tiaga?

No Kousaka Kirino?

Also, maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen any reference to the very nicely done Shinryaku! Ika Musume:
>> No. 37641
give me kidou zip

File 129903800820.jpg - (136.64KB , 1023x687 , Amalia_episodes.jpg )
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New season needs new thread!

Wakfu season 2 ep.1 with English subs:
-SD Softsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ORDAPBWR
-SD Hardsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0CB7V6Q4
-HD Softsubbed: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C7NSLV2A

Note: Both SD and HD softsubbed version have 2 subtitle tracks you can choose from:
-One with the usual English translated dialogues
-One with a transcription in French of the original dialogues
(Just use your player's subtitle option to switch between them)

You can now practice French using Wakfu as your Rosetta stone.
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>> No. 50803
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>> No. 50804
The Mini is a tradeoff actually, but for one of the most element the mini is functional, aesthetic, and of course- it's an Apple. Apple is known for generating the most effective merchandise, and prime high-quality and quantity one particular user interface and usability. Eventually, it is actually up to you needless to say what tablet you choose to go with. I'll say having said that that i have employed Android tablets also because the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, plus the iPad Air and mini are my favorite. The iPad Air is for positive a far better tablet, but the Mini appears like just the best size for me.
>> No. 50842

File 130001616886.jpg - (20.77KB , 300x380 , 92846-139332-agent-graves_large.jpg )
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So my agent is having difficulties finding somebody with the balls to publish my book.
Should I really change over a hundred of these or publish it nationally? It would still have an ISBN number and can be ordered internationally, but it would lack promotion.

Coming up next, some examples, tell me what ya think.
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>> No. 36964
You had something with the second part but it loses rhythm with that last rhyme
>> No. 36980
with a SPLAT.

come on.
>> No. 36983
File 130007752853.jpg - (54.54KB , 444x422 , peter-pumpkin-eater.jpg )
I'm guessing you mean the break in rythm in
Had a daughter but didn't love her.

Actually the original goes
Had another and didn't love her.

File 129920647447.png - (165.81KB , 1200x1200 , Untitled-1.png )
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Oh hey guys what's going on

What have you been doing

Oh really? That's awesome, i've been working on Hatman alongside 2 programmers


Here, have a tech demo from a month or so back because the guys aren't done with the new one yet
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>> No. 36426

Hell yes. That is sweet.

We actually needed help with menus since we didn't really know what to do about them. Contact me right away, limp-dicked cuntnugget assbutt.
>> No. 36429
File 129929932497.jpg - (32.52KB , 313x169 , 12983372303.jpg )

>Contact me right away


>limp-dicked cuntnugget assbutt.

Pic related.
>> No. 36524
File 129941456237.png - (14.85KB , 800x600 , hopy shit.png )
Looks like this time it's actually going somewhere.

The other guys didn't get this far, after all. Good luck, I hope to play this still in 2011 since, you know, started in 2009 and all.

File 129994026781.jpg - (16.91KB , 310x206 , 1291119915001.jpg )
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The fuck is wrong with this forum? If i press the image with the middle mouse button, it now enlarges the image instead of opening it in a new tab. Please change this shit back to what it was.
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>> No. 36903

It's slower than clicking it with the middle mouse button.
>> No. 36906
I had no idea kicking pictures with middle mouse button did anything, but when I try it it do opens into an a new tab. Must be something with your browser, mate.
>> No. 36967
I use FireGestures anyway.

File 12976334818.jpg - (221.10KB , 1024x1038 , EvaS2_Rubi.jpg )
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New thread, INB4 season 2 starts in a few days...
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>> No. 50821
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>> No. 50822
Even though numerous women think that abdominal liposuction in conjunction with a abdominoplasty process are interchangeable with a single a further, absolutely nothing could be additional away in the reality.

File 129366204237.jpg - (17.34KB , 258x258 , 2.jpg )
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okay my dad is illustrator James fry and he is giving me a commission for Christmas it is to consist of 12 figures fighting a giant monster here's what I've got so far for figures1 commissar yarrick2Lewis Black as a red lantern the current working idea for the monster is a giant dog made out of lightning with chainsaws for teeth I need an additional9 characters and maybe a better monster the ideas should lean toward awesome but does not make sense of course I will up the pic once it is complete
>> No. 34627
Ya know, you really should be able to go just about anywhere with this. I notice this was posted last year but if you haven't gotten 9 characters already I kinda suggest just looking up at your bookshelf and pulling favorite characters from whatever you find there.

I'd enjoy seeing the result, in any case.
>> No. 35594
the list is done this is what I told my dad to drawI would like a spikey dialog box with the words12 hit combo. 1 Lewis Black as a red lantern
2commissar yarrick firing his bolter 3betty white dual welding lugers4Hendrix using some sort of destructive power cord
5the blues Brothers Driving a car into it 6spaceman spif firing his Raygun
7lio from the comic strip of the same name riding on one of those locusts of the Apocalypse
8eddie murphy riding a giant flying banana on a suicide run up the monster ass
his facial expression must read as I'm going to die and proud to do it9Speedy Cerviche from Samurai Pizza Cats running at it with his sword
10 Moot dressed as a little girl, complete with bows in his hair He wields a banhammer.
11Old Grandma Hardcore in the powerloader from aliens uppercutting it12Conan O'Brien as space ghost without the cowl firing his power bands. the giant monster will be a French bulldog made of lightening with chainsaws instead of Teeth
>> No. 35595
sorry for the necromancy

File 12980659609.jpg - (54.70KB , 717x868 , gemma powergirl.jpg )
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Lets start a thread about Photo manipulations and more we'd like to see done.

File 129417189458.jpg - (297.12KB , 427x600 , Evangelyne_Art.jpg )
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New year, new thread!
Have the latest copy pastas.
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File 128805925855.jpg - (316.61KB , 650x539 , 1280979188113.jpg )
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Chapter 1 of /co/'s comic.
22 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34368
so is this going anywhere, or has it just ground to a halt?
>> No. 35342
File 129745723757.png - (1.64MB , 1426x1901 , page5.png )
Completed page 5.
>> No. 35345
File 129748153518.png - (646.58KB , 1426x1901 , page6.png )

File 129669057235.jpg - (1.19MB , 3360x1050 , Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris Lanterns.jpg )
35102 No. 35102 hide quickreply [Reply]
Well we have Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee as there respective Lanterns I was wondering if we could get more of these.

Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh etc.
>> No. 35103
File 129669061439.jpg - (122.86KB , 1024x768 , Tony-Jaa-Wallpaper-tony-jaa-2525203-1024-768.jpg )
I was thinking Tony Jaa as a Blue Lantern (Hope)
>> No. 35212
File 129703262359.jpg - (92.54KB , 1032x1000 , Jet_Li_0009.jpg )
Jet Li= Rage/Red Lantern
>> No. 35213
File 129703287171.jpg - (352.03KB , 1280x1024 , Jackie_Chan_Wallpaper.jpg )
Jackie Chan= Indigo Tribe Lantern

File 129684722587.png - (31.62KB , 287x263 , 126470787936.png )
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Setting: Alternate history version of Mike Mignola's BPRD world. The time and place is Victorian London, with a dash of Steampunk thrown in for good measure. The Empire faces threats on all sides: changelings and faerie folk stirring up Luddite mobs in the streets, mystics and demons attacking troops in India, and the Bunyip feasting on Australian colonists. In order to deal with this, Her Majesty has formed the Irregular Regiment, a group of individuals who have ties to the paranormal, supernatural, and unusual, in order to deal with the threats to the Crown.

The Irregular Regiment includes some of the following:
Addison Ulysses Roderick Bruttenholm: "Son" of Lord Bruttenholm, Addison Addison serves as something of the field commander for the Regiment. His bright red skin, stone hand, tail, and inhuman orange eyes make it obvious he is of a demonic nature, but his personality of that is simple, kind (but quick to righteous anger), and just. While he is considered a member of the aristocracy, he feels much more at home with soldiers and with the common man.

Langdon Everret Caul: A British inventor, years ahead of his time, with a specialty in maritime and undersea travel. While testing a self-contained underwater breathing contraption one day, he was swept up in some unusual currents and lost at sea. Years past and he was presumed dead. It came as a shock to all when, 4 years after his disappearance, he washed up on the beaches of Spain. Even more shocking were his tales of a deep hibernation in the depths of the sea and his "awakening" to his past life as Abur Hem, last King of Atlantis! Caul now possesses technical knowledge that surpasses even current scientific theory. Some speculate his works are as much magic as science now.

Elizabeth Anne Sherman: Elizabeth's life was that of a normal young girl until her D├ębutante Ball. As she descended the long staircase, her gown became wicked with flames, which slowly crept over the mansion, consuming all. There were only three survivors from the event, none of which were family. She was taken in as a ward of the state, and given to the Irregular Regiment rather unceremoniously.
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