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File 131645446055.png - (83.89KB , 819x460 , Untitled.png )
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Does anyone have pictures of Nick Paladin, that character who wore a hoodie and had knives for hands? I can't find anything on him.
>> No. 40809
Is he a /co/ creation of some sort or what?
>> No. 40810

Yeah. Technically a parody of someone else's character if I remember right.

File 129912646973.png - (101.84KB , 400x499 , toph gets promoted.png )
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Hey, +, i posted this on /co/ earlier.
So I was Interested in maybe adapting a comic book into a radio drama format. I thought it would be interesting to do and thought I;d ask about it here. Possibly recruit VAs and engineers from here as well, depending on how receptive you guys are to this.
pic unrelated, but hopefully that will be my expression if this gets going
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>> No. 37820
I just realised how much Fred looks like Gary Busey.
>> No. 37910
Well if you'd like, I can make that a reality... ;)
>> No. 40718
Hey, so whats the news on this? Script written? Or did it get scrapped?

File 131266848266.jpg - (35.26KB , 284x470 , stock-photo-young-man-is-wearing-vintage-uniform-o.jpg )
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Hello /coc/. I'm designing a Tabletop Wargame that uses fantastical elements in conjunction with a mid 20th century technological level. This "genre" has been called many things, though I prefer Para-Modern. Currently I am roughly two weeks from a public "beta testing" period, so this is not a "COOL STORY BRO" type deal; I have already created the majority of the rule book and setting.

I'm searching for artists with reasonable experience with drawing military tech, realistic styles, and is able to produce work given a generous due date. Please note that this request is partially one for someone who can assist me with graphic design, but most visual elements have been developed. I CAN draw, but these are rough sketches that only act as a foundation for those with actual drawing talent.

Details shall be provided upon your request, and I intend to release on /tg/ and /cog/ once sufficient art has been implemented.
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>> No. 40477
You might wanna start off talking about money there, Eman.
Most artists on /coc/ like to see new projects and things, but all too often folks have tried to use /coc/ like a free range creativity and labor farm.

You can make requests, but you're more likely to get a response if it rings with a random drawfag, or you incentivize it with money.
>> No. 40492
Huh, well right now this project is not geared to making money. That sort of stuff was secondary to making the actual product. I suppose I could pay for commissions, depending on the skill and complexity of the work.

This is NOT some a product of a corporate entity. Any real profit would be extracted from the selling of miniatures and books, and I am not amazingly wealthy at the moment.

But from what i have seen a fair offer would be $10 for a smaller black and white piece, something I'd throw to spice up a page, up to $25 which would be a full page. Most people add roughly $5 for color, with an entire $10 for a full page of color.

This all depends on the art quality. I'm perfectly willing to pay 30$ for an ungodly great piece of line art, and much less if it isn't fitting to the style. Am I in the right area here?
>> No. 40568
No money, no talk.

Profits and shit are your problem. It's about paying for the unrecoverable hours the artists will spend putting lines to your ideas.

File 131318146133.jpg - (178.65KB , 685x685 , 25845 - akira_(manga) batman batman_(series) chara.jpg )
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Well I am hoping to start a thread about dream Crossovers team ups we'd like to see happen, but will probably never happen.

Looking for artist who are willing to take request and drawn them out. I am hoping we can get more than just the usual stuff like Superman and Goku etc.
>> No. 40514
File 131318318677.jpg - (950.81KB , 1190x900 , Superman & Optimus The Aliens Of Steel .jpg )
I've always wanted to see Optimus and Superman together in one picture THE ALIENS OF STEEL!
>> No. 40531
File 131330470316.jpg - (128.40KB , 900x580 , batman_vs_evil_ryu_commish_by_ngboy-d41geba (1).jpg )
Well I got one wish Batman and Ryu
>> No. 40535
So this is more of just request or do you guys have stories laid out for these crossovers?

File 131255261093.png - (299.91KB , 1062x821 , inking.png )
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the year is 2045, after a series of bloody conflicts with countless dead a unified world-government declares that cultural identity is the ultimate reason for bloodshed and forbids everything related to that (art, religion, entertainment).

in this dystopian future a gang of mixed-aged nerds emerges attempting to stir up a revolution by spreading (pop)-cultural memes among society.

could this work?

(pic unrelated)
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>> No. 40442
Sounds Transmetropolitan-y.
>> No. 40493
Sounds Equilibrium-y.
>> No. 40497
Make them explicitly Anons.

File 130912729877.jpg - (293.45KB , 1900x1200 , 1262057058462.jpg )
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I'm a comic book writer seeking an artist, or artists to illustrate a comic I've written.
Now I know that original projects, and writers looking for artists aren't regarded very highly here, but I think I've got my shit together a little better than most, and if not then at least I know you guys will tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Anyway, theres a lot of info to cover here, so to make this easier for you I'm spliting everyhting into three parts.
1) What is the comic about, and why should anyone care.
2) What kind of artist is required, and what will they be expected to do
3) Will the artist get money, how much, and when.
These 3 things seem to be what people care about the most when they consider a project like this, so just skip ahead to whatever interest you.

The plot, the point, and why you should care.
The premise of the story is pretty simple. A new mineral, Gattia, is discovered in the jungles of a destitute South American country. For reasons too complicated/scientific to explain here Gattia is incredibly valuable and incredibly rare, so much so that corporations, governments, and other important organizations from around the world flock to the area in a mad rush to gather as much of it as they can.
The actual plot follows 10 of the above mentioned organizations as they wage a miniature war against each other for control of Gattia. It would take far too long to go into detail about each team here, but know that they vary greatly, with each group having their own unique style, themes, and motivations.
The story is an action-adventure/drama that takes a tone similar to western superhero comics or shonen style manga, by which I mean it has a foundation based in reality, but with pseudo-science elements and a focus on over the top action. The story is serious, has a complex message, and can be pretty angsty and dramatic at times, but is not above having awesome, over the top, violent, fun. There are quite a few characters in the comic that have super human powers or special abilities, and they fight each other often.
This brings me to the most important part of this topic. What makes this comic grea
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>> No. 40253
File 131146980770.png - (273.15KB , 3440x1214 , ''Flower'' Pages.png )
Fuck it. I'm not an awesome artist, and I'm not silly enough to agree to work on 60 issues of something over the internet, but I'd be fine doing a couple of pages for free. If you like the work, and you like working with me, then we can figure stuff out to do a whole issue. If -that- works out well, then we can keep going.

By a "couple" of pages, I mean 4 or 5 rough pages. Beyond those pages, I would want to be payed but, being an amateur artist, I don't expect to be payed much.

Let me know if you're interested, OP.
>> No. 40255
I like the outlining, what brushes do you use if its photoshop?
is it photoshop or illustrator/painter x?
>> No. 40276
Thanks, and I don't use either. I use a program called MangaStudioEX4.

Generally I'd be put off by the title but the program is phenomenal and is built from the ground up specifically for comic books.

The site has a video of Dave Gibbons using it if you want to check it out: http://manga.smithmicro.com/

File 12856949368.png - (18.01KB , 180x180 , 128407393762.png )
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Damn boards.

So, Make Science! How goes it?
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>> No. 39592

>> No. 39593
>using cats instead of zoomers
>laughing samus.jpg
>> No. 40247
shits dead again. sorry.

File 130012714913.png - (404.43KB , 1000x1000 , g3844.png )
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"Postin' at the speed of light, the aeons passin' by..."
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>> No. 38192
Wakfu general: please refer to https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/117905.html
>> No. 40144
Could you guys tell me where I could find translated Dofus manga?
>> No. 40145
For fuck's sake, won't this thread ever die?

File 130559104374.jpg - (99.37KB , 886x604 , Eva_by_Ancestral_Z.jpg )
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New thread, not 100% necessary, but helps keeping things nice and tidy.

Useful links:

- Mutant Squid's blog, for everything Wakfu related you'd want to download:
=> http://brotherhoodoftofu.tumblr.com/

- Our Twitter feed to keep in touch with the releases:
=> http://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

- Current thread in /co/ for general discussion:
=> https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/120884.html
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>> No. 40112
Thank you for the informations. :)
>> No. 40141
I'd love to help if theirs anything I can do, I don't speak french but I have a hell of a computer, video editing experience, and I'm a support/repair tech for a living, so if the team has any pc problems I suppose I can offer my services there.
If there is something I can do, let me know, anything to lend a hand so I can show my appreciation for the sub teams efforts!
>> No. 40925
where can i download Wakfu season 1 in HD ?

File 130772162693.jpg - (249.83KB , 837x1043 , 1307719206779.jpg )
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So a Anon back in "Regular /co/" is Dumping this pictures he told me did not know anything about the Source other that it was or is a Project of 4chanPlus

Could anyone Give me more info on this so called Project? Lots of /co/mrades are curious.
>> No. 39500
It's literally a few threads down.


File 130499791654.png - (117.98KB , 1000x1000 , yBafS.png )
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Two major heroines, one MC with an unusual power ("These are not the droids"), and a modern setting among corporate sharks.

"How to Eat a Shark" is the story of Paul Martin, a slick corporate salesman whose power of vocal persuasion lands him clients and women until his brother is kidnapped and the only way to pay off his gambling debts is to land a sexy French client deaf to his charms.

With a cute but socially awkward Latina sales trainee, a client who can't understand him without her translator, and the clock ticking on his brother's life, Paul has to navigate the waters where it's eat or be eaten...

We need someone comfortable with drawing women in business outfits, and comfortable with drawing women out of them. We don't expect anyone to have experience drawing sprites but experience playing VNs a bonus.

Character sketches, summary and demo (lol placeholder art):

The banners have links to our IRC channel as well.
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>> No. 39166

> Irish
Well, since she's a redhead with a temper, we're good.

> Québécois Francophone
Could we rely on you for some Q-specific idiomatic translations (e.g. Irene swearing up a storm)?
>> No. 39167
Of course. I can also proofread other French sentences (tried the demo last night, you did pretty good but there would be some things to fix).

I've also been meaning to point out that Paul Martin was the name of one of our recent prime ministers. Not sure that has any interest for you (and maybe you already know), but I was thinking it might bring an opportunity for comments made by coworkers or otherwise.
>> No. 39201
>>39167 you did pretty good but there would be some things to fix

Do us a favor and register on the forums to tell us there instead of holding this board up.

And thanks for the compliment; we're sweating bullets over the decision to release anything.

File 129959958430.png - (10.35KB , 393x359 , allhatallman.png )
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Hatman's coming back from development hell and to a computer near you soon. Probably.

With the recent additions of myself and Doc the wide-brimmed outline of Hatman is shaping up nicely. There's currently no timeframe for completion, no budget and a lot of hats.

Yeah so we're aiming to create a puzzle/platformer(mostly platform) spanning a variety of locales. Hats will be a key part of Hatman, keeping your head well hatted throughout the course of your adventure. Expect more screenshots, art and music and possibly another demo over the course of development.

Check out the old alpha and give the track a listen.



To run the Hatman alpha you need XNA 4.0.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 39054

The short answer is: yes, but nothing worth posting about.
>> No. 39057
File 130528550466.jpg - (288.74KB , 1152x864 , Animals_Cats_Small_cat_005241_.jpg )
Will this run on linux?
>> No. 39058
Oops. I didn't read the whole thing. >_<

File 130208406441.jpg - (72.55KB , 640x365 , GimmeGimme.jpg )
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New thread, since the previous one has finally entered the legend too.

As stated before, we'd like to make this thread Wakfu project(s) related only.
If you want to discuss about the episodes themselves, please refer to any ongoing general discussion thread in /co/.

Current one => https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/117905.html

This will keep people who're just looking for the releases away from spoilers.

Also, you can always use our Twitter to keep in touch with the releases in -almost- real time.
=> http://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs
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>> No. 39652
ankama 10 years

S1E01 - L'enfant des Brumes

S2E02 - Yugo L'Eliatrope

S1E03 - Le Corbeau Noir

S1E04 - Miss Moche

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 40906
new episode in 28 days
>> No. 48722
La soixantaine d’experts mobilisés se concentrent pour l’instant sur la vérification de la liste qu’ont fournie le 19 septembre les autorités syriennes, qui comporte 20 sites de production et de stockage des armes chimiques.

File 130409942238.jpg - (222.95KB , 1262x194 , portal cartoon.jpg )
38793 No. 38793 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, yesterday I posted this on /co/ in a "Why doesn't Valve make animated movies or cartoons" thread, and it got a pretty positive response. Would /coc/ be willing to brainstorm some ideas for a comic or something, using this as a springboard? Forgive me if this isn't the proper place to post this sort of thing.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38802
File 130413142273.png - (122.51KB , 480x640 , 1304130420982.png )
OP here, might as well let this be a personality core/robots/Portal comics general, if that's cool.
>> No. 38803
File 130413561251.jpg - (210.63KB , 500x1527 , 1304134612837.jpg )
More from /co/
>> No. 38952
File 130468904380.jpg - (167.18KB , 351x700 , catchme2.jpg )
I would love to do something with this. I'm not that great with ideas but I can certainly draw them.

File 129738615894.jpg - (3.20KB , 126x251 , 1297130310488s.jpg )
35323 No. 35323 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Seeing as how the popularity of this particular comic has skyrocketed (relatively), a project has been created to see how far we can go through all the episodes subs wise.

The goal is simple: 2 episodes a week minimum (maybe more)

So far we only have:

"Tenue de soirée" ("Night gown"):
15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 38114
Any transcriptions done ?
>> No. 38710
french here, I'll do the first but I'm not sure about my vocabulary or sentence construction skills. you guys'll tell me. if it's really too long to do, maybe I'll only do a half, it's no use banging my head upon it if I suck.
>> No. 38711
Anything you do will be appreciated.

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