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File 132950955148.jpg - (267.53KB , 1280x800 , Fantasy World.jpg )
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So, this idea arose from a discussion on /v/ in which we were arguing about the overuse of the typical Tolkien setting in Western RPGs. Dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons and such. We began to try to think up unique races and creatures, and pretty soon the idea had transformed into trying to create an entirely original fantasy setting.

The proposition is that we collaborate to create this expansive fantasy world and, if we ever reach that stage, create a WRPG style game and/or mods set in this world.

Something I proposed is that, for the human cultures, we take elements from one culture and then transplant them to an unusual environment. So, for example, imagine somebody working with ancient Indian architectural principles living in and working with the resources of a temperate or cold European style region. The result would be a piece of architecture which is based in reality but also unusual and even unique. The same process could be used for every element of the fictional society, from clothing, to food, to weapons.

One society we thought up was a semi-Amazonian society. Because the females are genetically predisposed to producing more female than male children, securing the lives of the few males is vital to securing future generations. As such, males have a more passive role in the society, while females take on the roles of warriors and rulers. The females would spend their youth fighting and training, but as their usefulness on the battlefield wanes and their biological clock starts to tick, they have some children, supported by a network of females and some males.

That's just one society we thought up. There were several others.

As for creatures, livestock and animals, it was proposed that they also be entirely original, perhaps taking influence from less iconic prehistoric animals so that the end result is exotic and strange but also believable. It was even suggested that the original score could feature invented instruments, such as the following: experimental music instruments
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>> No. 43731
I'm pretty sure all of these instruments already exist, they're just home-made.
>> No. 43732
Really? Well, I honestly don't know if that's the exact video which was linked in the original thread. Obviously the tin whistle ain't something new.
>> No. 43825
File 132988019838.jpg - (415.28KB , 1000x762 , 1319334788039.jpg )
You should try talking to /tg/. It's my understanding that they love coming up with this kind of shit.

File 132570368269.jpg - (91.08KB , 800x450 , Ep18Cleo.jpg )
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New year, new thread, and new member in the Brotherhood of Tofu.

Useful links, as usual:

- Mutant Squid's blog, for everything Wakfu related you'd want to download:
=> http://brotherhoodoftofu.com/

- Our Twitter feed to keep in touch with the releases:
=> http://twitter.com/#!/wakfu_fansubs

- Current thread in /co/ for general discussion:
=> https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/152127.html
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>> No. 43697
Any word on subs?
>> No. 43702
Subs for ep.23 available in new thread, as promised:

=> >>43698
>> No. 43809
File 132977512477.jpg - (57.85KB , 340x273 , ihazasad.jpg )
The end is near.

File 130074074080.jpg - (1.02MB , 1363x1970 , scan0001.jpg )
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This is where the Wakfu Comics that haven't been scanned and translated yet do so. I said Tuesday was the date I'd post the comics, and that date still stands, but to apologize for my slow pace, have some Remington #2. It's in French, but I'll post a script to it soon. Enjoy!
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>> No. 43788

I have a kriss la krasse boner right now
>> No. 43965
New thread:

File 131087548275.jpg - (46.68KB , 373x400 , shadow1.jpg )
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Re-making the old Shadow radio show.
How should we go about it? Vocaroo "auditions"?
Scripts: http://www.mediafire.com/?1c3a3lpiayabj04
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>> No. 40560
is this still in the works?
>> No. 42545
File 132366532574.jpg - (42.49KB , 800x507 , The_Shadow_Knows_by_E_Mann.jpg )
>> No. 43596
File 132914257684.jpg - (157.96KB , 842x1191 , The_Shadow_by_gilgui.jpg )

File 132522645375.jpg - (406.11KB , 650x1420 , cochallenge.jpg )
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Hullo guys!

I don't know if anyone was hanging out on /co/ tonight -- we came up with a 31 day drawing challenge. It's for the month of January, and is all about practicing a bunch of /co/ related skills - everything from costume design to storyboarding to page layouts. We attempted to make the challenges diverse to push people out of their comfort zones, and give everyone a chance to shine.

Every and any skill level is welcome, and we're not really a stickler for any rules.

We're starting officially on the 1st, but honestly, do it whenever you feel like in whatever order you feel like, if you feel like it.

This is a thread to ask questions and share your pictures, which I will upload to the Tumblr unless told otherwise.
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>> No. 42858
File 132625689656.png - (234.01KB , 800x600 , Vampyre.png )
It's a vampyre, they're vampires that are on fire.
They live on the sun.
>> No. 42875
File 132643264045.jpg - (628.91KB , 3508x2480 , katies tank.jpg )
Day 7
>> No. 42876
File 132643270776.jpg - (531.05KB , 2480x3508 , day 11.jpg )
Day 10 even though it says Day 11 on the filename

File 13207006855.jpg - (112.96KB , 1014x571 , Thread.jpg )
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Since last thread turned into such a pitiful troll fest, I've decided to make a new one.

Let's try to follow some simple rules so that everyone can enjoy the project:
- No trolling
- No bashing or insults
- No endless sterile arguments and debates

That is to say: just behave!

Also, general discussion topics go to the current thread in /co/.
Latest one => https://plus4chan.org/b/co/res/139026.html
I know we tend to go off-topic from time to time, but let's try to keep things subbing project related as much as possible.

And useful links, as usual:

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>> No. 50758
When attending any air travel flight attendant interview, impeccable grooming and skilled private presentation must be for starters. Although loads of us can communicate among the our buddies, not we are very good communicators with other individuals.
>> No. 50760
Although rote mastering of distinct unique queries for your flight attendant job interview all round may be useful, it's actually not nearly aggressive with figuring out why and just how the interviewer makes use of an issue clarified.

File 132367502078.png - (11.05KB , 800x500 , Vmask.png )
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V-mask, only half finished before I decided masks are for chumps.
>> No. 42550
whoops, I'm sorry. Could I have this deleted I put this in the wrong place, and I can't delete it.

File 13214751125.jpg - (204.82KB , 700x656 , 24hrcomicchallenge.jpg )
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Hey /coc/, I hope you don't mind if we host this here for now.
With /co/ being down, things have gotten really hectic, and /coc/ seems like a good safe spot for the project.

So, what is the 24-Hour /co/mic Challenge? It was started by Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, and Making Comics.
In McCloud’s challenge, the goal was to try and make a 24 page comic in a day, and you would work for 24 hours nonstop. In short, the comic is an exercise to see if you can work fast and efficiently. It calls for you to try and do 24 pages in 24 hours. If you want to read more about it, you can check it out here: http://scottmccloud.com/4-inventions/24hr/index.html

In /co/’s challenge, we’ve relaxed the rules quite a bit.
We set our own goals for ourselves, and aim to reach those goals in 24 hours.This makes it much less demanding, and a lot easier for folks who have never tried this to get into. If you’re up for trying to do the whole 24 pages, you’re more than welcome to.

The rules:

>This challenge is open to ANYONE who wants to take it on. It’s not a secret club.

>The challenge lasts the entire weekend, so if you’re busy on one particular day, you’ll be able to start the next day. It will officially start at 12:00AM/Midnight on the 18th, and last until 11:59PM on Sunday. (Reminder: If you want to take place in this but you can’t make it this weekend, don’t worry! We’re doing this again in a month at the very end of the year.)

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>> No. 42054
tumblr link is dead and there isnt a thread on /co/.
>> No. 42057
It's not dead, just mistyped; remove the comma at the end.
>> No. 42269
So how'd it turn out?

File 132149197934.png - (287.79KB , 350x433 , 1319194106700.png )
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I was going to say this in one of the idea threads, but I might as well make a thread here.
I dont work in the industry as of yet, but I know for a fact that idea theft is a regular thing. I'm talking breaking an entering and stealing a computer kind of theft. Even small indie artists in college can get their shit stolen.
So to any /co/mrades around, I'm just saying, when you're making a project, keep that shit small and locked, dont just go around openly talking about every detail, because people not only might steal it, there are people actively looking at forums to look for ideas to use, wether it be creepypasta, concept art, or idea posts. Yes, there are people actively looking at those idea threads with the intent of blatantly stealing your idea.

I'm not saying you shouldnt make collaborations online, or never share any ideas on the internet. In fact, I highly recommend it, people like egoraptor and a couple of artists off of deviantart of all places have gotten successful, and even some jobs because of it. But just dont go crazy about your idea for the next minecraft or revival of 2d animation and expect to be protected by law.

*this message was brought to you by dudecorp*
>> No. 42059
Fan projects aside, it doesn't necessarily help that most of these ideas are just ideas. All brainstorm and little to show for it, which isn't bad in itself and is somewhat understandable. But that just makes it easier to plagiarize

File 131977448974.png - (9.34KB , 400x400 , co.png )
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OFFICIAL SITE: http://coawards.blogspot.com/
NOMINATION BALLOT: http://www.kwiksurveys.com?s=OIOLNH_b625b4c4

In short, it's an awards ceremony for the comics and cartoons of 2011.

I ran this through /co/ to see what the general response would be, and all is good. That was about a week ago, and since, we have fine-tuned categories, nomination processes, etc. etc.

Nominations are now open, so if you follow the link up there to the nomination ballot, you can begin choosing your comics and cartoons of 2011! You can also visit the official site to see the complete list of categories and other information.

Hope you consider joining in! Thanks in advance!
>> No. 42029
Oh hey OP! Lucky seeing you here since /co/ is down.
Thanks for crossposting here, I was looking for those links.

File 13162102186.png - (280.77KB , 1101x618 , Why that's a very astute observation.png )
40744 No. 40744 hide quickreply [Reply]

This might be of interest for some of you artists and writers [especially those of the "hey i need someone to do this with me for free" variety]. While this might not apply to fan projects, it's worth thinking about in the event you want to make something that'll actually get you paid
>> No. 40750
That was indeed a very, very interesting article. It's certainly given me something to think about when it comes to my own projects.

Thanks for sharing, OP.
>> No. 42009

What is this person expecting in a deliverable that takes up THAT much time?
>> No. 42012
Nice article but, it is more talking about writers begging artists for free art then whining when they get a no for an answer. These projects are different by their very nature. The are public domain and everyone only contributes what they personally choose to.

File 132070132259.png - (0.96MB , 1000x549 , escort.png )
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On the grounds that NewWakfuFan:

- Has been warned by moderators in the past and not changed his behavior;

- Is (arguably) seeking and (factually) attracting flames that degenerate into repeated flame wars, especially unwanted in Project threads and the various threads where his remarks are unrelated to the subject at hand;

- Has shown a habit of cross-posting/advertising his videos and other creations in several threads and boards despite being told repeatedly to do it somewhere else (for instance, his own thread) if he absolutely had to post them, which we believe constitutes Spam;

- And is generally disliked by an estimated majority of the site's users (who visit the same threads as he does), which in itself causes more disruption than healthy discussion;

We, the undersigned users of the Projects board, request that he be banned from /coc/ to avoid further pollution and disruption. The duration of this ban and whether it should extend to the entirety of plus4chan is left to the moderators' best judgement.

tl;dr: Vote here if you want NewWakfuFan to be banned from /coc/ and possibly plus4chan as a whole. Mods can see IPs, so they will be able to assess the amount of individual votes. Let's keep it clean and not use proxies, please, I'm sure we'll have plenty of voters already.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 41861
You have still yet to actually articulate which of these rules I broke. No one has linked to these posts I made, and I have followed the rules.

Are you sure you're not just blowing hot air out of some spite for me, for whatever reason?

>> No. 41862
If you had contacted a mod or Anonex about that you more than likely would have had the ban removed. However, you just decided to evade a ban which immediately sets you to "permabanned from all boards" status.

However, if you would like to contact Anonex personally about this he might even remove that.
>> No. 41863
That previous offer has been revoked. Seeing as you've now knowingly ban evaded you're now set to be banned on sight.

File 131767187469.png - (374.69KB , 680x863 , at_guardianangel_by_laur.png )
40954 No. 40954 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It's fanbook time!

The current concept: One part 18 loosely connected strips, set in a single day, exploring the rest of Ooo's denizens; other part random illustrations...fanbook to-be-digitally-distributed-for-free, artists would be financially compensated if they would like that

Applicable to both parts: comedic/ADVENTURE! in tone, all-ages in content (in the Adventure Time sense!)
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>> No. 41391
>Land of Aaaa.
>female naked old wizard
>oh god why.
>> No. 41396
i wonder how her hair would grow

...hm, wasn't there a Land of Aaa/genderswap world project going somewhere?
>> No. 41434
Long head hair to cover saggy tits.
Exploded pube bush.

Alternatively, fig leaves.

File 131589211135.png - (141.58KB , 500x500 , gayass logo.png )
40709 No. 40709 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Just a little fun thing I did on /v/. I like the idea of coming up with all sorts of different interpretations of these boards. Hope no one minds if I put this here.
Once upon a time in a faraway, peaceful land known as 4chan, the people prospered. One day, an evil, ambitious individual named The Cancer King acquired an ancient and powerful artifact known as the Cancer Crown. With the power of the crown, the king quickly spread a cancerous miasma that corrupted anything it came in contact with. In a matter of months, many of the lands had been conquered, as had it's inhabitants, who were really fucking defenseless against this new threat. Just as all seemed lost, brave warriors emerged from the 4 corners of the world to punch this faggot square in the jaw.

This is their story.
9 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 40734
I think /tg/ has worked on stuff similar to this before, albeit not in a fighting game context. You might wanna check out 1d4chan.

Also, great concepts.
>> No. 41176
I love these, and the weapons/attacks are pretty funny!
>> No. 41351
File 131912961333.jpg - (213.24KB , 450x350 , 1262876323179.jpg )
Nice except there already were several somewhat consistent designs for a few boards, and you totally ripped off 3AngledBlue's /v/ and /b/

File 13186224535.png - (119.67KB , 688x1844 , shocktober.png )
41227 No. 41227 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Not sure if this goes here but, since /tg/ seems like it moves too fast for this, and since I somehow had banned text in this post and I can't post for a day, I'll post it here to work on. Copypasta time.

After the discussion from the last thread, I've got a much better vision of how this should be done, so instead of just asking for
Pros, Cons, Personality, I'm going to ask you guys who should fall into the categories of Offense, Defense, or Support.

After we have that sorted out then we can set in stone what the costumes should have as traits. You're still free to suggest costumes, abilities, personalities, and so on.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41247
As for costume suggestions, off the top of my head:

Bunny/bear/other fluffy thing
Zombie (or drop Skeleton and use Undead instead, and put it in Defense)
Man in Black/Neo type
>> No. 41248

One of things I had in mind, was that the powerful costumes would be harder to have cooperate with the team. For example the vampire's bloodlust, the witch's insufferable bitchiness, and the devil's sodomizing etc.
>> No. 41253
File 131866270460.png - (16.15KB , 490x574 , enemis.png )
progress on enemies

current /tg/ thread here

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