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File 137067783655.jpg - (78.81KB , 795x720 , Lucky_bastard.jpg )
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Dofus 24 will air in less than an hour now, so time for a new thread (old thread: >>46473).

Latest news: new incoming animated content for Wakfu has just been announced. See >>47490.

Usual useful links:
-List of DDL links for all episodes of Kerub => http://goo.gl/P8cvh
-The Twitter to keep in touch with the releases => https://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs
-Dofus and Wakfu on Youtube (courtesy of Morgie-Corgi) => http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWO3_SXq-WPzo1zlMXndyg
-The Tumblr for any other links => http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/

And finally, the usual reminder that this thread is for sharing resources and info. Keep to /co/ as much as possible the posts dealing with story, characters, opinions and such.
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File 131554015727.jpg - (0.98MB , 2042x1146 , rise_of_the_planet_of_the_apes-02.jpg )
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So, there was this pretty interesting thread in 4chan the other day that was all about the fact that just about every animal has been made in into an anthropomorphic race in RPGs at some point, except monkeys and apes.

Anyway, after watching this movie I feel like playing with the idea.
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>> No. 48559
File 138490308530.jpg - (57.00KB , 590x350 , 1382110911969.jpg )
Not that there's anything -wrong- with anthro apes...
>> No. 48570
Meh, you could just play this:
And set up a scenario to fight Gorilla Grod or Ultra Humaite.
>> No. 48666
Look up Savage Species, from D&D 3rd edition.

File 137402756419.png - (72.84KB , 476x651 , Motion.png )
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New Motion thread after how many years? The project is now getting some serious attention with multiple takes on the character and rather than fill up /co/ with threads, it was suggested we make a new thead here.

New and old information will be posted as time goes on. This is largely a place to confer and come together, as well as for those intersted in the comic to keep an eye on the project.
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>> No. 48303
>What is the fate of our burglar? For all we know, he really did die from that punch.

If you really gave a shit then you would've known that was Johnny Volt, one of Motion's established reoccurring rouges and that it was a simplified version of his origin.

If the comic would've continued, then I'm certain we would've seen that her survived and became a living human battery.
>> No. 48307
So if there were more, it would result in one wonky thing making sense? That doesn't excuse the rest of it, and there is no doubt in my mind that if there were indeed more to read, it would only result in an even greater amount of stuff to point out. Unless, of course, the other stuff is done better.

Well, I appreciate that someone tried to make the comic, but the effort you made seems to have fallen short of passability. Keep trying to improve your art, and storyboard everything so that it creates a naturalistic vibe. Not to be mean, but what you've got now is only describable as amateur. When you put something on the internet, you have to say to yourself "Is this really the best I can do?" or in the case of a draft, "How can I improve this?"

And if that's really the best you can do, if you don't think you can improve it any more, then I suggest staying away from comics. On the other hand, if you are capable of saying to yourself "This needs polish, I can make this way better than it is.", then go ahead and give yourself some vitriol, keep away from the hugbox, and get to it. Restart from scratch if you feel that you need to, this kind of thing takes saintly patience to make good.

That's all the advice I can give.
>> No. 48310
File 138154735057.jpg - (88.47KB , 1054x1200 , coc_motion_2013OCT11.jpg )
Hey, nice work on finishing that, hope to see more.

File 138013987280.jpg - (942.04KB , 1024x768 , 10022_.jpg )
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Hey, guys, i have a little skills in makin apps for android/ios phones and tablets. I think it will be good to make not just an ordinary comic, but an interactive novel (like those japs). If you have some skill and interest - lets discuss.

File 135476543864.jpg - (49.79KB , 588x546 , Rex-Chan.jpg )
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On 4chan there spawned an idea that stemmed from the words..."Sexy Dinosaurs." After that it turned into a harem idea where a faceless, featureless boy, referred to as "Anon-san/kun/chan/etc", was transferred to an all Dinosaur school, and all of the girls are completely infatuated with him. Now, this is supposed to be a comedy, kind satirizing harem anime with dinosaurs, but it can have cute/sexy/awkward moments. The characters that we've come up with so far are...

Rex-chan: Kind of the main girl, really likes Anon, very studious, and awkward around boys. T-Rex if you couldn't guess.
Nita-chan (Name up for change): Spunky raptor girl, best friend to Rex-chan, secretly likes Anon, but won't admit it.
Apatosaurus girl (No name yet): Shy girl, wears a sweater to hide her above average breasts (in anthro mode, just looks like an Apatosaurus with a sweater on.) she also has glasses.
Stegosaurus girl: Athletic girl, on most of the sports teams and is always amazing at it.
Ankylosaurus girl: Clumsy girl, always tripping up and embarrassing herself.
Allo-chan: Rex-chan's rival, after Anon-kun more aggressively where the rest of the girls are more embarrassed.
Gang of bitch raptors: They're like the popular girls of the school, they bully the main cast a lot, especially Nita because she was a part of their group at one point.
Also, all feathered dinosaurs are like the ganguro/Gal o Sengens of the school.
There's the link to the original thread.
Please help us /coc/, we need you!
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>> No. 46155
If you're really going to follow through with this, please actually try to make it satirical and funny instead of a pointless subversion of the thing you claim to be satirizing (like that one thread about the heroine who farts).
>> No. 46176
I can't tell if /coc/ is infested with jokesters or crazy people.
>> No. 48019

File 13755282755.png - (1.80MB , 2858x1080 , compare4.png )
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Here is another image comparison.
>> No. 47938
That's the worst stereoscopic image I've ever seen.

File 137552822185.png - (2.05MB , 2948x1080 , compare3.png )
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Here is another image comparison.

File 135931924833.jpg - (156.14KB , 1019x571 , Kerubim.jpg )
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New thread since the previous one (>>44616) has reached bump limit.
This time it'll deal with both Wakfu and Dofus series.

Usual useful links:
-The Tumblr => http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/
-The Twitter feed => https://twitter.com/wakfu_fansubs

Reminder: This thread is for sharing news and resources about the series. For discussions about plot, characters and such, please go to /co/.
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>> No. 47512
thank you wery much for all the links

i just found out about this anime Maliki, (yes i know im slow)

can anyone give me a download link ? google is not helpfull and i cant find it on any torrent site :(
>> No. 47525

correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm aware Maliki never got beyond the pilot at least in animated form.
>> No. 49134
Ankama has just released a Kickstarter to make an official English dub: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1836563008/wakfu-the-animated-series

File 132813512725.jpg - (562.68KB , 2149x3035 , Pulp! Cover.jpg )
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Hey guys. I got the crazy idea last Friday of trying to start an online original comics magazine. Things have been going pretty smoothly so far, you're welcome to join.

First Draft deadline is February 15th. Send in your comic scripts by then.

IRC Room:
#/co/mic-writers @ rizon

For those that don't usually use IRC:

The link to the main website can be found in the IRC room.

Post your questions in this thread or make some suggestions, I'll answer anything.
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>> No. 47139
File 136651408927.jpg - (777.29KB , 1654x2339 , Premier Pulp Comics April p01.jpg )
Haven't posted here in a while, but here's another issue!

>> No. 47431
This is amazing.
>> No. 47433

New site

File 135481837519.jpg - (36.97KB , 580x300 , HaloDOOSDOSOT.jpg )
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For a while now, I've been creating a new game called Halo Universe. This tabletop game is the cultivation of everything that I learned while making my first game, Transformers Tabletop. The Transformers Tabletop game had many mistakes, each I wrote down and began fixing for a new game. I've been taking notes and jotting down ideas for the past month and a half now, and I am making serious progress.
I've been using Google Documents, which does a sloppy job at what I need it to do, and I have been using it to upload files and examples so people can see and comment on what they find wrong with them. Using this, I've already fixed a ton of issues people had, dealing with weapon damages, piercing, and so on. The weapon damages and wounding system have been going trough some overhauls, so the files you will see here are older.
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>> No. 46215


Download to current 5.1:

6.0 will have unplayable races, an ammunition system, more equipment, and a Sniper/Spotter system.

The ammunition system allows players to combine and choose different types of ammunition for the cost of cR that allows different combinations of high-explosive, armor-piercing, ball, BOLO, and other tyles of ammunition.

Spotting For Snipers
When a sniper is being assisted by another player to make a shot, that character may use their Full Action to give the Sniper’s next shot the Spotter’s Perception in bonus to hit. The sniper also gains 1/3rd of the Spotter’s Perceptive Range to add to theirs when making the shot. These Spotter rolls are to be used by scopes greater equal to or greater than the Sniper’s or with a Spotter Assist Target System.

Brute Weaponry Melee Attachments
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 46364
Have you learned how to draw yet or do you still trace your shitty avatars?
>> No. 46668
File 136087227632.png - (740.90KB , 2550x3300 , INNIE_NEW-large.png )
Completely on-topic, I see. Glad to see some intelligent theories brought to the table.

I realized I hadn't updated this in a while, here.
I now have a development team that helps with the leser materials while I work on ship combat and other fixes. The community does well at updating and keeping up with suggestions and a fixlist, which both are very helpful.

We're on beta 8 now. Beta 8 introduced SWAT, Civilians, and Military Police for harder levels of difficulty in gameplay. Vehicles have been incredibly altered and the game now offers over 150 weapons to choose and even upgrade. There are a LOT of changes that came with 6, 7, and 8, so yeah. Good thing to keep this archive going.


Now that the fixlist is updated regularly, freely, by over 20 people, there is plenty going in to make this game as good as it can be.

File 133316205383.jpg - (78.16KB , 1024x576 , Amalia_Eva.jpg )
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Inb4 we finally know whether we'll get a season 3 or not, I'm taking the opportunity of creating a new thread as I made some reuploads for season 2 episodes.
I'll also repost the links to reuploads B. made previously.

>Season 1:
=> http://min.us/mbkDepBr9a

>Mini Wakfu
=> http://min.us/mbgmlBLQD0

>Season 2 SD Softsubbed:
=> http://min.us/mbekGjZewt

>Season 2 SD Hardsubbed:
=> http://min.us/mhqkpaB5H
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 46471
>By the way, we're past bump limit. Should the next thread be just a Dofus thread or both?
Considering that it took almost one year to reach bump limit, next thread should be Dofus / Wakfu, in case new material comes up for either of them

Just please post link to new thread here
>> No. 46472
Corrected timings for episode 4, looks better now: http://pastebin.com/GBY13Pf8
>> No. 46476
File 135932098719.jpg - (58.42KB , 638x419 , Kerub.jpg )
Well then, just made a new Dofus / Wakfu fansubs thread.

Please go to >>46473

File 135450633473.png - (24.13KB , 323x365 , department_of_bad_ideas.png )
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So i rite wurds purty gud. I've been told my creative writing is fun to read, and i love me some webcomics, but i suck at wiritng from scratch and keeping that going. When i have a partner, or i am given an assignment or conditions within which to write, i'm a goddamn rockstar. so i was thinking... people are always posting places looking for artists to draw their ideas out - why don't i look for an artist that needs a writer to take their ideas and make them awesome? so heres the deal:

If you are an artist who has an idea for a webcomic but can't write that well (maybe you just don't want to deal with writing and just focus on the art, maybe you have some ideas and want someone to bounce them off of and then mold them into something cool, shit like that), then i'd be interested in talking to you. I feel like i'm a primarily a comedic/drama guy (order of the stick, jl8, something positive) but i've done prose in the drama and fantasy genres.

so...thats basically it. writer in look for artist with a vision i guess?

File 129473035754.jpg - (603.76KB , 720x926 , tangotango_01.jpg )
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>> No. 45714
To be perfectly clear, I always pictured the story to be about the Worst possible versions of Doom and Azula. Broken until they get mended. They're not really perfect representations of them in their respective series.
>> No. 46113
Does anyone have all of these comics saved somewhere?

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6YF65RV0 - this link is obviously not going to work. =(
>> No. 46115

all links are there.

File 134982465849.png - (194.30KB , 520x480 , 1349224218437.png )
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Hey there, guys. I'm a 17 year old guy wanting to make an animated internet series with very fluent and smooth animation and a nice style.

The story is about a family roaming the country in their RV after the father, who is an inventor/scientist sold out to a corporation, which ends up making him have to give up his home to pay the bills the corporation had to drop on him. Now his entire family his homeless but only a few thousand dollars. Luckily, he manged to buy and modify an RV so that they can try to rebuild their lives by taking jobs, doing favors and just trying to find a new home. Along the way. they meet with an ex girlfriend of the inventor's son, an alien man with telepathic powers, an insane woman who wants to turn the world into a perverted place, and a group of hitmen. Also, they pick up a prostitute right before they leave.

What do you guys think of my little plot so far? Any flaws, any ways to improve it? Please let me know, I care so much about making this an actual legit internet series.
>> No. 46011
The family and husband roaming the country in an RV sounds WAY too similar to Glenn Martin, DDS.
>> No. 46014
>animated internet series
>fluent and smooth animation and a nice style

Good luck kid

How many people are in the family?

Do they have pets?
>> No. 46072
Clearly a trollpost.

Makes no mention of animating skill or program fluency, no experience to speak of at his underagedness and the plot reads like Uwe Boll's diarrhea.

File 135278231999.jpg - (81.61KB , 720x479 , 1343116087544.jpg )
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WARNING:This project contains deviant promotions. You have been warned.

Life is a Witch, the creation of a weird /tg/ thread, is a proposed comedy-harem hentai about a group of 5 kids - Morgan (the protagonist), Merlin (cousin to Morgan), John and James (brothers), and Elric - who have been accepted by a wizard - Väinämöinen (needs shortening) - to be his apprentices. They hope to study under him and graduate to full fledged wizard.
What they do not know is that this particular wizard is a bit of an eccentric.
Upon meeting them and talking about what to expect under his tutelage, he turns them into girls. He explains that only one will graduate and that one will be able to change back to their gender. Everyone then looks at Morgan. Our head wizard then explains that he gave Morgan a penis, y'know, to simplify things.
And thus begins our heroine's tale of spells, schooling, and of course steamy sex.

Right now me and Ori, are just bouncing around ideas for this. We need a head drawfag to really help get things rolling though.

I'll post more info below.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46059
And... that's all we have so far. Ideas are welcome, so please suggest if you feel you have a good one.
Writefags would be a great help in helping develop each episode/chapter, and we need a head drawfag to add to the creator list to help design characters and such.
>> No. 46060
So is the other thread still read or should everyone go into this one now?
>> No. 46061
The one on /tg/? Yeah, use this thread now instead. Threads here stay for a REALLY long time, which is good for stuff like projects.

Almost forgot, issues that need to be adressed:
>do we need a "one true love", do we leave it ambigous, or should we just go whole hog and have Morgan enjoy her harem?

>does Morgan succeed (she's the protag, so I assume she would), or does everyone including her fail final exams, and they're stuck for another year or something?

>if she succeeds, does she go back to being a girl, does she want to become a boy, or does she stay a futa?
>Morgan needs a LOT more characterization before deciding this.

>do we need to add in a new character at some point (probably during one of the specials)?
>If so, who are they and what is their character?

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