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File 139863075185.gif - (720.21KB , 360x420 , hello.gif )
226724 No. 226724
Old Thread: >>226253 (Wow, that one went fast)
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>> No. 226725
File 139863099730.png - (44.69KB , 180x152 , ArgusEvent.png )

We know that Sonic Chronicles hasn't happened yet in the new timeline, and it probably never will be adapted due to legal issues

But what about elements of lore in that game that have no relation to the items of dispute? Like the various alien races or Argus? Can they be referenced? Or are they just dammed by association?
>> No. 226726

Seems more trouble than it's worth.
>> No. 226727
Even though that cock sucker Penders has NOTHING to do with Sonic Chronicles he actually made it so SEGA cannot EVER do stories about Knuckle's species?
>> No. 226728
That stuff is probably legal to use, but there's no way Sega or Archie would want them to.
>> No. 226729
Ian seems to not like Sonic stuff going to space (he made a pretty quick move to tie up all possible plot threads involved with space early in his run), so I doubt he'd write in those races and the Argus event anyway.

That, and he loves continuity and Sonic and friends wouldn't learn about that shit until later so...
>> No. 226730
I wonder if they could use the game's version of Swatbots.
>> No. 226731
They probably could...but why would you?
>> No. 226732
So when does Protoman get to have a hair joke at Flashman's expense

on a more serious note: it always bugged me how Protoman always knew what Wily was doing (although ITS DR.WILY AGAIN is predictable enough in classic megaman to make several jokes with), so having some of the Megaman 5 robot masters have friendships with Protoman (beyond Megaman 5) might be neat, although I hope it's for silly reasons (for example: Starman would probably want to hang out with Protoman simply because of his "Pompadour and shades" fashion style... and probably trades Dr.Wily secrets for cool shades, scarves and style tips.)
>> No. 226733
I have no idea why Blues would be friendly with them. He already made his complete turn to good guy/anti-hero after 4 and those guys are one of the few sets of 100% pure Wily robots and actively framed him for criminal activity. If anything I would think he would resent or even hate the 5-bots.
>> No. 226734

Well, they're more SEGA-fied than the originals, and do tie back to SatAM.
>> No. 226737
The Egg Swats are cooler though.
>> No. 226738
Yes, I like them. Not only are they a good middle position between Swatbots and the game's generic Eggman robots (I forget their name), but they also look cooler than the game's robots. Not necessarily the Swatbots, or their upgraded form I also forgot the name of (Camobots?)
>> No. 226739
File 139865318095.png - (372.89KB , 488x286 , gamereview26.png )

Swatbots were the coolest when drawn by Spaz. I loved those guys, they had such personality and a sleek, storm-trooper design.
>> No. 226740
File 139865333918.png - (106.32KB , 268x177 , dubsbot.png )
I liked Mawhinney and Manak's hilariously expressive Swats more than Spaz's badass shoulderpad Swats. They've always been at their best when they're humorous, not cool.
>> No. 226741

They're always humorous though, even if they're drawn by Spaz. I remember during the E.V.E. issue, issue 25, and issue 50 they all had there humorous little moments. While spaz's art made them LOOK really cool, their body language and the writing still made them loveably mook-ish. The only swatbots that WEREN'T humorous were the Shadowbots, who I think we can all agree were terrible (and I always loved the scene where these large monocolor shadowbots got mopped up by the regular swatbots).

At any rate, I've always seen the Egg Swats as a downgrade design-wise from the Swatbots. They might look like something SEGA would create for the Sonic Games, but they don't appeal to me the same way the old Swatbots did.
>> No. 226742
Oh their dialogue was still silly, but they didn't look very silly under Spaz's pencils. In nearly every facet Spaz's Swats were more serious business, and it's most noticeable in their visors: the other artists drew them more rectangular, affecting a sort of dopey demeanor, while Spaz had the much-more-accurate "boomerang" look going on.
>The only swatbots that WEREN'T humorous were the Shadowbots, who I think we can all agree were terrible
Speak for yourself, SPES MARINE Swats look hilarious when drawn right. The problem is they weren't written very well...or often, for that matter.

>Egg Swats are a downgrade
Their effectiveness REALLY depends on the artist. Like, more than any other kind of Swat.
>> No. 226745
For some reason, I thought something ghastly was going to happen to Sonic in the closing seconds of that gif.

That, or he'd have a Nigel face.
>> No. 226755
Egg Swats are one of the biggest disappointments I had on something Bates did, and I choose to believe it was due to him being uncomfortable with it. They just don't capture the charm of either Egg Pawns or Swatbots and look like an awkward middlepoint.

I'd rather we go back to Egg Pawns with Badnik swarms and Egg Robos peppered about. The Egg Pawns can be great when treated as humourous soldiers like how Manak used the Swatbots.
>> No. 226756
I completely agree with this.
>> No. 226758
Shadowbots were humorous when they needed to be. In their first appearance, they were rekted by swatbots, then, despite being all cold and cool, they high-tailed it (complete with scared expressions) when Dulcy showed up. They're just Tryhard cool and failed for humorous effect.

Funny how the games are now so focused on putting Sonic in space with aliens introduced every game.

And on a different note, I like how Dawn Best gave Bobr a stern talking to on Penders's forum.
>> No. 226760
Change "stern talking to" to "veiled attempt to tell him to stop fucking up in every way imaginable." Which he then ignored/did not understand because it was just subtle enough that she couldn't be tossed aside as not supporting Ken.

I don't know why you'd like someone telling a guy he's handling his "job" wrong when he's either oblivious to it or doesn't care.
>> No. 226777
>rumours that Fireman has limited appearances in the comic due to Capcom not liking the personality he was given

this is bullshit, you can't ground fireman like that. Two suggestions to try and fix it:

Earth-to-Ian vague hints attempt to save Fireman from being CAPCOM'd mode: FireMan is a robot. who deals with fire-related industrial work. Which is extremly hazardous, and would be deadly to normal humans. And you regulalry characterise CUBOT, who has voice problems, just fine. And accidents do happen.

Not-so-subtle, Ian might want to plausibly deny anything in this spoiler suggestion mode: just give Fireman a Samurai-Jack tier robot gore moment to justify him getting a personality/speach reset to please capcom so he can turn up more, maybe have Solar Man as his support (like how Gutsman was for Concrete Man), probably have Fireman go full JUSTICE mode as he takes what could be a fatal hazard for Solar Man or a innocent or something
>> No. 226789
Ian said they were originally going to focus on Fire Man for an issue but plans changed. He most likely hasn't gotten focus simply because he's been busy with the other 1-bots. However, the fact that he's not been used nearly as much as any of the other 1-bots, even Bomb Man, is a bit depressing.

In completely unrelated news, I just noticed the ad for Selects 10 mentions that it pulls from FCBD and Super Specials, among other things. Assuming they aren't being terrible and reprinting things already in the line, there's not much left for them to pull from.
The only stories not left accounted for (reprinted or otherwise assured for a reprint in an existing GN line) are issue 50, Sonic Live's main story, the Image crossover, that terrible SatAM story from Sally Moon, the 2-part Sabrina crossover, Naugus Games, Riders, FCBD07, and Gallagher's final two stories (Sonic 170 and 185). Maaaybe the Olympics issue if we want to push it. 50, Live, Image, and Naugus Games are never getting reprinted, Riders is almost certainly going to be a bonus story in the Babylon Rising Universe GN, and even if we get a new SCO in every Digest and Magazine until the new Select is released it'll only reach about 30 pages at most. Given its tagline and the number of pages it has to fill, it'd make sense for the Sabrina Crossover, Gallagher's "Badnik" stories/Archive ads, and FCBD07 to fill out most of the book. The question is whether they'll shove that terrible SatAM adaptation in alongside Riders to finish off the book or if they'll choose to print a few "weird" stories from the main issues so they can hold on to a few extra stories for Select 11.
The way stories are selected for reprints fascinates me far more than it should.
>> No. 226792
Link please?
>> No. 226793
Google is your friend, I'm not linking Ken Penders' forum here.
>> No. 226794
Tried, got nothing. I can't view BobR's profile and posts to find it either since I don't have an account.
>> No. 226795
And this is why the internet is tiresome sometimes. That rumor is 100% false.

I had Fire Man saying "pardner" once. Capcom asked that we change it. That's it. Fire Man hasn't shown up as much simply because.... well, no conscious reason. He just hasn't.

I had pitched a story that basically starred him and had him helping out Gil and Krantz. It didn't get past the initial pitching stage, but I'm keeping it in my pocket to tweak and re-pitch at another point.
>> No. 226796
Don't blame the internet for what you imply, Ian.
>> No. 226797
Blaming the Internet for its wild unfounded speculation trying to play a blame game is a tradition for Archie comics.
>> No. 226807
If you ever get past Mega Man 7 without using that story idea, you should try again and incorporate Freeze Man. There's a couple of things from the supplementary material you can work with using that guy in a "helping the police" situation and the two playing off each other basically writes itself.
>> No. 226814
>> No. 226815
I blame it for taking anything I say and going every which-way with it, stating assumptions as facts. Half that time, I haven't implied anything.
>> No. 226822
File 139880017966.jpg - (93.40KB , 768x1024 , IMG_1126_zps9fb2aeed.jpg )
How old do you think Muttski is?

Most people seemed to assume he was about Tail's age, since he looks that young.

But he appears in Sally's Sonic origins running away from the city with Sally and Antoine.

Assuming the youngest he could be is 4 years old in Origins, if he was Tails age (8) that would mean only 4 years have past since Origins and the present, which seems highly unlikely. Also it was presumed Sally is about 15 years old at the moment (going by the old timeline with adjustments), so that'd make her eleven years old in Origins, also seems unlikely (considering Amy is only 12 and there's a big difference between Origin Sally and Amy.

So unless Muttski is older and Nu!Sally (and Twan) is younger than we thought...
>> No. 226823
Maybe we should stop caring how old Sonic characters are and just go with "young, teen, young adult, adult, old person" from now on since nobody acts their age anyway.
>> No. 226824
I think seven years have passed

Muttski 4 + 7 = 11
Sally 7 + 7 = 14
>> No. 226825
>Young Rotor has his hat
>> No. 226826
Is that Bunnie in the background?
>> No. 226827
Chuck's looking a bit derpy there.
>> No. 226828
>Blonde rabbit with a front tuft and ponytail.
Gonna go with "well duh".

The ear-bow is adorable.
>> No. 226829
>edgy Spaz-wannabe DBZ weeaboo dArtist
I'd get used to that
>> No. 226830
That's entirely uncalled for. The guy's been doing a pretty solid job in his first few attempts at comics.
>> No. 226833
File 139881019839.png - (43.20KB , 116x187 , ShermanWalrus.png )
>Introduce Rotor's dad.

This will end well.
>> No. 226834
File 139881333672.gif - (5.02KB , 88x60 , Freezeman.gif )
Since someone brought that up; Freezeman could be the Deadpool or Squirral Girl of comic series. Openly breaks the 4th wall now-and-then and just be a fun villain.
>> No. 226835

With each "would be cool if" post you make, Ian can't fucking use it. Take that shit somewhere he DOESN'T openly and publicly lurk and post.
>> No. 226836
I'm trying to figure out a Game of Thrones / Sonic story, but I can't figure out who should be who...
This is what I've got so far:

Ned Stark - King Acorn
Catelyn Stark - Vanilla the Rabbit
Robb Stark - Silver the Hedgehog
Sansa Stark - Sally Acorn
Ayra Stark - Marine the Raccoon
Bran Stark - Cream the Rabbit
Rickon Stark - Cheese the Chao
Jon Snow - Shadow the Hedgehog
Theon Greyjoy - Jet the Hawk

Robert Baratheon - Mighty the Armadillo

Melisandre - Tikal
Stannis Baratheon - Knuckles the Echidna
Davos Seaworth - Uncle Chuck

Cersei Lannister - Bunnie Rabbot
Jamie Lannister - Antoine D'Coolette
Tyrion Lannister - Tails
Joffrey Baratheon - (Super) Sonic?

Margaery Tyrell - Amy Rose

Daenerys Targaryen - Blaze
Khal Drogo - Vector the Crocodile

Samwell Tarly - Big the Cat

The Hound - Omega

Any suggestions for other characters?
>> No. 226837
>> No. 226838
Who the fuck you to say he can't? As long as Capcom and Archie give the final ok, he can do what every the hell he wants with whatever information he comes across. He can openly say "these are terrible ideas." and most people would be cool with that because he's the one writing this and has been doing a good job at it.

This a site for open discussion. So whether he's lurks here or not isn't going to stop shit. So when someone post "what if this happened" or "it would be cool if", you either join the discussion or STFU!
>> No. 226839
Mega Man should beat Wily using the Top Spin when he pilots Gamma.
Galaxy Man should ask Duo what deep space is like.
Centaur Man should be in a petting zoo at some point.
Since I said it, Ian can't use it! Oh no!
The idea behind people not saying fan ideas around Ian is that he can't use completely original ideas people come up with that you wouldn't reasonably call coincidence. Mere suggestions about using a character at some point or having two characters interact doesn't stop Ian from doing them. If it worked that way, someone could easily invalidate the comic itself by spewing a bunch of suggestions in Ian's face. The idea of "STOP SPECULATING IN FRONT OF IAN HE CAN'T DO THINGS YOU SAY" being some kind of black and white law is just as stupid as people assuming Ken could just end Archie's license with Sega by suing Archie. It's more complicated than that, it's not like he can just sue over something out of Archie's control and Sega would blame Archie for it and pull the Sonic license, but people act like that's the case.
>> No. 226840
I suppose the conception is another false rumour, like the earlier "FireMan can't show up in comics because of capcom"

It's not entirly false - it's just that information gets lost in the "he said, she said" internet cycle, so "Keep your suggestions simple, stupid" becomes "suggest anything and it won't appear in the comic, due to legal"

people are just being too carefull and tiptoeing around a senstive area is involved as well, I guess
>> No. 226841
The Nerb Foreman can be Walder Frey alright?
>> No. 226843
I was calling you a nerd, but sure why not.
>> No. 226845
Mega Man should be really well written.

oh nooooooooo
>> No. 226846
But hey, maybe we can finally move past "that's not game canon, Ian can't do that" as well.
>> No. 226847
Are you going to screencap this too?
>> No. 226851

Maan, I know that wasn't the nicest thing to do, but if even one of the people making Ian's social networking more tiresome felt some shame then I'd say it was worth it. And it didn't exactly present any new information to get spread around and cause trouble for him, just presented it in a way that's harder for the sperglords to ignore.
>> No. 226852
File 139885078595.gif - (498.84KB , 500x271 , UCPjd.gif )
In retrospect, I should have asked for his consent first. It was a spur of the moment decision. Sorry Ian.
>> No. 226855

Actually, Archie CAN make new Echidna characters, however:

-they fear the possibility of another lawsuit from Penders, which is unlikely.
-Knuckles is supposed to be the ONLY Echidna left, and SEGA wants it to remain so (Tikal doesn't count since she's dead, and Shade and Nocturnus clan don't count as well because the game is not considered canon).
>> No. 226856
What are you goofuses blabbering about?
>> No. 226860
>Who the fuck you to say he can't?
Ian fucking Flynn says he can't, you fucktard.

If you've been a part of the community, you would know he's said MULTIPLE TIMES that he doesn't look at fancomics or things because he doesn't want to steal ideas from people.

Also in Bumbleking, everytime someone does something called a "fan idea", the mods cover it up in spoiles, because Ian has gone on record saying he won't use anything he reads because he wants to not be sued or called a plagiarist by angry fans.
>> No. 226863
>Theon Greyjoy - Jet the Hawk

>> No. 226865
Well you got through to most of the people there. I say most since there are some who still want to think it's fake.
>> No. 226867

Nothing important


My stance has always been that I'm not terribly clever and am not paid to come up with clever ideas, so most ideas that I come up with are not something Ian could not also come up with. Which is why I've been known to, for instance, list off a bunch of potential motivations for Quint that aren't outlined in the one crappy game he appeared in. Dumb? Yes, but not character assassination.
>> No. 226868
Now, what would be completely different is if I explained MS Paint Masterpiece's Quint in laborious detail in a place I know Ian reads. That would not be cool with Brock's rules.
>> No. 226872
Dude, Geoffrey should be Joffrey, he even has a crossbow!
>> No. 226876
well, this was a unhappy turn.

but good news everyone!

Now that we're in Unleashed, Eggman FINALLY gets to build Eggmanland. After like what, 50 years of trying, he actually manages to build the place he always wanted to build. And we might see it in the comic.
>> No. 226879
Fancomics are not even remotely the same as comments from Anonymous posts, you shit-stein!
Anonymous can't claim ownership of anything they say or post.
It's his professional policy to try and not step in other peoples toes. Not a fucking law of nature that says he'll do the opposite that everything that people suggest.
He's just being respectful. While you're being disrespectful.
>> No. 226883
Fan ideas are fan ideas. Fan comic, a single line of brain-storming - it's the same thing. All it takes is one person to screen cap their post, time stamp it, and declare I ripped off their idea. It doesn't matter if they have any legitimate grounds - it's cheap and easy to make trouble, it's expensive and tedious to defend yourself.

Yes, it's asinine, but all it takes is one crazy to ruin everybody's fun. That's why I'm super-careful about it all.
>> No. 226886
I sure hope you're not trying to say that even the implication of ideas as simple as "HEY CHARACTER X AND CHARACTER Y SHOULD BE IN A STORY TOGETHER" means that you can never write said type of story, because that goes beyond asinine.

If you take that stance, you're just giving people easy ammo to sabotage/troll the book. Sure, it's important to lean away from more complicated musings, but I seriously hope you're not trying to imply ANY fan idea, even something as simple as say "It'd be great if a story focused on Bubble Man and Wave Man working together" would just eliminate the possibility of that kind of story ever existing.
>> No. 226887

Welcome to the retarded world of copyright law.

Enjoy your stay.
>> No. 226888
Except it almost certainly doesn't work that way, because fans have speculated and proposed things that ended up in the comic that actually ended up happening (mostly because a lot of things that happened in the comic aren't hard to call, what with the comics being based on a series of several games and all).

If it worked that way, the comic would be unable to proceed at this point.
>> No. 226889
Don't be fucking retarded. Seriously.
>> No. 226890
File 139891440465.jpg - (98.37KB , 600x563 , coolguys.jpg )
Look. If you want to pitch a fanfic, do it in private. Otherwise, let him worry about it. Speculate, predict, whatever. All this overthinking is worse than just letting people talk about the comic. Chances are, you're not going to accidentally say something so specific it can't be used, and nobody's going to get in trouble if they do: it just won't be used and nobody will notice. Just relax.
>> No. 226897
And there have been a few fingers pointed. Minor instances, I can't remember the details now, but the counter-claim made almost instantly was "Ian goes out of his way to avoid fan-made stuff."

It doesn't cover all the bases, obviously. Some folks will figure out where I'm going with things, there will be coincidences, and there will be folks who flat-out will swear I'm stalking their every personal blog post.

But my policy is there, it's very public, and I'm ardent about it. And if it saves me from some of the near constant drama, then it's worth the effort.
>> No. 226899
People guesing Ian's easy-to-figure mysteries is different than someone going "You know what? I hope [character x] does [super specific thing with no context from the story] in the future
>> No. 226901

Blues' got back
>> No. 226902
But I didn't want to pitch a fanfic, and I haven't. I just seriously asked him if he's honestly going to axe ideas as simple as two characters interacting because he stumbles upon someone saying it would be a good idea somewhere on the internet (pretty sure he wouldn't).

I get that it's better to have a black-and-white view on this, for Ian's sake, but then you have people constantly in fear that anything anyone says will be rendered impossible to show in the comic and it makes even simply discussing things harder. You get posts like this
where someone gets all stressed over a spoilered comment.

No matter how the situation is approached, SOMEONE has to deal with a lot of annoying bullshit. I don't blame Ian for not wanting to be the one to deal with it.
>> No. 226921
>Blues' got back
Seeing as the artist likes to draw lady Proto Man... As well as shipping her with Metal Man.
>> No. 226922
Why Metal Man? Is there some connection between the two I'm not thinking of?
>> No. 226923
File 139899636734.jpg - (190.26KB , 600x750 , 1f42633f4ce818e80d40996c52f1b8ab.jpg )
No idea, but as random as it is, I do like that he/she gave Proto Woman metal blade earrings.
>> No. 226926
A lot fujoshi seem to like them together, I *think* it's because they are both the "cool older brother" of the Light/Wily robot masters.
>> No. 226934
someone post the variant page for mega man!
>> No. 226936
So are the Sonic / Mega Man FCBD reprints like last year? Im only allowed 2 freebies at my shop and I'd rather not waste a slot on a reprint
>> No. 226937
The Mega Man X segment is a reprint of the backups seen in the regular issues. The Sonic segment is the Sonic Origin strips that have been running in the SSSSSS digest.
>> No. 226961
Dr. Julian Snively with action goatee

I wat.
>> No. 226965
File 139915424853.png - (740.93KB , 699x748 , comics.png )
I need to know who added this caption to the reprinted version of this story. Something about it tickled me.

Was it Jon? It was Jon, wasn't it?
>> No. 226966
Also I just realised: Ian can totally bring up Nanites exsisting in the Nu continuity, if he's legally able too do so

Consider that what Sonic Heroes's Metal Sonic could do (such as liquify itself and Metal Overlord), and compare it to Nicole pre-reboot, and they are remarkably similar tech (minus the fact Nicole was probably more advanced in what she could do), so that might be fun to reference during Sonic Origins, since that seems to be the flashback issues of the nu continuity and obviously nicole needs one since shes a freedom fighter, or alternativly at another point of time where it could be relevant, such as Silver Timey-wimey stuff (because y'know, Silver changing his future via changing the past and all that jazz probably leads to weird alternate apocolyptic futures for him, where the future dodges one everyone-dies scenario and goes right into another)
>> No. 226967
Nanites are such a generic and wide-spread concept that I don't know how they would be legally barred from doing so. IIRC, the Nanite City and Nicole's physical body came from Tommy, which in turn came from ADAM. Was ADAM a Penders creation?

Even if they were, it would only be against a specific plot of it. Ian could just go "Let there be nanites!" and it would be. Of course, Nanites can also be one hell of a plothole/Deus Ex, so I don't think that he would want to go through the trouble of putting them in play again unless he had a good storyline for it.
>> No. 226971
Alright more age info to refine our new timeline!

So now we know Muttski is supposed to be roughly Tails age (8), and Ian strongly implied it was an artist error that he was running, meant to be carried by Chuck and indicating he's probably supposed to be younger than 4 years old at the time.

That gives us a time-frame for measuring how long it's been since Eggman conquered Mobotropolis.

If Muttski was...
4yold - 4 years have passed
3yold - 5 years have passed
2yold - 6 years have passed
1yold - 7 years have passed

Combine this with Sonic's age (15), who we've also been told knew the Freedom Fighters as kids. He was either
11 years old
10 years old
9 years old
8 years old

IF the other FFs kept their same base age in the new timeline, then during Origins they'd be
Sally = same age as Sonic
Rotor = +3 years older than Sonic, so 14, 13, 12 or 11 yold
Bunnie = same as Rotor
Antoine = +5 years older than Sonic, so 16, 15, 14 or 13 yold (this looks pretty much impossible)

BUT they probably have new ages in this timeline so this part's irrelevant.
>> No. 226974
You're really overthinking this.
>> No. 226995
File 139917581347.jpg - (194.36KB , 651x950 , Geemel[1].jpg )
I want to see what Ian does with this guy. "Nooo! You beat my buddy!" is engrish gold, plus Xtreme has so much writing potential. We can get more in-depth with middy's and techno's characters, learn who the Shadow Hunters are, exactly, and maybe even see what Zero is up to while X is replaying the old games.
>> No. 226997
It's basic maths buddy. What's the point of a micro series that sets up the history of a new continuity if you don't try and make sense of it.
>> No. 226998
Knowing Zero, he probably spent a lot of that time being dead/half-dead.
>> No. 227003
I don't get why they can't show young Tails running from Mobotropolis but they can show young Tails working with young Rotor?
>> No. 227004
Tails running from Mobotropolis implies all sorts of things.
Tails talking to Rotor implies nothing.

That's literally all there is to it.
>> No. 227005
Implies what?
The reason Tails couldn't be shown at Mobotropolis was because Archie can't show SEGA characters growing up. Quote Flynn "Eh... SEGA has asked we not show anything implying the game cast as aged."

But... yeah, later in the same book is shows a younger Tails... showing us he aged?
>> No. 227008
Aging isn't really the same as existing in the past for fictional characters. They're not allowed to have the Sega cast grow older: there's never been anything said about them being unable to show the cast as younger.
>> No. 227011
File 13992073312.jpg - (522.20KB , 667x1024 , 35.jpg )
>> No. 227013
>Aging isn't really the same as existing in the past for fictional characters.
Well apparently SEGA doesn't care about the difference between that because they've mandated neither can happen.
>> No. 227014
It was probably just an artist error they forgot to change, the Origins comic is full of them. I hope SEGA isn't mad.
>> No. 227017

SEGA is always mad the question is HOW mad?
>> No. 227019
Crash Man: "Screw you, Quick Man!"
>> No. 227020
Running from Mobotropolis is an event that happened when they were all small. Tails there would imply an age and being small and young too.

Building the Sky Patrol with Rotor is something that happens later. We don't know how later. Maybe that was last week. Tails can appear fine.
>> No. 227023
File 139922565474.png - (266.23KB , 500x311 , tumblr_n524cb0PZr1r39reno1_500.png )
It's Young!Tails talking to Young!Rotor dude. This is an thing that clearly happened when they were all small, unless Rotor and Tails went though puberty in a week.
>> No. 227024
Have they really? I've never heard "the Sega characters can't be in the past." Do you mean the really old mandate that they use the modern designs instead of the Classic ones, the one where the comic can't keep going forward in time and age up the characters, or the statement that the Sonic characters' origins won't be brought up?
>> No. 227028
Oh, they can't be shown as too young, that was a recent mandate.
Considering how little Tails already is, they probably just got away with it because it looks like his normal design. It's not that hard to see.
>> No. 227032
File 139923166021.gif - (173.83KB , 720x600 , 720px-Sonic2.gif )
Actually I think I've got why Tails wasn't running from Eggman - It's because his past is sorta explained in the Sonic 2's Manual. So Ian has to kind of go with that.
>> No. 227033
It's Young!Rotor and Tails. Any implications over Tails's age are up to the reader.

Work-arounds, Anon. Work-arounds.
>> No. 227034
>This is an thing that clearly happened when they were all small, unless Rotor and Tails went though puberty in a week.
NOW you're catching on!
You see, Sonic went from Classic to Modern. In Sega's eyes, that wasn't aging. It just happened. There is nothing to say Rotor didn't just get swole in one week. There is a LOT to say by having Tails encounter Eggman/Badniks before meeting Sonic, setting his home in a specific place, implying friendships or relations existing before he met Sonic, etc.
>> No. 227035
Oh hey, Ian said it as I was typing it out.
Anyway, yeah, this is another "Uncle Chuck". Sega is only concerned about their licensed products making /very definite claims/ about things. As long as it's not being stated as a fact, they don't seem to care. The story gives you no reason to believe that this happened any farther in the past that a month or so, but your average kid is going to assume that it takes place years in the past, just like they'll assume Chuck is Sonic's uncle.

The comic is using one of its biggest problems for AGES (people just assuming things and not paying attention to the fine print) and turning it into a way of telling a story without stepping on toes.
>> No. 227039
Speaking of work arounds for showing the sonic and friends being younger thing

does this mean most past event flashbacks involving Sonic or Tails (possibly Knuckles and Eggman) will involve their "Genesis Classic" look, likel Sonic Generations did?

Because I'm totally okay with that being a thing
>> No. 227044
I certainly hope so. I loved it when they started finally using classic Sonic in flashbacks
>> No. 227045
SEGA probably don't want Classic Sonic being used to represent younger Sonic because that's not canon.
>> No. 227046
Is this a stealth "hurr durr Generations isn't canon" comment

Regardless you're right in the sense no classic Sonic, but likely only because they don't want to use the two designs at the same time beyond hipster clothing
>> No. 227048
I -WANT- to use the Classic designs to show the younger selves.

SEGA of Japan doesn't want us to show a passage of time OR the Classic designs.

And so my mental tap-dance begins...
>> No. 227049
It's like Sega's idea of keeping things "timeless" is to smash all the clocks.
>> No. 227050
File 139927266112.png - (420.38KB , 1498x850 , Archie Sonic Timeline.png )
This should be helpful for new readers
>> No. 227052
Reminder: Sonic Generations isn't canon to the video game series.
>> No. 227053
The games are listed in release order, but is that really the official timeline?
>> No. 227054
I don't think so. I think Sonic 4 comes directly after Sonic CD.

But even so, the official timeline for the games is already different from the comics with Unleashed and Chronicles out of order.
>> No. 227059
I'm not sure if you could honestly make a more confusing timeline for the reboot if you tried. That image is terrible.

Also, I want the waku wakus in the comic. I don't care how, I want to see Sonic do a police patrol for shits and giggles god damn it.
>> No. 227061
No, can't be done with that! Sonic the Hedgehog must be serious comic! Robohitler did 9/11 furry
>> No. 227065
Sonic CD is nebulous but usually placed in between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Sonic 4 takes place directly after Sonic and Knuckles.
>> No. 227068
File 139931089477.jpg - (43.59KB , 529x399 , 1382230888571.jpg )
2 years ago you assholes were praising the comic openly for being darker and more developed than the games, and now you make comments like this.
>> No. 227070
Two years ago this exact same conversation was taking place, and people wanted the lighthearted bits of Sonic then too. They were absolutely making fun of Robotnik's overstated position as the ultimate grimlord who Eggman could never replace in our hearts. What makes you assume this is everybody switching sides?
>> No. 227071
>2 years ago you assholes were praising the comic openly for being darker and more developed than the games, and now you make comments like this.
That's bullshit, I wasn't even posting on +/co/ two years ago.

I'd never want the comics to be any darker than the games, and I don't see how wanting a fun one-off story contradicts a desire for the comics to generally be better developed and written than the video games.
>> No. 227074
There's always going to be the strife of the people who preferred SatAM and those who preferred AoStH, it seems.

Personally, I was a Robotnik fan, I liked SatAm. I don't think he was "grimdark" in the cartoon and the comics sometimes went a bit too far as they progressed, so when it was initially scaled back I was for it. However, ultimately I think if you enjoyed SatAm and preferred the comic to follow that storyline (like I did) it's time to pack up and head to greener pastures. I could see the writing on the wall during Endangered Species storyline. The massive blow to the supporting cast is just too large for the comic to sustain. It's just easier if you accept that this is a new Sonic Comic that has a stricter interpretation of the characters and setting that is closer to the games, and the previous comic doesn't really matter for this new one. Now, you can still get Sonic and a bunch of colorful characters written by Ian Flynn, but it's going to be more like Sonic X, or Sonic Boom, or other more recent interpretations that aren't going to have the same appeal as the previous comic did. That isn't to say that the old comics or SatAm were "grimdark" as I know a lot of people like to throw around, or that these new comics are just sterilized and shallow kiddie fare either. But the old comic is gone. It ain't comin' back. You can enjoy what it was, but trying to make this new comic be more like the old comic isn't going to work, it's just going to make everyone get frustrated at each other.
>> No. 227078
Oh boy, Ian gets saddled with another legal shitfest again

what a suprise

well, at least you can sort of let Sega pull their own weight on this one - I'm sure they'll eventually give you a mandate that outright contradicts/nulifies another mandate they previously sent you, and you can shove dealing with obnoxious bullshit back onto them instead for a change

which would be nice, but don't cross your fingers because apparently Archie Sonic has to deal with all of Sega's legal and/or miscomunication problems now or something
>> No. 227079
The company's asking him to not do something incidental, could you please cool your righteous fury for a minute?
>> No. 227081
Maybe it's confusing if you're an idiot. But this is the child friendly version.
>> No. 227082
Oh shut up KKM, you're not paid to defend SEGA you know
>> No. 227085
That's not even a legal matter, but yes Archie has to follow Sega's rules. As always.
>> No. 227088
It's not well composed, and it's wrong in a few ways. So, no, it ain't great.
>> No. 227089
Doesn't mean SEGA's rules aren't 100% fucktarded. We wouldn't have this problem if Sonic wasn't the mascot so he's put on character lockdown.
>> No. 227095
Haha, I actually point to something being not so much of a big deal for once and I get called a namefag, whodathunkit.

But seriously, it's just "you can't draw him that short, and his eyes MUST be colored!" You seriously gonna wax poetic about that? It's fucking nothing. Oh fuck, look out son, DC won't let artists draw Superman with pants. Story ruined fuck DC, those assholes.

Seriously, step back and think about what's being complained about and how over the top this
post is in relative terms.
>> No. 227099
File 139934464918.jpg - (80.61KB , 600x540 , 0705.jpg )
It's version 1.0, a work in progress, if there's any mistakes in there please point them out so it can made better.

But I still contend, for a timeline chart this is simple, no loops - time travel - paradoxes, just a simple line from A to B with a few events along the way.
If you have trouble reading this, I pity if you ever have to read an actually difficult timeline chart, like for Homestuck, the Matrix or god forbid, the old Archie Sonic timeline.

As for it not being well composed, I'm afraid that's not exactly constructive criticism Ian. It's too generic for me to address. Is it the font colors? The spacing? Line style?
>> No. 227100
You're right. "It's bad - WAH" is terrible feedback on my part. I'm just pissy because there's been an above average amount of "This is confirmed!" going around that is people taking what I've said and running wild with it.

- it's way too dark. The red text is almost unreadable against the dark blue.
- the most pertinent information - the events of the new universe - are squashed to the bottom of the graphic
- the list of "confirmed" games is well composed, but assumes A LOT. Nowhere has Eraser or Drift been called canon
- in fact, I've made a couple of mistakes in my own confirmation on BKC. When I say something like "every game except X, Y and Z" I'm not thinking Waku Waku or Eraser
- on top of that, what I say today might get cut off by the knees tomorrow/next month/a year from now
- the "4-7 years ago" is placed after Rotor leaves home, when it should all fall under the blanket "X Years Ago"
- the colored text might work, but seems more like a distraction

I apologize if I sounded dickish earlier. I appreciate the effort to educate, and there was obviously time and effort put into it.
>> No. 227101
All of that. The actual timeline doesn't take up even half the image, the games aren't in a real order (and have a lot of assumptions.) The colors make it hard to read, the choices for which events to cover are random. It's just a line with some stuff on it. It took me forever to figure out everything it was trying to say.
>> No. 227102
>You're right. "It's bad - WAH" is terrible feedback on my part. I'm just pissy because there's been an above average amount of "This is confirmed!" going around that is people taking what I've said and running wild with it.

I know you think the fanbase is to blame Ian, but it's really just human nature. There's a reason most people in the business aren't open with the fans as much as you are.
>> No. 227104
>I'm just pissy because there's been an above average amount of "This is confirmed!" going around that is people taking what I've said and running wild with it.
I've been seeing that "Ian confirmed" stuff a lot lately. I hope it isn't getting too bad or it at least dies down.
>> No. 227106
What the hell did I do now, I was asleep
>> No. 227108
Have "Games maybe occurred" instead of "Games occurred", with a note quoting what Ian says on >>227100 that we don't actually know what games occurred and are just assuming
>> No. 227109
Alright, I've tried to take your suggestions on board, better?

Is there a specific event you think should be listed/de-listed?

Is there a better way of saying that, it's very wishy washy
>> No. 227111
"Games that possibly occurred"?
>> No. 227112
How about probably occurred? It leaves room for ambiguity while still suggesting most games on the list happened.
>> No. 227113
Sure, looks fine.
>> No. 227115
Even if X doesn't get a book, I'm sure he'll have backups of some sort.
I really hope the Rockman Holic X Armor can be worked into a story someday...unless there's a confusing legal matter with Sound Holic tied to it.
>> No. 227116
>I've been seeing that "Ian confirmed" stuff a lot lately
Ian confirmed for Brawl
>> No. 227117

I thought Dash, maybe Jump were post-Genesis Wave?
>> No. 227118
Much better.

I don't think we'll be including them in the continuity.
>> No. 227119
>make an awesome game utilizing classic designs
>immediately throw it in the trash

Fuck those assholes
>> No. 227121
I'm sure SEGA weeps
>> No. 227122
What do you expect? All Generations was to just get people's attention.
>> No. 227138
To further clarify: of that list, the games I have no current plans to work into the lore are:
- Mean Bean Machine
- SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter
- Sonic's Game World
- Sonic Labyrinth
- G Sonic
- Sonic Pocket Adventure
- Sonic Pinball Party
>> No. 227140
To be honest:

Some of those games should probably be Danger-Room specific challenge scenarios - you know, Like Scorpio from Sonic Spinball currently is in the Sonic Origins.

Some other games, such as Sonic R, should probably be just visual nudges in the comic - for example, the Tails Doll (when it eventually gets rebuilt) could probably have a tag that is dated to Sonic R's release date sewn onto it, or something else subtle like that.

Nothing too solid - Nobody'd pin it on a timeline anywhere for Sonic canon talks, but just little things that have the game breifly acknoledged.
>> No. 227141
File 139942113935.png - (411.33KB , 1500x850 , Archie Sonic timeline 4.png )
Thank you again, list updated
>> No. 227142
File 139942257459.gif - (1.71MB , 300x225 , 101damnations.gif )
>Ian confirmed he hates fun
>> No. 227143
More like he confirmed he hates shitty, unfun games.
>> No. 227144
No, Ian confirmed he doesn't want to waste his time trying to push those things into the story when they don't have to and Sega might tell him to knock it off later on or something.
I actually totally agree with you, but I respect his decision to not write silly stories about goofy things if he doesn't want to.
Even if I would really appreciate some goofy stories about Eggman stealing Sonic's shoes and Sonic getting stuck in a pinball tournament where his friends have been brainwashed.
>> No. 227145
>Sonic Pocket Adventure
>Shitty, unfun game

oi m8 ill rough u up i will
>> No. 227146
>Ian plans on using hte sonic school
>> No. 227147
If we get that rabbit student and its fantastic laugh, I will be pleased.
>> No. 227148
I was hoping the use of the gif and the context would make it clear I was ribbing the situation with people constantly quoting him as "confirming" things.

As sad as it makes me to see any of those games ruled out.
>> No. 227149
At this point it's impossible to be sarcastic or satirical: no matter what, some idiot has already said it sincerely.
>> No. 227154
So while we're talking about things that were "confirmed", was it actually confirmed somewhere that Bunnie's limbs didn't come from roboticizing? Because I keep seeing that get mentioned, but as far as I can tell, she said she got the limbs from Chuck, and #259 confirms that he did invent the roboticizer in this continuity. And with Ian's explanation, if I understand everything, Bunnie got her new limbs because she was badly injured. Wasn't the roboticizer originally supposed to be for medical use? I just keep seeing people saying her limbs are just prosthetics but I don't see that anywhere in the actual story.
>> No. 227162
AFAIK, it's at least not the same as "Bunnie was chucked into a roboticizer & rescued half-way" in the old continuity. And 255 outright says that Chuck was the one who saved her life. Pretty sure the whole "Chuck invented the roboticizer for good, but Robotnik stole & misused it" from SatAM & the old continuity are still in play.

I've heard it said that in the FCBD, Bunnie in the wheelchair was supposed to have her robotic limbs, but THAT was at least an artist error (unlike what looks like that green fox-raccoon that was almost assuredly Tails at one point)
>> No. 227163
No, the "Bunnie was disabled" thing is coming from an art error, and my Word of God isn't spreading very far.

Things should be cleared up when SCO gets to her.
>> No. 227180
So, the most recent Sonic Universe has been delisted from Comixology. That's...peculiar, to put it lightly.

Hopefully it's just a bug.
>> No. 227184
Man I remember Bunnie Rabbot's golden age origin. Had that issue.
>> No. 227189
>Knuckles gets a fresh new start
>SU cancelled
>> No. 227190
Probably because it's so buggy. I have it in my books but only half the pages will work.
>> No. 227192
jesus christ new King Acorn is awful
>> No. 227194
He's not bad for a character designed to deflect focus. The time of Mobotropolis politics is over (although it seems other regions will pick up the bill.)
>> No. 227195
>not a moronic insane old man
>> No. 227196
> jesus christ new King Acorn is boring
FTFY. He's not going to be the power-hunger deteriorating king we once knew. Which is fine: we have a large cast that needs rebuilding and additions (in the vein of other game characters that got little or no comic time), and he'll probably be used as a source of information to the readers and perhaps get kidnapped/threatened once or twice.

I'm far more disappointed that the King Naugus storyline won't be completed.
>> No. 227197

The King Naugus story was too torpedoed to have a real ending without reestablishing it in the new canon and it already had went on for years.

Can't blame them for wanting getting it out the way quickly and wanting to move on.
>> No. 227198
At least it sounds like we'll get back to Naugus eventually, so we'll get some sort of closure, even if it wasn't what we were hoping for. It's understandable why Naugus had to be brushed to the side so quickly, but it was still pretty lame.
>> No. 227220
while reading Shadows Universe arc I realised:

Ian totally could use the alternate Shadow The Hedgehog endings for a Silver/Shadow story if he wanted, especially considering he's kept it vague enough as to which route the comic took (because he wisely decided not to touch that game too much for the universe story, other than it's Final Story being canon)

Hurray for "What if" Time Travel plots that arn't too convoluted

also it'll allow Shadow to kick Silver in the head again, and thats always worth seeing
>> No. 227225
I don't think they're "alternate" in that they are divergent timelines: I think they're "alternate" in that they're different locations of the same timeline. In fact, in SU the LCS "after credits" ending references the Subscriber ending.
>> No. 227226
I think he means the alternate endings in the game.

I doubt SEGA'd fly with it, but I'd certainly like to revisit some of them. For some reason I always liked the one where Shadow decides to live forever guarding the ruins of the ARK in the memory of the events of decades ago.
>> No. 227228
Boy there's a lot of new characters getting introduced in Waves of Change. They're all local though and they're distinct, which makes it actually pretty nice. Introducing so much stuff certainly makes for a LOT of dialog though.
>> No. 227229

>> No. 227230
Coral, Pearly, Razor, Crusher, Aquarius, Pistol Shrimp. Chao, Gaia Temple, Mining, Dark Gaia monsters.
>> No. 227233
Where'd you find all that out from?
>> No. 227234
Subscriptions seem to be back in order. I'm surprised nobody else has gotten the book yet.
>> No. 227236
Yeah, I ment the game's alternate endings, sorry.

personally, I'd like to see Black Arms Shadow "bad future" ending visited, simply for more "Eclipse adores his Oniichan" moments, that can then be played completely straight. Yeah, I know the liklyhood of Eclipse exsisting in such a future is slim, but he'd help make Black Arms Shadow seem more alien as a character, while allowing Shadow to keep and somewhat subvert his more humanizing traits (for example, it'd allow for him to keep him being grumpy at having "support", but you know the moment Eclipse goes down to something, Black Arms Shadow's going to go on a warpath, rescue Eclipse, and obliterate anything between him and the extraction point that will get Eclipse out of danger and back to health). Also, Silver vs. Devil Doom could be fun
>> No. 227258
we have a new thread on the new board:


No, I'm not quite sure how to link to the new board, but just so everyone doesn't miss it. remember: the boards a little new, so if the thread doesn't update (for example, you post doesn't appear immedeatly), make sure to F5 to check if it actually went through before sending another reply

also, the new comic has finally arrived
>> No. 227294

Can we just keep using the non-ugly board
>> No. 227296
>Can we just keep using the non-ugly board

yes, the non-ugly board is here -> https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/
>> No. 227297
Way too thin.
>> No. 227299
File 14001648909.png - (74.05KB , 1002x1087 , kusaba_vs_koba.png )
>> No. 227302
File 140026064369.jpg - (121.64KB , 1731x565 , dont give me that nonsense.jpg )
Besides, I like not having it crammed in the middle.
>> No. 227332
File 140066999286.gif - (25.99KB , 256x192 , Pearl_Embarrassed_1.gif )
So, how much Pearly is based on Pearls?
>> No. 227418
I really wish that Archie could tell us what got cut from the comic. I feel that that would be better then saying nothing which gives fans false hope about their favorite characters that got cut.
>> No. 227419
Even they aren't completely such who is safe to use or not.

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