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File 13978195431.jpg - (93.58KB , 550x680 , werehog.jpg )
226253 No. 226253
Last Thread: >>225338

Are you looking forward to the Werehog?
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>> No. 226558
>> No. 226563
He already did it.
Back when he wrote the Sonic Universe blogs, there was a "file" on the units Gamma terminated. Sigma was said to have been "corrupted by several viruses".
>> No. 226571
Okay, I seem to remember Evan Stanely saying that she had to rush the "after" pages, but holy fuck it's obvious Terry Austin didn't care AT ALL at that point. Why does he still have a job.
>> No. 226572
Relevent, Evan commented on the matter (well, not about the inks sucking, but I guess that's professional courtesy).

>Coral is 1000% cuter when Jennifer Hernandez is drawing her, trust me. I was really struggling to stick to the provided character model (also it was 4AM). She did her own thing and it’s better.

Interesting because I thought Jen was doing the backup, but still.
>> No. 226577
It was a bit strange to see Vector talk about Princess Sally and the "World Famous Freedom Fighters" with such reverence wasn't it?

I guess the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters haven't really interacted much in this universe.
>> No. 226578
I thought he was just bragging, using any association to make himself sound important.
>> No. 226580
The Freedom Fighters are certainly celebrities compared to the deadbeat Chaotix.
>> No. 226585
File 139833964666.jpg - (91.21KB , 734x473 , Oldrobot.jpg )
So Ian, do you think this guy will show up in mega Man's time, or the time between series?
>> No. 226591
File 139836251923.jpg - (171.96KB , 1000x1480 , image.jpg )
It's kinda surreal reading a Knuckles story without all that echidna history and drama filling it up.
>> No. 226592
Evan's not a bad artist at all, but I think her stuff would be cuter if she stopped giving everyone caveman brows.
>> No. 226601
>Ian Flynn 14/02/16(Sun)08:03 No. 223591
>Might want to have waited until Sonic Comic Origins came out, Anon.

>Sonic's known the F.F. since they were kids.

>The Bunnie/Antoine dialogue in STH#257 was to illustrate that we are now in a new continuity, and that the memories of the old one are already fading. That's all.

So this is still true right? Sonic has known the Freedom Fighters since he was young? The previews for Sonic Origins makes it ambiguous.
>> No. 226605
Is it really?
All we've seen so far is a retelling of Eggman's coup and solicits that say X character meets the FFs. Meaning they probably all converge or show the kids joining the "group" one by one.
>> No. 226606
Sonic will now meet the Freedom Fighters exactly one issue before the new continuity's start. The origins will depict how these brand new friends will be introduced to the lore.
>> No. 226608
>/v/ ride starts megaman again today
>cutman appears

oh god, the entire thread is full of scizzor related puns instantly

what did we unleash upon this unprepared world
>> No. 226609
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
I really hope you are.
>> No. 226612
File 139839111981.png - (160.09KB , 252x352 , Rockmanshadowart[1].png )
If we can't get Rock Shadow or the Dimensions, I'd rather Ian not replace him with Quint
>> No. 226613

Ian seems pretty hype to write Quint whenever it comes up.

I'll eat my hat if he doesn't become a recurring villain.
>> No. 226616
I kind of hate Quint, so I'd rather see Ian turn him into R-Shadow than be stuck with that little ball of disappointment.
>> No. 226619
File 139840605392.jpg?spoiler - (96.57KB , 569x793 , jesus christ.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 226621
We are well past the point where this person is clearly an "epic troll" to the Sonic fanbase, yet people still give this man attention and treat what he does as if it's serious.
>> No. 226625
Devious... diva... diva-isnous...buh.

And he paid someone for this? And then gave himself credit before this poor fool?
>> No. 226626

Remember the time when Optimus Prime was like a zombie under the control of the Quintessons, and when they set a trap for the Autobot armada, he sent them away and remained behind to crash their flagship into an exploding sun to save them all?

("Dark Awakening" is the ep, in case you want to look it up.)

I kind of wonder if that's not unlike what God is doing in all of this.
>> No. 226636
We live in a post CWC age. We've seen what a single human is capable of.

Ken is a what CWC would have been h ad he been successful at one point of his career. The man shaved his moustache and went full manchild mode after his mom died. His stubborn refusal to acknowledge what anyone else in the world is telling him is stupid is baffling.
>> No. 226638
Listen, I won't get into the whole Quint thing again, but I will at least say from a writing perspective he's a golden goose and we should trust Ian since he clearly sees something in him.
>> No. 226639
Also, >>226619 HAHAHA
>> No. 226640
File 13984385671.png - (280.29KB , 419x385 , This is what you get for trusting Starscream.png )

Lien-Da deserved a better fate than this, dammit.
>> No. 226642
No, she did.
Lara is innocent, though.
>> No. 226643
Does anyone know why sometimes Comixology cuts off the Off Panel and Letters page?

Like it's there for StH #259, but missing on SU #63

Also if anyone has it tell me what happens in the off panel.
>> No. 226645
File 13984419428.jpg - (481.62KB , 1606x887 , image.jpg )
Here ya go!
>> No. 226647
>the background pumpkin's worried expression in the final panel

heh heh
>> No. 226656
Ha, I didn't even notice that.
>> No. 226668
File 139851757242.gif - (613.97KB , 245x250 , 235.gif )
When are we going to get the Werehog?
>> No. 226669
>Ben Bates is quitting comics
>> No. 226670

After a few more four part trade story arcs.
>> No. 226672
That's such a shame. He's no doubt the best artist this comic currently has at the moment.
>> No. 226673
I hope he goes to a good animation studio like Frederator, it'd suck if he went from this to something soulless like drawing for Johnny Test
>> No. 226674
You don't exactly be picky when entering the animation biz, a foot in the door is all anyone can ask for.
>> No. 226675
>implying noodle limbs would be a good use of his talent
>> No. 226676
File 139853735846.jpg - (285.32KB , 747x1130 , big.jpg )
Yes, Ben Bates on noodle limbs is such a waste.
>> No. 226679
he's going with the team that makes Axe cop
>> No. 226684

>Bates leaving
>storylines that had to be abandoned
Muh sanic.
>> No. 226691
File 139856637899.png - (649.69KB , 726x727 , 1398565739115.png )
A reason to go to /v/ in 2014, who'd have thought
>> No. 226710
Wow, there's already porn of Relic the Pika. I think that's a new record.
>> No. 226711
File 139857864831.jpg - (59.86KB , 285x315 , 1397184115958.jpg )

Oh god, that face.
>> No. 226712
There was a pic of her in nothing but a towel like hours after the issue was out.
>> No. 226714
I wonder what Robot Master order Ian will go through for the Megaman 3 comics

I'm worried he'll be constrained by where Protoman appears in the games - Protoman fights Megaman in Magnet Man, Hard Man and Shadow Man's stages, but just appears to open the way in Gemini Man's stage. He also appears to fight you for a final time in the Wily Castle. So Ian might have to go Gemini Man first, So Protoman has a reason to actually battle Megaman in the other three stages.

This gets complicated because in Megaman 3 complete Works, Protoman is ALSO one of the Navigators - you know, like Dr.Light and Roll. While also fighting Megaman.

I have no idea how Ian's going to have Protoman telling Megaman where to go, while also fighting him.

>> No. 226717
He's gonna be Break Man all five times.
Gemini Man may very well be the last time you see him before the proper Break Man fight, the story showing Blues helping Mega Man more and more as they progress, going from antagonizing him to taking over comms to warn him about upcoming obstacles.
The Break Man mask will be destroyed during the true Break Man fight, and he'll be Proto Man from now on.

There's a good chance he won't actually run into Mega Man five times across four issues.
>> No. 226720
He's still going to have to work for Wily till he turns on him and saves Kalinka, which leads to Wily getting pissy and framing Proto Man after that.
>> No. 226721
Yeah, but that doesn't stop him from being Char.
In fact, that's just a given, being the "bad guy" while helping the heroes more and more until he ends up being a villain in name only and occasionally doing bad shit before eventually giving up the whole villain shtick completely...well, not forever in Char's case, but...
>> No. 226859
Does the Mega Man 36 Variant come out today? If not when?

if it has, what's the last page?
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