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File 139568168527.jpg - (324.11KB , 822x617 , 1379277055364.jpg )
225338 No. 225338
Last Thread : >>224354
New Thread : >>225338

So who did they kill?
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>> No. 225339
Julie-Su or Geoffrey most likely
>> No. 225341
"But, why Sonic"
"She wasn't with us anymore Tails, there wasn't anything we could have done to bring her back."
"But we could have tried Sonic."
"No Tails. she was lost. Doomed to be an OC."
"Yea, it was more merciful to end this now then to let her suffer such an indignity."
>> No. 225344
I wanna ask you a question.
When you came pullin' in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my palace that said, "Dead Echidna Storage"?
Did you notice a sign out in the front of my palace that said "Dead Echidna Storage"?!
You know why you didn't see that sign?
'Cause it ain't there, 'cause storing dead echidnas ain't my FUCKING business, that's why!
>> No. 225370

I can totally see Ian making that reference if he can find a place for it someday. "Dead badnik storage" or something.
>> No. 225422
According to regular /co/, during Ian's Sonic streaming session he mentioned that Knux's new girlfriend mentioned in the newest Universe issue is an OC, and that Penders has threatened to sue if Scourge is ever used in the comic ever again.
>> No. 225423

That makes that whole debate about Scourge being a reprint cover last thread kinda silly doesn't it?
>> No. 225424
Gotta love the internet's version of telephone.

ME: "There's a new friend for Knuckles coming up."

No. There is no romantic interest between Knux and the new character.
>> No. 225425
I think they were just being cheeky.
>> No. 225426
/co/ was being snarky.
People reading /co/...yeah.

Not really, since the entire debate was one guy saying "Hey it looks like Archie thinks Scourge is safe to use on covers maybe" and another guy going "HE'S NOT SAFE IN THE COMICS THOUGH STOP ASSUMING."
>> No. 225428
Probably because there can't be due to mandates.
>> No. 225430
'Cause Knuckles only has eyes for Sonic~

Mandates that we know very little about. We get some specific info and general hints and fill in some blanks, but what is and is not absolute is not known to us.
>> No. 225434
>and that Penders has threatened to sue if Scourge is ever used in the comic ever again.

>> No. 225435
Can someone please tell Mav to shut his goddamn mouth and stop blabbing everything he hears on 4chan to every corner of the net? Especially when it's someone who works at Archie semi-anonymously telling people stuff about the legal situation they probably aren't supposed to? Could you stress that going and asking HEY KEN IS IT TRUE YOU'LL SUE ARCHIE IF THEY USE SCOURGE CUZ I HEARD YOU THREATENED TO DO THAT on the man's forum is absolutely retarded? Could you also stress that there are other ways of doing this that aren't incredibly stupid, like just asking what kind of usage of "Evil Sonic" he would consider infringements of his rights in a thread that already exists for discussing that character?

Because I half expect him to say "Well you say that, BUT I HEARD IAN SAID YOU'D SUE." as if he had the discretion of a 12 year old.
>> No. 225446
It was on a stream chat. Can't really source that.
>> No. 225447
File 139594077490.jpg - (66.20KB , 435x479 , Magical.jpg )
For fuck's sake
>> No. 225449
I sent a pm
>> No. 225450
Uh, that wasn't Mav? It was me, this Anon right here.
>> No. 225451
He's talking about on Penders' message board.
>> No. 225452
Oh wait you're talking about what he did on Ken's forum, not here. Christ.
>> No. 225453
Well it's a little too little too late right now. But I think I'll bow out from Penders' forum now.
>> No. 225457
File 139595673215.jpg - (24.68KB , 320x239 , sonic_l.jpg )
While I can agree that Mav has about as much tact and restraint as a bull in a China shop (sorry Mav but you have, like, zero tact or restraint), this was about as big a secret as "Ken is short for Kenneth".

Seriously? Ken told everyone ages back that he was laying claim to a list of characters, and "Evil Sonic" is on that list. Then he clarified that he considered Scourge to be Evil Sonic. We knew this. We talked about this. A lot. And I know some people kept going "but there's no way Ken'd actually do anything about Scourge... surely... there's just no way..." but when Ian indicated that Ken might make a fuss over Scourge, he was showing tact and restraint by not adding "a-durr. Haven't you been paying attention?" at the end.
>> No. 225459

A lot of people still seem to be in the denial phase of acceptance.

They will likely remain there for a couple years.
>> No. 225460
Tact and restraint is for pussies anyway.
>> No. 225462

Blabbing is something this entire little community struggles with, no need to zero in on Mav for this one.
>> No. 225463

I just feel bad for the poor hogglesnog. He'd been having a rough year even before his wife got obliterated by Ken the Tasmanian.
>> No. 225489
File 139603277690.jpg - (163.92KB , 500x563 , Happy King Koopa.jpg )
>'Tilda and Uncle Beauregard confirmed for "Nope.jpg"
>Displeasure level: Maximum
>> No. 225490
Was this confirmed somewhere?
>> No. 225491
>Anon: "I'm a bit confused as to who came up with Beau, I think he was mentioned before Ian took over, but he never showed up till after Ian. I wonder who is credited with his creation"
>Ian: "The idea of an Uncle Beau for Bunnie came before me."

That's all that was said. Ian also said in the same thread that he "can't/won't confirm/deny cut content". This really is getting like a game of telephone. Ian just explaining something we already know AFTER saying he's not confirming anything cut isn't evidence one way or the other. Hell, even if Ian was breaking his rule to throw out a hint, nothing's stopping Gallagher from just calling up Archie one day and saying "Have Beau."
>> No. 225492
It wasn't. Someone over at Stadium relayed info on a comment from Ian that may or may not have even meant anything (see above), and everyone took that to mean Beau's definitely gone. And apparently the anon above you decided to throw in Matilda for good measure even though she wasn't even mentioned.
>> No. 225496
Denial: Not just a river in Sandopolis Zone.

Ian was asked about Uncle Beauregard and Matilda reappearing. No reply. He was asked again about Uncle Beauregard specifically, and when he'd return. No reply. Lastly he was asked who came up with Uncle Beauregard and he replied "Gallagher".

This "well maaaaaybe they're okay to use..." thinking is why it took us so damn long to accept that Scourge is gone. Gallagher dropped the name Uncle Beau, Penders came up with the idea of Mighty's sister. It'd be nice if Archie felt inclined to lean toward them being new characters Ian created, but it doesn't look like that's how they're tilting. Maybe that'll change, but for now the characters look to be just as screwed as all the others.
>> No. 225497
Same anon you're replying to here.

Just to be clear, I do think that unless something changes down the line (like Gallagher stepping up if he hasn't already behind the scenes), Beau is probably gone right now, and given the Penders stuff with Matilda, she's even less likely to be around.

I'm not trying to be all "DON'T WORRY GUYS THEY STILL EXIST". I'm just saying that what Ian said in that other thread wasn't confirmation of a damn thing. That guy up there and people on other boards are acting like Ian confirmed it outright.
>> No. 225498
It's the closest thing to a confirmation he's legally allowed. I'm not saying I approve of people going around saying "Ian literally said they can't be used!" but it's definitely fair to say that his comments look like they confirm the characters can't be used.

All we can do is try to move on as best as we can, while continuing to tell Archie that we do want them to try to work some deal out with any old creators they can (probably won't make a difference, but there's no harm in trying).
>> No. 225499
>> No. 225500
I bet Ian can't wait until five years from now when people are still going to keep asking about every single character that hasn't shown yet and he can't tell them whether they're just shelved because he didn't want to mess with it (or mess with it /yet/) or if they're just a lost cause.

I bet he can't wait for ten years from now when people are still asking and there's still no way to make them shut up.

I'm sure future writers will appreciate their employers shifting the responsibility of dealing with this shit on them for the rest of the comic's life.
>> No. 225501
Release a fucking statement

problem solved
>> No. 225503
>Release a statement

And admit there's a problem? lolno.

All we can do is keep writing in, expressing displeasure, and indicating that we'd be more likely to buy things if they were able to get back any old creators' characters whatsoever. Of course it will likely have about as much an effect on Archie as spitballs on a battleship, but you never know. Drunk Archie editors and legal dept employees might run into a drunk Karl Bollers at a convention one day. Stranger things have happened.

Like this whole ordeal for one thing...

Oh and keep in mind there's not a damn thing Ian can do that he's not already doing. I'm sure every time he has a reasonable opening (if such things even exist) he politely coughs and indicates that it'd be great if anything could be done.
>> No. 225505
Can people really not connect the dots. It's obviously, and clearly, Tiara that Knuckles is talking about. CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE
>> No. 225507
You wanna bet cash money on that, anon?
>> No. 225511
If by 'bet cash money', you mean 'bribe you to ensure my waifu's addition to the cast', then yes.
>> No. 225513

From TonightsConductor on /v/'s sonic marathon
>> No. 225514
I just realized that we basically have no chance of getting a Slackerjak reference in the comic now. They'll never reference Enerjak again, so there won't be opportunity to spin it into a joke.

>> No. 225515
I wanna bet cash money that it's Dulcy or a new character.
I accept debit and credit if you're short, friend.
>> No. 225519
Is that.... is that Jim Cummings?
>> No. 225522
It seems so.
>> No. 225527
That would be a safe bet since he outright said it's a new character.
>> No. 225534
Can someone tell me what OP is an image of?
>> No. 225535
And by that I mean what it's parodying.
>> No. 225537
Pulp Fiction
>> No. 225539
Posting this until its canon

>> No. 225542
>Implying it's not already canon.
Roll cares deeply for her bro. They're great friends.
I'd tell you to stop being lewd, but Ian gave Ice Man a crush on Roll so everything's fair game.
>> No. 225543
No, CAPCOM gave Ice Man a crush on Roll.
>> No. 225545
They did?
I was pretty sure they made him a spazoid who thinks he's multiple soldiers in an imaginary war.
Point is that there's already a precedent.
I'm not sure there's any idea about Mega Man that irks me more than the "Only Blues, Rock, and Roll count as family" idea for the Light Robots.
>> No. 225547

Battle and Chase.
>> No. 225550
>I'm not sure there's any idea about Mega Man that irks me more than the "Only Blues, Rock, and Roll count as family" idea for the Light Robots.

Well... sorry? That's the angle Capcom came up with. The ones programmed to think and act like actual robot kids think of themselves as siblings. The ones programmed for other things do acknowledge a sort of link, they're kinda-sorta family or comrades or something, but Splash Woman doesn't think of Mega Man as her older brother or anything.

>They did?

They did.
>> No. 225551
File 139622140439.png - (5.87KB , 222x114 , IceManEnd_BnC[1].png )
They did
>> No. 225552
>That's the angle Capcom came up with.
Pretty sure "they're not as close" =/= "they're not really considered part of the family at all". There's kind of a big difference between Guts Man not being treated like Mega Man's literal brother and the idea that Guts is just some guy and Light gives about as much of a shit about him as he does any other doctor's RMs.

I mean, you said it yourself. "Kinda family". The source material seems to go with the idea of them being relatively close but not siblings per-se.
>> No. 225554
People in this thread arguing Dr. Light doesn't give a shit about Guts Man = the same number of pages in the comic showing Dr. Light doesn't give a shit about Guts Man = 0

Blues, Rock, and Roll are Dr. Light's "kids" and think of themselves as siblings. The others... probably look at one another like a clan or something. There's definitely a bond there, and loyalty, but if Ice Man has a crush on Roll that's cool. Not a problem.
>> No. 225558
...I never said people in this thread were arguing that or that the comic does that.
I just mentioned that the idea that the Light Bots just aren't part of the family because they're more distant than the core members is probably one of the most annoying things I hear when people are discussing Classic Mega Man. I see it every once in a while and it's just disheartening.
>> No. 225559
In the end, they are all robots. Any since of love or family ties is limited to their programming and learning experiences. The Robot Masters spend most of their time at their work stations, while Mega and Roll spend it with each other at home.

Would you feel as attached to a family member you see every day compared to one you see every few times every other month?

On that same note; Iceman is the more emotional than other MM1 robots; and Roll is the Smurfette of the series so...
>> No. 225570
Friends are people you pick. Family are the people you're stuck with. Sorry to sound like a motivational poster. But no, they're not "related".
>> No. 225590
>no, they're not "related".
Meanwhile, on the other end of the internet that very same day--
>Paul Kaminski: ...Mega Man is surrounded by family: Dr. Light, his sister Roll, his Robot Master brothers-in-arms– even a pet dog!

They're more "Framily" than family, but I thought it was kind of funny that an interview where Paul calls them "family" goes up as soon as someone says they aren't a family.
>> No. 225601
He called them "brothers-in-arms" - effectively like soldiers from the same platoon, or beat partners on the police. Folks who have created a close, family-like bond.

Not that I'm correcting you, Anon, just making sure to be extra clear because - y'know - INTERNET. But, yeah, the timing of that is uncanny.
>> No. 225602

I was saying they were family.
>> No. 225605
I assumed people would get that from the very deliberate choice to not use "siblings" and the fact that Ice Man has a thing for Roll, but you're right, internet.

I entirely misread your post then. Sorry.
>> No. 225627
What do you think of Roll's crush on "Mega"?
>> No. 225636
This appears to be set in green hill zone. Comic adaption when?

>> No. 225643
Nigga that's Emerald Hill.
>> No. 225651
File 139638244045.png - (425.55KB , 482x318 , tumblr_inline_mhwsh0N8Uu1qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 225674
File 139643202381.jpg - (368.25KB , 660x1024 , MegaMan_35-0V-660x1024.jpg )
I've been without internet for a very long time up until this point and I just want to ask, this is a Metal Gear Rising Reference right? I swear I've seen Raiden cut up Metal Gear Ray exactly like what Zero is doing here.

I'm sure it's been discussed before, just curios.
>> No. 225675
File 139643277548.jpg - (647.83KB , 1920x1080 , 371350.jpg )
Doubt it was intentional.
>> No. 225677
>> No. 225680
They're really dead set on making sure nobody reads that Origins comic, huh?
>> No. 225681
File 139646321478.png - (1.34MB , 598x884 , sally mini a shit.png )
Something that may be of interest: A bunch of covers have been edited on Comixology to feature credits on the cover, including reprints.

More specifically, only comics with "Knuckles" in the title.
>> No. 225682
What? It's in several places, including the FCBD. Why would you think they're dead set on nobody reading it?
>> No. 225684
According to Midtown, it's been pushed back for a third week into 4/15. They've been pushing it back a week each week.
I was being a smartass, don't take things so literally.

On the other hand, they updated the cover on Google Books...very subtly. I only noticed because I checked a link to it earlier this morning and again later in the day.
>> No. 225689
>> No. 225716
>> No. 225718
I'm always glad to see creators having their work clearly marked. It's just too bad that getting that clear marking took so much... unpleasantness.
>> No. 225720
Several of the edited KtE covers were cropped and/or otherwise had the new credits covering up Spaz and Penders' signatures. Only reprint lines that contain Penders work have been changed to add names to the front. All reprints that contain any contribution from Ken have his name as the first and one of the three most prominent on the cover, no matter how little he actually contributed to the collection of stories inside.

Is it good that creators are getting a bit more credit? Yeah, sure.
Is it good that they're basically spreading misinformation by propping Ken's name the most, essentially underselling the contributions of others? Not really.
It's also not super great that their names are only being put on books like Selects and Archives instead of the magazines and digests. You know, where it would actually make sense to put them on the cover. And putting them on digital copies of individual copies of Knuckles when the digital copies have the original credits inside and list the credits when you go to buy the books? It's..a bit redundant.
>> No. 225730

Thanks for the clarification. Hmph. Sounds... petty. Or, depending on who initiated this, going overboard in ass-covering.
>> No. 225732
Considering that they've only done it for books Ken would care about and haven't done it for things he wouldn't (the Sally minis, the individual Sonic issues, that one Saga book that contains a story he inked), it looks more like appeasement than ass covering. We'd be getting this plastered on EVERY cover if it was just ass covering. We'll never know what's really going on, but...

Again, one of the most annoying things is that this is happening to every reprint except the magazines and the digests, where it would actually make sense.
>> No. 225735
Samurai Jack did the same thing to a million Aku bots waaaaaay back in the earl 2000s
>> No. 225743
So is Ian allowed to make his own interpretation of what happened between Classic and X or what?
>> No. 225744
That hasn't really been established if he can or not, just that he doesn't want to.
>> No. 225754
File 139672956260.jpg - (266.54KB , 1294x567 , Dimensions.jpg )
>Reading Archive of things Ian said
>Rockman and Forte 2 is a no-go according to Capcom

But... but... but........ BEST ROBOT MASTERS?!?!?
>> No. 225755

Can't say I'm surprised since Capcom technically didn't make that game, Bandai did.

Surprised they didn't put the kibosh on it earlier when Ian did Rock of Ages.
>> No. 225756
Except they did. IN the second scene with Quint, he was supposed to be backed up with the R&F2 Robot Masters. It was the only change they asked for in the script.
>> No. 225757

Oh so you were going to combine Rockman Shadow into Quint, wondered if that was going to be the case.
>> No. 225758
>> No. 225765
>IN the second scene with Quint

Wait, so that wasn't Rockman Shadow?
>> No. 225768
I'm having a moment of sadness here.
>> No. 225770

If he can't use the Robot Masters from Rockman and Forte 2 why would he be allowed to use Rockman Shadow who also originated from that game?
>> No. 225773
Probably because, design wise, Quint and Rockman Shadow are interchangeable.

By all accounts, Flynn can adapt the R&F2 game with Quint and bunch of OCs based in those Robot Masters, and nobody would really know the difference.
>> No. 225780

That's too bad. Things can change though, especially in the time it will take to get that far.

We should have a "just buy the rights to allow Ian to cover everything" campaign. If he got ahold of Battle Network I think /m/ would have a joygasm.
>> No. 225781
If you'd want to comment on it, what would their names have been? Komuso Man doesn't translate so well and I could see translating Dangan Man to Bullet Man possibly wouldn't go over great.
>> No. 225785
I honestly hadn't put a whole lot of thought into it by that point since we were still a long way away from even introducing Quint, let alone anything more. And now I no longer have to!
>> No. 225787

You're tearing me apart, Ian!
>> No. 225789
>And now I no longer have to!
What does it mean?

Also, did Capcom not notice Compass Man in Worlds Collide?
>> No. 225790
What color is Sally Acorn supposed to be?
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