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224354 No. 224354
Old Thread: >>223495

Thread Recap
>Lots of complaining about trivial things
>Speculation as to which AoStH characters will return
>Tekno art

Interesting news

Upcoming Comics
>Sonic the Hedgehog #258 - The Chase Part 1
>Afterlife with archie #5
>Megaman #35
>Sonic universe #62
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>> No. 225185
File 139536146573.jpg - (56.70KB , 296x450 , scurg returns.jpg )
Well, this is a thing.
Before anyone points out "Pending Licensor Approval", this cover was most likely made AFTER late 2012. They already knew about the rights issue beforehand and it would be absurdly easy to edit Scourge out of this.
>> No. 225186

Archie's still publishing reprints with characters of dubious ownership, they likely worked out a deal.

Don't count your chickens until you see NEW content with Scourge.
>> No. 225187
Hey, I didn't say anything.
I'm just pointing out he's cover-safe while everything else Penders made isn't.
It's probably because Penders can't claim that character design as part of what he owns/co-owns since it was created by someone else.
>> No. 225201
Reprinted material is different.
>> No. 225202
And a new cover isn't reprinted material. It's new material that would be subject to royalties or dispute of ownership.
Which is why a bunch of Penders characters were removed from covers when applicable.
Which is why I said they're probably free to use that design rather than the character itself.
Which is why I said it just means he's cover safe, not safe for proper comics.

You aren't very good at this "reading" business, are you anon?
>> No. 225207
Reprinted material is different. They've been reprinting his work for a while following the settlement, with no sounds made by him. While we know a good amount of information about the settlement, there's a lot we don't know... but it does look like something was worked out regarding the reprints, which may or may not allow Archie to produce new material for covers FOR REPRINTS featuring his characters.
That's the most we can say right now. When we see Scourge in place for a new story, that'll be news.

Although honestly, with no Fiona by his side my interest would be 10% what it used to be. Half the fun was the toxic relationship those two had.

(It seriously can't be that hard to get the rights to old creators shit. Is Mike Gallagher even working these days? And the stuff Bollers is making these days is actually pretty good, but there's no way it's doing well enough that he'd hold out for high numbers if Archie wanted to talk business)
>> No. 225213
So, who's ready for some EDGY and MATURE film, for MATURE people.
>> No. 225215
Me, sounds like good fun.
>> No. 225227
If they get Brad Bird, I'm in.
>> No. 225228
They've been showing the old characters on reprint collection covers for awhile now.
>> No. 225229

I do like how everyone forgets Drago being Sonic Legacy 3's cover.
>> No. 225230
You're really bad at reading, aren't you?
You just said what I said, except you made an even more unlikely prediction. I pointed out that Scourge's design appears to be okay for new covers because his design is different from anything Penders ever created. The character most likely is not.
>> No. 225232
I do like how you forget even that cover was edited and it would be nearly impossible to edit out Drago.

No really, go ahead and try editing Drago out of the cover without it looking like garbage. I'm waiting anon.
>> No. 225233

They had redrawn entire covers before during the Pendering, like the one with Rob.
>> No. 225234
So does anyone else think its pretty ballsy to stick the most hated OC in Archie Mega Man into the Mega Man X crossover?
>> No. 225235

They're really pushing Xander, I'm not surprised in the slightest.
>> No. 225237
Yeah, for upcoming issues whose content changed dramatically. And whose interior artist was also the cover artist. That's just a little different, if you didn't notice.
>> No. 225238
I think it's a bit much to say he's the MOST hated original character. There might be a bit of fanbase split.

But they might be doing something interesting.
Like shoving him in X's future and leaving him there.
>> No. 225243

Now that would be something. He'd be more at home, at least.
>> No. 225244
even if hte fanbase is split on him, he seems to be the least popular.

Harvey fucking Greenleaf has more support than he does
>> No. 225245
Eggman: "How about a magic trick?" *throws a guy into a robotizor* "Ta-da!"

Knuckles: "You either die a hero, or live long enough to be the sidekick."

Tails: "Let me get this straight? You think your client, the fastest thing alive, is the one secretly goes out and breaking armies of killer robots with his bare hands, and your plan is to black-mail this person?"
>> No. 225248
File 139547167180.jpg - (14.97KB , 418x235 , Eggman_04--article_image.jpg )
No one cared who I was till I put on the 'stache.
>> No. 225253
File 139549374880.jpg - (402.39KB , 960x1109 , bates_amyrose.jpg )
Bates turns StC Amy into a policewoman. Feel free to imagine yourselves how Hot Fuzz plays with Amy and Tekno.
>> No. 225254
File 139549414943.jpg - (320.19KB , 866x1129 , bates_grimer.jpg )
And then I was expecting him no "normalize" Grimer a bit, pretend he's human or something, but instead he revels in the odd part of the design! Look at those hands. I love this.
>> No. 225257
He's a little too short, but otherwise incredible.

Too bad you commissioned every single core StC character worth drawing out of Bates already. Porker a shit, Johnny a shit, you need to pay him to draw Plunder, Simpson, and Lord Sidewinder's crew.
>> No. 225259
>implying the following batches won't be Plunder and mates, Zachary before and after cyborg, Ebony and Pyjamas, Metallixes, Metamorphia, Max Gamble

My problem with these commissions to both Bates and Dobbyn (Sally, Nicole and Eta towards two weeks from now) isn't lack of characters, it's lack of emone. Let's remember there's still French Comics, the mangoes, Sonic Underground, whatever. Scratch and Grounder. Get them to draw Tial-Su!
>> No. 225260
Hasn't Bates drawn Finitevus before?
>> No. 225261

... although now I think of it, I don't think so, no.
>> No. 225263
You should ask Dobbyn to draw the weird purple Ken-Echidna once you run out of actually good things to request from him. I want to see what he does with that fucked up design.
>> No. 225264
It's petty, but the only rule I've placed to myself is that nothing Penders gets commissioned to anyone. It's why I had him draw Finitevus but not, for an example, the redesign I did of Julie-Su which I actually did want to have him draw.
>> No. 225266
>> No. 225268
If I rip that off, will you die?
>> No. 225271
File 13955288897.png - (189.68KB , 500x488 , humble.png )
Understandable. He seems to be trying to set the world record for most bridges burnt in the least amount of time.

Any chance at all anyone's going to be able to make the Sheffield Film and Comic Con this summer? Lew Stringer's going to be there doing sketches. It'd be nice to get a UK complement to this and see how he'd redesign Bunnie, Sally, 'Twain, Nicole, Rotor, Dulcy, etc.

For that matter, what the heck (no pun intended) is Roberto Corona doing these days? He seemed to drop off the face of the Earth after Komikwerks all but evaporated. (You can still find his stuff for them at http://web.archive.org/web/20101124092846/http://komikwerks.com/comic_title.php?ti=49&utype=AOL though. Thank goodness for the wayback machine...)
>> No. 225274
You forgot the part where he took full credit for Bunnie and Antoine having a romance and dodged any attempt to get him to list any writers other than himself who "Saved the book".

It's impossible to reason with the guy at this point.
>> No. 225276
Wouldn't call that reasoning with him so much as poking him with a stick.
>> No. 225279
So we've agreed at this point that Ken is mentally ill, right?
>> No. 225282
No kidding.
>> No. 225284
Does it really count as poking the guy when most of the people responding to him are being polite? I mean, it's better to leave the crazy old man alone, but still.
>> No. 225293
I'm not sure I'd classify him as mentally ill, but he's definitely not well. He's told stories of how when he was younger he dreamed of being in comics. His "humans" art was certainly passable on other books, had things gone differently he probably could still be working somewhere. He's really not a very good writer, and The Lost Ones was bloody awful. He spent way too long on Sonic without showing he had any variety (he had no Mega Man, New Crusaders, Young Salem, Sylvanna, etc), and when he left Sonic after spending so much time and energy on it he floundered and couldn't get work on anything else because he had no variety in his portfolio for so long. He's very clearly burned essentially every bridge out there (except his friendship for the genuinely great Elliot S. Maggin, known to youngsters as "Who?"), and he's shown incredibly unprofessional behavior and displayed a lack of respect for fellow creators that's just stunning. He's clinging to the one thing he thinks he's got left, and in his head he's greatly overinflated his role in Sonic and how good it was, because it's all he's got left. He's also showing clear signs of deep depression, and we know he has "supporters" in the form of people that he's hired to do things (lawyers as well the people making props and apps for him). He's engaging in self-destructive behavior and it's being enabled by people who are encouraging him because they can exploit him.

I wish people would just leave him the hell alone, and I dearly hope when his project crashes and burns someone is there for him. Someone that cares, but isn't a sycophant. I'm not happy with the shit he pulled and is still pulling, but this is just sad.
>> No. 225296
[Sally] has cheek fluff in the show. She was created for the show. She is off model without it. And there's no point in having a ball for a head. Her eye spacing makes her look like she has Downe Syndrome and also serves no purpose and makes her off model. The slave outfit argument you make only works now that they changed the whole plan since the lawsuit! And my point was, now that they can't use the OMS backstory, it becomes even more pointless to use that look because everyone guessed the surprise and all it says is that's what is was going to be and pretty much still is.
>> No. 225300
Yes, you do not need to export the particular brand of crazy here, we all know of it, it's old news.
>> No. 225305
It's really sickening to see how people like "Patman" use him. They are full-on yesmen, but they just stop talking whenever they think it could hurt their reputation. The guy's at the point that nothing anyone does or doesn't do has no effect, though. Whether kids point out the problems with his work or not won't do anything except make him a bit more bitter in the short term. The only thing that can either help him get a grip on himself or spiral off the deep end completely is family (or his book utterly failing).

...That, and the more people talk about him the better his project will do. There's no doubt it won't be sustainable as an investment, but the better it does the less ruined his life is.
>> No. 225306
It's not crazy to think she looks better with the fuzz though.
>> No. 225312
It is crazy to think it's that important for a rant though. Like green eyes.
>> No. 225316
Fuck anyone who says Green Eyes wasn't worth discussing.
>> No. 225317
It's especially hypocritical how the same people who scoffed and snarked about people caring about Sonic's eye color are generally the ones crying about Sonic having blue arms or buffles.
>> No. 225328
Considering nobody seems to care enough to ever discuss Knuckles' purple eyes or Tails' blue eyes, yeah, I'd say that's barely worth discussing since it's more of a scapegoat than anything. Feel free to continue being mad.
>> No. 225334
That's because it's like Dante's hair.
it started as a scapegoat, but not by the people who hate change, but by the people who hate dissent.
>> No. 225371
File 139575797637.jpg - (150.42KB , 896x1562 , Antoine.jpg )
>> No. 225485
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