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File 139278736761.png - (788.72KB , 900x1018 , he_s_a_bravo_guy__in_space__by_lightrail-d74d903.png )
223737 No. 223737
Crossovering Edition


Lego Movie was Awesome
GotG film coming up looks Awesome
The comics nobody likes getting cancelled is Awesome
New Episodes for good shows are Awesome
Wakfu kickstarter hitting all its stretch goals for the OVAs and special episode is Awesome
Simon's new vanilla art is Awesome

And then there's this thing that gave me retro feels:


Incidentally, Toonami is doing awesome as well.

All in all, things are looking pretty awesome as far as /co/ is concerned
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>> No. 223815
Don't forget Boxtrolls looking sick as hell.

The Boxtrolls Official Trailer…youtube thumb
>> No. 223835
File 139288337689.jpg - (34.04KB , 500x554 , Bored-Baby-1284.jpg )
Can someone remind me why there's still a big toy push in action shows and stuff like MLP designed to sell toys in the first place?

What kid buys or wants actual toys anymore?
>> No. 223836
File 139289080540.jpg - (1.98MB , 1500x1007 , TMNT-ShellRaiser.jpg )
A lot of kids still want toys and they always will. Just because we tend to grow out of it doesn't mean everyone has. Sure, kids today have a lot more than those back then like video games, tablets, and the internet, but that doesn't mean they will like toys any less because of that stuff.
>> No. 223839
GOTG trailer.

World Premiere of First Guardi…youtube thumb
>> No. 223845
Okay Rebels, you are starting to get my attention. Star Wars Rebels: Meet Sabine,…youtube thumb
>> No. 223871
File 139293194047.png - (347.42KB , 567x398 , Best Dad Ever.png )
Here is hoping it turns out well for him.
>> No. 223903
File 139300885222.jpg - (323.79KB , 700x1082 , 71d03ec47992bd7a3116ae50f076268d_large.jpg )
Well someone gave Mario Gully a copy of Blacksad.

He has a Kickstarter for a comic called Dirty Bones

>New Bark City, Growlsville. This is an epic tale of a mutt by the name of Rover - an ex "Gangster" that gave up his life on the streets to embark on a quest of self discovery while standing up against the segregation between the mutts and the pedigrees. Rover quickly finds out that life in the city has changed as Dirty, the notorious "BIG DAWG", has taken control of New Bark City by force and is now fighting a vicious turf war with Madam Kitty for ultimate power. It's a dog-eat-dog world and no animal is safe in this adventure of romance, gangsters, tommy-guns, fast cars and flea bitten varmints! DIRTY BONES, where every dog has it's day!
>> No. 223918
Ehhhh... I couldn't care less, but I guess somebody would buy it.
>> No. 223930
File 139303796535.jpg - (32.26KB , 547x353 , space jam 2.jpg )

At long last, it's time to-!

Space Jam Theme Songyoutube thumb
>> No. 223935
File 139304148632.jpg - (57.70KB , 640x480 , rf crying blond guy.jpg )
>Sym-Biotic Titan is still cancelled
>Space Jam is getting a sequel
>> No. 223954
File 139308468241.jpg - (24.46KB , 500x400 , miraculoud ladybug proto.jpg )
>PARIS -- 30 January, 2014 – Zagtoon and Method Animation are very proud to announce the deal with Disney Channel for the acquisition of the hot new CGI series Ladybug (26 x 26min).
>CGI series

Well, it would've been nice if it was traditionally animated, but hopefully the show itself is solid.
>> No. 223955
Yea, surprised Disney picked it up.
>> No. 223983
File 139311310713.jpg - (32.83KB , 420x319 , rf penguin with a gun.jpg )
>> No. 223986
File 139311764868.jpg - (80.89KB , 500x202 , well thank God.jpg )
>> No. 223991
>> No. 223992
I was under the impression the show was CGI to begin with thanks to some of the early promo materials, and was thrown when I'd heard the show was supposedly going to be anime-style. Now that it's (seemingly) confirmed for CGI... well I guess it's back to my original expectations, so I'm not really flummoxed. And hey, as long as they do it well, that's the most important thing.

That whole thing seemed weird to begin with.
>> No. 224002
File 139316742628.jpg - (172.22KB , 1280x674 , tumblr_ma9bnklQDN1rucmldo1_1280.jpg )
Seen some of the gifs of her transformation sequences in the CGI and it doesn't look bad,
>> No. 224004
>footage of the CGI show

Could you provide some links, please?
>> No. 224007
ZAG 2013vimeo thumb

Company Preview reel shows some of the CGI show.
>> No. 224022
>> No. 224059
Archer referenced the county I live in.
It doesn't look much like it and they layered it with dumb stereotypes, but it's still neat to see it.
>> No. 224069
File 139337167152.gif - (1.00MB , 360x270 , Two is the lonliest number.gif )
>tfw the place you live is so boring that not even media in your own country acknowledge its existence
>> No. 224101
Jontron made a Foodfight video

Foodfight! - JonTronyoutube thumb
>> No. 224106
>is that a poop rat?
>> No. 224132
File 139359318067.jpg - (1.52MB , 2063x3131 , sscw.jpg )
Not sure if want?

The characters' worlds and genres are so different that bringing them together seems likely to have bland results. And the Eds are really out of place.
>> No. 224149
>The characters' worlds and genres are so different that bringing them together seems likely to have bland results.

The same could accurately be said about COIE/Secret Wars. At least THIS has comedy potential.
>> No. 224150
I dunno man, 4/5 of those shows have lots of action in them. As for the Edds, I have no idea. I guess most of the comedy relief.
>> No. 224171
>I shipped about 75% of kickstarter rewards to backers. I will not be shipping any more. I will not be issuing any refunds. For every message I receive about this book through e-mail, social media or any other means, I will burn another book.


And now this was posted.

comics...youtube thumb
>> No. 224172
What a bunch of bullshit.
>> No. 224173
I haven't seen a nervous breakdown burn that many bridges since Hank Pym hit his wife.
>> No. 224175
Eh, I liked Media Hunter's review better...

Also lol avatar rip off!
Ohhh he is not going to like wh40k then~
>> No. 224178
I love how Campbell claims that the people that gave the most should suck it up because they are rich white people and as such they paid for the people who gave less.

It sucks that he miscalculated how much the whole thing would cost him, for that much he has my pity, being a writer or an artist or whatever doesn't make you an expert on finances. But it's fucking ridiculous that he hsi blaming everybody but himself, and trying to turn this clusterfuck he's gotten into some absurd statement about the system and the evils of The Man.
>> No. 224201
Weren't a bunch of people/bloggers whiteknighting this dude for "obvious satire" a few days ago? May someone give an explanation for what's going on for someone whom that is their only exposure to this? Apparently the Kickstarter ended in 2012?

...also, this is another time I have successfully "hunched" that someone would have an internet breakdown. I'm a little satisfied from that.
>> No. 224203

campbell's struggle with depression and her hallucinogen addiction/abuse has been well documented and discussed in public spaces. campbell is having a breakdown as a result of having to deal with horrible unplanned money issues that included publishers screwing her over repeatedly, desperately trying to find a place to live to get away from her abusive roommates, surgery that forced her to live off her kickstarter money and a crapton of other just absolutely shitty things (including a house that might have burned down).
lets Be Chill about this please. campbells obviously having problems that extend far outside her control and while yeah, its majorly shitty that people dont get their books, campbell has obviously been pushed to a breaking point and not in a tim buckley kind of way.
>> No. 224204
I know what you're saying, but having a story behind being a douchebag doesn't make someone not a douchebag, or to be more forgiving a douche move having build up doesn't make it a not douche move.
>> No. 224206
Its... yeah he's being a douchebag

But thats the kind of self destructive behaviour that comes from self loathing. Being an asshole to people and burning as many bridges as possible to JUSTIFY said self loathing.
Getting as many people as possible to validate that feeling and just being a general dick

I've been there.
Lost a shitload of friends.
Haven spoken to me since, or at least said "Glad you didnt do anything stupid. Goodbye."

Its just
if you feel like that, you hate the idea of people liking you. Because, how can people like you? Thats stupid. YOU'RE stupid. What the fuck did you do to deserve that and HERE I GO AGAIN
>> No. 224209
SUPERMOINE HOLYPOP (le gardien du secret)vimeo thumb
>> No. 224217

yeah ive been in this exact depressive pit and this was literally a calculated nuke to destroy any and all personal and professional relationships in one quick swoop so no one could possibly care about you.
the loss of the books sucks majorly+is unfair (at one point she tried to create a "pay it forward" system so donors could pay a little more so someone could have the book shipped to them), the response sucks+is insulting but its really hard to be angry at/with someone who is having a completely life shattering experience.
i dont know. im very sympathetic to her because pfsc really did help me personally w/my depression issues and its really hard to watch people crawl out of the woodwork to call someone who has openly struggled with so many issues a variety of names in response to life completely shitting furiously on her.
this situation p much sucks all around
>> No. 224221
This person is clearly going through something awful because that post got less and less coherent as it went on.

Regardless, they're a huge fucking asshole for doing this and tbh I'm not even sure if it's allowed by Kickstarter. You can't just steal people's money and then claim that capitalism is the root of all evil so suck it. I've been through depressive episodes myself, and mental illness is not an excuse to be a terrible person
>> No. 224222
I think it's allowed; funded Kickstarters are allowed to fail because bad investments happen and people never get consolation prizes for those. They just happen to be making an outrageously dickish display out of it.
>> No. 224224
Fair enough. Still an awful, awful situation all around
>> No. 224225
It's not allowed. If the kickstarter maker doesn't make a clear effort to provide, they have to give a refund. He's pretty much screwed in that regard.
>> No. 224226
Well yeah, Kickstarter is an investment platform. And defrauding investors is definitely illegal. If it weren't, there would be no plot to The Producers.
>> No. 224227
> its majorly shitty that people dont get their books

And you know this because...?

From Campbell's description, anybody who contacted him about the undelivered product is a evil rich white who deserves to get their shit burned. There are plenty of people in the Kickstarter's feedbakc saying "Man, I just asked once".
>> No. 224229
i have no idea what you read in my post but nothing you said matched up with anything you quoted/what i said
>> No. 224230
Yeah, totally fucked up, I misread that part as if the people complaining were all shitty people for doing so. The evils of late night posting.
>> No. 224276
>> No. 224279
Congratulations they won on name recognition and Disney schmoozing from the generic "best picture" lines. The Frozen people over on /co/ are being insufferable.
>> No. 224280
>I have seen none of them. I have no interest whatsoever. That ended when I was 6. My son dragged me to a few of them when he was 6; I would seat him and go outside and make phone calls.

How can someone be so WILLFULLY immature?
>> No. 224283
Animation isn't important in Hollywood, not since the days of when Spielberg had a thing for it back in the '90s.
>> No. 224284
Is it really that big a deal?

Just let it go
>> No. 224285
ooooooooooh noooooooo
>> No. 224287
File 139385035258.jpg - (598.51KB , 750x1108 , 1386966928061.jpg )
I'll be honest, I didn't even know who the contenders were until the internet wailed great lamentations, as it is known to do.
>> No. 224288
File 139385056317.jpg - (264.59KB , 900x726 , oggy.jpg )
Oh boy, Oggy's on Netflix, what convenient timing I was recently remembering liking that show.
>> No. 224290
>Just let it go
I hope that wasn't on purpose.
>> No. 224296
Jesus fucking Christ.

FUCK Frozen, and the "Academy".
>> No. 224297
That is what makes this win so sad is that it was because of apathy, kinda fits with the /co/ threads and their obsession with /r9k/ Elsa stories though. The biggest problem with this is that Disney will use this as clout to show that both CGI and Princess movies work, so guess what we'll get more of.
>> No. 224298
File 139386295491.gif - (965.16KB , 245x150 , tumblr_n1u81rnynQ1qd9agqo2_250.gif )
On the bright side, Ellen calling people out.
>> No. 224300
comment directed at what?
>> No. 224310
It won on more than simple company clout. If you didn't like the film, fine, but it had plenty going for it beyond 'company packaging'.

The academy has long been full of snooty assholes like that. It's nothing new.

It didn't win because of apathy. Out of the three people who actually cast a vote, the choice was unanimous. If the rest of the people charged with voting actually cared enough to acquaint themselves with what they were supposed to vote upon, it seems like a safe bet the majority would still have favored Frozen.
>> No. 224315
A joke about it Twelve Years a Slave, if it didn't win best picture she said everyone would be racist, but it one.

Though I like to think as soon as she said that people instantly started running around and freaking out to change it to Twelve years a slave.
>> No. 224316
Possibly, could have sworn that vid showing them putting together the envelopes had American Hustle as best picture.
>> No. 224319
>Possibly, could have sworn that vid showing them putting together the envelopes had American Hustle as best picture.

Nonsense. All experts from various countries writing for different newspapers, I've read the same thing in English, German and Polish, who know a thing or two about the how the Academy "ticks", said Best Picture will be down to: 12 Years a Slave, Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity.

American Hustle was never a contender, the fact that it didn't win a single Oscar despite 10 nominations, proves most of the 6000 something voters didn't think much of it. Not saying it wasn't a good movie, just that what you think you saw, can't be correct.
>> No. 224321
File 139388134215.jpg - (80.01KB , 400x620 , raptorlove comic cover 130642.jpg )
Oh man, this fucking thing still makes me laugh so hard I start crying to this day.
>> No. 224327
File 13938888592.png - (23.11KB , 590x100 , 1393881688516.png )
Will chicks be able to dig giant robots once more?
>> No. 224329
I'd even be happy if the return only lasted as long as the original run did. But my gut's telling me it'll only run as long as Motorcity did.
>> No. 224546

Can only see this as positive
>> No. 224547
Chomet Couch Gag from "Diggs" …youtube thumb
>> No. 224556
I'm happy, but at the same time apprehensive about whomever is going to replace him.
Considering it may be a result of tension between him and the sales/distribution head, I can only assume this is coming off of disasters like CN real, cancelation of big name shows, and the dissolved DC Nation block. But I can only guess
>> No. 224557
Hey if certain animators of shorts are "happy as seals" over this, I've got nothing but hope. Hell as destructive as that ass was at both chasing off production and talent. I really don't see how they could do worse.
>> No. 224571
Ding Dong The Witch Is Deadyoutube thumb
>> No. 224618
>Hey if certain animators of shorts are "happy as seals" over this, I've got nothing but hope.

>> No. 224619
Not 100% sure if this is the right thread for this, but does anyone have that big /co/ The Clone Wars episode guide image? I'm thinking of getting into it but I've heard the first season(s) can be kind of mediocre.
>> No. 224621
jeez b, i really don't wanna be immature about this but I tried to tell you exactly that some time back. I was legitimately planning to throw myself off the school's top floor only after getting people to hate me enough to agree it was a good decision.

That and what i had posted was self aggravating bullshit calling myself out with the hope that /baw/ would rile behind it and dislike me too, I wasn't even 'sending myself death threats to victimize myself' aaaaaugh

>> No. 224624
Brianne Drouhard posted vid of a Happy Seal at the news.
>> No. 224654
File 139430230575.jpg - (122.46KB , 471x750 , tumblr_n214nrYnsQ1r148nlo1_500.jpg )
Wow, ECC has it's shit together.
>> No. 224656
File 139430689482.jpg - (339.54KB , 1131x1600 , The Last Belle.jpg )
'The Last Belle' (2011) - Awar…youtube thumb

The director of the Abilify commercials and a lead animator of The Thief and the Cobbler has uploaded to Youtube "The Last Belle", an animated short that took 15 years to make, and is also one of the last movies to be hand-drawn and painted.
>> No. 224675
Damn that's smooth.
>> No. 224685

if just by their pants on head response.
>> No. 224687
File 13943297336.jpg - (18.38KB , 342x261 , I want all of you to look at it!.jpg )
It is kinda funny.

I mean, it's Powergirl. She has a boob window. We know why she's there.
Should it have been used as a promo? No. Not at all.
It is travesty degrading all women? No. Not at all.
>> No. 224690
Yea, though their response is going to get them in a lot of trouble with that last bit.
>> No. 224691
Oh yeah. That was not the best way to go about it.
Especially that last line.
>> No. 224697
Has superman ever fought a blue lantern?
My friend says he has, he punched out some dude who was powered by some church's prayers.
>> No. 224707
The response is the true stupidity. The card was harmless, and could've been deflected with a shrug and a "we're not all going to agree about what's funny."

The last line in the response was just pure facepalm fuel.
>> No. 224767
File 139449050278.png - (50.56KB , 583x373 , Screenshot 2014-03-10 at 5_20_12 PM.png )
>Creator of Gargoyles and Spectacular Spider-man was in Ikki Tousen

When did this happen?

>> No. 224769
Greg was the voice director on the english dub of 3x3 Eyes. Both it and Ikki Tousen's dub share some producers so they thought to ask him to do a voice.
>> No. 224770
File 139449287062.jpg - (95.18KB , 780x1024 , wabbit.jpg )
>Wabbit—A Looney Tunes Production: The hilarious, heroic and mischievous Bugs Bunny you love is back! From Warner Bros. Animation, Bugs stars in an all-new series consisting of comedic shorts that find the iconic carrot-loving rabbit matching wits against (and getting the best of) classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote. Along the way, Bugs will encounter brand-new foes…and he’ll have some help from new friends like Bigfoot and Squeaks the squirrel.

I don't know what to make of that.

And Johnny Test is going to outlive us all. After the bombs fall the only things left will be cockroaches and new seasons of Johnny Test.
>> No. 224771
I am reallly, really late to the party

But I seriously don't get all the butthurt about Frozen getting an Oscar. It was a cute movie with catchy songs and great looking CGI animation. I've seen some people (in this thread even) saying that Disney once again pulled an Oscar... but this actually is their first one. No, Pixar doesn't count as part of Disney Studios.
>> No. 224772

From what I gathered, it was that of the judges who voted for the category, most hadn't even seen any of the movies, or hadn't seen all of them and abstained from voting. Frozen is a good movie, and it's worthy of the award, but it also benefited from it being the only one that stood a chance at all because of the judges' lack of familiarity with (and in one judge's case, dismissal of) animation.
>> No. 224774
Wonder if they took a hint from the recent Mickey shorts.
Not sure about the new characters thing. I just wanna see some old school stuff with classic animation and just enough story to start the slapstick.
>> No. 224776
Yeah, Frozen is great, and BETTER than a return to form for Disney because it shows them managing to both make a great movie again AND overturn some of the things that had been getting stale about their older works. If it had won because those judges had seen all the movies and decided it was the best among them, I wouldn't be at all upset about it winning.

The flagrant contempt for the medium of animation by the judges is what stings. Not who they chose as the winner. The fact of the matter is that based on what we're reading, Frozen would've won even if it had been mediocre.

That doesn't just sting because it means the others never had a chance, it also devalues Frozen's win. If anything, people who thought Frozen deserved the award should be more mad than people who don't think it did, because the environment in which Frozen won means that there is absolutely no reason to be proud of the win.
>> No. 224778
> The flagrant contempt for the medium of animation by the judges is what stings.

You are exaggerating. Out of the seven interviewed Academy members only one was really like that. And those who did not watch all the nominated movies, decided to abstain from making a vote. Which was the right thing to do.

Of course you could assume that those who voted for Frozen did not watch any of the other movies, but even if that was the case (which we have asbolutely no way to know), ignorance isn't contempt.
>> No. 224791

Normally when giving their reply for what they picked, they'd make a brief mention of one or two of the other movies to say why it didn't win, or that it was close... for this the people that voted Frozen just said Frozen and went to the next question. This isn't filling me with the belief that they bothered to see the other movies.
>> No. 224792
>And those who did not watch all the nominated movies, decided to abstain from making a vote. Which was the right thing to do.

The fact that so many supposed judges didn't bother watching all of the movies that were nominated does show contempt for the medium. Abstaining was the right thing to do in the case of not watching all the movies, but watching all of the movies was the right thing to do as judges for award show.
>> No. 224793
We're talking about four voters out of thousands.
>> No. 224795
It's a shitty sample size, way too small to be representative. Don't let it distract you from the simple fact that a serviceable but largely pedestrian Disney kids' movie beat Miyazaki's last movie. While 43.7 million people watched.

Even by Oscar standards, this was mortifying.
>> No. 224797
File 139452598390.jpg - (65.27KB , 761x554 , 1394504333316.jpg )
We'll always have Mystery Inc.
>> No. 224798
Well, The Wind Rises is probably the least interesting movie in Miiyazaki's career, so I did not mind not winning the oscar.
>> No. 224799
...Didn't he make "Grave of the Fireflies"?
>> No. 224802
The guilty party there is Takahata. Ghibli has more directors than Miyazaki.
>> No. 224803
Ah, wasn't sure anyway. I just always associated Ghibi (and the style) with him by default.
>> No. 224816
Miayazaki's career is pretty much at the same point as Clint Eastwood is. Those two can direct pretty much whatever fuck they want and the end product will be hailed by critics as the best thing ever.
>> No. 224896
You know what I've noticed? Ever since MLP:FiM came on the scene, we've been calling cartoons "shows". Before MLP, /co/ used the word cartoon.
>> No. 224898
I think you're either doing revisionism or you're confabulating, plenty of people used the term "show" before MLP came to be. More and more people use the term "show" now, for the same reason as the term "franchise" is used more often.

With the vast majority of new toons being owned by Disney, Time Warner, Fox or Viacom, corporate press releases use terms like "show" and "franchise" ad nauseum. And since /co/ reads a lot of that stuff, many posters as they grow older adopt the language the suits use for their products. You just soak that newspeak up when reading about modern cartoons.
>> No. 224899
ad nauseam* Typo.
>> No. 224909
"Franchise" is an important alternate term because it allows us to include things like tie-in comics and other media separate from the main series, as well as including sequels and spinoffs. So it's useful when referring to the Avatar franchise (as opposed to just ATLA, Korra, or the comics) or Adventure Time (which has tons of tie-in comics), though it might not be so important for something like Steven Universe (for now).
>> No. 224940
Sent my short pitch into Nick today, first work in doing Scripted material.
>> No. 225019
File 139508028040.jpg - (703.03KB , 1200x1902 , punisher_-_the_tyger_p26.jpg )
It's really weird to think that Punisher comics of all things have better consistent understandings of women's issue especially when such a heft of the industry has it so backassward.
>> No. 225044
I was going to say something but I honestly don't know anything about the Punisher. Any must-reads?
>> No. 225046
Revenge Fantasy: The Comic Book, has a good handle on victim psychology. This should not be surprising.
>> No. 225057
It's Garth Ennis, when he can be bothered he can write very, very well. See also his scathing attack on the overuse of "rape as an edgy backstory" trend in modern superhero comics in the Boys, or the handling of sex trafficking in the Slavers Punisher: Max arc.

Personally, I think that he's at least more consistant with his writing than, say, Alan Moore, because when he's on form he's really on form, and when he's not it's normally deliberate. See his Dan Dare, Battlefields, War Stories, Red Team etc. books for more examples of him writing well when he actually cares about the subject.
>> No. 225058
File 139514290322.jpg - (611.32KB , 1200x1861 , punisher_v5_030_p12.jpg )
The Punisher Max is a good starting point.

Considering the volume of revenge fantasy comics that DON'T know victim psychology? Yeah it is surprising.

Oh yeah, he can be extraordinarily impressive when he wants.
>> No. 225060
>See also his scathing attack on the overuse of "rape as an edgy backstory" trend in modern superhero comics in the Boys

Which is ironic, given his repugnant fixation on men being anally raped.
>> No. 225062
File 139517053634.jpg - (126.71KB , 1920x808 , incredibles-disneyscreencaps_com-394.jpg )
That at least seems to be something that he's grown out of, in regards to using it in a darkly humourous sense like in Preacher.

Anyways, Incredibles 2's being announced.
>> No. 225063
Which is even in The Boys.
>> No. 225064
Who cares about Incredibles, CARS 3 WOOHOO!!!!
>> No. 225065
The most recent episode of Archer was really good. I haven't liked most of the current season and was worried about where the show was going, hopefully this last ep is a sign that things will turn back around and the quality of writing will get as good as it once was.
>> No. 225070
If I recall a lot of that is due to his disgust with the male view of women "asking for it" or "wanting it" so it's a see how you'd like it kinda deal.
>> No. 225074
Turns out they laugh and find it funny because they don't think it'd ever happen to them.

>> No. 225077
File 139520109656.jpg - (36.25KB , 640x480 , 1247357011738.jpg )

>> No. 225080
File 139520248236.gif - (1.00MB , 312x176 , awwwyeeaaaah.gif )
>> No. 225086
File 139520826543.jpg - (40.33KB , 500x600 , 7e94030740fc5be5ab4d662bafd328e7.jpg )
>Cars 3
>Incredibles 2 not directed by Brad Bird
>> No. 225089
I'm in the small group of "not asking for an Incredibles sequel". Now I'm not saying they shouldn't, just not asking for one. I mean the original movie is just so overall fantastic from the plot to the villain and to the character development (every single character's development in the span of the 100-something minute movie). To top that is an incredibly (no pun intended) tall order. I'm also not saying that they can't. If they prove me wrong here, I'll be completely happy about it. I just really think it'd be a bummer if it's simply seen as another "not as good as the original".
>> No. 225093
The boom comics were doing a good job. Maybe bring in some of that.
>> No. 225095
Man I haven't watched any of CN's newer shows, but I finally did when our college cafe TV was set to CN. Cartoons seem a LOT faster paced and random now compared to when I was growing up. I watched Johnny Test and Teen Titans Go, and I couldn't even tell what was going on.
>> No. 225116
>Personally, I think that he's at least more consistant with his writing than, say, Alan Moore

The only Alan Moore work I dislike is the Neonomicon, I either like or love pretty much every other comic book work of his. I consider him superior writer to Garth Ennis.
>> No. 225117
a superior*
>> No. 225125
> The only Alan Moore work I dislike is the Neonomicon

Wait, does that mean you liked Lost Girls?
>> No. 225145
And League of Extraordinary Gentlemen post-Black Dossier?
>> No. 225149

And spealking of Black Dossier, fuck Orlando.
>> No. 225154
I suppose I'd better.

Everyone else has.
>> No. 225158
File 139530464880.jpg - (217.31KB , 654x1020 , irish rock.jpg )
Speaking of gender stuff.

God bless the Irish.
>> No. 225160
Wow, do I ever appreciate that you can still tell it's jack's face with that disgusted recoil he always does when surprise due to high cheek bones.
>> No. 225200
Anyone here ever heard of RebelTaxi? I've been watching his reviews lately and more than once they've made me genuinely laugh.
>> No. 225208
>Wait, does that mean you liked Lost Girls?

Didn't like the art at all, but I did appreciate the writing. I also I appreciated what it tried to prove, that porn can be art and have a story, and that its existence pointed out how a lot of the early 20th Century stories we nowadays consider children's entretainment, original had a ton sexual subtext especially Peter Pan.

>And League of Extraordinary Gentlemen post-Black Dossier?

Pretty much entirely, yup. The 1969 part was kinda meh, but I loved the 1910 and 2009 parts of Century, and especially Nemo - Heart of Ice.

I should also mention, the Black Dossier is one of my favorite all time works within the comics medium.
>> No. 225209
originally* a ton of*

That's what I get for not bothering to proofread. Terribly sorry about that.
>> No. 225217
Lost Girls was a fucking mess on pretty much every level. It imitated 19th century pornography so well that it became every bit as incoherent and bizarre as it was - but with a layer of artsy pretension layered on top that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I mean I don't think there's much denying that Moore is a thousand times the writer Ennis is - Ennis is capable of competence on occasion, genuine quality in the rarest of instances, but is mostly puerile and dull - but Moore's output since...god, for a long fucking time has been weird and messy and kind of bad.
>> No. 225220
I can generally agree with this. The art was way more offputting than the writing, which was far from Moore's best but I think people are overly savage toward it.
>> No. 225236
Peanuts | Teaser Trailer [HD] | FOX Familyyoutube thumb

This is flawless.
>> No. 225240
>'The Boondocks' returns, but without creator Aaron McGruder


>> No. 225249
I'm scared. Hold me.
>> No. 225250
Bound to happen eventually, can't keep stepping on toes without someone squawking.
>> No. 225252

It looks good. But all it is, is the two most popular characters displaying their typical mannerisms. The is just playing it safe with a "we'll keep them the way you remember them" teaser, we still know next to nothing about the movie itself. Let us not jump on the hype bandwagon immediately.
>> No. 225255
Don't be "that guy" who must be contrarian for the sake of it, it's obvious that Tiki is talking about the visuals.

Also, exactly how does one not play safe with friggin Peanuts? You are speaking like keeping the characters, you know in character is a con.
>> No. 225258
No, I'm in favor of the characters being in character, it's nice that Charlie Brown and Snoopy act like themselves.

All I'm saying is the teaser is short and it's impossible to make any real judgements, so calling it "flawless" seemed like overpraising to me, is all.

I'm most definitely not a contrarian, and I resent the suggestion. I live in a country where the average citizen doesn't know about Charlie Brown or the Peanuts comic, so there's no reaction here to be contrary to.

I like Peanuts and I hope the movie will be good, but it's made by Fox and the teaser is too short to make any real judgement. So I'm cautious rather than hyped. That's all there is to it.
>> No. 225262
As he pointed out I was just talking about it's visuals.
>> No. 225273
The only thing I'm not 100% on is the textures.
I don't think they need to be so realistic.
>> No. 225278
>Jem and the Holograms movie is announced
>Creator: "Awesome! Can I help? Offer a little advice/guidance or anything? I'm kinda the expert..."
>Studio: "Stay the fuck away."
>> No. 225281
Oddly Christy was in the same situation but the opposite side with a different character a couple years ago...
>> No. 225283
I am unsure what to think about this. It's kinda sucky if they completely shut out the creator (though there's plenty of examples that the creators of certain properties end up doing more harm than good to their own creations). My biggest concern is that they'll probably ditch all the delicious 80's flavor which is part of the charm of the original. Not saying that it can't work, but I'm skeptical it would be as fun.
>> No. 225285
I always felt it would be best if it was like the Josie and the Pussycats old Cartoon Network bumper and they would tackle multiple genres and ages along with the '80s stuff.
>> No. 225330
Ernest and Celeste was beautiful.
>> No. 225332
You mean Celestine.
>> No. 225357
WWE Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania M…youtube thumb
Well, I guess I found a new guilty pleasure.
Even if it wasn't as terrible as I expected.
>> No. 225358
The recent Scooby Movies have actually been pretty decent. Much more than the "What's New" era at least.
>> No. 225360
If only we could get movies on the "Mystery Incorporated" era.
>> No. 225380
Well we are getting a new series, animation is different but word is it might be in the same vein as Mystery Inc.
>> No. 225381
I just want them to at the very least acknowledge the linked universe/"This has happened before" stuff.
>> No. 225383
File 139579101338.jpg - (66.76KB , 680x478 , XufWROy.jpg )
Apparently you weren't around when they announced it weeks ago.

>Be Cool Scooby-Doo! is an all-new 22-minute animated comedy series from Warner Bros. Animation. The Scooby gang is back with a modern comedic twist on the beloved classic. With high school over and one last summer to live it up, the gang hits the road in the Mystery Machine, chasing fun and adventure. But monsters and mayhem keep getting in the way.
>modern comedic twist on the beloved classic
>> No. 225384
Ohh, poop guess its modern "comedy" just like the rest of them. Least we still have Mystery Inc as a solid singular entity.
>> No. 225385
You'll notice they use the word "comedy" like 3 times in that blurb as if to say "WE'RE SO SORRY ABOUT MYSTERY INC WE'LL GO BACK TO THE STATUS QUO NOW"
>> No. 225386
Yea this sounds like the last of the Snyder stuff.
>> No. 225387
Why would they be sorry?
Who complained against Mystery Inc.?
>> No. 225388
But Mystery Inc WAS a comedy. It was easily the funniest Scooby Doo series I've seen.
>> No. 225392
Comedy wasn't its focus though.

You'd be surprised. Every Scooby Doo fan I've ever talked to HATES Mystery Inc and thought it ruined the series. Specifically girls, who make up most of Scooby's audience.
>> No. 225393
>Comedy wasn't its focus though.
I disagree. I think comedy WAS its focus, it just believed that telling a good story and having well-developed characters was the best way of delivering the sort of comedy they wanted to tell. It wasn't "zany" comedy, it was character-and-plot-driven comedy. Comedy designed to have a longer lasting effect on its audience.
>> No. 225399
Did they told you any reason in particular?
>> No. 225400
I've heard stuff like "they ruined Freddy's character" and "Velma and Shaggy would NEVER date"
>> No. 225401
I'd love to see the defense of that since he had zero character before, also guess they didn't watch much much after that because they broke up and even before that showed signs it wasn't going to work.
>> No. 225402
File 139581160157.jpg?spoiler - (110.78KB , 256x353 , Fuck this thing.jpg?spoiler )
>I'd love to see the defense of that since he had zero character before

You really really really wouldn't.

Look, I disagree with the guy, but "ANY personality is better than being mostly a cypher, so giving a more fleshed out personality is ALWAYS an improvement" is NOT an argument you want to get behind.

>> No. 225403
The defense is that Freddy was their husbando, and now suddenly he looks incompetent.
>> No. 225404
But he wasn't, whatever its that kinda crap that hamstrung G.I. Joe Renegades. With the old guard collectors throwing a fit about the Renegades figures being too different from the rest. Same with making them a little taller.
>> No. 225405
How do you expect to argue with teenage fangirls about characterization? Honestly.
>> No. 225406
> Every Scooby Doo fan I've ever talked to HATES Mystery Inc

Every Scooby Doo fan you've talked to sounds like awful people.
Mystery Inc was great.
>> No. 225408
Mystery Inc was certainly the only good version of the show I've ever seen, and I've somehow seen nearly every version (including that one with just Daphne, Scooby and Scrappy, and possibly a hillbilly cousin of Scoob) of the show, and this was the only one that was actually, well, GOOD.

Eh, people don't like change. As soon as the new series shows up with more of the same formula junk people will start waxing nostalgic for MI more.
>> No. 225471
I also liked "Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue" it wasn't great by any stretch. But it featured Eric Radomski's (Xiaolin Showdown type) brand of humour, which I'm a fan of. Plus, I love Dr. Evil, and Phibes was basically a G-rated version.

From what I hear, regular Scooby-Doo fans hated that one to oblivion.
>> No. 225477
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue is hated because is hated because their main characters aren't in their usual coward selves, Fred, Daphne and Velma are nowhere to be seen and it's more about wacky adventures and not your usual mysteries with costumed people.

I think it was fine, not as remarkable as Mystery Inc. but at least they tried something different.
But then again, what Espanolbot said.

I wonder if people hated Zombie Island when it came out, since it went supernatural.
>> No. 225478
I've never heard anyone with a bad word to say about Zombie Island.

>> No. 225479
Considering the last iteration before "pup" was supernatural, and the fact that there where supernatural enemies before that, I don't think it was so far outside of the realm of expectation.

And after doing some research, I just found out that they tried to force Scrappy Doo on everyone for 6 years across 4 series, 3 of which removed Fred and Velma and 2 removing Daphne. Which explains a lot.
>> No. 225480
Did someone really think that kids connected with Scrappy?
>> No. 225482
I liked Zombie Island, yep. Back when I first watched it I couldn't believe it was a Scooby-Doo film, up until then everything Scooby-Doo related was boring and pure unchanged formula.
>> No. 225483
Derrick J. Wyatt has talked about how he dislikes how it went supernatural.
>> No. 225486
I think people would hate it for how dark it was instead of just it being supernatural.

>God Tier
Mystery Inc
Zombie Island
Witch's Ghost
New Scooby Doo Movies

>Mid Tier
Original 60s
13 Ghosts

>Shit Tier
Everything else
>> No. 225487
Truth be told, the ratings actually went up during his introduction, but they got greedy and tried to make it more about scrappy and scooby, removing out most of the main cast. The hate for him, I assume, was only amplified by the continual attempts to totally warp the series into something more pandering. The people who found him annoying firsthand had an excuse to spread the decent with the removal of the other characters and the shifts in style.

In all honesty, before he was removed from the franchise, Scrappy was one of the better characters of 13 ghosts.
>> No. 225488
You know, I never really disliked Scrappy, I found myself very neutral towards Scrappy. Although by the time of the 13th Ghost and tv movies from the 80's (you know the red shirt Shaggy ones), I began to like him since the character seemed to kind of "grew up".
Eventually, I understood why people disliked him, and I felt bad they didn't retooled him like they did on the 13th Ghosts.

Also, Zombie Islands was awesome.

I guess it was the usual marketing people that keeps bugging the creative teams for more way to sell shit.
>> No. 225549
Some reason Ben 10 Omniverse is being really rewatchable for me. Maybe its because the show is split into arcs.
>> No. 225553
I really enjoyed the first season of What's New Scooby Doo, but it was clear that they had run out of good ideas.
>> No. 225566
It's actually generally accepted that Scrappy was not really obnoxious in 13 Ghosts. Flim-flam was the "Scrappy" in that show.
>> No. 225587
So hey Tank Girl is coming back. In Kickstarter form. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=51841
>> No. 225589
Seeing as Johnny is on top. Van Partible is making a game!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/381739996/dancers-of-war-a-third-person-action-video-game-fo
>> No. 225622


>> No. 225625
Man, for like half a second after I clicked that, I thought this was going to be some bad April Fools joke in which you tricked me and there is nothing new in the site at all.

>> No. 225846
>> No. 225978
So how about that Invincible?
>> No. 225981
Eh I kinda want to see where things go from there. Is she going to show up in some kinda Power Girl esque suit that exposes her gradually expanding belly?
>> No. 225982

Bunker I swear to god.
>> No. 225993
I fell off after issue 98# and I heard the the title got a new name or something, to catch up can I just keep reading the numbered titles or do I gotta follow something stupid?
>> No. 225995
File 139718354722.png - (8.71KB , 215x41 , genre - live action.png )
Do you think this will ever change?
>> No. 226000
Probably not while Hollywood is still the maker of the majority of movies. But that's probably only another ten or twenty years anyway.
>> No. 226009
Not till the old guard dies out and we take over.
>> No. 226024
Its getting there in the production process but the old guard still runs Hollywood. Didn't they make a big thing about having the first academy member that wasn't over fifty?
>> No. 226025
Within ten or twenty years, technology and community will make it to where it's so easy to make a decent quality movie that the market will get glutted by indie films. Most of them will suck, yes, but so does most of what Hollywood makes. Once Hollywood is no longer THE source for movies, and has to actually compete with the amateur filmmakers to get their sweet, sweet Netflix money, the industry's going to be fundamentally changed. Among other things, I doubt "genre" is going to survive in the way it currently exists.
>> No. 226026
Oh for sure. They almost had the competitive spirit a few years back before a long string of blockbusters put the idea of making movies more widely available to the consumer directly was smashed over the head.
>> No. 226105

OH WOW, this is fucking fantastic.
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