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File 139278736761.png - (788.72KB , 900x1018 , he_s_a_bravo_guy__in_space__by_lightrail-d74d903.png )
223737 No. 223737
Crossovering Edition


Lego Movie was Awesome
GotG film coming up looks Awesome
The comics nobody likes getting cancelled is Awesome
New Episodes for good shows are Awesome
Wakfu kickstarter hitting all its stretch goals for the OVAs and special episode is Awesome
Simon's new vanilla art is Awesome

And then there's this thing that gave me retro feels:


Incidentally, Toonami is doing awesome as well.

All in all, things are looking pretty awesome as far as /co/ is concerned
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>> No. 225385
You'll notice they use the word "comedy" like 3 times in that blurb as if to say "WE'RE SO SORRY ABOUT MYSTERY INC WE'LL GO BACK TO THE STATUS QUO NOW"
>> No. 225386
Yea this sounds like the last of the Snyder stuff.
>> No. 225387
Why would they be sorry?
Who complained against Mystery Inc.?
>> No. 225388
But Mystery Inc WAS a comedy. It was easily the funniest Scooby Doo series I've seen.
>> No. 225392
Comedy wasn't its focus though.

You'd be surprised. Every Scooby Doo fan I've ever talked to HATES Mystery Inc and thought it ruined the series. Specifically girls, who make up most of Scooby's audience.
>> No. 225393
>Comedy wasn't its focus though.
I disagree. I think comedy WAS its focus, it just believed that telling a good story and having well-developed characters was the best way of delivering the sort of comedy they wanted to tell. It wasn't "zany" comedy, it was character-and-plot-driven comedy. Comedy designed to have a longer lasting effect on its audience.
>> No. 225399
Did they told you any reason in particular?
>> No. 225400
I've heard stuff like "they ruined Freddy's character" and "Velma and Shaggy would NEVER date"
>> No. 225401
I'd love to see the defense of that since he had zero character before, also guess they didn't watch much much after that because they broke up and even before that showed signs it wasn't going to work.
>> No. 225402
File 139581160157.jpg?spoiler - (110.78KB , 256x353 , Fuck this thing.jpg?spoiler )
>I'd love to see the defense of that since he had zero character before

You really really really wouldn't.

Look, I disagree with the guy, but "ANY personality is better than being mostly a cypher, so giving a more fleshed out personality is ALWAYS an improvement" is NOT an argument you want to get behind.

>> No. 225403
The defense is that Freddy was their husbando, and now suddenly he looks incompetent.
>> No. 225404
But he wasn't, whatever its that kinda crap that hamstrung G.I. Joe Renegades. With the old guard collectors throwing a fit about the Renegades figures being too different from the rest. Same with making them a little taller.
>> No. 225405
How do you expect to argue with teenage fangirls about characterization? Honestly.
>> No. 225406
> Every Scooby Doo fan I've ever talked to HATES Mystery Inc

Every Scooby Doo fan you've talked to sounds like awful people.
Mystery Inc was great.
>> No. 225408
Mystery Inc was certainly the only good version of the show I've ever seen, and I've somehow seen nearly every version (including that one with just Daphne, Scooby and Scrappy, and possibly a hillbilly cousin of Scoob) of the show, and this was the only one that was actually, well, GOOD.

Eh, people don't like change. As soon as the new series shows up with more of the same formula junk people will start waxing nostalgic for MI more.
>> No. 225471
I also liked "Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue" it wasn't great by any stretch. But it featured Eric Radomski's (Xiaolin Showdown type) brand of humour, which I'm a fan of. Plus, I love Dr. Evil, and Phibes was basically a G-rated version.

From what I hear, regular Scooby-Doo fans hated that one to oblivion.
>> No. 225477
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue is hated because is hated because their main characters aren't in their usual coward selves, Fred, Daphne and Velma are nowhere to be seen and it's more about wacky adventures and not your usual mysteries with costumed people.

I think it was fine, not as remarkable as Mystery Inc. but at least they tried something different.
But then again, what Espanolbot said.

I wonder if people hated Zombie Island when it came out, since it went supernatural.
>> No. 225478
I've never heard anyone with a bad word to say about Zombie Island.

>> No. 225479
Considering the last iteration before "pup" was supernatural, and the fact that there where supernatural enemies before that, I don't think it was so far outside of the realm of expectation.

And after doing some research, I just found out that they tried to force Scrappy Doo on everyone for 6 years across 4 series, 3 of which removed Fred and Velma and 2 removing Daphne. Which explains a lot.
>> No. 225480
Did someone really think that kids connected with Scrappy?
>> No. 225482
I liked Zombie Island, yep. Back when I first watched it I couldn't believe it was a Scooby-Doo film, up until then everything Scooby-Doo related was boring and pure unchanged formula.
>> No. 225483
Derrick J. Wyatt has talked about how he dislikes how it went supernatural.
>> No. 225486
I think people would hate it for how dark it was instead of just it being supernatural.

>God Tier
Mystery Inc
Zombie Island
Witch's Ghost
New Scooby Doo Movies

>Mid Tier
Original 60s
13 Ghosts

>Shit Tier
Everything else
>> No. 225487
Truth be told, the ratings actually went up during his introduction, but they got greedy and tried to make it more about scrappy and scooby, removing out most of the main cast. The hate for him, I assume, was only amplified by the continual attempts to totally warp the series into something more pandering. The people who found him annoying firsthand had an excuse to spread the decent with the removal of the other characters and the shifts in style.

In all honesty, before he was removed from the franchise, Scrappy was one of the better characters of 13 ghosts.
>> No. 225488
You know, I never really disliked Scrappy, I found myself very neutral towards Scrappy. Although by the time of the 13th Ghost and tv movies from the 80's (you know the red shirt Shaggy ones), I began to like him since the character seemed to kind of "grew up".
Eventually, I understood why people disliked him, and I felt bad they didn't retooled him like they did on the 13th Ghosts.

Also, Zombie Islands was awesome.

I guess it was the usual marketing people that keeps bugging the creative teams for more way to sell shit.
>> No. 225549
Some reason Ben 10 Omniverse is being really rewatchable for me. Maybe its because the show is split into arcs.
>> No. 225553
I really enjoyed the first season of What's New Scooby Doo, but it was clear that they had run out of good ideas.
>> No. 225566
It's actually generally accepted that Scrappy was not really obnoxious in 13 Ghosts. Flim-flam was the "Scrappy" in that show.
>> No. 225587
So hey Tank Girl is coming back. In Kickstarter form. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=51841
>> No. 225589
Seeing as Johnny is on top. Van Partible is making a game!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/381739996/dancers-of-war-a-third-person-action-video-game-fo
>> No. 225622


>> No. 225625
Man, for like half a second after I clicked that, I thought this was going to be some bad April Fools joke in which you tricked me and there is nothing new in the site at all.

>> No. 225846
>> No. 225978
So how about that Invincible?
>> No. 225981
Eh I kinda want to see where things go from there. Is she going to show up in some kinda Power Girl esque suit that exposes her gradually expanding belly?
>> No. 225982

Bunker I swear to god.
>> No. 225993
I fell off after issue 98# and I heard the the title got a new name or something, to catch up can I just keep reading the numbered titles or do I gotta follow something stupid?
>> No. 225995
File 139718354722.png - (8.71KB , 215x41 , genre - live action.png )
Do you think this will ever change?
>> No. 226000
Probably not while Hollywood is still the maker of the majority of movies. But that's probably only another ten or twenty years anyway.
>> No. 226009
Not till the old guard dies out and we take over.
>> No. 226024
Its getting there in the production process but the old guard still runs Hollywood. Didn't they make a big thing about having the first academy member that wasn't over fifty?
>> No. 226025
Within ten or twenty years, technology and community will make it to where it's so easy to make a decent quality movie that the market will get glutted by indie films. Most of them will suck, yes, but so does most of what Hollywood makes. Once Hollywood is no longer THE source for movies, and has to actually compete with the amateur filmmakers to get their sweet, sweet Netflix money, the industry's going to be fundamentally changed. Among other things, I doubt "genre" is going to survive in the way it currently exists.
>> No. 226026
Oh for sure. They almost had the competitive spirit a few years back before a long string of blockbusters put the idea of making movies more widely available to the consumer directly was smashed over the head.
>> No. 226105

OH WOW, this is fucking fantastic.
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