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File 139240825988.png - (198.50KB , 740x698 , 551733__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+.png )
223439 No. 223439
A.k.a. Pone General.
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>> No. 225078
While he has some points on some of his videos, he's pretty much an asshole 98% of the time. Though the sjw are generally his main target. And he also doesn't know shit about how Hasbro keeps remaking their franchises constantly and not just for mere nostalgia cash.
>> No. 225082
He manufactures controversies. Shit, his Mighty No. 9 video was 50% overreaction and 50% distortion, but he got fans so riled up over nothing that enough of them acted like asshats to turn Comcept off the entire idea of interacting with fans in developing the game. InternetAristocrat's done actual damage to fandoms in his quest for viewers. Fuck 'im.
>> No. 225083
I liked how he took a Hideki Kamiya twit about Kenji Inafune as something serious at the end of that video.
For those not into vidya, Hideki Kamiya is a designer from Platinum Games that tends to be very trollish around twitter.
>> No. 225084
Well at least in this fandom I guess there's no more damage to be done, so he'll be seriously disappointed.
>> No. 225085
>InternetAristocrat's done actual damage to fandoms in his quest for viewers.

So he's basically the same as the tumblr idiots he criticizes. They're meant for each other.
>> No. 225091
Anyone else read the latest comic about Starswirl and Celestia's past together? Its good stuff. Amazing how intriguing a storyline is when that cunt Meghan McCarthy isn't around to poison it.

More lore (like explanation of the dimensional mirrors), Twilight not acting like a special snowflake, seeing Starswirl's true design, more backstory for King Sombra, etc.

That ending was surprising. We've seen Celestia punked, but that ending showed her really battered. I can't wait til next month's issue.
>> No. 225094
> that cunt Meghan McCarthy
Now now anon, there's no need to be so rude.
>> No. 225096
Oh don't mind him, he's always like that.
>> No. 225098

That sounds like more reason to mind him, not less.
>> No. 225099
They got Weird Al and gave him shit music to work with.

The music's been downhill for a while (nothing really memorable since Smile) but that was just a depressing wasted opportunity.
>> No. 225115

lol , now it's exact opposite. Spike will die.


so that's why he wasn't in the episode!
>> No. 225124
File 139526530062.jpg - (2.26MB , 1400x2154 , 006.jpg )
And the mirror arc is off to a great start!
GG team idw.
>> No. 225127
File 139526723660.jpg - (2.51MB , 1400x2154 , 008.jpg )
Because when the worst I can say about it is that they missed out on a great "wing-boner" visual gag, they are doing it right.
They even put the Pink Celestial toy to use and fix the tech-level plothole.
>> No. 225147
>wing boner
Shut up. Or get out.
Your choice.
>> No. 225164
File 139532373038.png?spoiler - (204.55KB , 698x381 , 580007__safe_rarity_sweetie+belle_official_hub_for.png?spoiler )
Preview pic of the next episode.
>> No. 225175
File 139534185710.jpg?spoiler - (21.96KB , 697x392 , BjI2hGrCYAAz2-6.jpg?spoiler )
And here I thought they were done having their issues. Well maybe we'll get some insight on someone who may have had a similar experience growing up.
>> No. 225180
File 139534529990.jpg?spoiler - (2.28MB , 1400x2154 , 019.jpg?spoiler )
How about fuck you?
That was the best way I could articulate what I ment and still be funny.
Instead of a boring "I wish Twilight used her wings as part off her body language in this scene". Lame~
Especially when Celestial does it later when Star Swirl cockblocks her.
Yeah that happens, read on your selfs ->
>> No. 225291
MLP 419: For Whom the Sweetie …youtube thumb
>> No. 225308
I'd say "Luna confirmed for best princess" but I'm pretty sure everybody already knew that.
>> No. 225309
Applebloom is the only one left for some soul searching with Luna the Child Psychiatrist. Sweetie Belle was the most manipulative of the three in Twilight Time, and now this... she's growing up to be quite the vindictive teen. I like how different Luna's teaching methods are from Celestia's.
>> No. 225318
FiMpressions: For Whom the Swe…youtube thumb
>> No. 225319
File 139563929888.gif - (2.83MB , 640x360 , Spike-cheer-up.gif )
>> No. 225320
File 139563954670.gif - (1.82MB , 640x360 , ba-bam.gif )
>> No. 225346
Why do they keep putting military shit into kids shows?
Yeah, Friendship and Magic right. Lauren was the only sane person working on that show. It turned into some... dunno... garbage equal to the 101 Dalmatians cartoon.
>> No. 225352
... It's a helmet. If the sight of a helmet disturbs you, feel free to stop watching.
>> No. 225353
Maybe she's a biker. Ever think of that?
>> No. 225355
Because sheltering kids is the opposite of educating them.
>> No. 225356
>any variation on a Pickelhaube is automatically military!

Worn by police, firefighters, lifeguards, and emergency workers of all types. It's a way of saying "I'm a rescue worker whose fashion tastes are in line with the dullest, grayest, and harshest things imaginable".
>> No. 225359
Well, that completely came out of nowhere.
And what >>225352, >>225355, >>225353 and >>225356 said.
I'm feeling too lazy for a TF2 joke tonight.
>> No. 225363
Hearth Warmth's Eve episode actually showed different armors, and pegasi seemed pretty militaristic, though. Faust was still around as a consultant as far as I know.
>> No. 225366
Are we just going to ignore the Royal Guards that are in the very first two episodes? The two episodes that Faust wrote? If you seriously want to blame someone for a fantastical swords-and-sorcery world of having soldiers and a standing army, it's all on her.
>> No. 225368
Haha oops, true. Though I can see some difference between the princesses' guards (I'd think of them as basically defense, remember Canterlot is basically pony Minas Tirith) and an actual warmongering army. That kind of pointy helmet has been used on depictions of orcs, for instance.
>> No. 225389
Ever wonder why old fashioned firefighter helmets have that weird spine/crest on the top? It's derived from the pickelhaube (helmet with a spike on top). Yes, they were well known for being used by the WWI German military. They were also used by German police and firefighters (still show up sometimes in ceremonial dress).

Maud was running to the rescue wearing the traditional rescue-worker helmet of an area with a bit of a rep for being Maud-like.
>> No. 225414
File 139585524021.png - (11.49KB , 965x310 , 585428__safe_spike_text_adventure+in+the+comments_.png )
>> No. 225417
So, season finale is probably gonna be about the Equestria Games? Not sure if I'm too hyped for that, so far.
>> No. 225420
S1 finale was also underwhelming and S3 was divisive. Anyways the main event is Rainbow Kingdom/Rainbow Power. Also this episode about Spike sucking and finding his worth is all they can come up with? This is why I say they've run out of ideas. They keep rehashing similar stories.

The comics may not be the best, and they do have plenty of crappy stories, but it seems they're more willing to try fresher ideas.
>> No. 225427
>S3 finale was divisive
Yep, perfect word to describe it. Loved the first half of it, would have been a decent finale, hated the second.

>Rainbow Kingdom
ARGH had forgotten about that. Yup, not hyped.
>> No. 225467
File 139598409950.gif - (4.01MB , 426x239 , EG_vinylkick_fr.gif )
>> No. 225468
Quite awesome and thumpy.
>> No. 225470
not too bad but held back by the so limited animation.
>> No. 225484
File 139602599143.png - (621.23KB , 1000x1000 , my_little_switchy___nicole_oliver_by_engrishman-d7.png )
>> No. 225538
why the dialogs, goddamn.
>> No. 225540
I guess it's so you read it in their voices.
>> No. 225541
So yesterday's episode was pretty predictable. Still liked it, and I actually can't remember other cartoons having an episode going just like that.

Alsonice to see Derpy again, hadn't seen her in a while.
>> No. 225696
File 139649470667.jpg - (152.22KB , 800x1137 , its-not-my-fault-that-im-not-popular-4878607.jpg )
Nailed it.
>> No. 225698
File 139649892568.png - (193.91KB , 800x600 , maudandspike.png )
>> No. 225750
MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow…youtube thumb
>> No. 225775
That was a good episode.
>> No. 225788
Well atlest it was real rock music this time.
>> No. 226409
>Trade Ya!

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