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File 139119374015.jpg - (650.12KB , 751x1126 , 1391105742875.jpg )
222793 No. 222793
Previously! On Archie General: >>221521

>Sperging over not calling Mobius Mobius
>Trying to propose Sega Sonic actually has a canon
>Some kind of shark girl!
>Penders says things on twitter worthy of a screencap
>That wily Mav is up to his old tricks
>I'm pretty sure he was the one that used the phrase "Sega apologist".
>Holy crap it's almost X time.
>HOLY CRAP there's a crossover coming what the fuuuuuu-

And now, the conclusion.
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>> No. 222794
>> No. 222798
>what is Sonic the Comic
>> No. 222800
File 139120248952.jpg - (82.96KB , 356x547 , salami.jpg )
>> No. 222801
>Doesn't just become Pink Sally.
>> No. 222804
Is the next issue of Universe out yet and I just haven't received it? I know my sub is up soon, but I don't think it's up already...
>> No. 222805
Fuck you Growbro, that is the most whiny, passive aggressive thread starter I've seen in ages.

Don't make threads anymore if this is how you're going to start them.
>> No. 222806
#60 came out digitally, that's all I know.
>> No. 222812
Reposting from the end of the last thread because I didn't even know there was a new one:

>"We're looking at another 4-6 months of filler thanks to this event."
Do you mean you think the crossover's filler, or that there's going to be filler before it starts? Because none of us have any clue what's going to even happen in the crossover yet, and we already know what's going on in the issues leading up to it. The lead-in looks more like MM3 and MMX setup than filler.
>> No. 222815
>I'm pretty sure he was the one that used the phrase "Sega apologist".

I'm fairly certain that wasn't me.
>> No. 222817
File 139121902772.gif - (1.81MB , 400x215 , 1390780996285.gif )
>> No. 222826
That's because they did it wrong. Their fingers wont extended.
>> No. 222832
SEGApologist isn't even harsh enough to accurately describe the rabid fanboys here anyway.
>> No. 222835
Ooh, ooh. Can I take the troll-bait?
>> No. 222838
Is everything considered trolling nowadays? You can't even call someone a douche without automatically being labeled a troll, even if they are a douche?
>> No. 222839

I would classify my OP under general dickweedery, for instance.

To accuse you of trolling would be giving you the benefit of the doubt, because the sadder alternative is that you really do think these things
>> No. 222840
I'll bite. The post was pretty much saying the Sega/Archie/Sonic fans here are worse than just "Sega Apologists" because...what? That they're liking the games/comics? Sounded like it was going out of its way to get people mad by insulting them for liking them. That's what troll-baiting is.
>> No. 222841
Are these two the same person, or is 839 someone responding to 838? It's hard to tell.
>> No. 222844
File 139126214740.jpg - (25.84KB , 277x401 , RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE.jpg )
39's replying to 38, unless 39 is actually a secret clone created by Dr. Doppler for a terrible card collection. *cough*

So, what are you guys hoping for from X?
>> No. 222847
Does the physical usually arrive after the digital is released? I have no idea what the release schedule is for Archie.
>> No. 222851
Usually it's subscription then digital on the same day as the LCS, then newsstand. But with the winter weather and holidays, things are backed up so the digitals are coming out first.
>> No. 222888
File 139139063127.jpg - (111.74KB , 960x600 , ye3cT.jpg )

Psst, Archie. Remember those Nintendo books you guys wanted to start? Now might be your chance.
>> No. 222889
We'll be getting My Little Kirby: Friendship is Poyo in two years to cash in on the new "video game character cartoon" craze. Comics are old hash.
>> No. 222890

They probably mean things like more toys, Nintendo's been kind of adverse to any licensing that involves having a plot for the past few years.
>> No. 222891
Mario comic could be a fascinating read.
>> No. 222892
It doesn't even have to be the main stuff.
An FZero or Star Fox cartoon, a Pikmin or Earthbound animated film?
>> No. 222894
Even with Nintendo easing up on licensing, they would be 40 times as anal about Mario as SEGA is about Sonic. That's as many as four tens. We would get something more along the lines of NSMB than Mario Galaxy. I would love a Paper Mario comic, though.

Yeah. Mario and Zelda are probably not going to see any plot-driven antics in licensing deals, but Star Fox and Metroid certainly have a lot of potential, especially about their expanded universes. Metroid wouldn't work in the same art style as Sonic and Mega Man, I think, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a large problem. I don't know that Pikmin would work: the games are very simple, plot wise, meaning you have both a blank canvas in front of you and almost nothing to go off of. I'd support an Earthbound comic if it meant we got legit releases of Mother 1/3 here in the states (and I've never played Earthbound.)

Archie has proven themselves in the area of lasting video-game-related-comics, so hopefully Nintendo turns to them first for a licensing deal in America, if they go with anyone. (Assuming that the Pendering didn't scare them off.) I think their second choice would be Dark Horse (which already has a connection with them, as Dark Horse released Hyrule Historia in America.)

It's probably too late for it, but it would be amazing to see Archie do a SSB mini series for the release of the upcoming games.

Wish SEGA would do the same. Still want that Skies of Arcadia series. :(
>> No. 222895

>I would love a Paper Mario comic, though.

After Sticker Star?
>> No. 222897

Can Nicole fly??
>> No. 222898
If her body is supposed to be a "physical" form for her (able to touch, etc.) I don't really see why she should be able to.
>> No. 222899
I haven't played it, but from what I hear I pretend it doesn't exist. TTYD would be a good jumping point. Never played the original...

Depends on how she composed herself. When it was with the nanites, no. But now it seems she's back to just hologram, so I would say so.

My question is this: If she flies too high, can she still "see"? Can the hologram feed data back to the machine, so she could "fly" above a structure to see over it?
>> No. 222902
She was always some kind of fancy "physical" hologram though....
>> No. 222904
File 139145721427.jpg - (875.46KB , 1988x3056 , Adam Jensen.jpg )
[Fanboy Grumbling Intensifies]
>> No. 222905
You know there's something wrong when a lot of the reactions to this are simply "meh."
>> No. 222907
It's because its taking up time in the main book

It's not its own book

its not the start of the X series.
>> No. 222908
Meh or fan grumbles.
Classic and X crossing over is something most fans don't really ask for/wish for. It's something that's so easy to botch and can ruin the dynamic.
>> No. 222910

Not to mention there was a crossover eight months ago.
>> No. 222911
Yeah, we've spent all of that time on basically the one story, so that makes it all the more annoying.
>> No. 222912
It it's just X starting up? FUCK YEAH. If it's a full-on crossover with them meeting each other? Oh god no fuck why. If it's some vague in-between...? What's it even supposed to be, besides an obvious comic event?
>> No. 222913
It's either an actual meet-up or they're doing the "two timelines, one overarching story" thing people have brought up before and they're disguising it as a crossover.

Hopefully it's the latter.
>> No. 222915
How are the Sonic and Megaman comics for newcomers?
Any tips for jumping in?
>> No. 222917
Sonic is right at a good jumping-on point, actually; assuming that this multiverse re-write sticks, you can jump in right after the Worlds Collide arc with almost no knowledge before hand. Knowing the main games would be helpful in some references, but not required. Then you can work on older issues at your pace, likely missing only a few references. If you want to go older, I think most people recommend as early as you want to start up until #80 or so, then go to #160 (about when Ian started writing) to pick it back up. Everything in between is of very random quality (both art and story) and Ian spends a lot of his first two years in the comic wrapping up a lot of loose threads, getting some stuff to converge nicely, and otherwise simplifying a lot of what would just pass for fan fiction

As for MegaMan, I dunno. I got in right before Worlds Collide myself, and haven't played any of the games in a long time, but, while I don't know some of the more minor characters, I'm not having problems following along.
>> No. 222918

Speak for yourselves, this is awesome!
>> No. 222919

Speak for yourselves, this is awesome!
>> No. 222920
If this is a crossover I'm worried that the Classic characters will get over shadowed by the X characters, they're better robots over all.
>> No. 222921
>So, what are you guys hoping for from X?

More prologue than the games ever got, so we get a storyline or two of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma taking down dangerous lunatics before the Day of Sigma.

Alia, Pallette and Layer, the rest of the later series Hunter support characters, and even Repliforce, showing up earlier and more often to bolster the cast.
>> No. 222925
Repliforce was created specifically because of the Dopplertown event.

Start at Mega Man 24. Yes, for all three series.
>> No. 222926
Preview out for the Free Comic Book issue. Only shows an unfinished page for the Sonic Origins side, but two finished pages of the X story, featuring Dr. Cain in an utterly ridiculous robe that somehow looked better when Inafune drew it- something rare!
>> No. 222928
God bless Spaz, hasn't quite figured out how faces work yet
>> No. 222929
File 139153148265.png - (1.05MB , 680x1050 , Untitled-1.png )
There's probably a better way of ripping these pages from the pdf but I'm a banana
>> No. 222930
File 139153157692.png - (1.07MB , 683x1050 , Untitled-2.png )
>> No. 222931
File 139153246311.jpg - (436.11KB , 1000x1538 , MM2-noscale.jpg )
On the eve of the MEGA MAN/MEGA MAN X Crossover comes the TWISTED tale that could only be called “A Chance at Redemption”! Dr. Wily is a free man, cleared of wrongdoing, and it’s all thanks to–Mega Man?! Can even an evil villain like himself live with a lie of that magnitude? Can he enjoy a life of robotics research next to his “frenemy” Dr. Light? Will the promise of power in Gamma be far too tempting? The answer to all your burning questions lie in this mega-fun issue!

>Plus, be sure to pick up both regular and variant editions to read both SHOCKING “post-credits” alternate endings!

Uh, care to elaborate on that Ian? Because that sounds kinda shitty. Are we just talking different Short Circuits or something?
>> No. 222932
*sigh* No. Page Twenty will be different depending on which cover you get.
>> No. 222933
I understand this kinda thing is supposed to get people to buy variants and stuff (and/or to tie into the crossover), but it just makes me want to skip on buying the issue and just get the TPB instead.
>> No. 222934

I know that stuff is out of your hands, man. But if it was Paul, give him a light slap for me.
>> No. 222935

Aw, man, I think I just heard your soul breaking. Sorry to hear it man.

Now I have to hope that my comic store GETS both covers...
>> No. 222937
Uh... for those that buy digitally, how are we affected?
>> No. 222938

Probably get the non-variant ending since variants are comic shop only thing.
>> No. 222940

At least your comic book shop still carries it at all.
>> No. 222941
File 139156014039.jpg - (107.94KB , 640x480 , 1326822655091.jpg )



>> No. 222942
File 139156098375.png - (12.96KB , 160x184 , why.png )
Seriously, why all this variant cover bullshit? The comic book stores are their smallest market, and the sales we've seen were more than fine. Why keep doing this shit? Is it even helping?

Fuck me, the comic's good but the corporate gimmicks are weighing it down.
>> No. 222944
File 139156301481.jpg - (454.25KB , 1200x1845 , MM36.jpg )
If it helps, the variant cover for 36 is actually pretty good this time.
>> No. 222946

No it doesn't help.
>> No. 222948
It's one page. One page. It's stupid, sure, but it's not like half the issue is different depending on your cover. Even if you don't get the variant, you're probably not missing anything.
>> No. 222949
makes me just want to wait for /co/ to post both online
>> No. 222952
It's the fear of what's next though. They start with writing for the trades, then lots of variants, then a big crossover hyped for months, now alternative endings.
>> No. 222953
That one page means I end up getting less content for my money if I buy the floppies. That means I should wait for the trade.

This strategy is directly causing me to skip the floppy and give Archie less sales.
>> No. 222954

Paul cares about trade sales, I doubt he gives a shit if these tactics make people skip the monthlies.
>> No. 222958
I wonder if anyone would bother to actually, you know, tell Archie these things directly instead of just bitching about it online.
>> No. 222959
>> No. 222973
So has StH permanently moved to shipping a week later, or is just delayed again?
>> No. 222974
If they didn't care about monthlies, they wouldn't be trying to get people to buy the same comic twice.
>> No. 222978
If Paul cares so much about trades, he might be trying to boost LCS sales so that more stores will carry the trades.
>> No. 222979
My LCS only gets a few floppies, never any trades. But then, every comic shop Ive been to doesnt stock the trades. Only B&N gets a few archives
>> No. 222981
Paul posts to Bumbleking. You're free to complain there.
>> No. 222983
They care about the monthly and the trades. But if they want to drive readers to one or the other, it's the monthly. There are no trades without it.
>> No. 222987

I imagine they care a fair bit about subscriptions, since people that subscribed for Worlds Collide will need to renew right about the time this new crossover starts.
>> No. 222988
I could easily be wrong, but subs count for a far lower amount of sales than you'd think. At least, according to the legal hoo-ha they post annually.
>> No. 223007
>Everyone complains that the Master Emerald isn't relevant and Sega forgot about it.
>New version of Sonic Dash has a plot, in which Eggman stole the Master Emerald.
>> No. 223017
File 139171551035.jpg - (93.05KB , 1024x769 , Bf0CXjpIgAARTqC_jpg large.jpg )
It's here



>First, our source has told TSSZ hat the Sonic Boom video game is at least planned as the third Nintendo exclusive title.

>Second, our source tells TSSZ that Sega plans to make Sonic Boom the main Sonic canon going forward–in effect making it a complete franchise reboot and confirming our story from two years ago. However, our source cautions this too could change, and how fans react to news of the reboot could significantly impact how it changes. In short: Your voice matters more than ever.

>Third, our source has confirmed development of Boom is being handled by an American studio and not Sonic Team. However, we do not know yet what specific studio is handling the game. We’ve also learned the Boom video game will be a 3D platformer that emphasizes exploration, and at this stage has multiple playable characters.

Trailer for Sonic Boom game

>> No. 223019
>Sega of America president and COO John Chen stressed that "Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise."

And this is why you should not quote TSSZ's "sources".
>> No. 223022
File 13917183634.jpg - (193.88KB , 1280x837 , sonicboom.jpg )
Now for the cartoon

Sonic Boom™ - TV Series Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 223023
Remember, if you have ever complained about people who didn't like Sonic's Green Eyes, you have voided your right to complain about simple design changes. Nostalgia fag.
>> No. 223024
Penders decides to chime in on Sonic Boom via Twitter:
>"My partner Larry and I are scratching our heads wondering why SOA didn't show this much independence from SOJ when we were pitching our film"

Because clearly if Sega accepts one pitch it means they must accept all.
>> No. 223025
>implying that's anywhere near the scope of this
>> No. 223026
There's a difference between arguing over eye color and practical design choices. This fetish for sports tape is reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts' for zippers, right down to neither being used in the manner in which they would be in a "normal" design or real life. That tape is being used in ways that are downright stupid. I mean really, on the shoes? That doesn't even make sense.

Penders is an attention-seeking douche that's still desperate to be relevant to Sonic. What else is new?
>> No. 223027
Maybe cuz his ideas were shit.
>> No. 223028
I can honestly say "BLUE ARMS, SCARF, ETC" don't bother me.
Knuckles being super huge though, idunno.
>> No. 223029
-Amy isn't just a doofus.
-Tails barely changed.
-Sonic having a bandana isn't a bad choice.

-Why are we covered in tape.
-Game trailer makes it look like they're not trying to change Amy so much as make a new character and stick her face on.
-Knux is taking roids.
>> No. 223030
This isn't even a film anyway. It's a cartoon and a game. Pretty sure there's a difference there.

>"My other reaction watching the game trailer was wondering what made Sonic unique if everyone else can keep up with him, especially Knuckles."

You talking about Sonic Boom, or Sonic & Knuckles? About 20 years late to complain about that.
>> No. 223033

I dunno, I found this cartoon sorta dull and too "safe." There's nothing terrible, but nothing that makes me go "Oh I gotta watch that!" as well.
>> No. 223035
Please please please say that the sonic boom designs won't be in the comic. They are god awful
>> No. 223036
Nope nope nope tape tape tape nope nope nope.

Because the Nintendo DS is going to be the "third pillar" and will never replace the Game Boy line.

Yes. It seems like standard schtick, too; I never cared for AoStH, I was a SatAM guy, so this does not interest me at all.
>> No. 223037
Why is Amy a balloon animal?
>> No. 223039
>Because the Nintendo DS is going to be the "third pillar" and will never replace the Game Boy line.
Nobody even kind of believed that.
Call me when Ian has to redesign Knux.

The pitches for future episodes sound pretty funny. Can't judge it from so little.
>> No. 223040
>The pitches for future episodes sound pretty funny. Can't judge it from so little.

I certainly won't rule it out entirely that they might improve/get better with the writing/concept. After all, Generator Rex was one of those shows where the first impression I got was "this is kinda dull and playing it too safe." Eventually during I think either season 2 or 3, near the end, the episodes really began to catch my interest. I was merely commenting on this one short itself.
>> No. 223042
The new Eggman is kinda sexy.
>> No. 223044
At least the cartoon looks decent. The game's aesthetic interests me so I'm cautiously optimistic for that.
>> No. 223045
The problem though is that he's no longer shaped like an egg.
>> No. 223046
File 139173929983.jpg - (51.75KB , 868x531 , 1391725308362.jpg )

God help me, I love it when Sonic thinks it can reinvent itself.
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