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221521 No. 221521
Previous thread: >>220754

So apparently SSS is going to have a short mini-comic (Sonic Origins) about the founding of the Freedom Fighters? Or something? What's up with that?
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>> No. 222448
And I'll say now before someone gets confused, the >hurr SEGA apologist guy is behaving just as petulant. Tone it down.
>> No. 222463
>> No. 222487
File 139065673845.jpg - (56.18KB , 600x800 , Bew9mfBCAAAajbv[1].jpg )
commence hype!
>> No. 222489
>Intro Page

Note what?
>> No. 222491
That the printer's going out of red, maybe
>> No. 222494
File 139067840822.gif - (92.29KB , 160x160 , 133932160674.gif )

Oh god I forgot Spaz was doing this story...

>> No. 222496
So I'm looking through the old Sonic comics, and it seems like editorial just straight up forgot to add credits to certain issues. For example, issue 51 just seems to...not have credits. At all. You have to wonder how something like that happens.
>> No. 222497
>Doctor Cain: Archaeologist
Oooh, that's a nice touch! In my view, a big difference between Rock's and X's worlds is the lack of a "kindly robot scientist father figure" in the latter, so having Dr Cain be someone who doesn't fully understand the technology he's digging up goes a good way towards replicating that.
>> No. 222498
That's an Archie thing. Archie is pretty bad at doing credits in a lot of their books, historically.
>> No. 222499
He was an archaeologist in the video games too, you know. It's part of the backstory that Cain not understanding how X worked was the entire reason Mavericks are a thing. If they didn't bring that up it'd be a massive oversight.
>> No. 222507
That's different. Archie purposefully didn't credit people until the 80s. After that it's because someone fucked up and forgot them.
They usually acknowledge it in subsequent issues. Issue 51's credits are in the letters page for 52 or 53.
>> No. 222520
Is there a way to update the info on Sonic Retro? The stuff pertaining to Archie Sonic is woefully out of date, it looks like it hasn't been touched since 2012.
>> No. 222529
That's what makes it retro!
>> No. 222530
Yes. It's called getting an account and editing the article.
>> No. 222534
I'd be plenty fine editing the article myself, but getting an account there? Bridge too far.
>> No. 222538
As far as I recall, getting an account on the wikis doesn't require the selection-process-that-really-isn't-as-big-of-a-deal-as-people-insist-it-is.
>> No. 222539

I didn't think the process of getting an account (at least for the forums) was all that hard. Show some interest in the fandom, prove that you're a half-way decent human being, and show that you can be apart of a community without being a nuisance. It's not like you have to pay to join.
>> No. 222542
People often either think it's harder than it is or that it's morally wrong because /how dare they tell me what I can join or not/.

It's really there just to filter the absolutemost idiots (the kind of members that join other forums and get banned, here there's no need for the banning) and make others whip up into shape thinking "oh shit they actually require a process here to join maybe just doing "amy vs sally!!" posts won't cut it".

And then they join and discover everyone's just either discussing informatics or dicks.
>> No. 222543
But regardless of all that, posting on the wikis or on the comments of the main page doesn't require said process anyways (unless they changed something in the last couple of years), so just make an account and go edit what you want.
>> No. 222552
Since the age topic has come up on the forums again I decided to make a list, does this look accurate?

Eclipse : 1
Charmy : 6
Cream : 6
Marine - 7
Muttski : (presumably 6 - 8)
Tails : 8
Amy : 12
Silver : 14
Blaze : 14
Rotor : 14 - 15* (unknown satam)
Sally : 14 - 15* (16 satam)
Sonic : 15
Bunnie : 15 - 16* (unknown satam)
Knuckles : 16
Espio : 16
Mighty : 16
Ray (no official SEGA age) : (10 pre 252) logically 15-17 (if the Time Warp story is no longer canon)
Antoine : 17 - 18* (16 satam)
Rouge : 18
Vector : 20
Snively : 28-29*
Uncle Chuck : 47-48*
Shadow : 50 (physically ageless {only like one year of actual living})
King Acorn : 56-57* (unknown satam)

*Subtracting two to three years from their reported pre 252 age [for Sonic's 3 birthdays]

No official age
Wally Naugus
>> No. 222554
>Bunnie and Antoine getting married at a mere 15/17.

Anyway, actual "age" isn't really important. They'll only ever be written relative to how old the writer "feels" they are.
>> No. 222555
>Antoine is unaware of North American/Westside Island sex laws.
>Is arrested for statutory rape.
Zut alors!
>> No. 222557
I've known people 16/17 year olds who've gotten married before.

Granted, most of the time they're knocked up.
>> No. 222558
Has Shadow ever had a birthday party?
>> No. 222561
"Non, do not in-carcinogen me! She told me she was, 'ow you say, sixteen! It ees ze truth!"

He's far too grumpy for that.
Can you imagine Shadow with a party hat and one of those party blowers? It's horrifying.
>> No. 222565
Gosh, I hadn't considered that new Ray might be all grown up. I kinda hope so.
>> No. 222589

Sonic would totally be up for arranging that.
>> No. 222590
Really? I kind of like him as the "younger brother."
>> No. 222624
Bigger change, mighty might not be super-strong anymore.
>> No. 222644
That sounds bad, but it could be good for his character. I mean, it must be hard to write a Superman strong character into situations.
>> No. 222672
Think he'll just have the Sonic abilities like in his game?
>> No. 222690
Source? I'm gonna miss the guy flinging tanks like nothing. Taking it away leaves him with no shtick.
>> No. 222713
'Cept he'd be MIGHTY fast.
>> No. 222718

The super strength is an invention of the comic. Charmy's a kid now but he's relatively active in the games and his comic backstory is a notorious mess. Depends on how much Sega cares about characters they know damn well they're never using again.
>> No. 222726
Mighty's Super Strength is an invention of PENDERS

it's almost certain that he won't have it.
>> No. 222741

Why wouldn't he, though? Penders doesn't own the concept of a character being super strong.
>> No. 222745
he created the concept that Mighty the Armadillo has super strength
>> No. 222746
Just read an article talking about how during the whole Mecha Sally arc (and Ian's run), most of the bad stuff happened to the women. It claimed that Ian was sexist because

1. Sally was reduced to "tomboy princess' even though her more "rough and tumble" aspects were just from the fact she was leading terrorists against an empire and living in the dirt. The person argued that Sally was always feminine, but Ian wrote her as a boy with lady parts, and her only femininity coming when she wanted to fuck someone, like with Monkey Khan

2. Bunnie was a downgrade from her SatAM version where she was a Lady in Waiting for Sally, but a hair dresser in Archie. Ian went on to make a character arc where she was weak and useless

3. Ian made it apparently clear that Sonic complimented Sally and Bunnie on their new looks, without any other concern crossing his mind

Thoughts on this?
>> No. 222749
File 13911212523.gif - (0.97MB , 300x225 , 1386494229768.gif )
>> No. 222750
File 139112181316.jpg - (808.88KB , 900x1382 , Megaman-X-Promo-Image-Final-Art-blank-version-2[1].jpg )
Forget about that shit
>> No. 222753
Typical horse-shit of some people trying to stop trouble either: A) Having a narrow version about what makes a "good" female character. B) Thinks all guys are pigs. Or C) Clearly like to pick and choose examples during a period where everyone's got screwed over.
>> No. 222761
File 139113472231.gif - (1.91MB , 480x270 , thj3F.gif )
>> No. 222762
I mean I know it's just a promo image and nothing remotely like that image will actually be happening but still, you guys sure are putting a lot of eggs in the X basket.
>> No. 222766

They have to the classic series books sales aren't sustainable.
>> No. 222778

Well yeah, if they stay in this holding pattern of dicking around waiting for new crossovers to start. We're looking at another 4-6 months of filler thanks to this event.
>> No. 222781
Oh, they're sustainable.
Just not good enough to justify an X book.
>> No. 222810
>"We're looking at another 4-6 months of filler thanks to this event."
Do you mean you think the crossover's filler, or that there's going to be filler before it starts? Because none of us have any clue what's going to even happen in the crossover yet, and we already know what's going on in the issues leading up to it. The lead-in looks more like MM3 and MMX setup than filler.
>> No. 222811
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