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File 138055720796.gif - (961.88KB , 360x202 , New-New52 Teen Titans.gif )
217079 No. 217079
Batwoman Single!
Justice Leagus Mangled!
Jeff Parker for Aquaman!
And Villain Month had some pretty good stuff in it!

Meanwhile, the small screen superheroes face challenges of their own:

The Leader of the League of Assassins is revealed (you get three guesses, first two don't count)!

And Teen Titans Go! becomes Teen /lit/ans Go!
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>> No. 217082
Gordon is getting his own cop show, sadly its on Fox so its days are numbered even before it has a cast and shot as per the usual. But hey getting a little bit of GCPD is good though hopes of a full GCPD cast with Sawyer, Renee, Bullock and the rest of Major Crimes are likely for not since as of now its a Bats prequel. Be a nice way to backdoor Kane into the small screen though.

>> No. 217261
File 138095371083.jpg - (133.89KB , 1280x720 , Teen_Titans_Go_S01E14a_Books_720p_WEB-DL_AAC2_0_H_.jpg )
>> No. 217273
Beware the Batman: where everyone's love interest is in cahoots with the League of Assassins.
>> No. 217281
That Restaurant scene was really sharp, I liked it a ton

Well, he is still possessed by Psycho Mantis
>> No. 217322

Crazy good with Batman using both sides of his knowledge and episode actually having some classic clue misdirection
>> No. 217353
File 138117698868.jpg?spoiler - (2.10MB , 1920x2951 , 1380719169056.jpg?spoiler )
I love Earth 2.

Swamp Thing Introyoutube thumb
I was unaware this was a thing. I watched the movies and tv show as a kid though
>> No. 217359
While I miss the original JSA, this fellas are pretty cool as well.
Jay's costume though, a bit odd, but that's just me I guess.

>> No. 217360
File 138118565223.jpg?spoiler - (1.63MB , 3456x2657 , 1380719246632.jpg?spoiler )
I miss the JSA too but Earth 2 did them proud I think. Jay's outfit is weird, especially since they had the perfect opportunity to give him the hat. The sketches even show it was planned.

Ok the Smallville comic is cool. Started with the Titans mini. Jay Garrick training the Teen Titans. Fuck yes
>> No. 217400

Proving yet again comic fans are the dumbest fuckers.
>> No. 217403
Speaking of, only Villain month book I read was First Born, which was far less a full story and more a back up story that should have been packed with the last arc of the main book. But it wasn't bad. At least now all the Hyena men make sense.

Seeing as the only DC book I'm buying is Wonder Woman, is Cheetah worth grabbing?
>> No. 217405
ask on the caturday thread
>> No. 217408
File 138129909073.jpg - (589.88KB , 607x912 , Forever Evil BLIGHT.jpg )
I dispute the assertion that any of their books are worth grabbing.
>> No. 217412
I'll probably get Dial E and Solomon Grundy but that's it.
>> No. 217415
This week's Batman 66. Eartha Kitt Catwoman. Purrfect
>> No. 217433
It didn't have anything to do with the storyline in Wonder Woman. Or even Forever Evil beyond using it as justification for why Cheetah is running around instead of still in Belle Reve. Straight up origin issue. It was fun seeing the fucked up survivalist camp Cheetah grew up in, and if I were a more well-read WW fan I'd assume it was an intentional inversion of the peaceful and accepting Post-Crisis Amazon society I see people talk about. But as someone who has never read a Cheetah story before (outside of When In Rome) I can't comment on whether it does any justice to the character.
>> No. 217435
It's basically an entirely new character who happens to be named Cheetah. I'm not talking minor reboot rearrangement, her past, personality, motives, power source, the whole shebang is different.

But that's the Nu52 for you. Like a character? Well they're gone. Here, have a different one that happens to share the name.
>> No. 217438
Isn't Cheetah really different from age to age. I mean remember when she was a batshit crazy socialite in a Cheetah onesie?
>> No. 217439
That was Priscilla Rich, the first Cheetah. There's two others including Minerva, the one being used in current comics. Technically there's another two, a dude and a revenant created by JMS for his Odyssey story. But they're both dead and likely not to return anytime soon.
>> No. 217445
Yes and no. Pricilla Rich, the first Cheetah, was unpowered, hated Wonder Woman for being more popular, and was a cold rich friendless socialite.

Post-Crisis Cheetah was modeled on her. Enough differences that Perez changed her civilian name, but she still hated Wonder Woman for getting things with ease (from her perspective), and she still became Cheeath because she was cold, rich, and friendless, just an academic not a socialite.

NuCheetah has nothing to do with the old ones at all in terms of character.
>> No. 217455
Honestly I have no attachment to any version of Cheetah and think the new version is pretty piss poor. She's not interesting, not fun, and not a legitimate threat. The villains month issue tried to flesh her out a little but it just fell flat. This is a bad character whose importance is elevated for no good reason.
>> No. 217459
A lot of Wonder Woman's old villains are kind of outmatched by Wondy with her new status. Is Giganta around?
>> No. 217460
Either Demigod or now God she's got near nobody as a foe since she took the place of Ares.
>> No. 217463
I mean if Cheetah tried to fight Wonder Woman she would end up with a star spangled boot in her ass now.
>> No. 217464
Pretty much. I wouldn't mind other pantheons mucking about and making her adversaries their avatars and giving them godlike powers. Be interesting.
>> No. 217465
Should keep some sci fi aspects. I mean I liked Dr. Psycho.
>> No. 217466
yea theymake her more pulpy and adventure seeking not less. Don't let her being the god of war make her less a character.
>> No. 217468
Too late.
>> No. 217598
Ok, so I'm like 2 months behind (dropped pretty much all of DC after the J.H. Williams thing) but Superman killing Steppenwolf in Earth 2? WTF?! Its stupid that they need to bring back the big 3 in a world that was supposed to be unique because it didnt have them, but Supes outright killing a New God?! Jesus Robinson, you havent even left the book yet at this point and you've already fucked it up beyond my ability to cope. I'm gonna hope this was editorial, but if we just keep getting more of this I wont be dissapointed I dropped this as my last DC book
>> No. 217613
Batman: Arkham Origins - Troy …youtube thumb

I think Troy Baker as Joker will be just fine.
>> No. 217614
Well, Robinson is leaving because of issues with editorial. This could be those issues.

Personally, I'm always cool with Steppenwolf dying. Kalibak and Desaad too. Since those were the characters that Kirby killed but brought back in the 80's because they were going to be in a toyline, and ever since they've been in a constant state of death and resurrection because dc wants them alive but guys like Evaneer, who was basically caretaking the new gods till the late 90's wanted them dead.

Plus I've seen new gods die from asteroid lasers, the Phoenix, and Superman singing, among several other really silly things
>> No. 217615
Really Earth-2 was such a pile of shit from start to finish I'm flabbergasted it managed to draw anyone.

Then again DC has proved they know exactly what they are doing.

I wonder when we have the comics crash 2.0 do you guys think the indie scene has gotten strong enough to pick up the pieces of the big two?
>> No. 217617
Marvel has barely changed at all since 2006, if anything crashes, it's probably just going to be DC.

And I never found Earth Two bad, but I also never found it interesting either. It felt like what "any other DC book" would have been 7 or so years ago. Which I guess is why it gained a following today.
>> No. 217619
I think the smaller publishers are strong enough to fill the void with Dark Horse and Image being the biggest to take the lead I think.
>> No. 217620
File 138172226867.jpg - (1.88MB , 1500x2250 , Earth2_cvr_16_FINAL_wys7w56eo7_.jpg )
The cover made the Superman reveal pretty obvious. But I do wish Steppenwolf hadn't been offed so soon. More because it feels hollow for his defeat to be at the hands of Superman than for any other, though it did seem like he was being written for some bigger plans. Now I wonder if Robinson intended to use Steppenwolf for another issue or two, and if he truly scripted this issue.

It's the best superhero team book to come out of DC in the past two years. Not saying it's good when judged alone, but when compared to shit like Justice League and the lackluster JLA, it's hard not to elevate the series.
>> No. 217658
File 138180353034.jpg - (357.75KB , 900x1366 , 1381775437.jpg )
>Gothtopia event for the next year
>Alternate Gotham that is "a bright, shiny, happy place where dreams come true…as long as you don't look at things too closely."
Mite be cool
>> No. 217660
Gotham being a modern Gilded would be fascinating make the public personas of Bruce and Kate as vital as the suits.
>> No. 217690
Fingers crossed for a story about a tyrannical Batman to offset the influx of ones about King Dick Superman.
>> No. 217702
File 138193062188.jpg - (463.47KB , 801x1231 , tumblr_muriuwu01N1s11g07o1_1280_png.jpg )
You know how no one gives a fuck about GL anymore? This is why.
>> No. 217703

It's amazing to me what a good thing Johns had going and how he managed to squander it so completely.
>> No. 217716
Well he dialog's okay.
>> No. 217769
It's captain Planet!
>> No. 217777
Captain Lantern~
He's a Hero~
Gonna take a girl's pulse down to zero!~
>> No. 217831
File 138230997945.jpg - (67.27KB , 599x235 , Screenshot_2013-10-20-17-52-36.jpg )
It's happening again.
>> No. 217832
Oh for...really!? WTF!?
>> No. 217843
What is going on up there?
Not that I'll particularly miss the series myself.
>> No. 217846
If I had to guess its that Cartoon Network wants something with a wider profit margin and since Warner Bros/DC as no intention of moving this or such properties like they will their movies then Cartoon Network couldn't be bothered. One of the reasons they put the axe to Transformers Animated was they wanted a bigger piece of the pie Hasbro wasn't too keen on that and so events led to the creation of The Hub. Its not like its doing DisneyXD horrible according to numbers its pulling above 1.0 steady and once things pick up like bringing in Barbra as Proto and eventual Batgirl that should pick up some numbers.
>> No. 217847
Welp, I'm seething. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm still pissed. Probably because this time it's a show I'm actually really enjoying. I really want to be optimistic and think that maybe there'll be a turnaround and CN will stop dicking about, but after watching what they did to the previous two big DC Nation shows (and Sym-Bionic Titan, and Thundercats...), this pattern of behavior has a predictably negative outcome.
>> No. 217858
File 138240771066.jpg - (60.72KB , 599x300 , Screenshot_2013-10-21-21-05-24.jpg )
>> No. 217859
File 138241195050.jpg - (160.94KB , 400x618 , Lazara.jpg )
Devil's Advocate: Majority of those things were not even part of DC before the new 52.
>> No. 217860
Actually, if I remember right, NONE of them were part of DC Universe as of, uh, 2008 I think? Long Halloween Two-Face origin was the last to go.
>> No. 217868
Calling shenanigans. DC could get a bit wibbly-wobbly when it comes to what was and wasn't canon, but... yeah, you're pretty much wrong about that. Something similar to Eye of the Beholder or Long Halloween was Two-Face's origin. Don't look at the details too hard, but something like that was the origin. The adaptation of Heart of Ice was absolutely Mr. Freeze's origin, and the adaptation of Mad Love was Harley's. Lazara was a bad idea... that absolutely did not retcon away the Heart of Ice adaptation. And it really wouldn't have been hard to retcon her away without turning Freeze into the creepy unsympathetic stalker creepazoid he is in the new 52. And Harley kills kids for yuks now? Her use pre reboot was a bit hit or miss, but nowhere near enough misses to excuse what she is now.
>> No. 217875

Yep looks like another one of those things.
>> No. 217879
>“Currently Beware the Batman is no longer on our air,” said a representative for Cartoon network, adding viewers should stay tuned for additional information. “Fans can still enjoy Teen Titans Go! and new exclusive shorts on Saturday mornings.”

Yeah. "You can't watch and enjoy new episodes of the show you actually like, but please watch this other show that's completely different on every level, because you people don't differentiate, right?"

Anger's really starting to burn through the disappointment. I know there's next to nothing viewers who like the show can do to sway a bunch of short-sighted, greed-driven executives, but I'm pissed enough to try.
>> No. 217880
It just bums me that this is basically GLTAS 2.0 Same methods different show.
>> No. 217885
Two Face Year One, Snow and Batman: Harley Quinn were the current pre-52 origins for all the characters. Now, some (definitely not Snow) might have been similar to the ones that guy mentioned, but they still weren't those stories.

I don't read DC books any more, and yeah, you could make an argument for not moving too far away from the main outline of more iconic stories, I was just saying, those stories specifically weren't the canon origins at the time of new 52. There are better examples that could have been used.

I just included the Lazara picture to amuse myself.
>> No. 217891
>Two Face Year One, Snow and Batman: Harley Quinn were the current pre-52 origins for all the characters.

You seem to be confused. Two Face: Year One did not retcon away Long Halloween. It supplemented Long Halloween. Badly. Very very badly. It's a textbook case of how NOT to do comic book continuity, but the Batman books haven't had a single good editor since O'Neil left, so if the writer can't be bothered to ask himself "does it make sense for this character to be around at the start of Batman's career?" no one will ask him to stop, think, and rewrite. Nonetheless, while it was definitely dodgy in terms of continuity, it was intended as a supplement to Long Halloween, telling events from Harvey's point of view.

Batman: Harley Quinn is Paul Dini's adaptation of the Mad Love episode. It was her origin. There were some differences from the Mad Love episode, put in because Dini wanted to acknowledge that the DCU Joker was more homicidal than the DCAU Joker (pity), but it's still basically an adaptation of Mad Love, and by the same author.
And similarly, Mr. Freeze's origin before the reboot was Batman: Mr. Freeze, Paul Dini's adaptation of Heart of Ice, which told the same story but with a few more details added (Victor was a very strange kid...). Snow hadn't been canon for a long-ass time.

>but they still weren't those stories.

Two Face: Year One was a supplement to Long Halloween. Batman: Harley Quinn was an adaptation of Mad Love. Snow you're just plum wrong about, I'm afraid. Good story, but just glancing at a "Mr. Freeze" entry in any DC Encyclopedia or the like was enough to establish it wasn't remotely canon.
>> No. 217892
Cool. Guess I'm wrong
>> No. 217893
Though, as an aside, I don't think Long Halloween was properly made in continuity until like Tony Daniels Batman run in 2009. Just hinted at.

Which of course makes Eye of the Beholder the default origin, which you did call.

Just thinking out loud.
>> No. 217895
Long Halloween and Dark Victory expanded upon events everyone knew had to have happened - the fall of the traditional Gotham mobs, and rise of the "Freaks". Halloween referenced some events from Eye of the Beholder. It didn't fit perfectly with Eye, but it does look like Loeb had a vague notion of his story dovetailing with EotB rather than simply overwriting it.

Before Daniels, authors tried to avoid referencing particulars from it - or using characters like Gilda or the Falcone family - because Sale and Loeb had expressed interest in doing a third story, and nobody wanted to step on their toes. Daniels, being a right shite altogether, didn't give a toss about what Sale and Loeb might do. And another writer might've been right to go "fuck 'em, they've had enough time," but obviously Tony didn't have the skill to use them in a good way. Loeb's work wasn't very good, but honestly deserved better.
>> No. 217896
Huh. I thought When in Rome WAS the third story.

But yeah, I know/agree with what you're saying.
>> No. 217914
File 138255648720.png - (200.19KB , 500x230 , tumblr_mu3u9nTeEo1qlpinso5_500.png )
This is exactly how we're gonna look at the new 52.
>> No. 217920
Not so bad as we tought back then?
>> No. 217922
File 138257276856.png - (182.74KB , 500x232 , tumblr_mu3u9nTeEo1qlpinso3_500.png )
The jokes about it will have more staying power than the actual characters.
>> No. 217945
No, those were considered cool in their time already.
>> No. 217948
I don't even remember Bile, though he seems to be particularly shitty just from looking at him.
Man there have been so many symbiotes, Toxin was cool but then Marvel had to fuck that over (they killed Pat OFFSCREEN for fucks sake just to give the symbiote to Crazy Eddie)
>> No. 217949
You guys are missing the point as it seems, who talks about Bile or Godhead?

Do you not notice how the lineup is a process over time? Starting with the original the moving along until you end up with a twisted and completly stupid version of the original at the end.
Though the difference with the Nu52 I would think instead of it being seperate characters who are spun-off from the original model its actually a twisted new canon version of the classic.
>> No. 217968
I have ALL of Bile and Godhead's appearances, thank you VERY much.
>> No. 217970
Do you want some sort of Cheevo for it?
>> No. 217971
Owning all those characters' appearances is its own reward.
>> No. 218029
Out of morbid curiosity, what's the current state of the Bat-Family?
>> No. 218030
File 138282777875.jpg - (43.54KB , 357x285 , its dead jim.jpg )
>> No. 218031

Off the top of my head?

Batman is on the run with Catwoman due to Forever Evil stuff.

Nightwing has had his identity publically outted, and may be dying soon.

Tim Drake is in the future or something, again due to Forever Evil.

Damian is dead, and has been for some time now.

Jason Todd is apparently head of the League of Assassins or something, 'cept it might have just been a trick by Ra's al Ghul.

Batwing I has disappeared/died/been replaced by Lucius Fox's kid.

Stephanie Brown, erased from history, but will return as part of the weekly Batman Eternal series DC's doing next year to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary (yaaaay, sincerely).

Cassandra Cain, erased entirely, hoping she'll come back in BE too as that book actually has some talent behind it.

Batwoman, her series changed creators midway through a storyline, so we will never get a resolution to her pre-Batman Year Zero plot, JOY.

Barbara Gordon... dunno. Her mum lost a finger via the Joker, thinks that she killed her brother in a bad rehash of the Black Mirror storyline Scott Snyder did just before the reboot (even ended on a bridge in the rain with James Jr sustaining an eye injury), and feels guilty about it while her dad is attempting to have Batgirl arrested for killing his... insane and murderous son... who we knew was still alive as he appeared in Suicide Squad roughly a month after his "death", hereby removing all of the bite from the Batgirl storyline.

Batcow is still around, which is more than can be said for most of the members of Batman Inc, sadly.
>> No. 218034
File 138283337997.jpg - (135.87KB , 740x566 , gordon facepalm.jpg )
>> No. 218036
Haha wow.

Glad I only read '66
>> No. 218038
File 138283597696.jpg - (236.34KB , 500x650 , 1338236331178.jpg )
Super glad I quit the fuck out with Inc.

666 Also good and oddly enough on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
>> No. 218039
File 138283620662.png - (219.13KB , 500x248 , tumblr_mu3u9nTeEo1qlpinso6_500.png )
That's funny considering Bile and Godhead don't exist.

These are from Marvel best of 1993 and were jokes about the darker direction comics were heading that time and became increasingly poignant as the years went on, little did they realize most of these ideas would end up real.
>> No. 218040
Everything but the Nightwing thing, Batwoman's creator problems and Batgirl being terrible seems pretty standard fare for Batman comics, especially Batman comics in an event.

Now I know they probably aren't good because I've read work by the creative teams under the current editorial, but quick bullet points make them seem like normal Batman books.

Question: didn't David just proper quit? Wrap up all his business, shut down his villains and handed the costume back to Batman? Or did something happen to him afterward?
>> No. 218042
>That's funny considering Bile and Godhead don't exist.

The fact that they were never in any Marvel comics doesn't prevent me from owning every one of their appearances.

Oh ho. Oh ho.
>> No. 218043
File 138283996184.png - (190.08KB , 500x230 , tumblr_mu3u9nTeEo1qlpinso2_500.png )
touche my unusual friend.
>> No. 218044
Batman 666?
>> No. 218045
I don't know what's funnier about Red Hulk, the fact that it eventually happened or the fact he looks nearly exactly like Hulk 2099.
>> No. 218050
Haven't checked DC out since a little before the reboot. How's Huntress fairing? Always liked that crazy Sicilian.
>> No. 218051
Erased, replaced by the old Helena Wayne Huntress and... I don't know beyond that.
>> No. 218052
In the new continuity Helena Bertinelli died, off panel, "a few years ago".

Helena Wayne, a refuge from an alternate reality, took her place, and has been using the Helena Bertinelli name as an alias.

Some people have enjoyed her appearances. I'm not one of them. It just strikes me as stupidity compounded by stupidity. Helena Wayne of Earth 2 was a good character, sort of a "Batman Beyond" prototype that faced her own new villains while also dealing with the fallout from Bruce's time as Gotham's hero. Helena Bertinelli became a great fun character in her own right, and the "mob daughter" angle was excellent, giving her a solid origin of her own. The new direction means we don't get Helena Bertinelli being a proud female hero that Batman had no hand in creating, and we don't get the alternate reality shenanigans that made Helena Wayne an interesting idea in the first place. And any future interactions with Bruce and the other Gotham heroes would be weird and awkward.

Do not fucking want.
>> No. 218055
File 138286205723.jpg - (205.39KB , 488x750 , tumblr_m34yfucEoU1qbujox.jpg )
Oh yeah, I forgot about how Helena Bertinelli's Huntress either didn't exist, or died at some point with Helena Wayne stealing her identity afterwards. Urgh.


The thing is, I LIKE Scott Snyder's Batman book, as it's the only one that feels like a throwback to the era I grew up with (late Nineties to mid-2000s... preboot, I guess), it's just the tie-ins I can't stand.

Like with Court of Owls, the main book is very solid but all the tie-in material in other books isn't really as good. Ditto with Death of the Family.

Mine was the era of Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker's Batman/Catwoman/Gotham Central. It's just a shame that DC screwed over the two of them (and in turn they got screwed over by Marvel) making them go into independant work.

The fact that the Bat Family related stuff rom JUST before the reboot was just starting to get good again (Gates of Gotham, Black Mirror, all of Paul Dini's world building books like Streets of Gotham, and Steph Brown's Batgirl, for some examples) makes that damn reboot all the more frustrating.

Hell, the only books I thought were any good from the initial relaunch were the ones that didn't need it to function (Wonder Woman, Batman, All-Star Western and Demon Knights), making it a huge waste of time, for me at least.
>> No. 218057
File 138286398659.jpg - (1.69MB , 945x1452 , what the fucking hell.jpg )
Jesus, that page has to be one of the biggest cases of spitting in fans faces since... well, this page.

Sorry Anon, but Gates of Gotham and Steph's Batgirl just weren't going to cut it. There were just too many nails in the Batfamily's coffin at that point. Things drifted along without O'Neil at the helm for a while, but once we started getting shit like Identity Crisis and War Games it was just a matter of time. The Batman spinoff characters are still around, but the Batfamily's dead as the Dodo. Too many bad decisions. Kicking Oracle out of Gotham (and later healing her, removing one of the lynchpins that kept the books connected), everyone's indifference to Cassandra's fate, the destruction of Bludhaven (removing the place that let Dick be his own man while staying in driving distance), Batman Inc and Damian (yes, they were VERY bad for the Batfamily, in hindsight), removing Tim's entire history...
is a good summary of what everyone's up to at the moment. But >>218030
is the better answer to "What's the condition of the Batfamily these days?"
>> No. 218058

I will agree with you to the extent that Infinite Crisis permanently fucked up the majority of the Bat Books (not just with what happened to Cass, but also the eviction of all female heroes from Gotham, and return to the GCPD status quo regardless of how little sense it made, ie Harvey Bullock being allowed back onto the force after being kicked out for arranging someone's murder).

But towards the end, as a whole, the Bat Books were the best they'd been in a long time just before the reboot. Batman Inc had introduced a lot of interesting characters, Knight and Squire were still around and fun, Cass and Steph were both in good places within the DCU for the first time in years, Paul Dini was giving Gotham a sense of history and actually fleshing out Bruce's parents beyond their status of victims...

It was different from the 1990s Batman or even the stuff from No Man's Land (still my favourite crossover ever) onwards, but the just just before the reboot the books were actually becoming fun and interesting again. As opposed to being a framework for Tim Drake to angst from or something.
>> No. 218061
File 138287485426.jpg - (1.09MB , 1500x2276 , DAMIAN_SOBM_Cv3_qehw0nto66_.jpg )
Damian: Son of Batman, follows the biblical apocalypse styled timeline of Batman #666, while #66 picks up the tradition of the comical West era Damian: Son of Batman takes it's ques from Morrison's Batman #666 which was itself based on watchmen and other edge of the ending styled 80's comics apocalypse comics.
>> No. 218065
I was unaware there was a series.
>> No. 218066
File 138288407731.jpg - (31.08KB , 335x503 , Marshall-Law-3-Posters_1519.jpg )
Can we talk about how kind of crazy it is that DC is the one who published the Marshall law omnibus after like ten years of waiting for this thing to be published and like six different publishers initially saying they'd do it?

The Omnibus is pretty good, but they lack the crossovers, which is understandable, but still disappointing.
>> No. 218069
File 138289160546.jpg - (186.52KB , 966x1509 , 1382835146691.jpg )
I'll just leave this here.
>> No. 218071

This shit always annoys me. I hate it when they write stories about Batman saving the Joker and he has to justify it with absolutely inane arguments.
>> No. 218072
File 138289760750.jpg - (413.48KB , 1316x848 , jokerbadwriting.jpg )
The problem isn't Batman saving the Joker, or Spectre sparing him, or anything like that.

The problem is bad writers turning Joker into a character that it's implausible for Batman to spare.
>> No. 218073
Like what happened with Harley in the Villains month issue and how fucking unnecessary it is since it won't have any effect on her Self titles series except shading those readers view of her that don't know it doesn't have anything to do with it.
>> No. 218074
The Spectre is pretty unsuited to being a part of the DC.
He always goes after no name sinners, people who might have killed their cheating spouse and their lover in the heat of the moment or someone that killed the murderer that killed their child and got off scotfree because of a legal trick, instead of the major evil beings/super villains because they have plot armour.
When they occasionally do have him interact you get bullshit like, what was it... "lol joker is too crazy to know what he's doing is wrong so he's innocent!" which is just an even more cancerous version of DC's misunderstanding of what the "insanity plea" constitutes.

The personification of God's wrath just doesn't work with the rest of the superhero universe.
>> No. 218075
He did kill Dr. Light. I can't imagine the shitstorm that would come from Spectre given full freedom.

I don't think the problem is the Spectre as much as it the universe.
>> No. 218076
File 138290328451.jpg - (13.17KB , 280x251 , 98341-132847-azmodus.jpg )
He's unsuited for the Batman side of the universe, he operates just fine outside of it and even in it sometimes, it's really just whenever they try to address Joker that shit falls apart and that's easy solved by anyone with half a brain.

Joker is under Hell's protection from Heaven's forces along with a few other noticeable merciless killers by Azmodus and a back up crew with a vested interest in spreading misery on Earth. there, simple.
>> No. 218077
Dr light is baby school, raping a superhero's wife might be horrible personally but compared to real atrocity its nothing.

But of course in comicbooks the faceless masses of innocents have little worth, something bad happening to a named character is equal to things a hundredfold worse happening to a thousand times more nameless civvies.
>> No. 218078
File 138290495971.jpg - (223.44KB , 978x315 , 1382894777673.jpg )
>> No. 218079
Remember how much crap EVERYONE gave Ollie for Prometheus.

The no kill rule is fine and all until someone like Carnage shows up. Some Joe schmoe bank robber deserves jail time. Monsters like that need to go down.

I seriously want and Elseworlds where Spectre goes old testament.

Spectre: You Done Fucked Up Now
>> No. 218080
So uh... if God is real and the all-powerful creator in DC who made the multiverse... why did he do such a half-ass job? I mean near every massive event is "THE UNIVERSE/MULTIVERSE IS AT STAKE" because some force of villains or godlike evil entity is fiddling with a flaw in the makeup of existence, usually directly related to/targeted at Earth because lolearth is the cosmic lynchpin of the multiverse. Whole universes and all the people living in them have been snuffed out in these things.
>> No. 218081
well that Light it wasn't just one women he was a serial rapist. It was quite disturbing how they worked that.
>> No. 218082
You guys know that DC spent almost a year setting up a crappy story just so they can say "Batman kills Joker now" right?
>> No. 218083
Except they only made him a serial rapist after the Sue thing
To quote Plastic-Man-
>>"It's like that's his power now"

Just your standard comicbook practice of taking one event and then retuning the character to revolve around it completely.
>> No. 218084
File 138291712723.jpg - (360.13KB , 981x1524 , spectre v3 #61 [ocd] [pharo]03.jpg )
Because DC God doesn't give a fuck.
>> No. 218085
Fuck that, remember when Barry was getting grief for FUCKING ZOOM.

Speaking of which fuck DC for erasing Wally.
>> No. 218086
File 138291858874.jpg - (550.68KB , 783x1200 , EARTH2_Cv18_R1.jpg )
And finally, to anyone who say Earth-2 is anything more than fucking godawful this cover is all the response to you I need.
>> No. 218088
You may need to take a breather man.

Earth 2 was really, just a boring, middle of the road book that people clung to because it felt more familiar that everything else DC was doing. And obviously it's direction has changed now with Robinson leaving due to editorial interference.

And a mind controlled hero standing over the skeletons of other heroes on a cover is such an old, established part of comics it's practically a caveman drawing.

I think you need to spend a while away from a company that is clearly no good for you. It's all shit Tiki, and it's not worth getting angry over.
>> No. 218090
Agreed which is why I quit with Inc but it's all so fucking stupid, what I'm really upset over is THIS FUCKING GARBAGE IS WORKING.

like, fuck man it's nauseating when stuff from Dark Horse has to struggle while DC sells out on third printings of foil covers.

My only solace is that Bob Harras will likely fail at life again and crash the market. Again.
>> No. 218091
God is an asshole here.

I remember a necksnap but that's it.

Earth 2 has a wonderful history of edgy misleading covers.
>> No. 218092
Which name do you prefer?
"God" or "The Presence"?
>> No. 218093
File 138292234866.jpg - (325.10KB , 975x1524 , spectre v3 #61 [ocd] [pharo]04.jpg )
God, I hate dancing around a topic.

is he ever.
>> No. 218094

The Presence sounds like a shitty Christian rock band.

What the hell brought this on?
>> No. 218095
Peyote. God did Peyote.
>> No. 218096
File 138292429029.jpg - (394.65KB , 969x1524 , spectre v3 #61 [ocd] [pharo]02.jpg )
Because he's God, he can do whatever he wants, literally him teaching that to the Spectre was the only purpose of this.
>> No. 218097
The innocent are delicious and once you start, well...
>> No. 218099

Getting a Chronos vibe here.

Souls are like Pringles?
>> No. 218100
File 138292614823.jpg - (362.54KB , 1000x1537 , spectre v3 027 04.jpg )
The thing to remember about DC God is that's he's true neutral, anything that spins out of him however is usually super good or super evil....pretty much like the Bible.
>> No. 218101
I'm just now getting into Spectre, I just got the 70s series that's pretty much a horror comic.
>> No. 218102
But holy shit.
>> No. 218104
David appeared in the most recent Batwoman for no real reason, wearing the suit like nothing had happened. That book has never been very tied to the rest of the Bat-titles, though, so I guess one could just assume it's "further in the past" or whatever this desynchronization is called.
>> No. 218105
This is pretty terrifying, God's a bully you can never get away from because he's bigger than you and owns the house you live in. Or would that make mortals and their souls the collective battered spouse, he can do what he wants with you and you better just shut up and take it.
>> No. 218106
Up until the late 90s, the Spectre was much more vague conceptually. He was practically Ghost Rider a lot of the time.
>> No. 218107
File 138292786512.jpg - (304.53KB , 1000x1540 , spectre v3 027 05.jpg )
Yup, which is pretty accurate to Old Testament God.

Yup, thank god for Ostrander.

>> No. 218108
Man Mr Terrific is right in not wanting to worship this guy, even though he has no information available on how things work at the highest level and it doesn't make a massive difference (T's outlook is along the lines of "there's so many different kinds of beings with all sorts of tremendous superpowers in the universe or beings who call themselves gods and the Justice League have then beaten them why should I go immediately worship any of them for no reason" right, more or less?)

Is there any good and decent superheroes are devout Christians, who's faith is important to them and a reason for why they help others? It becomes funny, but in a sad way.
They'll be in for a shock when they die.
>> No. 218109
Didn't Ostrander write the shitty story where big bad all powerful Spectre lost to the Joker?
>> No. 218110
It's funny because Spectre is the one who inspired Michael to be Mister Terrific.
>> No. 218112
I honestly prefer The Presence, I feel it's a more universal name for it, sine it's more than just a mere god or THE god. Just like how Marvel's god is referred as "The One above Us".
I give my thanks to Vertigo for keeping using that concept on plenty of their 90's stuff.

There's Cathy "Peregrine" Colby, a born again christian, but she's from Top 10.
>> No. 218113
Well, in DC, all gods were created by Dream and all gods coexist. Though some, like big ol' beardy, are more powerful than even him.

This is mostly cemented by about a decade of creators slyly riding Gaiman's dick after he set up the theory in Sandman, making it probably the most consistant view of gods in the Post crisis Dcu
>> No. 218135
I doubt this is still canon, what with the new 52 and Sandman being off limits and all
>> No. 218155
Justice League: War - Trailer Debutyoutube thumb

I've read once that there was this "godwave" that gave all the gods their power, and big ol' beardy absorbed the most of it. Can't remember from which comic that concept was.
>> No. 218157

John Byrne's Genesis crossover.

I personally prefer the version in Sandman, that the Gods are just stories that get power from belief and so many people believed in them that they got lives of their own.
>> No. 218159

What the hell is Wonder Woman wearing in that trailer? Did she escape from the set of American Gladiators?

I think this is the third Geoff Johns comic being turned into an animated movie in a row (the Brainiac one, then Flashpoint and then this). He must suck dick with the mouth of an angel. Can't they throw a bone for the rest of us?

There are so many good comics they could turn into movies. Kingdom Come would be nice for instance, assuming they are not super butthurt at Mark Waid these days. Invasion? DC One Million? Suicide Squad? Judas Contract? Anything.
>> No. 218160
DC's trying to make you forget the pre-52. Embrace the nu-52. But the nu-52
>> No. 218163
File 138301202174.jpg - (168.48KB , 530x340 , bob-harras.jpg )
>assuming they are not super butthurt at Mark Waid these days.

Yeah, about that...
>> No. 218165

Oh, yeah. My brain tends to block Bob Harras out. I guess history repeats itself as farce. Hopefully he will be out in a few years, then Bill Jemas will come in then go away and finally DC will be readable again.
>> No. 218233
Wow... the music to that was awful.
I know, strange thing for me to get hung up on considering all the rest of... THAT, but still.
>> No. 218250
File 138318707479.jpg - (1.04MB , 1536x1181 , The Sandman - Overture (2013-) 001-008.jpg )
Williams is firing on all cylinders, but Todd Klein is definitely the star of the issue.
>> No. 218507
File 138369970449.jpg - (132.20KB , 618x989 , overturenew2.jpg )
As much as I love Williams and his art here, I hope the collected edition sticks with Dave McKean's covers. I can't have eleven volumes and how ever many spin-offs with McKean covers and then one random one with different art. My collector's autism won't allow it even if William's covers are beautiful.
>> No. 218509

Agree or disagree?

Also he talks about the Batwoman thing like it's recent so maybe this is a late video.
>> No. 218513
Happy V for vendetta day
>> No. 218526

I am not a fan of Didio or a fan of New 52, but this guy is too butthurt even for me. His anal bleeding will drown the world.

Let's go one "mistake" at a time.

#11 - New Titles fail because DC doesn't promote anything not starring an A-lister.

This is true, but the problem is this was happening before New 52, and it was happened before Didio was in charge. In fact, this was happening years before I began reading comics. It's not a new thing like Last Angry Geek seems to think. The only thing Didio is guilty of here is not being able to fix a problem that is older than him.

#10 - The new Origins that replaced the old ones suck.

For the most part I completely agree with this. They are replacing origins written by the likes of Frank Miller, Kirby, Paul Dini, etc.. with shit written by the likes of Greg Pak. Fuck that.

#9 - They screwed up Wildstorm.

This is true, but again, this happened before Didio took over. I would say Levitz killed Wildstorm because he didn't understand this. Hell, he forced the last successful book from that imprint, The Boys, out of DC.

#8 - Missing Characters like Spoiler, Wally West and Cass Cain.

I understand fans of these characters want to see them again, but Last Angry Geek makes it sound like DC would be swimming in money if they published a Spoiler comic. They did that already, and it sold Okeyish... I think. Spoiler is not the next Deadpool.

#7 -- The 5 years rules messes with continuity.

I agree it is a mess, but DC continuity has always been a mess. Can this guy's rose tinted glasses get any more rose?

#6 -- Amanda Waller is no longer fat.

Agreed. Waller should always be fat, black angry woman.

#5 -- The No Marriages Rule.

Agree. It is stupid. One of my favorite comics right now is Fantastic Four and FF, starring the very married Richards family.

#4 -- Elimination of the Teen Titans Continuity

Agree. Again DC is eliminating their best stories out of continuity and replacing them with rotten, buttery diarrhea.

#3 -- The New 52 has no explained backstory and they are making crap as they go.


#2 -- The treatment of women.

This one is tricky. I agree that they turned Starfire into a mindless sexhole, but then Last Angry Geek complains that they turned a bunch of other female characters into sluts because they have sex with other people now. Really? This is stupid, and it is puritanism trying to disguise itself as liberalism. I know he is a fat nerd so he calls slut anyone with more sexual experience that himself, which in this case is anyone who has a whiffed a vagina.

#1 -- Creator Abuse.

This one is weird and creepy, because he starts talking about the way DC has managed to piss off creators more than it had ever done before. I agree with that, DC is scaring away good talent (I am not including Leifeild in that group).

But somehow he manages to change the topic about the way DC is treating fans and saying that DC wants to tell us what we want instead of listening to us and giving us what we want. There is a bit of a problem here. Fans are not a hive mind entity. What this guy is complaining about is that DC is not listening to HIM. Ok, we get it, DC is not publishing many things to his liking. DC is not publishing things to my liking either, but I don't pretend to be the voice of the masses.

Even weirder, earlier in the video he complains that DC is pandering to its core audience of male fans, and then he complains that DC is not listening to the fans. Make up your mind.
>> No. 218527

I think the core issue with DC (and, to a similar extent, Marvel) lies in those long-running properties that have decades of backstory and continuity. Rather than bring them to a graceful end and move on to a new generation of characters (while sporadically re-exploring the old generation via movies and one-off comics/minis), DC keeps the properties going because they sell and the geeks would scream bloody murder if those properties ended.

This results in those properties needing continuity fixes and "reboots" every few years because comics generally don't follow "aging" characters (hello Sliding Time Scale) and the continuity snarls caused by Crisis events and crossovers and all that bullshit gets in the way of telling stories.

That's why we have shit like Superboy punching reality and the X-Men going back in time to save themselves and Nu52 and whatnot: the publishers want to keep these franchises alive, but have no earthly idea how to do so without fucking up their narratives in such a way that a continuity reboot becomes necessary.

That's not to say that those long-runner franchises still don't have some life left in them (Spider-Man proved that with SpOck), but generally, most of the stories that needed to be told with characters like Superman and Batman and the X-Men have been told enough times that we don't NEED new comics of those characters any more.

Or maybe I'm just sick of cape comics/movies. Eh. /rant
>> No. 218531
File 138371473848.png - (40.58KB , 1132x683 , whats wrong with comics.png )
Meh. The A-List properties almost all appeared in anthologies, we killed anthologies, and then enough time passed that the main thing anthologies have going for them (that you end up being forced to tr new things if you want to access the tried-and-true stories) is no longer in place. Thanks internet.

The big two are dying a slow death. Pity I can't do more to hasten it.
>> No. 218535

I can't disagree with that chart's premises, nor its conclusion.
>> No. 218536
I gotta address some of your opinions here.
>X-Men going back in time to save themselves
>X-Men have been told enough times that we don't NEED new comics of those characters any more.
Good stories still come out of that, in a way. Messiah Complex: Second Coming involved elements of that and was pretty decent at least.
They should just bring in good writers to work more often. Continuity isn't a burden if they have someone on board who cares enough and knows their shit.

>That's not to say that those long-runner franchises still don't have some life left in them (Spider-Man proved that with SpOck)
>implying things hadn't been neat a bit before Spock, as in Spider-Island and Brand New Day overall
I could have given the whole Spock thing a shot if it weren't stretched for way longer than it should.

You realize they CAN make comics about new characters while still publishing stuff with the old ones for whoever still likes them.

Saged because not DC.
>> No. 218543

>they CAN make comics about new characters while still publishing stuff with the old ones for whoever still likes them

And yet, they tend to stick to what brought ’em to the dance because they’re too afraid that deviating from the popular franchises and trying something new (including *gasp* non-cape comics) will fuck over their financials. That’s as much on DC as it is on Marvel, too.

When's the last time DC or Marvel came out with an original non-cape comic on its main DC/Marvel imprints (rather than some special publishing imprint such as MAX or Vertigo or whatever)?
>> No. 218551
Remember how with New 52 DC tried putting out a couple of non cape books? All Star Western is the only one that sold and i halfway think its due to it technically being a Bat book.

People will just buy the same shit over and over.
>> No. 218567
>When's the last time DC or Marvel came out with an original non-cape comic on its main DC/Marvel imprints
Yeah but... why? They have other imprints for this kinda stuff. Marvel/DC kinda brings to mind superhero comics.

If I recall a few years ago they reprinted some old Marvel romance comics with new dialogue, which was hilarious, and there was that Wizard of Oz comic from... Skottie Young I think? Not sure if those are "original", but it's something. For original stuff, it's probably a good idea to check on Oni Press (they still exist?) or Dark Horse.
>> No. 218593
File 138379489817.jpg - (114.08KB , 1024x537 , Aztek_005.jpg )
How long has it been since DC, not in an imprint, has given a completely new character a book? A character that wasn't a spinoff, a legacy, a reboot, a team book, or anything like that? Something completely new with one main character standing on his/her own two feet? How long has it been?

This long.
>> No. 218594

Did that Wizard of Oz comic ever actually come out? I remember seeing ads for it years and years ago but when I stepped back into a comic shop earlier this year I was seeing ads for it like it was a brand new thing.
>> No. 218595
Eric Shanower/Skottie Young Oz comics? Yeah they're still making those. Several books of it have some out.
>> No. 218596
They're enjoyable books.

Holy shit.
>> No. 218750
Jesus. Marvel's not doing a lot better, but that's just SAD.
>> No. 218774
File 138410828686.jpg - (88.30KB , 320x487 , Gravity_(comic_cover_art).jpg )

The last book Marvel published with a completely new character, solo and not affiliated to a team when it came out was Gravity, as far as I can remember.
>> No. 218776
And his city is fucking cool being made to intentionally drive people insane.
>> No. 218777
There's a reason why new characters aren't appearing in the Big Two's main universes anymore, and it has everything to do with movie rights.

Image, Dark Horse, or smaller publishers all provide a much more significant percentage of ownership/licensing rights, so anybody with a half baked idea for a new superhero that wants to tell a story (and maybe get rich of them sweet Hollywood moviebucks) goes somewhere else.

Vertigo, Epic, and other sublines from Marvel and DC have traditionally given more creator control over the properties involved, and often sees them in independent continuities, but the continuing decline in actual COMIC BOOK revenues has seen Marvel and DC scale back on focus of those lines. And since no one wants to Jack Kirby themselves into poverty just to have their character in the Justice League, no real new blood is being added to the main universes, outside of legacies, who exist at this point largely to die in big storylines to make the reader care.
>> No. 218786
>no one wants to Jack Kirby themselves into poverty just to have their character in the Justice League,

I question the validity of this. While I'm certain many of the "hot" writers/artists would be reluctant to sign over much in the way of rights, I strongly suspect there's many people in the industry (including some "hot" creators) who would love a chance to create something entirely new for Marvel/DC. Creator rights aren't the only factor in play here.
>> No. 218794
You know, this makes too much sense.
>> No. 218849
File 138420071739.jpg?spoiler - (236.43KB , 923x1200 , FEVIL_3_2-3_527be1f5da5d59_85773022.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 218850
What's going on there?
>> No. 218854
Deathstorm/ Evil Firestorm trapped the Justice League members in the Firestorm matrix. They are inside Firestorm.
>> No. 218868
So just read the Bizzaro World and Bizzaro comics anthologies. Why doesnt DC do anything fun like that anymore? I couldnt imagine trying to do that in the nu52
>> No. 218885
Oh and while solicitations can be misleading, it looks like Bart Allen is evil. Inertia or just another shitty decision by DC to try and bring in the same demographics that they have been trying and failing to reach?
>> No. 218890

They try with their Halloween and Christmas specials. The problem is they are fucking atrocious because instead of getting the best talent, they let the hobo who sucked them off the sweetest to write them.

If you liked Bizarro, there are two more recent works similar to that.

Wednesday Comics, which was amazing, and if you buy the hardcover you can use it as a roof in case you end up homeless.


And SOLO which was more hit or miss

>> No. 218907
Loved Wednesday. Got it as it came out, but newspaper doesnt really hold up long. Need to get the trade. Will look into Solo
>> No. 218909
I'm really disappointed that the only holiday specials since 2010 are the Larfleeze one shot and that Young Romance issue.
>> No. 218933
I am starting to think that Firestorm needs to go away forever, or at least until Geoff Johns, who seems to use him as a plot device for his own worst tendencies, dies or retires.
>> No. 219143
I wish Forever Evil had more substantial destruction. Not in the sense that there should be more panels of supervillains murdering people, but destruction that has some greater purpose. This is an event which brought back the CSA, has drafted every villain with more than 2 appearances into the Secret Society, and was preceded by arcs which gave a look at Silver Age villains Professor Ivo and Despero. Not a whole lot seems to be happening that takes advantage of this. Just explosions. The white house being torched could be cool if the federal government had a major presence in DC titles. I know ARGUS is technically a government agency but it feels more like every other comic book paramilitary organization. Which is why I don't care much about their HQ getting leveled or their agents murdered en masse, either. The Rogue's Rebellion mini still has my interest though. Honestly I could probably be happier if the supervillains just had loftier aspirations than "Hey the JL and these two secret teams no one even knew existed are dead, I'll just run around screaming and killing like an idiot." Does that sound like typical Starro behavior?

Oh and fuck David Finch.

If they don't force Firestorm into situations of awkward importance how will he/they be high profile enough to land a media deal? People need to see the epic big screen fight with...uh...Multiplex?
>> No. 219151
I'm just disappointed that the Young Romance special wasn't starring Larfleeze.
>> No. 219169
File 138464713737.jpg - (61.23KB , 182x300 , starro.jpg )
"Does that sound like typical Starro behavior? "

Only if it involves muffins.
>> No. 219269

>Future Robin is Black

and it won't be Max. If it is I'll be surprised.
>> No. 219273
File 138478587190.jpg - (31.92KB , 500x736 , tumblr_mad9ogYrW81rqed5jo1_500.jpg )
Black Batman is cooler.
>> No. 219318
i thought it was a brillaint twist
>> No. 219464


Holy fuck the incompetence.

Did you split your skull open and slip on a chunk of your spilled grey matter?
>> No. 219465
Tiki, be civil.
>> No. 219466
File 138508136079.jpg - (270.26KB , 496x580 , 1385074011109.jpg )
>> No. 219483


>> No. 219492
Fair enough, but Jesus man, you of all people know what Reboot Firestorm is like.

I can't even begin to grasp the shear scale of incompetence, it is literally flabbergasting.
>> No. 219501
Jeremy Roberts being an established hiree in the comics industry isn't exactly news since anyone with access to google could have looked up his past work once DC announced his role as artist like at least a month ago. Just sayin.
>> No. 219526
Yeah but upon hearing the name of the guy that won the "Find A New Artist That never worked in The Biz Before" contest, most people don't google him to see what he's done before. If you particularly liked the picture, maybe, but most of us just shrugged went "good for him," and moved on assuming he wasn't a guy with a long history working at DC.
>> No. 219528

I am not sure what you are saying here. Are you saying that because anyone can use google to see that DC is talking bullshit, then we shouldn't take them to task about it?
>> No. 219537
It's so easy anyone that actually cared would have found out.

It's not DC's fault that you don't actually care if new artists really are getting work or not.
>> No. 219545

>> It's so easy anyone that actually cared would have found out.

Just because it was an easy to disprove, stupid lie doesn't change the fact that DC was bullshitting people.

>>It's not DC's fault that you don't actually care if new artists really are getting work or not.

Ooh, so now it's not DC's fault that they are bullshitting people, it is our fault because we did not care... even though we are talking about it (Guess we should talk more about it then?) DC is the innocent party here; just another victim of our ennui.

Look, DC said they were going to find a new artist, they found a guy that had worked for them and other companies many times before and they bullshitted about it.

Please don't embarrass yourself trying to defend what can't be defended.
>> No. 219555
So I juSt read sugar and spike archives vol 1 and loved it. It covered 10pit of 100 Issues. DC released it in 2011. I think DC probably abandoned all plans to release the rest. Probably clashes too much with their try hard grimdark edgefest anyway
>> No. 219560
It's manufactured outrage. DC put out a product people liked. Everyone was fine with the art until they found out there was a reson they could act butthurt about it.
>> No. 219561
The "outrage" (which seems a bit of an overstatement, but whatever) is not over the product, it is over the fact that they said this was an attempt to find new talent, and they ended up going with someone who, while a capable artist who deserves a job as much as anyone, doesn't meet those criteria.
>> No. 219574
Not the guy you're talking to, but maybe they just gave up because of the whole backlash or didn't find one artist who suited the thing.
Not trying to defend DC or anything (seriously, who would at this point...), but that's a possibility.
>> No. 219575
That's possible. But in that case they should've just said something like:

"After closer consideration we've decided that the original pitch was tone deaf, and we are cancelling the talent search for the time being to revise our strategy for the next time we have an open call for submissions of this nature.

In the meantime we would like to announce the promotion of lesser-known talent Jeremy Roberts to take the position originally to be offered in our previous contest."
>> No. 219580
True. But after the way they handled all the professionals going "fuck you DC" lately, we know better than to expect an honest approach like that.

You know, I went to a con the other day where Johns and a few artists were doing a Q&A. I wonder why people were asking so much about DC's Nu52 fuck ups, when the answers were pretty much diplomatic stuff, and some illustrator went as far as saying "starting shit on twitter is unprofessional"... don't think they'd get away with complaining.
>> No. 219742
File 138556332520.jpg - (174.20KB , 749x1065 , new_supergirl_by_renato_camilo_by_tony058-d5vkza9.jpg )
Every time I see it i'm remined of just how fucking terrible Supergirl's costume.

It's almost the patron saint of bad costumes, like what could ever possibly top a giant red maxi pad on a girl's costume?
>> No. 219747
File 138557385126.jpg - (42.98KB , 400x596 , 4975_4_04.jpg )
>> No. 219748
At least she's not wearing a carpet for a cape, her boots cover her knees and she's wearing panties instead of a maxipad.
>> No. 219749
Oh and her neck is open, which is a continually baffling fuck up as far as DC's Super family costumes go.
>> No. 219767
Is she going super saiyan?
>> No. 219791
Well she's a third alien, a third angel/demon and a third human so its possible. God its horrid.
>> No. 219807
File 138569135495.jpg - (218.81KB , 1280x1968 , 26.jpg )
Well, it's been a while since a comic so brazenly pissed in my corn flakes.

>> No. 219809
Would you like a Valium?
>> No. 219825
I kinda enjoyed the alternate Jor-el showing up and the way Superman defeated H'el. Though it may not have been for the same reasons Lobdell intended.
>> No. 219826
I've got brain damage that results in it causing worsening psychosis and sleep apnea, so no thanks.

I don't think anything good that's happened in the New52 has been intentional.
>> No. 219829
Do we mean good events in the new 52 or good books?
>> No. 219830
>> No. 219837
File 138575216651.jpg - (354.36KB , 900x1403 , GL-Cv28-c1f33.jpg )
All right, who thought this was a good idea?
>> No. 219840
Supergirl has been spun as someone on the verge of losing control and entering full-crazy bitch for most of the the New 52. Solicits, interviews, appearances in other titles. Channel 52 ads. They really want to sell her as a misunderstood teen throwing herself into stupid fights, and now it seems that will finally be reflected in her own title.

Why does Guy have a mustache?
>> No. 219848
Rotworld wasn't that bad.

The fuck am I looking at?
>> No. 219958
>> The fuck am I looking at?

Carrie, starring Supergirl.
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