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File 137826516852.jpg - (65.73KB , 618x950 , 136433409535.jpg )
215950 No. 215950
Old one was autosaging.

Anyone into the new Valiant comics? XO and Bloodshot are pretty great action books, if not two of the better titles out there. Quantum and Woody is hilarious as always. Archer and Armstrong is the writer of Incredible Herc doing another Incredible Herc (if you've read the Herc run you'll love this). Shadowman is good too (not the best but I'm going to give it a chance). Haven't read Harbinger yet. Overall they're putting out stuff better than some of the shit the big two puts out.

Also Furturama is cancelled but Brickleberry is still going. The fuck?
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>> No. 221321
How come Reboot managed to feel like a living city yet Beware The Bat and NewTMNT feel dead as shit?
>> No. 221511
To be fair, Reboot could fill the streets with walking cubes and unrealistic looking cars.

But yeah, enough time has passed that empty cities really shouldn't happen any more.
>> No. 221564
Is Regular 4chan like damaged or something?
>> No. 221565
4chan done broke about 1:30 AM
>> No. 221567
Dude, 4chan done broke about October 1, 2003.
>> No. 221568
Actually I think its back to normal.
>> No. 221649
File 138905301816.jpg - (106.77KB , 612x504 , LEGO-The-Simpsons-House-71006-Box-LEGO-2014-Set-e1.jpg )
Man Bart looks so bored.
>> No. 221662
Marge giving bedroom eyes to Ned and Homer giving them to Marge, or are both giving them to Ned?
>> No. 221743
About time!
>> No. 221777
They went all out on this fuck, to bad its going to burn a lego death star sized hole in your wallets.
>> No. 221779
Well okay, more of a star destoyer/millenium falcon sized one.
Also 3,99 blind bags.
May get after the clear plastic ponys are gone.
>> No. 221782
Anyone else watch Bravest Warriors and think the second season isn't as good as the first? Before it was just Nickelodeon risque, but now it seems to have gone full PG13 and lost some of its charm.
>> No. 221783
its only funny when you fondle the line, but now that you've been making out the the thing, its getting to be a bit much.
>> No. 221794
I think the problem is the long wait between episodes and that the first episode of Season 2 was so damn good that it made the others look worse than they actually are in comparison.
>> No. 222052
File 138982794074.jpg - (223.99KB , 348x490 , 700_DF_box_348x490_original.jpg )
Criterion is adding The Fantastic Mr. Fox to its collection, making it the first animated film to be a part of the collection post laserdisc era.

>> No. 222053
so BlueRay when?
>> No. 222064
The Summoningyoutube thumb
Oh U Mr. Plage. ;3
>> No. 222081
Ah yes. The criterion collection.
The most pretentious and self important thing to happen to film sense the Oscars.
>> No. 222093
Exactly. Releasing movies with in-depth extras and thoughtful commentary? What a bunch of assholes.
>> No. 222121
Well Obie tweeted that Shezow season 2 won't be happening.They got the offer for it back in October but something fell through, damn shame really.
>> No. 222133
>The nominated films for this year's Academy Awards:
>The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Ernest & Celestine, Frozen and The Wind Rises
>The Croods, Despicable Me 2

And hopefully, either Ernest & Celestine or The Wind Rises will the that statuette. While I haven't seen Frozen, and I don't believe it's a bad film, I don't want to have an Oscar when it's side by side with Ghibli and French-Belgian animation.
>> No. 222134
Worse have won it.
>> No. 222137
>And hopefully, either Ernest & Celestine or The Wind Rises will the that statuette. While I haven't seen Frozen, and I don't believe it's a bad film, I don't want to have an Oscar when it's side by side with Ghibli and French-Belgian animation.
See, this is why all animated flicks being required to compete only in a single Best Animated Film category is bullshit. Frozen had a lot of really well done stuff in it that deserves recognition, but its visuals (while good) were not especially noteworthy, which is a category that Ghibli works shine in.

I understand that there just generally aren't enough animated films each year to justify a "Best Animation / Art Direction in an Animated Film" category separate from the "Best Animated Film" category, but that's a damned shame.

For an example of what I mean, look at Ponyo. I don't remember what came out that year, but Ponyo probably does not deserve an oscar for Best Animated Film for whichever year it was. But I am pretty god damned certain it deserved one for Best Animation and Art Direction whichever year it came out.
>> No. 222142
Did you just "Eugh" at The Croods?

Because the Croods was fucking wonderful.
>> No. 222160
I felt it was above average, not terrible, but not remarcable either.
I don't think that film is bad, I haven't seen Despicable Me 2 (I think the first one if fine though), but I don't believe those films are deserve the Oscar.
>> No. 222162
Well I disagree with immensely on The Croods but Holy Shit Dispicable Me 2 was flotsam.
>> No. 222168
With that one I feel if the premise had stuck to just Gru and the girls I'd have liked it a lot more.
>> No. 222169
The oscars are becoming a joke anyway.
Most award shows are.
>> No. 222171
Self congratulatory back patting and "statements" moreover than movies that are actually good anymore. Sadly I do see Frozen possibly getting it as a statement to Pixar over Brave, hell cutting them out entirely this year and their lack of any film next year seems to line that up as a high possibility.
>> No. 222295
File 139027264338.jpg - (12.85KB , 184x184 , mite b cool reaction 2.jpg )
3rd Annual /co/ Awards Promo (2013)youtube thumb
Didn't knew /co/ had this kind of awards.
>> No. 222389
File 13904490113.gif - (96.57KB , 424x744 , cliche-evil-super-villains.gif )
These days, there's an alarming trend wherein writers make a supervillain tailor made for a single story arc, make them sooooooo powerful and impressive, and then they're beat and no one ever uses them because they were so grafted to that particular story (ex. most of the new New52 villains).

What's the key to creating bad guys that can actually be recurring foes to the heroes without making those clashes seem forced?

I mean, there are tons of supervillains who are tied to a gimmick, yet they still keep getting used over and over.
>> No. 222394
Have the antagonist closely related to the protagonist somehow?
>> No. 222396
It mostly has to do with how little "the status quo" matters in comics nowadays. When there was a steady status quo, recurring villains made sense because they got beat, went away for a while, then came back and fought a hero that was more or less the same. Nowadays every story has to be an earthshattering event that utterly reshapes the hero, and that means that new villains, written to fit that kind of story, are essentially transformative and situational. If they show up and kill the hero's wife or blow up his city, they can't exactly do that twice, the wife or city are already gone.
>> No. 222398
I'm not sure how anyone thought that was a good idea. It's basic pacing, or a lack thereof in this case.
>> No. 222440
File 13905852012.jpg - (7.57KB , 400x225 , man-of-steel-dc-comics-logo.jpg )
I think it might be brilliant.

Wait until Marvel exhausts all their big properties, finishes its Avengers trilogy, parts ways with RDJ, and cancels Agents of SHIELD.

And while they're resting their laurels and the public is amped up for more superheroes, whammo! A DC film released every year with a shared universe! And to top it all off, they'll be made after taking notes on how Marvel's were such a success. Marvel takes all the risks while DC gets all the benefits.

I think they might have timed this. Why compete when you can dominate?
>> No. 222441
File 139058638915.png - (148.90KB , 564x360 , 1389664451404.png )
>Implying DC is competent enough to even run a circle jerk
>> No. 222444
But... but DC just failed at a bunch of movies

Iron Man is from like, 5 years ago and they failed after that

A lot
>> No. 222578
File 139082196448.png - (52.56KB , 535x334 , Shetastic.png )
Some good stuff coming out of those rooting for Obie.
>> No. 222962

Adult Swim is now going all the way to 8 PM.

Dunno how that will work. Pretty much saying DCNation is RIP.
>> No. 222982
What the hell is the logic here? Their little experiment in running an hour less of Adult Swim every night and an hour more Cartoon Network didn't seem to pan out well, so they're going to try the opposite?

Also DC Nation has been fucking dead for a long time already.
>> No. 222985
Sucks to see advertising is going on Boomerang but maybe it will lead to new bumpers and network ads. They've been using the same stuff for almost a decade.

And why not just spin Adult Swim off into another network at this point? Then they can air five hours of Family Guy reruns instead of one. Whoever the fuck watches those over and over will love that!

DC Nation died once the only new content was whatever shorts they hadn't gotten around to airing.
>> No. 222997
So how about that Lego Movie? Reviews are coming in and against all my expectations, it's supposed to be really good.
>> No. 223003
Why it wouldn't be good?
I don't think lego would make a terrible film.
>> No. 223004
TriFusions: "Aranetta" (Bayone…youtube thumb
Plague of Gripes is the best!
>> No. 223110
Idk. Because it gives off this vibe of just making a movie to cash in on toys?
>> No. 223372
File 139225870698.png - (2.85MB , 1280x1480 , brit-toon rec list.png )
Anybody want to help me with this? My main problem is that it's really big already - 2.84mb
>> No. 223814
can this still bump?
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