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File 137646760195.png - (505.78KB , 520x3391 , fars kärlek tmnt.png )
214664 No. 214664
So who HYPED!
And I will story time more TMNT movie 3 manga later.
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>> No. 214665
On a side note, I started the last TMNT thread on the 13/02/12(Tue)09:38
Damn, these suckers lasts a long time!
>> No. 214831
File 137672320392.png - (1.09MB , 816x1315 , 034.png )
Oh right!
Last thread >>204867
With the first part off this!
>> No. 214832
File 137672349414.png - (539.84KB , 821x1320 , 035.png )
>> No. 214833
File 137672476834.png - (805.53KB , 823x1327 , 036.png )
>> No. 214834
File 137672597063.png - (631.55KB , 793x1318 , 037.png )
>> No. 214835
File 137672646273.png - (651.44KB , 824x1320 , 038.png )
>> No. 214836
File 137672702450.png - (551.69KB , 820x1320 , 039.png )
>> No. 214837
File 137672721978.png - (0.98MB , 808x1320 , 040.png )
>> No. 214839
File 137672757172.png - (955.31KB , 810x1320 , 041.png )
>> No. 214840
File 137672775590.png - (691.73KB , 824x1330 , 042.png )
>> No. 214841
File 137672795639.png - (576.94KB , 768x1323 , 043.png )
>> No. 214842
File 137672813688.png - (571.16KB , 818x1320 , 044.png )
>> No. 214843
File 137672829618.png - (516.69KB , 821x1320 , 045.png )
>> No. 214844
File 137672874492.png - (603.90KB , 820x1320 , 046.png )
>> No. 214845
File 137672906721.png - (577.49KB , 820x1320 , 047.png )
>> No. 214846
File 137672931516.png - (518.59KB , 820x1320 , 048.png )
>> No. 214847
File 137672943141.png - (474.38KB , 833x1320 , 049.png )
>> No. 214848
File 137672963436.png - (573.92KB , 820x1320 , 050.png )
>> No. 214849
File 137673015749.png - (595.29KB , 821x1320 , 051.png )
>> No. 214850
File 137673041783.png - (637.76KB , 820x1320 , 052.png )
>> No. 214851
File 137673051680.png - (741.49KB , 828x1320 , 053.png )
>> No. 214852
File 137673055966.png - (531.39KB , 820x1320 , 054.png )
>> No. 214853
File 137673065414.png - (740.58KB , 831x1330 , 055.png )
>> No. 214854
File 137673080773.png - (640.26KB , 826x1330 , 056.png )
>> No. 214855
File 137673085562.png - (502.96KB , 820x1320 , 057.png )
>> No. 214856
File 137673094160.png - (637.48KB , 830x1320 , 058.png )
>> No. 214857
File 137673121216.png - (537.42KB , 820x1320 , 059.png )
>> No. 214858
File 137673127087.png - (697.41KB , 829x1349 , 060.png )
>> No. 214859
File 137673134194.png - (844.49KB , 827x1320 , 061.png )
>> No. 214860
File 137673140228.png - (519.30KB , 820x1320 , 062.png )
>> No. 214861
File 137673177185.png - (542.03KB , 820x1320 , 063.png )
>> No. 214862
File 137673205693.png - (696.29KB , 826x1330 , 064.png )
>> No. 214863
File 137673229499.png - (44.24KB , 1000x1565 , tmnt3cbbch2credits.png )
And check here for more.
Also the UK nick comic is out in sweden.
>> No. 214876
For the guy who wanted those Alopex pictures here:






Enjoy it while you can.
>> No. 214883
Dont worry, I am sure they they will show up on other sites.

Also the movie is coming out on Aug-08-2014.
>> No. 214987
Fucking finally!
>> No. 214989
And this http://www.mediafire.com/?hr7hnwmdw2tbwr8
>> No. 215142
File 137711542567.jpg - (952.28KB , 2063x3131 , TMNT-Animated-02_Cover-RI.jpg )
Aw man this cover looks Good~
>> No. 215604
File 137786306583.jpg - (105.15KB , 640x480 , HNI_0049_MPO.jpg )
Man I have not had this much silly fun with a toy in ages.
Sure, his legs, face and paint could be better but Snakeweed is still a most have.
>> No. 215608
*sigh* I'll try and fix this later...
>> No. 215656
But speaking of fuck ups!
OH damn! I have not seen a review this low on that site like ever.
And I still think that this is how the turtles will look like in the "bay" moive.
>> No. 215673
It is depressing news. I'm watching a walkthrough on YT and even the comic style cut scenes suck. Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper series did better "comic style" cut scenes. They should have learned from that.

The game doesn't really even feel very fun. IMO you want a good TMNT game, you give it to the kings of action games like the Capcom team who made Devil May Cry 4's combat (with the whole D-Pad switch to a different fighting style you could switch to a turtle with their unique move set) or Hideki Kamiya from Platinum Games.
>> No. 215822
Been meaning to ask, but about the original Splinter in the comics (Mirage I think was the first and original comic). Did he serve the same role of master and father to the turtles?
>> No. 215837
Ehhhh, sort off yes, but he only trained them to get selfish revange on Shredder.
So yeah, Mirage Splinte have the lowest karma score of all the Splinters.
And on that note IDW Shredder is the bigget asshole of all the Shedders.
>see Secret Historey of the foot clan mini series, Alopex micro issue and Karai micro issue
My gods, what a douche!
And that will fuck him over big time.
>> No. 215916
File 137824059268.jpg?spoiler - (123.14KB , 960x720 , 2014 toylist leak 1.jpg?spoiler )
In other news, someone at the Technodrome Forum found a store listings for 2014 tmnt toy.

Good News: LARPing Turtles? Fucking Genius!

Bad News: It has spoilers and still no Karai. (And no I dont count that as a spoiler)
The hell Playmates, I know actionfiguer line has a stigma against girl figures but come on!
This is like a He-Man line without Evil-Lyn.
>> No. 215917
File 137824133147.jpg?spoiler - (126.98KB , 960x720 , 2014 toylist leak 2.jpg?spoiler )
2014's Toyfair looks to be fun.
>> No. 215918
File 137824191556.jpg?spoiler - (76.30KB , 720x540 , 2014 toylist leak 3.jpg?spoiler )
And if I can wish for one type gimmick turtles its the head-popers.
Thats just so TMNT.
>> No. 215921
>Robotic Foot Solider

Hmm maybe that one idea of Karai running off with the Clan was right.
>> No. 215962
Wait, are you talking about my idea of her pulling a starscream or her just saying "fuck it I'm out" because shreddhead is selling out the whole world do to petty revenge?
Oh and they are called Headdropping not Headpopping Turtles.
My derp, have an N-trip: Ninja Turtles 1991 Commercial …youtube thumb
>> No. 215964
It was something that causes him to lose face that in turn causes the Foot Clan to side with her which might be the while Utrom alliance bit. Course I think what it is will be more a culmination of his deceit finally coming back to bite him and events for Clan leadership being similar to what they were in G.I. Joe Renegades with Snake-Eyes
>> No. 215978
I come bearing gifts. An Alopex booty pic. Fresh off from regular /co/:

>> No. 215995
Why did you not just post that here?
And we have a NSFW filter and /pco/ if its too, naughty~
>> No. 216011
File 137840784098.jpg - (317.24KB , 333x1920 , splinters feels.jpg )
I mean if your plain old lazy like me then I will repect you for it.
Wow, thanks for reminding me of how good the Snake Eyes-Storm Shadow-Jynx-thing was and what a great parallel it makes to the whole Miwa thing.
Hope that Karai is clever/cynical enough to not trust too Shedders AND Spilnters word on what went down when the truth comes out.(do to April is my guess)
Because lets face it, they are both biased as FUCK.
So I hope she goes with opinon number 3: Summon Tang Shens ghost!
What? It could happen.
Just picture Karai, Dogpound, Fishface and some foot soilders holding a seance.
Fun stuff right. Especaly if she as a magic fox for help.

Also as hopefull I am that "RnB" will be in season 2, that listing maybe for movie figures.
Just putting that out there. They were in that script after all.
>> No. 216252
File 137875556873.jpg?spoiler - (1.17MB , 1988x3056 , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 025-017.jpg?spoiler )
No Casey, Hun is your father.
>> No. 216530
Get hyped!
>> No. 216574
New to the comic, no idea who Hun is, but I loved his micro
>> No. 216621
File 137927808899.jpg - (336.63KB , 800x450 , DSC01926__scaled_800.jpg )
He was shredder number one guy and boss over the Purple Dragons in the 200X series who big enough of a threat to hit it out on his own.
Have a good showcase episode TMNT S04E10 Dragons Risingyoutube thumb

And in other news: http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=352&itemid=21062
>> No. 216623
>horrifying clown bat

ah nice to see things still providing kids with sleepless nights.
>> No. 216628
File 137928316534.jpg - (1.02MB , 1920x1280 , Powercon-2013-TMNT-004.jpg )
Good thing we also got cute things too then.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -…youtube thumb
And more news:
And better Powercon pics:
>> No. 216629
Horrifying clown bat, and some kind of demonic looking dragon skeleton.

And of course, Mutagen Man, who kids who watch the show will recognize as the guy pretty much like themselves who got himself melted into a mindless, yet still alive, goop.

Go Team Nightmare Fuel!
>> No. 216647
File 137935069025.jpg?spoiler - (34.96KB , 500x667 , Squirrelanoid preview.jpg?spoiler )
He did not seem mindless to me, just desperate for help.
Hope he stays a good guy and that Casey just attacks because he is a mutant hating dick trying too score.

And that big weird thing is the SQUIRRELANOID!
But I hear that it would be tiny in the show.
Growth spurt or scale issue?
Your call slash we will see!

And if you look up the spoilery name of the bat like in the toy listing, you will get that sinking feeling.
If you like April that is.
>> No. 216651
File 137935991732.jpg - (616.68KB , 1920x1920 , Powercon-2013-TMNT-016.jpg )

>Type in name

>> No. 216716
File 137951707665.jpg?spoiler - (135.13KB , 1024x768 , mutagen_man_2013.jpg?spoiler )
So they did say we are getting new episodes the month, right?

And if you dont feel like listening someone on the Technodrome forum posted a run down that I can copy post:
(Exept for one minor change.)

--Classics line is doing extremely well, and is going to be continuing beyond the Movie Turtles. Have wanted to work on the line for a long time.

--A LARGE Bodysuit Krang in Classics is being heavily looked at. Shredder/Splinter were not denied by Pat Linden.

--1990 Turtles HAVE been sculpted, and are in Hong Kong being tooled right now. Due for release next July/August in time for the new movie. They will also have the same amount of articulation as the current Classics (including fingers).

--The Bat has been confirmed as being...well. You know who.

--Mutagen Man will come with ooze that can be put into him, with a button feature that with cause it to come out of his hand.

--Hinted Kraang Prime. LOTS of new characters coming out.

--They ARE working on the new movie. Aimed with both kids, and collectors in mind. Toys and movie will cause everyone to "to be pleasantly surprised amount of detail, articulation, and overall look of the characters, too. Looking very forward to launching the movie segment".

--Sewer playset for the Nick line has paid off well. Given that, more playsets ARE coming. Technodrome strongly hinted at.

--Don't count on larger characters being re-released as deluxes, such as Dogpound, Leatherhead, and Spider Bites. It HAS been discussed, but retail doesn't want it. Doesn't mean they won't TRY, but for now, they're set in their scale.

--If Classics continues to do well, a Party Van in scale could be a possibility.
>> No. 216717
>this not the
Fuck you brain...
>> No. 216787
File 137969977983.jpg - (174.90KB , 800x800 , BasicMutagenMan__scaled_800.jpg )
Ah sep 28 it is. Wait... Thats about a week from now!
Also more news:
And reviews of RnB:

Its it just me or does Playmates really dont care about cartoon spoilers?
>> No. 216816

What can they really do? They either adhere to the schedule they have set with manufacturers, retailers, etc., or they hold off the figures and risk losing the interest of their target audience (kids).
>> No. 216827
Yeah maybe...
I'm just saying they could atlest try not to blurr it out it like that.
But its not just Playmates, remmber the Slash press release.
>Here is Slash!
>Here is who is voiceing him
>And he spoiler spoiler spoiler
Alot of us guessed that would happen but still, not cool!
>> No. 216828
It's not like the target audience(kids) are really following the stuff that would spoil them anyway.
>> No. 216845
Its still bad form...
But atleasts its not comic book solicitations.
>> No. 216950
And more reviews!
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Nin…youtube thumb
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Nin…youtube thumb
>> No. 217068
A Clip From TMNT 2012 Season 2 Episode 1youtube thumb
>ominous shot of bats
I guess it was not that big of a spoiler then...
>> No. 217579
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -…youtube thumb
Watch it before its gone!
>> No. 217593
Can't say I cared for the premier.
>> No. 217601
I do!
Mostly for doing the small stuff I really wanted.
Like Metalhead and Tim just being there.
Or the minor change to intro, hope they do that for every season so we can tell them apart more easily.
And now Playmate really cant excause not making a Karai toy with her being in the intro.
Abit weird with Newtralizer being with the badguys doh.
More like Neutral-izer, am I right~

And that got real dark at the end didn't it.
>> No. 217604
Wonder if we'll get an answer was to why some mutants either gain or retain intellect while others lose it and or revert to primal motivations.
>> No. 217622
It's official that this group of Turtles are the biggest f'ups ever.

Probably a combination of how mutagen gets on the subject and/or the ratio of opposing DNA samples.
>> No. 217623
That fuckup didn't sit too well with me. There was no more build up and gravitas to it than any other comical screw up that they normally have in a fight. Now if they highlight it and it leads to a acknowledged change in how they operate as opposed to all of last season, then yeah, okay. If not, it was a cheap move to create the plot for this season.

On the other hand, the Casey Jones design in the opener is so fantastic that I'm still going to watch until he shows up.
>> No. 217624
Eh kinda the thing with Scavenger hunt setups as Prime also had that problem. Though we likely know Shredder will get some and they will get some and it will be interesting if we get something akin to Super Shredder at the end of this season.
>> No. 217625
Luckly unlike TF:Prime they aren't looking for super weapons but maguffin that will get us new mutants.
Mutants like the ones that they talk about here:

My issue with the whole "cocky-thing" is, did we not already do like two episodes about this?
Both in "The Gauntlet" and "The Pulverizer Returns!" they got cocky and then humbled in they end.
And sure this time its maybe Splinters fault for "missinforming" about the Shedder defeat, yeah what was the deal there?
Leading to the boys taking it easy because as far as they know, its all over.
Nothing wrong with that, IF not for the splinter thing...

And yah know whats really sad about KirbyBat?
That April MAY be immun to mutagen because she was not hurt by Kraang water that can dissolve pizza in mere seconds.
So Mr. O'neal sacrifice could have been pointless and thats a hell of downer!
>> No. 217627
File 138173870266.png - (649.15KB , 1280x718 , vlcsnap-2013-10-13-17h49m57s39.png )
Sure they really screwed the pooh, but it did make a pretty harbinger of genetic destruction.
>> No. 217628
So i gave it a shot and it's way more...anime random i guess? than I thought it'd be.
>> No. 217684
File 138186222971.gif - (920.77KB , 500x280 , green rain april tumblr_muewzxpCUj1r2nvplo1_500.gif )
It sure was.
I dont know if you are talking about Nick or 2k3...
Is that a good thing that I dont know?
>> No. 217685
Shit needed Angelic Chorus to kick in at that bit like a Krang scream that sounded like one or something. Also Mikey going straight for Wingnut name was great.
>> No. 217823
S2E2 was a really fun episode but I am not a fan of the bumbling idiots stick.
>> No. 217830
File 138229788358.png - (129.98KB , 653x467 , hoiiii.png )
>dat character animation for splinter

and i agree that the writing had some slack, but it was still a mad decent ep
>> No. 217848
File 138235561898.jpg - (416.40KB , 1280x989 , Squirrelanoid tumblr_muvwcoCddU1r2nvplo3_1280.jpg )
And for a Xenomorth knock off, its looks really cool.
Better then some Pizza Monster.
>> No. 217851
Also KirbyBat trying to give April food by barf is dumb because thats a bird thing.
Need I say more...
>> No. 217853
least it wasn't some prehensile chest nipple.
>> No. 217856
>TMNT this week (Saturday, Oct. 20) averaged a 5.2/1.7 million with kids 2-11 and 3.4 million total viewers, up a strong +16% among K2-11 over last year and up +12% with P2+. The show was number-one in its 11 a.m. (ET/PT) time period with both demos on all TV, easily surpassing the next closest competitor (The Disney Channel) by +24% with K2-11 and +48% with total viewers.

>TMNT has steadily grown since launching Sept. 29, with a season to date average of a 5.4/1.8 million with K2-11 (+15% over last year's time period) and 3.4 million total viewers (up +14%).

>> No. 218291
File 138324344731.jpg - (111.58KB , 611x668 , br3.jpg )
After TWO years of waiting, its FINALLY time to Rock n Bop!
>> No. 218311
Those faces
>>You gonna git raped
>> No. 218476
Leo's still having issues with leadership and respect from the others? I thought we already had a few episodes going over this already.

In any case, I do appreciate how they introduced the robot Foot grunts. Now the turtles can actually use their stabby and slicey weapons against them. Too bad their adaptive fighting skills seem like a way to accelerate power creep.
>> No. 218481

It was cool to see them come on at the end of the last issue. I only just started reading like... Last issue or so, and so I came in at what looks to be near the end of this arc. Luckily there was a trade of part one of the current arc, so that got me up to speed. on what the hell was going on.


Man, Leo's ALWAYS got leadership issues because he's trying to lead his brothers. In ever incarnation of the turtles this is always an ongoing thing, and it always comes down to Raph's ratio of rude to cool being like... 2:1. I haven't watched the new show but if the problem comes down to Raph disagreeing with Leo, or Leo not being sure if he's making the right choices, then that's how it's always been.
>> No. 218482
I never liked that trope. "Oh, they're robots? Great! That makes winning the fight 50x easier!" I like that the robots are treated as credible threats, and even throwing their standard fighting styles out the window and being unpredictable only buys them a brief window. The question is, will they be able to maintain this level of threat from these robots, or will they become just as easy to dispatch as the Krangdroids and the Foot's regular infantry?
>> No. 218485
Meh, the only thing that makes robots "easy" is that the heroes can just kill them without taking a hit to the moral.
Thats why it would be a great dick move from the foot if they mix the robot troops with human ones.
And we have not seen all the tricks the footbots have up there sleeves.
Unless you saw that pic on the tmntmaster tumblr.
Well, atlest it gave me the hope that the footbot toy wont be a repaint.
>> No. 218486
File 138359657139.jpg - (177.06KB , 790x662 , br4.jpg )
>> No. 218487
Would be nice if the TMNT cartoon could do violence like this, no? Its just right. Really love the page showing them with battle wounds at the end after crushing those Foot Ninjas with weapons sticking from them showing how resilient they've become to pain.
>> No. 218495
File 138364660719.jpg - (174.77KB , 488x750 , Tumblr_mvi1rx5GEr1raikxso1_500.jpg )
>> No. 218576
File 138377174379.jpg - (122.41KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mvuprleqz31r2nvplo1_r1_500.jpg )
From http://www.tmntfanclub.com/
Casey Jones is BACK and we have the first 25 figures in production! 25 fans will win this new figure by Playmates Toys before it hits stores next year. Use the hashtags #CaseysBack #NickTurtles on any of your synced social networks to qualify. Each time you use these hashtags (you must use both), you will earn an entry into the drawing. Prizing cycle ends on December 1, 2013.
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