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File 137151715543.jpg - (1.41MB , 1034x1519 , wakfu_by_kiwano07-d698auk.jpg )
211206 No. 211206
Time for a new thread.

Top stories:
>Tome 2 of the Franga is coming out July 4th (I think. Well, it's definitely in July).
>A new animated project dealing with the BoT is in the works. More info will be revealed a little after Tome 2's release. What we do know is that it takes place after the franga and it's something closer to what the full lenth film will be like.

Besides that, the thread is open to discussion.

Old Thread: >>192074
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>> No. 220007
Really? Besides the whole what the fuck he is thing, i don't find him all the interesting or all that special. Frankly, i find it annoying that he was tacked on to BoT in the franga.

However, I'm all for Ankama making Yugo a better protagonist. Maybe i'm blind or maybe i forgot, but does Yugo have a character flaw?
>> No. 220036
Yugo can't be a good protagonist because he is a terrible Gary Stu
>> No. 220057
Meh, I like Yugo.

Far too many protagonists of stuff Ankama references (Naruto, One Piece). have the "genius at fighting, idiot at everything else" ala Sadlygrove character archetype.

I prefer the super talented chosen one archetype ala Luke Skywalker. And I'm glad they went with that for the main protagonist of Wakfu.

And even in that archetype I like him way better than say TLA's Aang, whom the majority of plus4chan seems to hold in high esteem, and whom I consider a ridiculous glorification of a pre-1951 Tibetan, done by preachy Californian writers.Tibet did have jails, and its leaders were prejudiced towards foreigners and other religions, it wasn't a bloody utopia. And even in fictional storytelling terms, risking the annihilation of an entire nation just cause you refuse to kill one guy, isn't noble. It's selfish and stubborn. But I digress.

So when it comes to animated series' primarily aimed at a 9-12 demographic, I'd say Yugo is pretty decent as a protagonist. I'd rather have too few flaws, than very questionable traits being hailed as undeniable virtues, or the oversaturated childlike idiot protagonist type.
>> No. 220174
The main character flaw Yugo would have is how he tends to trust everyone on first sight. It never bit his hand but the potential of a major screwup because of his excessive naïveté is there. Other than that, he's a rather slick character, as expected with a shonen.
>> No. 220238
I think the only time it has bit him big time was Qilby and even then I think you could argue that wasn't a case of naivete when everyone believed Qilby. Hell, even the whole decision to use the Eliacube was almost completely Adamai's idea.
>> No. 220240
As you said there's no case yet of Yugo solely defending someone against the advice of all the others and being wrong in the end but it could happen. As for the whole Eliacube business it's a question of Adamaï being ruthless while Yugo is afraid of power, but the "great power implies great responsibility" motto is so common it can't even be considered a trait. It's nice to see the brother's relation isn't all slick and they argue quite often, they could have made it very consensual and very boring instead.
>> No. 220417
In other words, he's naive.
>> No. 220426
Hi. Sorry for digging up old topic but I have a question about "Dofus Heroes: Kerubim Tome 1".

Is there any site where I can find this comic as a whole or scans of it?
>> No. 220454
Are you asking for where to purchase or download it? I sadly can't help with the latter and the former should be rather easy to find so I'd assume it's the latter.
>> No. 220461

I asked about download. I've been searching it for few days (deep inside the Internet) and I just didn't found anything what I need.

http://archive.foolz.us/co/thread/51934636/ -> here I saw that Seth had scanned some pages of it, but I can't open it because of 404 error.

I heard opinions that this is rather disappointing book, but I happen to find it interesting after seeing some pages on Ankama Shop and I'd like to check it whole.
>> No. 220489
Nah, I didn't scan anything, just took pictures of the sketch/art bonuses. Sorry but don't expect any scans from me.
You can read my summary here if you haven't seen it yet: >>213020
>> No. 220498
> Sphincter Cell.
Well that's a double reference, really should've ordered more comics when I ordered my stuff now that I think about it.
>> No. 220808
File 138724129797.gif - (1.73MB , 320x180 , ryu.gif )
I made some gifs
>> No. 220809
File 138724140222.gif - (1.60MB , 320x180 , Ken.gif )
>> No. 220810
File 138724148749.gif - (829.83KB , 320x180 , Thor.gif )
>> No. 220811
File 138724160726.gif - (2.85MB , 487x240 , Dance Crew.gif )
>> No. 220812
File 138724176911.gif - (2.55MB , 421x300 , lou.gif )
>> No. 220906

Are these from the latest episode? Got any links?
>> No. 220914
>> No. 221062
I'm sure everyone's aware by now, but tome 2 of the franga has been translated by Morgie-corgi. You can find it in /coc/.
>> No. 221217
File 138803694352.jpg - (59.42KB , 400x579 , Couv_197307.jpg )
Got tome 2 for Christmas, so here's the summary. Obviously, spoilers ahoy. Also by the way, I have no idea why I wrote King Alaric there, his name is Abrazif.

Kerub, Indie and Crocosec return to Lombrocorp and find out that the mage Kami is in fact the king's right hand and the scroll was a fake, made to test Kerub's talent as an adventurer. Now that they know he was skilled enough to steal it, and that all three of them are motivated by Lou's capture and won't betray Lombrocorp, they all embark on an infiltration mission along with the captain of the guard.

The idea is simple: send a shipment of food on a road that's certain to be watched by the rats, with the infiltrators hidden in a cart's false bottom. Additionally, a barrel of poisoned apples is included in the shipment, knowing that the rats reserve apples to high-ranking officers and will break rank if no one's in command. The plan works, the cart is captured, the group enters the underground city, and thanks to Crocosec in disguise, the officers quickly eat the apples.

All the while, Lou has been informed by Sphincter Cell that all the pillaging was being done to feed his people with some exposition about how the rats live. Once the officers have been taken care of, Kerub finds and frees Lou while the others attack/distract Sphincter Cell. It all goes fairly well and Sphincter Cell is somehow gone even though he was beating the crap of them, but while the group intends to return to the castle now that the rats have been dispersed, Kerub decides to go after Sphincter Cell to get his stolen dice back. Unfortunately he gets jumped by a bunch of rats and the time-warp shenanigans with Ecaflip resume as he apparently dies.

When he wakes up, a rat delivers a message from Sphincter Cell: "Why would I fight you when I can kill your friends instead? Your pain will be much greater." Kerub runs off to save Lou but is too late since they were all caught under a collapsing ceiling. While he cries over Lou's body, Sphincter Cell shows up and tells him that his invasion was justified because the king didn't keep his end of the deal. Said deal being that the rats would pillage the people above to keep them starved, since starved peasants are too concerned with survival to oppose their king - in return, the rats were promised some land in the north on top of getting more food for their starving folks. Then he kills Kerub, who once again has visions of Ecaflip.

Another timewarp follows, with Ecaflip saying he can't keep saving his ass every time and imparting some more wisdom, and Kerub finds himself with the messenger again and this time reaches the group in time to get them out of harm's way, though he himself gets hit by the falling debris. They return to the castle with him in a coma where he fights his inner demons again and Ecaflip reveals the identity of the enemy that plagues his memory and dreams.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the group confronts the king about the claims that Kerub is making in his sleep, about his supposed deal with the rats. The king puts them all under arrest for calumny, but a poisoned apple falls from Crocosec's bag as they take him away. Being a gluttonous pig, the king jumps on it and eats it despite protests by the captain of the guard. He of course dies, and Kerub's visions finally reveal to the reader that his enemy is the mage Kami. He was the one who made the deal with Sphincter Cell, under the king's appearance, and just as Kerub wakes up, he sentences all of them to death for provoking the king's death. However the captain of the guard holds his men as he notes that Kami did nothing to prevent the king from eating the apple that everyone knew was poisoned, while the adventurers saved the city from the rats.

Kami is taken away without a fight, the captain of the guard becomes king, Kerub is made some sort of knight protector and the others are made knights of the city. The book closes with Ecaflip saying to no one in particular that he just helped Kerub's luck "a little."

All in all, I didn't enjoy the story very much.
>> No. 221227

The story sounds weird but a bit interesting at the same time. I'd like to see Kerubim crying over Lou's body - wonder if this looks dramatic.

Are there any fanarts like in first tome?
>> No. 221233
File 138811419566.jpg - (2.69MB , 1334x1677 , 111.jpg )
No, it only has a "how to art" bonus showing how the artist goes through each step of production.

Here's most of the shots of Kerub and Lou (the one at the bottom should sort of be in between but whatever).
>> No. 221251
Taking this summary and tome 1's summary, the whole thing just seems bizarre. Like, I thought Tears of Blood was bizarre but this just seems like an even stranger writing experiment.

And the art is just weird.
>> No. 221264
>And the art is just weird.
It gives an entirely wrong perception of Kerubim as well.

It makes him look like an anti-hero.
>> No. 221301

At the right pic he looks like he's yawning.
>> No. 221755
I'm starting to think that Dofus might be a better series than Wakfu. Though I'm not sure if it's fair due to:

1) Having a smaller cast that gets to do more as a result, making it so that no one really feels left out
2) Shorter running time lets it get to the point quicker as it needs to establish the necessary details and set pieces right away
3) Framework device that precludes the need for a big overarching story and demands for plot progression
4) Can more or less do whatever in the pop culture saturated World of 10/12 more often because it doesn't have a very serious tone.

Wakfu aims higher, but if it falters, does it still deserve some slack?
>> No. 221800
Wakfu deserves a great deal of the credit it receives and only seems rougher in comparison likely because it came first and had to set a bar. The tone of the show was constantly shifting in the early phase between serious and silly and it took time to find its proper tone. I imagine that there was no small mount of meddling from France3 on that end since they wanted to keep things 'kiddy' but Tot and the rest always had an epic in mind that required the material be allowed to be more grown up. Dofus never really suffered from that, because from the start it presented itself as a goofball comedy show and it was easier to get the network to not fight them so damn much with it. I feel like if the improvements that occurred in the second season are allowed to continue evolving in the new specials and beyond, then Wakfu will have achieved what it set forth to do originally and that is, tell the tale of one of the greatest epics in the history of the Krosmoz
>> No. 221876
>I feel like if the improvements that occurred in the second season

You mean making it all about Grovy and Eva?
>> No. 221878
No, not that LOL :) I mean advancing the story's mythology, shedding light on the Eliatrope civilization and showing through Qilby that they were not all like Yugo. Ruel should've maybe had a bigger moment for the final battle, but What I'm really hoping for is that Eva and Pinpin go on the back burner for a bit and that Amalia and Yugo take prominence. They're both future leaders of incredibly powerful civilizations that will be reaching major turning points in their lives. They're going to be around 17-19 when we pick up and I'm not at all averse to their possibility of romance (I admit I enjoyed watching them more than Grovy/Eva). Whatever this quest turns out to be, I just hope that things keep expanding and the tale keeps growing with its audience. I'm sure the surprise will be pleasant, Wakfu has yet to really let me down.
>> No. 221893
> They're both future leaders of incredibly powerful civilizations

Hold your horses, Sadidas are just a bunch of lazy hobos who scarcely leave the woods. Yugo is the king of an alien civilization that are bros with dragons, are older than the world itself and are led by direct descendants of the creators of the universe.
The world of twelve's nations have good reason to shit their pants if thousands of Eliatropes suddenle decide to settle on their planet.
>> No. 221904
And the Sadidas don't also have a MASIVE army of well trained fighters all capable of tapping into some pretty formidable earth magic, as well as being bros with the Cra nation as well? Not to mention that they guard the Tree of Life, the current largest source of Wakfu on the world at present?
>> No. 221916
Doesn't even compare.
>> No. 221924
You can't deny that the Sadida are a powerful presence in the World of Twelve along with the other 11 kingdoms. Those things don't just go away because the Eliatropes return. And even then, not all Elaitropes are the equal of the members of the Council of Six, and there is a VAST difference in power between the 2 groups. Most of the current members of the Eliatrope people are still toddlers thanks to the Mechasmes. They're not all powerful. As for the dragons, aside from Phaeris and Adamai, you've got Grougalorogran who is a baby and Balthazar, whom Qilby swatted aside like a gnat. 6 dragons in their prime would make things problematic, but 2 are hardly enough to match up to the fully roused might of 2 nations backed by the powers of their respective gods. The Sadida have an established culture within the present and are respected by the 11 other kingdoms as well. Until Yugo and Adamai showed up, most people believed them to be things of fairy tales.
>> No. 221939
Phaéris is dead.
>> No. 222213
File 139009842427.jpg - (0.97MB , 938x691 , IMAG0061.jpg )
I just wrote summaries for Tangomango 1 & 2, if anyone is interested:

I'm not used to this kind of writing, so let me know if it's too convoluted or something.
>> No. 222228
Hey ladies and gents, new to the board and looking for a bit of Wakfu related info.

From what I've gathered, there will be a few specials (3?), and if they're popular enough a season 3 will be made, correct? Any news on when the specials will get released?
>> No. 222230
Unfortunately, there hasn't been a single damn shred of news since these specials were announced last July. The only thing that was said is that they should start in the first half of the new year. That being said, my hope is that when Dofus finally wraps, we'll see Wakfu step back into the spotlight and start seeing the specials become more prominent.
>> No. 222257
This may be of interest to some of you :

>> No. 222282
File 139025735937.png?spoiler - (1.72MB , 1507x768 , 1390256612193.png?spoiler )
Apparently the trailer showed some sketches for the upcoming special. Surprising absolutely no one it shows Eva's and Grovy's kids.

Also Otomai and Harenbourg
>> No. 222283
File 139025789637.jpg?spoiler - (387.41KB , 1300x731 , 1390253454986.jpg?spoiler )
A better shot (it's in the red circle) of what looks like Count Harenbourg. Personally he looks like a mad hybrid of Unalaq and Nox, which isn't terribly surprising when you think about it.

Both shots are spoilered just to be safe.
>> No. 222322
1. He's called Harebourg, not Harenbourg
2. This looks like an Iop, not a Dofus Xelor - maybe we'll see Bontarian king, as Joris is supposed to be his aide, and the 3 unknown characters shown, including what you've assumed to be Harebourg, are Bontarian nobility of some sort. The colors seem fitting. Besides, Harebourg has a canon anime design... and isn't taller than Otomai.
>> No. 222400
All right folks. As most of you have probably heard, I (dangerously quickly) succumbed to the Kickstarter's Nox pledge. This means I will be meeting Tot and visiting the studio, and I'll try to use the opportunity to get some questions answered about the lore.

I can't guarantee I will have the chance to ask that many since we're meeting him over breakfast and I may not be the only backer there, but if you have questions you would like answered, post them here and I'll bring a list with me in April and see how many revelations I can get. They don't really have to be about the setting if you want IRL-related stuff to be discussed, but as you may have noticed I'm a sucker for background information.
>> No. 222402
File 139047961164.png - (280.32KB , 519x586 , Rob Paulsen for Nox?.png )
izmarvelous (DOFUS community manager) commented on this video, saying that Rob Paulsen could play english dub Nox if he's interested:


Could be cool.
>> No. 222403
It's a shame we couldn't have done the KS sooner. 3-4 years ago, I think Jeremy Shada from Adventure Time would have made an awesome Yugo. He's got that exuberance and energy that Yugo has and does an awesome job at the show's more serious (as far as AT gets) moments.
>> No. 222408
...that's NWF's tumblr account, isn't it.

You've heard this before but congrats! As for questions, I think I have a couple. If any of these already have answers somewhere, then disregard them.
>What happened to the old Iop god after that thing with Goultard?
>Video games are a huge part of Wakfu, but what are their favorites? Do they play any recent ones; most of the shoutouts in Wakfu have a retro feel.
>Obligatory question about Eva's backstory.
>> No. 222437
Oh my God, Eva's voice is amazing.
>> No. 222626

Biiiiig update from Tot himself here. Some particularly interesting points:
* The intent for the rest of Wakfu is to have a "Harry Potter" style arc of the protagonist growing up (so if Yugo's a teenager in the OVAs, he'll be an adult in season 3).
* Season 3 has not and will not start production until Ankama lands a business deal for it.
>> No. 222628
Aw, just the time to autosage.

New Thread >>222627
>> No. 222654
>teen in OVAs
>adult in season 3

Hope he's still cute. nohomo.
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