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File 136511154365.jpg - (89.28KB , 1024x768 , lt_fox_vixen_by_zst_xkn-d5zzfkc.jpg )
207248 No. 207248
Old Thread >>205639

Okay, be honest, just how many of you ONLY care about this cartoon because of Lt. Vixen?
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>> No. 207250
Relevant links from last thread:


>> No. 207314
More or less.
>> No. 207325
I like the plot and am genuinely interested in what happens next. But with no new subs, and having to wait over a year for the next episode...everything has been discussed already.
>> No. 207327
I've had shows where I don't give a crap about the plot and just enjoy the fap bait. Wakfu is one such show. Those French animators are real good at making lascivious women. Squirrel and Hedgehog is another show that falls into this category.

Don't fully understand what's going on in the story, and the characters seem bland and uninteresting, but the burst of porn the female fox gets is all that's needed.
>> No. 207328
Show having some current subtext would be interesting though don't know how they would play China telling them "we aren't going to help you get out of this one" Without making Dear Leader look foolish, that could be a whole plot show in itself.
>> No. 207329
The porn is unappealing and silly, and I can't help but feel there's a bit of samefagging going on in order to get porn of the fox.

But, the show amuses me.
>> No. 207341
I'm reminded of a golden line from a Jewish poster on the subject of Nazi fetish porn.

>"If there's anyone who deserves weird internet shit, it's Hitler."
>> No. 207344

perhaps they'll make the ducks or whatever the chinese are making deals under the table with the capitalists to save themselves, making them weak suck-ups like the south koreans.
>> No. 207347
Given the origins of Mao Zedong's name, I'd say the Chinese should be cats.
>> No. 207349

real clever, you
>> No. 207364
File 136523570092.jpg - (145.09KB , 914x709 , northkoreavoice2.jpg )
Her voice
>> No. 207365
File 136523597785.png - (1.36MB , 918x952 , northkoreavoice.png )
>> No. 207373
>> No. 207448
File 13653466489.gif - (317.08KB , 150x113 , CpquXb4.gif )
>> No. 207450
And now add the Lion from the tropics to that since Castro has added his voice to those telling North K to quit the bluster. All them in Negotiation to get the North out of a dangerous situation but no involving glorious leader because he's "above it all"
>> No. 207474
>Cute (but dumb) little brother shares a voice with Moolmangcho and the psycho-grasshopper bitch from that one short with the frog soldier fucking massacring to death all the insects

>> No. 207514
>> No. 207547
So will Lt. Vixen end up getting killed off by squirrel?
>> No. 207579
File 136550302872.jpg - (27.68KB , 461x338 , 1365384482548.jpg )
>> No. 207581

I doubt it. It's most likely that Wolf Commander will die at the end of this arc. From what I gather, in the first season, the leader of the weasels was killed, and a subordinate called White Weasel took his place. I have no idea what his former position was though. I assume Lt. Vixen and Assistant Weasel are pretty high up, since they're the one's Commander Wolf discusses his plans with.

Maybe Lt. Vixen will take his place, and she can serve as a parody of South Korea's current leader.

I think it's be interesting to see, since we'd be able to tell North Korea's attitude towards the concept of a female leader.
>> No. 207610
fandub project discuss
>> No. 207714
File 136563058317.gif - (517.69KB , 320x240 , tumblr_ml0lm6RW6T1reaphfo2_400.gif )
>> No. 207715
Something needs some Guiles Theme goes with everything.
>> No. 207809
For argument's sake. If N. Korea messes with the US and they crumble anyone else want to see this series highjacked and told from the perspective of the US and how they crushed the N. Koreans?

I'm far from pro-US invading, but the idea makes me chuckle.
>> No. 207810
>> No. 207813

it would be like that scene in the simpsons with lisa's eastern european mail friend
>> No. 207814
Seriously I thank you for reminding me of that scene from classic Simpsons:

Lisa Simpson - General Kroll (English)youtube thumb
>> No. 207865
File 136583661465.jpg - (35.21KB , 593x377 , orchestra.jpg )
관 현 악 [아동영화음…youtube thumb
North Korean animation OPtheme orchestra
>> No. 207869
>> No. 207878
File 13658512026.gif - (1.44MB , 320x240 , SDXdAhC.gif )
Porn thread?
>> No. 207917
File 13659004401.jpg - (45.00KB , 600x482 , thumb-1365843943101-image1a.jpg )
>> No. 208002
File 136601797020.gif - (1.44MB , 320x240 , QtDYWYA.gif )
>> No. 208038
File 136607338221.gif - (2.99MB , 320x240 , chewing gum.gif )
Found in a thread.
>> No. 208069
>> No. 208083
SOME thread. Was about something else.
>> No. 208086
Found this link in the archive. Might as well share it.
Higher quality downloads of the latest episodes.
>> No. 208111
File 136618241932.jpg - (198.09KB , 422x512 , 1365744516249.jpg )
>> No. 208115
The soldiers that face each other at the Joint Security Area are chosen for their height, to intimidate the other side. Let that sink in for a second: this was the tallest soldier North Korea could find.
>> No. 208117

funny in the context of the show
>> No. 208118
Well, we may mock, but if anything it reinforces Juche ideology's image of the Korean people as "the child race", a race that is naturally good and can do no ill unless 'tainted' by outside influences (I pointed to BR Myers' "The Cleanest Race" before and how well Squirrel and Hedgehog slots into the mad racist nationalism that constitutes Juche thought, but there's a good interview here that goes into the "child race" idea specifically: http://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2010/04/immersion-in-propaganda-racebased-nationalism-and-the-unfigureoutable-vortex-of-juche-thought-colin-.

Basically, South Koreans are freakishly large because they've all had sex with blacks. :(
>> No. 208119
I seem to recall the Joint Border Security thing doing something that involved height. The North Koreans liked to spin down the swivel chairs on the American and South Korean side of the table. The idea being, the North Koreans would always sit higher than the Americans/South Koreans, and it was a means of intimidation.

So the Americans went "lol okay" and just got some 7'0 motherfuckers to come sit across the table. So even if they were at their highest and sitting on phone books, they were still shorter than the American soldiers.

Also, I can't get >>208118 this link to work.
>> No. 208121
File 136620764526.png?spoiler - (494.24KB , 740x493 , 136282518218811.png?spoiler )
>> No. 208122
Also, I can't get >>208118 this link to work.
Ah, the "html" at the end got lopped off. Just copy-paste that back into the address bar, that should do the trick.
>> No. 208240
>> No. 208638
File 13670654997.jpg - (27.28KB , 450x360 , Squirrel and Hedgehog - Episode 30_(360p)_avi_2013.jpg )
>> No. 208645
Given the lack of posts I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that interest in this show was ONLY because people found the female fox hot and wanted to fap to her as the "waifu" of the moment.

Not even normal /co/ gives this show a talk anymore.
>> No. 208646
Does this surprise you?
>> No. 208647
Not really, I just wanted to emphasize it because no one wants to admit that if it wasn't for the fap bait they would have never given this series a glance.
>> No. 208648
Well no shit. It's North Korean propaganda made specifically for North Koreans.

It only holds merit if you spend your time on /pol/ all day.
>> No. 208650
Actually, the thread was a poorly masked "make porn of the fox, DRAWFAGS" endeavor by some lonely sadsack from the start. The fact it got any attention whatsoever on /co/ was more due to the content and what it is than the pornable characters.
If you know anything about furries or drawfags, you'd know if they really gave a damn about this show, there'd be a lot more fan art depicting such. And if more than one or two people, at max, gave a damn about this show for anything other than a flimsy pretext for porn, it'd be bumped by "mysterious strangers" day in and day out with more intelligent things to say than "wow nice show."
>> No. 208652
you people really expect genuine interest in a show that releases one episode a year with any luck and that is mostly untranslated?

Or that has an openly propagandistic nature that is only bearable by mocking it?
>> No. 208665
Which episode?
>> No. 208681

Read the filename.


I'm interested in the show, but it is hard to discuss because a lot of the plot has to be inferred, due to lack of translated episodes.
>> No. 208686
I gave an episode a shot some weeks ago. The animation surprised me, I expected to see a lowly squirrel soldier in a way more serious show, being a war cartoon and all, but I was pleasantly surprised (maybe I just caught a light episode, judging from a manga scan that was posted), it looked like a "fight of the week against the bad guys" show, and the squirrel was pretty damn badass.

Definitely might give it another shot soon. And yeah, I'm not discarding the hot-but-can-be-hotter-in-fanart vixen, might give her a shot too.

For the record, if I watch more of it, I might not even care about the propaganda. I've watched enough cartoons and movies that might be taken as u.s. propaganda just as much, and managed to have fun enough with it.
>> No. 208698
File 136713329913.jpg - (253.27KB , 1174x1025 , ep13.jpg )
Sister of hero squirrel?
>> No. 208703
File 136714967064.jpg - (78.38KB , 945x375 , 1.jpg )
>> No. 208704
File 136715228279.jpg - (24.13KB , 450x360 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 208790

Wolfmerica is truely diverse.

I bet the alligator would have a southern accent.
>> No. 208803
File 136730998175.jpg - (243.63KB , 640x1338 , 2903L1.jpg )
>> No. 208804
The dissonance is remarkable.
>> No. 208814
It makes sense they portray themselves as small cuddly creatures and their enemies as much bigger creatures when this is the biggest soldier they have.
>> No. 208954
second series aired dates list
squirrel and hedgehog ep27 - 2006.12.27
squirrel and hedgehog ep28 - 2008.01.01
squirrel and hedgehog ep29 - 2008.08.25
squirrel and hedgehog ep30 - 2010.10.17
squirrel and hedgehog ep31 - 2011.02.17
squirrel and hedgehog ep32 - 2012.06.06
>> No. 209056
File 136763069732.png?spoiler - (845.19KB , 1600x800 , 1367118498678.png?spoiler )
>> No. 209057
File 136763375852.gif - (186.70KB , 200x200 , smithers_strippers.gif )
>> No. 209060
>Two from anime based on video games, both from Japan
>one from a video game
>one from a North Korean produced animation

So, where does the COMICS and CARTOONS part come into play?
>> No. 209061
At least Lt Vixen is from a CARTOON.
But I kinda thought the same. Guess /co/ just likes claiming all the hotness.
>> No. 209062
It's not anime, but it's also not Western, and yet there's no board for animation in that grey area.
>> No. 209065
Basically if it's animated, and it's not made in Japan, it's /co/ material. It's true most /co/ content is western, but that's more happenstance than anything. Toons from China or India would fall under /co/'s purview.
>> No. 209067
File 136765184036.jpg - (36.48KB , 521x376 , russiabear.jpg )
>> No. 209087
Not surprising considering how poor the country is.
>> No. 209101
File 136771555863.jpg - (217.43KB , 448x2738 , vixen.jpg )
>> No. 209102
Its a little creepy how pics of Lt. Vixen doing nothing special are "worth" screen grabbing....
>> No. 209103
File 136771738858.jpg - (291.62KB , 432x2984 , vixen2.jpg )
>> No. 209105

>> No. 209141

Maybe they're for references?
>> No. 209143
did she grab that wolf by the nards?
>> No. 209144
Oh come on that would be too much even of perverts in Japan. She hit him with her hips.
>> No. 209151
File 136778770526.jpg - (222.88KB , 384x3067 , karateshit.jpg )
>> No. 209153

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going...
>> No. 209188
File 136791424169.jpg - (267.20KB , 356x3179 , approved.jpg )
>> No. 209192
File 136791905466.jpg - (227.02KB , 341x3368 , episode32.jpg )
and this
>> No. 209337
>> No. 210439
File 137006302371.png - (73.22KB , 351x455 , tumblr_mjiyptDDdX1s7faywo3_400.png )
....thread is dead.
>> No. 210440
The state of North Korea and its people depresses me too much to find any joy or passing interest in this.
>> No. 210442
Stick around the for happy ending, anon.
>> No. 210444
I'm sorry, I'm really not in the mood for shtick.
>> No. 210471
It's something surprisingly fun made in, by, and for North Koreans. Their situation blows, but artists working there still managed to put together something cool.
>> No. 210512
>Their situation blows
Massive understatement.
>> No. 210850
Communist squirrel fighter
>> No. 212093
File 137296580323.jpg - (26.10KB , 484x389 , NKC-squirrel&hedgehog.jpg )
>> No. 212094
happy 4th of july
>> No. 212095
Wait, English subtitles?
>> No. 212096
File 137296712950.jpg - (30.68KB , 541x398 , NKC-squirrel&hedgehog2.jpg )
>> No. 212097
File 137296742069.jpg - (24.82KB , 443x384 , NKC-squirrel&hedgehog3.jpg )
>> No. 213485
It's been a while since I've seen this crop up, so I'm unsure as to the nature of the dub. I'd kinda wanna see it played for laughs. Mocking the propaganda and making the NK military just as crazy as they are in reality. Anyway, made this a little while ago, enjoy OP.
>> No. 213486
I also made a transparent decal version for tf2 players. Not sure how to share that. Can't exactly post .TGA here.
>> No. 213487
File 137463053982.png?nsfw - (1.45MB , 1400x801 , LtfoxBomber.png?nsfw )
Sorry, posted the wrong version, also, not quite sure if it would fall under NSFW...I don't think so...but better safe than sorry.
>> No. 214002
File 137546457466.jpg - (54.33KB , 600x794 , BQqJGVpCMAEmg-G_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 214003
File 137546470162.png - (111.87KB , 400x600 , 796315927.png )
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