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File 133287163948.jpg - (148.11KB , 580x421 , 3c5a36fb-366f-f5e8-a35b-00002a1a4f38_pedigree-dog-.jpg )
5657 No. 5657
Ever eaten dog/cat food?
1. It's fucking delicous.
2. A meal costs less than 50 cents.
Why don't more people eat pet food?
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>> No. 5658
I'm not that poor yet.
>> No. 5659
It's not intended for human consumption.

That doesn't necessarily mean it'll make you sick or anything, but it means it's made of the shit they wouldn't even dare put into hot dogs.

Lots of people prefer not to even think about what's in hot dogs, much less the scraps left over from making them.
>> No. 5660
File 133289944791.png - (122.23KB , 229x274 , 1332787329999.png )

>not cooking for your dogs
>> No. 5661
I'm sure contains better stuff than what's in burgers.
>> No. 5664
Dog food is made up of meat that was deemed "not fit for human consumption" so I'm guessing it's not.
>> No. 5665
Well, most of the "meal" in meat meals found in kibble is actually the ground up carcass of the animal after all the good cuts have been removed and sent off to other places.

So you'd essentially be eating rendered bones and fat. Kinda gross.
>> No. 5666
You mean like chicken nuggets?

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