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File 132176090469.jpg - (99.01KB , 250x281 , hmart.jpg )
5547 No. 5547
Official Grocery Store Power Rankings

God Tier:

Meh Tier:
Everyone else.
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>> No. 5548
Shit tier:
Great canadian superstore
>> No. 5559
File 132210586325.jpg - (8.94KB , 165x54 , Grand_Mart_logo.jpg )
I see your H-Mart and I raise you a Grand Mart.

Also, G-d Tier: Seven Mile Market in Pikesville.
>> No. 5560
Around here the best places are Whole Foods and this more local place called Weaver Street Market that's basically a smaller version of Whole Foods.

We have a Trader Joes, but honestly the only thing they sell that I like is their coffee beans. Everything else is way too expensive.

Then there's an upper mid range grocery store chain called Harris Teeter. It's got good prices and a decent selection, with lots of great sales all the time (like, occasionally I see Buy Two, Get Three Free deals on soda fridge packs).

Then there's Food Lion, which is dirt cheap but with crap selection and produce.

There's also the wholesale places like Sam's club and I think there's a Kroger's, but they're a ways away.
>> No. 5561
Do you live in some kind of bizarro world? Around here, Trader Joe's isn't much more expensive than the average supermarket, but Whole Foods is ridiculously overpriced.
>> No. 5563
local markets is are the best place for fresh product around there, but supermarket's stuff is more convenient and not too bad if you know how to chose.
>> No. 5565
I see both and raise you a Super H Mart.
>> No. 5568
No, Whole Foods is still way expensive. But the Trader Joes near me is up there, too. TJ isn't quite as bad on price, but around here you can't get organic stuff for cheap, TJ included.

Also I meant best in terms of selection, not price. I only shop at Whole Foods for their beer section or if I want some of their good pepperoni, everything else is way too expensive. I do most of my shopping at mid-range grocery stores.
>> No. 5578
I just made some Korean Pancakes. They were fucking delicious. And I can make like 20 meals out of what I got.

For 20 bucks.
>> No. 5584
There's no 'H's in Wegman's. No mart either, really.
>> No. 5585
Korean pancakes are fucking delicious.

Gif me recipe.
>> No. 5588
File 132510913024.jpg - (181.58KB , 428x870 , Sweepstakes2010_PR_99(2).jpg )
I'll see your H-Mart and raise you a 99 Ranch Market.
>Dem faces

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