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File 131942146474.jpg - (45.25KB , 800x532 , 800px-Gruyère.jpg )
5498 No. 5498
Gruyere > Errythang else
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>> No. 5499
File 131946163356.jpg - (9.17KB , 180x240 , cheesewhiz.jpg )
master race
>> No. 5500
File 131946174335.gif - (580.33KB , 300x274 , cheese.gif )
difference between swiss and cheddar
>> No. 5501
I have no idea what this is. But I can tell it's disgusting by just looking at it.
>> No. 5503
File 131959468359.jpg - (2.07MB , 2816x2112 , SmallEdamCheese.jpg )
That sounds like the opinion of someone who has never had edam.
You poor deprived fellow.
>> No. 5504
File 131964482510.jpg - (102.99KB , 260x239 , CheeseCurds-260.jpg )
Awesome Snack.
>> No. 5510
File 132010057628.jpg - (13.72KB , 300x300 , 41RNowX59SL.jpg )
Jesus, no

Now smoked gouda
that's the stuff
>> No. 5511
File 132011034057.jpg - (220.47KB , 1024x769 , brie.jpg )
100% correct.

Only thing better than gouda is a soft brie as a spread or as part of a sandwich. By itself, however, smoked gouda wins. Gouda wins it all.
>> No. 5512
File 132014108145.jpg - (43.19KB , 349x262 , gorgonfuckingzola.jpg )
>Gruyere > Errythang else you can put in a sandwich

Eat Gorgonzola every day.
Don't give a fuck.
>> No. 5513
Better yet: Gain 3d6 breath attack.
>> No. 5514
I accept this deal.
Can all my hit dice be d12s, too?
>> No. 5516
File 132040693457.jpg - (38.56KB , 435x297 , leerdammer[1].jpg )
I never cared for Brie. I grew up in France and all my friends liked it, but I just couldn't handle it. I much prefer dutch cheese. A lot of my friends liked brie with marmalade or jam, I never dared to try it, but I'm guessing it's one of those surprisingly not disgusting things.

And Leerdammer is the best thing I've ever put in between 2 slices of bread (or stuffed in a baguette).
>> No. 5517
Parmesan sables with apricot jam.

You will never look back.
>> No. 5518
File 132050802988.jpg - (97.04KB , 630x498 , feta cheese picture.jpg )
I like most cheeses. But a lot of them I can only have as part of a sandwich. Except for this bad boy. Especially goat feta. Wrap it in some tinfoil together with some onions, tomatoes and pepper and throw it on the grill when you're having a barbecue. MOUTH ORGASM! (Careful! Wait a bit after unwrapping! Extremely hot!)
>> No. 5549
>goat feta

Sheep's feta is where it's at, you nye kulturny stravag.
>> No. 5550
File 132181215641.jpg - (61.59KB , 550x412 , bellaitalia2007_1241623800_caprese-saladx-tomatoes.jpg )
Guys. I just realized we've been ignoring one of the greatest cheeses in existence.

I bring you buffalo mozzarella.

Brie, like a lot of soft white cheeses, tastes amazing with sweet fruit flavors. I had some blueberry-encrusted goat cheese the other day that was amazing.
>> No. 5551
Pepper Jack > Errything else.
>> No. 5711
File 13387756353.jpg - (64.25KB , 800x510 , 800px-Camembert.jpg )
I have to say, I'm a big fan of camembert.

It is deliciously creamy.
>> No. 5712
File 133877575615.jpg - (25.96KB , 466x349 , 49b38390a0159_466x500.jpg )
Also gouda.
>> No. 5714
File 133877833438.jpg - (61.23KB , 800x600 , 800px-Kesong_puti.jpg )
And white cheese.

Great for breakfast, white cheese.
>> No. 5716
It sure looks creamy. I mean, damn.
>> No. 5717
Cheeses serve such very different roles, and as such it is almost impossible to crown a single cheese the God of All Cheeses. Instead, we can rejoice in a pantheon of cheese!

On fresh, warm bread? Sweet, soft, spreadable fontainbleau.
As a sliceable sandwich filling? You want Leerdammer.
As a melty ingredient to a meal? Fetch the gruyere for the cauliflower cheese, the fondue pot, the hot wrap.
As a melty thing enjoyed on its own? Put your brie in a hollow cottage loaf and toast gently till it's warm and oozing.
To defend against one's foes, Vieux Lille has been known to slay dragons with its scent alone.
For dessert, fetch mascarpone and drizzle it with honey.

All must bow, though, before Halloumi. It is Jupiter, Zeus, Atum-Ra, the lord of all cheese gods. No other cheese posseses Halloumi's unique qualities, and it stands alone.
>> No. 5719
Any spreadable cheese is the best cheese. I've got some spreadable cheddar with habanero peppers in it. SO GOOD on like, pumpernickel bread.

That just looks like normal mozzarella to me. Is it not normal mozzarella?
>> No. 5720
File 133895396126.jpg - (46.22KB , 214x398 , drool.jpg )
>never heard of halloumi
>google it

Jesus crap, how does it even exist?
>> No. 5721
I like you.
>> No. 5734
I found a market nearby that lets you sample all the cheeses before buying by the pound. I ended up buying like 3 different types of feta. Pure heaven!
>> No. 5735
File 134010930975.gif - (332.15KB , 500x273 , yes.gif )
>mfw i was at a bbq and tried halloumi for the first time, fresh off the grill
>> No. 5737
p....places like this exist?!
>> No. 5741
used to be one were I lived in Charlotte. Time for lunch go to the deli and sample.

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