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File 128972701934.jpg - (259.47KB , 1194x806 , Fawningrass2.jpg )
4542 No. 4542
a while ago i set the goal of trying something i've never had before.

pic related, today i bought a venison schnitzel to cook up at some point
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>> No. 5242
Raw cranberries are pretty delicious too.
>> No. 5247
Hershey's tastes bad because it is bad. Literally. It has 'gone bad'.

The guy who started the company already had 2 tanked candy companies under his belt when he decided to go into chocolate. When he first started up he was unable to get an exact step by step recipe for what he wanted to make (milk chocolate) and so he just dicked around, resulting in some of his ingredients going 'off'.

Why people liked it I have no idea, but it was successful enough that they still produce the same spoiled flavor today through a process called lipolysis, which is a chemically induced breakdown of the fat in the milk. Many other companies now do the same because Americans who don't know any better think that's how milk chocolate is supposed to taste.

True story. Look it up.
>> No. 5248
The last thing I tried for the first time was alligator jerky. It tasted pretty much exactly like I'd imagined a dried swamp creature would taste.
>> No. 5262
File 130738513645.jpg - (64.12KB , 500x333 , 16533055_be39d13660.jpg )
Deliciously firm but tender. Felt kinda bad eating it because baby octopi are adorable, but DAT TASTE. UNF.
>> No. 5264
Cephalopods are probably my favorite critters.

Why do they all have to be so delicious. ;_;
>> No. 5275
File 130821024219.jpg - (17.51KB , 200x410 , 50253_31148831142_2000830_n.jpg )
Tried this after a friend recommended it. Holy tits it is hot, yet so damn delicious.
>> No. 5293
There's a new Chinese restaurant in town, and they have a dish called 'Scholar's Duck'.
So delicious.
The backbone of the dish is a sauce which I can't begin to properly describe. It's a subtle flavor, not overly sweet or tangy, and rather fragrant. It also seems to be something exclusive to this restaurant, unless it's better-known by another name, as Googling only turns up the menu for the restaurant.
>> No. 5297
File 130899518798.png - (194.15KB , 500x700 , 1292047523307.png )
You will suffer greatly for this indignity. We will find you. There is no escape. Perhaps your human larva is tasty as well!
>> No. 5376
Toffee yogurt
Heavenly delicious. Then I looked it up on the web...
>> No. 5377
File 131328233980.jpg - (9.48KB , 257x156 , Rotflmao.jpg )
>The sticky substance that leaves a mans anus after his gay partner has ejaculated in his bottom!
>> No. 5438

Got a bag of dried morels. Put some in a risotto made with sherry and vegetable stock. Enriched with an egg yolk just before serving, served with sauteed portobello and poached eggs.

>> No. 5482
Blue Cheese Hamburger I got from the burger.

I burnt it a little, but it was fantastic other than that.
>> No. 5488
Japanese buffet. I had all of the things.

Shark, squid, octopus, eel, one of each of 22 kinds of sushi, and some other shit.

It was all delicious as fuck.
>> No. 5496
I didn't know tomato soup could be so DELICIOUS
>> No. 5497

>never had tomato soup


>> No. 5502
Sweet popcorn. Meh. Still prefer it salted.
>> No. 5509
yea Kettle Corn is always lacking when I go with it. Now Fresh Carmel Corn (made my first batch after trying some of the Redenbacher kit stuff) Now that stuff was Godly. Smelt like the old fancy candy store that used to be in our old mall till the Anchors pulled out.
>> No. 5521
Turkey Burgers though I did something wrong because they tasted like rubbish, should one use fresh ground turkey instead of patties?
>> No. 5524
1 Month hung meat.

You will never in your life taste any meat better than high game meat.
>> No. 5554
File 132201417081.gif - (1.09MB , 500x337 , everything-is-so-clear-now.gif )
>Tomato basil soup
>> No. 5556
Big Mac
Actually pretty decent for fast food. Definitely had worse. Kebab still rules supreme though.
>> No. 5557
Pumpkin pie fudge:


Oh my god. Oh my god.
>> No. 5573

That was different. Like... a beefy poultry. And it wasn't as greasy as I was afraid of, but still, pretty dang greasy. I wouldn't mind trying it again, though. With suitable sides this time. (This was a really last minute thing; my aunt had a goose she couldn't eat anymore for some reason and we HAD to have it today.)
>> No. 5574
Goose can be AMAZING, but it can also be incredibly horrid. And a lot of that is actually dependant on the bird itself.
We needed years to find someone who could provide us a consistent quality bird for christmas every year. But yeah, it is pretty greasy (that's what makes it taste so good). Not even near duck levels, though.
>> No. 5575
i made/tried pumpkin pie for the first time the other day. wasn't amazing, but im sure someone else could do a better job

i forgot to list of things i tried in america. namely smoked ribs and pulled pork.

fuck you Australia, how did you end up with this bastardised idea of a barbecue.

cant make ribs as i lack a barbecue , but i'm about to attmept to make my own slow cooker pulled pork.
>> No. 5580
I just made the most delicious cookies ever.


I've never had coffee cookies before so I was a little worried because coffee isn't exactly my favorite thing but these are amazing.
>> No. 5583
An Australian barbeque isn't something that's supposed to be enjoyed.

It's something that's supposed to be overcome.
>> No. 5589
I can attest to this.

...Also, take your own beer.
>> No. 5614
File 132755254192.jpg - (30.81KB , 300x342 , GOAT.jpg )
Back on topic, I ate goat for the first time while I was in Malaysia. Goat curry, to be more precise. It was rather delicious.

Long version: I went out to tea with Mrs Shrike's dad to a nasi kandar somewhere in KL chinatown (don't ask where, my brain is still trying to make sense of KL roads). He ordered roti telur and a goat curry, I ordered nasi goreng ayam, thinking I'd be getting some delicious, spicy chicken rice. Basically the nasi goreng ayam I'm used to in Melbourne, but better. What happened next requires a little elaboration…

In Australia, once a town become large enough to warrant restaurants, it will rapidly acquire a Chinese restaurant. Whether it's good or bad, serving Cantonese cuisene or Sichuan, it will have a sign that says "CHINESE RESTAURANT." And it will always serve a dish called "Special Fried Rice." In the better of these restaurants, Special Fried Rice will consist of yesterdays (or earlier todays) rice, stir fried with some roast pork or Chinese sausage, egg, and fresh green vegetables. In the worst, it will be freshly steamed rice, barely fried in a pan with ham, peas, chunks of carrot the size of small continents, and bits of corn. And it will taste exactly like steamed rice with ham, peas, chunks of carrot and corn.

This, as it turns out, is what I had ordered at the nasi kandar, with the exception that instead of ham, I had what appeared to be a leg of crumbed (breaded) chicken, and not a particularly meaty or well-seasoned one, that had been mutilated with a meat cleaver and chucked into the wok.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. So Mrs Shrike's Dad shared his goat curry with me, which tasted awesome, and in which I could identify the remains of things like curry leaves and fenugreek seeds.

So yeah. Goat. It beats shitty fried rice hands down.
>> No. 5625
File 133004949489.jpg - (88.53KB , 319x350 , fangirls.jpg )
Philadelphia rolls.

I...just don't think that rice, cream cheese and mayonnaise should ever be combined.
>> No. 5626
Coffee. i shit you not.

it was either keep paying for iced coffee out the vending machine or drink the free instant coffee to stay awake at work.
>> No. 5627
If you've got to this point in your life without having drunk instant coffee, I envy you.
>> No. 5628
both instant and legit
>> No. 5629
So have you not drunk proper coffee still?
>> No. 5630
barely a few sips
>> No. 5631
Booze on New Year's.

I think it was champagne?

Tasted like butts.
>> No. 5632
Oh dear. Next time you're in Adelaide, head to the central market and go get a coffee at Lucia's (if it's still there).
>> No. 5634
oh man i havent been to the markets in ages. will do
>> No. 5653
File 133239377575.jpg - (30.54KB , 350x282 , animal_shirt2.jpg )
>A while ago i set the goal of trying something i've never had before.
That's on my bucket list. Here's what I got sofar:

-Cat/Dog food
-Fish Maw
-Frog Legs
-Guinea Pig
-Shark Fins
-Wild Boar
-Quail + Quail eggs

And pig/cow/chicken of course.
>> No. 5655

as a sufferer of random nosebleeds, i started to wonder just how much of my own blood i've drunk by letting it go down the back of my throat
>> No. 5662
If you liked heart, try lamb's heart. It's the best, most delicious meat I've ever eaten.
>> No. 5663
Oh, and also: Chipotle in adobo sauce
I know it's nothing special for you Ameribros, but I was totally psyched to try it. Really tasty, but a little bit too hot for me. Couldn't possibly eat it without some bread and milk on the site.
>> No. 5671
Tried some boar. It was pretty bad. I don't mind gamey meat, but it just tasted kinda 'dirty'. Like licking pavement and then biting into a goat.
>> No. 5674
Vodka and cranberry juice. So simple and refreshing, I kick myself for not trying it sooner.
>> No. 5676
Frog legs. Lightly fried at a Chinese place.

Holy shit. Amazing.
>> No. 5680
Lobster Bisque.

OH god... OH GOD...
>> No. 5686
File 133573202723.gif - (100.75KB , 480x360 , prince adam.gif )
Coconut chicken with sweet chili sauce.
>> No. 5730
File 133996816236.jpg - (96.53KB , 800x303 , 800px-Guernsey_cattle.jpg )
Guernsey cow's milk.

Wasn't whole, but damn that shit is nice.
>> No. 5739
Elk and antelope in jerky form.

Wasn't a fan of the antelope but holy shit that elk was amazing.
>> No. 5740
Buffalo bacon.
It was so much better than regular bacon, and I didn't think that was possible. My house smelled amazing for a full 24 hours after I cooked it, too.
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