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File 128710367238.jpg - (44.15KB , 1008x405 , what i drank.jpg )
4357 No. 4357
Let's start low then go high.

I like Guinness. I just wasn't in the mood for a something so dark and I wanted some fucking chocolate.

Also Guinness should never be served from a can unless you're making a mix anyway.
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>> No. 4358
p.s. that middle thing is a New York Egg Cream (chocolate milk soda)
>> No. 4359

Yeah, it tastes pretty bad out of a can.

I'm more of a pilsner lass myself.
>> No. 4360
agreed, unless its on tap guinness is pig disgusting
>> No. 4361
File 128713587164.jpg - (72.54KB , 302x320 , Picture 066.jpg )
I'm always up for some Kirin Ichiban because I'm a recovering weeaboo. Just about any IPA will do in a pinch, though.

No wonder I hated Double Chocolate Stout!
>> No. 4362
File 128717903419.jpg - (40.86KB , 600x800 , mead.jpg )
Guiness stout makes for a good rye bread. If I'm making chili I like Modelo, and if I need to get drunk quick I like that shitty wine they sell at Dollar Tree. I cook with alcohol a lot, and of course I take sips while I work.

But just to enjoy some straight-up drinking? Homebrew all the way man. I make all kinds of kilju, ginger beer, mead, quick wines and cordials. Haven't had time to get anything ready or maintain much these days, but fall/winter is coming and with the season, apples, oranges, and pomegranates. Once I get my winter break I'm going to start at least three different beverages.

also I'm not quite eighteen yet herp derp
>> No. 4364
omg really? youre so edgy xD;
>> No. 4365
I don't really drink. I'm too young by a year and a couple of months since the American drinking age is 21 for some reason. I do have quite the fondness for mead, though.
>> No. 4366
naw dawg i stopped being edgy when it got mainstream

also I'm too young to be talking about alcohol like I know shit. go and hang out with people your own age instead of drinking home alone, comrade.
>> No. 4371
>also I'm not quite eighteen yet herp derp

Suddenly everything makes sense.
>> No. 4372
I know, right?
>> No. 4374
wait, what?
>> No. 4375
I believe they're referring to the fact that, from time to time, you come off as incredibly immature and childish.

From actually referring to the fact that you're not 18 yet, to the constant discussion of what drug you're on this time, it often seems as though you're trying to seem older than you are by bragging about what substances you're on. "Hey guys, look at me, I'm drunk and high at the same time, and I'm not even 18 yet! I am so cool, right?"

I don't mean to sound coarse or mean, but really, no one cares. The way you talk about it so often is just sort of obnoxious.
>> No. 4377
aw, yeah. I kinda regret all that stuff, I just get super chatty when I'm high or drunk for some reason and my fingers just start to fly on the keyboard, and then I've hit post and I feel weird taking off the name now that I've started using it. I don't think it's cool, I think I've damaged myself. Shit happened to me in high school, I was too weak and buried myself in weed and other drugs to get by and I'm trying to get over that. It's not something to be proud of, but I end up doing it, talking about it and well, what can you do. I keep coming back to it with the excuses of not being able to sleep, a stressful week, wanting to enjoy my few nights off... the homebrewing has actually helped me by making me appreciate alcohol - when it takes so long and I put so much care into it I'm not gonna get drunk and waste it in a night - and it's something positive I can work at and do good at. When I fail things, when I'm feeling trapped, I gotta just forget myself, and that's when I get drunk. also, I felt silly writing so much about alcohol in my post as if I know what I'm talking about, so I tossed that in as a disclaimer. It's ridiculous and I'm pathetic.

wow, tl;dr no one cares. But thanks for being straight with me. I know I got shit to deal with and the internet really isn't the place for this!
>> No. 4378

youre the only annoying one in this thread
>> No. 4379
Wow, I...sort of knew posting that was gonna come around and bite me in the ass cause I'd feel like a terrible person when someone replied.
Okay, um, sorry? I didn't mean to sort of pick on something you seem to hate about yourself, you always sorta...seemed proud of it, which is mostly what I was talking about in that post.
So uh, yeah, my bad, I think.

Haha, yeah, that is probably true.
>> No. 4380
hey, don't worry about it! It's just a truth about me I just gotta deal with and work on, and getting people's honest opinions and impressions of me helps.
>> No. 4381
File 128736944747.jpg - (19.55KB , 258x258 , white russian.jpg )
play nice.
drink more.

repost from the old thread.
>> No. 4383
i wonder if a white russian would be better with almond milk or coconut milk

probably coconut milk

everything is better with coconut milk
>> No. 4384
I like your thinking.
>> No. 4385
>never mixed coconut milk with booze
>have a ton of both

My god.
>> No. 4386
Coconut Milk has tons of oil in it

>> No. 4387
i was going to flipflop but then i thought about using cream + coconut milk

then i thought: just google it you stupid faggot.


hurm... must investigate further... with my tongue.
>> No. 4388
p.s. i was calling myself the stupid faggort
>> No. 4409

Link related.
>> No. 4639
File 129142798925.jpg - (12.14KB , 500x277 , drink.jpg )
I'll just have a soda thanks. But as long as I'm up.
>> No. 5483
File 131853625981.jpg - (41.18KB , 399x600 , Scrumpy.jpg )
Has anyone here ever had scrumpy? What's it like? I'm thinking of buying some.
>> No. 5486
File 131864351198.jpg - (114.24KB , 465x700 , Nukem Cocktail.jpg )
What an excellent picture!
>> No. 5489
Makes me want to drink it SO HARD!
>> No. 5519
I love me some Alexander Keith's cause shut up. Also also there's a local pub that serves this dark beer with a crazy German name that I fan.tastic.
And Kid Hate told me to try this Japanese beer with an owl on it. I trust her judgement, because we both drink Blue Moon and also cause she's cooler than me, but have been reluctant because I hate Japanese beer and love having money. And the liquor store by my house sells wild irish rose for 2 dollars a bottle, so that normally beats everything else out.
>> No. 5522
Tui beer. From New Zealand. It's pretty consistently delicious.
>> No. 5523
File 132080548675.jpg - (40.08KB , 523x330 , 90 proof.jpg )
I stupidly drank an entire bottle of 90 proof to get a stupid friend out of a stupid fight that would have gotten his stupid ass killed on the weekend.

Holy Fuck Rye is terrible, I don't drink, but I've never in my life experienced being so fucking angry, ungk, I'm a bad drunk to begin with so I should have known better than to try and drink to AVOID a fight, I just ended up being the one who started it after I got mad at being drunk and clobbered them all.

I just can't drink, I'm not suited to it, I've drank 5 times in my life, every single time has resulted in a bloody brawl and I'm done with it.

To keep this from being a "FUCK ALCOHOL post in an Alcohol thread" I'll just pose a question to you all, what is the highest proof you've ever had?

FIBONACCIS - medicine waltzyoutube thumb
>> No. 5527
An entire bottle? I'm honestly surprised you're still alive, especially if you don't drink often.

Also I really like rye, although it takes some getting used to and there aren't that many good ryes out there.

Highest bottled abv I've ever had was ~40%. Highest abv in a drink probably about the same, although if you count party drinks it's probably ~60%.
>> No. 5528

Not intended to be drunk straight.
Not intended.
Where I grew up, that's just a straight-up challenge to your manliness.
>> No. 5539
File 132121746880.jpg - (55.00KB , 550x363 , nest.jpg )
The owl is calling you, Miley.

The owl is calling you.
>> No. 5708
I recently rediscovered a bottle of Manischewitz blackberry wine I bought a couple years ago. I'd only drank a little of it when I first got it, so it's nearly full. Score.
>> No. 5709
File 13386419593.jpg - (20.20KB , 200x506 , redstone-meadery-black-raspberry-nectar-mead-color.jpg )
I have black raspberry mead in my fridge right now (pic related). It is a magnificence that cannot be denied.

CSS Time: Never been a wine drinker, because I either like the hard stuff or beer (I live in a city with a lot of microbreweries). Got a job (well, unpaid internship, but fuck, it's something to do) helping to promote arts and culture. Suddenly at a lot of functions where there's wine, and a crap selection of beer. Decide to educate myself and start drinking a bit of wine here and there to figure out what I like so I don't look like a total n00b when I go to the bar and order something. So far, I've tried Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose & Merlot (and had to buy a corkscrew, which made several of my friends look at me in disbelief when I told them that I never owned one previously). So far, it's all been good. I've stuck to Australian wines as well, and staying on the cheap side ($7/bottle), and I've gotta say, there are some tasty things out there.
>> No. 5710
File 133877259269.jpg - (18.18KB , 227x350 , rectified spirits.jpg )
So, I drank some spiritus rektifikwany or however it's spelled at a party.

Like. At least half a bottle of it.

It's 192 proof. So, essentially poison.

But it is SURPRISINGLY good when mixed with Code Red.

I took a straight double shot of it on a dare and threw up for at least 3 hours, though. So uh. Don't drink it straight.
>> No. 5736
brown cacao bols + milk = stronger, cheaper, low fat baileys.
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