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File 136824249291.jpg - (15.67KB , 225x228 , 1346017745644.jpg )
377554 No. 377554
I got something I really need to talk about here.

I officially think this whole country has gone way too far, fell overboard, went underwater, drowned, was eaten by sharks, shit out on the sea floor, picked on by a crab, got that crab caught in a trap, had the crab cooked, had the remains eaten by someone, that someone died, and then their flesh was stripped and the skeleton was put up for display in public. Let me explain.

I live in the north. Like north north. Not Washington north, but above Anchorage in Alaska kinda north. Needless to say it's pretty fucking cold up here. I wear 3 layers and a coat, a hat, and gloves most days if I go anywhere. Everyone is walking around looking like they gained 50 pounds trying not to fall over on all the ice. I was pretty sick of my face literally freezing some days so I went to a department store and picked up a balaclava with a cool design on it. It works wonders, it's neoprene or some shit, breathes but doesn't make me cold. I started wearing it alot and everything was great.

Recently, I needed to go to my college campus alot, so I went and walked down there one every day or so and shut myself in a corner of the library or the lounge trying to get lern't. Two week go by and nothing. A month goes by and suddenly I get a random visit by the cops. Out of the fucking bluest, just sitting there reading and listening to some shitty pop music on Pandora, 3 in the afternoon. One of them asks me if I read the news this morning, and of course I haven't because local news is a fucking joke. He borrows my laptop and goes to the local news website. Somewhere on the top blurbs is "POLICE SEARCHING FOR MASKED MAN". He points to the balaclava I took off a bit ago and threw down on the table. Shit got mind-numbing after that.

He said that the local preschool labeled me as a threat. They saw me near the school for almost a week straight walking by and "going near the woods".
Lemme explain you a thing:
The school is on the way to my destination. It's plop on the side of a major street. Public access center across from it and a bus stop further down. Hundreds of people walk by every day.
This is untamed wilderness. The town is sitting on the nipple's edge of hundreds of miles of woodland. Random trees sprout up everywhere. The "woods" they mention is all of 15 feet thick MAYBE, and it cuts past a half mile of roads on the way to the campus.

He went on to say that because I had a "suspicious backpack", was wearing a mask, and did it continually, the school called the police and filed a report.
A student with a backpack and some cold weather gear going to school every day is suspicious and a danger. What the fuck.

Cop 2 chips in, he was more my age. Maybe a bit older, couldn't be over 30. "I know this is pretty bull man, but everybody's on edge right now. That thing in Sandy hook and the bombing and all." He basically goes on to say everything I say here, while cop 1 takes all my info for the report. I blurb out all my info and a statement, they flip their little book closed, they wave a goodbye and I sit in the lounge wondering what the fuck just happened. Then I get kicked out of the lounge for whatever reason that I fully assume is the 30 minute police interview and mope around the library. Still wondering what the fuck is happening, I get a call from my HR department. They filed the report. HR read the report. I'm fired.

So to sum it all up, because of sensationalist media and scare society, I am now socially and economically fucked, labeled as a terrorist, unable to use my own campus anymore, and jobless. For walking down the street. In a scary mask.

My question is, what has america come to. Couple things go down and suddenly the entire nation is desperate to point a finger at the next terrorist. I can officially say that you can't even walk down the street without bumping into sensationalist media. I'd really like a discussion on this, and on our society in general right now. Am I the only one who this has happened to here or are there other people with stories like this. I'm not looking for RETRIBUTION from THE MAN, I'd like this to be at least marginally civil.
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>> No. 377555
Get really American here and sue their fucking asses to hell. ^_^
>> No. 377556
Now you know what it's like to be Arab.
>> No. 377557
Thing is I'm an advocate for arab and middle eastern rights in the country. I've heard a slew of horror stories from middle eastern people in this country of things far worse than this. I'm sure I don't know what it's like to be fully tan-skinned Keffiyeh wearing abaya draped guy who gets his house teepeed once a week but this is probably a taste.
I would much rather not seeing as it's over with now and I see no good coming from me sueing the already strained public school system, regardless of how much of a fuckass they are.
>> No. 377559
This isn't actually a bad idea, and you have a legitimate complaint. You did NOTHING wrong, yet are being punished for it. Find some way to fight this. Make noise. Use the media to your favor by drawing attention to this.
>> No. 377560
>My question is, what has america come to.

America hasn't come anywhere, your particular area has. Get in contact with an attorney who will review your case for free.
>> No. 377561
File 136824770450.png - (64.38KB , 481x254 , 1321938792517.png )
Thing is, I'm not being punished. Officially anyway. No charges as of today and police haven't so much as called me. The thing was filed and that was the end of it. For them at least. Because I'm associated with it, however, I'm being unofficially punished. No more cozy lounge and no more job mcmoney stuff. I can get another job and I can get back into the lounge but if I mountain this molehill there ain't no goin back. As I said, I don't want to sue the public school system strained as it is and I don't want to sue police officers for just doing their own fucking job. I'd rather this just blow over as it went by without alot of hubub locally. HR is paid to read shit like police reports of their employees and I was only kicked out of the lounge because I brought cops in there for an hour.

If I sue the whole damn school system I'm going to be a media bulletin and I'll make front page. I'd rather just forget about it and complain about it on the internet. If I was to sue anyone it'd be FOCKS news, CNN, and GMA for their sensationalist bullshit that actually caused this in the first place.
>> No. 377562
Being fired for no valid reason isn't a molehill.
>> No. 377563
>I'd rather this just blow over as it went by without alot of hubub locally.


Didn't you just go on about how "America went too far" and how you NEEDED this job?
>> No. 377564
Fired is a fickle term. They used words like undefined termination and suspension of hours. I was in front page news for this, they don't want me around for a while. I understand what they're thinking. It's a public company that needs a good image and "terrorist" is not a good image, regardless of the truthfulness of it. They need to protect THEIR asses first. I understand. When this all blows over I might even get it back. But if I go sueing the entire school system god knows it is not going to blow over. It's already mostly gone now. I do not, in any fashion, want to bring more attention to this. That's why I'm blithering about it on an image board instead of a courtroom. If I wanted to sue them I would have, but they aren't to blame.
>> No. 377565
File 13682504952.jpg - (18.41KB , 480x360 , 1336854175714.jpg )
Read again. I pin the "Has america gone too far?" schtick on sensationalist media. Bill O'riley. Good Morning America. Everyone else who stirs the nation up over shit to create a frenzy. The reason why it happened at all, and I quote, is because "...stuff like Sandy Hook happening, that bombing down south, all the stuff going on you hear about. People are kinda scared man, I know". That's actually smack what they said to me. I was pinned with this because of stuff people have been hearing on the news. That because some guys from south Caucasus don't like america that anyone wearing a mask must not either. That because a mentally unstable teenager shoots up a preschool anyone who steps near one might do it too.

Yes, I needed that job. Who doesn't need a job. It's a shitty time to not have one, but I can get by and I've already lined up alternatives. I can be employed by next monday. I would like to bring attention to the fact that people bite into stuff like this, not bring attention to this event itself. I wanted to use what happened to me as an example of our scare society and use it as a talking point for discussion on America's media sensations. Read the last line of the OP. I'm not looking for retribution.
>> No. 377573
Now you know what it's like to be a woman.
>> No. 377574
Agreed on suing them, at least see a lawyer, nothing about this gells.

Remember, it is silence that damns us all.

Hey everyone, wanna be super fucking upset?

Google Magdalene Laundries and know that they didn't all close until the 1990s.
>> No. 377575
So I started writing on this and got like 3 pages and 1500 words so and I pastebin'd it because OPINIONS AND HEARSAY (that may offend you greatly):

Also, I don't think suing the School would actually help. Firstly, the time, annoyance, and lawyer's fee's all make suing anyone a royal pain in the ass. Secondly, if he signed any kind of contract that had some kind of decency clause or something to that effect, he won't have a case, he'll have a legally binding contract that shows that he probably invalidated his employment the moment the police started talking to him. Crazy, but that's why you always think twice and double-check the paperwork when involving lawyers. And Thirdly, this will not get him his job back or teach a valuable lesson to the person that reported him. The HR process was incredibly efficient. That means that A)Anon was already on the rocks with his employer and this was just the good excuse they needed or B)there is a standing code of conduct that he agreed to upon employment and more or less the instant he started talking to the Police as a "suspect", he violated that code and HR was fully within their legal rights to terminate his employment at their discretion. That this seemingly occurred without the intervention of a 3rd party even more heavily suggests to me that the termination was an automatic process, but that's just vile speculation.

NONE OF THIS COMPRISES LEGAL ADVICE OR SHOULD BE IN ANY WAY INTERPRETED AS SUCH. You might have a case, you might get laughed out of court. In any case, the cost of taking this to court might be much greater than the payoff. You won't get your job back and unless I'm mistaken, the complaint wasn't even lodged by his school, it was lodged by the preschool. This means that suing his school would get exactly no message across to the people who actually need the message. Possible, but I don't think it's worth it.
>> No. 377576
Wow, that is such bullshit. Sorry, man.

Yeah, I've heard of those. Pretty atrocious.
>> No. 377577
Have you tried going to the media?
>> No. 377596

Now all of you know what it's like to be Black.
>> No. 377605
But he didn't write "fuck me" on his chest, walk out that door, and tell anyone that asks, "Sure! Sure! No problem!"
>> No. 377606

>> No. 377607
He's quoting the greatest feminist character on modern television.
>> No. 377608
He's quoting the greatest feminist character on modern television.
>> No. 377617
My boiling anger is only simmered by the knowledge that they're all gone now, and that's better than having them still functioning.

As for OP's original question, I think the reason America has become addicted to searching for someone to blame might be tied to how quickly information spreads now-a-days and our inability to actually do much about it due to distance or other reasons. We're so used to knowing things RIGHT away, having every possible bit of information constantly at our fingertips on phones or computers. Our communication with everyone else has sped up thousands and thousands of times, and yet the speed of many other things remains the same.

Things aren't changing fast enough. Stuff isn't being fixed fast enough. There are so many problems and so little time. People want instant solutions, so they make instant assumptions to speed up the process of getting to that solution, like they did when they saw OP walking down the street with a mask on. They'd heard about the shootings and this masked man that police was chasing and that's what colored their thoughts when they saw him.

...Then again, maybe it's all just a simple case of people being incredibly shallow as well as being needlessly scared of whatever boogeyman the media is slapping in their faces today without thinking about it thoroughly first. In which case, I'd wager people have always been this way and that technology has allowed us to realize just how stupid we all can be sometimes on a much larger scale than ever before.
>> No. 377619
>In which case, I'd wager people have always been this way

One word: Witchunt
>> No. 377625
Even today we have ACTUAL Witch hunts such as those which take place in sub-Saharan Africa.

None of it ever left us and it's always waiting right outside our doors.
>> No. 377627
>sub-Saharan Africa
Well yeah but who even counts that anymore.
>> No. 377628
People who care about human lives?
>> No. 377629
Why even bother? They don't want our help, they just want to keep killing each other.
>> No. 377633
Why do you keep saying 'they' as if this phenomenon is restricted to some other group not connected to you?

If we lived without the structures of our countries and societies, we would all be killing each other. In fact, some of us do that despite all the consequences we've put in place to prevent people from performing these atrocities. Fact is that humans are dicks, always have been dicks, and always will be dicks.

You're a shining example of this.
>> No. 377635
Strained or not, they need to be taught to stop fucking overreacting to shit. Get on their ass.

A lot of shit done this day is in the name of avoiding lawsuits. Bring one up to counter others.
>> No. 377637
Where's Mindwipe? He can do some pro-bono work.
>> No. 377638
I agree with the notion that humans are pretty shit.
But they make cheese and videogames, so I forgive them.
>> No. 377640
I immediately thought of this.

All-New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible | Maskyoutube thumb

And I feel terrible for it. Sorry.

But seriously, I get not wanting to sue or attract a media circus to the school or police.
>>377575 is right , if you can't already afford a lawyer to look over every fucking thing you read, most jobs you can get secretly have conditions that let them fire your for basically anything.
Even then they can just make up some excuse they'll claim was the real reason they fired you. Proving some unlawful reason for termination of an individual employee is very difficult.

On the other hand, if you have the time, you could try to talk to someone who was working at the school or where you worked about it. There really is no way you'll get that job back, but you might at least get something across to someone involved, and more importantly it keeps it private so it's unlikely to affect future employment. Assuming you haven't tried that yet.

>He borrows my laptop and goes to the local news website. Somewhere on the top blurbs is "POLICE SEARCHING FOR MASKED MAN".

Is this it? I can't see the article on the Ketchikan site itself because it's a paid subscription.


On a mostly unrelated note, is there some meaning in your choice of OP picture I'm not getting?
>> No. 377648


The developed world owes it's fabulous wealth and technology to forming the post world war 2 landscape in such a way that most of Africa and other developed parts of the world can be ridden into the ground, It was smart is a disgusting way; capitalism works on having a top and a bottom, if the West and the developed world are on top they have to keep people on the bottom.

For example aid workers while they may actually be trying to help cause dependency which decreases the chances of forming their own stable governance and economy, Japan for example; after the earthquake they very smartly told all the other nations to fuck off immediately when they offered aid workers and as a result their economy picked up.

Things like the other and cultural hegemony serve to help the west think of these disadvantaged areas of the world the way a king thinks of peasants "They don't WANT our help and so they don't really matter but we are so generous we help them anyway and make all their decisions for them!"

The main thing to remember about Africa is that like every other indigenous people they were fine until the British arrived and literally royally fucked them; post world war 2 when they threw down the lines on Africa guess what? they didn't ask to many Africans.

Show me any group of people who wouldn't throw a huge shit fit when they can't enter their own property or go to their own church or visit their children because they now live behind an artificial and arbitrary national barrier drawn for them.
>> No. 377653
>The main thing to remember about Africa is that like every other indigenous people they were fine
If by fine you mean genocide each other. Which they immediately started doing again once the West left.

Also capitalism is not the only system built around a top and a bottom. Literally every societal structure in existence is, it is an unavoidable evil. Be glad you are part of the proverbial top.
>> No. 377656
You and I remember Afican history very differently.

But yes, violence and privledge are parts of our society but that does not mean lives don't matter.

I can, have and probably will be poor again on those grounds, money means NOTHING to me if it comes at the expense of failing to help someone.
>> No. 377657
Yes, I know it whereas you do not. You also miss my point: There always has to be a top and a bottom. As poor as you supposedly have been (probably not very, given as you are Canadian and thus even when poor have access to incredible social welfare systems), you have never been Africa poor. And never will be, unless you actually go to Africa for some reason (why would you do this?)
>> No. 377658
Eating garbage from dumpster living under the freeway poor, but you are right even that is a piece from African poor, but on your point of always you prove my point actually.

You can't just discount people, they are still people even if they are on the bottom.
>> No. 377660
>You can't just discount people, they are still people even if they are on the bottom.
But you might as well, since you can't do anything about it.
>> No. 377661
NO, especially not then, if anything that's a reason to pay more attention and try to learn more.
>> No. 377668
You can assist those on the bottom rung but it requires balancing the top rung a little more.

This is really the problem with America; our international policies with regards to trade, war, and assistance tend towards beating people down for our own gain. This is not fully necessary; we could engender a much more friendly attitude towards other countries and it might help us and them get along better. There are some hughe missteps we've made that continually come back to get us in trouble or reflect upon us, but we could be assisting more than misunderstanding. It's gotten better with Obama, but it's still not really good and a lot of wounds are healing while new ones open up.
>> No. 377683
America has been a merchant nation from literally day one. We prioritize economic interests over everything else, both for ourselves and our allies. Since we and Western Europe have come to conclusion that political freedom is a key point in economic prosperity, we demand that anyone that wants a slice of the pie work towards that to some degree (well now anyway, Cold War not so much).

If they don't want to, then why should we care? We can't make them change or improve if they have no desire to, it's been proven time and again throughout history that hard power is useless for changing minds and most of these places aren't developed enough for soft power to actually function properly. So fuck them. Fuck them and their pygmy eating, FGM practicing, tribal mindsets. Let's keep our focus on places that actually have a snowball's chance in hell of improving, like South America or East/Central Europe.
>> No. 377723
We care because even though we shouldn't be over there, and the only real reason we are is for resource acquisition any of our actions that screw up over there can come back to directly reflect upon us here.

But just getting out of there isn't enough because if we just move the show somewhere else, it will likely just cause the same problems with a different nation. This isn't just about business; for once, America could try and act how it always claims it acts in the world theater.
>> No. 377729
>any of our actions that screw up over there can come back to directly reflect upon us here.
Yes, that's obvious. But we shouldn't be there at all.
>if we just move the show somewhere else
Nobody is suggesting an invasion of anywhere else though?
>> No. 377734
well, any place we try to "help" we really just end up invading anyhow. You've kind of hit upon my point; we're trying to play this global peacekeeper role but playing that aggressively and without truly assisting other countries or understanding their problems (in most cases, grabbing the largest group of armed thugs on our way to the capitol). We've spent years tooling around for a real enemy and right now, we've killed anyone dumb enough to straight step to us.

We face an era now where our enemies are economic forces, not necessarily nations. The system is failing the majority of the people who rely on it, both at home and abroad. Any kind of comprehensive change that would try to aim for areas that are "still salvageable" is missing the point. Our entire attitude towards "fixing" problems is to go in there and smash it up more and that does not work, it just pisses people off.

This is the problem with "Terrorists": it can be anybody. White, Brown, male, female, young, old. Regardless of Region, regardless of background. What's scary is that these things don't necessarily happen to "sick" people; it happens to rational, sane people, exposed to terrible circumstances, who feel maligned and marginalized by the system. Random attacks by lone white nutjobs against public institutions and civilians is a kind of sick irony because that's exactly what we do abroad. Don't get me wrong, there are some real monsters in the world, but one has to ask just how much of a hand we've had in creating them. And if we can change that, how do we stop creating them?
>> No. 377741
want it or not, you've got to make this known for what it is outside of a fateless anonymous site.

not because of what happened to you but because it's happening at all and that shit should not fly. if only once, -once- these kind of fuck ups got amended and people had precedent that they can ruin a fucking life by yelling terror-wolf at anything they can...

then maybe we could move on as a society.
>> No. 377742
Again, leave them to their own devices. They are backwards and want to stay that way. Until reformers appear amongst their number, getting involved does nothing. Give them some money in exchange for what goods they DO have, but otherwise keep our hands out and focus on fixing our own domestic issues and stabilizing our allies. Why waste time, money, and people in Afghanistan when we could be putting money into say, Chile?
>> No. 377744
THERE ARE REFORMERS. There are people in the middle east who have an interest in their countries not being so fucked up. Most of these are normal people, it just so happens that we pick the opposite of whoever's in charge, usually because whoever's in charge does not want America to help them because American help is fucking awful. Yes, we do go against some awful regimes. The reason those awful regimes were in power in the first place is because they actually kind of made the country run, and the guys we grab to place in power are the equivalent of taking redneck whackjobs out of the woods and dropping them in a seat of power.

Betcha Chile doesn't really give a fuck about our help either. They'll take our money, sure, but they don't want us in the fucking country, doing our usual bang-up job. This isn't just about giving help where it's needed; this is about our whole attitude about "help", at home and abroad. We're leaving all the countries we went to arguably just as shitty and possibly more fucked up. And in 20 or so years, I'm sure we will all have the chance to be re-shocked when another wonderful offspring of this abusive fucking relationship blows something up in another extravagant and pointless waste of human life.
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