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File 136496020897.jpg - (123.79KB , 620x340 , kim-jong-un-generals-us-mainland-strikeplan-reveal.jpg )
375751 No. 375751
That wacky Russel is up to shenanigans over in North Korea, and unfortunately Doug and Carl aren't around to set him straight. So off we go with the will-they-won't-they tension and "i-i-it's not like we want to annex you" tsundere bullshit again.

Will Russel launch his magic missile in little miss Park's face, or is he just begging for food or some shit? Put your North Korean speculah here /baw/.
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>> No. 375908
China already has a substantial Korean minority.

A few more million Koreans are a drop in a 1,200,000,000+ man ocean, how they would undermine China's economy you have yet to explain. If anything, they might benefit the economy slightly by providing some more pliant, cheap labour that China appears to be slowly running out of. I bet desperate North Korean workers aren't in the habit of going on strike.

As I can see, you have it all backwards - the real reason China ships back North Korean refugees to likely torture and death is because they threaten *North Korea*'s stability.

Rather than China wanting to keep North Korea afloat to prevent an influx of Koreans into China, China wants to keep North Koreans out to keep North Korea afloat.
>> No. 375917
I think I'm more surprised that North Korea is connected to the internet.
>> No. 375918
Same, but for different reasons. When they said it's an intranet, I figured they just connected a bunch of computers to a network that wasn't actually connected to the internet, but could interface to headquarters, which could interface with the internet. Like having a guided tour.

Given I've heard claims they actually managed to hack into this supposed intranet, maybe they just have a lolsophisticated version of Net Nanny.
>> No. 375920
File 136528314225.png - (884.66KB , 751x1387 , KoreaAtNight20121205_NASA.png )
It's hard to believe that many people even have access to a computer in that country, given that you generally need electricity for that sort of thing. Those that do are probably government employees, right?

I mean, who else would have internet? Public libraries in the city? Do they even have public libraries?
>> No. 375921
Likely not.
I would imagine that internet and electricity is largely relegated to the upper-middle class and executive professional types. The folks who buy ski-dos and visit the amusement park. And have all the food they could want or need. A little slice of modernity that is then used to try and claim the rest of North Korea is exactly like that.
>> No. 375922
>how they would undermine China's economy you have yet to explain.
Reread my post (or read the entire thing.) I wasn't saying that Best Korea refugees would cripple China's economy, I'm saying that a proxy war with the US using North Korea could cripple China's economy if the US actually suffered heavily from the war and affected a lot of corporations, who would pull their business out of China if/when they collapsed. Alternatively, if there's enough backlash from the public over Chinese goods once it comes out that China is supplying North Korea, a few companies will close up shop in China and move to the Philippines or something, also affecting China's economy.

It's a far-fetched possibility, but still a possibility. The flip side is that China would probably supply parts to both sides like we did to Germany and the Allies during early WWII (or was that WWI) until we could "prove" they were feeding arms to the North Korean army.
>> No. 375923
That's a really telling image.
>> No. 376139
>> No. 376140
His latest announcement was "the missiles are in upright, firing position."
>> No. 376141
Go ahead and try it then.
>> No. 376144
Pres. Obama: "That's what she said."
>> No. 376145
File 136572629624.gif - (1.98MB , 295x216 , VARYING DEGREEES OF REACTION.gif )
>girls: the american public
>guy: the rest of the world

someone just do something already, dis gon b gud
>> No. 376146
File 136572703020.jpg - (84.77KB , 512x440 , oh ho.jpg )
>Concerned at all.
If anything we just want the brat to shut up. The only ones afraid are the easily spooked types. Mothers mostly.
>> No. 376150
Why the fuck would the American public be concerned about North Korea? They're stuck in the 19th century and probably don't even have the technology, resources, or morale to get to America by boat, much less via ICBM.
>> No. 376152
I'm torn between not wanting war (brief as it would be, Seoul would still probably be sacked) and wanting to see the last popping of a zit that has outstayed its welcome.

...Christ, imagine if we had internet in the 30s.
>> No. 376153
>FDR is a faggot.
>> No. 376155
>We're really gonna do it! We're going to totally do it this time!
>> No. 376167
USA has huge interest in Korea and don't want it in trouble. without it, no more animation or online gaming industry, I can sadly already picture Time Warner lobbying like crazy to keep the place quiet
>> No. 376176
I imagine a boat might be harder for them, just because a missile doesn't have an on-board crew to mismanage. And since it's bigger and slower, it'd be even easier to intercept.
>> No. 376201
File 136582211589.jpg - (128.27KB , 500x447 , a.jpg )
>huge interest in Korea
>gaming industry
>Time Warner lobbying

this post
>> No. 376230
it's okay puppo.
it's okay.
anonymous has no power over you.
>> No. 376248
friendly reminder.
U.S. Army Successfully Tests Lightning Gunyoutube thumb
>> No. 376256
I'm not scared of North Korea, I'm scared FOR North Korea.

Un keeps up this bullshit until someone lets him have it and a lot of innocent people are gonna die.
>> No. 376257
>> No. 376259
File 136595651952.png - (587.44KB , 500x707 , tumblr_mjgn3pr86z1qamb41o1_500.png )
Not when you're "Purging the weak," Right?

What do you know about "the weak?"

You weren't born poor. You've never been hungry.

You don't know what it's like to fight and kill just to survive!
>> No. 376264
>a lot of innocent people are gonna die.
And you know what? It'll be worth it. Because those initial deaths will signal the end of this horseshit. No more of this cockamamie Appeasement 2013, we're talking execution for all military and political leaders followed by the state's dissolution.
>> No. 376265
File 136597262885.jpg - (92.17KB , 756x599 , IRA2.jpg )
>innocent deaths
>Worth it

Perhaps I am a blind idealist but I will never subscribe or condone that kind of ideology.
>> No. 376266
Tiki the number of deaths caused by the military destruction of NK are nothing compared to the ones that will occur if it continues to exist as it does.
>> No. 376267
Are we seriously gonna have the Watchmen discussion? Again?
>> No. 376272

>Are we seriously gonna have the Watchmen discussion? Again?

>> No. 376275
He really was, though. They pretty much left the world in the hands of a genocidal maniac.
>> No. 376276
>Because those initial deaths will signal the end of this horseshit.
Yeah, that's definitely how it's worked throughout history. Once you attack another sovereign country and kill a bunch of its civilians, they generally decide to let bygones be bygones and recognize how stupid the whole cycle of violence gets to be if each party keeps trying to get revenge on the other. Look how well it's worked for Israel and Palestine!
>> No. 376278
Washington was completely abusing the fact that Manhattan gave them a blank cheque to completely fuck with the USSR.

Why else would we have that scene with Nixion shitting his pants when Manhattan left?

the point I'm getting at is that any of Videts Machinations past getting Manhatten out of the picture were purely bloody spectacle.
>> No. 376279
Oddly convenient change a' topics considering I'm re-reading the whole thing.
>> No. 376281
It occurs to me that in the world of nuclear allegorical kaiju, North Korea has the most limp wristed giant monster of any power.
>> No. 376287
>North Korea
>Sovereign country
It's a Chinese puppet state which even the Chinese are sick of.
>> No. 376288
Hence my comparison to the IRA and the Black and Tans for another example.
>> No. 376353
Hardly relevant to the point, and even if it were it doesn't make North Korea not a sovereign country. Even if it did, Palestine isn't a sovereign country, and Israel killing Palestinians left and right hasn't made Palestine any less eager to kill Israelis.
>> No. 376362
The Palestinians are actually armed and organized for armed resistance. North Korea's armaments and training is entirely for show.
>> No. 376403
File 136626915511.jpg - (192.58KB , 930x556 , JcsZj.jpg )
The fear isn't KPA regulars, it's their Special Operations elements which are of very great concern. Even then, the KPA represents a force of close to 9.5 million men and women.

To be honest, the real concern should lie with South Korean population centers. With a nation of individuals drilled into obedience, to worship the state in lieu of a God, making the state the religion, even their piss poor regulars will (initially) be some of the toughest sons of bitches you could ever want to uproot. Tactically, in the even of escalation, they're not going to waste their time targeting ROK/US positions immediately. They'll target population centers and seek to sew as much discord as they possibly can within the civilians. Once everyone is distracted by that, then they would try to over run the 38th. Their hope would be to ride the civilian rioting and up rest caused by their initial airborne strikes on the most densely populated areas, leaving the ROK and US/Allies having to deal with both them and the chaos. It wouldn't take much, either. They'll load down all of their combat aircraft save for their MiG-23s and MiG-29s with max gross worth of air-to-ground munitions, organize armor at the border and have them wait until the strikes are complete. Admittedly, it's pretty much a suicide mission for the aerial elements. No doubt ROKAF and USAF have regular patrols as of late and since both sides are going to be utilizing AIM-120Ds. This still gives Allied forces at least a 15 mile advantage over the KPAF. However, this is assuming that the KPAF is using the R-27EP and not one of the older ones with restricted range.

They also possess about 87 MD500s, a helicopter that the South also operates. I wouldn't place it beyond the realm of reality for them to paint up theirs in South Korean markings.

Their armor will pose the greatest threat simply because of how many they can field. They easily have 5,000 MBTs.

That's their only real viable strategy that I can come up with, and it's still impossible odds, pretty much.
>> No. 376408
>> No. 376409
At least they aren't demanding Michael Jordan anymore.
>> No. 376436
File 136636286575.jpg - (67.17KB , 960x718 , 69062_164153527082409_2003294640_n.jpg )
This image says more than a thousand words.
>> No. 376440
North Korea's government, not many of its people.
>> No. 376736
SK's now saying that they will undertake "grave measures" if North Korea refuses to talk about the joint factories.
>> No. 376929
File 136726438396.jpg - (11.24KB , 332x221 , distress.jpg )
>Brother heading off to Seoul in a month
I know there's probably nothing to worry about but I can't help but being a little concerned when my only little brother is hanging out 25 miles from earth's problem child
>> No. 377247
I know how you feel.
My father just left for Seoul to visit his mother and the rest of our family.
>> No. 377308
I want to help. But I have no idea how.
>> No. 377732
Aaaand the potential pandemic alarm has sounded.
>> No. 377738
The one in the Middle-East and Europe?
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