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96084 No. 96084
Would anybody like to recommend a fan fic?
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>> No. 96395

Unfinished, but this was my favorite Azulaang fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4435539/1/

Lanterns. Mostly about Aang and Azula at a celebration in the Earth Kingdom as part of her rehabilitation. So fun.
>> No. 96396
File 132515097757.jpg - (115.31KB , 500x687 , Crazy-Azula-avatar-the-last-airbender-26724442-500.jpg )
Thanks, I will check it out.
>> No. 96397
Ah, I actually remember this from forever ago. This is what helped immerse me in the Azula-Aang fantasy ship (That and the Drill episode).
>> No. 96402
That was so good that I would definitely like to see more of the Azula Aang pairing. Other than Lanterns, there aren't any good one posted on fanction.

More AzulaxAang please.
>> No. 96429
(First time commentating here! Hope I've figured this out properly.)

Here's a couple of great AtLA fic I'd recommend to anyone. They're all Gen one shots, a mix of AUs and canon compliant fics.

Speech Acts -- http://archiveofourown.org/works/305654 -- A short AU that explores a world where bending is based on sign language instead of martial arts. Not an ounce of fat on this one shot.

Chosen -- http://Loopy777.deviantart.com/art/The-Chosen-183958450 -- Following his defeat at the hands of Avatar Aang, an unknown force allows Ozai to live his life over again. And again. And again.

Watch and Review, Please -- http://archiveofourown.org/works/14557 -- Every writer has to deal with bad reviews; not every writer has to deal with a changing socio-political climate. The Ember Island Players react to the less-than-stellar reception of their play.

Crossing -- http://hello-spawnling.livejournal.com/16318.html -- Three years after the war, four old friends reunite on Kyoshi Island. A Toph, Suki, Katara, and Ty Lee friendship fic.

Assimilation -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5859382/1/Assimilation -- Mai's father argues to the Firelord that the Water Tribesmen can be educated and made into proper sorts of people. So Azulon sees he gets a boy to prove this on: Sokka.
>> No. 96430
Lavanya Six, what is your favorite short story from your "The Fun and Perky Warrior's Wolf Tail" - collection?
>> No. 96432

It's a tie between The Boy from Babel (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5628400/56/The_Fun_and_Perky_Warriors_Wolf_Tail) and The Fanfiction of Wan Shi Tong (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5628400/8/The_Fun_and_Perky_Warriors_Wolf_Tail).
>> No. 96433

I'm glad you linked "Watch and Review, Please" I saw that one earlier and procrastinated from posting it here for whatever reason. I'm surprised to see you here, though! You're one of my current favorites.
>> No. 96434


I usually only lurk in the 4chans every once in a great while, but I wanted to re-read the Promise leaks. I figured why not drop a fic rec while I was passing through?

Might as well drop a few more since I'm at it...

Miscalculation -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6667039/1/Miscalculation -- A dark fic where Mai reflects on the choice she made that won the war for the Fire Nation. Rather than infodumping, the author does a good job of slowly peeling back the point-of-divergence for the AU.

Escapee -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6509879/1/Escapee -- "So you're a traitor. Now what?" An AU where Mai and Ty Lee escape the Boiling Rock with Zuko, Sokka and the rest.

Final Exam -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4728718/1/Final_Exam -- A young archer wants to prove she is worthy of being the best of the best. But while her technical skills are great, she lacks the proper yu-yan attitude. Will traveling with a banished Prince help her find her true path? Season one; NO romance.

"Final Exam", unlike all my other recs, isn't a one shot. It's a multi-chapter fic about 64,000 words in length. While it co-stars an OC, the OC isn't annoying or a Sue, and doesn't have any sort of romance with Zuko. A great thing about the fic is that it maintains a strong Original Flavor and could almost work as a missing two-parter from Season 1.
>> No. 96772
File 132652171633.png - (167.41KB , 500x281 , awww.png )
A nice Ty Lee/Suki fic popped up on my flist today. Never thought much about that pairing, but the writer really pulls it off with some throwback references to Tyzula and, dag-gum it, Ty Lee is cute as hell in it:

>> No. 96776
Some Aang Azula stuff
>> No. 96792

Hrm...three chapters in and it's still kinda "eh," to me. it's kinda...purple prose in a lot of segments, feels too formal. Aang was recounting his side of the story from Bitter Work but it felt like he was just...talking. Like he wasn't making it funny, interesting, or upbeat. I'd have kinda preferred Aang delving into pointless tangents or talking about dumb crap. Azula just sorta starts wanting him to stay. I know he visits her often during the month, but I'd kinda expect a little more time to pass before she starts liking his company, subconciously or not. I'll finish reading and put together something a little more thought out.
>> No. 96797
I liked a lot of things about this, especially how Ty realizes it was a more healthy relationship. Not so much how the canon pairings are explicitly cut. IMO, crack pairings work best as crazy one night stands.
>> No. 96809
>> No. 96838
Title: Second Time's the Charm
Link: http://mint-amaretto.livejournal.com/11504.html
Summary: You don't have to be Mr. Grumpyface to become a successful Earthbender. An AU where Ty Lee is from the Earth Kingdom, and is Aang's earthbending teacher.

Title: Children Watching the Sunset
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7677694/1/Children_Watching_the_Sunset
Summary: After Toph worries about giving a speech for Sokka and Suki's after-wedding ceremony, she and Sokka share a moment together as friends.
>> No. 97093
>> No. 97094

I'm assuming you're looking for something to read since you bumped this thread. Here have a short Toph fic "Bend It Like Toph"

>> No. 97095
That was nice, sweet, and to the point.

>> No. 97354
File 132883001973.jpg - (111.75KB , 900x445 , Magnetoph_by_ArmadaRyu.jpg )
A motherfucking Toph and Wolverine traveling companions fic!


Thank you based sniktbub.
>> No. 98320
"Worst Traitor of Them All" by Amy Raine:

The plot? Kori meets the Freedom Fighters. It goes about as well as you'd expect. This one-shot explores the Colonial issue, particularly when it comes to the multicultural kids who catch flak from both sides. It's also good to see a fic that remembers that the Freedom Fighters aren't exactly Nice People.
>> No. 98433
You're entitled to your own opinions, but I love Embers so hard.
>> No. 98453
Are there any good (preferably lengthy) fanfics that star entirely OCs and aren't hugely AU?

I know this is a rather tall order to ask, but I'm just kind of in that mood.
>> No. 98474

You're in luck. There are two fics I know of that fit just that order.

#1: Scorched Earth -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4394574/1/Scorched_Earth -- In the southern Earth Kingdom, a stubborn miner dreams of freedom, a broken warrior finds a friend, a weary traveler finds a purpose, and a prisoner of war must choose sides. Together, the four of them must find their destiny. (Note: While it's currently undergoing an extensive revision, that's been completed up through Chapter 15 of 23, and updates are consistently monthly. I don't feel you have to worry about this becoming a deadfic.) 243,554 words.

#2: Final Exam -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4728718/1/Final_Exam -- A young archer wants to prove she is worthy of being the best of the best. But while her technical skills are great, she lacks the proper yu-yan attitude. Will traveling with a banished Prince help her find her true path? Season one; NO romance. (Note: This one does a great job of maintain AtLA's Original Flavor. It could almost work as a missing three-parter from S1.) 64,311 words.
>> No. 98481
Much thanks, I'll check these out.
>> No. 98675
I'v been trying to find the fapfic "A Bender Scorned" for a while now, but no one saved it.
>> No. 105399
Title: "Origin Story" by psocoptera
Summary: They dump Lin in front of headquarters, at her mother's feet.

Comments: There have been lots of Lin-centric fic in the aftermath of Episode 10, but this one is the best take on the immediate aftermath of Lin losing her bending to Amon. While I quibble a little over the idea of the Equalists letting her go free, as they've been shown to imprison ex-benders in Episode 9, I'm willing to let that slide due to the author making a wonderful little story out of the concept.

>> No. 112290
Bumpty bump.
>> No. 112292
I rediscovered Omoni's drabbles the other day. Great stuff, you all should try a couple.

>> No. 112299

>Basically Jinora goes through puberty and hits a “milestone” while Pema is away and she only has Tenzin to turn to.

Tenzin is best dad.
>> No. 112323
If you want a trollfic to laugh at:

>> No. 112325

HP/Korra crossover, Korrasami, quite a fun read and it's taking its time establishing the crossover.
>> No. 112326
What does it say about how long I've been on the Internet that the first thing I thought of reading that description was loli, incest, and reverse-rape?
>> No. 113451
Nobody has posted a decent fapfic here in a long while. Here have some Aang and an extremely horny Katara bumping uglies on Air Temple Island

>> No. 113614
Ertic and very sexy Zutara fic:

>> No. 113615
File 137705280730.jpg - (27.06KB , 303x408 , mfwanamericanwasfatnearme.jpg )

>> No. 113616
File 137705650083.jpg - (12.33KB , 300x359 , 1293596491608.jpg )
>getting upset at zutara
>not becoming glorious multishipper
>> No. 113617
>Even acknowledging Zutara exists
>> No. 113618
The content makers leave and all we're left with is whiners and shitposters.
>> No. 113620
>liking Zutara for anything more than the comedy gold mine that were the Zutards
>> No. 113621
It's weird, I've come to enjoy it a lot more over the last 2 years.
>> No. 113622
More power to you, I guess.
>> No. 113681
Are there any stories with Aang fucking Katara in Avatar State?
>> No. 113682

not that I've found.

post it here if you find any
>> No. 113776

Mai awoke to the sound of the ocean, gulls crying somewhere in the distance, and Zuko snoring.

Ordinarily, the fact that someone was breathing right into her ear would have been a cause for annoyance. But given the current situation, and just what had caused it, a heated blush arose on her pale skin instead.

She rolled over, her still faintly sweat-sticky body clinging to the sheets for a second. She lay tangled in them, hair a mess, face flushed, and completely naked. Any idiot who walked into the room at that moment would be able to tell just all that had unfolded the previous night...
>> No. 113778

Guess hes alright i leked because im a sucker for Maiko
>> No. 113781
I liked him because im a sucker for Maiko
>> No. 113783
File 137858902626.jpg - (19.65KB , 385x200 , retrosig_zps366abccd.jpg )
TITLE: "Retroactive" by Loopy777

SUMMARY: A mix of adventure, mystery, and psychological horror, featuring Suki and Azula as explore their shared past and find that they have more enemies in the new post-war world than either could have expected. What is the nature of the conspiracy, who is in on it, and who will survive the resulting apocalypse?


COMMENTS: Admittedly, I'm biased here. I suggested the original idea for the fic on another forum. But still, author Loopy expanded on it in amazing ways, and spun this post-canon fic about Suki and Azula's relationship. It all begins when Suki starts suffering from a recurring nightmarish memory, about Azula torturing her at the Boiling Rock, but not all the details make sense, and Suki can't quite put her finger on why... (the answer is revealed shortly into the fic, but I won't spoil it).
>> No. 117013
So, I'm trying to set the bare-bones outline for the start of the post-100 year war era, what the Gaang is doing, and some world building.

4 bending patron spirits, primordial source of bending.

Water: Tui (The Moon/Yue)

Earth: Houtu (?) - /The Pillar, The Mountain, The Listener, The Land, The Heartland./

Fire: Agni (The Sun)

Air: Vayu (The Wind)


Aang: Dealing with the creation of the United republic along with Zuko. Traveling the world, trying to gather and preserve as much Airbending lore as possible. Dealing with the spiritual Imbalance after the 100 year war. Relationship problems due to being a long time away from Katara.

Zuko: Dealing with political issues within the Fire Nation. Fixing his relationship with Mai. Tracking Azula down. Shifting the Fire Lord’s position to a less absolutist extreme?- Rekindling the lost ways of sun warrior firebending, and reconnect with their neglected spiritual past.

Katara: Teaching waterbending in the South Pole, and helping the general reconstruction of the tribe as a whole. Worried about her future, Aang’s and the gaang’s. Accompanies Aang in every travel she’s able to.

Sokka: In constant contact with the Mechanist. Currently in the south pole, planning the reconstruction of the tribe along Katara and Hakoda. At odds with Suki on where they will live. Political unrest, with various splinter groups of the tribe seeking to gain the upper hand for their own benefit.

Toph: Continuing to teach metalbending. Currently traversing the Earth Kingdom with her class, for them to learn the myriad of facets earth can have. Still avoiding her parents. Still with an unresolved crush on Sokka. First stop is Omashu, to settle unfinished business.

Mai: Still at odds with Zuko. She has been all but cut from her family. She is still taking care of her little brother. Traveling across the fire nation, using whatever clout she has left from her family to get work. Refuses help from Zuko. Might or might not dab into bounty hunting.

Suki and Ty Lee: Both still serve in Zuko’s palace guard. Ty Lee is conflicted about keeping her duty as a Kyoshi Warrior, but leaving Mai alone, now that she is no longer in the Palace. Suki is troubled by the fact she has been away from Kyoshi island for so long, and what her future will be with Sokka.

Azula: Missing in action.

Any ideas you guys would like to add?
>> No. 117016
With the relationships aspect, I'd err on the side of keeping the canon couples together in order to stop the romance consuming whatever else the story might have to offer. Relationship issues are a good way of developing the characters who make that couple up but unless the story is really about a non-canon ship, it makes more sense to work with the couples the show already gave you. That being said, I've no idea what you intended to do with those couples so you might already have that stuff in mind.

Some suggestions I thought of/would like to see;
- If Katara and Sokka are both in the South Pole, struggling in relationships with a partner who has other, time consuming commitments (Aang and his Air Acolytes, Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors) it would be great to see the Water siblings supporting each other through that. They bicker a lot but Katara and Sokka do really love each other and any opportunity to show the more tender side of their relationship should be taken.

- With this presumably set after the Search, Ursa being back should be a huge part of Zuko's life, perhaps even to the detriment of him fixing his relationship with Mai. Like I said up top, not that Maiko should be broken for good, but if they did get back together that Mai might find the same old problems persisting (Zuko being a neglectful boyfriend, though no longer because of stresses over Yu Dao but now because of him wanting to catch up with Ursa) and it might take Ursa, as an outsider to their relationship but in the Palace enough to observe them, to get Zuko to buck up his ideas about how he considers Mai.

- Not sure what you have planned for Toph in Omashu (rematch against Bumi maybe?) but if she and Mai are wandering around wherever it might be cool for them to run into one another (though how exactly Mai ends up in the EK is your problem)

- Sort of unrelated, but I'd be interested in seeing Hakoda moving on with his life after the war, as Kya has been somewhat avenged, the SWT safe again and his children more or less independent, where he (what with him being the most eligible bachelor in the South) meets a new love and we see how Katara and Sokka react to the idea of their Dad moving on after Kya (presumably with Sokka taking the more rational approach but it doesn't have to be played that way).

Also, where's Iroh in all this?
>> No. 117041
A quick Kataang oneshot, subject matter made clear by the url

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