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File 130186051665.png - (915.03KB , 852x1436 , Katara__A_Fire_Nation_Princess_by_ChibiAngel86.png )
91228 No. 91228
The old one seems to be autosaging.

One possible idea to run with is SWT!Azula being even less naturally Good With People than Sokka (let alone Aang). Crashing and burning as often as not whenever she doesn't go for overt intimidation/manipulation would affect SWT!Azula's dynamic both within and outside the Gaang. Meanwhile FN!Katara would not only be far more willing to use actual diplomacy but have a knack for it (which reshuffles the situation within Ozai's Angels).
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>> No. 91229
>affect SWT!Azula's dynamic both within and outside the Gaang
Defiantly. Consider her speech to the captive earthbenders during "Imprisoned". I imagine Azula would take a very different track in inciting a riot. On the other hand, her attempts to get Pakku to teach her in "The Waterbending Master" would probably be the same.

>FN!Katara would not only be far more willing to use actual diplomacy
She would be able to convince Ty Lee to leave the circus, probably be talking about he greater good and their duty to help the Fire Nation. I'd love to see how she gets Long Feng to back down though.
>> No. 91231
File 130187336094.jpg - (118.25KB , 900x1023 , azula_in_water_tribe_dress_by_chris_mcraven-d332mf.jpg )
>> No. 91237

Betraying FN!Katara would be an actual moral struggle for Mai, instead of a fear-based one. Also I can't actually see the scenario at the Boiling Rock playing out the same way as it did with Azula. Chances are Ty Lee would either stick with her or try o reason with both of them.

SWT!Azula's social ineptitude would be much more apparent, seeing as how she's totally out of her comfort zone, whenever the Gaang isn't in a battle.

Madam Wu: "You will meet a powerful bender."
Azula: "How powerful?"
Madam Wu: "...Very powerful!"
Azula: "More powerful than ME?!"
Madam Wu: "Errrrr...ye-"
Azula: "No."
Madam Wu: "No?"
Azula: "You're mistaken, old woman."
Madam Wu: "Yes, silly me."
>> No. 91238
Consider their power levels (lol) throughout the show. A SWT!Azula would have the raw talent but not the skill to actually do anything. Remember how much Katara had to struggle when she didn't have a master? Would Azula suffer as much? What would be the equivalent of "blue flame" in water-bending? Which begs the question would a FN!Katara have blue flames and the ability to lightning bend?
>> No. 91239
Neither of them would be able to reach their full potential due to lack of proper training.
>> No. 91241

Shame this is switching both elements and situations. If it was just switching situations (SWT conquering the world, FN nearly wiped out). Then you could have her simply heal all the brainwashed people and overthrow Long Feng with her new army (after all, think about how loyal you would be to someone who healed you from brainwashing).

As is, I'm not sure she should ever ally with Long Feng at all. Katara tends to be be rather moralistic, especially in regards to hurting/helping other people.
>> No. 91243
I like the idea of FN Katara leading a revolt against the Dai Lee though. She could still keep her Kyoshi warrior identity while doing so. Seeing the Lower Ring's living conditions and the way order is kept would probably reinforce her belief that the Fire Nation should be in charge.

Of course, after Long Feng is exposed and the city is in FN Katara's hands, they'll be quite shocked to learn their savior is a Fire Nation princess.
>> No. 91244
>Betraying FN!Katara would be an actual moral struggle for Mai, instead of a fear-based one. Also I can't actually see the scenario at the Boiling Rock playing out the same way as it did with Azula. Chances are Ty Lee would either stick with her or try o reason with both of them.

Of course if her old man is planning to burn down a continent at this point, what are the odds of FN!Katara trying that hard to bring Zuko in or being homocidal about Mai siding with him?
SWT!Azula? Definitely not. However FN!Katara has access to the best teachers in the Fire Nation and enough of a temper to fuel her abilities impressively even without learning of the Dancing Dragon (heck, she may learn those lessons independently).
>> No. 91245
>Of course if her old man is planning to burn down a continent at this point

Keep in mind that that was actually Azula's idea.
>> No. 91251
I rather like the idea of SWT Azula showing a little mental instability by the end, but can't figure out why it would happen. The Gaang isn't likely to abandon a friend who's been with them through everything.
>> No. 91261
Well both Azula and Katara have some serious mother issues.
>> No. 91269
FN!Katara giving him the idea by accident would increase the angst mine. She notes that intimidating the holdouts would take massive show of force, but before she continues with suggesting an uninhabited target and/or pointing out how to conciliate the populace Ozai runs with the idea.

(of course the question of why she would not go rogue over it remains....)
>> No. 91271
Central question being: Does her set of morals overwrite her loyalty to her father?
Well we must assume that she is intensely loyal to have stuck with him to this point at all.
Also Katara's probably been blocking out quite a few things from her memory, just to keep her worldview intact.
And let us not forget that Ozai might handle Katara differently than he would Azula. Afterall as her father he can't be completly blind to her opinions and behaviors.

- Perhaps FN!Katara takes a "My country, right or wrong." stance here
- or she argues against it, earning Ozai's mistrust and ultimatly getting herself incarcerated in the palace instead of made Firelord (maybe Ty Lee busts her out later)
- or her mental breakdown starts then and there, realizing that she's been the right hand of a bloodthirsty tyrant
>> No. 91272
>Does her set of morals overwrite her loyalty to her father?
>or her mental breakdown starts then and there, realizing that she's been the right hand of a bloodthirsty tyrant.

That actually seems like the best scenario for FN!Katara to have a similar mental breakdown, but for reasons that remain true to her character. She basically looses it because she just can't reconcile between what she was "taught" was right, and what she "feels" is right.

Instead of banishing everyone out of paranoia, she starts doing it over confusion and guilt about her choices. She doesn't feel she can trust any of these people to tell her what's "right" anymore.

The scene with Ursa in the mirror could be done in a similar tone. Katara trying to cope with that fact that she's spent her while life betraying and eroding her own principles in pursuit of "the greater good", only to realize that her father is nothing but a power mad tyrant.

She can't come to terms with that, and it breaks her.
>> No. 91275
>She basically looses it because she just can't reconcile between what she was "taught" was right, and what she "feels" is right.

"I am reaching...but I fall.
And the stars, are black and cold.

As I stare into the void,
of a world that cannot hold."
>> No. 91276

I love. Not only does it give a cool twist on canon, but it also helps explain why Katara's still FN in season three. She just freed an oppressed people, liberated Ba Sing Se, she helped them, this proves the FN is right. Doesn't it?

(interestingly I think a lot of the lower ring, especially those who were born there, might decide FN life isn't as bad. She freed them from the Dai Li, right?)


>- Perhaps FN!Katara takes a "My country, right or wrong." stance here

This.. doesn't quite feel right, to me, personality wise. Katara's morality has always operated on a very personal level, not on the abstract ideas. Even her nastier traits tend to have this, she hates Yoh Rah because he killed her mother, Jet because he betrayed her, Zuko first because he was hunting them, then later because of his betrayal. By contrast, she doesn't show any hatred for the Fire Nation village jet wants to flood, or the river village in the Fire Nation.

The general philosophy of 'my country right or wrong' requires a degree of commitment to abstract principles. That's not a good or bad thing, but it's not how Katara operates. She's not angry at the Fire Nation because they are impinging on the sovereignty of the Earth Kingdom/ Water Tribe, she's angry at them because they hurt people and make them miserable.

I'm not advocating she should be saint, but I think this motivation could use some work.
>> No. 91424
File 130266540584.jpg - (133.27KB , 266x436 , Bizarro_Avatarverse__Azula_by_Youkai_Slayer.jpg )
found these
>> No. 91425
File 130266542511.jpg - (154.11KB , 412x331 , Bizarro_Avatarverse__Katara_by_Youkai_Slayer.jpg )
>> No. 91426

Shudder. They look so weird.

I think this is one problem we can't bend around.
>> No. 91427
i think i prefer >>91231 for Azula's clothes
>> No. 91436
It doesn't help that these are just recolors.

We might have to adjust their facial features to make them actually be nation swapped believably, meaning Azula would have to have something like Katara's wider nose, and Katara might have a thinner face.
>> No. 91439

>> No. 91450
I actually really like these, especially Katara. Don't ask me why; it's entirely subjective.
>> No. 91451

...Hrm, well allright, the Katara one is okay, just that she'd wear something closer to Azula's armor, not just red Water Tribe clothes. Still, Azula's hair and face just don't really work, especially since they kept her lipstick.
>> No. 91467
File 130276492974.jpg - (60.92KB , 720x540 , snake-am-pleased-by-this.jpg )
This one was a great read, Suki is fucking awesome throughout it all


Title: Crossing
Characters: Suki, Toph, Katara, Ty Lee
Word Count: 10,719
Summary: Three years after the war four old friends reunite on Kyoshi Island.
>> No. 91623
I hope MadLori has not lost interest.


Yes, the fourth one is a hoot.
>> No. 93018
returning to the OP's idea, there's a fanfic where Katara and Azula switch bodies during The Drill that's been updating regularly.

>> No. 93024
I could just see the look of loss on Kataras face when Mai says "I love Zuko more than I [respect] you."

Obviously replacing fear since it's not a matter of fear anymore. Katara, of course, would be less likely to shoot back with any sort of "You should have feared me MORE" and rather just tells the guards to take them to cells.

"Father, the people of Ba Sing Se won't just lay down their arms as long as they live."
This of course, is interpreted as "We should murder them all", not "They are a strong willed people".

Oh man.
I just got chills over the scene I imagined.
"You must think I'm a monster now..."
"No. I love you."
Katara, completely overwhelmed by the idea that her mother loves her despite the horrible things she's done, throws the brush to break the mirror, so she doesn't have to feel the guilt of forcing her mother to accept what she sees as a horrible person.

As for the Gaang turning on SWT!Azula, I say something along the lines of her pushing Aang to kill the Fire Lord, to the point she's willing to sabotage him so that it's either him or Ozai who dies.

Sorry D: My inner writefag keeps popping up when I read this.
(It's a good thing! It means I can't read some of these suggestions without immediately structuring a scene because they're too good to just be "What ifs"!)
>> No. 93027
I could see SWT!Azula being unwilling to accept the idea of FN!Katara surrendering to Zuko at their final agni kai, as was previously mentioned. She'd keep quite quiet until the comet had passed, then attack FN!Katara with everything she had.

After all, those fire nation bastards killed her mommy. They shouldn't be allowed to get off that easy.
>> No. 93028
File 13106799203.jpg - (45.48KB , 640x640 , problemmortal.jpg )
Oh god, a Day in the Life, chapter 5
>the Arbiters face when
>> No. 93031
File 131070513142.png - (156.25KB , 323x328 , nash.png )

Day in the Life is one of the better Avatar fanfics I've ever read, the Arbiter spirit and Katara's reaction was the delectable cherry on top.
>> No. 94206
File 131294817777.png - (480.62KB , 640x368 , vlcsnap-2011-08-09-23h48m43s79.png )
A fun little Avatar/Harry Potter crossover appeared on my flist! Everyone is amazingly in character:


2 parter, the second part is linked at the end of the first.

pic unrelated
>> No. 94218
Well, since this is a fanfic thread, I might as well start asking. I've got this fanfic of ATLA on my head for quite a long time now (probably a few years since the series ended), but I never got to write it down on paper, mainly due to time and lack of motivation, as well as my inexperience in fanfiction. I'd like some advise on how to organize it properly so I won't screw it up.

The concept of my fic is as follows:
- it's set just some time after the ATLA finale (Aang is a teen at this point)

- following the creators' quotes that the world is still out of balance from the book version, Aang and Zuko have to deal with two major problems - tension from some parts of the Earth and Water Nations who still hold a grudge against the Fire Nation, and those within the Fire Nation that remain loyal to Ozai and thus launched a series of attacks against Zuko's kingdom

- both Aang and Zuko's issues restoring the world has put a strain on their relationship with Katara and Mai, respectively

- Roku warns Aang of a rogue Avatar who has escaped from his prison in the Spirit World and has entered the Human World in flesh and blood (neither Aang nor Roku have any memory of the rogue Avatar's existance for some reason, nor have any idea why such an incarnation of the Avatar existed at all). The rogue was said to have been responsible for nearly wiping out the entire bending population in his time, and was given the nickname "Avatar of Chaos"

- Aang is given the mission to find and defeat the rogue Avatar at all costs as he is far more dangerous than Ozai and has the capacity to destroy the world as long as he exists

That's just a small part of the main story and there's a lot more going on. But I'd like to get advice on how to set up my concept properly. Feel free to ask any questions, though I won't be updating very often because of my internet limitations.
>> No. 94219
File 131304957173.jpg - (29.40KB , 640x480 , bobby_incredulous.jpg )

>Roku warns Aang of a rogue Avatar who has escaped from his prison in the Spirit World and has entered the Human World in flesh and blood
>rogue Avatar
>"Avatar of Chaos"

The Spirit World is still a very vague and unexplored concept in the Avatar universe encased in mystery and wonder, why does it have to be a "rogue Avatar"? The mere physical existence of such a being would throw everything completely 'out of balance' in the world.

And that's not even addressing the grimdark for grimdark aspect of that story idea. It sounds like the cousin of "Dawning of Darkness" with none of the ICP influence.
>> No. 94220

I'm gonna be harsh, but the idea of a rogue Avatar is knee-jerk "Yeah, no thank you" territory for me. Also, he is somehow not only a secret from Aang but also from Roku? I've gone over a few times before, but I just find the idea of a rogue Avatar to be near-impossible. They specifically spend their time learning from the wisest and most capable of all four nations, they have spirits like Koh to punish them for merely lacking diligence. Sure, you could say that locking him away in the Spirit World was an example of this, but did they kill him? How did he return with a living body if they did? Did they somehow choose a new Avatar after him, despite sealing him away? Aang *is* Roku in an indirect way, just as Korra *is* Aang.

That's just getting into the "what" not the "who," or "why." Who is this guy, and why did he go nuts on the world? What reason did he have to betray his destined purpose to the two worlds?

Do you have more ideas? Because so far, that summary has almost straight repelled me.
>> No. 94231
The sun was setting. The shadows stretched, as the evening begun to give way into the night. A lone man walked through the meadow, carrying a small bag, as the breeze played with his hooded cape.

Even without a road to follow, he didn't seem lost. His stride was sure, although he didn't come here as often as he would like, he had memorized the way to the last step. He picked up the pace, as he saw his destination on the horizon; a small tombstone covered in white flowers.

Kneeling by its side, he began to unpack slowly, careful not to break any of the things he had brought: A portrait, incense, and a small pot, with two matching cups. After that, he remained unmoving, feeling the last rays of the fleeing sun.

He breathed deeply as he removed his hood, observing the portrait with a sad smile. He removed the ash of the previous incenses, while he placed the new ones. With a small focus, he created a flame in his palm, and lit them. Then he took the dry sticks he had gathered along the way, and simply willed the fire in his hand onto the fuel.

Solemnly, he placed the pot over the fire, and waited for it to boil.

He cleared his throat.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it?

The fire creaked, and the wind rustled the flowers, but the silence remained.

He stroked his beard, not minding the lack of answer.

"I know I said I'd come more often, but I've been kind busy lately"

The tombstone remained unfazed.

"We finally did it, you know, even after the end of the war, tensions still remained. But now, people from the all the nations stand together, as one. At last, we have peace"

Fire-crickets began chirping as the night closed in, their faint glow becoming brighter in the increasing darkness.

His voice strained a bit, as if his throat felt tighter.

"I just wish you were here to see it"

The steam rising from the pot alerted him that the tea was ready, setting the two cups, he poured them full. He took one for himself, the other he placed it on the tomb.

He sipped his cup slowly, enjoying the taste.

Taking the final swig, he stood up, packing the pot, and his cup in his bag, but leaving the other where it was.

Putting his hood back, he bowed before the tombstone, and whispered.

"I miss you, Uncle."
>> No. 94234
I am aware that the chances of an Avatar to become evil is near-impossible, but I already set up the reason why such one existed. Revealing it now will spoil a major plot in the story, but there is a reason why Aang, Roku, or even the other previous Avatars (Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen) have no recollection of the rogue Avatar's existence. The rogue Avatar was indeed punished for his crimes, but not by Koh, but rather by a much higher power (Koh in particular has a grudge against the rogue Avatar as he is connected to him becoming a Face-Stealer) and his punishment was far worse than death itself, which does include his body and not just his soul. Despite the punishment, the rogue Avatar managed to escape and is now seeking revenge.

I also acknowledge that much of we know in the Spirit World and its mythology is very vague. For that, I have to form my own mythology in the Spirit World's creation and the chronology of the Avatar universe (I can wait for Korra to come out and have the show flesh it better, but I may be too old to make fanfics by then). I borrowed elements from stories such as Journey to The West, Three Kingdoms, Fushigi Yugi, and the Japanese and Indian mythologies to create my concept on the history of the Avatar universe before Aang's time. My concept of this mythology is also connected to the rogue Avatar's personal history and why he'd gone rogue in the first place.

Without revealing too much, the rogue Avatar was from during the early times of the Avatar age and is born from the Fire Nation, who is at war with the Earth Kingdom with the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads being caught in the middle.
>> No. 94247
Did they ever address what happened to the Fire Nation Colonies?
>> No. 94248
in fanfiction? they're usually given back the earth kingdom with varying amount of drama.
>> No. 94250
In the episode "The Avatar and The Firelord", Aang mentioned that after learning of Roku and Sozin's past, he concluded that anyone is capable of becoming either good or evil. This leads me to believe that even the Avatar is no exception to this as despite all the wisdom and virtue he carries from his predecessors, he is still human and can become evil, though the chances of that are extremely rare, but not impossible.
>> No. 94266
Huh. That seems kinda boring. I'll admit that I once thought about writing my own Avatar fanfiction set some years in the future. I thought that they'de remain fire nation teritory; working with both the Fire Lord and the new Earth King to kind of create peace.

But in this idea I had the fire nation was "split in half" one side being ruled by Zuko and the other being disposed generals who thought that Ozai was right, and that Zuko's plan of peace would cause terrible things. (Like poverty and thousands out of jobs.)
>> No. 94278
But then wouldn't he die as soon as he did something evil? I was always under the impression that the avatar lived only as long as THEIR personality was needed, or they were killed.

Which is why I was suprised to hear that Aang didn't live for like a really really long time.
>> No. 94282
Considering Legend of Korra it's set 70 years after the original series, it's possible Aang simply died of old age (I calculated that he was 65 when he died and Korra was born immediately afterward). Avatar Kiyoshi is currently the only known character in the Avatar universe to have lived for over 300 years. How she managed to live that long remains a mystery.

As I mentioned before, the lack of a concrete information regarding the Spirit World serves both the pro and con of my concept of having a rogue Avatar to exist and becoming the fic's antagonist. The rogue Avatar serves to be a sort of the "anti-Aang" of the story.

I was personally disappointed by how they portray the fight scenes as though it looks more like a dance than and actual fight (though I understand why that was the case). The rogue Avatar serves to portray the fight choreography that cannot be showcased in the actual show due to Nickelodeon's standards - very skilled, very aggressive, and very brutal. The rogue Avatar will also push Aang's pacifist persona to the very limit.

I still need pointers on making a good fanfic - probably how to start the story in the first place.
>> No. 94283
Considering Legend of Korra it's set 70 years after the original series, it's possible Aang simply died of old age (I calculated that he was 65 when he died and Korra was born immediately afterward). Avatar Kiyoshi is currently the only known character in the Avatar universe to have lived for over 300 years. How she managed to live that long remains a mystery.

As I mentioned before, the lack of a concrete information regarding the Spirit World serves both the pro and con of my concept of having a rogue Avatar to exist and becoming the fic's antagonist. The rogue Avatar serves to be a sort of the "anti-Aang" of the story.

I was personally disappointed by how they portray the fight scenes as though it looks more like a dance than and actual fight (though I understand why that was the case). The rogue Avatar serves to portray the fight choreography that cannot be showcased in the actual show due to Nickelodeon's standards - very skilled, very aggressive, and very brutal. The rogue Avatar will also push Aang's pacifist persona to the very limit.

I still need pointers on making a good fanfic - probably how to start the story in the first place.
>> No. 94284
I'm starting to dread having to see you post as much as I do the namefag known as luffy316
>> No. 94285

As an Avatar, Aang was pretty much supposed to have a longer life-span but a good deal of that chi was spent in his ice-stasis pod thing. Aang died at roughly 65 years old, give or take, which is damn good when compared to the real world analogue of pre-industry China, but the Avatar world works just a little differently, it seems, given that highly spiritual people gain longer life-spans (Guru Pathik was 150 when we see him in the show.)
>> No. 94286
Many Asian cultures, and especially in martial arts, believe that chi/ki is connected to a person's own lifeforce. As the person grows and trains, the chi will grow as well. When the chi is fully drained from the person, it is believed his lifeforce is also drained, if not vulnerable.

Dragonball Z's use of Power Levels in the Saiyan/Freeza sagas makes a good example on the concept of chi. I also believed that because of that concept I stated above, when Aang used his Energy-bending on Ozai, he simply either drained him a significant amount chi needed for bending, or sealed it.
>> No. 94288
File 131339836235.jpg - (244.57KB , 700x908 , Eldar_Pyro_Dragon_by_thevampiredio.jpg )
Her motivations for wanting to learn the offensive techniques in "The Waterbending Master" could also stem from her being an incredibly inept healer, a profession she regards as rather frivolous and cowardly whose skills she neglects to develop.

Upon receiving the vial of Spirit Oasis Water, her reaction would be less than enthusiastic.

Azula's character arc in the Seasons could thus go as such:

Season 1-Attempt to exploit the Avatar to gain power. Freed from having to take care of her Tribe, Azula has little patience for setbacks and sidequests that don't benefit her in any way, often having to be dragged along in Aang and Sokka's attempts to help others.

Season 2-Having attained a significant power boost she finds herself in the odd position of having to share it (ie teaching Aang), having said power challenged by a new enemy of a higher station and equal if not greater elemental mastery (Katara's social position, personality and bending prowess would probably stick in Azula's craw something fierce than the reverse case) having to confront her past (The Swamp), having to deal with people who don't easily conform to her whims or that she can't just drown (Toph, just Toph, lord knows what nickname she'd give Azula; Sourpuss maybe? Also, Sokka's character development may cause her a significant amount of unease), being put out of her comfort zone basically.

Season 3-With her power nearly failing her at a crucial juncture (healing Aang), Azula finds herself having to contemplate the proper use for it, and ultimately what she wants in life. She isn't a villain per say, but she's hardly a hero at this point either. The Season will allow her the opportunity to use her talents in varying ways, will she find herself inclined to protect (The Painted Lady) or harm (The Southern Raiders)? All of which plays out with the looming possibility that she doesn't actually know why she desired power in the first place. (Would love to see how she'd act in The Puppetmaster, admiration for Hama or revulsion at what the pursuit of satisfying one's rage and vices can turn one into)

Just some thoughts, FN!Katara's story arc ideas have gotten a lot of attention while SWT!Azula seems a bit harder to write for, so yeah, here it is.

Pic mostly unrelated.
>> No. 94291
File 131342862373.jpg - (107.26KB , 600x900 , morrigan___dragon_age_by_dragonofbitterlies-d2n9zn.jpg )
Seems a fair bit like Morrigan from DA:O to me, which isn't a bad thing actually.
>> No. 95074
File 131779888572.jpg - (25.19KB , 323x328 , nash.jpg )
>mfw I finally found a well written Friendship!Zutara oneshot


>Title: More Than Friends

>Zuko and Katara clarify their relationship while lost in the Lower Ring.

>Additional Tags: Post Season 3, Male Friendship, Male-Female, Frriendship, Families of Choice, Sweet, Humor, One Shot, Adorkable
>> No. 95139
Perhaps this random detail would be contained elsewhere in this thread, but is there consensus on looks? Would SWT!Azula actually be Katara's body (looks like Katara, sounds like Katara, quacks like Katara) with Azula's personality, or are we instead saying that Sokka's younger sister looks a lot like a fire nation girl?

Also, I've always been of the opinion that Azula was primarily the way she was due to a combination of upbringing and inherently manipulative nature. Would this mean that SWT!Azula would actually end up a little more laid-back and mothering than our favorite adolescent sociopath? ( I think this one has been talked about, though )

Toph's nicknames for SWT!Azula - sourpuss (suggested above), ice queen (suggested in "Superior Sister Switch", linked above), sweetness (but with a nearly hipster level of irony), frigid b**** (only as a direct insult), frostbite (she uses ice, she's got a sharp tongue, and it sounded better in my head), something else implying both cold and a certain degree of badness.

LASTLY! Names. Are Katara and Azula still their names? Or is FN!Katara renamed "Azara" or something equally mixed? I can't wrap my head around Kya and Hadoka naming their kid "Azula" or Ozai and Ursa accepting "Katara" as the name for their daughter. I can't find any good-sounding way to get it to work besides letting them trade names, though. In that case, we end up with SWT!Azula = named Katara, looks like Katara, acts like Azula.
>> No. 95140
>LASTLY! Names. Are Katara and Azula still their names? Or is FN!Katara renamed "Azara" or something equally mixed? I can't wrap my head around Kya and Hadoka naming their kid "Azula" or Ozai and Ursa accepting "Katara" as the name for their daughter. I can't find any good-sounding way to get it to work besides letting them trade names, though. In that case, we end up with SWT!Azula = named Katara, looks like Katara, acts like Azula.
Go with an Acceptable Break In Reality and keep their names as is. In "real life" they wouldn't be named those things given their new cultures, but this is a "What If" story, and it makes it less confusing for readers. So just give a knowing wink in the introduction, or if you feel it's necessary, hang a lampshade on it at some point (though in this case a lampshade is probably a bit too on-the-nose).
>> No. 95141
>Would SWT!Azula actually be Katara's body (looks like Katara, sounds like Katara, quacks like Katara) with Azula's personality
I would write it the first way. Imagine if Katara did her best to look more masculine and dangerous. The hair style can be copied, I suppose.

>Also, I've always been of the opinion that Azula was primarily the way she was due to a combination of upbringing and inherently manipulative nature. Would this mean that SWT!Azula would actually end up a little more laid-back and mothering than our favorite adolescent sociopath?
I'm not sure about this either, there are a lot of ways someone could go. I think she'd despise the fire nation and the tribe's weakness after seeing her mom die.
>> No. 95145

I had suggested slightly different faces back in >>91436 but all I got was a "nope" for whatever reason. Basically, just changing them around. That's a slippery slope, though. Once you make that much make sense, you'd be able to make the argument that you have to change their names, too.
>> No. 95146
Sokka/Suki/Zuko smutfic? Sokka/Suki/Zuko smutfic.

>> No. 95148
Well, I support changing the characters visually to a point where they don't seem misplaced in their given environments,
In particular the primary characteristics of their families (the hair- and eyecolour).
The further visual aspects (Katara's roundish face vs. Azula angular features, the slant of the eyes, the make-up thing) should only come into play if the character is still recognizable as who they originally where...

As far as personalities go:

This story hinges on some people being far less products of their environments and more predispositioned on their paths.
To a certain degree I can see that.
Even without Daddy Dearest cheering her on, Azula would probably be a rather unpleasant person.
Likewise Katara has a gentle soul even if taught otherwise.

Also there is easy reasoning to set their characters up, the way they were:

Azula's arrogance stems from being the last Waterbender of the tribe, a trait that makes her at least as special as nobility.
Her cruelty comes mainly from emotional immaturity. After all, her parents weren't there to raise her for the better part of her life.

Katara is kind and caring by way of the positive influences in her life (Ursa and Iroh). Yet she is utterly devoted to her father. After all he discovered and nurtured her talents from an early age. She interprets his strictness and cold sadism as "tough love".
For lack of having any other outlet for her feelings, she focuses her attention on the well being of her people. Instead of the "Team Mom" she's the Mother of a Nation.
So harming the Firenation in any way already makes things personal for her.

This is my reasoning on how the characters can stay roughly the same in vastly different settings.
>> No. 95152
>Azula's arrogance stems from being the last Waterbender of the tribe, a trait that makes her at least as special as nobility.
I feel like this is a little weak reasoning. Azula is still going to be very talented, but shes going to be completely untrained. She'll simply have less to be actually proud of.

The whole factor of Azulas haughtiness stems from being given the royal treatment throughout her entire life. She's going to be receiving considerably less of that in the SWT, where there isn't much expectation for its residents but hunt and make babies.

Unless Azula manages to train herself in waterbending to the point where its actually something awe-inspiring (and thus completely changing the season one dynamic), I'm not sure the arrogance quality is capable of being BELIEVABLY pulled off.
>> No. 95153
She'll still probably be as ruthless as fuck, though.
>> No. 95154
Well maybe not as arrogent as her Firenation counterpart. But she'd know that she's different and special and rub it in the tribes faces. Especially Sokka's.
Of course that changes when she gets to meet other Waterbenders and sees Aang bending loops around her in the early phases of their training. That would be the first step in making her a more humble person but also giving her ambition and drive.
>> No. 96134
File 132411056894.png - (232.76KB , 537x930 , Fire_Nation_Aang_by_O_Kei.png )
Sort of related to the topic at hand, but I recently came across a fanfic where the characters of Aang and Zuko had their roles reversed in the series. I found their depictions rather lacking as they were both fundamentally good people at the very onset, quickly joining their forces and so on.

That said, I came up with my own version of Prince Aang who oddly enough, I had an easier time imagining as a villain that FN!Katara. And I'd like your opinions on my particular take if you would be so kind.

To make Aang a villain, one must take note of how they molded Zuko as the initial antagonist via taking admirable traits (honor and determination) and twisting them into destructive attributes and sources of self-agony before turning them around in the third act to help himself and his allies. At the same time, they super-imposed his negative characteristics (social awkwardness, impatience) so their being conquered would lead to a sense of catharsis and growth.

In the case of Aang we take his fun-loving, adventurous and pacifist tendencies and warp them, turning him into a kind of hedonistic vagabond who'd rather not get into conflict because it'd be something of an emotional and physical bother. His well-meaning attempts to delegate with people become rather sleazy efforts to weasel his way out of a situation, highlighting how you can take rather positive acts and attributes and turn them into sinister ones.

His negative traits are heightened as well, in particular his delight at being the center of attention at times (Kyoshi Island) and well-concealed and outright buried shame and guilt of being a failure in his father's eyes. That said, whenever he does something, it's usually a spectacle to garner the love and admiration of the people around him, and to hopefully have those compensate for what his immediate family withholds from him. Especially the ladies, oh boy does he love to flirt.

The Prince is not without a reflective side, as his travels have allowed him to see firsthand the strain and taxation the century long conflict has had on the peoples of the world. A part of him hopes that his antics will help distract them from their plight and make them forget, just as he tries to everyday.

Appearance: Basically Aang as he appeared in the Fire Nation arc, though he does on important occasions and battles wear the soldier uniform as Zuko did in Season 1. His Headband conceals a small burn resembling a bindi whose origins play a sizable role in his story.

Whether out of squeamishness or possibly some crudely constructed moral code, he doesn't aim to kill or outright harm anyone, and he will at worst disable or humiliate his opponents (he does the latter to Sokka upon their first meeting and quite rudely at that). In keeping with his slacker nature, his fighting style aims to distract and delay with attacks that come from odd angles and a propensity for dodging as well as impressive acrobatics, waiting for his crew mates or his uncle to come in and finish the job.

His Firebending is not particularly powerful as it is flashy, his flames acting more often as cloaks or screens than outright blasts which suits both attacking and retreating, making him a rather tricky opponent. He has also taken to making fanciful constructs to entertain and delight those around him. Don't be fooled though, the impressive looking ferocious dragon can be dispersed quite easily with a strong enough strike.

In keeping to his monkey-esque fighting style, his preferred weapon is a two handed staff that helps him vault great distances with his firebending, kick up large plumes of flames to intimidate enemies and keeps danger at a considerable distance.

He also uses it to hit people. Go figure.

Recognizing his quest to find the Avatar for the snipe hunt that it (initially) was, Aang has spent the last few years of his life touring the world with his uncle, going wherever he wants whenever he wants, with absolutely no attempt to actually find the person in question. He's also taken in upon himself to make a show wherever he docks, pranking the colony officials and entertaining the Earth Kingdom locals, thinking it will improve the public image of the Fire Nation. It was all a big, neverending vacation occasionally interrupted by his uncles insistence that he keep his fighting skills sharp, until he went to the South Pole to try his hand at Penguin Sledding.

Panicked at the implications of what the Avatar's return could mean (a rise in Earth Kingdom Resistance, a greater mobilization of Fire Nation forces, frequent skirmishes, and most importantly with Zuko's re-emergence becoming public knowledge, Aang would have no excuse to not chase him!), Aang remembers an idea he once had (actually derived from a story he told a girl he was trying to hit on), that if he can convince the Avatar to somehow support the Fire Nation, then its enemies would instantly fall in line as the Spirit of the World's divine approval would turn them into the antagonizers, rather than the fire nation.

Predictably, his attempts to sweet talk Zuko haven't been all too successful, and he aims to catch him, thinking that he'll be a bit more compliant to see things his way in captivity. On his quest, he'll have to confront demons he'd rather not face, challenges he'd rather not undertake, and perhaps even realize that their are some responsibilities that cannot be ignored, especially if you have the potential to meet them.

He'll also hit on Katara a lot, sleazily mind you with terrible pick-up lines, because that would make for some funn sh!%

Ozai-When it became clear that his father wasn't going to give him the affection and attention he wanted, Aang focused on getting it from his mother. And when she left the picture, Aang and Ozai lost the sole thing that binned them together, prompting a large period of avoidance and distance as Aang sought to attain the favor and fondness of everyone but his father. Ozai had long given up on Aang actually meeting his standards or being remotely proper in any respect, focusing all his efforts and occasional praise on Azula. While seemed to suit Aang's lacker nature, he always felt resentment towards his dad for not even expecting anything of him, and for apparently not being as hurt as he was when Ursa vanished. That said, Aang took the opportunity to fight his father rather well, trying to vent out his frustrations with his considerably rusty technique, even attempting an advanced fire-bending move he had looked (at Azula's suggestion) in preparation for the fight. An attempt that ended badly for both the Fire Lord and his son.

Azula-Perhaps Aang's most complex relationship, and one that changes Azula's character somewhat. After his father expressed how much better she was than him, Aang eventually came to the decision to stop challenging his sister's superiority and instead take advantage of it. Foisting homework, royal duties, and whatever responsibilities he didn't feel like doing ala Tom Sawyer fashion, pretending that doing them for him would only serve to make Azula all the more better than him (she eventually caught on). This passive-aggressive abuse culminated in Aang making himself not only popular in his school with his offbeat, fun-loving, charismatic manner (and royal status) but in Azula's as well (of which he was a frequent intruder), reasoning that if he couldn't be the prodigy, he'd be the 'cool' royal instead. This made the young Azula paranoid and her school life miserable as she believed that everyone who tried to befriend her was just trying to get closer to her brother. The only reason she made friends with Mai and Ty Lee, was because they were the only two in the entire academy who expressed outright distaste in her lothario sibling (Ty Lee however, wasn't all too sincere). As such, while in line for being the Fire Lord, she hates the fact that she didn't particularly win it, even in childhood Aang always made it a point to justify his failures with 'You're going to be the Fire Lord anyway, so what's the point?', robbing her of any satisfaction the title would have brought. The fact that her brother is grossly popular overseas (with people either not knowing who she is or merely as "Aang's sister") and all around the world only intensifies her incredible dislike for him. She wishes to demean and break him, but with such a lackadaisical, self-aware target, that's easier said than done.

Iroh: Though Iroh is delighted that his nephew is rarely ever sad, he is concerned with his aimless, hungry nature, realizing that Aang is still very much on a quest, not for the Avatar but for love and purpose, things he may never find if he does not confront his demons. He sees the potential in Aang (both for combat, and leadership) and gently tries to make him sharpen it, but makes sure not to push him too hard for fear of Aang shying away from the concept entirely. Aang for his part, tries to emulate his uncle, seeing his peaceful and satisfied demeanor as a refreshing alternative to the attitudes of his father and sister, however he fails to realize that Iroh only attained such a state via strife, growth and self-reflection, steps that Aang has skipped, until now.

The ZuCorps: Aang initially sees Zuko as he did his sister and uncle, as someone who could do his work for him with some pats on the back and honey-dipped rhetoric. Eventually, he comes to find a kindred spirit in the Avatar as they both didn't ask for the roles given to them and must find a way to meet them by conquering themselves. He regards Sokka as a hapless goof, as their first fight didn't impress him all too much. In season 3, he tries to bond with him by talking about their shared popularity with the ladies, though he's got nothing to say about that moon thing. Aang's attraction to Katara shifts from shallow to one of sincere respect as he coyly hits on her out of amusement (and the fact that she's genuinely pretty), but comes to recognize her admirably responsible and empathetic nature in her acts of heroism and care for her friends. She's probably the first girl he didn't have to wow with spectacle for her to give a damn about him, her pity and offerings of help made all the more genuine because of that (Crossroads of Destiny). Platonically perhaps, I'm not too sure about that part yet.

So yeah, that's what I've got so far. Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm up for discussion.
>> No. 96140
File 132414635388.jpg - (43.25KB , 455x407 , intriguing.jpg )

I'm digging a lot of that, especially the Aang/Azula dynamic. Can Azula really be completely disarmed by such a flippant sibling? It makes me wonder.
>> No. 96141

>Sort of related to the topic at hand, but I recently came across a fanfic where the characters of Aang and Zuko had their roles reversed in the series.

...let me guess...Reconstructed Destinies by DJNS?

Because if that's the case, small world. I read the first bits of that and hated it by the time we got to the Kyoshi Island bit. It was just...really awful. I'll go more in-depth as to why later, but I ended up doing the same as you, trying to recreate the fic in a way that didn't suck. Did you keep Aang and Zuko the same ages? I know I did. I'll try to post my ideas later, but they weren't as in-depth as yours.
>> No. 96144
File 132417730767.jpg - (51.18KB , 600x405 , aangsokkacoolstory.jpg )

That is... wow. I want to read that. I want to read that like right now. The picture is sincere.
>> No. 96148
The one key problem I see, is the whole heel/face-turn part of the story.

While it took baby steeps to turn Zuko into a genuine hero, I have the feeling that it wouldn't take your description of Aang very long to switch sides. He needs to be hung-up on something to keep him on track.
Also it's probably hard to turn a slacker into a villain in the first place. Zuko may have been a non-threat for most of season 1, but at least he tried and wouldn't be sidetracked by *Jerry Lewis voice* preettty luadies and other fun stuff.

On the whole I really like what you came up with though.

Some ideas that popped into my head:

- the staff should be a repurposed Fire Nation Spear, like the one the foot-soldiers use. But Aang makes a point of sawing off the pointy end.
- Unlike the civilians, the firenation military/navy/airforce probably hates his guts. He has no drive, no discipline and makes light of their efforts
- Azula doesn't try to ridicule Aang. In the past that went badly for her. He'd just play along and turn the whole thing around until she'd be the butt of the joke. Instead she could be more passive-agressive and snarky when they interact.
- She's even reluctant to cooperate with him during the Season 2 final. He's the one who initiates their alliance. Also as the big-sister in this relationship, she feels a certain warped sense of responsibility for her "idiot brother". Even if that means having to kill him, so that he doesn't embarrass his family further.

Question: So who's Aang's romantic interest here anyway?
>> No. 96149
File 132421355260.png - (210.77KB , 825x638 , 600e97a126ff67f5040c3fd78eb635ab.png )
Aang's logic clashes with Zuko's as he believes that the Fire Nation has all ready won, and that trying to resist it will only lead to more hardship and death. In his mind, the sooner you accept your situation, the sooner you can live at ease regardless of who's in charge. This is his view of destiny, tranquility via submission. Chance is king. Fortune favors the still. Effort is an affront to the universe and is just you asking for trouble.

Sentiments that are challenged by his having to pursue Zuko who he believes to be the key to ending what he views to be a ridiculous war, something that he's nonetheless a part off due to his origins even though he wants nothing to do with it. He feels that he has to because if he doesn't then everyone will probably blame him for the Fire Nation's many enemies suddenly having a figurehead to rally under and revolt so much so that it could make him feel guilty. Though he claims to be hunting the Avatar out of some larger, humanitarian agenda, it's largely about exonerating himself, about what what he wants and what he thinks he needs. Don't confuse his being lazy as to mean he is inactive. More than anything, he's pragmatic, and will look for shortcuts to achieve his goals, even if the repercussions of doing so may end up coming back to haunt him and may very well, contrary to his self-perceived benevolence, cause suffering and damage in his rash efforts to get things over and done with. He's reckless in a decidedly different way than Prince Zuko was.

Iroh's occassional attempts to make him try are met with almost the same amount of animosity he experienced when he wanted to Zuko to relax. This comes to a head in Season 2 with Iroh disavowed and Aang declared legally dead (because his fans and supporters would see his being labelled a traitor as an underhanded coup on Azula's part even though she is next in line) wherein his uncle tries to encourage Aang not to give up at this juncture (Warning: Incoming Prima-Donna Jerk Tirade):

"Yeah, because trying to do something big and important has always worked out for me hasn't it. I TRIED to capture the Avatar, I TRIED to end the war, I TRIED to stop the invasion of the North from happening, I wanted to travel there when the war was over for Agni's sake. And look where that got us. You're a traitor, I'm legally dead, we've lost our boat, my sister is trying to kill us, and as far as I can tell there's nothing to eat around here. I should've known, I should've known better. No one in my family can do anything without screwing things up for everybody. 'Oh look at me, I'm going to spread the Fire Nation's prosperity to the world, all I need to do is murder an entire race. Oh look at me I'm going to become a famous ruler by attacking innocent villages and burning them to the ground, causing untold pain for generations to come. Whoo, I'm going to sacrifice a bunch of young troops even though this war is stupid and my wife left me because I'm a big, dumb jerk. Check me out, I'm a firebending prodigy who's going to spend all her time studying, why do people think of me as a weird, nerd creep (it's probably my older brother's fault)? Hey, you know what would be a great idea? Spending almost two years trying to break through the solid rock walls of Ba Sing S-. Uh, I'm sorry Uncle, I just, but, but you have to admit, if you could take it back. Would you have not done it?"

Highlighting his failure to recognize that sometimes the best things, the essential things in life, don't come easily and must be pursued or seized, risks and all.

I have a rough idea for his arc and his chemistry with the heroes that goes a bit like this:
Season 1-Attempt to coerce the Avatar into allying himself with the Fire Nation (a rather sizable task given how Zuko became the Last Airbender) and perhaps end the war in the process.
Season 2-Angry at his pursuits for landing him in an unfavorable position, Aang tries to avoid even the mention of the Avatar at any cost, vainly attempting to distance himself from his Fire Nation origins as a fugitive in the Earth Kingdom but can't (ex. Zuko Alone), his uncle trying to help him attain understanding in the midst of his confusion, training him to refine his body and mind. (Finale details coming soon, suffice to say he doesn't actually 'decide' to betray the heroes. They just take his indecision to be a sign of weakness and take him out pre-emptively before he has a chance to 'choose' to side with Azula)
Season 3-Temporarily shifts back into his sleazeball snake routine when he hires the Combustion Man to take the weakened Zuko down for him. Eventually comes to see how he can in fact save the world and his father and sister if he makes the effort and that he's partly to blame for allowing things to get this bad by his doing nothing. Redemption arc, etc., etc. Basically, It's about realizing that he isn't as innocent as he thought he was, but that he is capable of so much more than he believed possible. Pain must be confronted to be overcome and so on.

His attraction to the opposite gender and propensity for distraction will be played for comedy more than anything else (he's not spacey if that's what you fear). Like at the start of the series where he confronts Sokka, most of his retinue is all ready there to meet the determined young man, except Aang who comes down a nearby hill sledding on a penguin with two hapless escorts attempting the same feat. Also, slightly altered scenes like that of Bato of the Water Tribe wouldn't be uncommon:

Aang: Wait, Uncle, I don't remember you getting hit by the-.
Iroh: (holding the paralyzed Jun in his supposedly unfeeling arms) Shh..
Aang: Oh (whispers) nice!

And little things like Prince Aang being expressly unwelcome at Kyoshi Island due to past...misdemeanors there.

That's my explanation, but I'm liking these critiques and suggestions, keep 'em coming because this thread still has a ways to go before it sleeps and we can pave that way with gold, metaphorical gold. Or diamonds, that'd be cool too.

Now, onto your ideas
1) I like the repurposed spear idea by the way. You could make that into a running gag with him losing his first 'elite' staff in the opening episodes, forcing him to find shoddy replacements which keep getting broken and subsequently replaced by whatever he can scrounge up in battle.

Aang (suddenly finding himself against the entire Season 1 ZuCorps, alone): You-you better watch out, because I currently have in my hands my newest combat staff, custom made to my specifications! (gives it a fanciful twirl before getting into a battle stance)
Sokka: That's a spear with its blade snapped off.
Aang: (grits teeth) True, but it's a spear with its blade snapped off to my specifications. I've even written my name on the side, care to see? (takes a swing at Sokka's head)

2) A lot of them do, mostly the serious ones and the veterans. He has a cult following with some of the younger troops though, you know the kind, which further angers the ones that do in fact hate him.

3)My take on it, is that Azula tries to come off as the smug, confident, diabolical warrior as she did in the original series, especially in front of Aang and her subordinates. But if her brother is even mentioned in her presence, she becomes quite enraged, as his belittling of her when they were younger and his refusal to be belittled, in any way, ever, left her with some seething resentment and disdain which she's all too eager to share with her two friends, much to their chagrin. That's not to say your idea isn't good, I find it fascinating and the following one on the subject delightfully twisted and they could very well be the superior way to go with this. I just wanted to give my take.

4) see above

5) In a weird twist, while he made it a point to flirt with Mai a lot (mostly to mess with Azula), it's Ty Lee who has a crush on him (a mumbled aside mentioning his name from the Fire Nation princess was all the motivation Ty Lee needed to join up) who he never really noticed due to frequently confusing her for one of her several other sisters.

Due to his behavior at the start of the season, he finds Song's kindness and Jin's flirtations surprising and more profound as he didn't have to goad them into taking a liking in him. Despite his disparaging of ambition and the like, he's always actively pursued the love and attention of others, and receiving such from being honest in preference to spinning contrived yarns, has a bit of an impact on him.

He has that whole experience with Katara (who he at first dismisses as a stick-in-the-mud younger sister like Azula) as mentioned in the previous pitch, though he's a bit miffed at her for freezing him when he couldn't decide on whose side he should be on in the Season 2 finale. Changing up their Season 3 dynamic a bit.

Honestly, I have no idea, he's got 4 solid candidates, give or take, though Ty Lee and Katara are the strongest outcomes thematically speaking (Boiling Rock, The Southern Raiders, etc.).
>> No. 96152
This is an incredibly minor detail, but I guess Aang would have yellow eyes in this universe unlike the fanart you're posting.
>> No. 96153
You put a lot of effort into his character already, I can see. Very unique take. I still find it a bit hard to grasp, but the tidbits of interaction you put in helped me along. The closest comparison I could draw here is probably a pre-IronMan Tony Stark or Nathan from Misfits. Granted they're not really ever villains but they start off as grade A jerks.
Also since he avoids real conflicts, I can see the villain Aang mastering the indirect threat. Stuff like: "This is a nice village. It'd be a shame if Zhao were to find out about it.", "You know me. I'm a laid back kind of guy. But I can't really speak for my pirate friends here. There's really no telling what they might do..." and "Let's not do anything you might regret."

An interesting facet I find is that Iroh would actually have to take a more active, less zen-like approach with Aang, since well, the boy doesn't need to relax, quite the opposite actually.

Concerning my suggestions:

1) Nice Idea: You paired his basic pacifist nature with a recurring joke.

A scene like this would be fun too:

During a climactic fight...
Aang: *trying to break off the sharp end of a spear* "Time out. Give me a second."
Zuko: "There are no time-outs in battle. What are you doing?"
Aang: "Hey, I don't wanna poke anybody's eye out. Damn, this is hard. What do they make these things from?!"
Zuko: "You are the strangest warrior I have ever met."
Aang: *finally managing it* "Aha. Now get ready for some...Wait, where are you going?"

2) Also probably the reason Zhao hates him. He's not the threat he sees in Zuko. Rather he's an entitled brat and a goofball who undermines his authority and the image of the FN military on a whole.

3) It's completely up to you. I guess that's one of those decisions you make when you're already deeper into the story, during the writing process. I just don't see Azula acting the same way towards Aang as she did with Zuko. He's a different beast all together and would need a different tactic.
Azula ranting to her friends, I like a lot. It could come to a point where she sounds like any teenage daughter frustrated with a younger sibling, who gets more attention than her.

4)Indecisive Aang would make for a fun scenario:

Aang: "Decisions, Decisions. Well, Azula is family and she's got a genuine hottie on her side. But I also like the exotic flavor that the Avatar has with him... But he is kinda grumpy, but so is Azula... Ahh, but they also brought jesters with them. Which one is more entertaining? The weird kid or Ty Lee? I can't decide. Hey, Azula! Do you have any animal companions..."
*Katara shockfrosts him mid sentence.*
Zuko: "Thank you for that."

Problem here: How does he end up with Azula, if he didn't lift a finger to help her out and never made his allegiance clear to her? With Zuko she was operating under the impression that he'd never betray the FN, no matter how much they hated each others guts...

5) Aang is turning into some kind of Johnny Bravo like figure in my head now. You should include a scene of him getting maced via waterbending at some point.
I can also see Toph being the sole female safe from his advances, after she serves him a well-deserved knuckle sandwich. He may even overcompensate by being utterly cavalier when she's in his vicinity.
>> No. 96155
>(Finale details coming soon, suffice to say he doesn't actually 'decide' to betray the heroes. They just take his indecision to be a sign of weakness and take him out pre-emptively before he has a chance to 'choose' to side with Azula)

>4)Indecisive Aang would make for a fun scenario:

>Aang: "Decisions, Decisions. Well, Azula is family and she's got a genuine hottie on her side. But I also like the exotic flavor that the Avatar has with him... But he is kinda grumpy, but so is Azula... Ahh, but they also brought jesters with them. Which one is more entertaining? The weird kid or Ty Lee? I can't decide. Hey, Azula! Do you have any animal companions..."
>*Katara shockfrosts him mid sentence.*
>Zuko: "Thank you for that."

>Problem here: How does he end up with Azula, if he didn't lift a finger to help her out and never made his allegiance clear to her? With Zuko she was operating under the impression that he'd never betray the FN, no matter how much they hated each others guts...

I can't help but feel that this is doing a disservice to the second season finale and Zuko's own character arc.

Neglecting to mention Zuko preparing to steal Appa, the fever dreams, the "perfect" day and the crystal cave and merely focusing on the betrayal itself is missing the vital base and structure that built up to Zuko's climatic decision to side with Azula.

Aang needs to go through a similar process and NOT be caught indecisive. As much as the happy-go-lucky villainous Aang seems to appeal, there are times when he must approach the situation with the utmost seriousness and make a real decision. It can't be a character arc if the protagonists force the decision onto Aang. It's not really character development if the only reason you progressed as such is because other people are forcibly directing you that way. Aang must have an inner struggle of his own (you seem to have got the gist of that already), but he must also be capable of coming to terms with it on his own.* For something as important as the second season finale and Aang's character arc, doing something flippant like Aang being indecisive and having his foreseeable future forced upon him is pretty much missing the drama and effect of the source material entirely.

*Not to imply that Iroh and Azula didn't influence Zuko's decision. Plenty of people did in fact, but at the end of the day, it was Zuko who took the step.
>> No. 96163
File 132429588438.jpg - (246.89KB , 1300x701 , young_princess__colored_sketch_by_kelly1412-d473wh.jpg )
You raise some good points, but I did not mean any disrespect to Zuko's rather excellent character arc in Book Two. Rather Aang's journey, while adhering to certain beats, is bound to turn out differently at points.

Here's a rundown of the events you mentioned and how they'll play out:
Stealing Appa-Encountering that fateful flyer causes a rather turbulent reaction in the 'dead' prince as he enters into a panic, urging his uncle to abandon the tea shop and escape Ba Sing Se, convinced that his old enemies are harbingers of trouble and will bring ruin to the both of them if they remain in the city. His uncle refuses, reasoning that the Avatar is 'just looking for his friend' and will leave once he has found him. Unwilling to take that chance, Aang makes a desperate search for Appa on his own, with the intention of holding it hostage until the Avatar agrees to leave Ba Sing Se (and him and his uncle) and never return. Iroh's admonishment of him in this case, will take the form of an attack on his hypocritical behavior, that despite his love for 'neutral jing' he does in fact take action, but all his actions are made to prevent him from having to take responsibility and make tough decisions. He goes so far as to take a stab at Aang's selfish intentions, saying that

"If you had come down here to merely free this poor creature, return it to his beloved companion as a sign of penance or even goodwill to that child, then I would have helped you, I would have praised you, I would have been so proud. But to hold it hostage, just because you fear being ousted and punished by those we have hurt? Maybe you are more like your father than you think."

The Fever Dream-The dream is largely unchanged, however Aang is horrified at finding himself as the Fire Lord. The Blue Dragon also urges him to 'forget' instead of 'rest' while the Red One begs him to 'remember'. The image he sees as this part ends isn't of his mother, but of his father's right arm completely concealed by a robe sleeve.

The Perfect Day-Aang is back to his chipper self, but there's a greater sense of sincerity in his mirth, as if it isn't merely acting as a way to cope with his issues. He's also more open to things he doesn't like, giving certain foods, colors, and ideas he was initially not to keen on, a second chance. His reluctance at having to be the only other employee in his uncle's shop has vanished, and when he makes a mistake, he doesn't mope about it or bitterly dismiss it (sour grapes and all that). His uncle is overjoyed at seeing the sincerity and content in his nephew's demeanor and then they receive that fateful invitation.

The Cave-Katara's beef with Aang in the cave (asides from all his shoddy come-ons) is less about him being a ruthless villain, and more about him being a selfish, mercenary cretin who is incapable of caring about anyone but himself, viewing other people as servants and amusements and that he can't hope to understand the pain of others, including what she's gone through including losing her mother. Aang's reaction differs somewhat as he replies with this.

"I used to think I did, I actually believed that I knew all there was to know about...everyone and who they were. You, Zuko, my family, my mom. But I didn't, not really. But...I'd like to."

The scene plays out about the same as it did in the original episode again with a rather sizeable exception (forgive me, it's a bit of a rough draft so Katara's dialogue isn't as unique to her interaction with Prince Aang as I and I'm sure, you'd like).

Katara: I'm sorry I yelled at you before.
Aang: It's allright, we all need a good shout every now and again. You know, if we shout at just the right pitch I think we can make it echo in here. Do you mind if I give it a try.
Katara (chuckles): It's just that for so long now, whenever I would think of the enemy, I'd see you and those stupid 'imported faux silk' headbands you keep on wearing.
Aang: (smiles ruefully) You know, I am hiding something under this thing, though I just realized that my reasons for doing it were pretty dumb. You, uh, want to see?
Katara: Um, if you want me to.
Aang: If you feel forced into it, you don't have to. I've never shown it to a girl, but I'm kinda sure they'd be grossed out by it. I don't want you thinking I'm vain or anything.
Katara: You shouldn't have to worry about me thinking you're vain.
Aang: Ah, right...So, are you sure. (Katara reluctantly nods) Okay (reveals his bindi-like scar)
Katara: It's so small (sees the regretful expression on Aang's face) I'm sorry-.
Aang: Don't be. It's not one of those scars you should feel sorry for. I thought it was though, I thought it stood for failure, I thought it was a sign that I'd be punished for trying to do things, for having ideals and ambitions. But that's because I thought it meant that, it doesn't have to, and it doesn't have to be all about me. It also says something about...my dad.
Katara: The Fire Lord? What about him?
Aang: That's kind of private. I mean, like, more private than what I've been telling you. It's something I have to say to him myself, if I ever get a chance that is. I had a lot of those when I was a kid, but I never took them, I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. Now, I'd give just about anything to sit down and talk with him.
(Katara looks at him sympathetically, perhaps thinking about her own father being far away, but upon realizing the possible implications of his desire, clams up and looks away, leaving the two in awkward silence before Zuko and Iroh burst in)

The Choice: Aang doesn't make a choice. Because the one presented him is incredibly difficult. Azula pressures him into joining her side, unintentionally playing upon his Season 1 desires by telling him that they can 'end the war now!' and that he'll be able to come home. This would serve a greater global agenda, and satisfy his personal desires to see his father and talk. On the other hand, helping Azula defeat the Earth Kingdom and the Avatar in her campaign would be to doom an entire nation and perhaps the world's only chance for true redemption. He frets, he hesitates and now confronted not just with a choice but THE choice, his reluctant nature has come back to haunt him full force. His agony is only halted when Katara, who came back because she was worried that he and his uncle were taking too long, chances upon the debate and remembering Aang's desire to possibly reconcile with his father, cannot find it in herself to trust him to aid in the protection of the Earth Kingdom and tries to freeze them all, removing them as factors in the coup. Azula nimble dodges the attack, but the trapped Iroh, and bewildered Aang are frozen solid.

And so, because he could not choose a path to take on The Crossroads of Destiny, Aang lost his right to do so. At least, until Season 3 where this hard lesson, his encounters with people as a fugitive, his uncle's criticisms, and his recent epiphany will help make him come to a fateful decision that will change things between him and his family forever.

Not quite what you had in mind, I know, but this is just the concept, the foundation, and we can still work on it. Your comments had me think long and hard about this, encouraging me to refine the story, flesh it out as it were.

That said, everybody reading this, share your thoughts, critiques, suggestions, the thread is (relatively) young after all!

And now, because I enjoy thinking them up, some (mostly) fun scenes Aang and Azula being jerks to each other from "Aang Alone":

Scene #1
Azula: Mom, can you make Aang play with us? We need equal teams to play a game.
Aang: I'm not doing any pop quizzes or trivia contests.
Azula: (snorts) No not those. Though we'd both know who'd win if it came to that.
Aang: Yeah, whatever. Shouldn't you be reading something right now?
Azula: We are brother and sister. (her voice becoming sickly sweet) It's important for us to spend time together. Don't you think so, mom?
Ursa: Yes darling, (to Aang) I think it's a good idea to play with your sister. Go on now, (she fluffs Aang's head a few times) just for a little while.
Zuko: But mom, I don't wanna.
Azula: (deadpan) Mai'll be there.
Aang: Oh, why didn't you say so. See ya mom!

Scene #2
(After Azula has set the apple stalk on top of Ty Lee's head ablaze)
Aang: Wow, you actually failed. I thought you were allergic to that.
Azula: (miffed at his response) I'd like to see you try.
Aang: And risk hurting such a pretty face? (Ty Lee's expression brightens at the compliment) I wouldn't even think of doing that to Ji.
Ty Lee: (crestfallen) It's Ty.
Aang: What?
Ty Lee: My name is Ty Lee.
Aang: Oh, sorry, it's just that you look a lot like-.
Ty Lee: It's fine, it happens all the time. I'll-I'll see you later Azula, Mai, I had fun. (runs off, crying a little)
(Cut to Ursa coming out of one of the buildings. Aang enters the screen, looking befuddled, as she begins to speak.)
Ursa: I was just coming to get you. Uncle Iroh sent us a letter from the war front. You look confused.
Aang: (shrugs) Girls are weird.

Scene #3
Ursa: (reading the letter) Until then, enjoy these gifts. For Aang, (cut to Aang running over and picking up a dagger offered by a servant on some sort of tray) a pearl dagger from the general who surrendered when we broke through the outer wall. Note the inscription (Zuko unsheathes the dagger) and the superior craftsmanship.
Aang: (reading the inscription) Never give up without a fight...Wow this is sharp. It's nice, but I could really hurt myself with this.
(The shot pans right to show Azula standing in front of another servant. He offers her something on a tray.)
Ursa: And for Azula, a new friend.
Aang: Good for you sis, that makes it what, four?
Ursa: Aang! (Aang shrinks back, Azula sticks her tongue out at him, Ursa clears her throat to continue) She wears the latest fashion for Earth Kingdom girls.
(As Ursa speaks, Azula picks up a doll wearing Earth Kingdom green. The Princess makes a face of disgust.)
Aang: (sickeningly sweet, offering the sheathed dagger to Azula) I'll trade ya.
Azula: (perks up) Really? That'd be so...oh, (expression sours) I know where this is going.
Aang: What? I'm just trying to be nice.
Azula: (in a mocking imitation of Aang) 'Oh hey there Ty Lee, look at what my uncle the famous general just sent me. It's a rare ancestral doll from the Earth Kingdom that he trusted me to give to the prettiest girl in the entire world!' (end imitation) Am I right?
Aang: Who's Ty Lee?
Azula: My friend, you know, the one who isn't Mai?
Aang: You named the doll Ty Lee?
Azula: (groans)

Scene #4
Azula: If Uncle doesn't make it back from war, then dad would be next in line to be Fire Lord, wouldn't he?
Aang: Yeah, you younger siblings have it easy. You just have to wait for your older brothers to let stuff fall on your laps while you sit around and frown all day.
Ursa: (disappointed) Aang, don't talk about your father like that! And Azula, we don't speak that way. It would be awful if Uncle Iroh didn't return. And besides, Fire Lord Azulon is a picture of health.
Azula: I still think our dad would make a much better Fire Lord than (looking at the doll with disdain) his royal tea loving kookiness.
Aang: (clearly offended) Well, um, well unlike YOU or DAD, people actually like having Uncle Iroh around!
Azula: (Azula looks at him with shock, then hatred) You can have the stupid doll! (tries to throw it at Zuko but misses, and it clatters to the floor instead) (she runs away)
Aang: Jeez, what's her problem? (bends down to get the doll, only to be harshly tugged back up by the ear, courtesy of Ursa) Ow! Mom, what gives?!
Ursa: I told you what moms are like when ANYONE messes with their babies. (picks doll up and dusts it off) We'll talk about this later. (walks after Azula)

Hey, I said 'Mostly' didn't I?

Like I said, bolstered by his building popularity in school, young Aang has the confidence to manifest his resentment towards his father and sister, and doesn't need much prodding to voice it, though said confidence comes off as arrogance at times. Whereas Zuko was gentle and meek, Aang is bombastic and mischievous (often to the inconveniance of others). It also builds on why Azula has a special outright dislike for Aang and why she's cold and calculating half of the time and very emotional (ie angry) during the other half. This isn't the only time Aang's been particularly mean to his 'nerdy' kid sister, I haven't even delved into the wedgies and wet willies.

Ah, youth.

You know what, I feel bad ending on such a heavy note, so have another scene:

(After Azula finishes her display in front of Azulon, ending in a crouched position)
Aang: (with his hand over his mouth) Pffft!
Azula: (Azula blushes, and returns to her family's side, glaring daggers at Aang) You'll never catch up.
Aang: (waves hand in front of him and makes a sound of mock disgust) I better get used to being downwind of you then.
Azula: That was you and you know it!

(Ozai glares, Azulon looks down at the two siblings, oddly intrigued)
>> No. 96164

Quality stuff.

Three things though:

1) Aang is the older sibling? I guess you bumped him up to Zuko's age so the timeline doesn't get any hiccups. Canon says Azula is older than Aang, as you are aware of, I'm sure. While you are free to do this anyway you like, by all means, I was under the impression that Azula would be the older child.
Dunno, it just added another layer of intrigue for me.
Maybe it's because I have an older sister and we used to be at each others throats all the time.
Might also be good for the characterization. It could explain Aang's lack of drive. From birth he had all the privilege without any of the responsibilities. Meanwhile Azula was under pressure from the get-go.
Compare and contrast the Windsor brothers William & Harry.
Anyway, something to consider. However I also see the whole "Kill your first child" order coming up. But considering Azulon may have well just wanted to teach Ozai a lesson in humility and to get rid off the "worthless" sibling, that wasn't Firelord material, a few tweeks in the dialogue would suffice.

2) While it's not a bad joke in and off itself the fart joke kinda sticks out to me. Again, a thing of personal taste, but I can't remember anything like it in the series proper. So it seems kinda displaced to me.

3) I really do like the dialogue. But I do hope you play up Aang as a real jerk later on. Here he just seems kinda buffoonish at times. I'd like you to write something that really shows the negative side of his neutral stance. Show that it isn't something acquired through wisdom, he just can't be arsed. Always looking for the easy way out and not helping people when he doesn't see any benefit in it.
Also I do think this version of would be Aang resorting to violence quite freely if he feels that it's less complicated and won't have any negative repercussions. And unlike Zuko he'd probably play the Prince once in a while, being quite snobbish and dismissive of people and things, that don't meet his standard. Maybe it's something that only shines through once in a while, since he wants to keep his public persona alive.
>> No. 96165
Awesome stuff so far, although I'll second the other guy and say that you need to figure out whether Aang is the elder or younger sibling (personally I think that the new dynamic works best if he's the younger although that would force some bigger changes from the source material).

And I can't wait to see what ideas you have for Avatar Zuko and his companions.
>> No. 96167
Oh, and I'll add that I vote for Ty Lee being Prince Aang's main love interest (no particular reason, I just think that they'd work well together and it would be interesting to swap her and Mai's roles and ultimate fates in the series).
>> No. 96175
So is Aang going to be Zuko's Firebending teacher in this? Since it seems like he's still with Iroh in season 3, wouldn't Iroh just do it?
>> No. 96200
1) Aang will definitely be the older sibling in this story. It helps to heighten his role as a sibling antagonist, ie the somewhat abusive elder brother, and it makes his failure to live up to his father's expectations as well as his inferiority to Azula in some fields all the more poignant due to the fact that as the firstborn he should be exemplary, an example for his sister to admire, and someone who can make his father proud. But he isn't and he's resentful towards a lot of people, including himself.

It's Cain and Abel, only it's Abel who goes nuts and tries to kill Cain, while Cain, realizing he'll never be as good as Abel basically says "Whatever" and lets/forces Abel to do all the work.

2) Maybe, but we had some pretty crude jokes, like that whole spiritual defecation back in "The Avatar and The Fire Lord", and Toph's attempts at mirth.

3) Oh, Aang's gonna get mean. I mean real mean, though he won't be all too aware of it. You know how Zuko started out as this growling thug but was eventually revealed to have redeeming thugs that made him dynamic? Aang's going to start out at this goofy quasi-pacifist, but your view of him is also going to go through a roller coaster when we get into the more sinister undertones of what he considers 'easy' and 'expedient'. Particularly the way he uses this one particular Firebending technique, which you've seen before, but the way he uses it is unique and unsettling, the nature of which will form quite a bit of his character arc in Season 1 and 2.

4) Still working on Zuko though he's coming along nicely in the planning stages and I'll probably post a dossier up within the week.

Aang'll want to be his Firebending teacher, even if his method of fighting is unconventional. Defensive Firebending is regarded by many to be the most useless style of bending in the entire world as the only element it's effective in defending against is Fire. Which might just work in this case, the usually aggressive Zuko having to learn a fundamentally defensive technique.
>> No. 96276
File 132502987158.jpg - (115.56KB , 639x359 , punkpix11.jpg )
>> No. 96279
maybe you should repost this on /pco/, which is for porn
>> No. 96280
Sorry, but this is really more suited to /pco/'s Avatar thread, rather than here.
>> No. 96281
I don't suppose you have access to an old page where those were still on the page, do you?
>> No. 96282
When did those rules change anyway.

Not the guy btw.

I just remember posting something rather spicy in a Korra thread...
Nobody seemed to mind back then.
In fact I was reassured that written stuff was exempt from the sfw rule.
>> No. 96358

I saved it to a text file just in case the guy himself didn't.


Hrm, maybe I should have asked publicly after all. You are kinda right, and way back in the day, I think we allowed NSFW fics. I guess it just felt out of place for me (and at least that one anon,) or like it was in the wrong thread. Should I repost it? I'll admit I only asked two other regulars here in the IRC about this decision.
>> No. 96360

On reflection of that conversation, I may remind you of Gaang Jr.'s Thread 34- something I had forgotten about at the time. I won't advise beyond bringing that to your attention though.
>> No. 96361
Please do, as I did not save that anywhere, since i've never seen a text post deleted on this site.
>> No. 96362
Also, Daniel FUCKING Murphy seemed to like it.
>> No. 96363

Well, Gaang Jr #34 at least had the benefits of NSFW and Spoiler image tags, but I don't think fanfiction was particularly censored.


Yeah, that's why I asked him about it.

On reflection, I suppose nothing's really wrong or out of place here. I apologize and I'll repost the fic once I have a chance to, prolly in about an hour or so at most.
>> No. 96364
>> No. 96370
Hey /a/ I've been writing this today

As Katara bent over the dying firebender, she felt the slowing, irregular beat of her wounded heart, and Azula's hot, gasping breaths against her neck. The young water tribe girl had never been this close to another girl her own age who was as darkly seductive as Azula, and as she massaged healing chi into her chest, Katara began to feel a fever spreading over her body, growing warmer and more dangerous with every twitch of Azula's crumpled, vulnerable femininity. She closed her eyes and tried to put her thoughts elsewhere, to Aang, to Zuko; what would they think? How could they understand her lust for their enemy; she who for the last six months had been trying to kill them; who had hurt Aang so badly he would've died if Katara hadn't used the spirit water from the Oasis of the Moon and Ocean. Her own pulse quickened as she felt Azula's heatbeat returning to normal. She had never treated someone so grievously injured but Aang, and the assurance of her own skill washed over her like the breakers at Kyoshi island. She was good at making other people feel good, and she knew it, and then before she knew what she was doing she had put her mouth on Azula's lips and was pushing the weakened girl's tongue aside with her own.

Katara opened her eyes briefly to see a mix of shock and erotic satisfaction in Azula's eyes; as Katara continued to soothe her wounds she relaxed her body and let the peasant girl give her the strange comfort she had desired these long years, the velvet touch of feminine skin against her own. She had not known it since her own mother, Ursa, last cradled Azula against her bosom, and she began to weep as the joy of tender memories came over her. Katara removed her mouth then and asked "I'm not hurting you, am I?" to which Azula could reply only by thrusting her own mouth toward Katara's with all the strength she could muster.

Katara's waterbending senses could detect a new dampness under Azula's armor, far down in the region between her legs and she curiously placed a few fingers under Azula's belt to inspect this unusual wetness for herself, and found that it was true, the attractive girl, once an enemy, was now aroused by her touch, and becoming more aroused still as Katara's fingers probed the slickening lips of her pussy. Azula had never been touched this way before by anyone else, only herself, and then only when thinking of the more attractive servants around the palace, or her friends Mai and Ty Lee. She had no idea how to feel about this girl, this peasant, putting her hand into her most secret and delicate of places, and she felt the fire within herself grow stronger as her heart was healed by the strange girl's chi, linking the two of them not as enemies, but as friends, as lovers.

Azula began to open the fasteners of her own armor, releasing the few heavy plates that still separated her from the loving finger strokes of the water tribe girl. She stole a glance at Zuko standing behind her, horrified confusion on his face, as Katara found her hardening clitoris and began to grind her wrist against if as she drove her fingers deeper and deeper into Azula's weakened body. Her mind was swimming now as a new experience of sex took her further and further beneath the surface of her lust; it was as though she was drowning in the waterbender's mouth, where her tongue playfully skittled over the surface of Katara's, tickling her palate and the soft tissue underneath.
>> No. 96371

Finally Azula tore away her last layers of armor and opened the underpadding beneath to reveal her exquisite, pale breasts; they heaved as the peasant girl sluiced her fingers into Azula's now very moist pussy, her nipples had grown hard and she pinched them as she grasped her own breasts, her breath quickening and growing deeper as Katara ground her palm against the Fire princess' engorged clitoris and slipped a third finger into the burning folds between Azula's legs; she knew she was coming close to an orgasm as she threw her head from side to side, breaking her passionate kiss with the waterbender, clasping her breasts, and thrusting them toward Katara, she, half-moaning, ordered her: "lick my breasts here, peasant", the hard, blood-filled flesh of her now dark pink nipples sticking out from her chest like the towers of the gates of Azulon. Katara put her mouth on the Princess' breasts and suckled at them, playfully nibbling at them and sucking them between her pursed lips as she gaily jabbed at Azuila's pussy with greater effort, forcing Azula to buck her hips upward to grind herself against Katara's wrist. When Katara released her breast and began to suckle at the other, Azula could feel herself going over the falls of her maddening lust for the peasant girl; her face hardening into an ecstatic grimace as she blew the breaths from her mouth, small gouts of blue flame passing through her lips and into the air, illuminating the still befuddled Zuko; Azula's eyes were closed, she could not see that he had moved back from overlooking the bizarre sex occurring before him and begun to masturbate himself as he looked on at his sister's breasts cunt being suckled, being fucked by Katara's strong hands.

Azula sucked in a long breath and held it now as her entire body shuddered, her legs contracted and her back arched as pure electricity raced through her body; but this was not lightning, it was the release of a dam; Azula's orgasm racked her young body with pleasure, and she came hard against Katara's hand, a gush of juices flowing out to meet the loving penetrator's fingers. She had never felt this from the touch of another, and as she opened her eyes, she saw Katara looking lovingly down at her, and wept once again as the sad longing she had felt for the touch of her mother gave way for a new desire; the touch of this girl, this lovely water tribe girl. They would become fast friends, the Fire Princess and this common waterbender, fast friends and lifelong.

A sharp cry rang out from the pillars to their right, and Azula and Katara swung their gaze toward Zuko in time to see him relieve his own sexual pressure as spurts of semen flew from his sizable cock, some falling back on him and staining his tunic as he knocked his heels against the ground. Azula enjoyed this sight perhaps more, she thought, than the expert ministrations of the water healer; finally she had broken Zuko, and she knew she would be able to hold his self-shaming display against him if he breathed a word against her relationship with Katara.

Finally, she had gotten them all, she thought, before passing into unconsciousness, Katara's chi fully integrated into her body, the wound healed for now. She would sleep soundly that night, there in the palace courtyard, exposed to the sky.
>> No. 96373
Azula awakened only a few short hours later from the motion of her body being rocked back and forth on her bed. She looked down past her slight yet pillowy breasts to see the face of her new friend, Katara, stuck up against her puffy, red, vulva, the feeling of the tribal girl's lips and tongue probing and sucking at her as she herself was rocked back and forth by Zuko; her brother had completely sheathed himself in the beautiful water tribe girl and was slamming himself into her rhythmically, shaking the two girls and the bed as roughly as if a team of ostrich horses rode past the bedroom. Azula felt very much at ease now, and didn't let on that she has awakened, letting Katara smear her lips against the royal cunny, her nose tickling Azula's clitoris now and then as a powerful forward stroke from Zuko pressed her face onto the fire princess' body. She had no idea how long it had been since they'd moved her to the bed, but Azula could see the silvery light of a crescent moon shining in behind the window drapes and was comforted by the care her brother and their new friend Katara had shown in bringing her to her own room to rest; however pleasant was the interruption which now ensued, Azula felt that she needed to rest, and so she emitted a sharp cough; the bruising on her chest ached as she did it, but it got the attention of the two interlopers disturbing her sleep.
>> No. 96374
There. It's back.
>> No. 96375
Hell yeah now I can get back to it
>> No. 96376
How indecent! Take it down!
>> No. 96385
She could have an inflated sense of self worth.
"I'm the last Waterbender in our tribe! They ought to be treating me like a PRINCESS! Not some peasant!"
>> No. 96388
So I had a few ideas for fics kicking around in my head.

The first one started as a slash fic as a joke between me and my friend (we joked I was good enough to even make a slash fic compelling for more than hot boylove) between Sokka and Zuko. As I fleshed out ideas, it became less "Sokka is totally hot for Zuko and vice versa" and more a...well, a bro-fic. Where Zuko and Sokka are totally hetero best friends.

Sokka is selected(hired? appointed?) as Zuko's chief of the Royal Guard. It focuses on Sokka and Suki's relationship being strained by his never being around (the initial plot point, hurr hurr). This leads to Toph struggling with the idea that this is a good thing (she can move in on him!) and an awful thing (her best friend might get dumped by the girl he loves).

So a lot of it went from "Sexy Time" to "Bro Time", with the two of them talking about all the drastic changes going on in their lives.

Second idea was an ultra depressing, soul-crushing fic involving Toph and Sokkas relationship. Might just weave it into the first one.
Essentially, something majorly destructive happens between Suki and Sokka and they break up. Toph "suddenly" starts spending more time with Sokka, eventually telling him how she feels. Sokka, of course, completely reciprocates and...wait, no, he gets annoyed that she wasn't hanging out with a friend in his time of need but squeezing in when he was single, tears into her, and leaves her in tears as he tells her to stay out of his life and he would never be with her. because their are too many goddamn happy fanfics :D

Third one was also kind of dark. An "Everything goes wrong" fic. Aang doesn't defeat the Firelord. In fact, he falls in battle and is killed. Azula manages to hit Zuko AND Sokka with a fireball while he's redirecting his lightning, blinding Zuko (and mocking him with a "matching scar"), and burning Katara.

Sokkas leg doesn't set or heal right, and it has to be amputated, Aang is dead, Katara has to focus on healing herself and keeping Zukos second scar from festering (hence why Sokkas leg never heals). Suki goes into hiding with the Kiyoshi Warriors rather than staying by Sokka's side, Toph nearly has a breakdown when this all goes down and runs off.
The story itself takes place about 10 years later. Katara's already going gray from stress and trying to organize the remaining rebels, trying to find the next Avatar before the Fire Nation does, etc. When Sokka brings news of a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A Solar eclipse followed by a lunar eclipse. They know damn well the Fire Lord is going to attack during the Lunar eclipse, but they can't squander the solar eclipse again. So both sides launch an all-out attack.

I've got some big stuff planned for it :D
Not sure how I'll end it though...
>> No. 101548
Bumping this thread because I wanted to talk about fanfics but didn't feel like creating a new thread.

I recently rewatched through AtLA and I'm in a desperate need for more Avatar content. In those situations, I tend to go look for fanfiction. However, I'm really picky about the stuff I read; I only care for fanfics where everyone feels as in-character as possible, and the story sticks to the original work's tone. So basically I'm asking if anyone can offer any nice Avatar recommendations like that? I keep finding way too much Zutara and OC shipping, as well as hurt/comfort with elements of rape and violence.

I'm particularly looking for anything Zuko-centric; either the cranky exile jerk from season 2, or socially awkward season 3 Zuko.

Posting links to some random fanfics that I found and enjoyed:

>> No. 101930
I found this little gem and everyone in the universe should read it as well.


If I was ever going to make an AtLA VN, I'd have to do this first.
>> No. 101945
File 133724154529.jpg - (274.19KB , 809x1175 , Alternate_History_P_13_by_rufftoon.jpg )
I was reading some fanfics, and found a really nice one that I enjoyed a lot:


It's an AU with the premise that Aang emerges from the iceberg ten years later than in the TV show. During those additional years, the Fire Nation manages to crush almost all of its opposition. Aang is now fresh off the iceberg in a world that doesn't have much hope or optimism left. He ends up encountering and joining two sailors; Iroh and Zuko.

Certain themes in this story heavily remind me of Rufftoon's Avatar AU fan comic (pic related; that comic is also very much worth reading if you haven't done so yet). Both stories take existing characters and put them into new situations, while still keeping their characterization feel very show-accurate.

It's also nice that the fanfic is complete, although it ends with a possible promise of a sequel.
>> No. 106907
bump because I still like OP's idea
>> No. 107089
Okay, Korra AU ideas that I heard or came up with (apart from the big one currently in the works).

>Tarrlok becomes Korra's waterbending teacher instead of Katara. He has a hugh influence on her and even goes as far as to teach her bloodbending

>Amon removes Korra's bending early on and she commits suicide in a fit of desperation before Aang can reach her. The AU centers on Mako, Asami and Bolin trying to stop an Amon who has much less resistance to fear. Basically, what would happen if you took Korra out of the equation early...

>the Firenation won. Korra is born in captivity and must fight the global regime of the aging Firelord Azula. Amon might actually be an ally.

>a bizzarro Universe in which the Equalists are unquestionable goodguys and the oppression via Benders is a real thing. Society would be quite different, far more feudal. And Korra is more akin to somebody like Joffrey Baratheon or a Darkseid in the making
>> No. 107223
Just read through the first chapter, and it looks pretty good. I'll probably bookmark it.

>the Firenation won. Korra is born in captivity and must fight the global regime of the aging Firelord Azula. Amon might actually be an ally.

Me and a friend have been working on a story where FN wins the war, but it takes place shortly after the original series and focuses on the resistance led by Katara and Toph. How Korra (and Yakone and Tarlokk and Amon) would fit into this universe isn't something I'd considered before, though. Now I can't help but want to start planning a sequel for the story I haven't even finished yet...
>> No. 107233
Now here's an interesting idea.
What would happen if a de-aged Tarrlok joined the Krew (bump his age down by about 8-10 years), in oder to find his big brother in Republic City.

That'd make for an interesting Team Avatar.
>> No. 107261
A cute, short fic about Asami teaching Korra how to drive: http://veridianvixen.tumblr.com/post/26377200949/prompt-asami-teaches-korra-to-drive

It has Korra and Asami as a couple but it's not very 'shippy' so to speak. A nice drabble that will make ya smile :)
>> No. 108577
The Element of Freedom Minutia_R -- http://archiveofourown.org/works/462829

The Tenzin Clan travels to the Northern Air Temple to investigate claims of airbending there. A fic with Original Flavor and good characterization, plus some interesting worldbuilding. The village at the Northern Air Temple has become a sort of proto Adeptus Mechanicus.
>> No. 108578
Do you think Tarrlok was ever an honest politician (or even person)? Clearly, he was already damaged from the gate, but was the ruthlessness an aspect of that or did it evolve from experience?
>> No. 108587
He's manipulative and sneaky. But not really ruthless when you get right down to it. He would have caused a lot more damage in episode 8 and 9 if he were. And remember that he swore to never bloodbend again before that point. That speaks for him having a moral core buried deep down inside of him.
But I do think he was dishonest right out of the gate. He was always a weakling in his father's eyes and then he sort of embraced that role, by never fighting fair, by lying and by manipulating rather than meeting challenges head-on.
But I think he'd still make an interesting character on Team Avatar, since he really, really wants to be the hero. He wants recognition and he wants to succeed where his father failed. But he also wants the people to love him. He never tries to intimidate, he's always bargaining.

He'd weasel his way into Korra's circle of friends, but not with an outright malicious intend. He'd want to profit from that connection though, perhaps exploit it.
>> No. 108707
Confirm my fears for me please:

Fanfic writers/readers do not like space operas. Fans of space operas do not like fanfic.

Any attempt at making a Avatar space opera would end miserably.
>> No. 108748
> Fanfic writers/readers do not like space operas. Fans of space operas do not like fanfic.

i'm laughing really hard. do you know the show that spawned the first major fanzines and fan conventions, effectively making it the first modern fandom? do you know where the term mary-sue came from?

hint: it's a space opera
>> No. 108749
File 134283291995.jpg - (372.38KB , 1840x1794 , Legend_of_the_Galactic_Heroes_full_450330.jpg )
Actually, Star Trek is not a space opera.

Pic related is.

And the difference is galactic
>> No. 108750
File 134284590890.jpg - (36.38KB , 512x355 , 600full-super-dimension-fortress-macross-artwork.jpg )
Did someone say Space Opera?
>> No. 108758
File 134288103110.jpg - (76.37KB , 305x380 , A-Distant-Soil.jpg )
Space Opera, you say?
>> No. 108761
File 13428884439.png - (1.27MB , 1024x1448 , tekla_by_s_h_a_n_d_o_r-d4wlomg.png )
Shadow Raiders is a Space Opera, right?
>> No. 108796
Okay, so I guess I'll gauge interest then since a surprising amount of people seem familiar with space operas.

>After Aang gets caught in the storm and put into an iceberg. The spirits act to save the balance of the world from the war that will inevitably happen with the Avatar out of commission. They split the four nations into four worlds and put them on opposite ends of the whole galaxy.

>Unfortunately, four thousand years later each nation still manages to advance technologically enough to get to space. Each nation except for the Air Nomads. Content and at peace, they're completely unprepared for the Fire Empire bombardment that bakes the entire planet and are wiped out almost immediately. FE is expanding through the galaxy at a rapid pace, exterminating life wherever they meet it for the crime of dirtying the universe with their mere existence. While not every soldier ends up brainwashed, they're bound to obey their commanders and most of all the Supreme Fire Emperor.

>Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, the industrial power of the United Earth Federation rises up to meet the FE expansion and fights them to a standstill not with the quality of their ships, but with the sheer quantity of them. A dead man's land that spans millions of light years across an entire galaxy is made. It is a slow, but never-ending war because although the UEF has the forces to repel any major attack by the FE, they can't cover every lightyear of the galaxy and small FE fleets still dart through the UEF's defenses and wipe out vulnerable planets wherever they can.

>Eventually the UEF will not be able to sustain ship production and the FE will finally be able to strike at the heart of the UEF production facilities, the Ba Sing Se system.

>After a thousand years of war, that final attack looks close to happening.

>Meanwhile, the Water Coalition - a minor player in the galactic war compared to the UEF or FE - sends out a lone science vessel to the Air Nomad planet in search of an old legend.

>Although her research partner and brother tells her she's delusional, Science Officer Katara still believes that one day the Avatar will return to restore balance to the four worlds.


So my biggest obstacle right now is how to (or even whether I should) incorporate bending in a universe where the primary mode of combat is giant ships shooting lasers that would make Hiroshima look like a joke.
>> No. 108797
Well, the first thing that came to mind was giant robots...
>> No. 108799

We had a few tiny plot-bunnies for an AU where Aang was the last human, and the other four nations were genetically modified humans meant to adapt to new worlds and eco-systems. The Water Tribe were Zora/Abe Sapien-like fish people, it was neat.
>> No. 108800
File 134294497765.jpg - (178.26KB , 480x528 , Bending Finger SMALL.jpg )
Ah the old days...
>> No. 108804
File 134296072731.jpg - (128.86KB , 612x792 , 123671644970.jpg )

I liked that.
>> No. 108805
Equalists = Zeon?
>> No. 108807
File 134296737057.jpg - (54.81KB , 720x480 , [OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam - The 08th MS Team Remaste.jpg )
>> No. 108809
Well in some Gundam series to differentiate between them, the Zion forces were technologically superior and better trained, but vastly outnumbered. They used the mobile suits primarily and were well-suited to the rigors of space-combat.

The Earth forces primarily used spaceships and fighters which were far less capable on the battlefield but much easier to produce. Their soldiers while numerous were nowhere near the capability of the Zion pilots.

So using certain Gundam series as inspiration it's actually a pretty fitting scenario.

But I'm not sure how the Avatar would have a place in this.

I mean I know that a lot of Gundam series often feature a third-party in the Zion vs. Earth war that is interested in bringing about peace with a few awesome Gundams, but I'm not sure if it would make much sense for Aang to pilot one of the Gundams. For one thing, the technological disparity would be insane, Aang would probably be paralyzed with incomprehension if he was ever in a Gundam. Although that could conceivably be written off as the Gundam just using an intuitive system. But then there's the fact that's it's not really Aang the Avatar who's bringing about peace, but Aang the Gundam Pilot. Piloting a Gundam and being the Avatar are as about as far away from each other as you can get. If Aang is a Gundam pilot then there's no meaning behind being the Avatar anymore.
>> No. 108810
In a sense, it might work better with Korra.

Make the equalists more about technique than raw power of their mechs. More based on trickery, subversion and espionage. Hell, Chi-Blocking can just be equipment that knocks out the mech's movement.

What the actual story for them would be, I don't know, but the actual application is easier.
>> No. 108811
File 13429759193.jpg - (23.59KB , 210x240 , char_2494.jpg )
>A new era of equality has begun!
>> No. 108812
File 134297761922.jpg - (50.83KB , 720x480 , [OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam - The 08th MS Team Remaste.jpg )
I could swear I've seen this guy before...

Oh well, probably nothing.
>> No. 108813
File 13429791118.jpg - (57.38KB , 720x480 , [OZC]Mobile Suit Gundam - The 08th MS Team Remaste.jpg )
And this guy, looks just like...
>> No. 108814
But seriously, I think AtLA just has a larger and more well-defined cast of characters to draw from.
>> No. 108815
>>I think AtLA just has a larger and more well-defined cast of characters to draw from.

Or you could mash them up.

Universe Century 0100. Mankind lives amongst the heavens, and the Imperial Fire Co-Properity Sphere rules the Earth and its colonies with an iron fist. But Colony Three has a secret: the mobile suit. With this key to military dominance, the Principality of Amon has declared war on the Fire Empire and 'Oldtypes' known as benders. Against both these superpower stand four elite soldiers, fighting for their bygone nations using legendary mobile suits called 'Gundams.

TOPH: "You thought I was a kid and underestimated me."

SOKKA: "Maaan, I'm going to have nightmares over this one."

MAI: "Mission accepted."

JINORA: "There is nothing more valuable than life in this universe. Sandrock has taught me that."

AMON: "Those Gundam pilots are desperate. They'll battle even if it means sacrificing their lives."

Humanity is engaged in its final war, stretching from the Earth to the stars, with nothing less than its ultimate destiny as a species at stake.

AZULA: "Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger!"

As Imperial, Equalist, and Nationalist forces march towards oblivion, mankind's only hope for peace is a time-lost boy with powers beyond comprehension. His name? Aang.

KATARA: "All of you are very mistaken, and the Avatar will soon come to rectify your mistakes."

TARRLOK: "Silence!"

HIROSHI: "Impossible! He's... he's bending the colony back into orbit!"

Now, Avatar Aang and his friends will shake the foundation of all mankind and change the course of history. If they can stay alive.
>> No. 108816
I'd watch it.
>> No. 108819
File 134299945279.jpg - (1.34MB , 1936x1083 , Honor Gundam.jpg )
>I understand now... these pilots have been infected with the power of Sozin's Comet, corrupting them into pawns of the Agni-Gundam with the help of KYOSHI!
>> No. 108828
>Take this! My love! My anger! And all of my Honor!
>> No. 108834
>Meat and patriotism! That's my thing! That's my whole identity!
>> No. 108839
>Answer me, Zuko! School of... THE DRAGON OF THE WEST!
>> No. 108840
So I'm rewatching LoGH because it's awesome and I saw this plot device that could be used to bring back bending at least in some form in a tactically sound way.

>Seffle particles are highly explosive and combustible particles used primarily in demolition work. Their exceptional destructive power quickly led to them being used in combat situations. Seffle particles are too small to be seen with the naked eye, have no odour, and don't require oxygen to explode, so they can be used both in space and within an atmosphere. However, they do need to be activated with an energy beam, such as gunfire or warship cannons.

Not only would this allow for hand-to-hand mobile suit fights in space or on land, it could mean the return of boarding parties - a tactic which hasn't seen action since the existence of pirates and wooden navies. Bending itself could have actual use in space combat via boarding parties.

The alternative is more of a G Gundam sort of thing where mobile suits just fight hand-to-hand incorporating the bending styles of their respective people.
>> No. 108853
File 134313219854.jpg - (55.71KB , 720x480 , [EG]Turn-A_Gundam_05_V2[33E4526C]_mkv_snapshot_20_.jpg )
equalist uniform
>> No. 109379

Toph gives birth to Lin while the Gaang witnesses. The Toph and Sokka brOTP is extra strength in this one.
>> No. 110611
File 13538288878.jpg - (506.84KB , 1280x1969 , Umbrella_Academy_#006_023.jpg )
Episode where Lieutenant is drowning his sorrows in a bar.

Commotion outside, some bending aristocrat and his cronies are bullying the peasantry.

Lieutenant ignores the cries for help, including a young patron of the bar who recognizes him from his own days as an Equalist.

Eventually, the aristocrat makes a grand speech on how we are all born into our roles and to try to go above or below them leads to disaster, citing the sinister spawn of Yakone as lowly dogs whose ambitions brought ruin and pain to those around them.

Those at the bottom are simply stools for the elite to rest their divine feet upon and that's all they should aspire to.

We get some flashbacks of the Lieutenant's past while this is all going on.

Lieutenant has enough. Goes out, asks them to leave but is earthbended by one of the thugs into a furniture store.

The fiends laugh until the Lieutenant comes charging out of there, armed with snapped-off chair legs no less. He manages to beat all the aristocrats bodyguards and goes to take out their boss.

Unfortunately he turns out to be a powerful firebender, in that he's capable of dishing out large amounts of firepower, lacking the restraint and sense to reign it in ala Zhao.

The whole district starts to be set ablaze. The aristocrat is nonplussed, the Lieutenant is furious that he put them all in danger. The aristocrat shoots back that if the Lieutenant hadn't attacked him, tried to do something great, then none of it wouldn't have happened. However, as a skilled firebender, he can dissapate the flames and save the civilians if the Lieutenant will bow before him and take his punishment for attacking an elite.

"Besides, Equalists are naturals at obeying Benders. Aren't they?"

The Lieutenant kneels, head bowed, hands on his lap, clasped in regretful submission.

The aristocrat brings all the flames in the area to surround his hand and makes to bring the inferno down on the Lieutenant in one, grand lethal chop.

Then Korra swoops in and kicks him in the shirt. The aristocrat is initially put on the offensive but for all his former ferocity, backs off upon realizing that she's the avatar, reduced to groveling due to his own convictions, babbling that he was just delivering justice to an equalist swine that escaped her "divine and impeccable gaze whose flawless wisdom sees all and knows all."

Korra looks upon the Lieutenant but eventually says that he's just some drunk who tried to stand up for the peasants. It's ambiguous, as to whether she actually recognizes him. She berates the noble for his misdeeds and he scurries off while shouting her praises with disturbing sincerity.

The crowd begins to praise Korra for saving them. The Lieutenant looks a bit annoyed that she's getting all the credit, but softly smiles, walks back into the bar:

And orders a glass of water.
>> No. 110657
File 135426724156.png - (549.13KB , 900x600 , avatarhighschool.png )

High School AU except kind of keeping the premise of a 100 year war by making it a 100 day gang war.

Everyone already dresses up in gang colors and divide themselves ethnically, so that's done. Fire gang headed by Azula, won't rest till the whole school's under her thumb. Water bros, just want to chill, but will step up if they have to. Rock gang is the only real opposition to Azula, headed by Toph. Aang transfers in mid-year while the gang's are just fighting it out and story follows him trying to unite the gangs and stop the violence.
>> No. 110765

So, it's funny that I go back on here for the first time in literally FOREVER and see the OP, because ... I seem to have pretty much done that. Or at least a little ficlet about it.

It's been a long time since I've written Avatar ANYTHING, so it's probably pretty rough, but eh, felt good to write a fic again.

>> No. 110773
very nice. I liked the image of Azula offering some raw meat especially.

Aang is always tough to fit in High School. He's the last of his people, shares the skills of all the other social groups, and has some inherit authority. His age is also tough. If he was aged up from 12 to 14-15, how different would he be?
>> No. 110853
>>Aang is always tough to fit in High School. He's the last of his people, shares the skills of all the other social groups, and has some inherit authority. His age is also tough. If he was aged up from 12 to 14-15, how different would he be?

I once wrote up a high school AU idea about that. Lemme go dig it out of my Scrivener...

Okay. Found it. The **exact** POD from canon is something I hadn't settled on. I was torn between the Earth Kingdom balkanizing under Kyoshi due to the Earth King dying in a peasant rebellion, or perhaps Emperor Chin rethinking his attempt to make Kyoshi bend her knee to him and ends up controlling the whole EK minus Kyoshi Village and BSS. It doesn't particularly matter. The end result is the same -- the Earth Kingdom(s) end up stronger than in canon. Not a powerhouse by any means, but strong enough that Sozin's imperial ambitions aren't viable.

So as an alternative means of increasing the Fire Lord's political power, and fending off any challenges from the rising merchant or nascent industrial classes, Sozin pulls a Sakoku-esq closure of the Fire Nation. The Comet passes, but the only fighting is Sozin's forces smashing the last of his internal opposition. Aang grows to sixteen, learns he's the Avatar, takes a flight on Appa to clear his head, and gets broadsided by the Canon Railroad's choo-choo train.

96 years pass.

Aang defrosts. He starts training because, hey, he's the Avatar and it's a way to explore this new world. But when he gets to the Fire Nation, Aang is dropped into the vipers nest that is the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. Why? Well, this Sakoku!FN isn't entirely amicable to foreigners, and sticking THE foreigner into a testosterone-soaked Boys Academy is asking for Aang to get Agni Kai'd. Plus, Fire Lord Azulon is something of a dirty old man, and he's hoping that sticking the Avatar into a haven of refined FN womanhood that he'll endear the Avatar to his country.

For you see, there's new challenges to the FN's closure brewing. The Earth Kingdom hasn't stood still in terms of industrialization this past century, and *something* has to be done. Azulon's two sons are leading rival factions on a collision course as to what: Iroh, the internationalist, and Ozai, the militarist.


* AZULA: (14) the Avatar's firebending sifu, and a daughter of the Militarist Faction's leader. The Fire Lord hopes to split father and daughter with Aang as a wedge. Where will Azula's loyalties ultimately lie?

* MAI: (15) the betrothed to Fourth Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko, and childhood friend of Azula. Apathetic to the politics of the situation, and the seemingly inevitable course of her destiny, she's unsettled by the intrusion of the Avatar into her life.

* TY LEE: (13) childhood friend of Azula, and persistent nail that won't be hammered down. Latches onto the Avatar as a way to learn about the forbidden outside world. Dreams of running away to join the circus. As far as she has any political opinions whatsoever, Ty Lee is an internationalist... at least whenever Azula isn't in the room.

* KORI: (17) the half-Earth daughter of a port city governor. Mostly tolerated by her xenophobic classmates because her family is 1) a valuable connection to the country's limited trade, and 2) rich. The Dangerous Ladies do not associate with her socially. Avatar Aang is one of the few other earthbenders she has ever met. Politically, she's an arch militarist.

* AANG: (16) the Avatar. Our tall and lanky lead, he's unknowingly arrived in a rat-viper nest of intrigue and romantic entanglement. As this is also a Harem story in addition to a High School AU, he's also the only boy in the entire school. Why? Because.

(Additionally, Toph and Katara could potentially be added to the mix as Aang's teachers, but I never settled on if they should be included.)
>> No. 110854

ATLA and Stargate SG1 crossover.

Works surprisingly well.
>> No. 110855
Which reminds me of this fanfiction
Which inspired me to write a Visual Novel in Ren'Py
Which I never finished.

I wasn't comfortable with making Aang the main character for two reasons 1. to give the option to play as a female 2. to keep Aang open as a romance option.

And to give the school setting a more international feel, the events would take place entirely after the war, albeit with some minor changes that prevent any of the canon BAD endings as well unship everyone. The school would be purposed as a proto-United Republic. The idea being that they'll start change with the young and so on. However the rivalries between the Gaang and the Fire kids is still intense and the player would be caught right in the middle of it.

The ultimate goal would be laying the foundation for the United Republic. Or wrecking it depending on what the player wants to do.
>> No. 110890
Some stuff I've written in an AU where Suki is the Avatar.

"I Am" http://blueflamequeen.livejournal.com/9291.html (Assorted drabbles with a pretty heavy Sukka leaning)

"Friendly Sparring" http://blueflamequeen.livejournal.com/9520.html (Hakoda gets to know Suki through sparring)
>> No. 111004

>Also known as Batsami Begins. In the aftermath of Amon's rebellion, Republic City is left in ruin. The question the Equalists posed was never answered, and now crime and war are surging. A new evil is rising, and the old protectors of Republic City cannot stop it. Now is the time for Asami Sato to take up the mantle of the Batwoman, and show this city that it's still worth saving.

Seven chapters so far, good stuff.
>> No. 111069
Re-endorsing because it's worth it
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