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File 138461951462.png - (1.15MB , 1434x804 , Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10_28_25 AM.png )
116038 No. 116038
Not sure if everyone is aware but Nickmade a deal on tumblr to get a certain amount of reblogs and they would release the final 2 episdoes.

Didn't see a thread about it so figured I would post it.


Torrent links:


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>> No. 116587
Well it does make it all more personal
>> No. 116589
File 138940501886.jpg - (78.83KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mz7r6cvuPx1rptk5lo1_500.jpg )
something else from bryan's tumblr...
>> No. 116590
Bolin has his earth colors here in his pajamas. But Mako has Korra's water 'blue' rather than his fire colors, heck they could even associate red with Asami and her colors.
>> No. 116658
File 139073445395.jpg - (159.23KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mzxcagtNfD1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116659
>"After two seasons of Asami being the series' unofficial punching bag, we decided to just make it obvious."
>> No. 116660
I just like that she and Asami appear to be hanging out together doing activities for no reason other than that they enjoy each other's company. But maybe the context of the scene will make it less "Oh cool, they're just bein' friends" and more "PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT."
>> No. 116661
They'll be talking about Mako. I guarantee it.
>> No. 116663
Shh, let me dream.
>> No. 116666
>that man is EVIL
>we must stop his EVIL plan
>now that I've murdered him, I actually like his plan and will use it

a true hero
>> No. 116668
>> No. 116669
I think the breakdown was more:

>Opening the Spirit Portals and letting people and spirits move freely between worlds = OK
>Freeing Vatu, becoming a dark avatar, and ushering in 10,000 years of darkness = BAD
>> No. 116678
File 139117309554.png - (430.39KB , 498x897 , 1391101767254.png )
Asami just figured out how she likes Korra, and she's fine with that. Time to bring out Mr.Shocky.
>> No. 116681
File 139119975511.jpg - (239.18KB , 1280x960 , 1391199633322.jpg )
>> No. 116682
Is Bolin vomiting?
>> No. 116683
Morning sickness.
>> No. 116684
Lin is the father
>> No. 116742
>Guys, the Dutch Nickelodeon is airing a commercial from the Legend of Korra that has season 3 footage in it! I’m freaking out, man! Particularly because season 2 doesn’t ‘premiere’ in this country until next Wednesday. I’m keeping my eye out for it to see if I can record it with my camera, but the commercial breaks are very few and very short. They can’t be found online either.
>Here’s images that I saw that my mind actually managed to process:
>- Close-up of Korra in the Avatar state (I think she was floating? /unsure)
>- Korra in the city, using that swirly waterbending move meant to calm spirits, while in the distance you see a huge building still covered in vines.
>- Tenzin (Or maybe it was Bumi?) assuming a bending pose (or just some sort of bending stance) while shirtless. Whichever of the brothers it was, he had great old man abs. It did the original Bumi proud.
>- Korra walking towards the camera while Bumi, Tenzin and (I think) Kya exit some huge vehicle in the background. I think it was a blimp or something?
>- Korra jumping up and using some sort of kicking bending move (probably earth bending) on three dudes in green outfits blocking her path. They looked very Earth Kingdomish. She uses it to knock at least one of them to the ground.

>Whether you believe me or not is up to you, but like I said, I’m keeping an eye on the TV to see if I can record it and then you can all see for yourself.
>> No. 116743
Legend of Korra Season 3 Trailer Netherlandsyoutube thumb
>> No. 116744
File 139251644945.png - (293.99KB , 1100x765 , let_s_go_for_a_swim_by_sniperstalker-d6prj9a.png )
It’s Tenzin shirtless.
>> No. 116745
Korra giving all the benders a whuppen
>> No. 116746
File 139253923189.jpg - (294.70KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_n12tx06El01rf2fvso3_1280.jpg )
People think this could be Zuko.
>> No. 116747

It clearly is
>> No. 116748
Lin calls in her uncle for support.
>> No. 116749
So I should be expecting all of my headcanon about Zuko as a grumpy old man to be completely disproven, then.
>> No. 116750
swap it out for the most suave bastard to ever fly a dragon.
>> No. 116751

I gotta go with that. The pics too washed out to tell for certain, but it looks like he's missing his left eyebrow and there's possibly an outline of his scar (and some slight discoloration).

I'm guessing this is the hatchling from the egg in TFBM.
>> No. 116753
Anybody able to transcribe/translate what they said?
>> No. 116754
In that case, it's becoming a family tradition at this point, sounds like.
>> No. 116756
He probably just showed up to give Mako a "bestest firebender in the the history of forever" award.
>> No. 116757
Amon's vote carried a lot of weight on that committee's decision.

We know the douche's going to show up and ruin any group dynamic eventually but maybe it will be towards the end if the rest of them are globe trotting.
>> No. 116778
>Dark Horse Deluxe and Nickelodeon and expanding their partnership to include a wide array of new Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra merchandise. The merchandise will debut at Toy Fair and be released in May.

>The new merchandise follows Dark Horse’s already successful graphic novels and art books based on both series.

>Products in development include limited-edition statues, figurines, and busts, as well as, featured plush, drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs, coaster sets, magnets, playing cards, badges, pins, lunch boxes, sculptural pins, and other items.

Holy shit is Nick actually realizing how much money they could make off these series?
>> No. 116780

It only took them 10 fucking years
>> No. 116781
File 139285070168.jpg - (64.31KB , 550x398 , LegendOfKorraLunchBox.jpg )

>tfw your waifu is finally on a lunchbox
>> No. 116782
File 139285464592.gif - (1.25MB , 213x120 , 1324008806710.gif )
>Avatar statues/figurines
Dark Horse's merch looks great. The potential is huge.
>> No. 116783
>They still won't make any merchandise featuring the girls
>> No. 116787

No Mai figurines? ;_;
>> No. 116788
They'll probably only start out with like Korra and Aang to test the waters.
>> No. 116790

If Dark Horse rolls out anything like Figma or Play Arts Kai (fingers crossed,) just a high quality highly poseable toy, I'm on that shit like white on rice.
>> No. 116791
Heck if its NECA quality Turtle stuff or their TF2 merch, jumping it. Regardless Korra and Asami. FTW.
>> No. 116795
Some previews of the Dark Horse merch.


>> No. 116801
piddly stuff for now, still stoked its getting merch period though.
>> No. 116824
It is finally nice to getting SOMETHING though, right? And I know I'm being a nit-picky asshole with this, but would it kill them to make the elemental symbols their appropriate colors? I mean, come on! It's just as easy to get these things right (I'll probably still buy them, though)!
>> No. 116825
Yea took them long enough, something they should have been setting up last year.
>> No. 116827
File 139406327037.png - (360.09KB , 764x430 , tumblr_n1zjnuSCV71rptk5lo1_1280.png )
Bryan posted a new Book 3 still
>> No. 116828
>they see your penis
>> No. 116829
File 139407619190.png - (360.77KB , 764x430 , tumblr_n1zqi1afmW1r5du0ko1_r3_1280.png )

courtesy of http://owldee.tumblr.com/post/78704768228/so-korra-and-asami-were-bored-and-made-a-mover-and
>> No. 116830

Someone chopped up the audio of Varrick and made this.
>> No. 116831
Hey Asami back with Team Avatar
>> No. 116849
Mako has apparently seen bigger in his time.
>> No. 116856
Group showers in the Bending Circuit bush league.
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