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115681 No. 115681
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>> No. 115682
Not bad, i'd give the whole series an 8/10.

Needed more Ozai tho.
>> No. 115687
While having Azula run off conveniently is kind of dumb, I like that it leaves her story open and they just didn't wrap everything up with her getting healed by the power of love, or something. Kind of wish everyone showed a bit more concern over her being loose, though.
>> No. 115689
This and Madoka are broadcasting a complex and rather good message for audiences that I hope sees even further use in other fictional works:

Sometimes you have to do what's wrong, in order to do what's right.
>> No. 115690
It was a comic I read. It didn't offend me (as if there were a chance of that happening)

That's about all that I have to say about it.
>> No. 115692
File 138321384860.gif - (480.67KB , 500x298 , dishonor.gif )
Well, pretty much everything happened as predicted, and it sucked. The only thing that would have made it worse would be if Zuko really was Ikem's son and Azula had a heartfelt, tearful reform.

The whole "Mother of Faces" concept is still lame, and finding out Koh is her son was even cheesier than if they were just spirit rivals or something. And don't even get me started with what happened to Ursa. This is a woman who's parting words to her son were "Never forget who you are.", so of course, she promptly decides to forget about her children in addition to getting a new face. WTF. But of course, the whole thing is pointless since the Mother of Faces randomly gives back her face and memories near the end. They could have at least waited for Azula to talk to her after that happened. And speaking of which, I agree with >>115687 about Azula. Seriously now. This whole thing happened due to the Gaang's OOC stupidity of giving her free reign the entire time. If not for that, so many of the problems here could have been avoided.

Then, of course, there's Ozai still being a massively abusive dick and a stupid explanation for why he treats Zuko the way he does. Yeah, I get that Ozai is an evil man, but this makes him out to be even more of a black-and-white, bland, boring, mustache-twirling villain than he was in the show. So all in all, I think I like this even less than The Promise. I completely dismiss this as canon in my mind. It's just terrible.
>> No. 115695
The only thing I felt was bad was when [spoilers]Azula just ran off and left the letter after Zuko said she'd always be his sister[/spoiler] but it would have been difficult to end this comic differently since it would have been out of character for Azula to suddenly reform and if she was captured they can't make any more comics with her.

I wonder if Azula will still keep seeing her mother everywhere after this? I doubt she'll stop trying to take the throne from Zuko so easily.
>> No. 115700
That was terrible. I'm gonna ignore it.
>> No. 115706
I think they did a good job tying everything up by the end of it. It's nice it didn't end on any kind of cliffhanger. But I don't think this will be the last time we explore the dynamics of the Royal Family.
>> No. 115707
any scans yet?
>> No. 115708

give it a week or two
>> No. 115709
I've half expecting all that we've heard about The Rift to be false and it's another trilogy about Zuko.
>> No. 115710

Considering that the story deals with a joint Earth Kingdom/Fire Nation factory or some shit, I'm sure Zuko will play some role, but it sounds like The Rift is mostly Aang.
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