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115389 No. 115389
Why did it seem like Korra was a completely new person at the end of the episode? Did she finally learn what it meant to be the Avatar? Has her ego finally gone away or will she still have some of it to drive her forward in some situations? Wan had a bit of an ego too, but eventually learned to not let it define him.
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>> No. 115390
I think she just realized that it was much more important to close the portal and not let the world be destroyed, and that, by opening it, that's probably her Uncle's end-game too.

I don't actually think she's changed greatly beyond that. I guess we'll see.
>> No. 115391
I don't think she's really changed so much as she has a better idea of what she needs to do now.
>> No. 115393
Will we see some humility once she closes the portals realizing that she was the one that opened them?

I liked how she related to when Wan set Vaatu free. Knowing full well that both of them have done a terrible deed that needs to be fixed.
>> No. 115396
I love that the Avatar only exists because of the first one fucking up. I hope this leads to people cutting Korra some slack but it probably won't.
>> No. 115400
At the very least, the "worst avatar ever" debates will cease
>> No. 115401
It's just /co/ and tumblr being retarded.
>> No. 115419
She doesn't deserve any. She is the result of the choices she has made and they have all been based on contemptuousness, hostility, anger, and jealousy. Nothing can or will ever change that.
>> No. 115420

FireLo pls.
>> No. 115421
File 138216872758.png - (424.48KB , 508x483 , 1370044764603.png )
Yeah I think you need to rewatch because Korra only ever did one thing out of jealousy and she ended up regretting it and apologizing. Korra is not a jealous person. I'm almost positive people like you don't watch the show.
>> No. 115422
There has to be more than one for it to have happened?
>> No. 115423
File 138217037592.png - (49.02KB , 171x300 , what the fuck ever.png )
I'm saying they looked at a list of negative traits and randomly selected a handful to put in their post without even considering if they actually apply to Korra's character. Contemptuous? Really?

There's a difference between "just because Wan fucked up doesn't mean we should let Korra off the hook for her mistakes" (because she's made a lot of them and has made situations worse) and "Korra is a psychopath with no basic empathy and is hellbent on making everyone's life miserable", which is exactly the kind of attitude people like that poster have.
>> No. 115424
What do you want to call it when she throws Tenzin's attempts to help her learn airbending in his face at every turn?
>> No. 115425

What the fuck are you talking about? They butt heads, but she's learned plenty from him. From how it's headed it looks like Korra's going to learn to be a better student and Tenzin a better teacher and blah blah blah character growth. it'll be all touching and shit
>> No. 115426
She doesn't throw everything back into his face, while she wasn't happy about his plans she was still willing to go on the Air Temple trip. She ditched him because she found out he had been lying to her for 13 years and was trying to stop her from doing what she felt was her job as the Avatar without even asking for her input. We've been over this, like how many times? And it never seems to sink in with people like you.
>> No. 115437
Given that most Avatars weren't told they were the Avatar until they were Korra's age it's clear that Tenzin hasn't been stopping Korra doing her Avatar duties because child Avatars aren't required to solve all the world's problems.

In any case Korra is unlikely to change in any way and will still be as hot headed and idiotic as she's always been.
>> No. 115442

They were talking about the recent events in the South with all the battles against the Spirits and the like, not anything when she was still training. Quit being a pedantic ass.
>> No. 115468
You're really desperate, aren't you?
>> No. 115469

>> No. 115471
talking about South Korea or Best Korea?
>> No. 115474

They weren't claiming she was, they were using hyperbole to make fun of people like >>115419 who exaggerate or invent flaws for Korra. Speaking of >>115419, are you really at this again? The previous two bans taught you nothing?
>> No. 115475
Why was he banned twice?
>> No. 115477

For this exact behavior. Again, recognizing the show's faults is fine, saying everything Korra ever did was out of spite, jealousy, or malice is nothing but starting shit.
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