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File 138207000918.jpg - (295.57KB , 764x431 , NumberWan.jpg )
115365 No. 115365
8 EST Friday night people! The return of Studio Mir!

Lots of people within the production have been praising these episodes. I think we're in for a real treat.
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>> No. 115366
I'm ready Avatar Aladdin, but are they showing both episodes?
>> No. 115367
Yep, but it's starting half an hour early.
>> No. 115369
Gettan' ready for more evil parents and siblings from the dawn of the Avatar Age!
>> No. 115370

Don't forget the dead mothers!
>> No. 115371
I'm liking this so far and the art style is gorgeous, but wouldn't a prehistoric setting for the first avatar make more sense? 10000 years before atla and the technology is almost the same.
>> No. 115372
god this music
>> No. 115373
And as a shock to no one at all, /co/ is already shit talking the episodes
I wonder what it's like to be so goddamn predictable.
>> No. 115374
Eh time and advancement doesn't have to be linked. Heck we are still finding remains of civilizations that weren't supposed to be around by out current standards.
>> No. 115375
Eh time and advancement doesn't have to be linked. Heck we are still finding remains of civilizations that weren't supposed to be around by our current standards.
>> No. 115376
So obviously Unalaq wants to merge with Vatu, but it's probably gonna be Varrick.
>> No. 115377
Sucks to be them.
I couldn't be happier with these episodes.
>> No. 115378
Hell yeah. We got some Avatar VS Anti-Avatar action inbound.

Also, a theory on why technology advanced so slowly for 10,000 years -- think about it, there were only a few lion-turtle cities, right? Wan was traveling for two years before he found the airbenders. So clearly there aren't many lion-turtles.

So there might've been only a max of a few tens of thousands of humans alive at the time that Wan closed the portal, and the ones leaving the lion-turtle cities start fighting it out afterward as the old power structures fell apart with such a radical shift in society.

It'd take a fair while for the global population to increase to the point to support an advanced technological civilization.
>> No. 115380
The second episode had more deaths that the rest of Avatar combined. Just as myths should.

We also got a canon explanation for the bisons
>> No. 115381

And then at some point it all fell apart again because there was a unified society at one time that resulted in things like the Library that Wan Shi built and allowed access to all until society once again became unstable. I think there are about four or five cycles of development and decline from Wan to Korra time frames.
>> No. 115382
File 138215194019.png - (214.42KB , 400x228 , 1382150503020.png )
So eight planets. Looks like (counting outward from the sun) #3 and #7 are ringed.

Meaning the planet Avatar takes place on can't be the third planet from the sun. A ring that big would be highly visible from the surface.
>> No. 115383
Thought that the show will air on time. Missed half. Feel crappy.
>to the Bay of Pirates
>> No. 115384
File 13821543409.png - (259.78KB , 666x370 , yDthwlf.png )
Something a poster on another board pointed out. Remember that island we close out the show with an oddly lingering shot on? Look behind it. It's almost like there's a wake there. As if it were *moving*.

So Korra gets attacked by a nigh-unbeatable Dark Spirit kaiju, and then mysteriously washes up on an island that 1) has sages who know how to treat her possibly fatal condition, 2) know when the Harmonic Convergence will be taking place, and 3) have a fast mode of transportation handy to get Korra back in the fight.

Call it a coincidence. I call it a lion-turtle doing a bro a favor.
>> No. 115385
Why is it we never saw those planets in the sky?
>> No. 115386

Dramatic license. Each of the planets should be, at best, mere sparkles of light in the distance at the range we'd be seeing from the outermost planet, but that wouldn't make for good television.
>> No. 115387
Why did the final fight scene between Wan and Vaatu feel more satisfying than Aang and Ozai?

I love the world of 10,000 years ago and fuck yes, the show is now getting even more interesting by giving Korra an actual goal must like what Aang had.

Is it wrong for me to say this was one of the best episodes so far?
>> No. 115388
That shot alone makes me wonder what the world would be like if humans started colonizing space since the cosmos here obviously has a strong connection to the spirits.
>> No. 115392
These are quite possibly my favorite episodes of Korra ever. It was amazing. /co/ needs take that stick out of their ass and get smacked in the head with it a few times for good measure. Sure, there were a few minor annoyances, but they aren't even worth talking about. The whole dark versus light, order/balance versus chaos has been done before, but it was still cool to see Avatar's take on it. These episodes were amazing.

And it looks like Avatar Aladdin was also the Avatarverse's version of Pandora here. That could have been prevented if Rava(?) had just spoken up about what she was doing. But like a true Firebender, Wan charged in before he could understand the situation. Still, it was a pretty cool backstory and a good reason for why the Avatar is always trying to keep balance. I wonder how many ping-pong matches it took Mike and Bryan to agree on this origin story. They must've watched a lot of Miyazaki movies too.

Huh, I wonder if that was a mistake. Or maybe the planets lined up out of order? We've seen Avatar's "Earth" before, so we know it isn't ringed.

A few questions I have. Why didn't the fire Lionturtle just tell the Chu family to GTFO his back and banish them for their dickish behavior, instead of Wan, who was just fighting back? And are they insinuating that the reason the Northern Water Tribe is always so full of dicks is because the evil Dark Spirit was sealed there? How did humans keep their bending? I thought the Lionturtle said it would be taken away. Did they change their minds?
>> No. 115394
File 138215796773.gif - (1.33MB , 300x166 , brockssj.gif )
>mfw that entire fucking episode

>> No. 115395

I think it said it would no longer give people bending. Not that it would take it away. Presumably, people got to keep the bending they already had.
>> No. 115397
File 138215824247.jpg - (0.97MB , 1244x942 , cave troll.jpg )
>The whole dark versus light, order/balance versus chaos has been done before
That is basically the overall theme of Avatar which managed to accomplish it better than shit in the past.

>/co/ needs take that stick out of their ass and get smacked in the head with it a few times for good measure.
/co/ needs to be shot for being too stupid to follow a plot that is from a children's show. They constantly miss out important information that is explained in great detail. There are also trolls that inhabit the board.
>> No. 115398
So how many myths did these episodes reference? I've heard:

- Prometheus
- Pandora
- Original sin
- The really freaking obvious Buddhavista
>> No. 115399
And then they just passed that on to their kids? I guess that makes sense.

>That is basically the overall theme of Avatar

Yeah, but it was much more blatant here, that's all I'm saying.
>> No. 115402
Man, those were some good couple of episodes. Dat final scene of Wan ;_;
>> No. 115404
And wasn't there a hint of "Journey to the West" too? Not a fan of DBZ, so I couldn't say. Though it was like a lot of Kung-Fu type spiritual journeys.
>> No. 115405
IKR? If we didn't know he'd be reincarnated and see him again later, I'd be depressed as fuck. That seems to be the case with a lot of Avatar's deaths. Well, I'm mostly thinking of Roku, but it seems every Avatar has had something they're not proud of leaving behind or unaccomplished. I hope that wasn't the case with Aang.
>> No. 115406
File 138215880542.jpg - (20.76KB , 272x374 , Xyj-sun_wukong.jpg )
That cloud-riding he did was definitely a reference.
>> No. 115407
>They must've watched a lot of Miyazaki movies too.
The spirit bathing springs were obviously a homage to Spirited Away. I loved that part.

>Huh, I wonder if that was a mistake. Or maybe the planets lined up out of order? We've seen Avatar's "Earth" before, so we know it isn't ringed.
Their solar system doesn't have to be arranged like ours.

I think this is the first solid acknowledgement of the existence of celestial bodies in the ATLA universe.

>Why didn't the fire Lionturtle just tell the Chu family to GTFO his back and banish them for their dickish behavior, instead of Wan, who was just fighting back?
The Lionturtle seems to take a neutral position in the squabbles of men. He let the Chu have their authority while giving Wan the power necessary to survive.

>And are they insinuating that the reason the Northern Water Tribe is always so full of dicks is because the evil Dark Spirit was sealed there?
The Northern Water Tribe seemed pretty chill in ATLA. Also, the dark spirit isn't sealed at the North, it's sealed in that spirit world area where the North and South meet, or something like that.

>How did humans keep their bending?
I'm wondering if we'll get a larger explanation for this. I'm assuming the humans who left the Lionturtles (like the fire benders from Wan's Lionturtle) before the portal closure kept their abilities.

>I thought the Lionturtle said it would be taken away. Did they change their minds?
And I'm assuming the people who left the Lionturtles after the portal was sealed weren't granted bending abilities. I think that's what the Lionturtle was referring to when he made that statement.
>> No. 115408
Yeah, that's mostly the part I was thinking of.

>I think this is the first solid acknowledgement of the existence of celestial bodies in the ATLA universe.

No, we've seen the stars, sun, and moon in the Planetarium in the Spirit Library. And we saw the "Earth" in Aang's vision of him attempting to master the Avatar State.

>The Northern Water Tribe seemed pretty chill in ATLA.

Pakku. Han.

>Also, the dark spirit isn't sealed at the North, it's sealed in that spirit world area where the North and South meet, or something like that.

I thought the Dark Spirit was sealed in the North. I thought it was implied that those two places were where the poles originally were, then got separated when the world changed.
>> No. 115412
Are torrents out yet?
>> No. 115413

Varrick only wants to merge with money. I can't wait for his humiliation conga.
>> No. 115414

DDL: http://www.4shared.com/get/fZOnJYYS/TheLegendOfKorraS02E07E08Begin.html
>> No. 115415
What format are these?
>> No. 115416
You need an account to download from the free option?
>> No. 115417

.mkv VLC runs it fine


Yes, it only took half a minute to sign up with my throwaway email

Here's some Storyboard -> Animation progression Mir posted tonight

A Making film of "The Legend o…youtube thumb
>> No. 115418
When will it appear on mediafire?
>> No. 115427
I just realized we actually saw Wan die. And the body and everything.
>> No. 115428
What do you think the second Avatar had to deal with? What happened at that battle where Wan made his final breathe? How exactly did he gained the power to reincarnate? Why did touching that beam bind him and Raava together forever? Dp those light beams seek out a worthy successor?
>> No. 115432
File 138218531995.jpg - (148.44KB , 1504x846 , mononoke-disneyscreencaps_com-1258.jpg )

There seemed to be a lot of Princess Mononoke references too, what with how the human/spirit conflict played out.

Wan's riding around on a cat-deer seemed kind of like a reference to the protagonist of PM having a deer as a mode of transport/companion too.

Come to think of it, the relationship between Raava and Wan was sort of similar to San and Ashitaka, albeit evolving from violent distrust to an incredibly strong friendship rather than pseudo-romantic thing.
>> No. 115433

I think the lion-turtle expelled Wan instead of the dickish Chus because the lion-turtles are primarily concerned with the survival of the human species. The Chus are dicks, but they're a safe bet. Their family has been running the show for an indeterminate amount of time, and has built up a stable society -- for all the complaining of Wan's disadvantaged friends, very few people leave to join them in freedom elsewhere compared to the safety and security of the city. (Small wonder, considering their planet is a Death World on par with Tuchanka.) Wan is just this random dude who led a bunch of rabble rousers to burn shit down.

Considering that Wan searches for two years before he comes across other humans, it could well be that Wan's city is 1/4th of the entire global population.
>> No. 115434
File 138219201648.png - (759.04KB , 719x842 , Mister_I'll_make_an_Avatar_out_of_you.png )
Nice catch. Also, another Aladdin reference, a friend watching this episode with me joked "That's how the genie got in the lamp" when Wan put Rava in the tea pot. And when this guy showed up, I immediately thought of Shang from Mulan.
>> No. 115438
Well Chinese technology did stagnate from the Song to Quin period because they had no incentive to innovate.

Why would the lion turtle side with Wan? It's not like it cares what the humans on it's back do or how they run their city.

Also Wan did use fire in the city, which the lion turtle may have prohibited.

Well either Wan's spirit reincarnated and Rava followed him, or the immortal Rava just possessed another human.
>> No. 115439
I had a random thought. What if the Avatar planet did have a ring around it, but separating the human world and spirit world removed or destroyed it somehow?
>> No. 115443

I cannot handle this episode's perfection, and it makes me angry that the others weren't as good AND weren't animated by Mir. BUT WHATEVER.

So much perfection...

Also, Wan reminded me a LOOOOOT of Mako, at least physically. Remember that part in the original series where they talk about friendships spanning lifetimes, and we see different incarnations of the Gaang? Maybe Mako's got a bit of Wan in 'im. He certainly almost had Wan's hair.

If it's legit, it's probably not an- OH. No, because Wan's spirit is in Korra because Avatar. DUH.
>> No. 115447
Do Raava and Vatu come from any particular names in Hinduism? Because all I'm getting in Vanuatu money and semolina.

Also the Rava = Good and Vatu = bad setup is pretty lopsided. Was hoping for a more SMT or Taoist approach, or at least a reason for chaos not to be eliminated that goes beyond "order can't exist without it". But I guess you could chalk that up to taking inspiration from Near East-style cosmological dualism (though a lot of that too sets it up as spirit = good, matter = bad).
>> No. 115448
I liked the whole Han-esque aesthetic of the original civilization Wan came from. As well as the watercolor painting look of the episode in general. Lotta great art direction.
>> No. 115450
What an absolutely amazing two episodes.

The Sting was pretty great too, now I've got to decide if I use my $40 of iTunes money to buy all of Season 2, or just those last two episodes... because I've DEFINITELY got to have a copy of those last two episodes, and I really want to show some support for the show.

Wan x Ravu 5ever OTP of all years
>> No. 115453
Must have been bizarre being the second Avatar since the whole reincarnation bit wasn't mentioned until Wan was on his deathbead. Now I wanna see some poor airbender girl going around trying to convince others she's Wan reborn or something. There's just so much stuff I want to see now and it's sad Bryke don't have the resources or the energy to show it.
>> No. 115459
>>You know, these last couple episodes really rubbed me the wrong way. Conservation isn't good, and change isn't evil. It is through the act of preventing change, that it eventually comes to a violent outbreak of imprisoned ideas. Raava claimed to be the spirit of balance, but that's bullshit. The opposite of chaos is order. The avatar isn't a tool of balance, he or she is a means of retaining the status quo.

>> No. 115460
But couldn't you say 'balance' and 'status quo' are the same thing?
>> No. 115463
I've been saying that since The Avatar and the Firelord. Prior to this episode we really didn't have a sense of just how much of their cosmology was tied up with the Avatar being important to keep the world liveable rather than just being some pushy asshole who enforces racist authoritarianism upon everyone.

I can very easily see the end of this series being the end of bending and the sisyphean duty of the Avatar to maintain vigilance between harmonic convergences and lets people live free from all spirit interference.
>> No. 115465
Now why would bending be gone when it became an extension of their selves?

How did the Avatar enforce racial authoritarianism? How was the Avatar even an asshole?
>> No. 115467
This universe seems to work in ages. I think the age of bending is about to end; when the spirits of balance get synergized and internalized into Korra and the battle for eternity is contained within one person; I can see the cosmic energy flow that makes bending possible stopping entirely.
>> No. 115470
nah they'll come up with some method she'll use to keep the flow without spirits.
>> No. 115473
Ughh. I hope note. I hate Gotterdamerung stories.
>> No. 115476
Will Dark Horse comics start producing new Avatar Wan stories?
What did the second Avatar have to deal with?
>> No. 115478
It might stay within one person. I can see the next series; if there is one; being called Avatar: The Last Bender.
>> No. 115479
So like the ending of Final Fantasy VI?
>> No. 115480
So I guess the name Wan was meant in the sense of "10,000" then?
>> No. 115481
Just realized the order of the Avatar cycle is from the order Wan met the lion-turtles and got granted the elements.
>> No. 115483
>light and dark benders

It's like bad fanfiction.
>> No. 115484

There aren't light and dark benders. Did you even watch the episode?
>> No. 115485
Unless Tui and La were aboard the waterbending turtle city I'm having a very hard time fitting this episode into the larger universe because; more than any of the other bending style origin stories; that one seemed to be legitimately accurate from how primal and ancient the forces involved were; and that the water tribe wouldn't have even been able to misattribute waterbending to the koi fish unless it had been a gift given directly by them to humans without the involvement of lion turles.
>> No. 115486

The Lionturtles only bestowed element bending upon humans. Then humans honed their craft by watching the natural 'teachers' of each element. Note how Wan leaned from the Dragon spirit and did the Dragon Dance to level up his firebending.
>> No. 115487
Okay, but, earthbenders dont worship the badgermole
Firebenders don't worship the dragons (except for the Sun Warriors who are apparently lying and bullshitting now)
The northern water tribe; who were apparently the original water tribe; they worship those fish; they built an oasis around those fish. They would've seen a few hundred million other fish by the time they got all the way up there from wherever the lion turtle dropped them off; so why venerate those two fish in particular?
>> No. 115488
Didn't the Lion Turtle at the end say he took away everyone's bending?
>> No. 115490
no they just weren't going to be handing it out anymore. To what that means is unknown at the moment.
>> No. 115491
They worship the fish because they're the physical incarnation of their teachers. Badgermoles, bison and dragons used to be EVERYWHERE, but the waterbenders learned their art from a more abstract source.

They also probably worship them because they're forces of nature that affect the entire planet, not just waterbenders.
>> No. 115492
If the fish have been there since the beginning of time; as appeared to be the case; and if the waterbenders actually got waterbending from the turtles; and if there weren't humans around when the fish incarnated themselves into this world to create the moon and ocean: how would any of them know about?
>> No. 115493

Those two fish are literally the spirits of the moon and sea. Badgermoles are just animals, dragons were just animals, Sky Bison were just animals. Animals that inspired Wan and the original benders to develop the styles of bending, but animals regardless. The waterbenders learned from the moon and sea, and the actual tides. We know they stayed behind in the physical realm, probably just happened after Wan closed the portal.
>> No. 115494
I don't really understand what you're asking? The lion turtles granted humans the ability to manipulate the elements, they learned how to actually *bend* from their respective teachers.

Maybe the first waterbenders knew because those two spirits used to take on different forms before settling on fish because it would be more convenient for everyone, who knows.
>> No. 115495
The Sun Warriors probably weren't lying, so much as forgetting a lot of this information at some point between 10000 years ago and the present. I mean, the Lion Turtle was seemingly something no one but Aang knew about in ATLA.

Dragons remain key to the essence of firebending technique- It honestly seemed like Wan may have been the first true fireBENDER, with his old villagemates just being a bunch of assholes that happened to be able to shoot fire, as his level of control was outright stated to be unprecedented.

Given that the first thing people managed to do after leaving the Lion turtles was to immediately go to war, I'd imagine that there was probably a fairly heavy rotation of collapsed civilizations and empires until some Avatar or Avatars managed to get things settled down and segregated into disparate areas where people wouldn't or couldn't attack each other with impunity. Which would do a lot to explain Roku's attitudes, frankly- If his communing with past Avatars explained to him that "Hey, the only way to get everyone to stop killing each other was to keep them apart" then he was justified at leaving it at that. For all we know, maybe the Water Tribes are all backwards and remote because there used to be a massive, oppressive 'Water Tribe' empire in the continent of the Earth Kingdom, and just no one remembers it anymore. The Sun Warriors perhaps first formalized the Dragon-style Firebending after dozens of previous Fire-aligned nations had already erased knowledge of the Lion Turtle era, or maybe by the time or after the Fire Nation toppled the Sun Warriors, the Sun Warriors forgot it themselves. War is a good way to destroy history.
>> No. 115496
>Was hoping for a more SMT or Taoist approach, or at least a reason for chaos not to be eliminated that goes beyond "order can't exist without it". But I guess you could chalk that up to taking inspiration from Near East-style cosmological dualism (though a lot of that too sets it up as spirit = good, matter = bad).

Yeah, I was hoping for more of that too, but I've been biting my tongue. I just tire of the whole "light/order = good, dark/chaos = evil" trope.

>The Avatar is just being some pushy asshole who enforces racist authoritarianism upon everyone.

Firelo pls go

>I can very easily see the end of this series being the end of bending and the sisyphean duty of the Avatar to maintain vigilance between harmonic convergences and lets people live free from all spirit interference.

>> No. 115498
I thought of something else: how does this shit about light and darkness jive with what we heard from Guru Pathik? I'm willing to accept that his knowledge may have been imperfect but what he said seemed to reflect reality; instead now we find out that division and conflict are the basis of this universe rather than harmoniousness which has only been divided by illusion. How can anyone reconcile The Guru; one of the best mythological episodes of Avatar; with this? It's completely incongruous.

This is a terrible pile of retcons they've forced on us.
>> No. 115499

You're reaching so far Plasticman is jealous. Anything to fulfill your fandom buzzword.
>> No. 115500

It does still apply, considering that one can't exist without the other, and even if one is destroyed, it will be reborn again from within the other, and that it's an endless cycle. Plus, they're spirits that represent peace and chaos, but where did they come from? What made the world before them? Given Raava's respect towards the Lion Turtle, referring to it as "Ancient One," isn't it possible that there's something that's above them, or more ancient?

I mean, when Wan finds them, they're fighting in a valley. Nothing at all says they created the world or anything.
>> No. 115501
There is nothing illusory about Rava and Vatu being locked in eternal combat; and it really seems like something Pathik would've known about if THE FIRE SAGES are even aware of this stuff.
>> No. 115502
Dude you are really thirsty.

Here's a newsflash for you: retcons are not always necessarily bad. I'm not saying this is one, and if it is it's not as massive as you claim it is since it's obvious you've been going through episodes of ATLA with a fine tooth comb looking for snags and then make them out to be huge knots because you're obsessed with propagating this image you've created of yourself.

I mean if you think Bryke are the first creators of something to possibly retcon something for a number of reasons which could range from "it didn't fit in the original but now it does" to "we like this way better" I don't know what kind of world you live in. And again, if this was a retcon (it isn't, you're just being obtuse because you're either really bored or really obsessed) it's not as massive as you think it is.
>> No. 115503
To be honest I don't really know why I care so much. It's not like Legend of Korra is canon.

>> No. 115504
They weren't handing out bending any longer, but humans also didn't have to return it when they were done, so it became a thing that could be passed down
>> No. 115505

AAaaand now I finally have to take action, yet again.
>> No. 115506
its been a day,do we have 34 of Wan's cute lemurspirit boyfriend yet?
>> No. 115507
Is this available on mediafire yet?
>> No. 115509

Hm, well Roku did interpret the "Four Nations in Balance" thing as no one having more power than the others, to the extent where even the creation of a fifth nation were people from the others lived in peace was met with a cry of "No, this is wrong, back into your own territories folks".

Admittedly he probably meant people not having military control over the others, but he kind of comes across as a segregationist.
>> No. 115512
thinking about it maybe Unalaq thinks the Avatar is out of Balance without the other spirit and seeks to bind them together within the Avatar. And likely he's talking to Vaatu who's not helping things with that idea. Though watching them and some others mutate with spirits will be something. I WAS ONCE A MAN!!!! Oh what is Eska gets Spirit Whammed?
>> No. 115513
Here's the thing people are forgetting about these episodes: EVERYTHING took place inside Korra's mind! She's the ONLY ONE (besides the audience) who witnessed these events. I'm sure some minute knowledge of this story exists in somewhere in Korra's era, but no one alive knows the entire story the way Korra does now. Remember that Roku didn't know about the Lion Turtle and while Kuruk knew who Rava was, it was probably because he spent a lot of time in the Spirit World searching for Koh.
These aren't retcons, they're revelations. There's a HUGE difference. The Lion Turtles may have bestowed the elements onto humans via energy bending, but it was the dragons and others taught people to actually BEND said elements. Everything Guru Pathik says still holds true on a spiritual level, but I doubt even he knew how it all began.
No, we will never know every single thing about how this particular universe was formed, but the mystery is part of what makes this story so intriguing. If you're the type that needs to have everything laid out and you need to have every single detail spoon-fed to you, then you are sorely lacking in any imagination. I feel sorry for you because you will never be able to truly enjoy anything.
>> No. 115514

Don't worry about that shitposter. This has now been the 3rd time he's been banned.
>> No. 115515
File 138229000436.png - (579.59KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-10-19-22h54m56s113.png )
that was pretty freaky seeing what happens to people that get possessed by spirits. Sadly for this fella is was some little tree spirit that got spooked and tried to get away.
>> No. 115516
File 138230334024.png - (149.16KB , 444x250 , Possessed_hunter.png )
Too bad a giant lemur didn’t possess him. This guy doesn’t look as ugly.
>> No. 115517
File 138230995392.jpg - (146.14KB , 380x540 , aye-aye-hanging.jpg )
Aye-Ayes aren't lemurs.
>> No. 115518
But they are. I've been hearing this so much in the past couple of days I wonder if it's the same guy.
>> No. 115519

Aye Aye Classification and Evolution:
The Aye Aye is a species of Lemur that is found inhabiting the rainforests of Madagascar...
>> No. 115520
I wonder if the approaching of the convergence, which seems to have weakened the seals on the spirit portals, meaning a possible weakening on Vaatu's cage as well as a strengthening of Vaatu himself, has maybe been the reason Korra's had so much trouble connecting to her spiritual side. It's not that she just hasn't been able to do it, but there's been actual interference from the spirit world diminishing her connection to Rava as Vaatu gets stronger.

That would also explain why the Avatar state never activated to save her ass at any point during the first season. You know, like when Amon was about to take her bending away. That seemed like it would have been a good time for an automatic defense system to kick in.

Granted, it would most likely be a retcon, as I don't think they had any of this in mind when they wrote the first season. Retconning isn't always a bad thing, so don't take it that way. As long as it fits to the story and doesn't contradict anything and this would work as good explanation as any for why the Avatar State never kicked on in several situation for which it should have.
>> No. 115521
That is a very interesting and well thought out theory. If it turns out to be the actual case I can already hear that segment of the fandom screaming bloody murder.
Le sigh ;_;
>> No. 115522
Now I wonder what Amon's bloodbending did re: Raava. Did he cut off Korra's connection to her? That must have been a terrifying couple of days for Raava too... whatever part of her still exists separate from Korra, if it all.
>> No. 115523
Wonder if she'll have some interaction with Raava with knowledge that the Avatar Spirit is sentient. Course her flashback might be all that is left with Raava and the Avatar being one for the last few Millennium. Oh they would lose their shit soo much if the despised Korra goes all Kaiju giant Polar Spirit Monster in this seasons showdown.
>> No. 115524
I assumed the whole bending origins thing boiled down to the Lion Turtles simply giving them a fairly advanced understanding of how to do it, or unlocking their potential, or whatever.
All of the humans would have been able to learn to bend without visiting the Lion Turtle had they studied the appropriate animals, but since they were seemingly fairly isolated at the time, they instead got it from the Turtles.
Once the Lion Turtles stopped giving humans the ability to bend and let them roam free, they sought out other creatures who could control the elements, and learned from them.
This is somewhat supported, like someone else said, by the fact that Wan and the other firebenders started out as "guys who shoot fire," but once Wan studied the dragons, he became more of a true firebender.
tl;dr the lion turtles basically programmed the people to immediately have like 2 months worth of karate lessons in their brain, while when learning from the animals, it was more like taking the time to really study the martial art and truly understand it.
>> No. 115528
The lion turtles gave them the power, the element manipulating part.

The dragons, etc gave taught them the technique, the martial arts part.

Discussion over.
>> No. 115529
I just wish these last two episodes didn't boil it down into Good God vs. Evil God. While there are a lot of good or evil creatures in far Eastern cosmologies it's not as blatantly dualistic as Near Eastern/Abrahamic religions tend to conceptualize it. Good as a standalone story, but I'm a mite disappointed at how it got Hijacked by Jesus in the context of the whole series.
>> No. 115530
Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking. The Lion Turtles gave them free bending powers, but once they stopped they had to learn it again from the bison/badgermoles/Dragons/Moon from scratch. The consequence of the Lion Turtles was more about letting them know that it was possible in the first place. Wish they explored the spiritbending aspects more to give insight on the ending of the first series.
>> No. 115532
Rava and Vatu aren't gods, they're spirits. Christianity and other Abrahmic religions do not have the monoploy on "Good vs. Evil" stories. The concept of "Hijacked by Jesus" is the perception that you have for being raised in/around modern monotheistic patriarchal belief systems.
>> No. 115533
While there were some allusions to things like original sin, the story of Vaatu and Raava was in no way 'hijacked by Jesus' or majorly influenced by western religion. Vaatu WAS sort of simplified for the obvious sake of it being a kid's show (I think people need to stop hoping for a morally grey villain from this show, I don't even know why it's expected) but they still had moments like him saying he can't ever actually be defeated, and considering what he is that obviously wasn't a Disney villain speech.
>> No. 115534
Raava is female and "god" is a gender-neutral word. I don't see what that has to do with this.
>> No. 115535
Then you didn't actually read all of my post.
>> No. 115536
So there's a lot of talk about the possibility of an anti-avatar, i.e. someone (Unalaq / Varrick) merging with Vatu.

I'm kinda hoping Unalaq's goal is actually to destroy Vatu.
>> No. 115538
I'm 50/50 on that theory -- it would be a pretty good twist that despite being an antagonist Unalaq ultimately has good intentions (and would resolve the issue of what happens to the water tribes if he dies/is imprisoned and leaves the throne empty, the fandom would shit itself to death if Korra's royalty was restored). On the other I think it would be pretty good that even though he's done things like purify dark spirits (which is what people think he wants to do with Vaatu) at the last second he says "nah fuck that" and tries to do something stupid just for it to blow up in his face. That sort of thing does run in Korra's family, after all.
>> No. 115539
I'm hoping on them expounding exactly what he does to pacify the spirits and if it's water-only or if that's just because it's his or Korra's native element.
>> No. 115540
I think it's more a possibility that Vatu is using Unalaq. Manipulating and lying to him (the way he convinced Wan to release him from Rava in the first place) into freeing him. So there's a good chance, given that ten thousand years later most people don't even know about Rava and Vatu, that Unalaq thinks he's doing the right thing for the world and this spirit by releasing it.

Even getting his brother thrown out so that he could be leader might turn out to be something Ualaq did for what he considers the greater good. Giving him the power and authority to find a way to open the portals between the spirit and human world and release that poor tormented spirit that was wrongly imprisoned all those centuries ago.
>> No. 115551
File 138244116745.jpg - (69.99KB , 375x346 , 131769060140.jpg )
>the fandom would shit itself to death if Korra's royalty was restored

Yeah, I barely remembered Eska was a "princess" until Bolin mentioned it during his interview. It would be weird if Korra was a princess and the Avatar. Although then we could finally have a spinoff called Korra: Warrior Princess. Asami would naturally be Gabriel.

Now I miss having drawfags here.
>> No. 115553
But then you'd have all the people complaining about her "priviledged" birth again.
>> No. 115556
Not like the title would mean anything to Korra or that she'd ever really have the time to live the royal lifestyle, or even inherit the throne.
>> No. 115564
nah it would still end up going to Eska or Desna whomever survives the whole thing in the coming books.
>> No. 115566
Well, Tonraq said he wants to reclaim the throne, so I think if he did Desna and Eska would lose their claims (unless he named one of them his heir... don't know why he would though).
>> No. 115568
File 138249250434.jpg - (311.88KB , 864x1200 , King_Conan_by_Nordheimer.jpg )
Well it could go Queen Korra. I mean two books to go her dad could die during the next and SHE COULD WEAR THE CROWN UPON A TROUBLED BROW.
>> No. 115571
There is no one that would not appreciate the series going in that direction.... If Mako had not died.
>> No. 115582
Korra would only become queen if, for some reason, their inheritance is not included in the list of earthly attachments that they're supposed to give up. Pretty hard to maintain balance in the world when you control one of it's four constituent Nations, since bias is only natural.
>> No. 115630
File 138279982536.jpg - (11.71KB , 220x165 , 220px-Xena_Simpsons.jpg )
Well, you see whenever you notice something like that, A Wizard did it!
>> No. 115654
That doesn't really seem to be what it is.
It's more like the turtles gave people the power to punch and that was passed down to their descendants.
It wasn't until people studied the animals that they learned the kata and the most effective ways to punch.

It isn't like you can just punch even if you learn the katas or else everyone would be able to bend EVERYWHERE just because they learned how to move.
>> No. 115657
If the Airbenders are anything to go by it seems that everyone has some spark of bending potential in them, but it can only be awakened with enough spirituality. Perhaps one of the long term goals of the Air Acolytes is that their descendants will eventually develop Airbending as a result of their spiritual practices. Otherwise Aang and Katara would have to become the Adam and Eve of all future Airbenders.

Then again it's also possible that this was originally the case, but that Bryke decided to retcon it all with the latest episodes.
>> No. 115688
Airing schedule for the reminder of Book 2 via Bryan

>Friday, Nov. 1, 8:00pm – Episode 9

>Friday, Nov. 8, 8:00pm – Episode 10

>Friday, Nov. 15, 8:00pm – Episodes 11 & 12 (one hour!)

>Friday, Nov. 22, 8:00pm – Episodes 13 & 14 (one hour finale!)

>These episodes, especially the last four, pack a serious wallop, so those are going to be two incredibly dense, juicy one-hours. It has been a long, hard road to get these episodes finished. In fact, we’re still finishing the last one! It’s always down to the wire with us. Have a fun, safe Halloween and I hope you enjoy the back end of Book 2!
>> No. 115693
I knew there would only be 14 episodes, but damn, it doesn't feel like it's been long enough to be this close to the end yet.
>> No. 115694
Given that bending wasn't meant to be genetic it seems odd that only the descendants of Aang are airbenders. You'd think anyone who lived like an air nomad would be able to become an airbender.
>> No. 115696
I don't know, makes sense to me that those with a long lineage of airbenders will breed more airbenders than those with a lineage of firebenders and earthbenders, even if only because the family is more spiritually attuned to the element.
>> No. 115697
It's probably going to take a few generations of Air Acolytes before you start to see a reemergence of airbending.
>> No. 115711
Uh...guys? Wasn't there like, a new episode on tonight?
>> No. 115712

board's kind of slow this week, but yeah.
>> No. 115713

2nd Halloween weekend (Halloween on a Thursday = parties on two weekends). Internet in general has been slow tonight.

I'll make a thread (you know, it's not against the rules if you Anons make the episode thread. I'm always late watching the episodes anyway)
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