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115328 No. 115328
If Korra somehow managed to meet Aang when he was mastering the elements. How might the two get along?
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>> No. 115331
I'd prefer Toph (post Promise) to be time-inserted in TLOK times. She could complain about how her 'replacement' in the new Team Avatar isn't up to snuff and dread how she will eventually start a police force that upholds laws that she doesn't particularly respect at that point in her life.

Then she could give TLOK!Katara an awkward, heartfelt hug once she realizes that all of her friends have passed on by that time. Maybe send one her future daughter's way as well (she is notably grossed out when she learns that Lin was dating Aang's kid though).
>> No. 115332
File 138193362422.png - (454.82KB , 800x856 , Aang_is_the_Best_Guide_EVER_by_Booter-Freak.png )
Ridin' animals all day, erry day
>> No. 115333
They're complete opposites.

By the law of teenage romance, they must end up together.
>> No. 115334

>Hey kid, wanna /ss/?
>> No. 115345
That makes me wonder now. Katara got on Toph because her methods of strict teachings wasn't working for Aang who needed lots of positive reinforcement. Toph learned this worked wonders for him. But if Toph was Korra's earthbending teacher who is headstrong and often times hot-headed. Would her original teaching method be more effective?

Tenzin essentially tried positive reinforcements and eventually grew cross when it wasn't working. Pro-bending, an aggressive sport, ended up being a better teaching method for her. So how would Toph Bei Fong do as Korra's instructor?
>> No. 115346
I love how they didn't even hide how Aang was Mike when they gave him a chin strap or when they gave Zuko Bryan's haircut.
>> No. 115347

>tfw old Zuko shows up eventually with Bryan's currant Guy Fawkes facial hair
>> No. 115348
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