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File 138147715338.jpg - (21.66KB , 760x409 , movers.jpg )
114974 No. 114974
Preemptively starting the thread for this week's episode.

Next to last Studio Pierrot animated episode. Mir is back next week for Beginnings part 1 and 2, Pierrot bids their farewell after the following episode.
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>> No. 114980

Werr prayed.
>> No. 114982
That's what they're really being called in LoK. Not really my favorite thing, but it's minor.
>> No. 115006
Are you implying that it would have been "movels" because that is the only way your post makes even a little sense.
>> No. 115007

Storyboard from tonight's episode.

Let's see how mad people get at Mako and Asami being friends.
>> No. 115014

PREDICTION TIME: Varrick will be working with the Agni Kais, although that's a no-brainer. Asami will crack an "Are you sure? Was it at all unclear?" joke when asking Mako about his breakup with Korra. We'll get a flashback to Asami's childhood. Grey Delisle will be voicing chibi!Asami. The dirt on Varrick will be brought to President Raiko's attention... and he'll use it to blackmail the man to stop stirring up war talk, or else it's the slammer. The episode won't feature Korra until the final few minutes, except perhaps as some sort of vision-ghost-thing for the Tenzin Clan.
>> No. 115017
File 13815399806.png - (360.97KB , 536x538 , rf I don't know WHAT the fuck is going on.png )
My reaction:
>> No. 115018
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Mako as the lead in this episode. Also loved the triads.
>> No. 115019
Awesome episode.
>> No. 115020
That was real neato until amnesia. Like; fucking seriously?
>> No. 115021
I guess getting eaten be a spirit does that to you.
>> No. 115022
is someone going to make a picture of Varrick's shit eating grin?
>> No. 115023
File 13815414651.jpg - (35.83KB , 380x498 , tumblr_m62vmxdVQ81qkhn1po1_400.jpg )
>> No. 115024
File 138154183453.gif - (597.29KB , 500x263 , 1381540692533.gif )
oh tumbler wonder how it feels to be utterly cultural illiterate like they are.
>> No. 115025
File 138154200725.jpg - (63.20KB , 229x229 , thefuckremi.jpg )
>> No. 115026
File 138154272655.jpg - (11.98KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
>> No. 115027
I REALLY liked this episode, overall I'd say book 2 is way better than book 1 (though I did like book 1 too).
>> No. 115029
I like how tumblr flipped a shit at Bolin kissing Ginger, but doesn't mind Asami kissing Mako.
>> No. 115030
File 138154609910.gif - (820.81KB , 500x279 , tumblr_mrryil8Pdm1rueu1vo1_500.gif )
You were doin' really good until the ending.

Then you fucked it all up completely.

Amnesia storylines are the WORST.
>> No. 115031
File 138154653060.jpg - (13.44KB , 396x264 , tumblr_muj711vG8p1rwqceqo1_400.jpg )

oh just go marry tumblr already


One shit-eating grin, coming right up, though not that big. best character just got better
>> No. 115032
I'm actually really excited for amnesia Korra. It's CLEARLY not going to last very long (but I understand the frustration I see here, drawn out amnesia plots suck), and I think it's a great opportunity to address how much Korra relies on Being The Avatar, and what a huge part of her personality it is. It's going to be Korra learning about the spiritual aspects of her role without the roadblocks of her personality, then coming back into her own a more fully realized person.

Also, man, I spent the whole episode fearing the rekindling of Mako/Asami....but I actually liked the kiss. It made sense to me, having been embroiled in dumb relationship drama like that when I was that age--Asami was at her absolute lowest point with nothing left, then someone who she used to feel strongly for says something kind and...it's a moment of weakness and familiarity. One that I found realistic and actually really affecting. I have NO idea where they'll go with it, though--I hope it won't be too drawn out.

At this point, Mako is TOTALLY alone. Varrick has Asami in his pocket, Korra is "dead," Bei Fong doesn't trust him and Bolin is mad at him (and also bros with Varrick). He's the only one who knows the truth and I'm really excited for his storyline to advance.

I do wish they'd develop Asami more apart from Mako, but I'm optimistic they will. All in all, damn good episode.
>> No. 115033
The problem with it is they're still using deus ex machina exclusively in order for Korra's character to ever do anything and that is not okay.
>> No. 115034

Agreed on most of your points. Fucking sweet episode that let the supporting characters breathe a bit.

>I'm actually really excited for amnesia Korra. It's CLEARLY not going to last very long

If the second season 2 trailer is indicative, she'll recover her memory by the end of Beginnings. "My name is Korra, and I'm the Avatar" is said by her in front of the Fire Sages.


>deus ex machina

You keep using that word.youtube thumb

Korra got swamped under by a giant fucking dark spirit and got washed away to the fire nation. Temporary memory loss is one of the side effects of major concussions.
>> No. 115035
You're the last person in the universe I want to deal with AMNESIA DOES NOT FUCKING WORK THAT WAY.
>> No. 115036
>criticize tumblr
>go marry them!
Dude, chill out.

>Varrick being best character
I agree with you, so far, I fucking love his Xanatos pose.
>> No. 115037

from a quick glance on wikishit

>A variety of signs accompany concussion including somatic (such as headache), cognitive (such as feeling in a fog), emotional (such as emotional changeability), physical signs (such as loss of consciousness or amnesia), behavioral changes (such as irritability), cognitive impairment (such as slowed reaction times), and/or sleep disturbances
>> No. 115038
I like Mako's criminal friends.
>> No. 115039
File 138154973823.jpg - (60.66KB , 618x324 , the kiss part 3.jpg )
The depersonalization and loss identity she's experiencing was caused by spirit bullshit and will assuredly be resolved by spirit bullshit since we're about to do a two-parter on the subject; this is the very essence of a magical happenstance with zero stakes and no reason for the audience to take interest and that is lazy and trite and tiresome and ruined, absolutely ruined, what was otherwise the single best episode of Legend of Korra, by far.
>> No. 115040
same, they were pretty chill
>> No. 115041
The trailer has her proclaiming to the sages that "I am Korra, and I am the Avatar." So she gets over her amnesia rather quickly and perhaps, much like Book 1's lowest point change thing that led to Book 2 - yeah nothing's going to change.
>> No. 115042
Maybe you should chill out and wait to see where they're going with it.

I mean, if amnesia was the only way Korra could learn to gain some perspective I think that would really add to the tragedy of her character, that she was SO messed up by an upbringing that wasn't her fault at all (so I don't know why we keep getting mad at her for being a product of the only life she's ever known) that the only way she can get put on the right path is through a spiritual intervention like this.

And it's not DEM if we don't know how she got the amnesia -- the spirit could have done it (and since we don't know enough about spirits in general we can't call it a DEM) or she just got bonked on the head.
>> No. 115043
>yeah nothing's going to change.

Korra's never going to drastically change in personality. Aang didn't, Korra's not, people need to stop expecting this. She's more likely going to get a better perspective on things and how to do a good job as an Avatar, but she's always going to be Korra. If you really don't like that, you should probably drop the show.
>> No. 115045
I'm starting to think Bolin's kind of a douche and liking Mako more and more

w-what's happening to me
>> No. 115046
There don't have to be actual gods involved for it be that type of storytelling device; whenever an uncaused event changes something as if by magic; like Noatak's bloodbending that shouldn't do what it does doing yet another thing it shouldn't and giving Korra the ability to airbend - whenever that happens, that's a deus ex machina.

The only way she ever moves forward is by those things happening.
>> No. 115048
None of what you described is DEM.

Mako's always had the basis for being likable, his book 1 plot just made him look like an asshole very easily.
>> No. 115049
First episode I was really disappointed with. I was actually fine with Bolin up until this episode, though I'll give him a chance to redeem himself. I know I've warmed up to Mako, pun not intended.

Mostly disappointed about Varrick being the villain. Yeah, I saw it coming, but I liked him too much and wanted him to be on the Krew...
>> No. 115050
Another minor revelation about the events between the two books

>Korra didn't restore everyone's bending unconditionally

My gurl~
>> No. 115051
I'm glad Bolin's being a douche for once, and I think Bryke listened to fan feedback for writing Mako in book 2. The only issue I have is the potential for more shipping drama but we don't know where this new love triangle thing is going to go. "Just ignore it" was never an option, it has to be resolved decently.
>> No. 115053

Bolin's just getting a big head and letting Nuktuk consume his entire ego. He's getting fame and money, but strangely no women to go along with it. He can do better than Ginger. Switch off the tunnel vision dude.
>> No. 115055
I would not have been surprised if Asami had asked him to have sex with her right there and I would have supported it if he had.
>> No. 115056

It's pretty cool that Shady Shin is still with the Triads in spite of officially being a nonbender now.


I have a theory about Ginger and Bolin.

What if Ginger never takes a shine to Bo and he pulls an Eska on her and realizes how much of a dick he's becoming.
>> No. 115057
> and I think Bryke listened to fan feedback for writing Mako in book 2
There's no way this is the case because they were already working on book 2 before book 1 even actually began airing.
>> No. 115058

I think it's just a case of them finally figuring out something to do with Mako that isn't related to being Korra's love interest.
>> No. 115059
They could've gone back and changed things.
>> No. 115060
Watch Varrick genuinely have no idea what's going on and the true evil mastermind is Zhu Li.
>> No. 115061
Since this is one of Hamilton's scripts it's way more like the actual writers went over the first season and through their natural talents noticed the same glaring issues as those of us who waren't sycophants and tried to work to correct them as much as they were allowed.
>> No. 115062
And she goes off on him because he never noticed her and this was all some elaborate revenge scheme and Varrick is still not interested.
>> No. 115063
File 138155201294.png - (68.80KB , 223x261 , vlcsnap-2012-12-04-07h19m38s65.png )
>Ginger's voice
>> No. 115064
>Not constantly shitting on the show and can recognize Bryke fucked up while still liking it makes you a sycophant
>> No. 115065
I liked book 1 but virtually every criticism of Korra I've heard is justified, just overaxegerrated.
>> No. 115066
Mako: But- how? When I saw you talking to Asami you seemed so threatening and in control...

Varrick: Can't a guy look menacing for a bit without everyone accusing him of evil!
>> No. 115067

I don't think it's so much that as Bryke actually have people to bounce more ideas off of and add their own unique input. They're usually willing to listen to ideas from other writers.

I also think it's probably because Bryan isn't really helping as much with the writing and just letting Mike work with the other guys.

Plus there's also the new directors.
>> No. 115068

She sounds like those chicks in old movies from the 30's.
>> No. 115069
File 138155245470.jpg - (155.44KB , 593x720 , mmm.jpg )
You said it, not me.
>> No. 115070
>Fire Lo pls
>> No. 115071
You made me think.
>And I just can't stand it!
>> No. 115072
Oh, you.
>> No. 115073
File 138155309710.jpg - (43.95KB , 324x500 , MV5BMTUxMTIyNTI4Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTk1ODQyMg@@__.jpg )
Yeah, the pic would probably help a bit.
>> No. 115074

I thought Fire Lo was banned from here?
>> No. 115075
There a link yet?
>> No. 115076
I kinda like that Ginger isn't attracted to Bolin.

It's a nice breaking away from the cliche of chicks like her digging on Bolin cause they're famous, then dumping them when they fall off, which is what I kind of suspected Ginger to be since that first scene with her.

How old is she supposed to be anyway?
>> No. 115077

>> No. 115078
Korra has amnesia now? Will she eventually gain memory of her parents back?
>> No. 115079
Why did the actor Unalaq remind me of the actor Ozai from The Ember Island Players?
>> No. 115080
What are you talking about? I don't think there's a single character who's been attracted to Bolin except Eska, so far.
>> No. 115081

There's that part in the trailer where the Fire Sages ask if she knows who she is and says that she's Korra, the Avatar.

But I don't know how much memory she's supposed to have really gained back.

It'd be nice if they ended the season with her remembering some stuff but not everything.
>> No. 115082
>What are you talking about? I don't think there's a single character who's been attracted to Bolin except Eska, so far.

I'm saying that usually when you see these kinds of "fame going to his head," tropes, there's usually a girl the character starts to date, who ends up dumping him when he loses all his fame and money.

Here, Bolin has the fame and money, but can't get the girl he wants.
>> No. 115084

They're quite similar. Nuktuk is a on old-timey propaganda serial with noble righteous heroes and mustache-twirling villains. EIP was a propaganda-ish play with really cheesy acting and garish effects which for some reason portrayed the Fire Nation's biggest threats as somewhat sympathetic up until their triumphant on-stage death.

>> No. 115085
Maybe they'll be an abridged portion where she opens her chakras like love and truth and stuff.

Either that or Mako will kiss her and she'll remember everything.
>> No. 115086

I'm warning you. Only once.


I tend to avoid dishing out permanent or extended bans.

I've yet to understand the mentality that just because we like some things or even a lot of things about Korra that we're party-line towing "sycophants."

Nobody here claims the first season, or even the bit of season 2 we have so far, is perfect. Nobody here ever has, nor likely ever will.


This is not 4chan, and we are not /co/. We are not under any obligation or compulsion to change that. This is an Avatar board, for fans of Avatar. Criticism is welcome and appreciated. Constantly shitting on the show and it's staff is not, so don't start playing the victim card when people yell at you when your only contribution to this board is telling people how much you hate Korra.
>> No. 115087
Am I a bad person for thinking the guy was asking Mako "What's it like dicking the Avatar" and not "dating"?
>> No. 115088
File 138155738776.gif - (699.21KB , 500x247 , animated.gif )
I'm sorry. I don't even know what gets into me anymore. Half the time I just act like this because it's what I'm expected to do.

I like this scene. It really got across some emotional truth.
>> No. 115089
So Mako told the president about Korra's plan because even though he wanted to help her his first duty was to the law, his job, and authority.

Then to prove his suspicions about who the real criminal is, he circumvents the law and instructions from his boss, probably risking his job by doing so, and teams up with dangerous mobsters to further his goals.

Am I the only one who sees a discrepancy here?

The drill here represents a phallic symbol, specifically symbolizing Bolin forcing himself on her.
>> No. 115090
I thought it was pretty strongly implied that's what he was actually asking.
>> No. 115091
Not really, since Korra was going to start a world war, and Mako wasn't.
>> No. 115092
There's a difference between working off the books and suborning treason and committing perjury.
>> No. 115093

My ~headcanon~ for the EIP play being this way was that it was an EK play adapted to the FN by just changing the ending. The writer was EK, so I don't think this is unreasonable.

Anyway, good episode. It's not without it's flaws, but it looks like the season might start picking up. Everything before was just so obviously set-up for the story. I'm curious where they're going with Korra's amnesia; hopefully it's not too long lasting - just long enough to get her time to have some spiritual discovery and self reflection rather than rushing around trying to save the South. As a die hard book 1 Mako hater, I'm starting to like him now. It'll depend on what they do with him the rest of the season. He's on the brink of becoming pretty cool, but could very easily slide back into the favored golden boy of the writers. Verrick's smug little grin was the best part. I'm not sure why Lin refuses to hear out Mako, but I guess they want extra conflict or something. I guess it makes sense she'd ignore his speculation about this new technology no one but Verrick's crew knows exists.
>> No. 115094
I'm pretty okay with Amnesia thing as long as Korra learns something crucial and important about herself and being the Avatar.

I'd like it if she stayed more apt to solve things with her fists, but just was a little smarter and less gullible.

It might be neat though if she doesn't regain ALL her memories.
>> No. 115099
Another reason why I hope Mako gets aids.
>> No. 115100
You really cannot compare the two situations.
>> No. 115101
File 138156514371.jpg - (19.18KB , 417x380 , gfhhggds.jpg )

>I hope Mako gets aids
>> No. 115102
Yeah, you can kinda.

Korra wanted to break the law for what she thought was just.
Mako did something to break the law for what he thought was just.
>> No. 115106
Korra wanted to attack a nation with a fleet of warships, without a declaration of war and against the orders of the military's commander-in-chief.
Make took a ride on a boat.
>> No. 115107
How was he breaking the law? Taking a midnight cruise in an empty boat with some shady characters doesn't count as lawbreaking.
>> No. 115108
I hate amnesia plots too, but I think everyone can stop flipping out about it so hard. Just chill and see what happens.

Asami throwing herself at Mako kinda bugged me. I HATED the breakup scene with Mako and Korra, even though I'm indifferent to the shipping in LoK, because I'm sick of writers doing this to couples. Oh crap, we don't know how to make a functional couple interesting, let's make them fight and break up and make up and break up again because DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I was warming up to their relationship in the first few episodes, despite the bickering, and now this. And to top it all off, we throw Asami into the mix again for good measure. Just stop it already.

Not sure how I feel about Varrick being a villain, even though some of you already called it. Could be interesting.

Even though I wanted him to get more involved, I'm TOTALLY for Bolin telling Mako to get lost. It's about time he stood up for himself a little. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be for comedy, and was pretty funny, Bolin was being terrorized by Eska and when he begged his brother for help, he was brushed off or told to just suck it up. How does it feel, Mako?

Lin is being pretty stubborn even for Lin. Not really a fan of the whole 80s cop movie vibe they've got going on there. It's dumb and it's been done to death.

Those fucking mecha tanks should have been destroyed after the Equalist problem was wrapped up. At the very least, they should have been well-guarded. Now there's a bunch of them in the hands of one of our sinister villains. Good work, guys.

Decent episode overall, but still a few hiccups here and there.
>> No. 115110
File 138156914017.png - (182.25KB , 668x364 , instrument.png )
Oh, and way to get crap past the censors, guys. This is right up there with "do an activity".
>> No. 115112
MORE terrible romance drama with Mako and Asami? How can people still be watching this?
>> No. 115113

>MORE terrible romance drama

It wasn't terrible.

>How can people still be watching this?

Because this last episode was actually pretty good.
>> No. 115116
Are you defending S1's Asami/Mako/Korra "love triangle" nonsense?
>> No. 115120
File 138157433785.gif - (692.57KB , 500x265 , tumblr_muj411BGke1rogcuio2_500.gif )
>>The face of a rapist

seriously now though this whole scene is just kind of pathetic and awkward looking
>> No. 115122
Kinda hope that Korra doesn't learn all that much aside from some history lessons from this. I like her violent.
>> No. 115123
Bringing back the thugs from the pilot was cool, the waterbending one has a nice style.
>> No. 115124
I liked this episode. Not as much as last week's, but it was still pretty good. I think it also illustrates how Republic City is necessary to this show. Korra and Tenzin can function outside the setting, but the other main cast members can't. Their lives in Republic City are key to their identities, and Mako, Bolin, and Asami are adrift while abroad.

Morality in TLoK is also intriguing. It seems to be tied to a person's obligations. There doesn't really seem to be a universal standard of ethics beyond "don't kill folks". Korra and Mako came into conflict when their respective obligations forced them to work against each other. Mako can critique Korra for working to subvert the system one week, and then the next week himself resort to dirty work by cutting deals with the triads. Asami is the same -- her moral center is saving her company, so she effortlessly cuts deals with the Triple Threats and eagerly agrees to be a merchant of death.


>Korra learns to embrace pacifism and diplomacy
>S3's villain requires her to just wreck all his shit. Everyone spends the season trying to teach her anger.
>At the 11th Hour, Meelo finally unleashes a swarm of starving lemurs on her.
>> No. 115125
I'm surprised that Asami kept so many things in one warehouse by the docks. Serious how long would it take to transport everything from Future Industries to there. Also how long would it take someone to steal all of Asami's weapons and what would they steal it with? You can't transport so many planes and mechs without either a giant ship or a fleet of trucks, both of which would be very noticeable and easy to track down.

I'm guessing they gave Korra amnesia so that she wouldn't just resolve everything as soon as Mako realised Varrick was causing problems. Though they could have just said that she didn't know about it because Mako has no way to contact her.
>> No. 115127

It sure was convenient that the Triple Threats just loudly revealed their double-cross to Mako when they were only twenty feet away.

It sure was convenient that Asami put her entire priceless inventory in one completely undefended warehouse.

It sure was convenient that Varrick blatantly uses the same EXCLUSIVE detonator technology for his movers as he does with his with his deals with the Triads.

It sure was convenient that Korra lost her memory so now she can have "character development" from a blank slate instead of who she actually was which was a completely stubborn and unreasonable person.

Bolin being petty and so retarded as to be unable to separate fact from fiction is just great. He actually got some character development! He was useless before and now he's an asshole! Awesome, that's just great.

Asami's life is ruined moreso than it was before, hurray! And what do women do when everything falls apart? Go right back to the asshole who dumped you in the worst way possible! Mako was acting really sincere to Asami, he really wanted to help her! That's great! So of course, Asami needs to throw herself at him. What else would a girl do?

Mako really wants to solve this case, that's fucking great. He's onto something and he knows it, so who does he go to help for? The fucking Triads. Who cares if it was the Agni Kais who did the bombing on the cultural center, I'm sure Shady Shin and the rest of the Triple Threats are a bunch of stand-up guys who wouldn't take part in that sort of action, they're a different kind of Triad, good idea Mako. Again it's really an excellent display of character development because in the last episode he wanted to do things by the book and now he's developed into a character who works with gangsters. What incredible growth for him! Makes plenty of sense!

The plot is so unbearably predictable, the only surprise is how much these characters will continue to flip-flop and flounder in their state of shapeless "personalities". There is at least a theme for the characters and that is they're all really fucking stupid, but then again why be smart when the plot bends over backwards to loudly whisper its intentions to you.

Other than that, the episode was well-paced, I give it five stars out of five.
>> No. 115128
A fleet of ships and trucks is just what a shipping baron like Varrick would have plenty of, along with a crew good and loading and unloading quickly. Plus, Republic City is a busy port city. There were ships coming and going even at night as seen in this episode. No one would bat an eye at a few extra ships loading up some stuff from a port-side warehouse.
>> No. 115129
Can... Can I have a gif of Mako getting ready to fire-shank a bitch? I need it for reasons.

This episode was magnificent and I loved it. The ONLY disappointing aspect was the bending fights. I was SO READY for Mako to throw down with those guys, and it just didn't really happen. Not NEAR as fabulous and spectacular as Season 1, but maybe that's because it isn't something Pierrot can handle.

TL;DR - The story has improved leaps and bounds, but where my martial arts at?!

>shakes fist at Pierrot
>> No. 115130
File 13815946889.jpg - (56.92KB , 570x610 , 1347803302136.jpg )
Please leave and never come back.
>> No. 115131
Pierrot reign of suck is almost over, there's only episode 9 left.
>> No. 115134
You know, usually I would disregard people like you as retards relying on outdated memes to dissuade any sort of discussion that isn't unanimous praise.

I kind of hated episodes 3 and 4 of this season and back then people like you told me to just get out and I didn't listen. Episode 5 revitalized me, it was an episode I actually liked and it carried me to this episode.

I actually had some high hopes for the premiere, things were being set up to be pretty awesome although I still had some reservations because Season 1 of Korra still stung. Frankly, it wasn't really the first season of Korra that I hated, it was mostly the last two episodes that just failed to resolve anything in a satisfying way. There was so much good build-up going on in the rest of the first season. I actually enjoyed the infamous Spirit of Competition episode. I was even part of a /co/ raid on the Nick video database at 5 in the morning. They had already uploaded "The Voice in the Night" online and finding it was just a matter of putting in the right 8-digit number at the end of the url. We got the episode only a few hours early, but goddamn it was worth it.

When word of Korra was first announced, I was excited. I saw Korra's character design and thought "what a badass". Legend of Korra was exactly the sort of pick-up the fandom and I needed after the horror that was M. Night Shymalan.

I remember protesting the film outside theaters, handing out racebending.com fliers and getting into arguments with strangers. Going to conventions and finding the amount of people who actually liked the idea of a white Aang made me fucking sick, although I always tried to keep the facade of politeness.

I remember watching this
Avatar Movie Interview with M.…youtube thumb
5 years ago and two years before the movie actually came out and being really excited. Shymalan really seemed to get it and he really seemed like a fan at the time. At the time he seemed like the perfect guy to be adapting my favorite television series into a live action movie.

I mean I had my complaints with the end of season 3, conveniently placed rocks and energy-bending-out-of-nowhere primarily, but I still loved Avatar. It was such a grand and fantastic ending, it was worth the wait between season 2 and 3 which was like a neverending hell. Nick was still a fucking awful network that seemed to be trying it's goddamn hardest to fuck with Avatar. The schedule changes, delays and that fucking year long gap between seasons.

Writing and reading fanfiction sustained me. Oh god the shitty fanfiction I wrote, my shame. It was a bad habit I kept coming back to. I had a great idea, a great spin on the original, but it would only take a week after I put it online before I realized it was utter shit.

I never thought I would end up this devoted to the show. When I first watched the show when it really first started airing, I dismissed it off-handedly. This shit was just ripping off anime and Naruto was the hot shit.

It took me a year and half later when Season 2 was just about to finish to get back in the series and when I finally did sit down to watch the show I ate it up. I was in love with all the characters, but I really loved Zuko and Azula the most. While Sokka and Katara didn't quite have the perfect sibling relationship, it was Zuko and Azula that really matched my own fucked up relationship and to see it on screen was mind-blowing.

The reason I've stuck around for so long is because I love Avatar. I've written and spoken thousands of words about it, defending it, criticizing it, making fanfiction of it and whatever else. Avatar helped me meet new friends and bond with old ones. Avatar gave me the courage to talk to my brother about our shitstain of a father.

For all the ups and downs, the episodes I hated, the shitty movie adaptations, the fandumb that occurs and whatever else. I've stuck with Avatar because I love it, it's given me so much. Bryan and Mike don't owe me anything, it's the other way around.

So if you've actually read this whole thing (holy shit really?) and listened to me monologue like I'm on livejournal, I just want to tell you you're right. I should just gtfo. I hate the Legend of Korra and as much as I've devoted myself to Avatar and as much as I love it, it's time I moved on.

Seriously, who still uses cat memes?
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