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File 138147715338.jpg - (21.66KB , 760x409 , movers.jpg )
114974 No. 114974
Preemptively starting the thread for this week's episode.

Next to last Studio Pierrot animated episode. Mir is back next week for Beginnings part 1 and 2, Pierrot bids their farewell after the following episode.
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>> No. 115152
File 138162331932.gif - (945.46KB , 500x266 , tumblr_muko0xoiat1rogcuio1_500.gif )
Did anyone else think HELLLOOOOOO RUSTY! during this scene?
>> No. 115156
>focus on spirits
>the dickish, homocidal, jackass spirits
>SURPRISE! The true villain is man

>> No. 115157
Saw it comin'.
>> No. 115160
True villain. Verrick?

He's an opportunist taking advantage of the situation, not the end all big bad of the season. Not by a long shot. Shit's still going down with Unulaq and whatever the hell's up with the spirit portal.
>> No. 115161
Unalaq already kind of debunked the idea that a spirit is the bad guy with the whole 'there are no evil spirits' thing. And Varrick is definitely an antagonist, but probably not THE villain, unless he's been doing secret blood sacrifices to piss off spirits.
>> No. 115162

There's a still a character voiced by Grey "Azula" DeLisle named "The Dark Spirit" that's yet to show up. So I think counting out a spirit villain (especially in a season titled "spirits) is a bit premature.
>> No. 115163
Did you forgot about Koh already?
>> No. 115165
An interview with Bryan, Joaquim, and PJ Byrne at NYCC talking about Beginnings.

Korra Creators Tease the First Avataryoutube thumb
>> No. 115167
To be honest I wouldn't really call Koh evil. The guy just seems to sit in his lair all day waiting for some poor soul to wander in and make a facial expression, unless you're Kuruk.
>> No. 115170
Oh this is such delicious propaganda. Talking Animals..FOR KIDS.
>> No. 115171

Sounded like Dee Bradley Baker used his "talking Momo" voice from ATLA for Pabu
>> No. 115172
Anyone who steals other people's face cannot be good. Oh and dark spirits automatically implies they're villains. Anytime you have light and dark of anything it usually means good and bad.
>> No. 115173
File 138163826876.png - (543.46KB , 1280x720 , POLAR RIFFIC.png )
Dat High Five
>> No. 115174
Only misstep of that was Fake Unalaq not sounding like Skeletor but going with the Ming the Merciless look is okay.
>> No. 115179
Why does Asami have such a retarded boner to save her father's blood money company? It's name is mud, it's a sinking ship, she'd be better off torching the plans for the cool stuff (planes, mechs etc.) and selling it for peanuts. Maybe start a junk shop out of RC under a new name and making a new corporation from scratch.
>> No. 115180
For all of the people who worked for him without also being equalist scumbags.
>> No. 115181
File 138164538069.jpg - (67.37KB , 800x450 , NoOneButThePureOfHeart.jpg )


NUKTUK!! AhhhhaaahhHHH

>> No. 115186
She says it herself in the episode: it's all she has left of her family.
>> No. 115189
Plus the company wasn't built on blood money, Future Industries sold cars, that Hiroshi used that money to finance a violent uprising is not particularly relevant to the company's level of culpability.
>> No. 115199
File 138165951837.jpg - (111.61KB , 540x700 , 1f01b89.jpg )
I use cat macros and reaction images when I'm sick to death of repeating myself and/or don't feel like writing a huge wall of text, because like you apparently used to do, I have also defended Avatar and LoK several times from fandumb and movie apologists. But see, here's the thing, from reading your original post, there was no way to tell how much you love Avatar, as you made clear in your second response. You just came across as another whiny hater taking another cheap shot at the show. That's what I'm getting sick of, so when I see posts like yours, my knee-jerk reaction is "FFS, NTSA".

Nobody has to blindly worship the show, characters, or creators, all that I ask is that they be fair in their criticism and quit the mindless bashing. There's too much of it in the fandom nowadays, even here on +/a/, as tiny of a group as we are. And I do firmly believe that people who can't stand a show they are watching should stop watching and quit talking about it, unless they want to go form their own little hate club. Is this a better response now?
>> No. 115222
I had a thought. Having ones weapon shipment "stolen" means no blowback for backing Rebels. They still get their goods and the North can't apply pressure to Republic City since witnesses saw NWT troops take the ship. Heck Asami could even be in on the whole thing and just have to fake it and lie to her friends.
>> No. 115289
I like what this analysis has to say about Asami.

>I love seeing Asami mess up, because it was my biggest criticism of her from the last season: how perfect she was. She was flawless, yes, and admirable, but there was something about that that hurt her character and made her a little too superhuman. If someone asked what her flaws were, it was hard to come up with them; this time around, we see her losing control and trying to cling to it. She makes deals with criminals, she puts the company before her ethics, and she finally breaks when all of her control is taken from her. It’s a character arc, and a darn good one—another example of where a character falls so that she can learn to pick herself up.
>> No. 115294
And this is why Asami is Zuko 2.0, instead of Mako.
>> No. 115298
which keeps me interested in seeing what she becomes. Does she rebuild from the ashes at the end or does she just dust herself off and move on.
>> No. 115299
Yeah, it was great seeing Asami mess up, not in a "I don't like her" sort of way, but because she finally showed some flaws. Same thing with Bolin, people were shitting themselves over the kiss with Ginger and totally missed the point that he was wrong to do that, even when she basically spells it out.
>> No. 115301
their argument was that Bolin was learning about the difference between acting and reality, and that he wasn't learning about consent. but really, surprise kissing has been in AtlA for awhile.
>> No. 115303
Really damn good post. Makes me feel a lot better about Bolin and the kiss.
>> No. 115311
Lots have said it already, but I just thought it was such a perfectly believable, emotional moment, and both characters handled it with the maturity and tragedy it merited. There was no bullshit, just TRUTH.
>> No. 115317
I wouldn't say Bolin was acting out of character. He's spent most of his life being poor and he only seems to have done well in one pro-bending tournament. Now that he''s rich and seen as a hero he's started acting like someone important. Varric praising him after everything he does, whether right or wrong, also doesn't help.

I was expect Asami to cry in Mako's arms, rather than kiss him. This would have been a more believable reaction.

Most criminal gangs don't work together so going to another gang for help was a good idea (it may even have worked if Varric didn't know that it was a trap). Also Mako wasn't making the Triple Threat Triads do anything illegal.
>> No. 115318
My point was that someone would notice the ship or trucks being loaded, which would give Mako a starting point for any police investigation.
>> No. 115319
Kinda have to disagree here. The problem with Asami in season 1 (at least in my eyes) was that she wasn't deep. She didn't just not have flaws, she had very little character traits at all, positive or negative. The only word I can think of that really describes her is "nice." She wasn't funny, she wasn't clever, she wasn't tenderhearted, she wasn't headstrong, she wasn't aloof, she wasn't insensitive, she wasn't overconfident, she wasn't really much of anything except the nice girl who ran into Mako on her bike. She wasn't a bad character and I didn't dislike her, but there was just so little to her.

Also, I doubt this will be used to deepen her character by much. If she really had hit bottom and we got to see her pick herself back up and come back stronger, maybe. But as the end of the episode clearly showed, she hasn't hit bottom because Varrick bailed her out. There's no need for the kind of struggle for which this guy and the rest of you seem to be hoping.
>> No. 115320

Notice that "bail-out"was buying a "controlling interest" in Future Industries? She's not at rock bottom yet, but that's because the downward-elevator ride Varrick put her on hasn't finished getting there.
>> No. 115321
Right about now, I'm speculating about the possibility that Varrick may try to seduce Asami (inasmuch as one can in a kids show) as a way to further solidify his position in her company.
...IF you know what I mean...
>> No. 115322
She may even decide to go with it. Their offspring would end up being the most powerful person on the planet. Again its a Literary thing as well as a historical plan. Worked for Xanatos in that he actually found he did have feelings for Fox and she for him.
>> No. 115323
Don't have a particular thread for this so I'll put it here. Jeremy Zuckerman just released this little peace of ear candy on his Soundcloud.

>> No. 115324
Also consider the fact that Mako is going to break Bolin's heart again when he tells him that his buddy Varrick is bad news. Poor Bolin just can't catch a break!
>> No. 115325
File 138188291390.jpg - (36.17KB , 430x320 , maxpayne6.jpg )
Everyone is dismissive of Mako he's the only one that knows the truth and its told to ignore it or be punished. Being the good cop is hard Mako.
>> No. 115326
Wait until Ginger finally kicks him in the crotch.
>> No. 115327
Swan has been on point all season. This explains a lot about the Asami kiss and what it actually meant.

>> No. 115337
So none of you are actually talking about the character development that's going to happen, but rather the character development that might happen.

Can't say I'm terribly confident.
>> No. 115338
>> No. 115342

I can't tell the goddamn future, man. I'm goin' with what I got. I highly doubt they'll just drop the "Varrick double crossed Asami," bit anymore than the line about Varrick using the "little guy" to make himself a bigger guy. We might not have focus on it right away, since we have Korra's amnesia and Wan to deal with, but I'm pretty sure ending an episode with that moment means the moment is important.
>> No. 115343
File 138195371382.jpg - (118.33KB , 1417x482 , 1381877057767.jpg )
also even though some of the monkey line could be seen as derogatory he may honestly want Asami to become a better businesswoman. He may want an equal that he see's she could be. Not evil just his goals are his goals and you just happen to fit what he needs at this time.
>> No. 115362
Mako is only put in control if Asami cries and Mako hugs her. However if Asami grabs Mako and cries against him he's not in control. In any case Asami crying makes a lot more sense then her kissing Mako, then running away (women tend to cry when they're sad, not kiss nearby men).
>> No. 115363
>women tend to cry when they're sad, not kiss nearby men).

Way to ignore Mako and Asami's relationship and how that might affect her actions. It's not like if Mako was some random police officer she would have done the same thing.
>> No. 115364
Another neat interview with Bryke, Joaquim, and PJ Byrne. Maybe since Joaquim has taken a larger role in production we should call them...Brykquim!

>> No. 115368
Nice interview, thanks for the link.


I like it.
>> No. 115436
Women who are sad are still more likely to cry than kiss their ex-boyfriend. They're also more likely to cry than kiss their current boyfriend. So Asami's actions are still out of place.
>> No. 115449

Even after getting an "I believe in you and won't give up on you," speech? It just seems like you're kinda simplifying things.
>> No. 115457
File 138220696139.png - (135.89KB , 422x596 , wow.png )
I didn't know they took a poll on what women are most likely to do when their company has been robbed, their mom is dead and their father is in jail because he was working for a terrorist group and their ex single boyfriend with whom they didn't have a satisfactory breakup with has just told them they weren't going to give up on them.
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