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File 138136637488.png - (153.86KB , 444x250 , Wan.png )
114915 No. 114915
So Avatar Wan is Aladdin?
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>> No. 114917
File 138136684464.gif - (966.21KB , 500x485 , tumblr_muf5w6mA0h1qkmqj8o1_500.gif )
Gotta keep one jump ahead of the breadline,
One swing ahead of the sword,
I steal only what I can't afford (That's everything!)
>> No. 114918
Aladdin didn't have an evil brother. Which Wan probably will have.

The Disney version did have a jerk for a dad though, so they'll have that in common, mark my words.
>> No. 114919
>Aladdin didn't have an evil brother.

Weren't they originally planning on revealing Mozenrath from the TV show to be Aladdin's brother in the King of Thieves movie?
>> No. 114925

Someone needs to make an AMV of this now.

Stop that.
>> No. 114935

Here's a sampling http://equalistmako.tumblr.com/post/63602173168/i-was-gonna-do-the-whole-song-but-then-i-gave-up
>> No. 114939
Nice. I hope someone does a full version after these episodes come out.
>> No. 114956
Now I wish Aang got a chance to meet his first life. ;_;
>> No. 114957
I imagine he did at one point? Or maybe not. But he kind of has all of eternity in the spirit world to find the guy, unless Wan is hiding...

Also I've heard an interesting theory that Rava is the spirit in the comicon poster behind Wan and Korra.
>> No. 114958
The Spirit World is suppose to be an afterlife? It doesn't seem like that whenever they show it. Plus Aang along with Roku only seems to exist whenever the current Avatar needs them.
>> No. 114962
Well the way I see it as the Avatar, Aang is also an actual spirit so him appearing the spirit world isn't a reach. I mean, Roku did it, but we don't know if past Avatars can only appear to their current self or if they can just hang out there.

I'm really curious as to how the Avatar hivemind works.
>> No. 114963
Dude had a shit ton of responsibilities and time actually passes when you go into the fugue state needed to get in the spirit world. They probably hang out all the time now.
>> No. 115149

I can't believe I didn't think to make that pun...
>> No. 115153
File 138162470020.gif - (1.00MB , 500x266 , tumblr_muk6zbrBrB1rogcuio1_500[1].gif )
I thought bending was impossible in the spirit world.
>> No. 115154

[spoiler]That is not the spirit world.
>> No. 115159
Bunch of spoilers.
>> No. 115205
Ever noticed how Aang used to go on spiritual journeys bare-chested while Korra keeps her shirt on?

>> No. 115207
You're right. From now on, everyone needs to go on spiritual journeys naked. For the greater good.
>> No. 115225
For contrast she goes on her journey Bottomless. Everything she meets thinks she's wearing a fur loincloth.
>> No. 115228
How is this sexist? Korra is a girl and Aang is a boy.
>> No. 115229
I think that Anon was just being facetious...
>> No. 115230
She does?!
>> No. 115243
So this tumblr person is slowly uploading the NYCC panel. If you want to watch a recorded version of Beginnings pt 1 with some dude's head in the way, here you go:


The episode is on parts 2 and 3. And don't panic when the camera rises up to high, s/he fixes it pretty quick.

Anyone have a full version?
>> No. 115349

Clip from the first episode.

Really great they're finally touching down on the whole 'fire is life' bit ATLA had with that healing in the beginning.

Also I'm feeling ridiculous so I'm betting five bucks the old lady is Azula (jokingly).

>> No. 115350

Serena Williams made a return to Avatar as the voice of one of the Fire Sages in that scene.
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