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114763 No. 114763
Here's an idea. Write the final scene of the final season of TLOK.

What would you do to give a series like this a powerful capstone? Could be hopeful, could be tragic, could be funny, could be shocking could be the Sopranos. Don't put any limiters on your thoughts, just because it's a kids show.
I'm partly inspired by all the ending of Breaking Bad theories that were buzzing around. And partly by the following from /co/ proper:
>15 years later
>the world is plunged in perpetual war and chaos
>Asami Sato sits in her luxurious office at the top of the Future industries high rise which looms over Republic City
>Korra bursts in, the secretary failing to tell her off
>she looks squalid, limping her way to Asami's mahagony desk
>"Thought you might have time for an old friend."
>Asami puts on a placid smile
>"Korra, it's been too long. Did you get the flowers I sent you?"
>"Sure, didn't do much to ease the sting of having shrapnel picked out of my leg though."
>"I truly am sorry about all that. You need to be more careful out in public. I can't really govern how our products are used."
>"I'm not going to ask you to stop manufacturing, Asami. I'm not that stupid. I came to you for different reasons."
>Asami lights a cigarette, offers one to Korra. She declines.
>"Many say the Avatar is redundant now that a simple pull of a trigger could end my life. But I feel I can still do some good. Look, I'm organizing a peace rally. It'd mean a lot to me if you added your voice to mine."
>Asami looks at the pamphlet Korra just dropped into her lap.
>For a moment she's conflicted.
>"I'd love to help you in this. But I'm afraid it's against the company policy to choose sides."
>"What are you talking about? I'm the Avatar. I'm on everybody's side."
>Korra tries an optimistic smile. But it never reaches her eyes.
>"I'm very sorry, but my stockholders wouldn't appreciate me messing with politics."
>Korra's face drops, there's venom in her voice when she speaks next:
>"Unless there's a profit margin, right?"
>Asami's smile fades
>"Well, I've got work to do. I think you know the way out."
>Korra hobbles off, as Asami turns to observe the city panorama from her plate glass window

>back on street level Korra drops down on a bench, burying her head in her hands
>she remains that way for a while
>"You're the Avatar."
>She looks up to see a young girl standing in front of her.
>"Aren't you going to save the world?"
>Korra gets up, smiles genuinely
>"Yeah. Just needed a moment to catch my breath."
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>> No. 114765
>Asami in a position of power and Korra is a weeping hobo loser
Yeah, this is from /co/ all right.
>> No. 114766
I just like endings that seem really grim until the very last moment, where the hero gets back up and says "Fuck it! This isn't over."

And then the rest is up to you.
More stuff should end that way.
>> No. 114770
File 138102436187.jpg - (466.68KB , 800x800 , baby_bending_korrasami_by_sachiko_ogasawara23-d57y.jpg )
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