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File 138094397252.jpg - (46.70KB , 917x514 , hullo.jpg )
114691 No. 114691
aka "Tension - The Episode"

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>> No. 114803
I'm expecting Varrick to cut in some of the footage where Korra and Bolin wee talkign together, since if you changed the dialogue, it would be pretty easy to put an entirely new spin on the scene. And then Eska sees this 'mover' which seems to imply Korra and Bolin are a thing...
>> No. 114805
wait are these talkie yet? If not this could be really great for just cutting them with the cards declaring their love or something and then Eska goes Victor all over the place. Or worse snow just starts falling in the theater and she just cries.
>> No. 114843
File 138119856247.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , 1381191807634.gif )
Sad Trombone Sound Effect - Wa…youtube thumb
>> No. 114850
File 13812005151.jpg - (170.74KB , 963x760 , True-Love-piccolo-x-gohan-23276439-963-760.jpg )
>Why didn't you.... DODGE!
>> No. 114853
File 138123201421.gif - (28.44KB , 468x521 , 20070703.gif )
>>Korra's thought processes in regards to any challenge or encounter
>> No. 114855
File 138123469671.png - (416.10KB , 500x742 , mu7egiD2wL1qeluh7o1_500.png )
It's a shoop.

Nice to see all of you completely forgot that Korra tried Unalaq's little magic spirit water trick. In fact, I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned it. I was wondering if the Avatar State itself knew how and was attempting to do it or if Korra was trying to imitate her uncle but couldn't quite get it right.
>> No. 114858
File 138123986633.jpg - (14.92KB , 320x240 , Dover+Boy1[1].jpg )
>the gaang 2.0 returns to Republic City
>no sign of the fallout from the Equalist movement anywhere
>Amon left zero impact on the world of Avatar despite having an army of followers and leaving propoganda everywhere
>Amon was just a seasonal villain, nothing more, his movement had no effect at all
>the entire idea that benders persecute non-benders has been dropped and will never be resolved

>> No. 114859
The Avatar State SHOULD know how to do it or something better, since it has the combined knowledge of all Avatars... I kinda doubt none of them knew how to deal with unruly spirits
>> No. 114860
Tell me, what exactly did you expect to see?
>> No. 114864

So the dismantling of the council and the election of a president came out of some spirit's ass?
>> No. 114867
Also its been six months that's a pretty big window to clean out all the holdouts and rabble. Especially with Lin back on the force.
>> No. 114869
>the entire idea that benders persecute non-benders has been dropped and will never be resolved

Well maybe they could have gotten somewhere if Amon and the movement actually had some valid points besides, "bloo bloo benders can hurt non-benders", which doesn't take a terrorist movement to point out or at least a solid goal that didn't involve wiping out an entire group of people.

Let's be real, if there WAS non-bender oppression on a wide scale (there wasn't) that was so bad that it called for change (and it's ridiculous because the rest of LOK would basically be about Korra traveling the world with her masked terrorist buddy so she could hold everyone's hands and tell them to check their privilege, never mind how messed up that would be coming from a bender and therefore part of the oppressing class) the Equalists would NOT have done the non-benders any favors.

And like others have pointed out, the council was disbanded and a president was elected as a result of the movement, though I'm more inclined to believe it was more because they realized it was an outdated and ineffective way of governing than it was about "omg, delicate non-benders need representation too!" because seriously, all they would have needed to do is have some bender council members step down and put in a few non-benders.

BASICALLY, it was dropped because the only legs the Equalists had to stand on were Amon and his charisma and Hiroshi and his money and they were both horribly shattered with a sledgehammer. And the fact that, you know, there is not an epidemic of non-bender oppression going on though I wouldn't have been surprised to hear there was in the months following the end of book 1, THANKS to the Equalists. Good job, guys.
>> No. 114870
The only evidence anyone can ever seem to bring up that nonbenders are horribly oppressed and live every day crushed under the heel of those dirty benders is that the Equalists exist so it must be true!

Just like how Stormfront proves whites are being oppressed
>> No. 114872
Still can't believe people thought probending was a form of oppression.
>> No. 114873
Personally, I'm just justifying the new and never before mentioned president is the direct result of the Equalist movement, with the President being instated to ensure that the Republic's people actually have a say in their government and thus reduce the likelihood of another violent revolution.
>> No. 114874
They made a sport some people couldn't participate in due to their lack of ability thereby oppressing them because that word has lost any and all meaning to Americans and other peoples of the first world since world war II and the civil rights movement and gets applied to anything that might remind men that they're valuable for something.
>> No. 114875

...that's a very oddly specific complaint to make...
>> No. 114878
Fucking Social Justice Warriors, man. They're just trying to emasculate us all.
>> No. 114887

I think that was actually the case, somewhere (either a writer QnA or that trivia thing on the Nick website) they said Tenzin realised that the current ruling council wasn't exactly representative of the people of the city, so they held democratic elections for the first time. Which lead to a nonbending president being elected.

Make of this what you will.
>> No. 114888
Well, Varrick sort of implied in the last episode the election was bought. Republic City can't win, man.

I took the "unfair representation" bit as the city is becoming so blended there is no longer segregated populations that need representation, personally. Like who on the council was supposed to represent people like Mako and Bolin?
>> No. 114892
I thought it was more that he donated to both campaigns so he'd be in their good graces regardless of the outcome.
>> No. 114893

It'd have been nice to know about that stuff in-universe, given it would have been important to questions about the Equalists, but apparently that's too Trade Federation-y.
>> No. 114900

Clip from Wan's episode.
>> No. 114902
Avatar Wan confirmed for Avatar Aladdin
>> No. 114903
Who was Korra asking for?
>> No. 114904

Sounds like....Rava? Rama? The 2spooky reverb is making it hard to decipher. New theory, Korra is asking about the Avatar Spirit and that's its name, or more precisely HER name.
>> No. 114905
Rava seems like some kind of food from India. Rama is a figure in Hinduism, an Avatar of Vishnu.

If it is Rama I guess it's about time they actually started getting to the Hindu side of the Avatar mythos, and I guess it's a bit more subtle than just calling whoever Korra's looking for 'Vishnu'.

>Along with Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, Rama is considered to be the most important avatar of Vishnu. He is also one of the most popular gods in Hinduism and is widely worshipped throughout Nepal and India. In a few Rama-centric sects, Rama is considered the Supreme Being, rather than an avatar.
>> No. 114906
well it looks like we'll be getting some definite answers to the reasons for the avatar being who they are and their purpose instead of everyone attempting to shoehorn some shit that's not been stated but just "implied" by the one they've seen before Korra.
>> No. 114910
The Legend of Korra: The Sting…youtube thumb

New clip from The Sting.

Varrick's kind of getting close to eccentric Howard Hughes territory.
>> No. 114911
It’s “Rava”.
>> No. 114913
Soooo is that red haired chick a robot? Because she wasn't moving at ALL. Like... damn. Not even a blink? Are we still on the "bad" studio?
>> No. 114914
Yeah, MIR doesn't come back until the episode after Friday's.
>> No. 114916
Yes, we're still on the bad studio.

I'm not sure if its been talked about here, but does anyone think that President Raiko might be a bad guy? I hope he isn't but he does give off some Tarlokk vibes to me.
>> No. 114921
I don't think he'll necessarily be a bad guy (or else a running trend with LOK is going to be the leaders of republic city being constantly replaced) but I think to an extent he might be corrupt. It depends on if he genuinely feels it isn't RC's place to get involved in the war or if say, someone who would benefit from the war lasting so long is paying him to stay out of it.
>> No. 114923
Heh that sounds like a Asami season 3 move if it turns that war is indeed profitable for her. Fleet is supposed to show and doesn't keeping the war going. She hands off a case full of yuan and walks out.
>> No. 114924
I think he's just hesitant to throw his army at the NWT and get a war going so shortly after the Equalist mess + barely a few months into his presidency
>> No. 114928
File 138137881453.jpg - (930.84KB , 1920x1700 , spirits2-panshot16.jpg )
I know Mir is clearly superior and that Pierrot has had some QUALITY issues, but I think people are too quick to bash them. There have been some really pretty scenes, particularly in the first two episodes.
>> No. 114929
File 138137888213.jpg - (1.42MB , 1920x2475 , spirits2-panshot25.jpg )
>> No. 114930
File 138137891910.jpg - (772.72KB , 1920x1080 , spirits2-2080.jpg )
>> No. 114931
File 138137897375.jpg - (710.01KB , 1920x1080 , spirits2-2074.jpg )
>> No. 114932
File 138137904167.jpg - (2.73MB , 1920x4000 , spirits2-panshot27.jpg )
>> No. 114934

I'm afraid Pierrot can't take much credit for most of those screenshots. The backgrounds are produced in Burbank.

Pierrot's been pretty ok so far. The biggest issues in their episodes are main characters rarely blinking during dialog scenes, their tweens in action scenes, and their tendency to draw background characters sloppy. It'll be nice to have Mir back.
>> No. 114937

I like Varrick, but he does seem to be telegraphing that he's manipulating Bolin for his own ends right? Or does he have such a forceful personality than Bolin just gets swept along with him?
>> No. 114938
Well, I was just grabbing some of the best scenes off the top of my head, but there's more than that. Still, I agree with you, Mir is definitely the better of the two over all.
>> No. 114942

Varrick is a wild card. He can wind up the eccentric Water Tribe Richie Rich he's been portraying or he can pull a wicked diabolical heel turn. If anything he's spot on about Bolin being a charismatic, muscly, cheesy mouthpiece that people just eat up.


I didn't mean to downplay the awesome visuals you posted. Sorry about that. FWIW, the only public criticism shared by anyone in the production about Pierrot's work was that Korra was waifu-skinny during the scene in the premiere where she tries Golden Shower Bending for the first time.
>> No. 114943
I think Bolin is just swept up in it and there's nothing inherently special that drew Varrick to him. I mean, not to downplay Bolin or anything but I really can't think of what Varrick could gain from manipulating him outside of getting to be in on the Avatar's circle.
>> No. 114944

Well he is a popular athelete, even after a season of sucky matches. He gets a lot of fans from that even before he became a movie star/propaganda bloke.
>> No. 115117
"no woman wants BOLIN" lol
>> No. 115121
At this point, I'd say it's a mixture of the two. Bolin gives Varric leverage against Mako, who until they're break up, would have been a kind of leverage against Korra. Bolin just so happens to be relatively easy to string along, since he's not one to look at a gift with suspicion.
>> No. 115164
File 138163005363.jpg - (15.53KB , 200x200 , eska-is-angry.jpg )
Except for one.
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