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File 136798152299.jpg - (95.18KB , 1000x589 , spirit.jpg )
111988 No. 111988

"We’ve known since last summer that Book 2 is subtitled “Spirits,” and Nickelodeon's Rich Magallanes noted that in Book 2, the divide between the human world and the spirit world was collapsing and Korra finds, “the dark spirits are seeping into her world.”

The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, “Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?”, only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, utlimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground. And... we cut to black, for now."
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>> No. 111989
so I found this concept background art that's supposed to be related to aang's iceberg or something and someone theroized it might have something to do with the spirit world's collapse
>> No. 111990
the fact that korra actually tries to talk to the spirit before resorting to violence makes me pretty giddy for some reason
>> No. 111991
Water/ice everywhere. Earth underneath. Air recently purchased on a buy one get one Spiritually off sale.

>Korra shoots the creature with fireballs

I know she has a long way to go in this diplomacy emissary thing and that she's can't into defense/strategy as of the end of Book 1...but come on!
>> No. 111992

They're just rolling out the red carpet for Zone.
>> No. 111993
It's been pretty obvious since the first episode that fire is Korra's go-to element
>> No. 111996
Well they had the Miyazaki and Evangelion references in the first show, mech in the first season on Korra, so tentacles would have to be in there somewhere.

If catgirls and a hot spring episode happen though I'd be kind of annoyed.
>> No. 111997
Wait, what?
>> No. 111998
Eva references? I must have missed that.
>> No. 111999
They'll go to the beach

>> No. 112001
You guys didn't buy the art book I see.
Bumi is regular Unit 01
Hei Bei's angry form is Unit 01's Beast Mode.
>> No. 112024
File 136858445997.gif - (574.32KB , 200x113 , WHAT.gif )
>Sorry again for the lack of posts! Our production schedule is simply brutal as we are working on Books 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously, and I have little time for anything else once I try to fit “being a human being” in there.


>> No. 112025
>> No. 112026

On one hand, great! that means the release of the books should be really close with each other

On the other, god almighty, I can't imagine how many hours the team must be clocking to get this done.
>> No. 112027

>Book 2

post-production. animation touch ups

>Book 3

mid-production. writing. storyboarding. recording.

>Book 4

pre-production. brainstorming. concept art.
>> No. 112028
File 136859966847.png - (1.13MB , 852x570 , 1299330338539.png )
>we are working on Books 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously

>> No. 112029
I guess you weren't around for the Book 2-3 hiatus where Book 3 was essentially finished for like a year, but just never got to see the light of day.
>> No. 112034
Seriously? Fuck Dickelodeon.
>> No. 112036
Didn't The Boiling Rock actually come out on DVD before it aired on TV because of mismanagement and hilarity? That's not even counting the hilarity of the kid's book version of the Sozin's Comet finale being released months before the actual air-date in late summer thanks to similarly bullshitted time-management.
>> No. 112038
>Didn't The Boiling Rock actually come out on DVD before it aired on TV because of mismanagement and hilarity?

Yes, yes it did, but I managed to watch a leak of the episode online even before that. Still bought the DVDs anyway.
>> No. 112039
And if I'm also remembering correctly, didn't The Boiling Rock air first in another country, like, a week before it aired here?

I think Nick was just upset that Avatar hadn't sold all those toys they didn't make.
>> No. 112040
>And if I'm also remembering correctly, didn't The Boiling Rock air first in another country, like, a week before it aired here?

Yeah, I think that's where the episode leaks came from.
>> No. 112044
That happened with the two previous episodes airing on a canadian channel.
TBR got published on dvd around April, long before it was shown on Nick.
>> No. 112049
File 136876661629.jpg - (18.51KB , 500x276 , winteriscoming.jpg )
>> No. 112050
File 136878724680.jpg - (139.50KB , 1189x697 , 126669887420.jpg )
>> No. 112051
File 136878901694.jpg - (306.35KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mmxkrpAcrh1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
>Awesome storyboard drawing of Asami by (awesome as usual) Ryu Ki Hyun from a Book 3 animatic.

>> No. 112052

On a boat?
>> No. 112053
Looks it, and now I'm strongly reminded of all those people who were crying for Asami to become a villain in Season 2...
>> No. 112054
Villain Asami wins in Book 2. Books 3 and 4 follow her misadventures
>> No. 112055
that's a really short oar.

god, i'm getting so tired of that. i thought it would fade away as time went on but i still see people theorizing that asami is going to 'get back' at mako and korra by taking up amon's mantle. it's like they totally glazed over the part where asami was AGAINST the equalists in season 1.

and i know some of it is just harmless fantasizing but i've encountered a few people who legitimately think this. even though it was non-benders who ruined asami's life.
>> No. 112056
Nah she isn't going to do anything like that, she's just going to continue to have her life fucked over because she isn't Korra.
>> No. 112058

Nah. It ain't because she's not Korra. It's because Asami is the reincarnation of Sozin.
>> No. 112060
Shipper bitches be crazy, yo.

She looks more like the reincarnation of June. Or if June and Mai had a lovechild.
>> No. 112061
>she's just going to continue to have her life fucked over because she isn't Korra.
man this way of thinking is annoying too.
>> No. 112062
Wasn't Asami being Zuko and June's bastard one of the many, many joke theories floating around atone point? Then again, at one point, people were joking that everyone was.
>> No. 112185
Actually someone who worked at Blockbusters borrowed the DVD as soon as they came in, ripped these episodes, and put them online. I know because I was one of the people lurking in the thread where he was giving updates.
>> No. 112201
why the hell would asami be a villain because "WAAAHHH YOU STOLE MY BOYFRIEND WAAAHHHH"
>> No. 112210
95% of 'asami becomes a villain and enacts her revenge on mako and korra' theories aren't serious, it's just people projecting their problems with the show onto asami.
>> No. 112211
Now that you say that, I think it's coming back to me. Was that in a thread here, or was it on LJ? Or both? I might have been confused because there were other season 3 episodes that aired early in another country and were leaked online. Or am I getting it wrong again? It's hard to believe it's been so many years ago I can't keep all the details straight.

Pretty much this. >>112210

Crazy shippers be crazy. Perhaps literally in some instances.
>> No. 112226

Because a lot of people in fandom are kind of insane when it comes to characters they don't like?

Looking forward to where Asami's character arc goes in the next season, personally.
>> No. 112231
File 137028317089.jpg - (157.18KB , 700x530 , korra.jpg )
I consider a storyline where Korra and Mako are killed as Asami becoming the hero.
>> No. 112233
File 137028797358.png - (133.46KB , 334x334 , tumblr_inline_mj7a4sczua1qz4rgp.png )
well it's a good thing that isn't going to happen, huh?
>> No. 112284
File 137074785558.png - (200.64KB , 500x300 , 1370744659370.png )

new literally a split second footage from book 2
>> No. 112285
File 137074792415.gif - (0.96MB , 499x280 , 1370746506774.gif )
>> No. 112286
people seem to hate the cgi, but i think it'll only be for these shadowy little dudes who probably move so fast they're a bitch to animate. they animated spirits in atla so i can't see why they would stop now.
>> No. 112287
Alright, I really don't want to be the pessimist here, but I have a concern.

One of the things, I really enjoyed about the original was the intensity of the fights. In fact, it's really why I like martial arts movies in general. Two fighters pushing themselves to their absolute limit, physically and mentally. When you see Zuko or Aang fighting, you see the devotion they put into those moves. That devotion translates to action and that action becomes the expression of their will. It's more or less the fundamental quality of any action scene.

The sequence where Korra fights the equalists for the first time is amazing because the moves they pull off is just jaw-dropping. You can't help but be impressed by them, they must have trained for days and days till they bled. There is an immediate understanding to the devotion to their cause.

My concern is that with these spirit monsters, you get absolutely none of that understanding or respect. They are merely foes to defeat. No matter how strong a monster is, I would never say what skill or willpower it has. Thus, fights no longer become a contest of wills, it merely becomes a matter of the protagonist overcoming an obstacle. That dynamic that so many martial arts films and the original Avatar thrived on will no longer be present.

Or at least that's what I'm afraid of as we go further and further on with only pictures of spirit monsters to keep us going.
>> No. 112288
I get what you're saying, but let's keep in mind that we don't know if Korra might be facing off against human opponents as well.

Chances are the writers have already considered all those things you mentioned and decided to throw in some human foes for good measure.

I'm willing to bet that bodily possession or something might play a role with some of these spirit monsters or that some human is in league with them in some way. Either that or there are slightly more grey characters like how Tarrlok was for Korra to fight as well.
>> No. 112291
mako looks like he could be using blue fire. probably not, it's likely just a coloring error + the quality of the film and blue overlay of the south pole at night making it look that way, but god imagine how pissed people would be.
>> No. 112293
File 137081392397.png - (1.15MB , 850x1722 , korra_persona_style__by_sannasanna-d59vkb1.png )

That's not blue fire. That's the, I dunno, called it the "Spirit Energy" of the Shadows they're fighting. Mako's fire is still yellow/orange.
>> No. 112294
Looks like lightning and the snow poofing up as he lands.
>> No. 112295
actually i think >>112294 has it right, probably a combo of lightning + snow + maybe steam?
>> No. 112296
I can already foresee rule34 dark spirit tentacles.
>> No. 112305
New preview on IGN:

>> No. 112306
CG aside, the animation style looks a little different, I like it.
>> No. 112307

my body is ready, get hype
>> No. 112308
File 137090065411.jpg - (67.41KB , 290x415 , anon-datass.jpg )

>> No. 112309
File 137090284913.gif - (934.42KB , 400x220 , 0001.gif )
>> No. 112310
Did anyone else notice how pissed Mike was during the airbending gag?
>> No. 112311
Now that's a bitchslap.
I also love the Godzilla feel of the other scene, is that the southern water tribe?
>> No. 112313
>Still only talking about spirit monsters for baddies.
>Korra flailing arms around ineffectually a la the movie.
>Big monster just hops and slaps Korra.

Please let there be real kung-fu. Please please please, let there be actual martial arts.
>> No. 112314

She was forming ice. Katara swept her arms around the same way to freeze Zuko in the book 1 finale.
>> No. 112315
File 137092763192.gif - (1.09MB , 250x189 , thelastflailbenderamirite.gif )

>> No. 112317
Not to belabor the point, but seriously compare the effects of the two. Sure they both whirl the arms around, but Katara makes a huge ice ball while Korra makes some snow swirl?
>> No. 112318

I thought the color change and frost on the spirit suggested that she was freezing the spirit itself?
>> No. 112319
Go away with your logic, we're supposed to complain about the lack of kung fu as soon as we see a choreographed kung fu move.
>> No. 112320
She was obviously trying to cleanse the spirit, hence the white. There's no freezing going on.
>> No. 112322


>Knowing how to cleanse spirits on the first episode.

Nope, she is freezing him.
>> No. 112327

>Nope, she is freezing him.
>freezing him
>no ice

>> No. 112328

It gets all frosty and turns light blue.
>> No. 112329
the white/frosty look is her trying to freeze it. like others have already pointed out, korra wouldn't know anything about purifying spirits.
>> No. 112330
Too bad Korra faces Bang Long, the Spirit of Rape
>> No. 112331
You think every spirits the spirit of rape.
>> No. 112332
actually after a thread on /co/ i'm thinking there is some kind of purifying going on, but korra isn't doing it intentionally and is just trying to attack it instead.
>> No. 112333
Purification through punching
>> No. 112336

>> No. 112418
File 137177289195.jpg?spoiler - (16.72KB , 480x286 , BNJh_62CYAA_yYh_jpg-large.jpg?spoiler )
Looks like Bolin is gonna get a job as a rickshaw puller.

>> No. 112420
i saw two more on /co/ last night, one of tenzin in rc with bumi in the background and another of korra's dad, i think. it looks like they're already in the process of dubbing in other languages. book 2 maybe for august?
>> No. 112426
Being a mule is all Bolin's good for
>> No. 112427
>> No. 112436
File 137186231834.jpg - (35.55KB , 500x375 , tumblr_inline_morpi2n2Md1qz4rgp.jpg )
>Mixing some Book 2. Adrian on the board. Mike is my copilot.
>> No. 112437
File 13718623992.gif - (757.12KB , 500x280 , tumblr_morqvoYSTV1qez005o1_500.gif )
That was quick
>> No. 112438

Welp, Korra and Varrick have shared a screen together. Time to start shipping them in earnest.
>> No. 112441
i thought the crease/button/whatever line on her shirt was supposed to be one of her breasts, i was seriously disappointed in the animators for all of 2 seconds before i realized what i was looking at.
>> No. 112446
Not everything is boobs, anon.
>> No. 112498
You shut your lying mouth right now!
>> No. 112499
he can be the transport and Asami can be Korra arm candy.
>> No. 112535
File 137235292391.jpg - (31.96KB , 500x285 , tumblr_m4uxad5n4c1rprq8p.jpg )
So it's come out that Asami was originally intended to be a villain, but that changed as her character developed (presumably over the course of scripting S1).

>> No. 112536
Thats pretty old news
>> No. 112537
>Lastly, Mike said that he was surprised with the fandom’s reaction to Mako. Apparently he had no idea that the fandom would be angry with Mako for effectively cheating on Asami with Korra.

Now I'm curious as to what the exact words were because this seems just so tonedeaf.
>> No. 112546
Bolin/Korra is so superior anyway
>> No. 112559
It wasn't even just Mako. Did he not hear about how despised Korra was for being a "home wrecker" after taking Pema's horrible advice?
>> No. 112560
Pema's advice wasn't horrible, except in the minds of nerds.
>> No. 112562
Oh yes, that. It seemed to be COMPLETELY FUCKING LOST on most people that the term "home wrecker" is assigned to those who break up existing marriages/families through romantic shenanigans. Tenzin and Lin didn't have a family and the relationship was probably deteriorating anyway, so there was no home to wreck. Lin and Tenzin probably had an amicable but tense breakup that was in no way Pema's fault.
Yeah, I know we've beaten this one to death but I just had to chime in.
>> No. 112567
File 137249731835.jpg - (261.84KB , 764x509 , tumblr_mp4sa5YxrF1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
Leaked panel of the Kataang kids. Still weirded out by the lunatic Zutara shippers who try to say that they're actually Zuko's.
>> No. 112569
I'm really glad they changed their minds. And I hope the rabid Asami-haters never read this, they'd have a field day with it.

I love seeing them all together like that.

>Still weirded out by the lunatic Zutara shippers who try to say that they're actually Zuko's.

I'm still waiting for an appearance, or at least mention, of badass Old Lady Mai to crush any hope of wrinkly Zutara sex those morons are anticipating. But really, there's no deterring shippers that insane. I mean, these are the same people who compared Aang kissing Katara in EIP to "rape", yet claim Zuko tying Katara to a tree was a sign of True Wuv.
>> No. 112570
File 137250538579.jpg - (236.79KB , 900x1346 , if_mai_was_your_grandmother_by_mkce-d5gihvo.jpg )

>Old Lady Mai
>> No. 112571
Haha, nice find.
>> No. 112578
>And I hope the rabid Asami-haters never read this, they'd have a field day with it.
do those even exist anymore? most negative feelings concerning asami are directed towards her batshit fans than her character, it seems.

and what's interesting is that i remember a few asami fans actually being really mad that she used to be a badguy but then bryke changed her because they liked her too much. like, they had a problem with a character's creators liking her and not wanting to get a bad end.
>> No. 112582
Its not like things went all that great for her as a goodguy
>> No. 112583
well, at that point if they wanted to give asami a happy ending (sans mako breaking up with her because that was always going to happen) they would have probably had to rewrite a good chunk of the show as far as future industries' involvement was concerned.

like, even if hiroshi did change his mind in the end, he would still have to go to prison and future industries would start to go under because it wouldn't null the fact he had funded a terrorist organization, and if you make asami someone else's kid you also lose that sort of connection to it.

i think the only thing they could have done to soften the blow to asami was to just axe the love triangle. if they wanted tension, korra could have misinterpreted mako and asami's relationship or whatever.
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