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File 136798152299.jpg - (95.18KB , 1000x589 , spirit.jpg )
111988 No. 111988

"We’ve known since last summer that Book 2 is subtitled “Spirits,” and Nickelodeon's Rich Magallanes noted that in Book 2, the divide between the human world and the spirit world was collapsing and Korra finds, “the dark spirits are seeping into her world.”

The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, “Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?”, only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, utlimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground. And... we cut to black, for now."
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>> No. 113837
Except that only really influence how the audience perceives the character. A male Toph may have been less coddled by his parents, but much of the roughhousing Toph is so dearly loved for by the audience would have still be suppressed by them, and so the hammy antics and arrogance would have still been present.

Toph, as a character within the narrative, would have remained pretty much identical.
>> No. 113838
A character is more than the outward personality that they show. Being un-girly was a conflict that Toph had to deal with in several episodes and it was even part of the framework that shaped her relationship with Katara.
>> No. 113839
File 137884321053.gif - (964.19KB , 500x281 , tumblr_msxczmrkx61rogcuio1_r1_500.gif )
Brand New Trailer

>> No. 113840
>> No. 113841

Youtube version for those outside USistan

Legend of Korra: Book 2: FINAL TRAILER [HD]youtube thumb
>> No. 113842
Thank you.
>> No. 113844
>people complaining about lack of Asami in the trailer

Fucking idiots. It's The Legend of Korra, not The Legend of Asami. It's already confirmed she has a big story arc with Varrick. There's a lack of Kya and Bumi in the trailer too but nobody is saying shit about that. I love Asami but the fandom's obsession with her is outrageous.
>> No. 113845

Looks good. They've got a really unified feeling color scheme going on. Anyone else find the animation a little weird from what we've seen so far? Like the fight and action scenes all look fantastic (some even better than season 1), but when it's just characters talking there's a pretty big drop in quality. What all has the new studio done before? Wasn't it like Bleach or Naruto or something?
>> No. 113849
>There's a lack of Kya and Bumi
Which makes sens, sicne neither of them are actually supposed to be main characters.

I mean, I agree with you that the fandom really shouldn't bitch so much, but immediately comparing one of the show's core characters to two minor characters that are only really popping up this season is not doing your argument any favours.
>> No. 113850
She's supposed to be in the main cast isn't she? If they had left Toph out of the trailer for season 3 of ATLA, would your uttely retarded complaining about people asking to see a character they like have happened then?
>> No. 113851

Toph was also hardly in Season 3, bar The Runaway, so leaving her out of the trailer would've been fitting.
>> No. 113852
>She's supposed to be in the main cast isn't she?
Yeah, which is exactly why I made post that criticized the comparison of her to two minor characters. So I'm not entirely sure why my "utterly retarded complaint" since, since I'm making the same damn point as yourself.
>> No. 113853
I was really just complaining to that chucklefuck who thinks liking a character other than Korra makes you a deviant on par with a mass-murdering psychopath.
>> No. 113854
I was really just complaining to that chucklefuck who thinks liking a character other than Korra makes you a deviant on par with a mass-murdering psychopath.
>> No. 113855

Woooow, check out that hyperbole.
>> No. 113856
Cartoonbrew just posted a preview clip

"Legend of Korra—Book 2: Spirits" Clipvimeo thumb

Eska wants the D
>> No. 113857
File 137900443951.jpg - (14.97KB , 300x260 , aspect_ratio.jpg )
Other than (pic related), cool clip. I am excite.
>> No. 113858
Not really as the story bible is just an outline of the characters and plot. When people start writing the episodes they often find that the original characters don't work or come up with new ideas, so a lot can change. For example in the story bible for My Little Pony Celestia was a queen and Pinkie Pie was a pegasi pony.

Another example is Star Wars where the emperor was originally going to be an idiot who was manipulated by his advisors, Luke Starkiller was a 65 year old general, and C3PO was going to talk like a used car salesman.
>> No. 113859

All true.

My favorite disused idea from the AtLA bible, though, is Kuei. He was originally going to be the Earth EMPEROR: this swaggering, confident military genius. He recruited Hakoda to build him a fleet of ships. The SWT would sail the Kuei's army to the Fire Nation, and they'd spend Season 3 pillaging and burning the homeland of their enemies.

(And on a side note, I once wrote up an outline about what the Story Bible AtLA would look like in the TLoK Era.)
>> No. 113860
File 13790235611.gif - (2.04MB , 364x291 , sad sad sad sad.gif )
>tfw you thought today was premiere day
>> No. 113861
You mean the original Star Wars where George Lucas wasn't immune to editing decisions or producer oversight or any of the other shit that reigns in writers/directors?

I get your point, but using Star Wars as an example isn't helping you. The vast difference between the original and the prequel trilogy is testament to the effect of a staff to help refine a piece of work.
>> No. 113862
I get that you really want to have another argument about how terrible ATLA's creators are, but you're arguing something that no one else is talking about. The anon you're trying to prove wrong here was stating what a Series Bible is and pointing out that they almost always differ from the finished product, and your beefs with the creators of things you like has nothing to do with that.
>> No. 113863
Could Bolin speak any faster?
>> No. 113864
>I get that you really want to have another argument about how terrible ATLA's creators are
>> No. 113865
You know what's amazing is that their poorly thought-out resolution for the show, where Aang gets a "get out of adult responsibility free" card, went entirely unchanged from their original conception to the production of the finale.
>> No. 113867

>"get out of adult responsibility free"

>> No. 113869

Does Bolin seem to be a bit of a douche to anyone else?

I mean, for real?

In b4 Eska swaps places numerous times with her brother and Bolin doesn't know who he's flirting with, season ends with him being bi, because we want to be edgy and progressive.
>> No. 113870
File 137904170350.gif - (498.13KB , 500x236 , kissmyass.gif )

>Aang gets a "get out of adult responsibility free" card
>> No. 113871
Guys, you're falling for an obvioustrollisobvious. You shouldn't have even responded to him.
>> No. 113872
The Lion Turtle gave him a free pass to avoid having to actually deal with anything, for life. He didn't have to make any decisions re: Ozai, or Yakone, he just kept taking a neutral option that allowed him to be devoid of responsibility for the outcome of his actions.
>> No. 113873
And now, that free pass just got extended to Korra, too, that I think about it. Magical solutions for magical problems which end up being cheap and making all conflict meaningless by robbing it of any weight or the necessity of catharsis.

>> No. 113874
You are 100% correct, and should therefore stop watching both shows, and stop patronizing forums related to them as a show of your displeasure with the poor writing. Starting with this one.
>> No. 113876
I'm liking it so far. A bit rushed and the exposition is a little clumsy, but there's some clever details ad the characters feel different, in a better way.
I'm actually liking Asami.
>> No. 113877
And now I am depressed. ;_;
>> No. 113879
1.) I really hope the northern chief dude turns out to actually totally have the south's best interests at heart and be right on the money. I don't want another sketchy-ass waterbender who seems super cool at first but turns out to be a conniving douchebag villain. And a moral that isn't "always obey everything your guardian tells you, they are 100% right all the time" would be nice.

2.) Kya is a hottie.
>> No. 113880
Liked the episodes, thought that the pacing was brisk without it being rushed and the animation had had a nice bump, which was neat.

The characterisation on the new characters was pretty good (the twins and Varrick were amusing), and Korra's uncle looks like he might not be as one-note as I thought.

The fact that Korra seems to get over and explain what was making her irritable was cool also.
>> No. 113881
Can't wait for Jinora to save the day.
>> No. 113882
The episode hasn't aired yet. How did you all see it early?
>> No. 113883
It aired in the East Coast at 7 EST, so both episodes ended about 34minutes ago. There were livestreams and everything.
>> No. 113884
But if it comes on at 8pm PT. Wouldn't it have aired at 4pm ET?
>> No. 113885
Let's get old school bohemian in this thread!

>> No. 113886
Is there an HD rip available now?
>> No. 113887
Pacing is a LOT better than in season 1.

It was nice to see Korra apologize to Mako because it was pretty tiring to see her so irritable. And as a person who hates Mako, I thought I'd never say that. I just hope they show more of her good side because I feel like we only ever get to see Korra being dumb or rude or whatever. It's perfectly fine for a character to have some bad qualities, but they need to be balanced out with some good ones as well.

Tonraq and Unalaq are both interesting characters. I don't necessarily like either of them, but I can definitely sympathize with them. And jesus christ, Tonraq is one sexy mother fucker.

So given how good the two WT bros are, why are Mako and Bolin so one-dimensional? They're really starting to bore me because they just seem to be repeating lines. Bolin says/does stupid things. Mako is the most supportive boyfriend ever. That's it.

No Asami for second half makes me sad even though it makes perfect sense. She really doesn't seem to be a part of Team Avatar, which is unfortunate because she's probably the most developed character so far.

With that teaser for the next episode, shit seems to be hitting the fan straight away which is cool, I guess. Iunno, I just expected a breather episode to follow up, spend more time with the characters instead of jumping right back into the action. We'll see how it turns out.

As someone who didn't like season 1 and who's expectations for season 2 were pretty fucking low, I'm actually excited for the next episode. It's a good start so far.
>> No. 113888
It was good. Looks like Jinora's going to be important this season. Varrick was a great mix of old-time victorian adventurer and consumerist Tony Stark behavior; it'll be nice to see more of him.

Not too sure Bolin's romance is going to end well.

And lets face it; Korra's uncle is a villain.
>> No. 113898
I only like Tonraq for his character, I swear
>> No. 113900
How is Korra's father going to be the villain when they are setting up for Unalaq to be?
>> No. 113905

I....don't...know. Perhaps you'd care to tell us?

Or maybe re-read what I wrote?
>> No. 113936
Way to miss the point. The point I was making is that most series go through numerous rewrites between the initial idea and the final product. Whether the final product is good or not is irrelevant.

Also George Lucas rewrote the original Star Wars many times before he ever had to deal with anyone else. Even the prequels went through several rewrites; for example Qui-Gon Jinn wasn't in the original version and at one time was going to be younger than Obi Wan Kenobi.
>> No. 113945
My point was that the original Star Wars had a lot of outside influence, if you look into the writing process of it, George Lucas was being consulted by a lot of people and had his script edited and even straight out revised by many people.

In comparison, the prequel trilogy George Lucas was mostly alone in the writing process. Sure he did do a lot of revisions on it himself, but the amount of oversight he had was significantly less and it shows.
>> No. 117173
Lucas is such a bloody hack
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