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110793 No. 110793
>> No. 110794
I despise ponyshit on every possible level but it's not like Korra did anything to deserve being on a list of good things in animation, in any year.
>> No. 110798
>whine whine whine
>> No. 110801
Hey..hey you. Yeah, you.

Fuck off.
>> No. 110802
Bronies have a level of obsession that is just disturbing, and they have all the free time to indulge it. There's really no point in trying to beat them.

However, in a just world Gravity Falls should be winning that poll.
>> No. 110804
Legend of Korra should be FAR lower on that list
>> No. 110805
>> No. 110808
Wow, reign it in fanboy, should anyone that doesn't worship LoK be excommunicated in your opinion?

Legend of Korra wasn't better than a number of shows on that list, deal with it.
>> No. 110809
>> No. 110812
Since he didn't tell the guy who said Gravity Falls should be winning to fuck off, I'm guessing he's taking exception with the fact that people are on a board dedicated to Avatar and complaining about how it's so terrible that they can't believe it appears on a list of "best cartoons" that includes shit as mediocre as Family Guy. Why are you even here if you think so little of the show?
>> No. 110813
Because Gravity Falls guy is right and made his point without shitting all over LoK.
I like MLP but the Bronie thing has become quite disturbing. I have yet to see Gravity Falls but I've heard good things about it.
And why are people here if they think so little of the show?
>> No. 110814
Because other shows on that list are better than LoK. Being a fan of the Avatar franchise does not include blind obedience to the cause.
>> No. 110815
If you seriously think that Family Guy is better than Korra, I have to call into question your ability to form rational thoughts in the first place. Much less offer valid criticism.
>> No. 110816
Uh...there's alot of other shows on the list than Family guy, thats sort of a jump to think thats what was being referred to.
>> No. 110817
He didn't specify that Family Guy was better.

But I guess it hurts less. Family Guy is shit, but LoK didn't have any reason to lack so much. It had greatness in AtLA and hasn't been around as long as Simpsons so it shouldn't have fallen so far in terms of quality.

I would hold LoK to a higher standard than Family Guy but it didn't do what a story of that caliber should be more than capable of doing. Not just entertain but leave me with a desire to see more for the sake of seeing more or to finish the story and not just for 'redemption' purposes to see if they can fix their mistakes.
>> No. 110818
This is simple math--Family Guy is on the list of best shows of 2012. If Korra does not belong on that list, then that means it must be rated at least two spaces lower than Family Guy (the last show on the list) for that to work out. Thus, anyone who feels that Korra is "not good enough" to be on this list must also think that Korra is not as good as Family Guy, and is in fact much worse. Korra made some missteps, that's fair. I don't expect it to be number one (there are several shows on the list I'd place above it without even having to think about voting that way), nor do I expect everyone on this board to think it belongs in number one. But to think it belongs there less than some of the aggressively mediocre shows it's going against makes it completely insane to want to spend any time talking about it.

Or it means the only reason you're talking about it is to troll people who like it.
>> No. 110819
That...doesn't really answer the question, though.
>> No. 110820
Not really moron. We didn't make this list and we don't have any influence over where things stand on it, but I can tell you this: Korra does not belong on a list of achievements in animation for any year since 1921.
>> No. 110821
So your objection isn't based on present reality (that is to say, the actual shows Korra has to compete with in the present day and time), but on like....principle, or something? Like say, you wish the list of "Best animated shows of 2012" included shows that don't exist or didn't air in 2012 so you wouldn't have to deal with the idea of Korra being recognized as having merit? Because I totally agree that Legend of Korra is way worse than Nextwave: The Animated Series, but unfortunately reality hasn't seen fit to give me that show, so I think it's unfair to compare the two.
>> No. 110822
You know what? Fuck you. If nothing else, NOTHING ELSE, the animation on LoK was fucking gorgeous! At this point you're just being a spiteful prick.

>Nextwave: The Animated Series
You however, I love.
>> No. 110823
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I know why I come here.

For the warm and welcoming atmoshpere
>> No. 110824
Did you watch the same show I did? With the constant duplicated frames on motion from the shitty telecining job they did? The way they used bloodbending to limit the actual amount of animation per episode?
>> No. 110825
The fucking horrendously awful CGI integration? No? That didn't mean anything to you?
>> No. 110826
There are other animated series that didn't even make this list. I would slate Korra with them. Maybe around the Johnny Test level.
>> No. 110827
>> No. 110828
Ooh, overplayed your hand there. And you were doing so well at pretending you weren't a troll, too.
>> No. 110832
I'm 100% serious. You may not agree with it, but Legend of Korra is one of the worst animated THINGS I can remember, and I've been watching cartoons of every era since 1980.
>> No. 110834
Then what possible reason would you have to come to the board dedicated to it, other than trolling?
>> No. 110835
To be fair this board is about more than just Korra
>> No. 110836

>visit Avatar board
>constantly shit on Avatar

It's like Lisa Simpsons' dream where the "#2 musicians in the world concert" is sold out to a crowd of people that chuck vegetables at all the performers. Why punish yourself?
>> No. 110837
>> No. 110838
Korra has nothing to do with Avatar.
>> No. 110840
There is more to the Avatar universe than just Korra...
>> No. 110841

Then be here for Avatar and shut the hell up about Korra? Seriously, I get that you really disliked Korra, but more than a few of us are tired of being constantly reminded of that. Especially when you put out shit like "Korra was worse than any cartoon ever made."

I'd rather just stay optimistic about Season 2, it seems like a less stressful way to spend my time.
>> No. 110842
Fine, fine, I will.
>> No. 110843

Whoa dude, I've got my problems with Korra too, but the animation quality is top notch; it's as good as you can get for TV animation. It also belongs on this list though I wouldn't give it #1 (see >>110802). The problem isn't that LoK was bad; it's that it just fell short of the standard set by ATLA.
>> No. 110844
2/10, and I'm being generous.
>> No. 110846
You're right. Korra has nothing to do with James Cameron's Dances with Wolves in Space starring Nightcrawler Injuns.
But it has EVERYTHING to do with Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon. Because it's THE FUCKING SEQUEL to that show.
See? This guy made an entirely valid observation about Korra without resorting to OMFG WORST THING EVER IT BURNS MY EYES AND MY SOUL bullshit hyperbole. Nicely done, anon.
>> No. 110849
or the 10,000 frames per episode?
>> No. 110850
This list rustles my jimmies. Not for Korra or MLP, but because it lacks some of the best shows of the year.
>> No. 110856
no Tron: Uprising?

>> No. 110857
Wait, no Motorcity?
Screw this list!
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