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110263 No. 110263
Do the Avatar DVDs come with commentary for ever episode or is it only the finales?
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>> No. 110264
DVDs nothing, you should be in bed and resting. You've got to try and get rid of that fever.
>> No. 110265
No, they only have commentary for something like five or ten episodes in the whole series. And I can't swear that there were any on Season One. There were more in Season Three than normal, though, I think.
>> No. 110266
File 135001891258.png - (75.08KB , 234x299 , Screen shot 2012-08-13 at 7_45_20 AM.png )
Damn. I downloaded a 20GB season 1 DVD and it didn't have any of the special features on it, I wish there was an easy way to find out which episodes have commentary on them.
>> No. 110267
Buying them.
>> No. 110268
If I'm not mistaken, the european versions have no commentary at all.
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